The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, November 4, 1932
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Served bu the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NCftnOA BT A^K!«lr7m ™Tw,i»7«rT. 1 o~>M.., m ' •*"' * -"-*. ™ » .*-/ NEWSPAPER OP NOttnOA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1$8OUH1 HOHEHHTTON VOL. XXIX—NO. 1D7 Blythevllte Dally News. Blylhcville Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader. Blvtlievllle Courier. . .» I'HEVILLK, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER <1 1!)32 I SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ATHENS POLICE HOLD SAMUEL INSUL SURE OF 8U1 HO SMS DIGEST DEWS i Results of Magazine's Poll' Indicate Ovenvhe'ming Sweep by Roosevelt. When; Hoover's i Strength Lies in Tile possibility that Herbert II ver may carry only two state", Tuesday's presidential election is seen by the Literary Digest on the basis of final returns in its nationwide straw vole, announced in this week's issue of the magazine. The final count of 3,064.497 bal-1 lots returned and tabulated in the Digest's poll shows Roosevelt bad- ing in 41 of the 48 states, but in its comment on these returas the Digest says Ciat there is evidence that the Democratic candidate may also carry five of the seven states in which the poll gives the lead to Hoover. The final 1 vote gives Hoover the lead in the six New England states 'and New Jersey. Reversal IndJeated . 1928 i Pointing to the fact that its 1928 poll indicated a Hoover victory in j According to the nation-wire pres- , .._ .1 «^» ]„ Tr-ln-Hrl Vitli idCIlMill IMllI finnrillMflsl Kn I hrt Til ! FDR HEALTH Anticipated Revenue Will Scarcely Meet Statutory Expenses of County. The best possible present estimate of Mississippi county revenues for the next 12 months leaves little hope that funds will be available for the nmmtcnancc of -uch activities RK the county health . unit and agricultural and home I demonstration work, County Jud^e j Zal B. Harrison told a group ol taxpayers who met here this morn^ ing to perfect a permanent organization frcm the Committee ot 33 which Judge Harrison appointed several months ago to study county • taxes and expenditures. The group adopted the name Mississippi County Property Owners Protective association and made preliminary plans for a membership campaign designed to enlist Ihe co-cperation of a large proportion of the county's taxpayers. inn IHLUI.UIVW « "—• •-• * ---,.. ~ - — ,-•-- 1C. A. Cunningham, chairman of Massachusetts and Rhode Islan-i bv idential poll conducted by the Lit- the Committee of 33, will serve substantial margin, but these jcrary Digest, in which Franklin D. ,as president until the next meet-' • - • Atf-ar] TT ROOSeVelt r^flH'pd 1 'JM^'IRQ eft",... l>1<r tn t,« V,nl^ -I >-»_ !„ I- ._._ P .M. Ford's Condition Still Serious Today —_. \' MEMPHIS. Nov. 4 (UP)—P.. M, Foid, lilythcvllle farjner \Y!I« was sluhbul In the lung Wednesday near Calhoun city, Miss., showed some Improvement today bijt his condition remained serious.' St. Joseph hospital attendants said. Wade Klinbrell of Slute Springs, Miss., sin rendered to authorities lit Calhoun City after the stab- kins. I r onl claimed Klinbrell tried to rob him while Kimbrcll declared he blubbed in self defense after an iirgumenl resulting when Ford allegedly refused lo pay for Hoover Compares Self to Lincoln in Campaign Address at Springfield. a susa , states were carried by Alfred E. Smith, the Digest says that analysis of the present vote from these states indicates that Democratic voters have not returned their ballots In the same proportion as Republicans. EO that a similar reversal of the poll's results seems j ^.5,...,*, ,,, wl i iu n i-ittiiMin u. i u;, pn'simnu. until tnc next meet- Roosevelt received 1,715,789 straw Ins?, to be held at. Osceola in Jan- votes against 1,150,398 for Herbert uary. W. R. Dyess oi Osceola Hoover, the election on November]is the vice-chairman and J Mcll 8 will be closest in the area shown Breaks the secretary-treasurer on the accompanying map. The ~ Literary Digest poll returned same situation, it says, exists as|£ respects Connecticut. New Hampshire and New Jersey. If these states should all end up .in the - ,. .. Democratic column Hoover, If oil- £>* '£? * «"*"« <* greater ._: -.->-- .... t,..,o !„ tvu. nisest Democratic strength than was In- Rocsevelt majority in all states except Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Islan=. lecticut" and New Jersey. But magazine lists the latter five tales (shown In shaded lines on his map) as "doubtful," because it er siaws run true to the Digest poll, ;rill be left with only Mama arid "Vermont, with a atand total of .ejfeht out ot the- 5311.,.electoral votes. ' •"• ' In no state showing a Rocsevelt lead Is the possibility of a switch mentioned although it is pointed but til at ihe vote in New York, Kansas, Colorado'and Delaware'Is close. • The,. Literary Digest editorializes that although there are many political-claims 'that Pennsvlvania .Republican, no such forecast can be deduced from the poll returns from the Keystone State. -.The race continues very close in Delaware, where Roosevelt has a plurality of 198 votes oul p of a total of 5.209 cast in the stai's.' His lend wns 175 votes a week ago and. 202 two 'weeks ago. Landslide for Democrats .The Digest poll apparently presages a Democratic landslide of ",ven more overwhelming'' pronorti«riF than the Republican landslide bv which President Hoover was swent into office over Alfred E. Smith four years a?o. The final totals for all candidates in the Digest poll are: Rooso- velt, 1.715.789: Hoover. 1.1SO.«R- Thomas. 148.079: Poster, is 743: Un- coxey. 4.390: Bey- shaw. nolds. 1.906. FoUowinsr Is tho vote hy state? for Roosevelt and Hcover. Electoral Roose- Hoover *'. Vote AKbnma II Arbonti 3 Arkansas 9 California .... 22 Colorado B Conn 8 Delaware 3 Dlst. of Col. .. — Florida 7 Georgia 12 Mario 4 Illinois 29 Indiana '. 14 Iowa 11 Kansas 9 Kentucky 11 I/n'isiana 10 Maine 5 Maryland 8 Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota ... Mirslssiopi ... Missouri Montani Nebraska velt. 20.161 4910 1B.225 14 R B32 14.304 1B.W4 S5W 23.606 4.272 2.571 11.950 5.159. lOS^O 17 19 11 9 15 4 7 3 New Hampshire 4 New Jerssv ... 16 New Mexico ... 3 New York .... *7 North Carolina 13 North Dakota .. 4 Ohio 2fi Oklahoma . 11 Oregon 5 29.087 54826 19.050 8.264 26.955 34 RSI 69.939 5223S 9.887 70.852 8.503 2095? 1,506 4625 5B.101 1.934 9.30? 4.R' 76.4 '•> 40.237 13.114 4.004 11.46' 60.7! 49.728 32.B1 1.051 39.071 5.971 11.40 701 6-94 69.82S 1.2 173.7R5 16445 2*153 8.7B2 22.848 15.433 9.9fi 4.R7S 81.51 10.69 8.551 dicated by the Recognizes Value Judge Harrison expressed himself Sandino Claims Victory Over Marine: and Guards MEXICO CITY, Nov. 4 (UP)—. A message from Augustlno -'San- dlno, Niearaguan rebel leader, was published here today by his agent, Pcdic Zapcda, In which he claimed tliat 300 Sandino followers on October 28 had killed 80 U. S. marines and Nicnragunn national guardsmen In a battle 12 miles north of Chlchlgalpa. They also captured considerable arms and ammunition, the message said. Coast Guardsmen Drift Ashore on Life Beits LAKE CHARLES, La., Nov. 4 (UP) — Three coast guard»men' i drifted ashore on life belts today after their patrol boat cracked up on n Jetty and sunk In a rough foggy sea. , EN ROUTE WITH PRESIDENT I HOOVER. Nov. 4 i UP>—President Hoover today called upon the nation ns Abraham Lincoln did during (he Civil War lo .support his plea for re-election, :d across s ' lu l ) ull! " Wlls untlcrfilncd as thoroughly convinced of the I hours! The men were adrift for six: value of the health unit and the farm and home extension services, but pointed out that the law required that appropriations be made first for certain essentials ol county government, fixed by statute, and that no provision for other agencies could be made until the I former had been provided for. Judge Harrison said thit there is nothing to justify expectation that county revenues' next year, exclusive of. those for road purposes, would exceed JIOO.OOO, while the statutory expenses of county government amount to $103,000 per year. Huff Slelkr was the first to reach shore. William Nell^ commander of the boat, and Leslie Schullz reached safety an hour later. All were exhausted and *if- ferinj from cold. Decision Hinges On Value- of Motor Allegedly Stolen by Brothers. A trial jury in circuit criminal court was still out at 2:30 o'clock his afternoon after receiving the cases of D. ChJtman and Louis Whitman, brothers, charged with ;raml larceny, shortly before noon. The Chitmans are charged with •he theft of an outboard motor. Both state and defense counsel devoted u large part of closing irguments to the value of the motor, the state contending the motor to be valued at considerable in excess of $10 and the defense holding the motor to be worth less than $10. The $10 value marks the line between petit and grand larceny Roch Chisholm. Lake street resident, was tried this afternoon by a jury of six on a charge of illegal possession of liquor for nur- -<* of sale. The case was ap- iled from the police division of ^r*'*' C T'; T1 * J»ry was still out at 2:30. Baiky Found Guilty man, was Convicts Rush Guards Fighting Prison Fire ST. VINCENT. DE PAUL, Qm'.. [ Nov. 4 IU1')~Royitl Ciinii'llan ' mounted |»licu telntuiral nuavih at Hie SI. Vincent (It; Puiil pen- ' llcntliiry tndny when lire Uul.i: out behind ihu prison \v;OI:> and IIIIRC clouds (if smoke billowed up from tlie gray building. Tin? fire started In tliL> prism liillc.i 1 shop, ulltclnl.'i iiniioiinred. Tlic Kiinrds ntU'inpleil to put cml I hi- llmiM'H bill were rushud hy convicts wilt) previ'iiled them troiii A title f,i'nflh(.M^h's Si slot- to Wed . ., uunrds wove Injured ami the convicts who led the outbreak wns reported missing and fi'iurd j burned to ilenlh. [ Between a scoro and 1(10 in is- j cncvs wove ut work In the tiillur Springfield where the Civil War picsldent lies burled. tlilni! Is under control." Osceola Civic Club Opposes All AmevdaeflU OSCEOLA, Ark., Nov. I—A resolution opposing all the amendments and each of the initiated aels to be voted on In Arkarwu, «t the general • election Tuesday, —* ..... t].-*m«il ' l.-lcl;ulull JL UCMJSy, He said there Is a possibility (vas Passed by; the Osceola Civic of action by the legislature which Club at its luncheon meeting yes~'~ v ' ' - ' - - Vrday. .' , ,. Members of : .the club will vole against the proposed amendments and acts and will urge .their defeat. The resolution ndorjted by the club.Avar, drawn by a committee composed of Bruce Ivy, J. T. Coslon arid Harry Brooks. Says Robinson Sale Has Aided Collections might result in increased land re- '"day. demptions, thus increasing county revenues somewhat, or the legislature might reduce the jail toard allowance or otherwise permit reduction of statutory expenditures, but that without action by the legislature there Is no reason to believe that the county will have any money for functions or services other than those It Is required by state law to maintain. . Savings Possible He expressed regret that the iast icglslai'.ire failed to adopt a bill to make a separate judicial district of Mississippi county, saying hat such action would have saved 'he county about $15,000 this year by making possible prompt disposition ol criminal cases and .hus wiping out much of the present heavy jail expense. Judge Harrison indicak-d 'that the only possible provision the quorum court could make for the health unit and the extension agents at its annual meetin" November 14 would be to make the Says Tide Has Turned The president's Springfield address dramatically compared the plight of tlie union during the Civil War with ihe condition i-f the country today. He said the natlcn'had rallied to Lincoln when the tide turned and nsked the voters to rally to his support at the polls In like tnnnncr next Tuesday. In carrying forward the analogy the president said: "The. turn in the tide of the livll War was made nt Gettysburg. The turn In' the tide of this crisis was made last winter. "And just as after Gettysburg long months of continual bnttln were required to bring about the saving of the union, In the same manner we must continue the fight today to recover . our prosperity nnd to preserve the social and political principles for which Abraham Ijlnrnln ' stood. ': Cheered at Gary I A vociferous crowd of fifty- thousand persons, the largest of; President Hoover's present nwlnr Into the midlands; rushed his train when It pulled Intn IJi- bustling • Industrial city of Gary, Ind.. tpday. 80 insistent and continuous were the- cheers that Iha president's remarks on the tariff' and farm relief were drowned out except for those standing next him on the elevated, railway platform from which he'jpoke. A flying wedge of police, troops and secret .service men was necessary to force a'way for the president rmd Mrs. Hoover from the train steps to the edge of the platform. They elbowed their way jood naturedly to the rail of the platform which was, a solid mass if humanity. . Para * ould Bar Backs Sewer District One of the- Marvin Robinson property on Main street to his wife for unpaid taxes and _ _ — r —.,,.„ u*ju * *i*wkxj\y ui-u.', At JL. A iiu t tint- penalties, Prank C. Douglas, at- jould legal bar this week expressed Nor n">i> Thomns, Soelalls torney for the district, told the ts hearty approval ot Hon. Jeff dtcin t«. closed Ills natlon-u-ldi Courier News that the sale was Bratton, local attorney, as its V^gn by addressing n mass made In the expectation that It would afford a test ear.-; and would also serve as a warning to property owners tliat they cannot afford to permit Improvement taxes to go delinquent. Sale of the property, he said, . - -" rt <- m,; kjam Ui llltr IJIUI.'.ILV, Up .V11Q, appropriations for them with the ha s resulted in a very substantial UlinprRffinriintT IVi~* _-i..-, , ....... Elmer Bailey. local ---- -j' iwai man was found guilty of selling intoxica" mt liquor by a jury and .sentenced to one year in the state pent- 'cnlsai. ' J — - •. ..... U ltf.^-li> o.u-" Pennsvlvanla . . 36 124.675 93.05? .. Carolina South Dakota . Texas .. ' 9 , Utah ....'.'.'.'" 4 Vermont •> Virginia n Washington".'.' g W, ... j 7.04B 15.657 9,131 1.B01 5.910 11.352 74.511 15317 fl.274 4.744 3.301 34.191 Bailey was convicted of the sale of home brew to one of two hl*h school ynnths who visited his home for the puriwse of buying beer. After securing only ons conviction out of 12 misdemeanor cases tried on appeal the state ha s about faced with the opening of felony- trials and has yet. to lost a case The first felony trial resulted in conviction of Guy Lylle on a rob- 'wrv chqrze and a suspended sentence of five y,?ars. Mice Cases Up Today Anoeal cases from the police division of municipal court were slated for trial this afternoon after the completion of the Chitman cases this morning-. The state prosecutors were told to be ready to try other felony cases immediately should the city's appeal docket suddenly run out in the middle of the day as It has before. Tte following indictments by the recent grand Jury wjre announced for the first time today: Oscar Sherwood of Leachvllle, manufacturing liquor; I D. Gretn burglary; Howard White, dlsposln" of mortgaged property. understanding that actual pay- nent of the money would be contingent upon an excess of revenues -iver statutory expenses of county !overnment. Firsta cticn of the newly organized Mississippi County Property >.ners Protective association was the adoption of a resolution ex- messing opposition to all of the proposed constitutional amendments ind initiated acts to be voted on next Tuesday except proposed Amendment No. 20, which would forbid th e issuance of any more highway or bridge bonds except by \ote of the people Wisconsin 1S.440 Wyoming . . g 30,324 16,1171 Unknown 12 3 44,054 2,913 30.749 21,37! 2.20 Night Club Spenders Tell of Robbinf Five Banks NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 4 (TJP>— Chief of Detectives John Orosch said today three men arrested while on a night club spending spree here had confessed to five bank robberies In Texas and Louisiana the past few months. Grosch said the trio, Douglass Davis of Houston, Texas, Earl Joiner of Alexandria, La., and Ivey Morgan of Alexandria, had admitted robbing banks at Spring Texas, Grapcland, Texas, Ola, La,, Merryvllle. La., and some other own In Texas they thought was Honeycutt. improvement in the collection of Hie distrirt's taxes. Officers of tlie district, he said, instructed him to make such a sale to test tholr authority to follow .such a procedure and to serve as a warning to taxpayers. Mr. Douglas Indicated that the suit In which the Missouri Congregational Conference, owner of a »5,000 mortgage on the Robinson property, seeks to have the sale s?t aside, would be contested. Cazort Asks Adoption of Bond Ban Amendment LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 4. (UP)~ Lee Cazort, Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, has Issued f. statement advocating adoption of proposed constitutional air.endmant No. 20. The amendment provides for the restriction of highway and bridge bonds. Cazort said the amendment would not 'prevent the Issuance of bonds to enable the state to match federal aid or to refund outstanding Indebtedness. Bratton, local attorney, as its choice for chancellor of the 12th district to succeed Qovernor-El:ct J. M. Putrcll who will be inducted nto office as the slate's chief executive January 1st. The appointment of a new chancellor will be by the incoming governor whcso position as chancellor automatically becomes vacant when the nev; governor takes his scat in the stnto Capitol. Judge Dismisses Negro Voter's Damaf e Suit —-'"— NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 4 tUP>— The suspect;; did not remember The $5,000 damage suit of Antolne how much loot they obtained. Po- ~ ' . _ lice said Ihe outlawry had net- led them more than $69,000. The three broke jail at Alexandria a few months ago. They found living in luxury here Trudcau, negro, against C. S names, registrar of voters for Orleans parish, Involving the right of the negro to register as « qualified voter, WBS dismissed by Unlt- e<i States Jurlge Wayne Bora! trday. HSDIELT HIIS FEAR Governor Winding Up Campaign in East as Hoover Travels West. By United Pre*s President Hoovor eumpilijneU through the funning country cl Imllnim and llluiols today while Governor Roosevelt concentmlcd, on final appeals to the voters ol *nw Vt-rk city. , As the campaign reached Us crescendo ol speeches the Digest nnnounccd jpmplele tabulation of Its polls'.Allowed Roosevelt lending ijoover' by about tliroc to two. i Mr. Hoover's scliedule wai punctuated with numerous ,'«tSps tor short talks lending up to major speeches at Springfield, ill!., nnd 81. Louis, Mo,, this afternoon and tonight.. , i Governor Rcoscvelt assailed the Republican campaign of "fear" .n an address last night before the Republicans for Roosevelt league In New York. He invited lie- publicans to join In working cut his program lor economic recovery Here Is n new portrait of Miss Kllznbvlh Morrow, sister of Mrs. Churles A. Lindbergh, whose engagement to Aubroy Nlcl Morgan, business man and sportsman ol UvynderwDii, Llandnff, Wales, has been anounced by her mother, Mrs. Dwlght Whitney Morrow ot Knglewcod, N. J| Tlw romnnoe began dining Ins London Nnvnl Conference In 1030 where Miss Morrow and her mother accompanied Senator Morrow, Will Re Held for .Extract lion on Chicago Embezzlement Charges. : ATHENS, Greece, Nov. 4. (UP) —Samuel Insnll, fugitive Chici?o utilities mini, was arrsstc;! by the director or |X)llce today on a war- rum Issued by tlie president of lie court of appeals court. In-sull will be held for cxtradi- lon (o the United Slates where no faces charges of embezzljmcnt The ix>llco director visited l n - sull nt Ills hotel toiay and allowed him to eat ana shave b:fore Uklne Him formally into cmtodv. H« was .then escorted to police hcadquar- . Insuir displayed great emotion lust night rtnd this mornlns; weeping nt Imminence of his arrest. A henrt specialist visltei] him this morning nnd suggested that he culm himself and avoid emotional stress. Insull wns returned to the hotel nnd a was announced he would be detained there a few hours until the state's attorneys decide whether to allow him to be taken to n hospital In view ol his advanced aje and poor physical condition. Insull was transferred from his '•olcl to •Mllcc Headquarters late 'his aftcrncon. BARRIE, Ont., NOV. 4 (UP)— An adjournment of two weeks .was granted today In the hearing at which Cook county, Illinois, seeks to extradite Martin J, Instill ,to Chicago to face charges of grand larceny find embezzlement. Owen D. Young supported Roosevelt's atlack on Republican contentions that conditions would grow worse under n Democratic regime. Alice Roosevelt Loiigtvorlh, daugh- ler of llio lato president, enl- :rcd the fray with a speech a, Jinclnnatl accusing the Democrat* of "unscrupulous partisan dlshou- csty ,, (n nUem , )llnK lo S[uidlc Ml . for Chancellor Hoover with responsibility for everything [hat has happened sines: 1920. Norman Thomns, Socialist can PARAGOULD, Ark.—Tlic Parn- Ing of thousands Little Rock Women Hurt in St. Louis Accident ST. LOUIS, Nov. 4. (UP)— Two Little Roclt, Ark., women. Mrs. Uly Hoeksera, 58, and her daughter, Ida Hoeksera, 31, were injured today when a coach of a Wabash passenger train turned over here. Mrs. Hoeksera, a widow, suffered three broken ribs and n cut over the left eye. Her daughter .suffered cuts on the legs and arms. The accident occurred as the tram, Inbound from Chicago, passed over a switch In the yards. The switch split as the coach approached It. Several other passengers were badly shaken but none Injured. '"bating Stock Prices A. T, »nd T ............. 103 3-4 Anaconda Copper ...... '9 Auburn ................ 40 3-4 Caterpillar Tractor ...... 7 3-i Chrysler ............... 13 7-! Cities Service Coca Coin Otnenl Electric General Mrfrs MKMlewest. Utilities Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard 3 3-8 91 4 1-8 16 13 1-4 1-8 11 1-8 22 2 3- Radio Corp 61-2 March Simmons Beds 75-8 May Standard of N. J. 29 7-8 Texas Corp 14 U. 3. steel ;. 34 J-4 ii-u p ldc cam- med In New York'i Mndlsan Square Garden. Destroy Signed Pol] Tax Receipts at Nashville NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 4 (U PJ— State auditors accompanied by M. A. Goldscheln, assistant district attorney general, today dc- slroyed 4.100 signed |»11 lax receipts found In the ofllce of Davidson county trustee I?. M. Mc- Clurc. The receipts, 3,000 of them mad out for men and the remalndci for women, were signed by dcpu tics in McClurc's office with space for names blank, inasmuch a the deadline for paying poll ta: to vcte legally In the election next week passed seven weeks ago tin blanks were destroyed ta prcver.. llegal use at the polis Novembe 8th. York Colt.on NEW YORK, Nov. 1 Cotton closed steady. open high low 605 021 CM Oil C1D 631 641 650 (UP) — Dec Jan March May July Oct G25 63S 048 658 672 CIO 618 G29 639 654 close 614 G20 C30 640 650 664 Spots closed nt 620, up 10. qule! VPJT ftiffnt NEW ORLEANS. Nov. Cotton closed steady. open high Dec GOO 019 Jan 604 624 G32 4 (UP)- July Oct 604 616 625 635 .654 641 652 670 low 600. 604 614 625 G35 654 clos} 614 619 CM 639b 049 665 Spots closed at 620, up 16, steady Afflick : ahclMcCa!l Entered and Valuables Removed. . Loirixiana . Baok BtptBtj > . Escape Into Ark'aniSu BEKTON; LS.,'NOV. 4. tifl>)—T%-O mosked bandlls who robbed '[lie •• Bank of Bentpri of' 1 about $2,600 yes- ' nobberlen occurred nt, two A9h tcrdny after locking a woman crn- Urcet residences yesterday, o, ployc in the bank vault apparent-' lurse • containing $18.60 and eye ,ly hurt Jesses being slole'n from one res- i OfBcsrs followed the 'men, dress- • donee nnd silver wnre, valued at cd In overalls arid Bearing glow?',', about $76, dlsappcnrlng from an- toward the Arkansas border and then lest 'tlielr trail. Tne bandits forced Miss. Paulino Dawson, as- other. Police said there was no connection between tho two thefts. A bold prowler priori open a;sl.=tnnt cashier, Into the "vault and vlndow screen at the C. W. At-| nflcr iDotiny the bank of cash es- fllCK . residence, 1124 West Ash, cnpcd in an ntitcmobll:. whicli wn 1 ! atant 7 o'clock last ni»ht nnd took j later found abandoned north of n purse and the eye glasses olf|town. a bctl in a room adjoining nn- "thcr room vlterc several people ere dining. The. purse, bclong- ng • to Mrs. J. W. Morris, cf St. T x>uls. housc;uest ol Mrs. Otto <ochliUky. war, found a short dis- ancc nwny frcm the house this nornlng. It wns empty. The fj'as 1 es bfilonscd to Mrs. Harry Klrby. The silver wnrc- disappeared from ho E. M. McCall residence, 10T, .Vest Ash. Pollc: snltl they had i definite clue to the thief and premised further ilcvclopmenls. ^iotinp Marks Strike of Berlin Transit Workers BERLIN, Nov. 4 (UP) — Fatal toting accompanied the strike ol Berlin's transit workers todny when •flllcc fired on strike pickets In a •Insh at the subway station In he suburb Schoenbcrg. One Hitlerite was killed and one. seriously injured. Striking transportation workers 'ore up pavement and street car 'rncks near Tcmpelhol airdrome :n a sharp battle with police. Mrbs tcnccl and overturned buses. Po- 'K riot cars were sent to five •cparate outbreaks in central Bern. The strike which has paralyzed Berlin trafTfc and caused serious nlerfcrence with business threat- ned to lead to further trouble as Ten Divorce Actions : Filed in'.Three Days Tan divorce actions have been filed in chancery court In the past three days. Nine of the suits . were filed through Alexiuiitcr and Cooper, Iccal firm, and or,? by Frank Skclton. Monette attorney. The fictions are: Francis Kelley vs. Carol Kelley, Harvey Duvall vs. Lula Francis Duvall, Lillian Bartlelt vs. Henry Barttett, Ruby Harbin vs Louis Harbin, Pearl Privltt vs. Browder Privltt, Eulah Mae Wilson vs. John" Wilson, Chester Henson vs. Ruby Henson, William M. Jones vs. Susie Juah- Ita Jones, Burton Dole vs. Edna Dol: and John Warren vs. Verily Warren. • • !hc traction companies prepared to csume operation. Rev. \Charles Fuqaa to Bishon James Cannon jr. WiO Vote for Hoora BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. Nov. 4 (U P)—Bishop James Cannon, Jr., of the Methodist Episcopal church, South, v.-ill vote the Republican ticket because of the "sinister aggregation on the Democratic firing line," he told a Birmingham audience last night. The bishop, Southern Methodist temperance committee chairman, said he wns not in accord with seme of the statements of Ihe Rc- "ublican presidential nominee, "but Mr. Hoovor does recognize tho Evils of the liquor traffic and has Hold Services Sunday | Editions bet * r unde " tandlns Ol and mere sympathy for ti:t underlying causes cf prohibition." WEATHER The Rev. chavlc.-: C. Fuq'.ia. minister of the Church cf Christ, will preach at the court house unday morning and nlsht. ' Tills minister, whrse hrsne Is in ^vw^-s n «^-r rs to - f his experiences will'be"told™ ^"J^*"' ^'^ C09l9r to 1 -so services. northwest. Tho morning serv:ce :s to begin ^l 10 o'clock with Sunday school followed by proMhlnn at 11. The night sjrvlcc will open at 7:15. According to tte official weather observer. Charles Phillips Jr., tht minimum temperature . here r««- tcrday was 4$ degrees and . tie Tho Rev. Mr. Fuqua will work, maximum, 71 degrees, cloody.. TB- wlth the local congregation and • day a year »?o thn minimum. TM the' mcrribers at Dell for'an ln-;43 decrees Mid the m-i***™-.'. 7S definite' period. • degref* .cloudy.

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