The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE FOUtl BLYTHEVJLLE. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS VRIDAY, APRIL 3, 1031 THE BLYTHEV1LLG- COU1UUK NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBUSHIiHS 'C. R. BABCOCK, Editor ^ . H.'W. HAINES, Advertising Manager • •• Sole National Advertising Representatives: The Thomas F. Clark Co. Inc., Key York, t Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, san • • Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis. *•"• Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. U'.'. Entered as second class matter at Hie |»sl • - office at Dlytlic-ville, Arkansas, under net of J7. Congress. October 9, 1917. I- Served by the United Press * simsuitirvioN HATES ".'. By carrier in Hie city of Blytlicvlllr. 15c l>cr »•"- week or SC.50 per year in advance. "— By mail within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 |»r *"" year, $1.50 for six months, C5c for three mouths; IT., by mail In postal zones l\vo to six, Inclusive, i"- EG.50 per year, in w.ies seven and eight, $10-00 £"' per yc~r, payable In advance;. §: The High Cos/ of Thinking *.".. Brain workers otitrht not to lake too I!..]-,^Oi to lu'itrt Iho disconsolate news ^ ' Dr. George W. Crile, renowned surgeon, t"'' gave the SotiUioJislovn Surjfical Con•-'' gross at. Atlanta Die otluT tiny. Discoursiiu; on t!:e results of some * of his vcaoarcht's, the noted .scicnlist ^.'declared that the tliinkei-.-, the Iciul- "''.. ei's of v modem civilization, arc more >-r susceptible to sickness and disease tliiin ;.- are other classes. "Their high mental activity," he asserts, "may and often docs wear oti^ 'the entire physical "" : " mechanism." "'.'• A glance about us, however, should "" ' reassure rather than discourage the •..-• brain workers. Regardless of all that " v hai been said about the killing jmec of ..i - our nervous existence, we find among the most prominent, "leaders of modern -„... civilization" men who have lived beyond the Biblical span and who are „ , still hearty and active. \Vc have oniy £r to consider Justice Oliver Wendull Holmes, John . D. Rockefeller, Sr., : George -F, Baker, all beyond SO, and youngsters like Elihu Root, 85, Thomas Edison, 83, and Cyrus Curtis, 80. '•• The ability of the mentally active to ' withstand sickness depends largely, we •• • think, upon his mode of living rather '.'.'- than the intensity of his concentration. To live rightly as a youth is the ~,r. safest assurance against bodily ills. Thereafter the important thing is to balance discretely play and work, re~ ' ••,•-* "i- •** -V ••- " v • "j • o -i ! -i luxation mitt concentration. rent; $2.15 for food; 41 cents for gas and light; 20 cents for laundry, am! 49 cents for incidentals. The girls believe their findings will be useful to the Massachusetts legislature in connection with the operation of the recently enacted old age pension law. The other news item is the report that Klmer K. Wilson, lialtiinorean, has been able to keep his 10 children well fed by spending between i?8 and $9 n week for groceries. Wilson wants to know what all this talk about "hard limes" is about. The Wilson children's ages range from 16 months to 15 years. Doctors report they are all robust and apparently flourishing on their present diet. ; Harassed heads of households may be skeptical about these jigtircs, Prices • in particular localities may have had something to do with each case. Certainly neither allotment makes provision for luxuries. Nevertheless, here is evidence thai, given proper conditions, it is actually possible to make that old tyrant, tin; Family lindget, budge. By George Clark Again On the Job How to Live Cheaply With the annual income tax struggle still fresh in memory to iwint to the flattened condition of the family pocketbook, two items in the day's news should win ready attention. One is the announcement that two Boston college girls have found it possible to live comfortably on ?G.25 a week. They have undertaken to liml out by actual experience what is the minimum cost of healthy existence. The experiment is sponsored by the Women's Rducatiomd and Industrial Union of Boston' and the girls, students at Simmons College, will receive scholastic credit for their effort. They spend the weekly §6.25 as follows: ?3 for Managua, often In the news as ihc center of Nicaraatnm pollilcal disputes and ths hotbed for revolutionary Juntas, was destroyed by earthquake recently'. Within a very Klicrt time after official r.cws of the disaster lind been received at Washington, the president hnd ordered [he lied Cross Into action and the army and navy to lend It what nssiulance is needed. Giving aid to stricken neighbors on tills hemisphere Is an American prerogative, The Hcd Cross will a«ain do one of the sort of jobs It nlonc Knows how to do. Fortunately, too, for ttie Nlcarasiians. there Is present in Hint country n force of sib-Jin 1.400 marines and a large detachment of tlii! corps or engineers engaged on the Klcnratiiian Cannl survey. With the Red Cross furnishing food nnd medical alii. Hie marines preserving order and the army engineers supervising the cleariny up of debris, Managua is to ycl » real tnsto of American efficiency and beneficence at Its best. There has teen a great deal of resentment iniiong raialn classes of Ntcaraguans over continued Intervention of American authorities In locrd affairs. Before Hie debris of Manusu:i has bcc-n cleared uwliy opinions regarding 1 American Intervention may be changed. —Memphis Evening Appeal. "Nulhin 1 hut dig, dig, all ilav long—ami wiiala'va got— GAM I'H'KS!" the allacks flrsl come on after 30 years of age. Sometimes the attacks stop spontaneously after 40 or 50 years of age, but cases are reported In which the condition has persisted throughout life. The attack of migraine Is different from the ordinary headache. , before It begins, the person may have a sense of fatlgi 1 .? or depres- iton, be slightly dizzy and be dls- tuibed by unusual visual disorders. Some day they sec a flash of light in the field of vision which en- i and' has n colored border.' Some merely complain of blurred; vision. j The pain usually begins around, en? eye and then spreads over varl- j ous ports of the head, even involv-1 ing the entire head. Less common-1 ly It begins at the back of the j head. The pain Is Increased byj bright lights, noi;.?. or by mental j I effort Sometimes tl'.e whulc hcadj seems tender to the touch. ThCj pain and discomfort may increase until lh.> person has nausea and vomiting, after which there may lx> relief. One of the facts which nukes! physicians believe that the condition is allergic Is the association with the headache of such symptoms as diarrheu, chilliness, tlush- , dhlurhancis of vision, sweating, and nervousness .which dlsnp- ; iwar when the headache suljsiries. TIM treatment, of migraine demands the most careiul i:o;-sibh attention from every point of view In order to remove such exciting I factors as may to found in the specific case. "sVi:en Ihcsc exciting factors are brought under control, and when the hygiene of the individual is placed on a systematic basis which minimizes these factors, there? is likely lo be prompt improvL'inent. MOTHER NATURE'S CURJQ SHOE iJu WASHINGTON V II T S LETTER_ KDITOK'S XOTK: This is the ported aliens wcrr; sent to Mexico, flrsl of three sfori.-s about (iiu I)c-: 4P.CO to Europe and 2GCO to Canada, luitniciit of. i.;il)or's deportation; Husband estimates the average 1 drive. : cost of a deportation — including 11V RODNEY DUTCHER allowance for personnel salaries— XEA Smite Wrilcr I at about $100. The Increase In de- , WHICH K4SSU5WVED DOWN •MROUGH MLUOHS OF MOST 6ANDS CF S4.UE AMillALS" /1R£ LEO &V /IN OiP FSUALE, WWO IS A MOTt/Sfi OK A /1WY OF TfE At*0 WHO HfS 0W£f. CHURCH EXCUSES = By George W. E. T,. iiAi.i-vs mnrii On April 3. 1822, Edward Everett] j Hale, famous American author, philanthropist and Unitarian. c!i:rfi^man, was born in Boston, Mass. He graduated from Harvard at the age of 17 and then studied for the ministry. In 185fi he became | active interest In all the philan- WASHINGTON, April 3.—Stimu-' portations for the last two years, , , Icitcd by the scarcity of jobs nnd he says, may be ntlriuuled to cspe- 1>nstor of l!le Santi ) Congrcgation- supported by increasing appropria-i cially intensive v;ork of the invml-1 .. ur * of 13ost -' :ii and took^ an lions. Hie Department of Labor isolation service with a force made making steadily larger inroads on larger by Increased appropriations aboiii 100,030 illegally entered : fiom Congress. The last session of aliens In tiiis country who are j Congress gave the bureau S500.000 thought- to be (Importable. Last week I sent for our Preacher to come and sec me and T just told him plain out what I thought of him for son:.? of the statements made about He n'.ftt suggested that if I felt that I just had to give part of Sunday to my business I could go to Church Sunday morning and Iw had made about llx >fc af'- 1 ' !!l e business Sunday af- mc and my business. I told him ternoon. But I told him right off I had about mads up my mind tliaU " irlt would net work us I had in as I was 10 busy that I could not i ' lavc £OIlle tmlc for recreation, and possibly get to Church, ho illicit a?! Eonln tlm c to s;-:snd with my fam- \veit take my name off the Church I all<1 wllcn T spend all Sunday Hecord. I expected him to got I morning looking over my mail and sore and say a lot. of things and he attending to correspondence, then might have only T talked so plain! S° home for lunch and sleep awhib and in n firm voice. Bu', he was! ^f it's not a nice day) and after very nice about it. ! told him what supper I am so tired I need to gr;t ; more for the rest of this fiscal year The drive will continue, as lens a::d that of 1932. largely for cxcen- ns the increased forces of the im- sioii of t'oportalior. activities during the iwriod of unemployment. Times are such, saysi the office sn^e, that even men everybody looked up to arc low down. AE, Irish poet, who suggests a return to agriculture, probably would like the Idea of ;i rciarm party. A New York bunk cierk knocked out a holdup man by banging a sack of nickels ovt:r his head. Fair cx-chonge is no robtery. migration service can -find aliens whose presence here ij no'- pio-! Ucied by the lav, according to As- nWant Sccietary of Labor W. W. i Husband, a specialist in hinnisni- iion. Abein ib.fiC-j iiiiens will have Ircen expelled when this fiscal year i ends with June. Husband estimates. There wore 16,031 clciM>rtations in ! 1930 and nearly I'.l.COO in 1829. | Plan Drive on Gangsters I Especial aiU'iilion is being given I lo Eiintjsicrs ant! Communists, but I r.o sp:el?ci:!ai- progress is reported i In cltlvr effort because only small j proportions of these groups appe::r j to be deporlabk'- i . Most of t!:c? depcvlcio arc picked up nnd .scut aw;iy because tl'^y cn- U-red H:e country lUeguly or b-j- thropic movements of his city and i I had heard that he had said and: a ficod night's rest so that I can time. In 1301 he became pastor I he admitted that he had said it. -tart out oarly Monday morning. j emeritus of His church and two He said that he felt like a man i I tried to get him to sec just ycais later was appointed chap-1 should be able to take care of his. bow little time V had to even think.,.,..) Iain of the United States Senate, [business in six days: that he knew I of the Church. 1 finally told hira '-* Although be wrote prolifically, i scnic mighty big businesses thai 1 he could cave my cair.c on the ^ Hab is best remembered for that classic of patriotic fiction, "The cared for without Sunday: book, and \vl:,?n 1 got my business wurk and lie named some that t; j«st where I wanted it I would try The bulk of the ceportces shoulcl, Man withoal a country." His most know are big "iVnd "prosperous""and ! and give some of my timu to the tuicicsirauie - - — — • - , . . not be classed aliens. Husband says. Mnny llvm probably would snake d of imiiicntial bock is "Ten Times One . f know the arc also big mrn! church. Is Ten." This book led lo the fonn- jation of LL-iKi-a-Haml clubs, ' in Church work. They give liberally their time as as money,! The world's largest known cop- As for (hat old . cornponc controversy, ilunk- ers should realize that even the ancient civilizations crumbled. because they are iicre in violation of the law. Crossed in llo\vbnat "Hero's a young woman from cnsteni Europe who emigrated to Canada and then paid a man $100 j H> raw her over to the United. Elates,'.' the assislanc secretary! says, pointing to f. file. She was picked up uutl now she must go! back to her liomc country. She has! been employed as a domestic and fiom what wo learn, she's a tine younj woman. • ' ' "Here's n fellow from Johaunos- S:uth Africa, intelligent.! ninny similar cbar-'lmt I ca:i't help hut feel that my per drpcsll, In Chile, Is e;thi:-Jte itnblc o:-gnnizatio:is. 1 business is different. 1 13 contair, "00,003,000 ions of ore. Any cream scoop. cashier who carries money in an ice bucket invites holdup men to take .1 u^c tlicv c:unc for .stipulated pc-: rtads and" overstayed. j spcakins gocd English nnd 2-1 years, Jusl Ic sir:- an idea c:f what type eld. He went to the consulate of people arc belli',- ex-,x-l!cd. nmoir: there, applied for a visa and found 1 In^t year's crop were about fiCM'lhat lie couldn't get within the; 1 ui'.o wi-re here without proper vi.-- quota for three or four years. So ! us. 20CO who stayed longer tlinn he went to Enahnd .transshipped! licrmlttcd. 2700 who were over 113 lo Canada and .".tier less than Hire? and unable to read. 1700 criminal, i days there tried to break over the ' 703 persons held to be immoral Uf- border tnlo Vermcnl. The border cause of conncc'.if.i with the biifi-, patrol pick:d him up nud took him Rudy Vallec tays lhal when he broadcasts he feels like a surgeon beginning to operate. He's often hail us In stitches. ness of proitliution, 650 who had entered nfici- bolnR dcpcrlcd or dj- br.rrcd, about 1001 who hail become public charges thvoush mental or physical causes and 300 v,-lia were likelv to become public charges. M 1Vr cv " t Arc SI " ic:ni - s Abolllr ,,„!( , nc r : c ,«oi-tccs a:o ', McMicnns a::ci to;.,.' liiO of tl-.c; 1 .! were dcp'irUii i.isi y/.-ai ,i^ i r;- immoral. l:i Ihr latter Bi'Mi)' ! v.cve 2!1 En?tl«h. 1SI5 French. l.« < Italians 12.i Irisli. About G'CO I of Hi? less than 17,000 total of ci;- I Women More Susceptible to 1 Chronic Headache Than Mcn| to St. Albans. Ho (aces triul lor ilje!:r.l entry and iray serve a few months in iaii. after which hr will he deported to South Africa. That's lire law. "Ho wnn'.cd (o bD n newspaperman licre- A woman in New'York just v/rcie us iu liis behalf aad 1 had lo rciily that the \oting embarked en an ndventiira that ended in a misadventure, which is so!:iclliins! we ran'l Iiclp." TOMOHUOW. Why Uncle Sam diicsn't <lc]iorl Al Caponc. IN LEAGUE WITH THE BABIES When little girls wore copper-toed and tight-waisted dresses, and little boys wore kilts — what of the babies? Swathed in yards of clothes. Scrubbed with unknown soaps. Few of them expected to live during the dreaded second summer. Many of them suiTering countless ailments because nobody knew what to'do. .. A glance back only a generation or so is enough to reveal how fortunate babies are today. Now there are soft, cool soaps . . . every aid in food that care and knowledge can prepare . . . sensible, light little clothes ... and such knowledge of sanitation and control of disease that every little baby should live and grow. f.y 1)1!. MOKK1S rtSllllKIS attack is associated willi spasm of Kditnr. Journal of tlir Amrrii-;in] lie smnll blond vssels in the brain. Medical As.inclnlinn, and uf lly- , On the other hand, the rcafon for the Hraltli Mac.irinr j the cnsol of Ihc spism may IK 1 rcci:r over! fo:ne anatomical deformity. MUII'.C of time au.l I:^:L::!IV tinusua 1 condition of physio'oyy, whc-,e f.iM.u•:. ' sonio chcr.iici! disturbance, or p.?r- li.-,ve h"f!i .'vsccpllble to hraiiai-hi - • haps a hy|x>:sensitivity to ccitain Af i' the car.c with many oliicr <!i..- pictcin substance.;. ::; ,i Imesli?ato:s have- found thai v.iincn arr. nn:c!i mnn- l:cq"i ••.*.:'..•' there arc remarkable chances in r-iftrted by ini.irnin" tlian aie rr.:-.-.. H'.c amount of certain ecnsiiluents in t!;c blood durius l!i" attack, and it ir.-y be thai the chemical c'unnr.?s in the cc!i^ :ire the basic cause. Thn attack of migraine usually t'fliins in childhood or youth, but rare cases arc described in which n> of thii'.ii :)p.n:cs iiivo'.\ ci. udies of the analoiv.y el '.:-.c involved ES lo s-.civ.c i investigators' lhal the uiscl cf !l:c The Courier Nov/s has been :ui-' thorizcd to make the foDowin^ niuiouncrmcnts. subject to the will; of the pcnpte at the nv.miclp,il! election to be held April 7: ) i For M.^vor ' A, 11. KAIliFIELD ; NE1LL UEED I (He-Election. 2nd Term) ! W. C. LAWYER i Mothers are indebted to advertisements for their news of these nursery aids . . . just as they are indebted for news of fascinating menus, fadeless curtains, sprighly dinnerware. Constantly, ways are being devised to make life happier, more comfortable for baby, the whole family. Laboratories clean and bright arc scenes of goods being tested — being made safe and pure. When the testing is over, the "perfecting done— advertisements hasten the goods to you. No .longer marvel (the next time you buy Fomething widely known) at how fresh, immaculate, fine it is. These are qualities you can be sure of in buying advertised merchandise . . . qualities you must bo sure of in buying for the health of babies, children, any one. It is surprising how timely and vital the news in ad- vertiscincnti{ can be! Read them regularly. Ir. Fnr City Treasurer ROES 'BEAVERS (re-clcctlon. 2nd term)

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