Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida on September 27, 1926 · 5
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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida · 5

St. Petersburg, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, September 27, 1926
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MONDAY, SEPT. 27, 1926 ST. PETERSBURG TIMES Section One Page Five t STORM CAUSES LITTLE DAMAGE AT CLEWISTON Ridge Built by Previous Gales Aided in Protecting City From Extensive Ruin CLKWISTON'. Kci.t! 2fi. Stretch. int; ulonij the eilgo of Iako Okee- diobeo hero l.s a hteli TlJf?o of suml wvenil miles Ions. It In covered thickly with cypress, rubber, ban yan and palmetto tiers. This rirt;;o has been a landmark for genera i ions. It was undoubtedly thrown up during a lonjf KtioJ and built up higher and higher by tempests raisins tho waters of Luke Okie chobeo and bringing silt and sand lrom the lako bottom. It was this ridKO wliifh last Sat urday played a biff part In savin, I levvixton, when the worst storm I'lorida lias seen in many years swept, across the state and raised a "Wind tide'' on Lain? Okeechobee four or five feet In height. What had been done by long forgotten storms In creating a natural bulwark against high water cheated the ter rifle storm last .Saturday In its cf- 'forts to overwhelm Clewiston. No Lives Lost m .ot a single lite was lost nor a Jsiiiglo person Injured out of the hundreds who huddled, in tho old Watanabe hotel and tho newer Clew iston Inn, located on this ridge, during the hours that the storm raged over Lho town. Wind and water did cause considerable damage, but since tho storm has passed it has been discovered that even this Item is remarkably light considering the fury of tha hurricane. This is, till of It, however, only a background to tho real story of Clewiston that comes out of tho storm. That story is bound up in tho magnificent fighting qualities and courage of tho people. Almost withal (in hour after the storm had leached its peak and was beginning to subside steps were being taken to insure the safety of tho people hero anil to get out and seek those in remote places who were marooned and destitute. The electric light service was out ; some of the dynamos had been under water. Thfl water supply had !;n broken. Canal bridges inside the town had been swept from their footings or otherwise rendered unsafe, and sheets of water of varying depths lay on the streets and roadways while here and there levees needed repairing before tho pumping could bo resumed and the town cleared of water. ('ummillre Formed The men of Clewiston had organized a, committee for safety almost while tho storm was at Its height. Within twelve hours after the storm subsided tho dynamos had been dried and electric light service had been restored to some of the build- lags nearer tha power house: a! puro water supply had been reestablished to tho Watanabe hotel (and the Clewiston Inn, which were jLording the principal shelter to tho Inhabitants; boats had been dispatched lo obtain and insure food supplies, and all other steps had been taken to' render Clew iston safe and self-supporting. While all that had Ix'en going on, boats had been sent to outlying places and had brought in many persons whoso homes in the back country had been swept away, many of whom had had terrible experiences during Saturday and Saturday night. Many others streamed into Clewiston on foot from all directions. Sometime these refugees bad had to wade for miles and souio had to swim for miles. One man got into Clewiston during Saturday night from a point about six miles below the town. Ho had been on the way from 10 o'clock in the V 7 Tf A Heavy Heart I Many a housewife thinks j of wash-day with a heavy ! heart. Back-breaking toil, water soaked hands ami wot cet, sore back and aching muscles are bound inseparably with her thoughts. Bid, with the NEW Easy Washing Machine wash-day loses its terrors. The Kasy does the heavy work of washing tho housewife merely oversees it. With the NEW Kasy her washing is dune quickly and ; without effort. It washes 1 while nn earlier batch of clothes is being rinsed, blued and dried. It washes, rinses, blues and dries the clothing mechanically and thoroughly. There is no other machine like it! Sec it. demonstrated in our hhowrooni3 without obligation. Easy terms Inspect the new Sepco Water Heater too. It will solve your hot water problems! Your Electric Company j "V .nJLs Cbcntq IWr Croipainj I pjj! tml rim w (nornlng until 9 o'clock at night, wading and swimming; every inch of tho way, i'uinily Marooned His family nud others were inu-rouned, ho ealil, back there in the Kverghidcs. He w.i.i himself exhausted and had to be given medical attention und put to bed. Rescuers went out in the "Queen of tho Lako" and hours later located und brought into Clewiston lii persons, including women und children. During the next day t he "Queen of the Iike" cruised along the south shore of the lako around Litllu Bare Beach und Ritta, and rescued uuother family whose members had spnt the night in the bucket of a huge ditching machine. Altogether during Sunday and Monday more thun J!5u refugees, all virtually destitute, tamo to Clew iston. They were fed and housed and on Tuesday some of them were taken away in relief boats to be sent to a more northern part of the state, but the third contingent of these, about 38 persons, followed tho relief boats in the "Queen of the Lake" were turned back at Moore Haven because of the difficulty of getting from there. They were brought back to Clewiston and the following day a boat c-unic in from Okeechobea City, Its occupants assured us that the people of that community would care for those refugees and seo that they got under the wing of the American Bed Cross or other relief agencies. Consequently on Wednesday the remaining refugees were loaded on the "Queen of tho Lake" and the Okeechobee City boat and taken to that point, where they wero magnificently received and cared for and placed on trains for Sebring. This disposed of tho prob lem of taking care of refugees in Clewiston and centered the attention of the people of the town upon the business of repairing the storm damage and going ahead with the building program to create an agricultural and industrial city. Damage Light Back of Clewiston, as many know, is a well matured plan to establish a great sugar-gruwing industry upon which will be based an industry of manufacturing insulating lumber made from tho fibrous residuo re maining after grinding sugar cane. In. this connection, there is associat ed with Clewiston a great farm and sub-drainage district of 43,000 acres, officially called Sugarland Drainage District. It was encouraging to dis cover after the storm that the damage done to the levees of Sugarland Drainage District was not very great and that they can be repaired In a week or two, or three perhaps, so that the drainage operations, which were only partially completed any way, will be going forward in less than 30 days. An even shorter time will bo required to place Clewiston on its normal footing, repairs to the townsite levees being almost completed today with plan perfected to Bt ait the town pumps either tomorrow or the day after, which will make all parts of the town perfectly dry about Tuesday of next week. Throughout Saturday and Sunday the people wero without news from the outside world. That afternoon the "Thorobred," a small cabin cruiser, went to Moore Haven. The routo taken was along what is called tho "inside channel," close to the shore for about tS miles along the edgo of Disston Island Drainago District. Before last Saturday the diko constructed by the Stato Drainage department stood along this entire distance as a supposed bulwark against tho water in Uiko Okeechobee. As our boat tni versed that distance its occupants found thut diko leveled to the water' edgo from end to end except for wide, g-.ips where It had disappeared entirely, and tho boat rarely traveled more than 300 yards without coming upon a big fishing boat or a barge or some other craft lying on Its side or high up on the diko or over on tho other side where the wind am rushing waters had borne these little vessels that had been part of the fishing fleet on Lake Okeechobee, Throughout the distance tho Clewiston boat sought for signs of survivors but found none. Kcfueecs Removed Tho approach of the Clewiston Lout to Moore Haven was an unfor- getablo experience. Even ot a distance there was something ominous and terrible in that view of the town. Tho members of the party waded through the streets and found most of the survivors in and about tho main street stricken and numb after their terrible expedience. The Clewiston party learned that relief parties had already entered Moore Haven from the north and that refugees were being taken out. A courier was found who offered to take telegrams to La Belle and if he could not send them from there to get them out from Fort Myers, This proved to be a mighty valuable service. We don't know tho name of that man but we do know that he got those telegrams out for us because they were delivered the following morning and served to counteract tho horrible story that there were ut least 40 persons dead at Clewiston. The party also heard at Moore Haven that another terrible storm was on the way an unfounded rumor and upon returning to Clewiston it was decided to take no chances and half the night was spent in strengthening the foundations of the Clewiston Inn and bracing its upper structure in the event of a high wind. Instead of another hur-ricano a typical midsummer rain storm swept over tho townsite, but of course did not damage it, but the night was a very anxious one as tho rumor, in spite of tho efforts of the members of tho boat party and others- in Clewiston in charge of tho construction, got around among the people pnd added to their uneasiness. News Humor Far more than their own danger, however, was tho effect of the sad news from Moore Haven. Sunday had been a gray overcast day and the news of what had happened to friends In the Glades county capital cast a deeper pall of gloom over those ut Clewiston. There had been a whisper of news of the terrible effect of tho storm on the east coast but nothing definite, and some of the people of Clewiston had relatives and friends in Miami and other east coast cities. Furthermore, everyone was disturbed over tho fact that no word, except tho one set of messages sent through La Belle, had gone out, and no one could be sure that those had been delivered. About 10:00 o'clock in the morning two planes came from the west and circled lower and lower signalling that they wished to land. In front of the Clewiston Inn was a fairly good place laid out for a tennis court. It was blocked with posts to prevent automobiles from encroaching upon it, but in a remarkably short time, with everyone helping, every obstruction was removed and Captain Otis Hardin, tho road contractor on tho Empire Trail, was tho first to land. Ha mado a landing thut no one who saw it will ever forget and it was a wonderful riece of flying in view of the small space available. Darius Landing This also made tho landing of his companion in the other plune still mora remarkable. They brought In some news of what was going on in the out side world and took out some telegrams and brief news dispatches, and after that everybody felt happier. It eased the tension and gave that definite touch with the outside world that let everyone know they had not been forgotten and that help, if it was needed, was on the way. On Wednesday one plane returned bringing telegrams which showed that tho wires from Clewiston people to their relatives and friends had been delivered, and the aviator took out more messages when he left. He was hardly under way when a boat containing Cap tain Smith, of ttie Florida National Guard, arrived from Moore Haven. Ho brought more telegrams and came to look over conditions. He found a town getting busy and with no need for the establishment of martial law here. Shortly before the arrival of the plane on Wednesday a tug arrived from Canal I'oint bringing Isaac T. Cook of St Louis, one of the owners of Clewiston, and F. L. Williamson, general manager of tho Clewiston Company, Incorporated. They were in New York when the storm occurred and left infmcdiately as soon as they could get any definite word of the situation. They cheered the population by their announcement that Clewiston certainly was not going to quit, and both applauded the people of the town for the spirit which characterized them throughout the period after the storm. i City Relief Boat Is En Route Home Informed that relief supplies and workers were not needed in cither the Moore Haven or Miami districts, Col. B. K, Hexter, owner of the yacht Kex, which arrived in Ft. Myers Friday night, has turned the yacht back toward Ft. Betcrsburg, according to information Saturday from Ft. Myers. On board the craft was a relief party headed by Dr. E. J. Melville and included Dr. Harry Cooke, Dr. ,r, w. McLane and four nurses, Miss L. B. Van Horn, Miss F. If. Clyde, Mrs. J. F. Cooper and F E. Dolar, a medical assistant. The party learned Friday evening from Col. S. L. Lowry, in command of state troops at Moore Haven that relief workers were not needed at that point. Saturday morning Dr. Melville wired to Miami and after finding that relief was not needed there, it was decided to return to St Peters burg. The yacht was expected to arrive Sunday night. BIRDS IMPOKTKI NEW YORK. Nearly EOO.fWO feathered songsters valued at $737.-000 wero imported last year. Germany suplled about 75 per cent, but a dozen other countries contributed, somo of them traveling 10,000 miles. Algeria and Tunis sent just one bird each. MAKE YOUR LIVING MORE COMFORTABLE FIRMS THAT GIVE YOU RIGHT SERVICE and PRICES BRUCE BARTON, well known writer, relates (in The American Heating Merchant) how a Master Plumber made a survey of his home, including bathrooms, kitchen sink and heating plant. An adjustment on a gas heater was the only thing needed so far as the Bartons knew; but as a result of the Master Plumber's survey there were purchased from him 4 articles "Which," Mr. Barton says, "would make our living more comfortable." HOW MANY things from the Master Plumber does your home, hotel or apartment house need right now to make living more comfortable and Healthful for the occupants? You may not realize the need: The Bartons did not, either, until a survey was made by a Master Plumber. One hundred thousand guests are expected in St. Petersburg this winter, and the thing which may give these guests an unfavorable opinion of you and of St. Petersburg is the lack of these things from the Master Plumber "which would make living more comfortable." A survey by a Master Plumber will safeguard your health and prestige. For the most competent service see a Master Plumber listed here. Your protection is this Association. ST. PETERSBURG ASSOCIATION OF CONTRACTING PLUMBERS St. Petersburg Florida ACME PLUMBING COMPANX 836 6th Street, North. T. P. BARDON, 2400 Central Avft. OSCAR O. BLAUVKLT JTth Avb and IStb 6t North E. K. IHIINTON E. 32i( 13th Avenue, Korth. w. ir. bus nr. 3515 13th Avenue, South. H. C. COP. BIN Mprrill Ave between Sth and 9th tits. No. JOHN' COX i;00 40th Street. Routh. p. o. Box ::o. C C. CROCKETT B03 26th Avenue, South. It II. DAVIS 3334 4th Avenue, South. JAS. U DtJCGAN 844 10th Avenue, North. C. J. OODSET 916 let Avenue, North. C. M. HANCOCK 1315 Eth Avenue, South. JOSEPH HERPMETt 437 Iwtleslrte Avenue. South, C. W. HEWITT, INC. Ill tth Street. North. A. P.. 1ft 'NT 1020 Jiu-lrsUle Ave. CltAS, C. IKONS 13')4 Olli Avenue, Nortii. jamiv . jnmciNS 331 11th Avenue, South. W. If LANCPON 910 12th Avenue. North. t.AW-KNGt.E COMPANY S:s jiith tr't. Smith. V. P. McCRAVEN S3 23 1st Aie. North O. A. MclNTOSH 1733 25th Street. South. C. r. MOORE S"3 till Avenue. North. c. .t o-hai;fA CENTRAL I'LPMnlK'f CO. 1234 Ui fctrett. North. c. v. rKP.nr 25S0 lni Avenue. North. U E. PRIOR 1 2 ij a Hanson Avenue. 7. M. QP1NLAN 431 Sth Street. North. r.EMAPI.W PI.UMBIN1 CO. 2SBS Central Avenue. C. C HUBERTS Childe Park (P. O. Dot 1001). LE'WTS ROPEKTS 3711 ISth Avonue. South. P. O. Box 155, Gul Spurt. P. h. HUBERTS 1007 th Street, South. A. C. SCTf IRMER S14 7th Ave. No. ST. PETEP.SRURO PLCMBlNI COMPANY S3 4 Lacf'a Court CEOPOB n. SHAIVUVE 444 r.ot'insoa Court. . lee n. FurFKiELn !33 Central Avenue, P T PUVAV "315 3rd Avenue South. F. E. SMITH Pasa-a-Grllla. Florida. ALVTN STYLES Clear lew Ave and 33rd St. N. IL F. FUI.UVAN 337 2th Street. South. A. T. WILLY S33 3rd Street, South. W. C. WITHERS 1231131 Street. Korth. Value is not in (lie first cost, but in the length and kind of service. Shower bat In after woih and play Rest and refresh yon tserj way. LIFE OF CHURCH IS OUTLINED IN SERMONSUNDAY Institution Survives After Battles .Against Scorn and Opposition Story of the survival of the clidrch through the ages, in tho face of scorn and opposition was tolj Sunday evening by James Alexander McClure of the First Tresbyterian church who took as his subject the twenty-third verse of the twenty-first chapter of Numbers: 'The Lord his God Is with him, and the shout of a kin Is among them." His sermon follows: "The Church's one foundation Is Jesus Christ her lord, and has stood through the centuries because built upon this rock. It has stood In spite of friend and foe. There has been enough Ignorance and jealousy and bigotry and strife and Indifference on the part of members of the church to have destroyed It years ago. The church persists In spite of its friends. There has been enough scorn and opposition and misrepresentation and hatred and persecution on the part of the enemies of the church to have blotted it from existence. Nevertheless, it survives, and it survives because it is the church of the living God. "God Is In the midst of her, therefore she shall not be moved." "The story of Halak and Kalaam is an interesting: and instructive illustration of thiii truth. Here wa see jealousy and fear and hatred calling avarice and superstition to curse the people of God. What cannot be accomplished by fair means, Balak seeks to accomplish by foul, and sends for Ralaam that they may overcome the people of God as they march trimuphantly through tha land. Balaam, by no means an unwilling participator in the evil scheme, finds his pathway closed, and instead of a curse, pronounces a blessing, and declares to Balak that all their evil Intentions are to no purpose, for God is present with his people and the shout of a king Is among them. Due To God The persistence of the Church through the centuries, its victories, has not been due to the numbers, the wealth, or prominence of those w ho mado us Its membership, but to the fact that God was back of It and working: through it. Its ally has been the Lord God. Its power lias been the power of God. When Balaam looked down from his mountain peak on the tents of Israel, a source of terror to the Moahitish king, he tells him that this conquering career was not due to any art of war they had learned in Egypt; not to overwhelming numbers or to superior armament, but to the fact that God was on their side. "The Lord his God Is -with him." While God Is the fiieut ally of the church, the church docs nut always avail Itself of His presence. There have been periods In tho history of the church marked by weakness and defeat, like the armies ot Israel bo-fore the city of Al. God was not there that day and they wero as heirless as leaves In a w inter's blast. JIuch of the activity of ttio church of today accomplishes nothing lie-cause God Is not in It, Josus said "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth: therefore go ye" And whenever the church has gone o'.it tn the name of God and claiming the presence of God,. It has gone forth to victory. "But the power may 1 present and we know it. Balaam said to Balak 'The shout of a king Is among them." Stop a minute and listen to those people singing and praying down there in the valley. Are they alarmed over our plottlngs? Are they disturbed because we desire their ruin? Not for one moment. We hardly count in their calculations. They sing and shout like kings because they know that God Is in their midst. They fear no foe with Him at hand to bless. One of the weaknesses of the church today its greatest handicap is the failure to realize that the resources of Almighty God are back of its program. Instead of the shout of BUILDER ENTERS CAR NJPARADE John W. Bull Early Entrant Of Float in Thursday's Benefit Event John W. Bull, contractor, building the Ninth Street Bank building, was one of the earliest entrants in the a king there la far too often the wail of tho Infant "It can't be done." There are churches today that do not expect conversions because they are not conscious of the Divine presence. Every church should be a conquering church. As a part of the body of Christ, his presence is there. As mem hers of this church let us realize the source of our power, let us appropriate this presence and with joy and confidence In our hearts let us do our work, and live our life for Him who said I will never leave you nor forsake you and who by his Spirit enables us to say I can do all things through Him who loved me and gave himself for me.'" builders' parade (scheduled for Thursday afternoon. The parado la being staged by the Builders' Exchange Is a benefit for the American Legion Orange Band. Other recent names sent In to the committee lit charge of arrange, ments and riven out hy Elmer E. Dunn, chairman, are; E. It. Lorlmer. plumbing1 contractor; Loverinsr-Longbothom, general contractors; Keystone Machine Co., rinellas Lumber Co., Sunshine Lumber Co, Home Lumber Co, Bobbltt Co. Inc., Concrete Tile and Brick. Mack Truck Co., Melody Tire Co, Maxwell Supply Co, Boy D. Fisk, general contractor? Watkins-Llmbacher Co, furniture; Newcomb & Dcmarest, haullnsr contractors; Nichols Construction Co., Ford Concrete Foundries, Ine, Ilnel-hs Machine Co, C. W. Churchill Son. sheet metal contractors; Hulls' Taint & Wall Paper Co, H. D. Mcintosh, plastering contractor; Lee R. Sheffield. plumbing contractor; George A. Fuller Co, Goodhumor Ice Cream Co., McCordick Construction Co, St. Petersburg Electrical association. Brown Electric Co, Electric Service Co, and Southern: Electric Co. Those names show that the parade will represent every branch of the building trades industry. BIG BEN IS CALLING YOU No matter how sound you may be sleeping, Big Ben will get you awake at the hour that you have the alarm set at. We have the whole Big Ben family oC clocks ranging in price from $1.50 to $4.50. I WISS SHEARS & SCISSORS POCKET BEN WATCHES A reliable general purpose watch for the boy or man to carry every day on an outing or at work. ' CATTAKAGUS CUTLERY The best and most complete line of cutlery is made at Little Valley, N. Y., by the Cattaragus Cutlery Co. It has been our pleasure to handle this brand for years and years. BUTCHER KNIVES AND CARVERS The same brand of butcher knives assure you quality. Carving sets or small game sets are always useful. HARRISON-POWELL CO. HARDWARE aaaaaiaww'a'MigiTTri CENTRAL AT THIRD FU1LN1TURE LELLmAN HE GMT -ST. PETERSBURG'S TEN-MINUTE SUBURB- TwiitV.. olAr. . .."We- St. Cat!.. I room Cruoui , . BmoltsTllto . , .. .T.T, 52 a.TSI (6 a 16.21 6 4b 16. 5S 'hj b9 u Mi rm. W 7 lb H06 I7 2M mi v 9.1 M J tn AM 6.25! AM TtT 061 dofiwtv ..f'roora Ar I tfl l!Ar ....'.Trtlhja..... :.LtI j B iKLv Trilby ArlloTli K 2J3"Ar......Laiana I.T J lb 3 Lt ... Iceland Arl '3 i.Ar. Ar IT. 21 19 JIOl 222 3i Ml Z .punt City . ...Tampa..., TrtlbyT! Blantou. Lv " St Io ...... ...ta Antonio..., Ktaren....... " Ortussa " "....Tarpon Sjirlnej.... " . .. Crystal fWh.... " Palm IUrbor(Oioo) " uuiwatn- 20 . .. 20 12.56 .Lv .Ar lo'loj'ii.W .Clearwater " BelleUr " "Bcllcriew-Biltmon Hold " Lareo..- " .....Cress Uayoa "....I'uwIla.i.Piri - LetlmM 174 AlSt.Petnbur(,Fla.Lv Tnmpg tidy 11 57 f.4.... .44..., 9 181.... IB . 8.33 18 2 8 2M -rt 1TKT8 1132 !. (Id' .'I II 22.10 22 12 15i ' flOlli ! 10 08 , no orroir 10 HI 62 U 0 40 4,1 ' TCO pan li .: "liiH 144 iDxlylDityj 17.3W 10 0 P.M w rciffoisyNcnciTftA" fS 20 ii ilhtlt. f 0011 Ot PM AM JIM Mil Tbl.41 (Lr Tranu, FI..Ar 7 S3 3 Ar Micanopy ict.Lv l.rMlcanopy Jet. Ar Ar .Orsngo LaJte..I. Praetor Cltr, rl. A. U, ttae tbowo la LIOHT tact typa IS3 1 145 l&f-S 357 OS IS w, '4 ::::!:: t ci regular station stop on the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad.... connected with the heart of the city by municipal bus lines running through the properly operating on a twenty minute schedule with a ten cent fare.... and by paved boulevards.... Lellnian Heights has-truly-a-pre-emiiient location Our representative will b. glad at any time to explain to you tho ad vantage which this ub orb affords, both to tha Investor and to tho home-seeker. 3 W.A.B0 DE&CO. 561 Central Ave. Telephone 5572 Di4 5jTI and ena f , our representatives will j call fur yon ta a private j car and drira you ta tha property of talis the It.iioct HoaJ Biim.'r'pai but to Lcliinari llelcbta. '

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