The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1937
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voi,. xxxin—NO, 2fl;i BLYTHEVILLE^COURIER NEWS "/ ''*V'^?M •'\-"V'V5 niylhevllle Courier Blytliwllle I' ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI «Sr_J^YTOm^K,^n<ANSAs; SATUlilM V, VKMUARY 27,""|fl:»7~ MISSING ARGENT SINQI.E 'COPIES SG! BILL IS TUEI K5SOCI i ! Leech New President j oi 'Rid Cross Chapter I J. A, Leech was elected cliair- |man of (lie board of directors • of the Cli!ckHsitv.'ba district of! {Mississippi county Red Cross chap-j Her at an organization meeting of the newly elected board of! directors of the chapter last nl°htl at the cMy hall. FOUND SLAIN 5NTES 10 HELP ,'[ SOIL i-ojan Horse" Routs Strikers . 11 ic tniy nuii. ) Mrasm-p Nnw l;nic llreotors elected E. M.I , . ' . , ivieasuie IN o w Wco(l!ird , 0 , Delli vicc . |)resl( , c , u .l Ar-neals for Adoption of ; r Coil- ., I '".uiuwu, vi i-*eii, vice-president ; rename m Congress 1 ° ml (hc Rev - s - H - Sall »on, pas-j W/ . r>i ' 1 lor of tlle Pi'St Presbyterian' 1 church, secretary. G. G. Hubbard I was elected treasurer will Wan Is Change WASHINGTON, Feb. 27 c.UP>—' Mr The U, S. Flood Control associa- " ' tio . today planned a fight against succeed C A Cunningham, chapler chairman for a number of years, who de- trol Measures WASHINGTON, Feb. n Pl ' f ' siclon '' Roosevelt, In nuu luiwy planned a light against .UNJIH.-I ui years, who de- -•'•••"^••" ^^^.^.i..., m ,i 5 the pending Flood Control Auth- cl . illl;d *° Permit consideration of mcssa 6 c to nl! 48 governors. nvlt irif n«t ...i.i~i. 1.1 _ _, I IjIS lirtinft '^^.'i no>itl(,i n t _ r _. Ctl GVPTV -SlfltP InHrt v t,-i ini. tup)— special act, which would set upi Mveii niilhoritles similar to TVA to effect flood control throughout I the nation, ' The body, formed in 1038, representing civic and semi-official Hood control organizations in more than half of the states, recommended that congress expand the, budget provision of" J3C,000,000 for control construction during- the | coining year as much ns is eon- 1 rfstent with sound economics "in view of the recent disasters." OpixMins a part of tho federation's central resolution was thc Ohio valley conservation and flood control council, through Its President' Dr. c. E. Holzcr of Galll-' polis, Ohio. He argued in the legislative advisory committee that 100 per cral of the cost of flood control construction should be borne by the federal government because it would provide national benelit. He opjiosert the authorities Will, how- name as-a candidatefor re- cd every slate today to join the federal fight to guard land resources from ruin by dust storms and floods. "The nation lhat destroys its I destroys itself," Mr. Roosevelt ' warned In requesting that each state executive sponsor adoption of local soil conservation laws sini , Ihr lo a dcntrtincnt of auriciil ! lure mcdrl bill. Greene County Ginners Underwrite Cl a s s i n g Program PARAGOULD. Ark. — A completely modern cotton market for Green county has Been arranged lor by agreement of Dinners and buyers in co-operation with O T O.sgood. county farm agent Grow wrote in because it would remove the! cotton anny engineer coips f ram cm , The current the last few years." he- ,,, ulg „ nis « Identical letters, "have un drrfcorcd the importance of pro sr.urs to ronlivl • soil >"'>sion. States Must Help j "I ne-d not emphasize to you the seriousness of the problem and the desirability of our tak ing effective action as a nation and in the ssveral slates lo conserve th' sell as cur basic u.ssct' The president said the covcrri- »vc~ «... . L" J ""','" "a 1 -" 1 - "'"«--. inent is s];onsorine demcnstrathn eis aie lo be paid premiums on erosion control projects but "such ueller arades nivi «»«„!,,. I work can only point the «av."' grades and staples. - « " •••«« " i" i/i\:£, ' •• vin* i_itti uiuy [JtflilL HIP \Vt\V The Valley Gin Co.. the Berttel "To si'p-leraent the federal riio niton f.f\ «,.,! n».. ¥__' . —. r.. — _.. ^ f . ... \'.v -- flood control act provided for state participation lintler army engineers. The new bill would dispense with • civil ser- <!cs in the seven proposed regional authorities: Great Lakes,' Ohio -•.Valley,'- .Atlantic seaboard, Mis- souri-Avkarisas. Columbia, Colo- -42r— , a l'!l_MIssis£lppi.' . - Youno; Adventurer Returns Home Safely BUI Morrison, about 12, son of w. 1. Morrison, was sdfeiy' back at after t<lvciiture .away fr a night of home and .--.-., _..,, UJ iiuui noine of ^uneasiness for his parents. -• ui.c..aiiii.-» i 0r nis parents. umnciai encouragement Doling, - Morrison, a boy : scout uclion ' ° r better quality 1 decided to leavV home yesterday'!'™ 6 old method of buyli . ;•- ----- ~ , ..I'on. ycsiuraay. "e remained away overnight but was found loitering around the mitral school buildings today and returned home. He. is said to have ventured a.« . north , . Hayti last night before he back here by officers. . on, .Highway 61 as Hr "j unmctn. ni spent thc rest of the night around the city hall and was apparently none thc worse for his' experience when found this morning. Poultry Profits Miuiitalia • -WINNIPEG. Ma,,. (UP)_!,lcomf from dressict poultry and ejgs in' Manitoba province during IQ3C was SJ,4H.OOO. The estimated e 3 g 1'roducticn was 18,907,000—an aver, age of 101 eggs uer hen for the year. the program ivrich Is to include every ginncr-buyer in Greene or adjoining counties who cares to take part in the program Cotton will be .classed according to United . States standards by a licensed, worker who,-.will mark on the/ classification certificate the number of points q;i or off the base price that;the cotton is worth according to government reports .roni the Memphis market Th» cotton will then be paid for on that basis. The bervice...will. be free to all customers of glnnbrs '--•-The object of the program, according to osgood, is to Improve the grade and staple of Green' county coltpn by giving proper financial encouraijement for prod- luality cotton. . . —.._.. of buying where approximately the same price was oerimetit station paid for all common grades' and j conservation commissioner staples 'gave growers of poor, ^ommissiciier of agriculture grades and staples more than the ~ ' rams and saffgnard (heir results' he wrote, "state l«islB:ion k With each; letter Mr. Roo'e'-e' 1 -f»t several copies of the model lav/, drawn by the soil conservation seii'lcc. It proudes: 1. Creation of state committees with, authority to form ccmserva- tion districts within H )e s tat c . to administer .erosion control projects and preventive measures. 2. Delegation of power to the district committees to prescrib,- land use regulations for thc prevention and control of erosion. ?ach regulation .'- to be-" submitted | to-local referendum before becoming effcctlv?. One Federal Member State committees, according to the law, 'could have from three IT RILLED Kriacting Clause Stricken tT ., .. . I'vom Bill for Little Rock Institution LITTLE ROCK. r'eb. 27 (Ul>). Bry leaders In the house of rrp- |vescntnllvos were defeated for the •fifth lime this week when a mo- Rebel Guns Send Shells Into Madrid T«o men Inside .this steel lrojan--Horse- pWcd a ceaseless barrage of tear and nauseating gas on the Wnukcgan ' Fausteel plant strikers Miilc a third deputy, shorn, 1,1 .(lie picture, fired/ fr'om Its shelter .to drive the 100 •slldowners out after- an hour's ^ba file. The-V'Trojan Horse" was the inspiration of the plant'., college professor attorney and proved as strategically -effective « S its ancient namesake, With platforms at two levels, with rifle slits for the tear guns .,nd , to five members. Including: the . e state extension director, state ex- director, st:U:' 'on the-back of a. truck, the contrivance enabled GO ucpmits to fire their ban-age through the jjjinols p , nnrs l)1 . oke|1 vv|nrt<jws without fear of retaliation from the strikers. None of the strikers was arrested as they emerged. The' metal iaiik and pipe shown at right In the picture are part of the plant equipment Each state committ'e would b.- 'authorized to invite" the federal ^secretary of agriculture to ap- ' ' lie member of the loc.ii The slate committee in would direct- consc-mlion 1 . ..„. v i nuii iuu amount due and better growers proportionately less than the vail -«. o^.cwrv U i a^ricui «e ol their cotton. Tills new ar- Point- one member of will mc an a difference!*>ar,31 $3 to $10 on bales which previ-1 turn „, ously would have sold for the' districts same price or only a dollar or two! difference. • • TO emphasize the importance or Three injured When 'reducing premium grades three L p, n L , lontcsls are being arranged Ini Lar Overturns at ! which the Valley. Bertig and the I Joseph companies will offer cash) ST EELE, Mo. — Odis Sandlin irrzes. One of the contests is to Buford Mlddleton and Miss Helen e on the basis of grade and sta- Cll "J' sustained numerous injuries we only, and thc other two in- [ «'hen a car overturned linn to muke it|)fitl measure the Vescy Umior a special order following (he morning hour Yost by u vole of 32 to ' The motion was i Wlllkim Thompson - Feb. 27 <UI>> — The central part of (lie capl'.nl was under heavy rebel shell tire IrUe today with miiny nlsunllies. As In previous bombardments the Telephone bulldlne. Madrid'* only skyscraper, owned by nn American-owned subsidiary of the International Telephone and Telegraph company wn s the principal Sixty-eight six-inch shells were Ili'td into the center of the city. Preliminary estimates gave lhe Victim Was Heir to Great Argentine Cattle Fortune casualties dead and 20 clmrltnblp adcpilfm of nn amendment slrlk- liii! till' enacting clause from ilie till to make the oily liospjin) n stole medlca' Institution. Mi'iisurc Miirli Amciiflcri Supporters of the Vesey bill, during the past few weeks. hrivc been Il'lbustPrcd out, of calllnii up their measure during the nloni- Inf hcur by ivets, led by Reps William word . of : Leo county, Roy Blair of Logan county 1 co ciu of Phillips ronnly nnd j O. E. Heck ol Orllk'mlcn" county. The move to strike the eiiak- mnnt clause from the hospital bill, passed In (lie 'senate where ft was Introduced by Senator J, L-. (Ucrk). Shnver, «-«s ijroi)ose<' by, Puluskl county representatives afti-r five amendments offered by l-Elslalors from other sections ol the stute had been adopted, Including one which limited Ihr city of Little Hock tc 50 charity beds In the liiRlltullon Instead of Ihc 100 provided by the orlB- inal bill. , , , Will Mcc! Again iHoiitlny /By nn oral.; vole the house adjourned , at. noon 'lllltll 9:3(j i Bravely Injured. Eight shells Uind- | ed In populous neighborhoods, by Hep. | kllltiM! two women and gravely •'"- the | Injuring 11 persons. dny the efforts of some Icglslalcrs to extend the until BioD Tuesday give members «:i pppo witness the opening of-'the horse raclni; season March 1 nt Hot Springs. s Wailing With Shotgun When Thief Emerges With Loot Elmer Tenancy Bill Hearings Will Start March 15 WASHINGTON, Feb. 27 (UP)— Senator James Pope tDem,. Ida.) chal ™nn of the senate asrleiil- tural sub-committee on fnrm tcn- n " cy ' n "" 0 "" CMl today that heur- ! i"8s on the Jones-Bankhead administration tenancy bill probably Flood Fight Comoletecl as v '' stnrtab ° 1 ' 1 M " rch IS - Two others were killed near thc Telephone building. The laltcr structure was lilt three times on the eleventh, twelfth and fourteenth floors, which had bi'cn evacuated weeks Neaily 500 Are Expected to Arrive in County Today fiom Memphis •• Approxlmafi-lv 180 refugees %ic n',' C ,, '° " rilv ' c " l acic(!0ln Bn 'l Blvlhcvlllc today from Ihe Memphis refugee camp, to be follow- sd by (i'iO tomoiiow and 850 Mon- IJUENOS AIRES, Tel) 27 (UP>~ Two-ycai-old Engenlo I'cicyif, Iriiola. heir to n great cattle foi- lune, ippoited kidnaped Wednesday, was found deed today In a. corn field' neni his father's famous ranch, Ln Eoiprcw The boy'h body v,as nude and there was a wound on one ]er similar to the bite of an animal' provincial police reunited Jose ciniicedo, former foieman of thc laiich, who left a .shoil lime liefoie the child dlsappe.ued was detained by , 1ri llcc foi questioning He had gone to nearby Mad del I'fattt, where he had shaved off his heard, police sald : Dlscovcry of the body ended he biggest search. In tho coim- li y s history at, thousands of ranchers, society folk, police and conboys hunted the pampas 'for clues In AieentlmVs ' LlndbciBh case " , ) Police who originally announced the boy had been 'UdnapM" refused to comment on repeal's that a ransom note Imd been left or lhat the child's parents had been hi contact «/th tho boy's abductors , , " Comiiarlsons were made I the Iiaola case and that „ kidnaping in" the United about . " » -"-«t('IVV* mder similar , circimistuiices-fuid 'Pope Banks D ,• \vi- i • T "I 0)ic • <; ' titl lle lvo " lfl (lcl;1 )' ) ' p n r - r Ketires. Within Its!'"Ss until Senator John If. Jiank- ,. heart IDem.. Ala.) returns to the Uankhead has been absent :luding one for 4-H Club mem- iers, will be on the basis of money alue per acre. r^^ !'LLT€U YOU BY BOB , BURNS _ Us himian beings talow theri 'roils about ant notbin' dange 1 J f C , ° f * ow »' '« the wind, but It'll scarc a n . orac W, n?\ °" rty " Car brrok Jus neck scltin' awav f and maybe run bugg nnd tear awav «»•»/ Highfill Moves Offices to First National Bldg. II. Highfill has moved his of •ices to the first National Bank i high school here this morning The 'car, owned by Buster Carper, high school coach, and driven ! by Sandlin, overturned into a C ° ntr ° ! -he rmrt <! lailroad streets, last night by the , it ore keeper, who met Cheneivorth hole in| :cfoij jguii .vith a shotgun as he came out of -he store with his nuns filled with 31'ocsrics. Polic.?. who bad been summon-1 mL . clcst or Fplmn ,.. 7 :d. arrived just in time to find ] failing 'ranidlv. u will be "i hin meekly awaiting them | , te „,„,/-„-, n^ the eastern The river's stage cast of here now well over ten feet below storekeeper's menacing "'"- building; , V |, ich hc , WenUy ohasrd. All business of the ,„.,„. )!! c °^ lOH company and Die Val"- ' of which Mr. _ Sandlin has a ssvere cut on hk 'ace and chest injuries, Middlcton 'ias a neck " ' •y's shoulder iiwl- fniiiriT"n""V w- ...... "'"" .- l neck Injury and Jflss Cur- :cld them 'I'm guilty." officrs said chetic- . vorth - wll ° llns a court record, i Iniured. Miss Cur-j A negro, living near the store, ele basket | saw Clicneworth enter the build- the co\m- ng and nolified Dolan. who also St. lllpllf ! 'iVi'rl iimi-lMr T-l»™ -i__-. last [hfill Is the head, will be trans'-J aiul (h< ' lr _. «,..<...w BHIIIV: msi mgnt. .ivce nearby. The storekeener ,^L,^,,^^ < ;!:.,'r es **»]««* ?**<« b« sta J"n7s c S acted at the Mr. Highfjil erly located nif-nt Co. b street. .,location. i '°'>»«d not serious. _ . ^ j^.u.,^ \ri "I.OIIJV^O IlilS nave been pro-, burglarized numerous times. offices were form the Ellis i mD i e . The car was badly damaged. New York Cotton border of this county within day. or two. The engineers already have re- national Red Ciow nctivitjes in (he-.comity'- said today he did not'know how, many of the -18f en route would IK received at Osccola and ijerc but prcsmnc'r- the number wo ild be about evenly divided. : Will Alniulnin Local Camps He said that '(hose whose homes are habitable-, would be returned to Iheir homes' Immediately while the others would likely be cared for nt. Osceah nnd Blytlicviitc camps. Those proceeding to their homes, where flood waters have Esfes Lunsford Asfcs • '' ..(Reelection to Council Estes Lunsfoid today authoit/- cd the Cornier News to make formal announcement of his candidacy foi re-election as aldeiman subsided, will be fed and given grocery orders before dcpartlnz he stated. 'Hie return of refugees will con- almost dally, after today. the thousands who were out of Mississippi county have 'becii sent back' (o their homes. : Unite until sent thc third ward at. the municipal election April moved most of their" eouipmcnt j from the river and all WPA' labor will be dismissctl today. Temporary repairs have been made to thc levee at all points where it, was elamnged by w.ive wash during (tic high water and 'he dike Is In excellent condi- llon to withstand a spring rise.j should one cr-cur. the- Courbrl 700 Leave ntfrnplils MEMPHIS, Feb. 27 (UP)-Sevch hundred refugees were being sen' buck (o Jjlythcvillc, Osccola and Marked Tree, Ark., from the fairgrounds today, leaving a little over a thousand here, mostly people with members of their families in hospitals. ( Refugees from other Tennessee I i n i s t e r s Association C* w,w m « t ±S ce to CC Sl een com™ Names Officers, Plans'" 1 tlllltles from ;vhlch ll >fy came. Activities Mr. Lunsfoid said he had 'no promises to make Bother than to continue to serVe 'Sh^Vvoters ns he believed their best inteiests'.s;- inlrcd, if re-elected, ,'n I , A pioneci icsident of'this! com-' nuinily, Mr. Lunsford S''well- "moivn not only in his own,"ward but throuthout the city. He said * ne believed an examination of his record would show that he hnii always been attentive to city 'afF fairs, had never f'.cd to avoid resiwiislbllity In office and hail i responsibility in office and had his wiml. The Rev. Carroll Cloyd. pastor, of the First. Christian church, ha';i elected president of thc local! 0 . , „ . ! NE \ V Y OHK, Feb. 27 (UP) Stock /'»7ce,s Collo . n closc<l iftinniT r j \ur-V !.•» lit UACCllCul COllOl- — *,«ut v U^MIIVII, p.l^iui UI •"' " UMMllJUJ n in ifiT'V"" thC "' wilU lion to withstand a s prin» rise lllc Wlrsl - 1're.Ayterlazi church. moved to Mcr ir/o Tnke' Z'l ( ? th , CbUild 'i Sh0llUt onc cralr - "><• Co > ^1 The Rev. Enpha D. lieasley ' >'«'"day at land 1 h matlcl ? in 1|1S ow »lNiws was told today by C C I pastor of the ifaairenc churcli Mother-in-law, iintrmlni' ^JS Um «- W1 >c» tM Eaves, surveyor, who has been was made vice-president, and the'! Memphis. He ! w-mnl hm " W:1S , in ctar ^ " cre ••"«« "'<= dc- Rev. M. N. Johnston, pastor of December I. ! r-liMwu-nr , «•„-,.„! ,. , |l' af lurc of Lt. J. V. Hagan some "ic Lake Street Methodist church., Mr - DinkeLsr I «_/lH. IH_\\UI (II UltlVCG PrClinilllarV < L\Vfl U-nnl-c nnn ri,,^.,,„.. _... H-A ~ nlnnlni-l ^n_..^l n i . IFW( Inn lilir.J.vri. t o pieces s u wllal H Is Hnlf in« Afraid of arelist'": ^ find hannlftss as that piece of l»por afler we get to understand My Granma Ledbetter hat! never had a sick day in her life but finally one day. she got a bad cod and a city doctor come <>»t from Van Buren and »ave itr some quinine in capsules; Af- lc '' she had kern lakin' thes- four dnj'.s, shn got bet- sat up In bed and start- hcr pipe. | went over to the; it NEW YORK, Feb. 27 (UP> -_;^ r ie Dealings lightened on the stock" ,,,,^' 1 " exchange today with prices „regularly higher. A T and T 117 1-2 American Waterworks .. 25 5-g Anaconda Copper ...... 63 3-4 July Oct Dec Jan open high low C | os= 1298 1303 1297 | 303 " 1S73 1277 1271 127-! 134!) 1255 1248 12.5'J j waived preliminary j two weeks aco Permanent rr hearing in municipal court this'pairs to the- "cvce wffl be left criminal 1193 11D5 1193 Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Coca Cola General Electric General Motors International Harvester McKesson-nobblns Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Corp ' Bnd Marte<i to 11?1 ' 1 P'Pe • «nd • Grandma a !! d sas ' 5 "^ Ulat ^ 7'ir, ni, nn b 5 t '- PPH't J-ou.taw* (Conv\ii? le ,l, wit4 ' c wWd?«'" <CopHlftlil, 1037. Esquire PeatniM, Tnc -> ' Simmons Bed ..... 51 . Standard of N j ..''" 12 ' fitiidebalcer Texas CO ... ITS Smelting U S Steel ... Warner Bros Zonlte .... 18 3-8 ..52 jCKt . 93 I De-c 111 1-t Jan. 15 1-41 Spc 7 3-4 (en. n« nol !!^ ^Revenue Office Will nrn 11M '"• : ••" j Remain_0pcn at Nighf j The office of the state revenue , department will be open tonight, j until 9 o'clock, and all day ^foIl- day and until 10 P. M., Monday NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 27 (irpi— "fch!- tm bellied piirchascrs of Cotton futures touched the sea- stalc al ' tomol)i '<! licenses, it has son's high on several months and! bcr " nn '>°''')« 1 d by K. B Stout pushed toward the top li, O! llel)ul} ' "'cvenuc commissioner fn :m nr.livn clinv* —_, . _ Chicago Wheat open high low close May 131 S-8 132 3-8 131 1-4 131 5-8 Jul 113 3-4 114 1-8 113 1-2 113 3-4 Chicago Corn S3 125 3-81 -, 141 \NCW 61 1-4 cr, 1.4 103 13 3-4 64 45 3-8 11 1-2 In an active short fcl . n cl . thc month's end. All rmmihs held most of their gains to close March Mas- July up open high low C los» 1281 1280 1281 12 8l" 1265 1273 1264 i™ 1245 1250 1244 P-T, 1195 1195 1190 i" m i!«I ifS 0 U " »M liuo 1199 1193 lion closed sleadv ni mr> .... M ,, y ! Jill Rites at iMemphis Today . for Dave Dinkelspiel -"-MI L JX.VH.M |Ji C.-SIIICLIL Ui LI 1U |U(."Jll • Ministers Association, succeeding! Dave, Dlnkclspft'l, who lived here the Rev. Stuart Salmon, pastor of [for a number of years before he thc Wlrsl Presbyterian church. J moved to Memphis, died at noon The Rev. Eupha D. licasley,! >'°slcrday at the home of his of thc iVaziirenc ehnrrh .' ^mother-in-law, M. B. Joseph, Hc rtad been 111 since I. .-- jv.wi tmHuii.i — —..eLsplel was In lhe col- Y.15 elecled secretary and -trcas-i !cc[ion business in Memphis for """"" years and then moved to I a five years '- 1 '--' - • •• «" -=« l -Sf'. JT -s^rss sss --" Jane Withers Hurt in Motor Accident HOLLYWOODO, Feb. 27 (UP)— Jane Withers. 10-year-old screen star, was injured here todaj in an automobile accident. She. suffered a : deep cut over her right eye and bnilses on her' head when she was thrownagaintf the windshield or her niothei 's 'car In which she. was riding. Jane was'rushed lo the Hollywood Receiving hospital,, where surgeon* who, dressed her hurts said. she had not been Injured seriously. Army Reserve Pilots Die in Chicago Crash CHICAGO, Feb. 27 (UP)—Two U. S. army reserve pilots were killed today when their Ion- wing- monoplane spun into the ground "••^.1 «ui pruuaoiy unticnakn ajniid a Union Daily Vacation! ms slorc - ^'""al years "'"""pmne spun into the grown levee • comlilicnfng program next j church School were 'made Eaclii»*° hc - niltl J ''s wife returned to m " r municipal airport. svin ""ef. minister was asked to select R ! Mcm Ph>s mul retired from misi-i. T ''c dead were John p. spake • representative from the Bible I1C£S ' Ke WBS n menibei- of the! Be ™'>'».' ""d Clyde D. Wood, Chi- rcpre.scntative School and these with thc minis- are to constitute a board of directors for thc school. These BiblG "*" ""'* '* ui^tiujci 01 tCIC I —•-• "i Congregation Children of Israel I ca S°"" '- and was known for nisi The T I rv i Fakes Oath as lieutenants. There was no indl- Philippine Commissioner cation what caused lhe crash o.v- ; pines, was sworn into office today;plans for the selection of teachers n a colorful ceremony in the of-j and helpers will be made Ella Joseph Dinkelspiel, three bro-i of Sccrelary of War Harry i Woodrlng. | McHnti, flanked by Philippine President Ma 2011. and mimcrous other and Philippine officials, look the the grouped IlafB of various branches of thc U. S. army. Tholdav Applies Ban >§ to Foreign Securitlcsj thers, Max, Emtl and Isidor, of Memphis, and a sister. Mrs. Fan- l,v Weil, of Germany. Mrs. Dinkelspiel is a sister of M. Joseph oath was admint by the _,, ,.,„ chief clerk of the war department. „„, Inseparable in I.ilc and Uc BERLIN. Feb. 27 (U!>>—Devten; CLEVEX-AND (UP) — Mr -mm "'"'jn exchange) authorities to- Mrs. Eberhardt Wirth were ins'en-! • sl "" > ; P 0 " 11 "*'' s!e(t lanned the quotation of for-1 arable, even In death Onlv i fe-v! Slin ' la . v - Not m««H change «»oiirtn m -« ~n r* \ .... . .- J »<•« i icniperalure, lowest tonight , el s n scciirUies on all German ex- iA^ * rt ./\rt r ;, — ' " li cynunisMC 102 !-2 102 5-8 10! 5-8 102 1-4 .President Ticowvelt. chanees and ruled that for< Igii Ire ben , hours after her husband cr ([ ARKANSAS—Cloudy nnd colder. Severe freeze In ncrth, hard freeze In south portion tonight. Smiday partly cloudy and con- or or In to by, permit ston. 36. The maximum temperature i- 1 yesterday was 40. minlmunt according to betes. Wirth was 82; his'-wife, C8. | clear, according to Sanvte) A double funeral was held.. t Norrls. official weather observer. r.

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