The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1932
Page 5
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1932 PAGE 8EVEK CIASSIRED SECTION - CJassificd Advertising Kates Minimum Charge ......... 50c Ccui-.t 5 Average Words to a Line Mouth i ate per line, per 60c Bi>: times, per line per day . O Thri-e times per line per cay .................... 060 One lime iiei 1 lino ......... i M] Ads run- irregularly take Use one time rate. liU.SlNESS I'LUMUING REDUCED HATES on plumbing work done betorc cold weiither. A. G. Aitken. Call 894W. Mc-kll-lt DAIRIES FKESH-A o.ade Mlllc delivered iilslu nnd morning. O. W. Lewis. . J hcnc 877. 10P-K 11-10 KKSTAURANTS GEO. WRIGHT'S Wall Street Lunch. Greyhound Bus Station. Phone 11C. 31p-k 11-31 TAXI WAi.iJEl)—To overhaul your tlec- inc Mvtepcr. NVorK (juaiurucetj.| litiiuer mucirlc Htrvicu, •,'» Uii-1 ieiij rum. U». Pnbue o80. • I 2i)c-k 11-30 | UPHOLSTKUING and reiinishliig furniture. H. B. O.ikcs, 115 \v. Main St. Ip-k8 IN A HUKRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI. PHONE 279 18P-K 11-18 EXPERT Typewriter and adding machine repairing, u. S. BianK- ensliipii 11C E, Hose. Phone 105W. Ic-k 12-1 COAI, AND WOOD Tranlham Coal & Transfer Co. Dealers in Kentucky and Sunlight Coal Sycamore & u! R. St., Piione 904. 4G-K 1 NEW FORU BATTERIES. Rental uaUerlcs, rccnai'giug mid repair ing. 'I'll Tire 13attcry Sintioii. 18C-K 11-ia WASHING V5c - - GREASING 15s DAY &, NI0HT SERVICE I'HONE 555 24P-K 11-25 FOK UK NT M KENT—One small furnished apartment; two 3-voom ami one 5-room apartmcn; unfurnished. Rent reasonable to satlslactory tenants. Fiank C. Douijlas, Pliones 333 or 454. 1-loklt GARAGE dwelling, COO S. Franklin, ?8, and Store Building, (ill Frank- In, 50. C. Fowler, Phone 450-J. ic-ktt FOR RENT- rooin house, $7. FURNISHED 3 n»RM nnd bath, close ill, $15. Dr. J. A. Sallba. IckB 's Wants News of Blytheville Schools Boys Club Hoars Navy Alan Tell of New Submarines Lieutenant McCcol ot tha U. S. Navy spoke ij Hie Hoys' dub nl last week's meeting. Lieutenant McCaol. who bjlongs to the submaiino corps, talked on the new submarine escape dcvlc; used by submarine crews iluy arc disabled water. He pointed out the hazards ot the old type submarine and told ol numerous disasters owing to lack ol means ol escaping trom the submerged vessel. He reviewed the ck- 5-ROOM Furnished home, reason-1 asters of the S-4 nnd or the S-51. High School Giris Act as Substitute Teachers Hl8h school girls came to the assistance of the schools last l r rl- (iiiy by substituting for a number , of the teachers bo as to penult | them to attend he County 1'. T. A. council. Among llicso «iu> tuu^lit wcro: Misses llcutrlcc Miller, Mll- i!r;d Mosrc, Ann TcmpkliLs, Jean Harrison, Jamie Nldiols, Huth Jen- klns. Louise Bourlaml, Margaret .Gray, l-'rlcda Sccoy, Anna Margaret Dent, Grace K'lider, and Lola Thompson. available. able, to satisfactory tenants. Mrs. Slsk, Phone U72. 2c-k9 WANTED TO BUY ARTISTIC SHO-CARDS ^ Small Signs Sale Banners > HARVEY McCALL 305 E. MAIN 2p-kl2-2 GARAGES EXPERT MECHANICS and Wrecker Service. Open all night. DAY PHONE 107 BUCHANAN "Our coal is black but, we |\VE PAY CASH [or old cook sieves treason white." 2!c-klI211 !in(1 llscd furniture, nor.'l throw """ I them away. Dodson Furniture Co.. According | 0 1,1. McCool there are three iwhit.s la be cciuldcred In cscaping^fiom a submerge:! sub- One must te able to he vessel. Tnis point vhlch hns hcretolorc battled otll- cials has COAL at low cash prices. Phone 40. i Prompt Delivery. BLYTHEVII.LE COAL CO., Walnut & Railroad Sts. 5c-kNov.5 301 E. Main, ['hone 100. KINDLIMG and WOOD for heating and cooking. We deliver. W. M. & NIGHT GARAGE. Phone 505. Smith, Phone 980 or Gateway Store. 3P-K 12-31 21p-k 11-21 FLOYD HARGETTS GARAGE I CHRYSLER SPECIALIST OPPOSITE CITY HALL I 8p-K H-8 FOR SALE—Good dry wood. Phone 712. Cookc and 'cillllam. 12C-K 11-12 J51JAUTY 1'ARLORS WE SPECIALIZE IN HAIR TINTING & DYEING NELL'S BEAUTY SHOP, Phone 02 20C K 11-25 SCALP TREATMENTS • OUR. SPECIALTY McADAM'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 238 28C-K 11-28 HOMECKAKT FREE demonstration on latest sewing art. SINGEKCRAFT rugs. toys und sifts. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 24p-k 11-24 DltESSAlAKING DRESSMAKING— Coats rclfne'd, alterations a specialty.' Thompson, Golf Hotel. R u t_h 20c-kll-20 CLKANEHS. TAIfcORS SUPERIOR DYE WORK ATTENTION — Men's overcoats cleaned and hats blocked. Ladles lu'r trimmed coats our specialty Call Unique Cleaners for prompt Service. Phone 171. 6p-K 11-6 ROOM & HOARD <"r WEEKLY. Also Housekeeping V" rocms. Frog Pond Cafe. IQc-tf ROOM & BOARD—C!os3 in. 10D W. Ash. Mrs. E. Gay. 2p-kl2-2 iO-K 11-4 CORN WANTED—Marilyn Hutch- cry, BlytheviUe. 21c-ktf SITUATIONS WANTED TO THOSE seeking jobs the Courier News Wdnt-Ads offer a result producing service at low cost. Phone 306. SALESMEN WANTED FOR SALE Men wanted to establish and conduct Rawlcigh City business in or near Cities of Lcachvllle, Osceola, Jonesboro and Trumann. Rellabl: hustler can start earning $35 weakly and increase rapidly. Write immediately. Rawleigh Co., Depl. AK- 4-V, Memphis, Tenn. SINGER SEWING cheap. Call 672. MACHINE, 2c-k3 AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING THE AIIKMO LUMBER YARDS 29c-kll29 FILLING STATION, dwelling house, 3 storage tanks, all com- oincd. Good business. Will sell .-heap. Address "HA", Courier. . '' 7C-K 11-7 WANTED WANTED—To rent 5 ' or 6 room house, modern. Address "JK" Courier. 28C-K 11-3 LOST LOST—Large size black Parker fountain pen; a gifl from my deceased father. Liberal reward for ovorcomc by 111" n.->w . device. Second: Ho must bo nble 'o breathe while rising (o tho .sur- ace. This necessity w.ns met by the new Munsoii "lung" which has Just. recently bccu invented. Then one must guard ngnlst the "bsnds," nn "Jury caused by sujdsn release of piessiire en the bftly which lakes : )laee when one rises to the surface too quickly. A cable attachment provided a way of rlslnc slowly. Lt. McCool explained that not only were the new submarines being equipped with the new device but the old ones arc being rcmodolid and the device Installed. "All new recruits, to the submarine corps of the Navy have to undergo a test by which they actually cscapo from a submerged submarine in Long Island Sound. High School French Club' Meets With Miss Moore The French club nnd one guest, Miss Rosa Hardy, met. last Tliura- Moore. Plans wer c riitide for buying ciub pins and a paper. Woodlu Situs, a member ot Miss Armstrong's 13-1) auction, luu> Iwvn appointed one of the Irnltlu ollloers or Sudbury Bchcgl. The following pupils In the 3-11 ide, under-the.direction o( Miss Armstrong, ii«vo nm<!c the highest scores in spelling; Hob3rt Jean Douglas, 11111 MorM,.Duv(d Uponc, Walter Collier, Betty Jane Bsar- cen, Lura Uavls, May Jr. Lovelace, DWs Mulr, Pcg«y .Whltner, JoSn- nle Whltucr. • , \ .. - Tli,e follou'lng 'pupil* lii [ho 3-53 have .written, the neatest paperi: Mny Jr. LoYclrtce, I>)il3 Muir, Lura Havls, Jpliiijilq WJlllO, inland KouiUvllle, Pnulliis'Cniiknter, Helen Drown. Sissy Hug,Parnloy, Kuby Collier, Jane MedUn, D»yld Morris, Bernard Jurji Mcclure, pene FleMi. , 9udf]C . „ ;BPAHTA,-WiB (UPl-Tpaii!'£' Wcgncr, 05, lias built a tiny chapel of. thousands o> plec« of'eolf; ored glass «l In concrete $» chapel teats but tight psrsoni, but was erected ^for »11 faiths" /and has the name'of every leading: denomination on the outside. liUAlU>iiNb by Alir.r* ATTENTION HUNTERS. For Sale Out-toard motors, good, as new, JskelUpcone.Hall. i'Op-k 11-10 '—j =ri~.V-r --—^ — '— FOR SALE .SEASONABLE—Slighl- . ly used portable typewriter. Call 868-W. 12x-ktf return to John C. .(Phones 1050 and 538. PIANO and 2 Feather Beds. Mrs. M. G. Goodwin, Phone 670. Ipk8 BARN Cured Alfalfa, 57 ton. Dr. DONT THROW THEM AWAY We re-line, re-model and repair coats and suits for men and women. Experienced tailor and experienced dressmaker. Hudson Tailor SllOD. 12C-K H-12 HATS CLEANED and re-sliaped, 75c. Hudson Tailor Shop, Phone 63. 12C-K11-12 ELECTRICAL Dust-proof bags, Brushes and rubber-covered cord for your electric sweeper. ilsfJner Electric Service, % Gillen Furniture, Call 680. ' 13c-klll3 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES, fixtures .:nd wiring. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP, Phone 314 Up-kll-K CALL WIGGINS Electric Shop lor repairs and estimates. Phone '!42. 10P-K 11-10 RADIO SERVICE RADIOS REPAIRED. Work guaranteed, estimates free. R. L. DEDMAN. Waipole Electric Shop Phone 314.- 14p-kll-l4 QUICK SERVICE on a!l types ol nidics. Watch lor our advertising car. Parkhurst Co. Phone 57. IBp-kll-lB \V E R T in; JIAKKS 'KM SICK Ollice Over Joe Isaac's Store «Ki:r:\ LEAF CAFE >t KKDIT STAM) Regular Meals R Spe:ialty. All you can cat 23o, with drink. Complete line of Fruits <t Vcr;- ctnblcs. Sec me for wholesale prices on apples. BUCK MKHAKG, Prntiridor .We Deliver 312 E. Main T.'F. Hudson ;Luxora. 3p-klO FOR SALF—Grocery, good location. mixed no competition. y, Jr. Ic-k4 Give Safety Talks The Public Spiking dub, ceiHly sponsored a series of lalks on "A Safe and Sane Hallowe'en. 1 McCall, Gince Mcl-'nrUiKl Jane Gosnell and A. C. lllayloclc spake at ll:c Sudbury school' VA- day morning. Hiucld Sudbury mnile talks in the various home rooms of ll:i! jun- Ipr high school Monday morning. Sudbury School The 1-A f.nd l-u clilldren ot Miss Hublcr's room have on ft "Brush Your Teeth" campion. When the nurse examined the children It was found (lint many of them had dirty teeth. They arc now trying to correct this. * • » The annual Hallowe'en Carnival of the Sudbury school was held Friday night, Oetoter 21!. A large crowd came to spc the nmln show arid to enjoy the side shows which were grouped in the playroom. The main show consisted of two plays, "Bate and" the Droomstick" by grades 1-2; and (he "Haunted Hfcuso," by grades 4-lj. Both carried-the spooky spirit of the supernatural to ndvnntngc. 'The side shows were belter this year than • heretofore. Several .. ..... _ "Wheels" were used, one tolrt about day night at the home of Mildred (one's future marital entanglements, 'One gave the key to one's future Jortunc or misfortune, while yet an"The Spirit .of French' Patriot- other device was arranged for 1113 ism" was the dominant theme of "winner of a contest to get ft candy M6ANTO BETAKING ANOTHER. CURTAIN FOUND THE. KNAVE OUT, ERE HE /V CHANCE TO TX) Hovtevee, i MY MONEY—rr is ar- NO VM.UE LVIM6IDLEJ' THEREFORE., I HAVE 1N9ERTEt> AN AT5 IN KNOWM THAT I HAVE fi QOO Tp AWD THESE ARE ' PROPOSITIONS THAT WERE MAIUETJ TO MY PRIVATE AT) PLACE, WrAtN 1 -SWUNG, TH' 'RED L^NTERH,^W^RNIN<b YOU A&A1N-ST INVESTING, VOUTC r^ONEV WlTW ALL MIXED Ul' WARNING ORDER the p rogrn|n whlch ' , he Selling cheap account'leaving town. Box CK, Courier News. 3c-k6 Mary Mcrse; -Mrs. Mary E. Glenn; Prudential Insurance Company of America; and E. M. Terry, W. H. Stovall and .lohn Webb, as members of the Beard of Improvement of Sewer District Number One, of the city of Ulytheville, Arkansas, are warned to appear in the Chancery Cpurt for the Chlckasawbi District of Mississippi Ccunty, Ar- .ansa.s, within thirty days from this date, and answer the complaint fil- NURSERY STOCK ed against them by Alfred Fair- ficeis: 5HRUBS—All prices. We set them out. Hester's Fruit and Produce. :23 East Main. lOp-k 11-10 FARM LANDS "OR SALE—53 acres in cultivation. 3 houses, big barn, in 6 miles if Blytheville. 1 mile of good icliool. S25.00 per acre, terms. Phone 887 or 888. W. T. Barnett. banks, and Harry M. pflager. as members of Missouri Congrcgaticn- al Co!iimi3sion. Dated this November 1, 1032. R. L. GAINES, Cl;rt:. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiffs. 3-10-17-24 Mr. Bargain Hunter .Cow is the golden opix>rtunity to my a -iO or 80 or larger farm. 1m- .irovcti lands can bu bought at .jriccs rangiii" from $15 to 540 xr acre, cash or terms. If you juy a home this fall it will in- :remc in value, pay a good tiivi- lent and help make a living. We .•an locate you, write or phone. G. €1. CAUDILL Box 1SS I'll one 7U7 15C-K 11-15 LIVE STOCK FOR SALF,—Jersey Milcli Cows with young calves. Sec R. M. Beck at Harris' Barn. IOp-kll-19 MILCH COWS for sals or trade. Hester's Fruit & Produce. lOp-klllQ FARMERS having livestock to sell or tf they desire to buy thcy\ .vill find it convenient and ccon- inilcnl to use Courier News Wiiiu- bar . A prlva i e of minla- enth'usiasm and zest that is' char- iture elephants was exhibited; acterlstic of the French 'people, while the beauty parlor disfigured people's faces, others bobbed French Interpretation .of the..,fljrfe colors in their flag!' in conclusion the club sang "La Marseillaise" ;in French. The hostess served a delightful French menu. Helen Riding Heads Athletic Association The Girls' Athletic association last week elected the following of- Rldings, president; TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Office of the Supervising Archil^::, Washington. D. C., October 28, 1932. Pagj McCall, vice-president; Ethel Dails, secretary. ;• The association is sponsored by ifiss Willie Marshal. the project as provided in the Act of March 3, 1031 [Public No. 708). Drawings and specifications, not exceeding t'nrce .sets, may D2 obtained at this cfflce in the discretion of the supervising architect by nny satisfactory general oonlracior, and Sealed bids, in duplicate subject la provided a dcp:sit of $15.00 Is made Ihc conditions contained herein, v.-ill i for cadi sot to assure its prompt be publicly opened in this-cffic3 at return. Checks offered ns deposits 3 p.m.. Novemt3r 29, 1932, for fur- must be made payable to the order nulling all labor and materials and lot the Treasurer of the United performing all wori: fcr tre con- 1 States. Cash deposits will not b= .variety - of - struction cf the U. 5. post office at Blytheville. Ark. The prevailing rate ol wage shall bo paid all laborers and mechanics employed on | "FRECKLES AND HIS accepted. .IAS. A. WETMORE, I Acting Supervising Architect.! 3-5-7 i . .women find so many uses for the v,int-:uls. Sclllriff old furniture, gelling household help, apartment hunting. Just phone 306 (i you want results. COURIER NEWS WANT ADS Hy MatiilY v:vO'D\Ki' 60 HtR \XUtR to i • rV. wea E.O oozo THE I'OSSE DRAWS NEARER! Crane AUTOMOIIVK AUTOMOBILE Glass, new and used auto parts. Jackson Auto ^arls Co. Phone G6. 3c-k 12-3 OPEN AT NIGHT Export Ford Repairs vViftXci' Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'hone 810-777 LOOK 1 . HERE THEY COME-THEY'RE ) '& O ASU hNO EftSV M*E NOT &REMLV FARMED TO Uf^RN TOW THtY ^R6 BEINt] PURSUES. BY PRESSW& THEIR c.ou«es A TRIFLE Yrttf P.R.F. Pi?u£ TO HOtO Trtt»R EASE. does WEU. UttTtL W^V\'f HORSE, TA& «tTTF.R STEPS IN WASH TUBBS SEEING IS BEUKVING! By CLEAN UP SALE i USED CARS FOR LESS i ! '31 Ford Turtor ........... SMUK) I '31 I-'nnl C'nupe ........... 29:1.00 j '30 I'urrt Sport Knndslrr ... 193.00 ! \'M Ford IJi ton Truck ... 12S.OOI | '29 Ford Pick Vy ......... 95.00 i I if it is not listed here come in. | j Sec us. We have plenty to pick j j from. I SKCOND HAND . , .. , . . „, PTTOKTf'TITDI? E' Shouse-Litue Chevrolet Co.i 1 »JIVl>llHJIVt!< Jj own at night lc-k8 [ See-Us'First K. J. Dodson 301-303 'E. £Uli WATERPROOF Covers for trucks I iinrt wagons. Carney /^vning Co., • 113 .S. First St., Phone 643. 17P-K 11-18 SAID HE WASVJT 601W6 To PLAY IN 'THE MILFORD GAME...1 VJOMDSR IF ME V;AS pur OFF TviE TEAM IS IPS TEAfA PRACTICES Towy? AW CCOLD 1 SET 1M To SEE 'EM? WAS SO//iE OF T\]£ PLAYERS OL)f _ THERE HOW "' VEP FPECkLES, IS THERE. MOT DOS THAT'S BETTER.. YOU'RE 6ETT1WS IT POVJIW PAT, MY SOY!' XWHV DID )4E TELL ME HE SWA 60W& Jo 81 TUE MILFDP.D <f' 1 *tit \:, t.&$3&3\

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