Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida on December 12, 1938 · 2
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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida · 2

St. Petersburg, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1938
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TWO ST. PETERSBURG TIMES. MONDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1938 RADIO LEADERS PUN TO POLICE OWN PROGRAMS Drastic New'Cqde to Be Drafted WASHINGTON (JP) The radio industry, anxious to avoid government censorship in any form, has decided to give itself careful policing. The National Association of Broadcasters "squarely meeting the need for revision of the industry's code of practices and standards," to use its own words will create here next week committee possessing broad authority over programs. The first job of the committee will be to rewrite the association's "code of ethics" and make 'full provision" for the method of enforcement. The present code, adopted in 1933, merely pledges each member to "endeavor to prevent the broadcasting of any matter which would commonly be regarded as offensive." . Teeth for Enforcement "The new Committee will attempt to meet the complaints against radio," a spokesman for the industry said. ""The revised code will be comprehensive, with sharp teeth for enforcement. We expect it to be in operation early next year." Creation of the program committee was foremost of a series of recommendations made by a committee on procedures headed by President Neville Miller, of the association. Some of the things up for decision by the program group are: Limits on advertising time and the nature of advertising that may be accepted; whether some mild "ens" words may be used in broadcasts; types of children's programs. Commissioner George Henry Payne of the federal communications commission has criticized the radio industry frequently for some of its children's programs. Some Complaints Justified "Some of the complaints which have been made against radio have been Justified," one NAB of- . ficial said today. "The industry hopes to meet every legislative - complaint made against it." i Two broadcasts Mae West's "Adam and Eve'' skit and the more recent "The War of the Worlds" resulted in numerous complaints to the commission. ; The commission gave considerable attention to each case, but f took no punitive action. The pres-; ent law forbids the commission to exercise any degree of censor- ship. The commission has taken the position, however, that it may re- quire a station, when applying for renewal of license, to show ;that it has been operated in the public interest. . Three States Seek: : Col. Green's Taxes : WAHINGTON. UP New ;York, Texas and Florida Mrh - submitted to the supreme court oaiuraay a long list of reasons why it should displace Massachusetts as the state privileged io coiieci inneriiance taxes on the $36,137,335 estate of Col. Ed-..ward H. R. Green. Green, son of Hetty Green, was born in England and lived in Texas. New York. Massachusetts and Florida. He died in 1938 at Lake Placid, N. Y. Each of the four states claims the right to tax the estate. A spe-cial master appointed by the supreme court has determined that Massachusetts was the le?al domicile when he died on June 8, 1938. Through their attorneys general, the trio of states presented separately to the court iheir objections to the findings by the special master. John S. Flannery, . Washington attorney. New York filed 77 exception, Texas 50 and Florida 53. Shot Detective Chief John J. Wha-len of Buffalo, N. Y., said Millard L. Gasner (above), 39-year-old postal clerk, shot himself in an attempt to solve the marital difficulty of having two wives in Buffalo. The wound was slight but Gasner was arraigned on a charge of illegal use of firearms. Whalen said Gasner's second marriage took place outside New York state and for that reason he could not be prosecuted for bigamy within the state. MORE ABOUT DEFENSE (C.atlaaH from Past I) Paper Dish Makers Hit by Court Order WASHINGTON UP, - The federal trade commission Issued n order. Sunday prohibiting 17 manufacturers of paper, pulp and wooden dishes from "unlawfully fixing prices." t The companies' products are used principally as food containers by grocers, delicatessen stores and meat markets, the commission said. Food Dish Associates of America, an unincorporated trade association whose activities as such nded in May, 1937, and its secretary and treasurer, Allan P. Durgin, also were respondents. OFFERED SEAT ON BENCH ATLANTA. itf) Gov. E. D. Rivers said Sunday he had offered appointment as chief justice of the Georgia supreme court to Charles S. Reid, Atlanta attorney and former chairman of the state Democratic executive committee. coasts or forts of one of the signatory states. "F Support given armed bands which from its territory have invaded the territory of one of the signatory states, and refusal, notwithstanding the demand of the state invaded, to adopt on its own territory means in its power to deprive sarh bands of its protection." The proposal also declares that in 'event of aggression "on the part of a North American state'' the signatories will consult on what measures should be taken. Common Front Urged Hull, In a stirring keynote speech Saturday, joined Cantilo and Dr. Carlos Concha, Peruvian foreign minister, in proclaiming the need of a common front by the Americans against outside military or political invasion. The proposal by Brazil obviously was designed against possible claims such as those by Czecho slovakia's Sudeten Germans which preceded the dismemberment of the European republic. The declaration read: "The American republics, wish inj to avoid any doubt referring to the conception of national, ethnical, linquistic and religious minorities in the sense given them by treaties after the great war of 1914-1918 and other treaties and international declarations whose provisions placed this matter under the guaranty of the League of Nations; "Having in mind that the sys tem of protection for such minorities can not be applied in America, where psychological, social and historical conditions already exist which give their own character to human groups to which such are given; "Having in mind that immigrants admitted to one state can not claim title to a minority because they are mere foreigners in the territory where they live, and when they do not incorporate themselves into a new nationality will Individually enjoy rights generally assured foreigners; "Hereby declare they do not admit the claims and any rights, privileges or special guarantees for any human group different from the general mass of national population and considered as collective entities." Inspired by German Group The Brazilian delegation was understood to have been inspired oy tears caused by the existence in Brazil of a minority movement among the German population of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catharina. In those states, it was pointed out, there are communities where only the German language is spoken. There are approximately 500.000 Germans in Rio Grande do Sul alone. It was learned that Brazilian authorities requisitioned recently a number of propaganda maps of Rio Grande do Sul showing colored areas where the German minority claimed special privileges. In Brazil, the authorities have curtailed drastically all forms of foreign political propaganda and banned the exclusive use of for eign languages in certain schools. Although Sunday was holiday some work of the conference went on with delegations con suiting among themselves and conferring with others. Many delegates drove over the new highway to Huara to pay tribute to the Liberator, San Martin, who proclaimed Peruvian independence from the oaicony of a small house there in 1820. The significance of the drive was that the new road, an excellent highway, will be part of an eventual Pan-American highway de-rigned to link North and South Americas with a 10,000-milt band of cement. Although the steering committee fixed Dec. 27 as the day for the closing meeting of the conference, delegates agreed that the actual work should be completed by Dec. 23, so that most delegations might start for home no later than Dec. 24. Arizona Offers Prayer For Rain SAFFORD, Ariz. (JP) Whites and Indians, their difference in color and race disregarded in the common fear of unprecedented drought conditions, prepared for a season of supplication yesterday in the hope of bringing snow and rain to fill depleted reservoirs. As officials of the Latter Day Saints churches in this area or dered a day ef prayer for Dec. 18, H. A. Ireland, extension agent for the Pima Indian reservation at Sacaton, disclosed "a very critical situation has resulted because of the virtual drying up of San Car los laki behind Coolidge dam. The Indians, are offering dally supplication in the hope their rain gods will fill the great Coolidge reservoir, built by the government in 1930 so they could turn their New Panama Canal Locks Advocated GRAY PROPOSES NEW PROBATION PLAN FOR STATE Suggests Adoption of Federal System TALLAHASSEE (JP) Secretary of State R. A. Gray is sponsoring a proposal to establish in Florida courts a probation system permitting the careful supervision of criminals released on suspended sentences. He has proposed to a special committee of the Florida Probation association, of which he is a member, that the system used in U. S. district courts bt copied in Florida trial courts. "Very often judge feels that a prisoner need not be sent to the penitentiary, but he has no way of keeping check on whether the prisoner will go straight," Gray said. "If he could put the prisoner in custody of a probation officer, it would permit many men to rehabilitate their lives while under the supervision of a court officer. "The prisoner would have to make regular reports and would have to obtain permission before leaving the courts Jurisdiction. "One of the worst difficulties about persons convicted of minor offenses or for the first time Is that they can't get work. The probation .system under the federal courts helps find Jobs for deserving persons who have been convicted and released." Gray estimated one probation officer in each of the state's 18 judicial circuits could handle work of the circuit and criminal courts. He said the association probably would ask the 1939 legislature to consider enactment of necessary laws to put the plan into effect. Both the Rabbit And George Got A Break on This! WAUKEGAN, 111. (JP) George Riesselmann's gun didn't go off when he tried to shoot a rabbit sitting on a packagehe had forgotten to load it. George examined the package and concluded it was just as well he didn't shoot any bullet. His reason: The package contained six sticks of dynamite. JINX GETS EXPLORER NEW YORK. (JP) Naval Reserve Lt. Carl Peterson, who came unscathed through six years of Arctic and Antarctic exploration, including both Byrd expeditions, last night hobbled around on crutches with smashed foot. A 50-pound ice cake fell on lt out of a refrigerator. Belgrade Premier Leads in Election BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (JP)-The government party of Premier Milan Stoyadinovlch maintained a substantial lead in all but the Croat districts in Sunday's parliamentary elections as Yugoslavia apparently approved recent foreign policies. Government circles were confident that the parliamentary list of the premier, whose policy has been to make friends with his neighbors, including Italy and Germany would win with about 6 per ceitf of the total vote, as counting of the ballots of the 4,000,000 electors proceeded. BODY RECOVERED DARIEN, Ga.-W The body of Joe Fleming, who drowned Saturday morning In Champney river, near here, was recovered Sunday by Alfred Fisher, a member of a searching crew. Fleming drowned when a boat in which he was hunting struck a highway bridge piling and capsized. WASHINGTON (JP) Col. Panama canal, reported Sunday that it was "of the utmost importance" to determine without delay whether it was feasible to construct a third set of locks for the vital waterway, far from the present lock systems. He asked increased funds next year to expedite studies which he said had demonstrated already that the project was closely re lated to he defense of the canal. The studies were undertaken at the request of congress, which has received a preliminary estimate that the projected locks would cost upwards of $250,000,000. Heart Attack Kills Newspaper Executive NEW YORK (yp) Jacob Omansky, 44, business manager of the New York Post, died of a heart attack Sunday while horseback riding in Central park. Omansky, with a companion, was riding on the east bridle path near Eighty-seventh street. He suddenly slumped over his mount. He was lifted off the horse to the side of the bridle path and was dead when ambulance surgeon arrived a few minutes later, WOMAN ENDS LIFE JACKSONVILLE. UPi Thm body of Mrs. Fave Burned 2 was found Sunday in her gas- nnea Dearoom here. Detective Sgt. H. V. Branch said a not addressed to the woman' fiv. year-old daughter read: "I have Deen a failure in life, please for give me. r Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds K oil our BidtM flu. .N. Cirr. Inf Charge, P.rmrnt. Wr Wrklv BELL JEWELRY and Ll'GGAGE CO. 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NORTH TA8TT BFRISfG UU - LAMB STEW ............ E5 WITH GARDEN VEGETABLES. CREAMED ALL DAY OYSTER SOUP ...... W ITH CRISPY iOYSTERETTES. 5 FRESH, WESTERN mUnl - a PORK CHOP EQc 9c WITH HOME FRIED POTATOES. BREAKFAST SPECIAL 2 Strips Bacon, 1 Fresh Florida Egg, Hominy Grita and Gravy. . Nurse Viciously Attacked by Thug WASHINGTON. () A 72-year-old nurse was beaten and kicked by aA unknown assailant Sunday, so badly that she may never walk again. The nurse, Mrs. Annie Ford, was walking near the Netherlands legation when a youth struck her from behind without warning. Mrs. Ford described him as negro tn his twenties, Police were baffled In seeking a reason for th. attack. EDUCATOR RESIGNS LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - (IP) University of Arkansas trustees accepted yesterday the resignation of Dr. Frank Vinsonhaler, 74, as dean of the university medical school here. Florida Invitation 'n Reported Accepted " By Mrs. Roosevelt - - - i t WASHINGTON. JP)-A White House caller' said Sunday Mrs. Franklin - D. Roosevelt accepted an Invitation to attend the formal opening next June of an industrial nursery being constructed by a cigar factory at Jacksonville.' ','. I V Mrs. Eula Smith, the factory personnel director, said the first lady told her she probably would make "progress visits" during the construction. Mrs. Smith made this statement to newsmen following a half-hour conference with Mrs. Roosevelt. She said it would be the first nursery of its kind in the United States. JURY DELIBERATES FATE OF TWO IN MURDER CASE MARIANNA (P) A jury in circuit court Sunday deliberated the fate of Ralph and Woodrow Wester, accused of slaying w. W. Wester, former state legislator and large turpentine operator of Inwood. After viewing the scene where Wester was shot June 21 at his home about 10 miles from Marl- anna, the jury deliberated until midnight Saturday, then waa locked up for the week-end. Cir cuit Judge E. C. Welch ordered a report this morning. There was no hint today whether the Jury had reached a verdict. The members had before them testimony of the state in an at tempt to show that Ralph, a cousin of the victim, and Wood- row, a nephew, went to their relative's home and shot him through an open window. The state charged the shooting resulted from long-standing diffi culties between Woodrow and W. W. Wester and other more recent family trouble. Gaston Means Still In Critical Shape SPRINGFIELD, Mo. W) Gaston B. Means was slightly better last night but still critically ill, Dr. M. R. King, warden of the federal prison here, reported. Mean's condition became critical after an operation for the re moval of his gall bladder. He is serving a 16-year federal sen tence for swindling Mrs. Evalyn Walsh McLean of $100,000 in a I hoax connected with the Lindbergh kidnaping, . MrMmi a? 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