The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE' set Only Woman framci's Hotse One of Favoiilcs Foi Flamingo Stakes By HAKKV CffUSON' Sp«rU fc'ditor, NF\ Servlcp HlAf^AH PARK Pn— V John Hay'Whiirifty and Mrs. }*•> Dad^e sldnne won tlie Mamlngo Slakes : when H'was the Florldn A great many, other womMi - !!•!!£ had Uiefr tolor' ip in tin fixture, but this winter's edition ol Hie $20000 adde-1 l°sl for l(ii-t year-olds at- "oiie-inile' and a furlong, scheduled P b 27 is the first In which' n candidate, and' a well-fniicisd 'candidate ul (!m(. will go to llia'uosl al Hiibah -park oiuier and trained by i number of the fair se> The horse is No hii nnd thr \oung lady Mary Hirs h Iho (IrM vsomon ever to b° license i lo 'addle i borse bj Ihe Jo-kcv C'ul ol New York; Ihe Ftarnhwo Slikes in wlnn the llilinmn Handicap from i ic^d field on r<;b o Favorite foi the riannrtqo Ihe bi> t'Cldln^ lost Oiily Gun Ctfiild Ur Faster than Kcllor-Uornsby I!y. NKA Service irOT SPniHOS, Art. — iJogcn Ifbrnsby, mnnAKer of the! St: Loiiif Browns, cue "of Die lill- tcrs of nil lime, and proicKsor 1 at n baseball sc'jool Jierc. rc- fured to Hob Ii-llei as - onq of the fastest pltclirft he • imd- 'seen In years. .., well ' sild n listener, "r ,;irar Cleveland's got another kid com[ nloii^'vvhos even faster'."-' Yeah? retorted Hornsby.'"Wel! if lie Is, he's using a cannon)" .tchei, lackof-All Posi- lions Rett'ins Unsigned Contiact To Osceola to J \y Piriishs D^-llor In 11 inlU 1 ntul an' 'eighth tune-up ieb 20 Lut Is re'irded 'is one of Ihe best of 1U age In training at Joseph Hire Wiii"ners No Si! 1'ompoflns Streik No Sir wound up the list sum lion, for al Saratoga In August ln> the u inning btrcak of J iintj nnd wound up the i the lending juvenile mon- ej n inner No sir placed behind Col Edward Rilcj Bradlej s lirook lyn In the Waldon Ifnndlr-ip at PUnllco Mls» Hlr^ch Is the , -terbi victor, Bold Vtn lure She boldi tlie tontract on >", " rides No Sir, however T»enl>-fonr slightly undei middle height, and attractive dahitj Miss Hlrsch ^oiild be the last per son that you would pick out as a trainer neie jou to s»e her at the races any afternoon Though brought u)i with Ihorouflibie-l theie Is nottilnif about her niHn ner or dres,s, thai imaUs of lh» turfi '*, ; She (Is yis(lnctly feminine >et sho docs everything for a. hone except shoe and viddle one She insists on doing her 0*11 Ualnlna and refuses to ask or take ndUce > x c\en from her fnUicr Campil g n- mg a sninli stable ol her own in TO6 she bagfted 11 races and $1857= in p r lz; inonej to Win Kentucky Dttby Cfradualed from in c\clusi\o eastern school a half dmm SC ars ago Miss Hlrscli became her fath erb isslstant keeping the account ana records of the stake engagements or his bio- public stable she began to time horses In the mornings finally purchased n yearling B ™ trained him Uic following yeir At that time no woman evei Md been granted a trainers II«ns« bj any e o\ernin R bod> on the American turf MLss Hlrsch applied (o the He* York Jocke} Club and was refused A wnion or Iwo later she w-is granted n Ikens* bj the minous Racing Commission and t« 0 year ago when Ihe New York btale Racing --•.^"- lhs .Empire State she gained her heart's desire Me\ Hlrseh trolned Sortie sire n,,K NO x Slr ' f0r llle Kcntiictj-i Derby No Sir 1$ out of Fib stalled the uInter book favorite in the Kentucky Derbj Ihcre will be Pompoon Case Ace and .i/L v° f olher cmfe lo contend j l ,, b . llt No slr u " wndldate. and it Is possible that lie may add another bright chapter to the bin number m the Blue Grass by m»k- "3 Mar> Hlrsch the first wonton trainer to capture It That is lie r ambition R> r her lo realize It fhls spring, a (i No Su - nas lo do ts say Yes Sir German Refugee Wins Fraternity Sanctuary IOWA CITY. la (OP)—Gerhard SI^, hl 2 l: Jewkh rtru 8«e from Ocnnany, has found sanctuary al Ihe Phi Epsilon PI social 'fraternity at the University of Iowa. Kalisch, son ot a former Berlin atlorney, attended the university at Brcslau before he was forced to flee Germany in 1633 He went to Parts fthere he studied at the University ot Paris until financial pre-ssiire rorced litm to work a a laborer. The active and alumni chap- It rs or the national Je-ntsh fraternity will contribute to Kaliscli's tuppprt uhlle Ke finishes his col- egex education at' Iowa. He ,wlti live In tho chapter house. > Ty-o other refugees have been cared '(or by the PM EpsUon PI chapters, at Pittsburgh and Mln- . Jiesola untVcrslttcs, ' idlons' clnjm some .srj iseball record for 1937. ' Oiriclnl'v of till! Norlheasl Ar- nM's T'^^xie elub revtalMi to- Ilifre is n lioldoiit. wllli- ninl's—Ixilkvi'd to h" caj D holdout in tlie of red "Kid" Ke'hi'. tlie p.irkl'i n, voun^ei brother o( the Illii'-lrloiis Him Krl'cv. .slni 1 Imr- ler of llic 1'hliade phla Athletic-! Ami firmer fconilu'ni I.fneiic Ilim- 'imry. returned his contract nil Ills "John liniifcckV' )ln neni Filon^ with tlie unsigned tlo> tntiit a lony epistle setting fo.... \ slionij nrgimii'iit «liy he-should KI ( I '" JMTTIRVILLE^ARK.). COURIER. NJSWS Chirks Meet Wilson,.In I heir I'irst Game; Finals Are Saturday Nigh I The county hiuh school bnskct- >all tournament, opened al Oscc- >ln tils afternoon with tli e county Uik'lioldcrs lo be crowned Sntlir- •|n.v night. , Tennis HuMiIng fli'sl, .second und third In Ihe boys and ylrls dlvLs- 'oiix will tie entitled to'participate 'n ihe ilLslrlcl'tbiinmmeht to lie" 'icld the following week-end. Oscrola, winner of Hie boys' tl- (l.c; last year, and Kels'cr; 'l93fi K fr\ 'Imiiililoas, are again, iiinong the nu'crlU'.s ID the .tourney, 'nic QSJ etoinijs, .however^ linve been tforu- -.•<! 16 shi'tre pro-Couruey'., honors wllli Hip; niytlicvllle Chicks and entirely out of thr I'rmn; for » ''iilnc.0" nosltlon iti the tuurncy. Bonus Wagner" Scores Put-out lii • Arillim,clie . Wagner, famed iui'j _ Hoiitis "Flylnj Dulcli- cs .he, Maiillu Linns. Luxom is wcled ii nne ciuince to wrest Jirls', title from Kctstr. tenjn. tlio T. .. 6 nvi, it\mi.-u riymg IJutCil- man" of baseball history and high commissioner of semi-professional baseball, emerged lodfly ,-, s a mathematician. ' OIllclnLs or the National S:ml- Pro Iteball Congress were inc'_>:l wliii n knotty problem in arithmetic.. U Is estimated that 5(105 tennis will participate In 48 stale- toiirnnmenU in 191)7. with the winners eligible to comp&tc in the nn- tlcnal championship at Wlclilta Kan'., in; August. . ' . .••• > ' The' problem was how 'many gnmsx one team must,' v,1n under Hi" plan U) eliminate the other Tfii ssmi-profenslon'al inp^iils cal- c'lmicd niul uiinouiiceci aiuwew varyinj- from" 50 to 100 Victories rheu Wagner smllinijly annoiinceil (Hat the national clumplon will eliminate Us 4,993 competitors by MLEGHLS the defendiiiK The Wilson imd Dell BlrLs were ' <! meet. In the flat game this hit- L , .I 1 ' 1 " ™!' - -— L'rnoon,-i followed by the Kclser- " 3 "'"'• ll llll<1 taken him JlXdra L'lrbi unini- Iho Kl.nn,,,^. SeVf-1'ill [HOIlf winning 113 ns two. gnimr, [he Siiawne'e toys: game,. the lllythevillc Wilson boys Ramc, tlfc Slmwnee ' Vliuilla Bills' name ami the Kei er-Mnitfln boys game. Tonight the winner of the Wll- 3n-DCll njrl-i t'rtmo rnnnto IV.rt > •uul losing consolej t!ic ••'others by - hnd taken him -----iths to solve tne probj.lein: . i .Hen's the way Wngrttr' figured:' ' in miiny suites, district ellmlnn- K anie meets the j eason lust >car, Lnlllnir close •o S(0, and won more games lian he lost on the moimil. .:'. nrldin;; aurn°c at flist bnse was i«Uleiablv the brsl in the Icon. He nlso sr-ncd as ullllly jnflelcUjr line-up, Taylor of 'cr «ns Hi limit pissed Inst week by the boird ot directors. He said the kill was then n 40 per :ciit nilse iiml, should be .satis- led '!fe can either, take it or leave. It Fred nddul With our Icii- '.allve agreement wlLli tlie .St. ouls Browns \\e will have plenty >f tiiii plaveit. and, we're... pot •vorrled The contract sent"'kclr \ey (s .our .1 best and final oiler. I know 'Alfied had a, nood' year incl we took dial Into '.consider^ .Ion when we mailed him. ills'con- tract , The ne'\t move'Is'his'.". Contracts were mailed out Feb. 17 to (lie eight members on 'the Deserve list from last year. They ire, Ptuil Rnch»i iteiMte, cnt- ;hcr Jolmnj sain Belleville, mid Wullei Laid, BljlhevJIic. Alfied Kellfj, Vamlale, plkhers; '-dene WJlllnDW.'. . Oreejib'rlnr, Inllelde'r; Tom Mnbrj, Couwn>, Grady. Mills', jreenbrlnr .and James'! Billiard. Cincinnati, oullltlders. All ..were , en iiibstanllal Increases' in salaries. Kellcy dldnl wait long before lending his bick Postmarks show- that he itropued it toe* into the •nail the snniL dn> lie -received it No others have returned sign- ; . .contracts but there'.'is' considerable time Ix-'fofe ihc deadline. The phjins beason oiiens May 0. Cupid nics win, Stewardesses SAN FRANCfSCO (UP)—If an attractive, well-educated girl Is ooWiig for a husband, she's likely to find him if an air line stewardess. United Air Lines officials marked up the 128th conquest of iiipld—(hat representing the mim- >er of sky hostesses on the New York-cnllfornia route wtio have married, since the stewardesses were' employed seven Strange But True •on-Oell girls /inner ol the game In'tlic opening (same of "the night's prouram, beginning ut, 1 7 o'clock. 1'n the second niijht game the O.?ceo!a mid ' Le'nchvllle 'boys olnsli. Tiiey arc -followed by the game against the Luxora boys nnd nnd the finnl game-of the cve- nliit- will be between' tho winner of the Dlythcvlllc-Wllson bos'S game nnd Die Kelscr-Miinlln boys [jame. •lourwimenf piny H-III continue through lonmrrow moinlng, ufter- noou ajul niglit with a double elimination system whereby racli team must, loss two names' before lion meets will precede tlr state These wii'i normally teams. Under Dccring Meets Carulhe^s- villc and Slcele Tackles Cooler in Finals HOLLAND, Mo. (Special to the Courier News) — Victors in the snnl-fiiuil names here last night- before a large-crowd, Cooler and SHccte will meet In the finals of the nil-Is division of the Pemtscot county basketball tournament to- nllilil and IMrlnb' and Caiiith- creville...wlll. .'clash In the boys' division finals. The first uamc,' the Klrls' linnl, will begin at 7:30 o'clock. . '. 'i'hc Cooler girls. ouLstandini; '.sinprise package" of-.tlie tourney-so fin; because-of their mediocre p're- loiirriey -slibwlng,'' trounced ''tiie Mayti girls. 24 to 19, to enter'the .., . ..... nuaLs.,/rhe • Steele girls- moved Into >Uie> finals'-with Rn--ovcrwhelm^ Ing 29 to 13 v'lctoi-y lassies, over the •- .- - i team- hi- Hie- li'dys-'-'tliVlslofi" .Mid a ' •victory" Tor Cariitlicfsvlllc-'' woiil'd be in tho nature of ail iijxset . llollV boy's'"gnm'ps of llic seiiii-' . lured tolh tou .year Warden learns cap, ' lilies 'In but the , the- county tennis were '.{#; .0*™0y;.am(aiilioiC 'su DeerliiB, Camp and Baker for- rinals were one-sided. Decrliuj dis- - .,„»,,, um me teams were posed of nragsadoeio, only school ellmlniUed ca'rly In the iburnf v! o have teams in both divisions ol [this year. lomncy the semi-finals, 34 to 13 while! .'The teams 'will> lino '.m' lio'lhnH^"? ^"y"' 0 ™^' 1 over fas follows' in the championship Holland, 25 to 9. I Wines tonight- <ic™lop Se inro ln tL 8ri iiB C ht ".SntofJ - <C '"- S) S ^ C ™™» "'«i M=<lint mlji,t hive been expected. Cooler-llayti girls tilt was the closest affair of the evening and .Cooler led ail the wav. Tlie SteeJe girts nrc heavy favorites to trim Cooler In Did finals one game diminution, three vir.-i lories with nn ilefeats will be : 'if- (|iiirc<l to. finish first. .,}'•'; A 32-lcam ' bracket, will "«"oveni 'he national playoff and the national championship club must win seven games and lose no mor« than oni;.. ! "Add 'em ii)). 11 the forniDr star .shortstop concluded: "Sixteen vlc- tones and two defeats makes anj lenm one in 5,000." NOW going fofjth&i grat Glejnitiqre Bqiirlxm tlie inviting low price ! ^ CUnno.t Di.tiljtricj Co., Incorporated loulinllt-Oweoiboro. Kcntuck). Time To Paint Up Spring |j In the air . . . lime to Ihink of cleaning- up yards and preserving your buildings with Proper paiiiUnc. Ut us give an nlimale . . . '«' EAST ARKANSAS SUPPLY C in the time lo trade in your old Truck before, you. buy a 1937 license How Do You Like fhe New INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS? ; The new streamlined international^ : '••• with all their beauty of line, give ypu : : Internatiqnal;ALL{TRUCK QUALITY- and that's what counts in the long run. They give you rugged strength' .. . easy response to all, driving demands '•''-' ' " ' '' 'If '''• •' ' ' * " ... absolute depenHability .'.'. and low- ''' est operating and upkeep costs. : Sia'es from '/2-ton up. Come in and see ? ^these new Interna- ; tionals-or phone us for a demonstration. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. Distributors for the Full Line nf Farminrr Equipment 312 So. Second Hlythcvilic, Ark. Pay All City Taxes Now and Avoid Penalties Auto, Street Tax, l) 0f / Tax, Privilege Taxes All City Taxes become delinquent' March 1 Unless your city taxes are paid on or before March 1,1937, the full penalty will be imposed. Avoid this extra payment by paying your la.ves today. RUTH BLYTHE, City Clerk .nn.nlcL forwards; Yeagc,-.. ,UKM ' -VViiglu, centers; Curry nnd cope-1 land guards. Cooler, Laster arid Mlchlc, forwards; nyrn and dice centers; Uarnett and Nichols,' 'nrtxhersvflle, Balrd aiici forwards; Murpliy, ccn- W A IN TED Government Loan Cotton Phone Ifi7 ; APPLBBAUM rJHOS, ' i x ,-COTTON CO. ' I ;;-,- gijthtfUU, Art. * E; In Defiance of the Rising Market ONLY 12-HOUR £ "Throw-Out" SALE i , j • "; ' Throwring Out All ' Out Odds and Ends:of' HART SCHAFFNER & MARX AND Beginningat9a.m. EndingatlOp. m. $ -Man what a one-day "Throw-Out" Sale! We predict • a sell-out before the twelve hours are up! .Imagine ; - gettms Hart Schaffner & Marx suits and topcoats at with pnces shooting upwards for Spring and next Fall irue, they re odds and ends .we' refuse tri -. carry over because our policy i s "Nothing bat the newest each season." Kut i, you Imd the color and pattern in your size you'll make Uie Buy of the Ye ar . J ust twelve .hour, tomorrow .} . aW this opportunity is gone, Hurry! : • , ,e i; "Throw-Out" SALE of PREP SUITS . tme worth much • sacnnce price. There will be, a good many happy yoimg-men-about-town Ihls sprin K because of this great event and there will; be unhappy young men, loo, if you rfon'i gel here early, (o- morrow. Not all sizes in all models, bu( "Treasure Island" finds ... cnch and everv one! than As usual the best buy is always at MEAD CLOTHING Co. 31B WEST MAIN STREET Headquarters for Bart Schaffner & Marx Clothes

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