The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on April 21, 1935 · 19
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 19

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 21, 1935
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THE SUNDAY TIMES, NEW BRUNSWICK. N. J., SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 1935. TAGE MS'ETEEX ALONG THE LOCAL Pq RIALT0 fe Reviews, Comment On Films By Will Baltin qLEMIN REYNOLDS, noted Hiagazine and newspaper writer, in an article appearing in a current veekly magazine, attributes much cf the success gained by Bing Crosby during the past five years to luck. ... At least, he says Crosby admits Hick played the most impor tant part in his rise to radio and ecreen fame. . . . We wonder? It seems to us that Crosby's phe nomenal success was a combination cf personality plus a mellow voice, ... No crooner with the possible exception of Rudy Vallee lias scaled the heights of popularity as Crosby J J I.. ' m jjas aone aunng me last three or lour years and crooners have come nd gone. His latest picture, "Mis sissippi," certainly keeps pace with Bis former successes. Tills engrossing film opens a five-day engagement at the RKO State tomorrow and there Is little doubt that Bing's many followers will be as delighted with their favorite crooner In this picture as they have been In the past The current hit song "Soon," Is ungy Crosby, as is the old favorite, "Swanee River." Todays stage show at the Liv ingston avenue showplace has con uderable local interest. . . . Olive end George Brasno, the South Rive midgets, who scored such a hit on the screen in "The Mighty Bar rum," are making a personal ap pearance. ... In addition, there ar the "Main Streeters," Joe Weston find Roslyn Files and Osaki and Taki, gymnast artists. wKe tnruisr it so, you II enjoy "The Lost City," a fantastic story- wore fantastic than "Frankenstein which opens this afternoon at the RKO Rivoli. sfcvtKAL lftAiis ago a spine- chilling film, "The Lost World," was produced .... It was the first f the so-called horror pictures and paved the way for others to come. . . . "Frankenstein" followed, and then came "King Kong." . . . "The Lost City," which plays here today, is said to outdo them all for chills. . . . And that's saying plenty. , . . Also on the Rivoli program is "Love In Bloom,." with the witty nit-wits Burns and Allen. "Broadway Bill" created considerable attention when it was released about three months ago. This Mark Heilinger story Is still considered the best motion picture story on horse rao Ing to be filmed. But it now ap- ! J;'iQd:ad;l 1 2 FEATURES DAILY U HIGHLAND PARK SUNDAY, MONDAY and Continuous Easter "THE GILDED LILY MYRNA 1.0 V, CARY GRANT in WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, APRIL 24 and 25 "A WOMAN IN RED"" ANN SOTHF.R.V, NEIL HAMILTON in i'. ! I FRIDAY and SATURDAY, AFRIL 28 and 27 "AFTER OFFICE HOURS" W ith CLARK GABLE, CONSTANCE BENNETT "THE CRIMSON TRAIL" Saturday Matinee Only, Another Episode "Mystery Mountain" (ST TODAY ami TOMORIIOW iijb mm y i Also An Our Gang: Comedy "Washee Ironee'' CARTOOI" and NEWS RIARGARET SULLAVAN Ietliuuni In "THE GOOD FAIRY" : Watching 'Em Randy Scott Will Save Helen Mack From Fake Slaughter BY HUBBARD KEAVT HOLLYWOOD, April 20. Helen Mack is being led to slaughter. At least that's what the black priests and the fire worshippers and the pear that a rival picture may yet steal the honors. . . . We refer to "Princes O'Hara." the Damon Run yon story which la now at the Opera House. Jean Parker and Chester Morris find themselves In a tough position with a house full of children to feed and a horse to take care of in this action-filled cinema. What can a man do when he hap pens to strongly resemble a notor ious criminal at large? Edward G. Robinson has that problem to face in "The Whole Town'a Talking," a comedy-drama which plays today only at the Strand Theater. It's Robinson's best in months. Ken Maynard does some fancy shooting and hard riding In "Old Santa Fe," which plays today only at the Capitol Theater, South River. "You Belong to Me," with Lee Tracy is the second film. ' CLAUDETTE COLBERT is by far the prevailing favorite actress on the American screen. Her work in "It Happened One Night" won for her the Academy of Motion Picture Arts award for the best performance of 1934. In "Imitation of Life' she acted marvelously, and now in "The Gilded Lily" she is again brilliant. The film, together with "Wings In the Dark," is now at the Park Theater, Highland Park. Lovers of Hungarian picture will find particular satisfaction in "Iglol Diakok," or "Students of Iglo," which opens a full week's run at the Europa Theater, on the corner of Somerset and Scott streets. Take Louis Vaserhelyl's word for it, the film Is the outstanding Hungarian musical comedy hit of the season. LOCAL RIALTO NOTES "On the Banks of the Old Rarl-tan," a hilarious film dealing with New Brunswick and starring Andy Anderson, Peg Johnson, Charles V. Carroll and Bob Board," was "re vived" for a specially invited audience at the RKO Rivoli last Monday afternoon. ... It should be shown at one of the theaters for three days it's so pathetically humorous. ... Of course, the film was produced in 1930 and styles have changed quite a bit since. . . . Those revivals at the Rivoli are going over with a bang. . . . Thursday, Friday and Saturday "Hell's Angels" and "Scarface" will be revived. . . . The Opera House has Installed another Neon sign on George street, at the corner of Liberty street. . . . The sign replaces the old electric finger which pointed in the direction of the theater at the George and Liberty street intersection. FREE. PARKING NEW JERSEY 25c TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 23, 23 Monday, 2 to 11 P. M. if With CLAUDETTE COLBERT FRED MacMURRAY "WINGS IN THE DARK" ith BARBARA STANWYCK, GENE RAYMOND "BLIND DATE" Wtlh BUCK JONES The Familv Theatre W EDNESDAY and THX'RSDAY Make Movies : taxpayers of the mythical kingdom of Kor are supposed to think. (Randy Scott will rush in at the crucial moment and save her from being hacked or burned to death. That'll be the high point of these seven reels of fantasy called "She." But let me give you an impression of this scene and the attendant preparations. In the studio street, on the way to the stage, we find a hundred dancers rehearsing to the shouted, accented commands of a nervous little man named Zemach. An assistant explains that this is the dance of death. Men and women dancers are made up like modernistic Indians; some are wearing grotesque copper masks; others are in long black robes. All are barefooted and it's cold here in the open, too. The dance director's assistant beats time on a rain spout for the dancers. The sound resembles that of a kettle drum. Hollywood's Biggest Set Inside, on the stage is Holly wood's biggest set at the moment the Hall of Kings. Two sound stages have been combined. Natives of this fanciful kingdom Rider Haggard wrote about are sitting around on the steps of the hall. They, too, are dressed in weird costumes. As soon as the camera men and the director, Irving Pichel (sometimes actor), and the light men agree on the angle to shoot this dance, the natives will have to snap out of their lethargic poses. The dancers will be called in from the street and Helen Mack will have to discard that cigaret and stop her embroidering. Dragged To Doom All units seem to be ready. Prop men, with big oil mops, are removing footprints from the slick green floor. A man whistles through his teeth and the big arcs go on, mak ing the hall brighter than day it self. The dancers take their places offstage. The metronome man gives his ticker a final wind and sounds his "A," or whatever is sounded on kettle drums. The director calls "camera." The Kor-ians go Into their dance. Miss Mack is dragged, at the end of the procession, to a doom ordered by She in the person of Helen Gaha-gan. When the line has passed the camera, the director says: "Cut! That was swell, but let's do it again and make it better." OPERA HOUSE ON BROADWAY 1 Short Subjects Universal News s. HOLT TUESDAY M 14. (TratHt r Also Two Screaming Comedies cartoon Aevri Evening 1 - Adult A Prices jf t i 'Till 7 -is t t X P. M. i ' X BEGINNING TUES. JACK M1 r-'"j' ii v ..111 3 Hail! Rutgers Fh e Students Audition for Fred Allen's Radio Show FRED ALLEN Five members of the Rutgers University Glee Club Quintet may yet find themselves famous. At least their chances are excellent to appear on Fred Allen's Town Hall college amateur night program to be presented Wednesday night at 9 o clock over WEAF and a nationwide hookup. Last week Allen announced that he was going to present a special college night amateur show on his program the following Wednesday. He asked for college students to visit him during the week for art audition. Five Rutgers hopefuls, Edwin L. Stevens Jr., of this city, Vernon Grounds of Clifton, Wil-liard Mullen Jr. of Morristown, Richard F. Newcombe of Hacken-sack and C. Kilmer Myers of Schuy-lerville, N. T., all members of the glee club quintet, took the audition. TODAY and TOMORROW ONLY (Continuous today 1 to U P. M.) she was the beautiful redheaded "Princess" of the night clubs! AT HOME she was the sole support of a Mock of young brothers and sisters and a horse and carriage! Carl Laemmle presents PARKER MORRIS in, DAMON RUNYON'S Collier's Magazine story o : mm mm mm m m M mf i -vfc ' i mm III 1 I 1 111 Fllll 11 II Y L.i I v s, I ! - A Universal Picture with ' K.:S?B'""Leon Errol ? Henry riV. lArmetta Vince Barnetf 2 WA-- "UNWELCOME STRANGEB" (TWETOIf SOUTH RIVER EASTER St N DAY TODAY TWO BIG FEATURES KEN MAYNARD "IN OLD SANTA FE" An Unusual Wetern Colorful With Music and Songs MATINEE ONLY BUCK JONES in . "The Ked Rider' TOMORROW and TUESDAY Continuous Tomorrow EDWARD G. ROBINSON in "THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING" OUR GANG COMEDY NEWS CARTOON Betty Boop Emits a Shrill Boop-a-Doop For Local Friends I send my love, kUses and a boc-p-boop-a-doop to all my friends and followers in New Brunswick," gurgled dimple-cheeked, blue-eyed Little Ann Little, better known as Betty Boop, back stage at the RKO State Theatre last Sunday night. Dabbing cold cream about her chubby cheeks to remove the heavy makeup- necessary to lend color before the strong footlights, the trill-voiced actress, whose voice has been heard in many "Betty Boop" and "Popeye" cartoon pictures, expressed her delight at having visited New Brunswick. W. B. In the last 12 years, 65.000 new acres have gone into strawberry production, the consumers' guide of AAA reports. Americans consumed 318.336.000 quarts of strawberries in 1934. Jrnn Pnrkrrl rin In 'Prln-rrn O'llora" EASTER SUNDAY 0U DElQtlO TO ME A fo'omouBl Hclmt with III TRACY HELEN MACK m HELEN MORGAN y&mm l!!U0ieUH-0l!llllll SOUTH RIVER MIDGETS! And OTHER RKO ACTS! A ! iM".i.wifM,.tMM ... mum A EsaclMjim jf yip j On Oil MONDAY to FRIDAY f' 7 Jfljj ne Day Only I . Eatter Monday fJ rlVL ! 'I I I W. C. Fleldi. chamPfn cal- . I ' r?f ' i J Hope player of the Seven Sw tt Jto lv 1 APRII if II I w ne., r3r jlpPry li li iiiJLi I BtnK pour out bl8 hwi ln C' 1 1 . . """"j 1 A VA song to Joan Bennett. Laugh w iTZ 1 St H Livingston Ave, fi rounds I VV .t these scamp, the V ' 1 WFywilffiffi I Cabin Rids: lts music! yAv' J 1 I II I yamwinmrn 11 . MHHKlFflFil I i wih QUEENIE SMITH JOHN MILJAN 1 I 11D111II3III1I1 I fk GAIL PATRICK, FRED KOHLER & V nSBSr 1 fPK And Those RjalTHEJABIN KIDS'' ,1 .fA . 1 Vj Charlie Chase yX ITOVSi. I AtV Holiday Cartoon in Color f J) ' AN rtfl UMiMAu B HJ5t TRAVELOGUE ?I RODEO IcWILOWrST 1 X PATHE NEWS ?5-Ka GREATEST AMUSEMENT VALUE I i tVMl 1 IN THE WORLD $jp :ff , ?, if Xf V ' coon open at Imo7 m - , : - niTI . 1 afi 1 N I 1 f"os . 1 - III 1 1 u h jf l 0 T I J 1 1 j 1 vuiiuiiuuub ouii. aim iuuu. - iai ouur uuu. ut t.w N i W RfWWR l ,4;C N. Y. Daily News SuZ uiml f ;- IT'S STARTLING ! THRILLING ! UNBELIEVABLE ! " CJ J'i tlJM ..Ks-r;- 1 1 H 1Mb u u W ? . :i If SCRKKST F.AIU, C.R..OLt ?v V,. i II nl I I 11 H M II II IB With IB VI IB 1 Variety Program Off j The Air This Sunday i The "3 M'.nutes of Variety" pro-! gram, which stars 11 local enter-j tainers, will not be heard over 1 WHBI at 5:15 o'clock this after noon, it was announced by the program director. The station will pre-s e n t special Easter broadcasts throughout the day and because of these previous commitments, other programs were cancelled. The program will resume on the Newark station next Sunday afternoon at the same hour with many surprise features planned. It has been on the air since early in February. 1 LAST TIMES TODAY (SUNDAY) CONTINUOUS 1 ' p S 1 Wallace Beery in 'West Point of the Air" TX LJ ? 0 ) 8 STAGE! IN PERSON! GEORGE and OLIVE BRASNO 1 $?&PV S ","I'" - ? : 3 M I I ilfitlf If U H II v B DIRECT FROM 6 RECORD WEEKS V If The Thriller of the Century ! Four New Fopular Song Hits Sung by Joe Morrison 'I if ' v3 VT V E IP BE! TODAY'S FILM CALENDAR RKO STATE "West Point of the Air." Stage, vaudeville. RKO RIVOLI "Love la Eloom" and "Thi Lost City. OPERA HOUSE OHara." Prince3 ST RAN D "The Whole Town s Talking." CAriTOL "In Old Santa Fe " and ' You Belong to Me." TARK "Gilded Lily" and "Wings In the Dark." EUROPA "The Students cf Iglo." THE CRITICS RAVE: -l star hit, best since Frankenstein:" N. Y. News "Whee, here's a wild one! It calls for exclamation marks between word." N. Y. American 2nd BIG HIT 1 UN ! FROLIC ! MERRIMENT ! Grade fiddles ichile George Bums! They're daffy . . . screwy! In two word's they're impassible! If it's laughs you uxnt, see . . . GEORGE BURNS & GRACIE ALLEN JOE MORRISON and DIXIE LEE in QkOl Li Till RSDAY -FRIDAY and SATURDAY Joan Blondell Glenda Farrell in "Traveling Sales Lady" WABC to Broadcast EggRolling Party The annual White House Easter egg-rolling party, a traditional function which dates back to 1ST7K will be described over the WABC-CBS network at 3:45 o'clock tomor-iow afternoon. Washington children will roll their ezgs down the south slope of the White House and a CBS announcer will describe the Ecramble. as well as get some of the children-to comment. Mrs. Roosevelt is ex- pected to be present to greet the: youngsters. z t Gala Easter Show! ON BROADWAY 100 Years Ahead of Time ! H r .4 i 5v Kt V. Hear Joe Morrison Sing "My Heart Is An Open Book" and 3 More New Songs

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