The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on December 20, 1933 · 10
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 10

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1933
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10 TH E DAILY HOME N EWS. NEW BRUNSWICK. N. J.. WEDNESDAY , DECEM B E R 20, 1933, BUY NOW IN MIDDLESEX COUNTY-AND HELP BUILD LARGER PAYROLLS I i r i & WHO'S WHO IN BUSINESS AND MIDDLESEX COUNTY Firms You Should Know and Do Business With Architect , HARRY G. BACH Architects 63 Schureman St. New Brunswick, N. J. Tel. N. B. 246S Auto Body Works KRAUSE'S Auto Body & Top Works Trimmings and New Bodies, t enders ?d Tod ' New Run-ning Boards. Welding. Braxing. Radl- S,S Oliver SU Cor. George. n. a i3 Auto Dealers DeANGELIS BROS. Ruick Cadillac ..LaSalle Oldsmobile vrmnrh St. &Jrsy Avd. Phone 1647 SPINELLI MOTOR SALES CO. General Motors Trucks Nash Sales & Service s:i Snvdam St. Phone N. B. 91 New Brunswiok Auto Painting LOUIS JUMEAU , Formerly of Royal Auto Paint Shop Cars Refinished, Touched Up :3I Jersey Ave. Tel.'N. B. 7221 New Brunswick. N. J. SOMERSET DUCO CO. Automobile Refinlshinf and Body Work J. FULDA. Prop, f S1-53S Somerset St. Phone 3538 New Brunswick, N. J. Auto Service YORSTON'S, INC. Tropic-Aire Hot Water Heater Install Now M rrenrh St. N. B. 12 New Brnnnwlek. N. .7. Bakeries HOM-AID BAKERY John Gutkowsky. Prop. Bakers of J. G.'s Sliced Horn-Aid Bread. Rolls, Cakes, Plea 'Mother's Only Rival" J9S French St, N. IS. 2170-W HERMANN'S BAKERY .ALLY ANN HKEAD PIES AND PASTRIES 40 N. Main St., Milltown. Tel. 124 MRS. ADAM KALB'S "Home Bake Shoppe" 18 Easton Ave. Phona N. B. 974 Main 7 Food Products Delivered Direct to Your Door New Brunswick & Surrounding Town P4 Tnronp Ave. N R M Banks FIRST NATL. BANK MILLTOWN. N. J. The Bank of Personal Service FIRST KATIOVIL BANK SAYREV1LLE, N. J. A GOOD BANK THOUGHTFULLY MANAGED THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OK dOUTH RIVER Member Federal Reserve System Organized 1902 THE NATIONAL BANK OF NEW JERSEY 115 Years of Banking Service New Brunswick, N. J. PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK Complete Banking Service OEORfJE A- CHtTRrH STREETS NEW BRUNSWICK. K J. NOTABLES AT NOBEL ANNIVERSARY BANQUET Tv an hundredth anniversary of th birth of Alfred B. Nobel, Swedish scientist and founder of th Nel prises, was celebrated at dinner In a New York hotel. Former Nobel prize winners were guests tt r!f, Amcng this present wr, from left to riflht: Sinclair Lewis, winner of the prize for literature M 1SJC; rrMt B, Killcg j. winner cf the 1929 peace prize; Dr. Albert Einatein, winner of the prize for rj! la 7S;i, and Dr. Irvma Lanamulr, winner of the 1932 chemistry prize. (Associated Preie Photo) Battery Container Mfrs. THK RICHARDSON COMPANY W. S, Becker, Resident Mgr. Mfr. of Buttery Container & (Ith.r Mrtlded Product! r odwla & Rutaer St. N. B, 4S50 Piw. offifn: L,ockland. Cincinnati. O, Plant: Xndlanapolia, Ind., & Melrose rnTK, in. Battery Mfrs. ARROW BATTERIES MANUFACTURED Imperial Arrow DeLuxe Guaranteed Adams, Super Highway 4 Mile West of N' Rmnswlck Beer Distributors IIKNSXF.R'S IIKE-R Distributor, Wanning Patrick Ice plant & Warehouse at Patrick's Corner Immediate Deliveries' Cold Beer Always on Hand Patrick's Comer. Phone Mllltown 398 Beer Equipment SHERMAN FOOD MARKET 100 French St. Beer Equipment Phone! N. B. 5523 Malt & Hops Beer Garden ALPINE TAVERN PAI'Ij WAI.TF.R DANCINO REFRESHMENTS TF.MPTINO SANDWICHES 82 FRENCH 1ST. N. B. 4962 AL'S TAVERN Good Meals Good Entertainment Best Beer on Tap 111 Albany St. N. B. 4330 JULIUS BECZA TROMMF.R'J BEER tin Draught at All Times 43 S Main St., Milltown. Tel. 459-J Heidelberg Beer Garden and Pavilion JOS. ZOLLER, Prop. DANCING REFRESHMENTS FOOT OF HIRAM ST. NEW BRUNSWICK N. B. 8485 Beauticians Restrict Wllann Beauty Shop Member of Associated Beauticians of Greater New Brunswick 171 Rntser St. N. B. 4!g Beauty Shops BESIR'S BE A IT V PARLOR Member of Associated Beauticians nf Greater New Drunawlek 73 Carroll Place N. B. 6720 BUTTY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE R Well Groomed. -I'll Help You 188 Easton Ave. N. B. 938 ESTHER'S BEAUTY PARLOR Mr. & Mrs. John o Szabo Beauty Specialists S3 French Street New Brunswick, N. J. VIOLA FISHER Each One Receives My Personal Attention 118 Park Place, H. P. N. B. 174 8-J FREDERICK'S BEAUTY PARLOR All Branches of Beauty Culture Specialists in Permanent Waving ?39 George SL , . . N. B. 4724 JULIE'S BEAUTY PARLOR ELECTROLYSia Guaranteed to Remove Superfluous Hair. Specializing in all kinds of Permanent Waviner. All Branches of Beautr Culture 874 French St., N. B. Phone: 1371 NEW METHOD SPETCIAM7.ING PERMANENT WAVING 340 GEORGE ST. 7561 VICTORIA. YOl R HAIRDRESSER "For Beauty's Sake" 85 Paterson St. N. B. 772 Beverages NEW BRUNSWICK BOTTLING CO. Mfrs. of Carbonated Beverages 3 4 Lee Ave. N. B. 194R Business College DRAKE COLLEGE PRACTICAL COURSES Commercial Secretarial Shorthand Individual Instruction. Enroll No' State Theatre Bldg. Phone: N. B. 3 Livingston Ave.. N. B. 'f Cess Pools MOSKS G. THOMPSON . . Cesspools & Septic Tanks General Cement Work 14 Tslmadge ft. N. B. 42X4 Chiropodist DK. P. 'I'l'FFKE Arch Suecialist & Violet Ray Treatments. 82 George St. .Nf. B. 2S46 Churches SACHKD HKART CHIHCH Always f illing to Cooperate In Any Program for the Welfare of Our City. Rev. John J. Vest, Asst. 56 Throop Ave. NTU. 1681 ST. PAUL'S' CHURCH Rarltan Ave., cor. 6th Ave. H. P. Promoting the Spiritual Welfare of our city ST. PETER'S CHURCH 92 Somerset St. N. B. 6820 Lending Our Aid In Promoting tne Future or rsew HrunswicK Civil Engineer & Surveyor RAYMOND P. WILSON Civil Engineer & Surveyor 46 Paterson St. N. B. 134 New rirunswlrk, N. .1. Cleansers and Dyers Allen Cleansers & Dyers "WE KNOW HOW" 11 A ""l L Ct DL.. Ceo lit wmiui a nviio New Brunswick, N. J. Coal H. F. ELLIOTT Coal and Trucking "Our Prices Are Always R.isht" 10 Irving St. N. B. 6013 Plscataway CAPT. H. N. NIELSON Coal Fuel and Range Oil 130 William St. Service Phona 850 South River KUHLTHAU BROS. CO. Lehigh Coal Fuel Oils POULTRY DAIRY FEEDS MILLTOWN, N. J. PHONE 16 Quick Service Hub City Coal & Trucking More For Your Coal Buying Dollar Vard: lyi Delevan St. N. 13. 3885 New Brunswick, N. J. RARITAN COAL CO. Coal and Fuel Oils 335 Sanford St. N. B. 64 New Brunswick, N. J. SANITARY ICE COAL CO. Best Quality Coal. Prompt Service Cor. Sanford & Remsen N. B. 5595 SILVER BROOK LEHIGH ANTHRACITE LOW IN ASH SOLD EXCLUSIVELY BY LEWIS BOARD, INC. Comstock St. 4P.R.R. Tel. N. B. 612 Coal and Lumber Eastjersey Lumber Co. Lehigh Coal & Hardwood Lumber Lincoln Highway Metuchen, N. J. Phone: Metuchen 6-0.26 MILLTOWN COAL LUMBER CO. Off. 125 N. Main St.. Milltown 3 05 Yards: 132 Van Liew Ave., Milllfn 14 Confectioners Thode's Successors to Bruns The Best Ice Creams & Candies Luncheon: 11 to 3 Georee St. Phone N. B SO Contractors Concrete r n n e c r. macaro oc oon .. ..her..... a... dl.. S4 Powers St. N. B. 38S5 ' Construction Company Garlatti Construction Co. ' ASON & GENERAL CONTRACTING 14 S. First Ave. Phone N. B. 6727.. HIGHLAND PARK HOME OWNERSHIP It's It is safer to own than to rent safer, even If not cheaper according to the present experience of thousands who are going through their first great economic depression. The tenant who is unable to pay his rent faces the certainty of eviction. He may obtain two or three months of grace from a conniderate landlord, but more than this la almost Impossible; if without cash resources to fall back upon, the tenant la thereupon ' homeless. The family with a substantial equity In a home. Is relatively secure for a rather long period even in the face of required mortgage and tax payments. Tnousands of people are discovering this lact today for the first time. Home owning Is not always cheaper than renting. But In times of financial stress it Is certainly saler. ina louowing oenents ana (i) Purpose Many people have no definite purpose In life. The goal of home ownership has brought stimulation to thousands ( families. It has given them something to work for that actually has mado them happier . Knjojment It is fun to own a home, fun for adults to have their own place In which to entertain and to do all the things that the renter often hesitates to do. It is double fun for the children. Credit RatingThe home owner Immediately assumes a new Importance to store, bank, business and investment opportunity. .Security From the time the initial payment is made the home owner la buildins up an equity that gives him peace of mind. He may have payments to meet but the renter has rent to (3) ) (5) (6) inctii, buu uuiius noimng. comes a real refuge Indeed. stability The whole home owning transaction gives man and wife steadiness. It gives them permanent ties, both civic and social. Thrift Habit The home owner learns to save. It takes Just lonf no,u8h to buy a home so that the thrift habit is in-k'" m.8t PurcJh"r- War aee what can be aieem-SihiV thE"'vln,t and contlnul th Process so they may have 'In considering buying a home you should take an lnventnrv of yourself. Study what price home you can "afford Then consult your local realtor and frankly state your flnanclal condltloS th. size of family and section of the city preferred Do not buy 2 home you can neither afford to live In or pay for." Contractors & Builders A. B. LOSSO General Contractor and Builder I 86 Woodbridge Ave N. B. 6393 Highland Park Dressmaker & Designer ETHEL STER FORMERLY ETHEL BARTHA DRESSMAKER HERIUVKP 27 BROOKSIDE AVE. N. B. 4723 Dairies COOPER'S DAIRY Pure Milk From Our Own Tuberculin lestea cows Delivered Daily Middlesex Ave. lselin, N. J. Phone: Met 8-0309-J WILLIAM KREIGER Distributor Dvkewooit Frm Dalrv Products. 2b3 Comstock SL N. B. 4250 MAPLE MEAD DAIRY FRANK PETHICH. Prnn "Better Milk Letter Health" Gorges ltd. Phone: Milltown 263-W Floor Refinishing Hava Your Floors Cefinished in the ew Wav With the N"eu Va.liiim System Floor Handlnsr Machines KKASK J. SI SCO. Tel 3018 Flour N. B. FLOUR CO LEO HO DOS. Mar Distributors Life Saver & Helniar f lour f eed nf All k Inn 179 Burnet St. N. B. 3185 JNew lirunswick, N. J. Fuel Oil Tar Asphalt Service, Inc. Fuel Oils for All Burners Silver Law Ave. Tel. N. B. 2801 Plscataway Funeral Directors CHAS. DARLING Funeral Director 79WeltonSt. . Phone 53 New Brunswick, N. J. W. EDWARD GOWEN FUNERAL DIRECTOR 111 French St. New Brunswick. N. J. Phone: N. B. 1344 JAMES H. MAHER Funeral Director -3lu I IlUne 11W New Brunswick, N. J. Furniture Second Hand N. Y. SECOND HAND FURNITURE STORE R. MARCUS. ProO. 153 Neilson St. American Minister Buys First Danish Christmas Seals t ru4) ',tmi Continues a Custom MRS. RUTH BRTAN OWEN, Amwican minister to Denmark, Is shows buying the first sheet of 1933 Danish Christmas Seals from a letter carrier before the central post office In Copenhagen. He is holding an enlarged replica of the Danish seal. In-aet shows the American Christmas Seal. Mrs. Owen decorated her holi Safer to Own Than to Rent reasons snouia oe considered: Alter tne noma is paid for It be- Garages ARMORY GARAGE Day & Night Storage. Tires. Batteries vias, uil n-.T.hrou"h Service Wa Satisfy" am nanay St. n. B. 810 LOUS STAGY ALTO REPAIR Authorized Willys-Overland Service DEALER AND PARTS 235 Jersev Ave. Phone New Brunswick 7J21 PARLIN GARAGE Toil tlnV.l Dn General Ignition 6 Electric Service . ""pairing wniard Batteries Var. VVashed, Greased A Serviced wasnington Kd. Parlln, N. J. I House Wrecking N. B. House Wrecking All Kinds of Building Materials. .ui iientn si, J 1. 8IS7-J, Hotels Highland Park Hotel Julius Webber, Prop. Woodbridge & Raritan Av. Highland Park, N. J. Phone N. B. 763 Ice Cream & Milk FORSGATE FARMS NEW JERSEY OFFICIAL, GRADE A MILK Forsgate Ice Cream MADE AT THE FARM New Brunswick 266 Inns OUTSIDE INN ROLAND R. NORFOLK. Mr. Dine Dance Where Food i-ervlce Are Always Paramount Catering to Banquets Grill Eeer Garden Orchestra, Wed. Sat., Sun. uper Hwy. z, is. JK. S354 Jewelers H. ALLEN 344 George St. N. B. 6356 "Gifts That Last" Gruen Watches & Repairing : ; AMOS WIIEATLEY, Ine. Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry Dealer In Antiques Stones Matched Reset Old Gold c silver nought & Exchanged 135 Albany SU Opp. Post Office - .JrV ' - and Pays a Tribute day mail and gift to friends in Florida with the seals. The Christmas Seal idea, as a means of raising funds to fight tuberculosis, was originated by a Danish postmaster, Einar Hol-boell. In 1904 and was adopted in the United States in 1907. In Denmark the seals are purchased at postofflc windows. Here they are sold by the affiliated tuberculosis associations. 1 1 firlini) , Lock & Gunsmith WORTWICK GUNS HRPAIREI1 au Types House. Auto Locks & Keys 44 Dennis SU Tel. 373 Lumber & Millwork HOWELL LUMBER CO. Lumber Masons' Materials. Mill work. Hardware. Dependable Service muauty uooas 116 Sandford St Phones N. B. 868-867 fsew Brunswick, N. J. J. H. THOMPSON LVMIiKR CO. Lumber. Mason Materials. Millwork, ssnsr storm Sash 107 Lawrence. Nr. Hamilton Rd. R. D. N. B. R3 Knit Goods New Brunswick Knitting Mill Sweaters Made to Order. Repairing S03 George St N. B. 308 Meats & Groceries ANTON KELLER MARKET Meat and Groceries We Deliver 37 Barlett St. N. B. 2745 DUNN'S MARKET Quality Meats 7 Codwls Ave. Phone N. B. 1164 New Brunswick, N. J. O. SANTISSI Meats Groceries Vegetables Free Delivery 161 Throop Ave. Phone N. B. 934 M. SZABO & SONS Butcher & Grocer Fresh Fruits & Vegetables In Season 267 Neilson St. 181 French St. Phone N. B. 27S1 Phone N. R 3 3 S3 Medical Supplies JOHNSON & JOHNSON PRODUCTS "Are Worthy of Your Confidence" Sold by All Druggists New Hrnnswlck, N. .1. Men's Clothing HERBERT FIXLER 8 Livingston Ave. N. B. 2370 Men's Hosiery Interwoven Stocking Co. 'The Greatest Name in Socks" 390 George St. Phone 1400 New Brnnswu k. N. J. Midwife STELLA 7.IELINSKY "'LICENSED WIDWIFE ' 40 James SU Phone S. R. 208. So. River Monuments Geo. DeWitt Clinton 329 Commercial Ave. "Monuments" Phone 4353 Motor Trucking Middlesex Transportation Company Nation Wide & Foreign Service Main Office: Municipal Dock New Bruns., N. J. Phone N. B. 5000 Oil Burners BENNI ELECTRICAL fO. Oil Burner Sales & Service I Central Ave. N. B. 6105-R Tlseataway MARTIN LINK PIONEER OIL BURNERS i Complete Installations and Service 3 Clay St iHIIHown. Tel. 327 Rutgers Engineering Co. PKTRO-NOKOL Domestic Industrial Oil Burners. Ex pert 24-Hour Service FUEL OIL 178 George St. Tel. 2310 . New Brunswick, N. J. LOUISIANA TORNADO KILLS FOUR I - Here it all that was left of a row of workmen's cabin at a lumber eamp near Shreveport, La., after a tornado swept over the region. Four person were killed. (Associated Press Photo) Optometrists . DR. ZOLTAN 137 Albany St. N. B. 4828 Distinguished Eyewear at Prices That Conform With Present Times Painters Paperhangers KARA BROTHERS PAINTER PAPERHANGERS & DECORATORS 173 French St. N. B. 8951 KEMPF A t'LRICH Interior Decorators, Painters, Paper hangers 28 Liberty St. N. B. 2424 Mill. 196 Painters Supplies QUALITY COLONIAL PRODUCTS 54 Hiram St,; Phone N. B. 149 Pet Shop New Brunswick Pet Shop new urunswick's Leading Pet Shop come in ana Look Around. Canaries, Parrots, Acquarlum Fish vog et Bird Furnisbing Pet Supplies 303 George St. N. B, 3103 open Sat, until 9:30 p. m. Plumbing & Heating AARON & CO Plumbing & Heating Supplies :9 French St. Phone: N. B. S53 ADAMS & MULREADY Plumbing & Heating Delco Oil Burners New Brunswick. N. J. 332 Benner St. Highland Park. N. J. Phone: N. B. 4735 2479-J-l BULGER & HUNT Plumbing & Heating Contractors & Engineers P. O. Box 446 N. B. 4068 H. M. PRICE'S SONS 249 Burnet Street Plumbing, Heating, & Tinning Established May 1. 1829 The Oldest Business House in the Oltv Real Estate & Insurance DAVID I. DEUTSCH Real Estate & Gen. Insurance 313 George St. N. B. 3100 Restaurants our Aim Is to Serve Better Broadway Restaurant 9 ALBANY Quality First Always EAT AT THE CRYSTAL LUNCH Service Our Motto 13PB-1390 Albany St. , Thone 229 New Brunswick, N. J If Your Wife Can't Cook Don't Scold Her. Keep Her for a Pet & Eat at The ELKS RESTAURANT Otto M. Schleicher 40 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick An Eating Plnre nf Excellence LYONS' HOFBRAU Steaks, Sea Food, Chops Open Day & Night Phone 7948-3064 Albany nnd Spring Streets New Brunswick, N. J. Sen Food. tenlsn nnit Chops Roofing Materials N. HORNSTEIN Paints, Roofing Materials 167 Burnet St. N. B. 2836 MIDDLESEX MFG. CO. Whsle Distr. Barber Roofing Materia Tops-All Water Proofing Products. Tops-All Roof Coating. Tops-All Fibre Coating. Tops-All Root Cement P. O. Box 406 N. B.. N. J. Mltn 211-F-6 ( I Iff Pi? I ' ' IJV5 Vv Roofing & Sheet Mt FRIEDBERG, INC, Contractors of Hoofing j Sheet Metal Waterproof! 309 Burnet St. Phone N ' N. B. Roofing & Coi Works t.l v i .1.1 . u Roofing, Jobbing, Sheet M UVfiT ."ill Roofing and Tinning Suppl! -10 Jelln St. Phoii Schools & Colleget THE ANABLE SCH(J COLLEGE PBEPiRATim. AND GENERAL COURSEri . . FOR GIRLS ,7 f-vfiyu U L1PPINCOTT, Prlf 6 Klrkpatrlck St. Tel. N. COLLEGE OF AORICUT.Tnn RUTGERS UNIVERSITY: four-year & graduate courses f rlculture leading to degrees. V winter courses In practical fat open to men & women. For lnf uon address Director of Res-f .u.n.1 iicuon, L,ouege or Agricu Rutgers Prep School Bupenor coiiega Preparatlo Rutgers Elementarv Small Classes for Bovs and cl hrJ!e UL tor Ful1 tarticuls-W lUlam P. Kelly, Hadmaat tl Shoe Rebuilding WHITE RING SHOE REPAf SERVICE I Shoe Rsbulldinc Hut p..nv.l .108 Church 8t. N P Steamship Agency PETER BIRO, Inc. Real Estate. General Steamship Tickets and Forel iYiiMinr r.irni n or rvnrafi lj k 108 French St N. B Super Service Statior: O. K. TIRE STORE1 Everything Anywher1 Anytime For the Au- V. . TIRES r FREE ROAU SERVICE 1 FRENCH A SCHUYLER STV ninni HEW HHCXfSYVICK t Tailors STAB'S Remodel Coatii Like New S3 Hiram St. Tel. Taflk Mfrs. PROSPECT BOILER C New Brunswick, N. J. N. B. . Mfrs., Distrs. & Installers of Ser. Station Equipment, Steel Plate ( structlon, Power Plant Boiler pairs, Thermo Unit; Fuel Oil Eci miser Theatres OPERA HOUSE First Run Best Picture in New Brunswick I 20 Liberty St. N. B. 20 STRAND The FAMILY THEATRE George & Albany Streets New Brunswick, N. J. Tires & Tubes George St. Service Sta Authorised Dealer for Firestoi Tires &. Tubes i George New St. N. B. 7'1 Wheel & Axle Alignmer Axles straightened cold without A moval from car. We guarantee j stop shimmy, tire wear and hi steering. Auto blacksmiths, N. J Spring Service; 19 Division St. 3 1 Wood Dealer YE OLDR WOOD YARD ft Kindling Fireplace Wood a Sped 44 Powers St N. B. 2 Window Cleaners AMERICAN WINDOW CLEANUP Theodore Hacy k, Prpo. Porter serv Private Window. General Clean! Metuchen Trad Sollclte 433 Somerset SU N. B. S Elected Rose Tourney Queer; XV 1 4. ''.S,',' Ruler of a vast realm s mf Treva Scott. 19, above "Queen of the Seven Seas." A Pasadena Junior college student. Miss Scott has been selected to reign 1 at the annual Tournament of Roses in the California city on1 New Year's Day. A

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