The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on February 28, 1913 · 3
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 3

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1913
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GIVE HONOR E To the Editor of the Home News: In your . account ' of . the fire of Wednesday night appears the following: "The new auto truck, of course, was the first at the scene. The fire last night was the first that ladders were needed since the apparatus waB accepted, and it was the first time possibly in the history of the department that a ladder has been raised before water was on the fire. This, of course, was no fault of the men who formed the Hook and Ladder Company, because they were always handicapped in having to wait for horses, but It was a good proof of what an auto apparatus can accomplish," It seems to me that the above account to say the leant, is misleading as well as not wholly true. In the first place, was the Truck the first apparatus on the scene? Eyewitnesses say, they ought to have been, but by no mpans did they have anything on the Dennis Street Company, or their neighbors. That ladders were raised before water had been put on the fire is also emphatically contradicted and that they were needed, is purely an hallucination, as the only use to which the twenty-four-foot ladder used was put, was that It afforded a certain fireman to mount eame and pose before the large crowd assembled, i "It was a good proof of what an auto apparatus can accomplish." This much I admit is true, and judging from the comments made it proves that the Fire Department will have to get apparatus with more cylinders and higher power, before they are any improvement on the horse-drawn. Let me call your attention to alarms from boxes 25-27-31-31, why didn't the writer of your article spread out about same? I do not wish to detract from what the new truck does, but neither is it right to give them all the praise at the expense of those who do even better than they. A FIREMAN CASTOR I A For Infants and Children. 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McGarry andwife, to Jonn Mcbmrc, et. als.,'50 feet south .from south line Senior street, and 100 feet east' from Easton avenue. New Brunswick .i no John MeGuire. et. als.. to .THmpt A. McGarry and wife, northeast side Easton avenue, 52.24 feet south from Senior street. New Brunswick Si. on J. Ciilhert Mason. Jr.. et ul Titos. M. Barr, lots 82 to 90, Ine., map Ceo. H. Linsley, deceased, Metuelicn JSl.fiu Alex Puskas and wife, to Louis Kovach, north side Woodbridge rond, 53.558 feet east from hinl Alex Puskas, Township Haritan Rosalind Realty Co., to J. W. Rose, lot, 29-:i0, block D, See. 2, Rosalind Estate Helen Case Smith, et. vir., Ui Albert C. Case, 1 7 acre, Wood bridge road, adjoining Jlanlon Estate, Borough Mctu.;iK'ii.. . . 1,00 f 1.00 if 1.120 Junior V Hruussninn and Witt, to Richard M. Montgomery, 4..1' acres adjoining Shotwell, Borough Roosevelt $1.00 The 'Equator Building & Dev. Co., to Will, W. Tappen, lot 307, Equator Park Pile Equator Building & Dev. Co.. $1.00 to Wm. W. Tappen, plot 106, Equator Park $1.00 The Equator Building & Dev. Co., to Wm. W. Tappen, p! jt 105, Equator Park $1.00 Jacob W. Wilbur and wife, to Geo. Randolph Robbins, lot 219, Highland Park Villa Sites .... $1.00 A NEW FILM SERVICE AT THE GEORGE ST. THEATRE The famous Bison Com pany who n.ii ko 1 their WeKlern pietureH on Miller I'ios loi Knnch, at- Minx. Ml; liiluin:i . will pre-H'i.t (heir great two reel Ir.inu "Oil the Kront ier,' 'at the (ieor;:e Stroi t Thru Ira this afternoon mill evening. tt'n a WrHterii piclui'fl wllh a nipitnl W, nnil i without doubt one of the Klningrt Western picture ever mndr by Hip grvnU llison Coinpany. It tells of a dispute between an Indian and a white iivm for a bird, ninl the, iinrrel leads lo death and den I ruction in the settlement. A hand to hand buttle bctwecni the Indians, settlers aim militia makes it a spectacle of more thnn ordinary merit. The management has a very important announcement to make in "regard to the taking on of a new .film service starting or Monday next, when six reelB will be Known every day. Heretofore the policy has been to show three new reels and two others of doubtful ago. The new plan calls for six 'brand new spir and span reels, pictures that are guaranteed to be positively new in this city. Among the new makes of lilins to be shown are those of the TliHiihaiiser Co., Majestic, Keystone, Reliance, Uroneho, Punch, American, and Kay-Hee. These, together with our Bison, linn, Nestor, Kclnir. Gem, Powers, Frontier and the addition of an Animated Weekly every Friday, featuring the current events of the past week, will make the strongest 3ort of program. Two, three and four reel dramas will be shown every day and every feature on the market will have their !irst show-ins at the New Ceonie Street Theatre. For special auto deals, use ttie Want Columns of the Home News. 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It i acts fi'ke magic it is a scientific, harmless and pleasant preparation which truly belongs in every home. STELT0N1T0 TAKE I In connection with the nationwide movement lo honor the cen- tonninl of llio birth of David blvinR- - moiie. 11m great African explorer and in iHsU-nnry. u lecture will bo given In th'i iitclloii Biiptbit. Church on Hund-.iy ovcniiiK by '" paw or. Itrv. S. V. Itobluiion, on the subject. "The'. of David l.lvrltiRntone'H CroiuitioHB." A cordlul Invltntlou Is oxtmdod lo nil. On Bundny morning, at Ktolton, I'RHtor-' Robinson will preach the .teconvd sormon in tin scrion mi the "Llfo- and Times of Abrahnni," his topic being, "heaving the Old Home." Tine Bible School meets at the close of the service, nnd at !i o'clock, the Piscataway Blblo School will 'convene. . Mission Circle Klccts. , At the annual meeting of the Pic-cataway MiBsion Clrclo the following officers were elected: President, Mrs. Alvin Randolph; vice president, Mrs. Albert Davis; secretary. Miss P.ortha Gunther; treasurer, Mrs. S. V. Robinson. lincouraging rpports, ,of the jgjar's work were presented. I'crsonul Mention. Leo Gassney of New lork Wns aij vntitor at the Stclton Baptist par- soaiage yesterday. Mrs. Bertha LaweB, of Tottenville,,, i3 spending a few vecks as the guest of lier daughter, Mrs. S. V. Robin-ecn,,at the parsonage. Loo);ir.g for a business seeking aa iL!vestmcnt? Hake use of the HomciAews '.Vants in bringiiig opportunity to you. P WOE CELE MI mem ) V 'rv -KNOX Mats KNOX BEACON . O'NEILL'S SPECIAL See our smart window display of the newest styles and shades in Neckwear. Regularly sold for 75 cents; our Special, O To-morrow Is arciaM n 1 Manet Small Fresh Hams, . 12k Fresh Chopped Beefsteak, lb .121c Fresh Beel Liver, lb . . . 12k 1000 lbs ol loins ol Pork, lb . 16c 500 Legs o! 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At the conclui-lon of it Mr. Wilson Intimated that Mr. Marshall Is going to be something more durliiR the next four years than a presiding officer of the senate. He referred very pointedly to the fact that the influence of the vice president in any administration depends very largely on who the vice president Is. Mr. Marshall said that everything was satisfactory to Mm. He has for many years held to the ideas of government to which the president elect has declared his allegiance, and he said they would le in absolute accord as to the main features of the reforms to he undertaken. lie also intimated that he now knows the personnel of the cabinet and that it is satisfactory to him. but he asked not to be asked for the names. Governor Wilson finished up his work as governor Inst night. Today he will have another session with his dentist and will see a show in Xew York in the evening. ENGLAND REPLIES ON TOLLS. Ignore Arbitration Suggestions For Points In Disputo. Washington, Feb. US.-Great Brit-sin's reply to the Knox note outlining America's position as to England's protest against the Panama canal tolls plan will be delivered to the state department before the Taft administration goes out of office. The note is now at the British embassy, and Ambassador Bryce is expected to present it formnlly to Secretary Knox. It was stated authoritatively that the, British note ignores Knox's suggestion for nos-tble arbitration of the dispute under tbe arbitration treaty which the senate approved last session, which was not negotiated by President Taft. It w(U be Impossible for be Taft administration to prepare a further rejoinder to (he latest note. Th! will devolve on President Wllon and his secretary of state, . . - CHICHESTER S PILLS Ws. TIIC1MAMOND BILANIt.' X "k LadlMl litmrDrulillot , boxes, Kld llh Blu Ribbon. V Tok. B't fTirar UrnU. Ak fttCin ClAs-TEH S viajaunv nKANl fll,l.l. let s& M knowiiM B1, Sitat, Atav RelliM SOLD BY DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE Many, realty transfers are consummated as the direct result of Home News Want Advertising, ' v.. W9 AS If Outline your Wants. realty needs In the JOflNSOW'S STORE JEWS Highland Park Delivery Every Mn. day and Thursday at 2 80 p! M. A Sale on Johnson'sBestTea OOD tea. Vl-rr rv,J o in. Jolinson s very best tea. Eminently wav. above any tea in quality that other deaf-erg offer, for this same money. Fifty-cents a pound is our regular price. . This week, and this, week only, we offer this grand tea at. Ibis very special price. uiatK, gren or mixed. 43 cents a pound. A Sour Pickle Sale. T.AT. ! mnr I...J flavored cucumber pickles. .Regular price is fourteen cents a dozen. Special pric this week . 11 cents a dozen. A Canned Tomato Sale. XTRA standard, large 3-eound n ff unliA o!, 1 v. . . i -j " fvr, icu ripe lomaioea. a decided bargain for one week only. o cans 25 cents. 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The genuine old-fashioned Saratoga potato chips.- - - - . 10 cents a box. : Chicken Broth with Rice. PICUKE'S all declare our chicken broth very good. Just the rich broth of tbe chicken with a little rice. - Soundi good, don't it! 10 cents a can. What Eight Cents Will Buy. OME little reminders. Any of th following articles at eight cents each. Cake gapolio, large cake Ivory soap, two cakes scouring soap, box bird seed, large loaf of bread, one pound nicnacs, pint of molasses, pint o( dried Umas, or a half pound of Vienna frtinkforta. : 8 cents Each Article! JohnscitfsGroccry on imrnTir crnrrm 3 LWLlill

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