The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on December 25, 1946 · 4
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 4

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Wednesday, December 25, 1946
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4 THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1946 50 Flee Macon Hotel ... . - It ire; Phone Girl Heroine i . MACON, Ga.. Dee. 25 At leasti fif guests were safely evacuated from the four-story Lanier hotel in Christmas Eve fire which authorities said today could have been disastrous except for the alertness of a telephone switchboard operator who remained , on the- job. ' v Mar jorie Bishop, thirty-year-old telephone operator, shouted to the rfir for, the " hotel's register on learning that the upper floors of the hotel were afire., j "Then I just telephoned all the; rooms in which guests were registered,' Miss Bishop said. Three couples were taken down ladders from the fourth floor. Two ol the couples were visiting Maj. John Rooney and his wife, who were registered at the hotel. Maj, Rooneyis on leave from the Oliver General Hospital at Au gusta, Ga., where he is a patient Mrs. Rooney said that they were celebrating Christmas Eve. Short ly before midnight they heard fire trucks approaching and looked out the window to see them stop In front of the hotel. . At the same time she said the - telephone rang to warn them of the fire. "We opened the door and found that the smoke was too dense to make our way down the stairs. she said, v "So we returned to the room opened the windows and shcuted to the firemen below. But they were already hoisting ladders tows r a us. Mrj. Rooney said that the women went first down the ladder and the men followed, her husband going last "When I saw that smoke in the corridor." Mrs. Rooney said, al I could think of was that Winecoff hotel fire in Atlanta.' You can't imagine how relieved we were when we felt the ends of that ladder against the window sil an a fireman climbing toward us. Miss Bishop was the first to re ceive word of the fire. She said that two unidentified sailors ap- Bjr tbe United Preec . '--." proached the switchboard and said that the tipper floors were burning. "I thought they were kidding at first.' she said,' "but they were too serious. She shouted to the .desk clerk to give her the . hotel - .register. Then she plugged in . groups of rooms at a time over: the switch board, ringing and warning' guests to come downstairs. . T didn't want to alarm them, she. said.'. "When, a guest answered the telephone I informed him in a most cairn manner to come down stairs immediately because of small fire. "There was no panic and all guests were accounted. Most ci tne tire damage was confined to the rear right wing which was completely ' "burned Q-mt," The fire had spread slightly to the left wing before firemen eontrolieU the flames. It&P. it m m IV IS 4 Beauty Softens Sorrow' oathv PneteratandabJa four arm Moil War j he ALLIED FLORISTS Assrv Of IndiDftOH 4 WW M ff II II II mm mm 1 s FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED ANTWHERE 4 5f W' ' 1 ,' iii i i ainigiii i I'll if i ii iiiiill Tit " ' "hi ''..Z. ,-,.'!-- 'Ji. h uj.rfi.f i .r.,-,..' ,.-r, -iim aetote Aaaaifeis-A8'fe Mil j ions Abroad, Lacking Food, Fuel, Have Gloomy Christmas By tha AwociaUd Ir LONDON, Dec. 25 Shortages of food and fuel combined today to make Christmas a bleak occasion for millions of persons in many parts of war-ravaged Europe. Faint hopes for a better future helped somewhat to brighten the continent's second Yuletide since the defeat of Germany, but throughout the stricken areas of central and eastern Europe Christ mas was largely a cheerless day. PSC Order Curbs Use of Natural Gas Si I" ' ' NEWCOMERS and VISITORS IN .INDIANAPOLIS soon discover thit CHARLEY'S RESTAURANT it tho Town's Favoriti Eating Establishment Famous for Steak for Over H Year 144 E. OHIO ST. Atr-Condition(t tor Tour Comfort $ i :rs - " Associated Press Wlrepboto" IN GEORGIA RACE MeK vin " Ernest , " Thompson (above) Lieutenant Governor-elect, said in Atlanta, the people of Georgia "expect me" to become Governor next month. The governorship for the four-year term starting in January, 1947, was left vacant by the death last Saturday of Governor-elect Eugene Tal-madge. Thompson will be sworn in as Lieutenant Governor January 14. Stone Industry Gives 1 2 Vic Hike Companies Also Grant '' Week's Paid Vacation Bartholomew Court to Try 4 Teen-Agers 8peew! to The Indianapolis News SHELBYVILLE, Ind., Dec. 25 The case of the four teen-agers under - first-degree murder indict ment here in the slaying December 5 of Herbert Smith, state po liceman, had been venued today to Bartholomew circuit court. At the same time it was an nounced Tuesday that one of the I defendants, Vera Hornback, 18, of Evansville, was- in Indiana Uni versity Medical Center, Indianap olis, following an attack of appen Idicitis. State police are maintain ing a guard in her ward. The venue proceedings were held before Judge" Harold G. Barger. It is understood that the defend ants will seek separate trials in the Bartholomew court. t "Make a Noise," Capehart Advises Senate Freshmen TOY TOWN IS GROWING An architect's sketch of Santa Claus Land shows (left) the contemplated units of the toyland park, including a picnic area and playground whirh will sunnfement the now famous villaae. Fairvlarld ------- r-1 . w , i Trail and toy exhibits. Part of the section at the right has been completed. Santa Claus Land Project May Be Completed in Year Special to The Indianapolis News SANTA CLAUS, Ind., Dec. 25 t is hoped that by next Christmas Santa Claus v Land, fairyland for children located in this renowned hamlet in the rolling hills of south ern Indiana, will be completed, of ficials of Santa Claus, Inc., said today. - More than 4,500,000 pieces of mail poured through this little village during the pre-Chnstmas season. Oscar Phillips, postmaster-groc er, said today it was tne neaviest in the history of the postoffic. Construction of a new part of the master project, the picnic area, which will be complete with play ground facilities, a trading post o'ens, taoies ana Dencnes ior pic nickers is under way. In toyland park are exhibits and The public service commission of Indiana today-issued an emergency order restricting the use of nat ural gas for certain domestic, com mercial and industrial purposes according to an announcement by Sam Busby, secretary of the PSC. His announcement says, With the 1946-47 winter demand for natural gas in the areas served by the Panhandle Eastern Pipe line Co. system far exceeding the! capacity of the gas transmission lines, the public, service commis sion finds it necessary to issue this order to protect public welfare and safety." The emergency order provides that no distributing utility served By the Associated Press oy Jfannanaie snau. supply nauirai WASHINGTON, Dec. 25 Sena- gas for space heating appliances to new commercial or industrial Tail Defers '48 Race Decision Bricker to Bow Out in His Favor, Says Paper tor Robert A. Taft today kept open But Mexico Still Holds Memories A4erUemenO FALSE TEETH Thot Loosen Need No? Embarrass Many weirer of f Is teeth hvt luffered real embarrassment because their plate dropped, slipped or wabbled, it Jut the wrong time. Io not live- In fear of this haprwnlnK to you. Just iprtnkla a little KASTEETH, the 1 tnUmt (non-acid povdet on your plate. Molds false teeth more firmly, to thev foel more comfortable. Does not aour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at any drug tore, - WASHINGTON, Dec. 25 (AP)-Senator Homer E. Capehart (R Ind.) offered this advice today to the new crop of G. O.'p. freshmen who wish to share in their party's policy decisions in congress: "Make a noise!"- , Mr. Capehart, himself rounding out his second year on Capitol Hill told a reporter he- -believes the eighteen Republicans who are com ing to the senate fof the first time on January 3 should have a voice in deciding the party's course andi will get it "if they become vocal! about it.M - - '"."' Holdover members already have Special k The Indianapolis News lined- Up most Of the Important BEDFORD, Ind., Dec. 25 Set- Hobs under the senate's age old rule tlement of two issues wages that he who came first and served and apprentice training-was an- tn1tngCSt getS the Chice Ssign" nounced 'here Tuesday by M. J. Senator Bourke B. Hickenlooper Morgan, president at the Indiana (R la.) said he doesn't think that Limestone Institute, representing rule will be challenged,by the new u.-t.fftiif.- etnna .Mmn9ni.t in men. He added that most of them , ... probably will want to get the hang ure Luumjr ucu. of bemg a senator before they . Stonecutters, carvers and planer- branch out men, members of the Journeymen Monecutters Association, were Coal Bin Family Showered With Gifts for Christmas (Advertisement) Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly tf voti muBet from rtieuwaUe, arthrtlti torlUe pals, try t&ia atmpta Inxfwuv home . fepe that tboucd are Ue. Oe a para-at of Ku-i x t omfiouiwl, a two-week apply. today. Mix it wna a ouart ot water, add U luiea t)l 4 Ictnnna It tasy. No trouble at ail aod plwunt. You Beed only 3 tatteapoon-tula to tlmee a day, ones w!tb!n 4 faoun aometltoea overrun t tplettdid waulta r ehtatned. If th paioa do do quickly ler tnd U j do net twl btter. mura tee naptr parkaaa and Ba-f I vUl t ra tKMb is to try aa It ta antt by rur lrufui tUHler aa abaolute tnnoey-hack tarantee. Bu-Kx C'tMBtKNiDd te for aaJa and reoomraaadad . b Ami atom everywhere. (AdverUteineBi) , Rheumatic Pains? . Try Pot. Iodide, Sod. Salicylate, Etc. Xt yon autter from the pam ot rhea-natiam, iciatlc or oeurltla, ly cot ' do what aa many have dose wStb uch happv reault-nr USE'S BAL-SM. con taming potaa&ium Iodide. o-dium salicylate, with p'.nnt eatractives Almost Immediately after tke first doae, LEE'S starta elrcuSatlts? tbroufb the blood, thus usttnilT he,ipic nature , remove exeesa acid and txtisenous wastes which Wten cause muscular pains At the sa-ne tinse. It ve!ps te quickly curb the patn and dlaceoalori. t Caution. Take or.!v aa directed.) Don't suffer Get LESS BA1.-SM today-Money back tf net deiiehted with resnlta. At Hnok'a. Em i and all leadicjt druggists. OLonecu tiers vssociaiion, were y II' f . p ! granted a wage increase of 12$ Uie LlQniS rQuiriQ cents an hour, effective February ; r 15, and a week's paid vacation an- fliili Virfim rtf nually under terms of the settle- ,WI v-,,,,-J ment, Mr. Morgan said. ' DI J The wage dispute resulted in a VreGpinQ DlinClnCSS walkout November 19. but the 1.000 strikers returned to their jobs De- PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 25 AP) ccmber 2, without a boost in pay. All over the world the lights They had demanded a 25-cent-an-i o Cnristmas glowed with new nnn r i nr'T-o n eras u.iin i no mgnsnn.! ment offering 10 cents. hope, but for six-month-old Georg- ) Mr Morgan also announced that anna Smith, those lights were go-the union has agreed to an increase ine out, in the number of apprentices in Through the dim misty haze that the various stone nlants. He said! clouds the vision of her brown the" settlement was reached at-a eyes, the lights of her gayly deco FT. WAYNE, Ind . Dec. 25 (UP) Antonio and Faustina Gamez and their brood ' of eight smiled gratefully today- as they enjoyed a bountiful American Christmas made possible by, the. people who read about their Hiving.. in a $40-a-month coal bin. Mrs. Gamez, still looking ; wan rom giving birth to Tiny Vibiana in the coal bin December 5, fin gered the Christmas cards that have come to the family from near and faraway well wishers. In an interview at the Wayne ownship shelter house the Mexi can family, grateful though it is for the help showered on it, could not hide nostalgia for a Mexican celebration of Christmas a nochebuena." The family win partake of a Christmas turkey and all the trimmings at the shelter house where they will live until they find a better home than a coal Jjin. "Its very nice," Senor Gamez said but then sadly recalled in his Middle displays to entertain the children and their parents and it is believed that Santa Claus Land will eventu ally lite up to all children's imaginative expectations as the home of Santa Claus and the happiness and peace that he exemplifies. Among tOD attractions of the t a j.buuLA.b a.. a luii wuuj x v. ss v v a- v- a i . "storv-book" villaee is the Fairy-.-.. . . . A consumers unless proof can De " . -' - i , rT" narnne civ TY-irTiT n e rvr- mnrp I tip ! . . ... . ... , i i t si -i - u:v, wnuu rirnvinort tnar a rnnrrafT tnr enrn sculptured figures of i the most question of whether he will fight gas existed prior to December 21, famous Mother Gjose characters openly for the 1948 Republican 1946. familiar to children. Each MotherUrpsiHpntiai nnminatinn Newly constructed homes or liv- a n ? i i 1 . l f iinff ifl w 4av flae'flnAfl fhT "tT hfiafr tjoose xaie is uniciaea aiong a fr,v,- 4,T.t t; a oath leading to the scene. which " " 2 . T k ' will he permitted to proceed with actuallv deoicts the hish point of report tnat ms fenow unioan, &ena- gas heating plans, Mr. Busby said the legend. i tor-elect J6hn W. Bricker, will bow The order further sets out that In the main building of the now out of the race in his favor, Sena- each such distri out ing utility snail completed portibn of the park is a tor Taft asserted he will make no fc"" LXtnZ enriai rhiiHr.n' snrta fmlntain ... ... .. ... . to the . extent necessary to supply . j uT i decision of nis own "unui our ieg- the demand durine neak periods with appropriately Sized tables and . , A. , . , ine aeraana ourrng peas, perious, .!,,! aH in fho ,MnH i.nif lslative job is done and congress but shall restore such curtailed t, i.r. kninn'-:. o v.iKif r ha aiAiiT-nori . service - when . the emergency is nrftcont.n nr tnvc rf I o ri i n cr rhann. c?AM.4AH .u. T);a1ta ftn. rfial' fat.or4 nf thL nT,tr f-J,t0m. . iMr. Busby announced that the n on tne reporl PUDUSneQ Public service commission will in Tuesday's Columbus (O.) Dis- conduct a public hearing in the patch that he had given Senator rooms of the commission at In- Taft 'the green light" for 1948. dianapolis at 10 a. m. January. I have nothing to say about it, I In the last few months members the 1944 vice-presidential nominee of the PSC have participated in told newsmen. ' f numerous hearings and conferences Senator Taft did not see report- before the federal power com ers personally after word of the mission in Washington. This or Dispatch story reached Washington, der, confirms Mr. Busby, is a re -vBut after a long conference with suit of those conferences in the his advisors, the senator issued a capital statement which reiterated his will- am 1. 1 , A. mgness to "aiscuss ine wnoie mat- . O C ter" with Mr. Bricker as soon as he iOCtO!". O lireiTIGn . A , ? 1 I 9 arrives in me capital. i . - m - I have always felt that the Ohio Krif f lo 4 Hmirc Renublican situation would be aawa. In thB tense Holy Land, thousands s of the faithful flocked to the little town of Bethlehem to commemorate the birth of the Christ child in the historic Church of the Nativity. In many parts of Europe, where an extra ration of bread constituted the Yuletide bounty, cold waves swept towns and penetrated homes, large numbers of .which were without fueL I t In Germany the populace te- rpivri slirht inrresu in ration. , la typical restaurant menu con-jsisting of pea soup, fried liver or sausage with green salad, potatoes and beets, mixed vegetables and bread. Such a meal cost 3 marks (30 cents) and took coupons for an , entire week's meat ration. American occupation forces in the former Reich dined on tomato juice, roast turkey with giblet - gravy, mashed potatoes, candied yams, cranberry sauce, olives, asparagus, pickles, v fruit salad. 7 mince pie,, cheese cake, hot roils, butter, jam, cream, sugar, coffee and ice cream. - German children, however,' enjoyed perhaps their happiest Christmas in eight years, particularly in the American and British zones, where thousands of parties , were arranged for .them and special candy rations were issued by the occupation armies. - In the countries that had not felt the destructive tide of war, there was an abundance of food and fuel and traditional Christmas ; rejoicing. ; But such festivity was; in the minority. ? Grand Jury to Hear Tayern Stabbing Case RICHMOND, Ind., Dec. 25 (AP) -Coroner Henry Unser has ordered Mack Cox, twenty-year-old factory worker, bound over to the Wayne county grand jury in con- ' nection with the fatal stabbing Saturday night of John Shaw, 23, ii a Richmond tavern. Police Chief Ellis Duckett said today Cox-had signed a statement admitting he stabbed Shaw during an argument. Mr. Ellis quoted Cox as saying he struck at Shaw with a knife after Shaw had said he "was going to clean out the tavern. f porary toys from throughout the world as well as antique and co lonial pieces will j be displayed in the toy museum, also under! con struction at this time. permutit) '!. f, CENTRAL SOFT WATER CO. fTL B65 47 SOCTHEASTERN AYE. native Spanish! the tamale suppers on Christmas eve that are the cus torn among Mexicans conference of union and management representatives. . Vet to H ave Late Christmas; Awaits Wife and Children Special to The IndianapoUa News KOKOMO, Ind.. Dec. 25 Wil liam N. New, veteran American airmanwho served Avith the British and the American air forces in World War II, will delay his Christmas celebration until next Monday. On that day Mr. New will be reunited with his British wife Norah and their two children. He has not seen his wife and their first child for fifteen months. The second was born after he left in September. 1943, when ordered to return to the United States. . The mother and children were delayed by a ruling that service men's children under the age of six months could not be transported: The ruling followed the I death of several babies aboard s ships bound for America. M AC H I N E LESS OIL PERMANENTS $A,95 Guaranteed Includes aa Sbarapoo and 8e W CENTRAL COLLEGE 309 Odd Fellow Bids. LI. 9721 "educated" and $25,000 Rotary Fund Set Up Mrs. Holycross Gives Money for Foundation m among Mexicans. worked out in an amicable way, C 'Dl.. D L, This will be the second Christ- the statement continued, . adding JO VI flQ DlUe DUDV mas thaf fho family Va fnroernno a that Taft Tlrifkpr ATlH other Ohio! Mexican yuletide celebration. Last Republican officials "have worked TERRE HAUTE, Ind., Dec, 25 year it was in Flint. Mich., where together and campaigned together (AP) A physician and members it had migrated from Weslaco, every two years in complete har- 0f the fire department worked for Tex., because tne tatner wants nis mony. children to get learn English. Inclosed with the Christmas cards was money sme $25 and with it Gamez plans to buy "little cars" for the boys. I Some of the otner children will get 1 warm a x!a.l- -a-lj cioines wnn ine resi pi me money For herself Mrs. Gamez wants only her health back.. She said she felt "dizzy" and couldn't under stand why her recovery froi eighth confinement was so' She said she 1 hoped ! she wouldn't have to leave her family and go DaA"eno.!?": ...A ;L; ;; gave a slight cry-and was hurried t" T u "e wTf,TT 1,IUU1UUU" "iC "Mto a hospital where the firemen one uims ior mibiv-iu iina a pnysicaiiy, menially or materially continued a vigil as its heartbeat r y r y 1 handicapped residents of Marion became stronger, three hours beside a newly decorated Christmas tree Tuesday to save the life of a child born to Mr, and Mrs. James Gilbert Dr. D. M. Ferguson, Jr., who described the boy as a J'blue baby, said it was not breathing when born. He said he kept the baby alive by breathing into its mouth until the fire department re sponded with a resuscitator and an iron lung, Then the doctor and eight fire-, Establishment nf the Rotarv men worked m relays until tne I -u:u 1 . 1 4U: , FnimHatinn TnrflanannUc Tn 'U uegail nunnai meauuiig DIAMOND L O A W S WOLF SUSSMAN, INC. 239 W. WASHINGTON ST. EstablUhed i Teara PEARSON nUSIG GO. Trustworthy Since 1873 120 N. Pcnn. St. it Veterans' Housing Again Cut; Plea Sent to RFC Mr. Gilbert, a veteran of World War II, is an employe of the Terre Haute Paper Co. county has been announced by the board of directors of the Indian apolis Rotary Club. The foundation has been, estab lished with an opening contribu tion of $25,000, made by.the widow Qn Wells,'DlV RoQerS 01 isaac n. nuiycruss. ivn. nuijc cross, who died February 2, was OXYGEN TH EflAPY Thit Equipment Can Be Ecnted at HAAG'S 402 N. CAPITOL DAT PHONE LI. 8367 NIGnT PHONE BL, 18S Lodge to Confer Honors rated Christmas tree were just blur of color Doctors at the Wills Eye Hospita say the little patient, victim of congential cataracts, is slowly going blind and the memory of this Christmas may be her last. Georganna is too young yet for an operation but perhaps in two years, doctors say, they may be able to operate and perhaps restore her sight. But in the meantime, little Georganna didn't seem to mind for unaware of the creeping blind ness, she stood in her play pen beside the big Christmas tree in her home, turned her fiead toward the lights, extended a tiny hand toward a nearby light and gurgled with glee. Beneath the tree there were toys and a doll that closed its eyes and cried "Mama" in a faint, small voice. ? Doctors say there may be fu ture Chnstmases when Georg-anna's eyes will be closed to the wonders of Christmas, but when her dollie cries "Mama in that dark void,, Georganna will know and remember that this was how it was. By the Associated Press WASHINGTON, Dec. 25 A fresh cry for housing help went out to the reconstruction finance corporation today along with the disclosure of a second 12,000-unit cut in the number of temporary dwellings being erected for veterans. Rising material and labor costs were blamed for the reduction. Representative Estes Kefauver (D. Tenn.) wired both President Truman and George Allen, RFC di-i rector, urging a $25,000,000 RFC advance to permit completion of the federal public housing ad ministration program. BLOOMINGTON, Ind.; Dec 25 Dr. Herman R W11 nrsidnt. active in Rotary affairs for many 0f Indiana University, and Dr. Congress provided a $445,000,000 years. Robert C. Rogers, physician here, fund earlier this year to build 5 James A. Ross, past president of will receive honors at the annual 200,000 temporary homes undpr the Rotary Club, said the fund was St. John's day banquet of the this program, but the number now established to provide a means for Monroe Lodge of Masons Friday 1 1 w A MERRY r.; CHRISTMAS and 'a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS AND FRIENDS - - - - . - - " m HOME SUPPLY CO. Steel Tile, Furnaces, Alteration Work. Complete Installation ServUe 236 E. NEW YORK ST. ! ts: Tiwx tsai Phone RL 5894 French Meeting Stiff Opposition in Hanoi HANOI, Dec. 25 (Delayed) AP) Frencft military authorities said today they had the situation well in hand in Tonkin province and j were extending .their controlled areas everywhere, but in Hanoi itself Viet-Nam forces continued to offer stubborn opposition. An official announcement said the Viet-Namese were employing "well disposed mines and booby traps and were being supported by 3 many Japanese snipers. ; . aav r: r. : i w t At aniuinn,- imy roues suuui ui Hanoi, the French said they had captured the town hall, the post office and police headquarters. Large fires were reported burning in Annarnite districts of the city. -a V Russian Newsman Charges Detention by MP's in Japan MOSCOW, Dec. 25 (AP) O Kurganov, a Pravda correspondent recently returned from Ja5an, charged today that he and other Soviet correspondents were detained at Atsuga airdrome near Yokohama last August by United States military police after they had refused to be photographed in profile as well as full face. "Our reception at Atsuga airdrome was far from the general human concepts of democracy, said Kurganov in an article in Pravda. e said Gen. Douglas MacArthur had originally landed at the same airport with remarks about a "great world democracy" on his lips. Kurganov asserted a "thick wall" of American military police sur rounded his plane after it had been escorted into Japan by 'zooming American fighters. He said the Soviet Journalists had refused to Dermit profile photos to be taken because that seemed "too instating." Hejsdded that when one of his companions took out his own camera and began to take pictures of the whole scene an American offi cer stopped hia. has been cut to 176,000. FPHA ordered th first 12,000 reduction last August, and officials said Tuesday a similar slash is being put ihto effect because of additional ost increases since the decontrol of building ma terials. , With the new, smaller goal, field offices are under instructions to concentrate all remaining money on projects at least 85 corhplete. This will mean, officials said, that some projects j will hot, be started and that some will be suspended to be finished only if funds noia our or aaauionai money is forthcoming. No specific propects were named, but they are scattered in cities and colleges across thft country. Representative Kefauver, in urg ing the RFC loan, said it could be repaid from rentals. "receiving funds for such charitable night at the Masonic Temple here uses as will promote the welfare of Dr. Wells, who was elected to physically, mentally or materially the thirty-third degree, Ancient U. S. Freighter Wrecked in English Channel DEAL, England, Dec. 25 (AP) The 7,600-ton United States freighter Northeastern Victory, wrecked Tuesday on jthe treacherous Goodwin sands; . was . abandoned today, A siity-mile gale raged in the channeL The ship was bound from Galveston, Tex.,; to AntWerp, Rotterdam and Bremen with" 8,600 tons of general cargo including 10,000 crates of grapefruit I M r handicapped residents of Marion county." - ; ., ; Aged Man Spends Day Pondering Move for Eviction FT. WAYNE, Ind Dec. 25 (UP) William F. Smith, 76, today won dered if this will be the last Christmas he will spend in his! home-made shack in a dead-end street on the outskirts of town. The old man will know January 6 whether he has to move from the dwelling he constructed six years ago after removing mounds of cans, broken bottles and junk from a road closed to public use since 1848 Mr. Smith hadn't been in any one's way until Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Fryback tried to build a garage on their property and found that Smith's home blocked free entrance to their site. Mr. Smith said he didn't want to move to a county institution so long as he could provide for himself. ana Accepted bcottisn Kite, in September, 1944, and initiated in the same month in 1945, will receive the thirty-third-degree jewel. Dr. Rogers will receive the Grand Lodge award of gold in lieu of his fifty-year membership: in the Masonic Order. He received his degrees in the EllettsvUle Lodge December 10, 1895, and his membership was transferred to the Bloomington chapter August 4, 1896. John M. Hanna, worshipful mas ter of the lodge, will preside. MERRY CHRISTMAS To Our Patrons and Friends 4 W: MARKET Our ttst Year ESS Marsh & McLennan INCORPORATED AS IKniASA CORPOBATtOS ' ' INSURANCE 1507 MERCHANTS "BANK BLDG. Indianapolis 5IA RKET 4451 Arrests Follow Series of Bombings in Egypt CAIRO, Dec. 25 (UP) Government sources said today that new arrests related to five Christmas eve bombings might turn out to be the key to "the whole series of recent bomb explosions in Egypt." The sources said that "most of the bomb throwers" in hand grenade tossing incidents were under arrest. Two college students were arrested Tuesday night. They had a home-made bomb in their possession. AdTertiement) Rupture Sufferers (Hernia) Have tha appliances you've used failed to ; five per per support ana comioiir uu-dredj ot mflerera haT found our eoc- tinaoaa aprins SIRE-HOLD TECSS hold the roptare when others fafl? ' The SURE-HOLD TRUSS ia GUARANTEED TO FIT and to HOLD tomr RUPTURE! Let our fitters, with year cf experience I In the mechanical treatment I rupture. fit -roTx -with the proper truss. Private Fitting Roomi So Chine for eonsulta-' Uon! All Truaset reasonably priced! Remember. Hasp's Trusaea are GUARANTEED TO PIT! Don't delay, eaU today at H A AG'S 0t NORTH CmXOL AVEJTCE Bonds of the United States Government Ita Terrltarlea and Insular Paaaasslana- Municipal and Corporate Securities Real Zstate Bonds and Preferred Stocks Indianapolis Bond and Share Corp. 129 E. MARKET ST. ft- r 4

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