The Escanaba Daily Press from Escanaba, Michigan on May 4, 1939 · Page 10
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The Escanaba Daily Press from Escanaba, Michigan · Page 10

Escanaba, Michigan
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Thursday, May 4, 1939
Page 10
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THURSDAY, MAY 4,1989 IHK ESCANABA (MICH.) DAILY FHCSS fAQlNM Garden News Afc*Km play Garden, Mich.—The Senior play “Smart Boy” was presented Friday evening at the Rex Theatre to a full houae of appreciative H a * lenera. The entertainment of the evening waa ushered in by several numbers by the newly organized band under the direction of Charles Johnson of Kacanaha. llach number was enthusiastically received those played being: A March—"Its the Tops’; Dancing Hear, Waltz—"Moonlight Beach’*; "Knocking on the Door” and “Honor Guard” an Overture. The Barber Boy, Van Delorla, Dick nnd Louis Hermes and (Jordon Henfield sang between the first nnd second acts; Chari»** Johnson plaved an Instrumental at other intervals of the program. Of the characters In the play • ach nnd every one did a fine piece of acting. Henry and Abigail Walters played by Oordon lleafield and Muriel Gauthier who wefe the hotel keepers, were present throughout the whol»* nc- tion with their wholesome fun fnd depletion of small town life. I/Ouls Hermes made a capital »mart aleck. His brother Dick was tnanacer for the movie star. Doris Boudreau, who started out to belittle James Montgomery, the nephew of Hank and Ahble and wound up by falling In love with him, James, a studious hoy who produced a wonderful play, was portrayed by Van Delorla. l<eota Truckey was secretary to the star, and Janice Tatrow. the ever-pres- wlth her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Winter Sr. She returned here Monday. The Miss*'« lone Kauthen and Priscilla Farley of Manistlquc spent Sunday at their homes here. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Oardlpee of Pine Ridge. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Covey and daughter of Kscanaba were guests at the Ed. Lemlrande home Sunday. Mrs. lemlrande returned with the Oardlpecs to spend ten days with them. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rusmussen spent Sunday at the George Rasmussen home in Manistique. Mrs. Chester Winter, Mrs. Wm. Turpin and daughter. Mary I*ee of Manistique. were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Mary DoUch. Mr. and Mrs Wm. I^aBelle, daughter Kleanor Mae and Mr and Mrs. Paul Lamkey visited relatives in Munislng Sunday. Mrs. Joe Hynes, son Wlllinm. Mrs. Ernest Tatrow and Mrs. Wm. Kauthen visited relatives In Manistique Saturday. James Hennessey and friend of Kscanaba visited at the Cal Hennessey home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Cal Hennessey spent Friday in Kscanaba Alfred LaVnlle was a week-end visitor at the Soo Rapid River Rock News Rock, Mich — Mr. and Mrs Leo Bailey, Llovd Huff. Boh Bailey and Mrs. Jay Kleiber return ed Monday from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. George Christenson in Chicago. Miss Tslmi Norkooli of Chicago arrived Saturday for a visit Mr. and Mrs FAMILY VXIOX Rapid River—The home of Mrs. G. J. Duranceau at Masonville was the scene of a family gathering of the Tienert family, 8unday. All members were present except Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Tien­ ert of Detroit Those present included Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tienert and dauahter Katherine of Ensign, Mr. and Mrs Meddle Barbeau (Agnes Tienert) and Irma Tienert Mrs. Ton» Barnlng, Maud Tienert all of I)etrolt, Mr. and Mrs Art Tienert and son Dale, and Mr. and Mrs Hanning Und- berg (Nan Tienert) and two children, Mrs. Andrew Bar beau of Ensign, mother of Meddle Barbeau, was present. A delightful dinner wan served and all spent a very pleasant day. TOWNSE\l> CLt'R MEETS A meeting of Townsend Club No. 1 of Hapld River will be held at the Hapld River high school building Friday evening Major Nelson will be the main speaker, and entertainment will follow the address. VOM »01X3» auHAan GLADSTONE PHON* 32 RI ALT» BLOa CONFERENCE AT CHURCH TODAY Days River Bridge Religious Education Topic of Meet At M. E. Church Is « nt female In rearch of a man. Janet I<ester as Mrs, Squires, an • with her parents institution at the hotel, nearly John Norkooli. .«tole the show us she worked wonders for the timid James and was Instrumental In bringing his lalent to the fore. Nat Gill, holder of the mortgage on the hotel was well carried by William Horning who waa pressed into service the last w’eek of rehearsal becauae Melvin Beeck had to uo to the hospital for an operation. As the finale the whole cast sang “We’ve come a long way together”. The stage setting. the lobby of the hotel, was very realistic and was constructed by the boys of the claaa under the direction of Eddie I/a Motte who .supervised the play. DRIIMaK CLUB Mrs. William I* Bell« entertained the members of her bridge club at the home of her sister, Mrs. Nora Lester W’ednesday night. High and low scorera of the gamea were Mrs. Tom Truckey and Mrs. George Farley, the former receiving SO honors also. Mrs. Grant Truckey of Rapid River was a guest of the club. Mr. and Mra. Joe Farley, sons Bruce. Norval and Filton motored to Escanaba Wednesday to visit Mrs. Henry Jacobsen at the hospital. Mrs. John Txiwn and Mrs. WTm. Winter ,lr. spent Weduesday ini Escanaba. Ray E. Ranguette Mrs. Ernest cottHRe on Sohaawe*s Lakes Tatrow and son Norbert motored to Escanaba Thursday to visit Mrs. Ranguette at the hospital. The Oscar Lund family of Cooks visited relatives here Wednesday. Miss Mae Marmelick of Gladstone spent the week end with Jane Carlson and other friends. Harry Hall returned Monday from a motor trip through the east. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Salmi entertained the members of “Franks” basketball team at a dinner Sunday. Mrs. Chnrlio Lenti underwent an operation at St. Francis hospital E scanaha on Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Herman Johnson and daughter Shirley were Marquette visitors Saturday. The Royal Neighbors held a plowing program. The business meeting at the town hall'bridge being a small Church Service» Garden. Mich.—Sunday. May 7. St. John the Baptist—8:00 a. m. Mass; 7:30 p. m. Friday—May Devotions. Congregational—10:00 a. m.— Sunday school; 2:00 p. m.—Serv­ ices at Fayette; 4:00 p. m.— Services at Garden. Birthday Party Mrs. Josephine Baker waa honored by aeveral frienda Saturday on the occaaion of her birthday. The evening was spent in playing rarda and a delicious lunch was enjoyed. Flatting Now that the ice has gone from the bay. perch fishing is becoming the popular pastime. A large number of people from Manistique and Escanaba fished at Van’s Harbor Sunday. Alaskan Traveler Bruce, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Farley boarded the train at Manistique Tuesday evening for Seattle to arrive there Friday. Saturday he will leave on the “S. S Yukon” for Palmer, Alaska, where he will work in the gold mine aa last year. He expecta to viait San Franciaco before returning here in the fall. Briefs Edward Kauthen spent Satur- Aho, Tuesday evening Mrs. Verlle Basinet presided and at the conclusion Mrs. Lindstrom and Mrs. Lusardi served lunch Mr. and Mrs. Fred LeClalre. Donna LeClalre and Miss Marcia Kirby spent Sunday In Escanaba with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carlson. Mrs. Ed Huff is caring for her mother. Mrs. Murchie who is seriously ill in Rapid River. Ounnar Nygard sr. of Hermans- vllle visited with his brother, Fred Nygard Sunday. Herbert Westlund underwent an operation for appendicitis at St. Francis hospital, Escanaba Friday. Mr. and Mrs Charles Carlson I spent Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs M. Mathison at their i n^r Mrs. George Weingurtner, Mrs. Jay Kleiber, Mrs. Frank Trombly. Mrs. Charles Carlson and Mrs. Josie Carlson were among the Es- canaha shoppers Saturday. Miss Dorothy Larson was a guest at the home of Mrs Anna Novack in Escanaba Friday. Miss Irma Leppanen has returned from Escanaba. having undergone an appendectomy at St. Francis hospital. ROCK SCHOOLS Kindergarten — Jean Hansen. Rudy Kaminen, Allen Jokela, Mary I/oulse Jodocy, Shirley Johnson. 1st and 2nd grade—Ruth Po- sanki, Victor Birch, Delores Renard, Ellen Leppanen, Marie Ramseth, Jane I*aCosse. Darlene Hill, Leila Birch. I#orraine Gerou, Andrew Halonen, Evelyn Hill, Leslie Harju. 2nd grade—Elale Bjorn, Lucille Hansen. Virginia Hill, Beverly LaFave, Lionel LeClair, Ruth, Salmlnen. Dorothy Sara, Eino Tapola, Melvin Nynos 3rd grade—Alvin Bailey. Alleen Bailey, Wayne Cook. Mary Ann Chroge. Grace Gerou. Aileen Heino, Ruth Hallinen, Marie Theresa Jodocy, Gloria Kirby, Jack Larson. Shirley Lusardie. 4th A 5th grades- Ruth Bjorn, Harvey Beach, Laverne Dyberg. Richard Elo, Shirley Franklin Mathiaa Jodocy, Harold Jokela. Mary Larson, Elno Makl, Kenneth Maki, Shirley Mae Rolne, Paul Frank Heino, MILL BEGINS OPERATION The Stone Anderson saw mill commenced its season’s run Monday. The planning mill has been running for the past week. At preaent there are enough logs on ^ j hand to keep the mill running for ’ at least three months. The sawmill and yard work give employment to five men. It is expected more logs will be brought In later. I NMV\I> STEEL BEAMS A number of men of the Delta Co. road crew have been employed Saturday and .Monday unloading steel beams from flat cars on the Soo lino near the depot tracks. These beams are forty six feet long and weigh six tons each. In the work of unloading, a power shovel and trucks are being used. These beams are to be used in constructing a new concrete bridge over the Rapid River at Maplewood. replaclna what was known as the Fuhrlman bridge. The building of this concrete bridge Is a much needed improvement, especially In the winter's snow present wooden structure was not considered safe for the large, heavy snow plows which greatly hampered the cleaning of that road in the winter after a storm. OTHER NEWS ITEMS Robert Murchie has leased the place known as the Sloan property. south of the railroad tracks at Masonvllle and will move there to live. Mrs. Jennie Neveau who is living there at present will move back in the Ron* house which she formerly occupied. Art Tienert is preparing spruce logs for cabin purposes and may decide to use them in building tourist cabins. Herman Stenlund has purchased the Scott building on Main street south of Nels Westlinu s garage, and has taken off the upper story. He will replace the roof with a new one of different type and otherwise remodel the building for use. Mrs. day and Sunday with frienda in St. Ignace. Mrs. Henry Jacobsen and little son returned from the St. Francis hospital Monday with her father and will spend a few daya here. Among Escanaba ahoppers from here Saturday were Mrs. Charles Tatrow, son Robert, Mis.« Lenora Johnson. Mrs. Joe Du- sehene, Mrs. Beeck, Mrs. Fred Gauthier. Mrs. Charles Gauthier, Mrs. John Potvin Jr., Miaa Janice Tatrow, Mrs. Charles Winter, daughter Mata and son Vernon, Mrs. Heafield, daughter Cecily and son Gordon, Mrs. Ed Joque, Mr. and Mra. Stanley Joque, Mra. E. J. Purtill, daughter Mildred, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Winter and daughter Lynn, Mrs. Joe Farley, F. O. Tebo, and Miss Eva Fountain. Ray E. Ranguette spent the week-end at Escanaba where his wife is in the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Fallen and Mr. and Mrs. Remington of Nahma visited friends in Garden Sunday. Dr. McPhail of Manistique was a business caller here Friday. Mr. and Mrs. George Farley, daughter Joan and son Wayne were dinner guests at the Eugene Johnson home in Isabella Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Herlc and daughter Pat of Manistique spent Sunday at the E. J. Purtill home. Mrs. Robert McPherson of Rapid River left for her home Friday evening after spending some time Lampinen, Richard Lampinen. Oliver Lund. 6th grade—Theresa Chenail. Harold Heikkila, Jean Kirby. Keith Kleiber. 6th grade—James Bailey. V’iola Elo, Lillian Kangas. Lillian Kulju, Dorothy Nynas, Lillian Sara. Irene Seilo. Perfect Attendance Kindergarten — Denis Harju, Rudy Kaminen, Mary I^aChapelle, Mary LeClalre, Alice Leppins, Germaine Lippens, Harold Lusardi, Jeanette Martilla, Dorothy Rinard. 1st A 2nd gradea — Lorraine Gerou, Neal Hallinen, Evelyn Hill, Bernard LeClalre, Albert Lipplns, Marie Ramseth. Eather Ruotaula, Melvin Toyra, James Makela, Delores Hill, Marcel La Chapelle, Lorraine Reimer, Victor Birch. 2nd grade—Elsie Bjorn. Lois Carlson, Lucille Hansen, Miriam Helenius, Howard LaBelle, Beverly LaFave, Sylvia Marjonen, Laurel Manntie, Melvin Pellinen, Lloyd Reimer, Eino Tapola. 3rd grade—Robert Berg, Anna May Courtney, Clarence Norden, Clarence Nelson, Grace Gerou, Clarence Hall, Aileen Heino, Ruth Hallinen, Kenneth Hunt, Gloria Kirby, Irene Lippens, Margaret Lippins, Shirley Lusardie, Betty Lindstrom, Charles McIntyre, Marvin Millimaki, Raymond Moen. 4 th ft 5 th grades—lone Chenail, Laverne Dyberg, Richard Bio, Dorothy Johnson, Harold Jo- PERSONAI j S Mrs. R. J. Campbell and H. F. Horton, mother and grandmother, respectively. of Miss Mary Jean Campbell of the local high school, and Mr. and Mrs. Alex Jolly all of Menominee, visited with Miss Campbell Friday, enroll te from Sau It Ste. Marie to Menominee after attending a meeting of the Women's I’resby- terial society for Missions. Mr. and Mrs James Young and family of Menominee visited Sunday at the C. E. Hamilton home. C. E. Hamilton who has been employed in a drug store there for the past three weeks accompanied them and remained. Mrs. Margaret Whaple and Mrs. Myron Whaple went to Sault Ste. Marie Sunday where Mrs. Margaret Whaple will spent several weeks visiting her two daughters and their families, Mrs. John Kniskern and Mrs. Hattie McAllister, Mrs. Myron Whaple will return Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Groleau and two sons went to Menominee Monday to attend the funeral of their nephew', Hector Groleau, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Groleau of Eben Junction. Mr and Mrs. Ray Derosha and 5*1 l aUH Mr and Mrs. Angllum of Rexton Raymond ,u, -------- j ... hv the A conference on religious education will be held at the Meth- odlat Eplacopal church here this afternoon at the south sub-dlstrlct of the Methodist church. Delegations will be present from Gladatone, Eacanaha. Manistique. Menominee and Stephenson. During the past several months a courae of training has been conducted on the subject “The Children We Teach” and to Sunday school teachers who have succeas* fully completed the course certificates will be awarded. Certificates will be awarded by Dr. F. C. Poole, conference director. Miss IjOia Knight, district director, will assist in conducting the conference. The program: 4 p. m. Worship. Rev. Fred Matthews, aub-dlstrict chairman. 4:1ft p. m. “Resources for Building Christian Character." Dr. F. C. Poole. 4:46 p. m “The District Program.” Miss Lois Knight, a. The Institute, b. The Laboratory Summer School, c. Leadership Training 6:16-6:30 Round Table Conference on General Problems and Supplies, a. Securing and Training Teachers, b. Securing the I’se or Teaching Materials, c. Securing and Holding Pupils. 6:30 p. in. Supper. Ba< h delegation will bring their picnic supper. (Badstone will furnish coffee and tea. No charge. 7:16 p. m. Mr. Conan E. Fisher. presiding “Christian Education In the United Church.” Dr. F. C. Poole. Discussion. 8 p. m. “The Church Goes Forward.” Dr. Poole. A Stereopticon Lecture. 9 p. m. Adjournment. Kipling Home Be Club Holds Final Meeting Of Season The Home Economics club of Kipling held their last meeting of this season Thursday afternoon, April L’7, at the town hall Fifteen members and one visitor was present. The business of the meeting was the election of officers for th« coming season. The officers elect ed were Leaders Mrs. Exlor Beau champ and Mrs. Wilbur Cowell alternate leader is Mrs. Sylvia Goodman; chairman, Mrs. Norman Harris; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Harvey Cowell; recreation leader. Mrs Charles Riley. A lesson in The Background of a Boom was given by the leaders. Plans were made for Achievement Day at Rapid River. At the close of the meeting a pot luck lunch was served. The new shown here. brtd|(e crossing the Days river at the golf course is Announce Program For Conference Of Covenant Churches -Dilli Pr«i Phal« Heart Attack Takes Arthur Katzer, 39, Milwaukee Worker Social Commercial Club Planning Banquet The Commercial club of Gladstone high school is planning a banquet to be held on .Monday night. May 16, at the Chicken Shack, Conan E. Fisher announces. Members of the club and senior high faculty members are eligible to attend. A program for the event is now being arranged. Dancing will follow the dinner. Helen Le« Alguire is chairman of the committee in charge. Assisting her are Ellen Marble and Mariam Weingartner. Arthur, 39. Milwaukee' employe of the Arnovitr Iron and Metal Co., nlso of Milwaukee, was found dead in his bed at the W. S. Skellcnger residence on South Seventh street here Wednesday morning Dr. O. S Unit county coroner, who was called, declared that the death was due to a heart attack. The body was taken to the Swenson Brothers funeral home to be prepared for burial Relatives of the deceased were to come to Gladstone Wednesday evening to accompany the body to Milwaukee It was said that Katzer is survived by a wife and several children in Milwaukee. Katzer failed to get up when called on Wednesday morning and Invest igation revealed that he was dead. He had been employed for a short time in salvage operations of the Milwaukee concern at the flooring plant yards here. Gladstone Players Lead Rapid River In Smear Matches Gladstone smear players defeated Rapid River, i)66 to !*!>(), in the first round of play between teams from the two towns held Tuesday night at Rapid River. Seventy- two men played for each town. Refreshments were served following play. The next round will be held at All Saints parish hull next Tuesday night Rapid River Pierce Arrows 71*. Anderson Bros. 7S, Creamery »>i<. Smelters 69. Soo Line 63. Scrubs 60, Forestry f»*», Gen. Builders 66, Con­ servations fiT», Volunteers 64, Drivers 62. Meat Cutters 61, Teamsters 4 9. Cash Way 44. Rapid River 4 4, All Stars 3K, City Service .’Kl. Total f*r*o. Gladstone Art Mineau 76. Win. Ducheny 75. Norman Harris 7 2. Pete De- llooge 72, Lee Alworden 62. Marvin Ducheny 61, Wm. LaCrosse 61, Clarence Royer C> 1, Fred Blanchard 58, Peter Standing 67. Elmer Caron 6tJ, Art Minne 65, Joe Louis 66. Carl Schenk 4 7, Alphonse Creten 4 3, James Cannon 37, Oscar Wilmotte 7. Total—966. Honored An enjoyable post - nuptial shower party was held Tuesday evening at the Edmund Germaine home on Delta avenue, complimentary to Mrs. George Kennedy, the for m e r Miss Genevieve Schratn. Five hundred, Chinese checkers and bunco were the diversions of the evening. Awards were received as follows: five hundred. Miss (Jermaine Minne, high, Mrs. Gus D c II ook I io , consolation, Chinese checkers, Mrs Elliott Germaine, high, Mrs. Aarou Jahnke, low. bunco, Mrs. Clyde Berry, high, and Mrs. John Kennedy, low, door award, Mrs. Louis Srhroin. Tasty refreshments were served concluding the evening and the guest of honor was presented with many beautiful gifts Party arrangements were made by Miss Regina Germaine. Pisa bello News City Briefs arrived Saturday called by critical illness of Mrs. Archie Murchie. Howard Labumbard who teaches at Woodlawn arrived home last Wednesday. High water and impassable roads necessitated the closing of his school for a short time. , . The Thursday Bridge club was entertained last Thursday by Mrs. Wm. Brown at her home at the Ranger’s station, Mrs. D. L. erson received high score, Mrs. Leslie Doty, low and Mrs Morris Strong, travelling prize. A dainty lunch was served. kela, Anita Hestila, Reno Hestila, Cecelia Verbrigghe, William Berg Raymond Lampinen. Richard Lampinen, Edwin Kivioja, Leo Koski, Elda LaBelle. Clement La Chapelle, Mary Lippens, Eino Maki. Kenneth Maki, Paul Aho, Frank Heino, Richard Moen, Martin Muchonen, Oliver Lund, Frank Reimer. 6th grade—Violet Aho, Thereso Chenail, Ella Halme, Harold Heikkila. Florllla Hill, Jean Kirby, Marian Linjalo, Teresa Taft. 6th grade—-James Bailey, Ora Beach, Viola Elo, Edward Halonen, Lillian Hill, Edith Jokinen, Lillian Kangas, Mildred Kivioja, Lillian Kulpi, Celeste LaChapelle, Clarence Lusardie, Joseph MacNamee, Eleanor Marttila, Erma Norden, Dorothy Nynas, Lillian Sara, Irene Seilo, Delbert Seppar nen. Isabella, Mich—Mr. and Mrs. Rert Cox, daughter Ixds and Margaret Klinger of Escanaba visited Sunday at the Herman Freytag home. Mrs. Elmer Hall, and Mrs. Ruth Peterson were Escanaba shoppers Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Erickson and son John David moved Sunday into the home which was recently vacated by the Gus Moberg family. Herb Wester, Miss Signe Lundgren and Roy Wester attended the show at Gladstone Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Kallin and daughter Idabelle of Escanaba visited at the Arvid Sundin Jr. home Sunday. Miss Pearl Whitman of Manistique is now employed at the Art I.arschield home. Miss Clare Pelland of Cheboygan spent the week eiid at the Allan Snow home. Mrs. Leo Nadeau, daughter Joyce, Mrs. George Beveridge, and Mrs. John Turek of Nahma spent Friday in Escanaba. Mrs. Germaine Ilonifas returned with them after spending the w’eek in Escanaba at the Isaac Bonifas home. Jake Voilmer of I^ake Linden spent the week end at the George Beveridge home. Mrs. Oscar Ehlln and son Roy were Escanaba ahoppers Monday. Mrs. Arvid Sundin Jr., Mrs. John Greene, Mrs. Ellen Groleau and Mrs. Ruth Peterson visited Tuesday at the Frank Holmquist home in Trenary. Mrs. Wilbert Groleau. Mrs. Germaine Bonifas, Mrs. George Beveridge, Mrs. Arvid Sundin Jr. and Mrs. Ruth Peterson expect to leave Friday morning to visit over the week end at Lake Lin- Dell Jean Wilbee, student of the Augustana hospital, Chicago, has arrived for a visit at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilbee, Wisconsin avenue. Mrs Ed Skoog, children Leroy and Gloria and Mr. and Mrs. A. Hutchinson and baby of Manistique visited Sunday at the Roger L. Smith home, Wisconsin avenue. Francis Stitt, Battle Creek. Mich., is visiting at the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Stitt, Central avenue. Mrs. George Beaudry was admitted to the St. Francis hospital yesterday morning for medical attention. Miss Delores Augustson has returned from Iron Mountain where she has been spending the past two months with relatives. She was accompanied on her return by Mr. and Mrs. John Aim who spent the week-end at Iron Mountain. Girls’ Diamondball To Be Started Here Girls’ diamondball will again be a feature of the WPA recreation service here and a league is to be formed under the direction of Dorothy Kanne, recreation directress. A meeting of all girls interested in the sport is being called for tonight at 7:30 o’clock at the recreation center on Minnesota avenue. Grocery Shower Mrs Bertha Freeland entertained at a grocery shower on Tuesday evening at her residence ou Minnesota avenue complimenting her niece, Miaa Dorothy Van Horn whose marriage to Arthur W. Olson. son of Mr. and Mrs. Werner Olson. 1322 Eighth avenue south, Escanaba. is taking place on Thursday. May 11. Cards featured the evening's diversion with first honors going to Elsie Beauchamp of Escanaba and low to Mrs, Bertrand Beauchamp. also of Escanaba. A special award went to Dorothy VanHorn. Luncheon was served concluding the evening, and a large assortment of groceries was presented the honored guest. Swedish Club Will Observe Arbor Day Observance of Arbor Day in Gladstone is to be inaugurated by the Swedish club with a program next Monday at the city park. The Swedish club some years ago adopted tree planting in the, now park area in Gladstone as one of its objectives. William Nelson, one of the charter members of the organization, was the originator of the idea. The first trees were planted in 193 7. and the program was followed up again last year, and additional trees are being planted again this spring. The committee in charge has consisted of Mr. Nelson, Helmer Skogquist and E. C. Olson, and assistance has been given from time to time by other members of the club. Hilding Granberg. Ted Ohlen and Eric Lindahl have given active assistance. Through arrangements with the city commission, a portion of the park area was set aside for the «•lull project. The trees have been given careful attention and show a healthy growth. The club has arranged for a program to be given at the park next Monday evening at 7 o'clock to which the public is invited A. T. Sohlberg will act as chairman and William Brown of the I’. S. Forest Service will be the principal speaker. The program will include music by the Gladstone high school hand, and Joseph l.a- Framboise, who has taken interest in the project from its inception, has been asked to give a short talk. There will be a reading by Mrs. Hagle Quarnstrom and a dedication of the park area and unveiling of the plaque by Milton Berg, mayor of Gladstone. Program will be concluded by singing of “America” led by Noble Swenson. Committee in charge of arrangements consists of Torval Kallerson, Ed Larson and John Strand. The 53rd annual conference of the tippet Michigan District Association of the Kvangellcal Mission Covenant rhurch of America and a semi-annual meeting of the Min isterial association is to be helrl in the Evangelical Covenant church at Escanaba May 10-14 The annual meeting of the rp- per Michigan district of the Cove nant Woman's Auxiliary Is also to be held during that period. Axel Berglund and A*ei Ost lund are delegate« of the Mission Covenant rhurch to the district conference. Alternate delegates are Rev C. V. S. Engstrom. pastor of the local Mission church, and S (J. Nelson. The Ministerial Conference Wednesday, May 10— 7:46 p m. Oreetlngs, Rev. Wm. Hultman. Conference Sermon. Rev. J. O. Gustafson. Thursday. May 11 — 9 a m. Devotional Period, Rev C. V S. Engstrom. 9:30 a. m. Business Session. Ministerial Association. 11:00 a. in. Lecture, Rev. Otto Nelson. “What can Christians learn from the present world crlali.” Discussion. i! p. m. Devotional Period, Rev. Irving Carlson. 2:30 p. m. Lecture, Rev. Th. Clemens. “Characteristlea of the Christian church in the Apostolic age.” 3:10 p. m. Lecture, Rev. J. O. Lonnquist. "Do present trends in our churches tend toward isolation.” < Positive and negative sides presented). Discussion. 4 30 p. in. Businesa Session Contin ued. IMatrlct Conference 7:46 p. m. Conference Sermon, Rev. A. G. Ekluud. Sermon, Rev. H. W. Eklund. Friday, May 12— 9 a. in. Devotional Period, Rev J 11. Hanson. 9:30 a. m. Annual meeting of the Upper Michigan District Con ference. Friday, May 12-— 2:00 p. in. Memorial Service, i In memoriam of late Rev John A. Carlson ). Vocal Solo. Rev. Carl Peterson Scripture Reading, Rev. J. H Lundgren. Silent Meditation. Address. Rev. Otto Nelson. Prayer. Rev. Paul Nygren. PAST MASTERS TO BE HONORED Masons to Also Observe 50th Anniversary of Lodge Past Masters’ Night will be observed on the night of Wednesday. May 17. at the Masonic hall by Gladstone I«odge No. .196. F. A A. M , it was announced yesterday by Walter Tang, chairman of the committee In charge. Stephen Collick of Ishpeming will be the gueat speaker. The fioth anniversary of the organization of the Gladstone Lodge will also be observed at the time. Lodge 396 was organized In 1899 and J N. Collins was the first Worshipful Master Aino Karjala will receive a past master's ring at the observance with presentation being made by Past Master Cecil Jones Members of lodges at Eacanaha. Manistique and Stephenson and probably other cities or towns will be invited to attend the observance here. Briefly Told Prayer Service—The woekly prayer service of the Goapel Tabernacle will be held at 7:30 o'clock this evening at the Slgsr Swenaon home. Ladles’ Aid—-The* Ladles* Aid society of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will meet at 2: SO o’clock this afternoon in the church parlors. Prayer Service—^he weekly prayer service of the Latter Day Sainta church will be held at 7:45 o'clock this evening In the church parlors. I’nlted Workers *The regular meeting of the United Workera will be held at 7:30 o'clock this evening at the Labor hall. m • • Boy Scoots—Troop 6«, Boy Scouts, will meet at their regular meeting place In the Firat Ward polling house tonight at 7: So o’clock. • • e Ladles’ Aid—The Ladies’ Aid society of St. Martin’s Lutheran church. Rapid River, will meet at 2:30 o’clock this afternoon at the home of Mrs. Charles Porath in Rapid River. « • • Dorcas Society—The Dorcaa society of the First Lutheran church will meet with Mrs. Loyal Hanson at the Hanson home tonight at 8 o’clock. • • • YP Fellowship—The Young Peoples’ Fellowship of the First *:». p. m. Buxines, *>m«m to „ ,,„t rhur,.h wlll meet ,t be Continued. 3:30 p. tn. Lecture, Rev. Charlea Carlson. “The Reality of Our Resurrected Saviour an Inspiration.” 7 : 41» p. m. Service. Sermon. Rev. Isaac Skoog. Sermon. Rev. J. H. Lundgren. Auxiliary Meeting 10 h in. Business Session. 2 p. m. A program will be sponsored . Sunday Services 9:30 a. m. Sunday Scholo. Address, Rev. Carl Peterson. 10:45 a. m. Morning Worship. Sermon (Swedish), Rev. J. O. Gust afson. 7:30 p. m Evening Service. Sermon, Rev. Carl Peterson. Sermon, Rev. J. O. Gustafson. o'clock tonight. • • # Ladles' Aid—The Ladies' Aid society of the Mission Covenant church will meet this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Mrs. John Larson will be hostess. Want Ada will get you resalta. Truck Drivers Are Warned By Police Against Speeding Warning to truck drivers that speeding on thoroughfares of the city must cease immediately was issued yesterday by the Gladstone police department. Authorities said that there will he no more warnings or chances and that any drivers found exceeding the speed limits will be arrested and prosecuted. Personal _To Fat Girls_ Now you can alim down your face ud figure without strict dieting or baek-br«aking fxireiiei. Juat eat sensibly and take 4 Mar- mole Tablets a day, according to tke directions. Marmola Tablet* hare been told te tke public for more than thirty yean. More than twenty odllion boxes have been diotributed during that period. Marmola is not intended as a eure-ail for all ailments. This advertisement is iateaded only for fat peraons who are normal aad healthy otherwise and whose fatness Is caused by a reduction in the Mcretion from the thyroid gland (hypo-thyroidisns) with accompany inn subnormal metabolie rate*. No other representation is made as to thi« treatment except under these conditions and according to the dosage as rerommended. We do not niuke any diagnosis as that i* the function of ynur physician, who must hr consulted for that purpose. The formula i* included In every package. Start with Marmola today and win the slender lovely figure that la rightfully yours. Large Amount Of Smelt Are Shipped More than 14 tons of smelt were shipped out through the Railway Express office during April, according to Lawrence Johnson, manager. This was not the entire amount but the major portion of the month’s shiptnents. In the group which Johnson den at the home of Mrs. William I cited were 381 shipments totaling Bonifas. I 28,042 pounds. Dory Spearers Are Nabbed By Officers Ward Johnson of Rapid River pleaded guilty to possession ol' wall-eyed pike illegally taken from the waters of Lake Michigan and was sentenced by Justice Alger Strom to pay a fine of $5 and costs of prosecution amounting to $9.50. Soren Holm, city, was arrested Monday night on the Whitefish River and will be arraigned on a charge of using a light and spear to illegally take wall-eyed pike. The arrests were made by Conservation Officers Allan Tweedy and Oscar Sundquist of Rapid River. Junior Baseball Team To Practice Practice for the WPA recreation junior baseball team will be held this afternoon after school All members of the team or interested in junior baseball shoul • report to Gordon Haga at the diamond. A game with the sophomore high school team has been scheduled for Friday night after school Remember! Kvery Night Kvcept Monday Dancing and Floor Show At The SWALLOW INN RAIMI) 1UVKR (ilve your friends or guests a special treat any night. Bring them here to t pper Michigan’s prettiest night club. Slingshot Contest Saturday, May 13 A slingshot contest is to be held among youths of the city on Saturday. May 13, it was announced yesterday by Jos. Poulin, WPA recreation leader. The shoot is to be held on the bluff and the winner will be the youngster who at 4 0 feet can knock a can off a post the most times in 10 triea. Wedding Dance DUTCH MILL SAT., MAY 6 Given By Woodrow Johnson and Jean Martin of Rapid River Music By Myron Moore & Orch. Adm. 15 Cents Dl ALT aia I t . a. ■ , n.n 1 < I»«jniii ii« Last Times Tonight ^ Bargain Show 15 * Children 10c Bargain Hit Äo. 1 MIOVVIl at 7:00 and 0:90 p. ni. — Bargain Hit No, 1 ■— SHARPSHOOTER* BRIAN DONL1VY LYNN BARI WALLY VERNON m Shown at 8:20 p. m. OXLY

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