The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 28, 1934
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United Press VOL. XXXI—NO.'218 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TH, DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of N OKTH«A ff , ^^ j^^S^bf* * ^lAJ ?? kj New , ocurt»r Heuid BL-YTMRVILLR, ^A R KANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, NOVBMBEH 28, I MM LFflCrMSON FOUND SLAIN Fat Harrison Sees Bonus Compromise mm DEIS -^==—^—~~---~--^~^~ ——- Gives Views on Congress Program Following Conference With Roosevelt WASHINGTON, Nov. 28 (UP) — Chairman' Pat Harrison -of the senate finance -committee, 'returned I from • "conferences' with President Roosevelt at Warm Springs, said today he believes a satisfactory compromise could be readied on the bonus issue through payment of the bonus lo ex- service men in actual need. In an hmir's general press conference Harrison said: 1,— He believed a bonus " coin'-' . promise could tie reached and that- congress would . uphold the president in any program lie de- elded upon. : 2.— That liquor Import duties should be reduced. 3.— That he believes there would be no general increase ill taxation. •*.— Thai, he thought old age . pension legislation .should IJD enacted-, immediately. 5.^-That there would be no new monetary legislation. 6 -— That farm prices ought lo go higher. ' .1.— That the' administration was convinced a definite upturn In business was In progress. 8.— That liberalizing credit was an immediate need in the recovery program: 9.— That there would be general Xowerlng of Income u T_ _- ^.., ^i»»i & ui I.Ill_Ui.HC IUX .Brackets (p cover low incomes _ The _£enys_ queillon,, is being considered from every angle Harris said 'If proponents of the bonus would agree that only those need payment Tuberculosis Seals Will Arrive by Plane The annual sale of uiueruii- losls seals will be started here tomorrow with the nrrlvnl of the:seals in a national guard airplane. The plane will lie met by Mayor Cecil glume, Russell Phillips, president of the !oe:i) Chamber of Coimncrc; ' add Rotary club, and Marcus Evrard. president of the Lions club. Representing the city of Bly- lhev:11°, they will accept the teals during the short slay ol the hlrplane, which is to visit a number of older cities hi the state. ..•'•;'• Where Uncle Sam TO^id 'His Next; $22,000,000 U. S. Must Maintain Five to Three Supremacy Says Vinson , WASHINGTON, Nov. 28 (UP)— lepresenlfltlvc Carl. Viiisoii <Deni:, Ga.), chairman of thft 'ho'i" navi affairs committee, sifd today he vould demand that congress appropriate funds to build fivn wir- hips for every three constructed by Japan if Japan Insists on scraping the Washington', naval reaty. - -, : • : ;.- Vlnson said his committee will demand that the five-five-threc laval ratio now in effect, among Great Britain, the "United".-States and , Japan -be maintained.,-.'' ' All hough:. .Vinson', - hoped ' Japan ouW reeede.'-.lfi/tefarJv-"' - •-.••• , inr«ni.lly i||i|ii- 0 v«rt Is shown ill tllfi ?22,000, (J ,J, J ,>, <:Ml;k „„,„ Today's Markets New York Cotton Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. 28. (UP)- Cottou closed steady. Dec. ... Jan, .. Jar. ... May ... July ... open high . lov, 1 close 1254 1263 1260 1266 1269 1275 5265 . 1270 1227 1239 12S3 1261 12G9 1274 1227 1269 1214 1210 1238 "This c'ofrnfry cannot grant•• naval parity to Jap^an 'even at the >nce of wrecking «&.,. treaties, -It my . treat' i I Invent W'e rea- glV ™ ^mediate, ies can be cohtlriiie'i 'If they 'are nt th " mediately lion. , the slightest not, however, I Wl " the legisla Billy Games' Luck Still Holding Good -Hi L. "Billy" court' clerk anci Games, circuit elect, hasn't lost the , county assessor luck that ... _ .„,„ vn<_ IUV-IS, lllUif has made him the envy of. other courthouse officials and just plain citterns as .'well.'. Gaines 1 latest - achievement was the winning • pf a. ..Thankspivliv turkey raffled off yesterday The story of oilier feats attributed to "' ' -••••• sons. is. long. ._ , and : other reo- Two yeavs ago Gaines and his wife won three turkeys via draws snooting contests and .the like. At the Demcorattc pHmary last summer Gaines on the party nomination and subsequent election without opposition after an avowed candidate failed, to qualify at the last minute. He had also gained the office of county clerk in the post without opposition. Other achievements make a long story. Young Negro Leader "New Deal" Enthusiast W. R. Fair-ley, young North Caro- ina negro;whose -published tribute o President Franklin D'..Roosevelt has been.accepted'for:use In the schools of Mississippi and of Mem- P^'rti , !K ?'y lhevl| te for a feu- days lo distribute copies of the tribute snd perhaps to lay the foundations here for the establishment of a Roosevelt Democratic club among negroes. 5 Pairley, a graduate of Tuskegec Institute, is convinced that negroes of the south can best serve their awn interesls and that of the section in which they live by supporting the Democratic party and particularly Ihe Roosevelt administration. He has organized a Democratic club among Memphis negroes nnd hopss to develop a soutii-wide organization, WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair, colder J" north portion, probably frost 'onight. Thursday partly cloudy, ni M phls alld vicinity—Fair 'to'"?"'• Thursday cloudy, rain and colder Thursday.night. v 0 Tt=t, mDxlmum temperature here «sterrt™ w ^ M nl | nlmum so> of rainfall, and commit encan program;-for the ' construction of five-tons, of'fighting vessels for every .'three-Japan" builds." Services at Memphis for " i. Virgie Roi Stricklin Funeral services were held nt Memphis yesterday for Mrs Virgie Roc Stricklin, of RaHgh Springs, Tenn., .who died at n Memphis hospital' Monday. Burial was made at the Memphis Memorial cemetery. She was reared in' this city and was well known among'those who have lived In': Blytheville for number of years. She is survived by her husband Charles Slricklin, ttirje children her mother, Mrs. E. P. Roe, formerly of here and now of Memphis, one sister, Mrs. Ed Cral* of this city, 'and two brothers' Ernest, formerly of here and 'now of Memphis, and Mack, of 1.05 Angeles. • Recovers Doctor's Kit But Loses His Pistol Arch L!ndse£ deputy sheriff, I" someone else a good turn today and ' was a loser himself ns n- -result. . . Arch d ug a cas< , „; physician's instruments put of the mud In a diteh near n dirt road off Hi-h- "— 61, south of Blytheville. where the case had been llileves who stole a hidden Hor by NEW YORK, Nov. 20. (UP)—A spurt in utilities |'n the final hour of trailing on the slock exchnnje 1263 1266 1261 l'fi» i tOday nel P ecl tn « entire' market 1210 1273 1267 1270 I , VhiC !l V *""" * l ™ ng '" tlle ^ .„,.« .« n ^ .__. her dealings. - A. T. and T. .....,..:. 108 1-2 - Anaconda Copper Bsth. Steel ...... Chrysler Cities Service ...'. Spots closed steady at ]285, up 10. New' ^Orleans NEW .ORLEANS, NoVi .28..'(UP) ^--Oldicrop positions 'moved up'' a half dollar a bale oh the New Orleans' cotton exchange today ivhlW October' showed a gain of 15 cents a bsle. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July, Oct. opefi high low close, .. 1255 1261 1255 1201 ',. - 1267, 1267 1264 1267 .. 1279 1277 1209 1273 .. 1270 1278 1270 1270 ..' 1265 1270 1264 1270 1227' 1243 1227 1242 "'Gifti.'- Arii: : 'Tahk : ''..'. Gen. Electric ...... Oen. Motors Int. Harvester .....' Montgomery Wnrd -N. Y..Central-, n . 31 3-8 , 39 1-4 .. l.S-8 ' m "'!' .. .... ...... _„ Packard : ____ • ..... " 4 ''' ' ' , 20 1-2. 32. 7-8 38 29 3-4 22 1-2 Spots' closed steady at 1291, Up 9. Chicago Wheat open high low close , Dec. 99 1-2 100 5-8 99 1-2 99 3-4 May 99 1-8 100 1-4 99 1-8 99 3-8 Phillips Pet. ...... .. Radio I..'......;........ Simmons Bods . ____ Standard of N. J. ..... Texas Co ....... . ..... •. U. S. Steel ...... MeKcsson-Rottbins ____ Zonttc ____ . ____ .'. U. S. Smelting, ...'.'.'.'.'. 15 :' 56 1-8 ' 43 1-8 21 7-8 . 38 3-8 . 1 3-4 'l!8 1-4 Sail to Probe Island Deaths Chicago Corn open high 89 3-8 fft 3-4 87 3-4 88 7-8 low close 89 1-8 89 7-8 87 5-8 88 1-4 DEC. May Planetarium to Show Famed Donati Comet PHILADELPHIA. (0p'> _ plaa'; -for a miRiel of the famous Donali Comet have been complelcd and next, year it will be added to the fY?ls Planetarium at the Franklin Museum. . The'. Zelss Optical Works at J*na, Germany, w m construct, the device with funds contributed by Samuel s. Pels, who contributed the planetarium to the museum. When it is completed a perfect demonstration of how the Donati Comet last appjnred in 1853 will be given In 20 minutes. The device also will add to the reality of the *"' *"' which represents a t "iv,^ n jiuujL-jivicei ijjiiijumjjiuii, waicn tors car and abandoned the starry sky on a ctsar machine near here. . While Arch was busy unearthing tho doctor's kit someone else f l " }c . h1 '' ,- 38 "libre pistol .and holster left in his C ar several hundred yards away Steinmetz Indicated for Murder^oTWife, Priest NEW YORK, Nov. 28 (UP) _ Joseph L. Steinmetz, former Los Angeles divinity student, was in- (.Icted by .the county grand jury 'oday on charges of first degree murder In connection with the laying of his 17-year-old wife and Rtman Catholic priest Mt , whom he found her. Bank Offers Bonus for Promptly-Paid Mortgages (UP)—An eight and one - third p»r cent bonus for prompt, 1 payment of motith-lo- monlh , mortgages has boen announced by the Society for Savings bank here. The bonus amounts to a one~-lialf of one per cent reduction on'the 6 per cent Interest rate. The Discount will be applied on mortgages at the end of the term and -wl.11 make possible Ihs paying o(T ot.'a mortgage In II years in- stcad.'of the usual 12. *eth l *e«Ui e , Arkansas Allotted $2,251,890 for Relief WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 (UP)— The federal emergency relief administration today, allotted $130.- o- 345,411 for December relief | kansas was al)QU(!d -III bJ no Issue of tlic Ar Ar i No Courier Thursday There w 1 ... „. ..„ ..„ Courier News Thursday. FolJoiving Us annual custom tli5 Courier News will suspend publi- calion on Thanksgiving nay In or' '•"- or the stall and Every ''Heck" and "Davn" Puts Money in Dormitory Treasury . LAWRENCE, Kan. (OP)—T h e price of swearing Is going iip on the University of Kansas campus Riong; withcthc cost of,living.:' *.' And (he co-eds-wlid'-llv'o in Cor-' bin Hal), women's dormitory, are planning a real.-party with profits of ths upturn. - .- ' :J- It seemsHhat thc'mlltl "darnll" which once.was a sufficient'outlet for nuger over a run In a liew pair of.hose was being abandoned for v bigger and better' words. The better element decided steps had to be taken. So n candy box wns deposited In a c?ntral location and each girl pledge to put In it the stipulated price for each outburst of profanity. It's all on the honor system and there are rumors that some of grows apace. The price list: Damn lc Dam ... Hell ' lc Heck ...,-.. Gosh darn .... lc Golly ...... The devil ... Ic Judas Priest losh '.Jc (Censored) «oi] Or variations inc Lord or variations Year lias Brought Benefits to Agriculture in Spite of Drouth WASHINGTON, Nov. 2fl:(UP)- Tho men who raised thn turkeys, pumpkins, pigs, corn nnd the vest of the fare for •- the, nation's Tlmnksslvhn! dinners hnvo .tlicin- selves ninny Hems', to be thankful for today. Among; them: 1.—IncrtMiKe of nearly n billion i.'ollurs In farmers cash Income so far In 1934, , i 2.—About $7:18,000,000 from October crop ami livestock market- ings, AAA iieiiellt payments, and drouth cattle purchases. 3.—Morp than hall a billion In lion uses lliroiiBh )K!3 nnd 1034 crop control programs. 1.—Some $1,500,000,000 In loans advanced through the fnnn credit administration, As millions of fnrjji families made ready the holiday feast 'the liuremi of agricultural economics supplied sauce for their dessert (vllh'the announcement that from January lo November—despite ravages of nn unprecedented drouth— they hurt taken Ir, $5,045,000,000 fn last 'year's period cash farm income was ?4,099,0 00,000, $11,190,837 In.Cotton Payments WASHINGTON,^,Nov.,;S8 (UP.) — The AAA today reported paymenti by states totaling 811,100,887 as of Novemlicr 17 to cplton growers participfttlne In .tile 1934 ,'conlro program; . • • • •'•,:-. Arkansas -farmers were paid S7 001,443. '- • . . ,.••;" -; • Cotton farmers of Missouri have received 5838,440. :.;•.,'' , Tills County First Mississippi county, leails all the counties of the United States in benefit payments under the 1034 cotton adjustment program, It Is revealed In today's announcement by' the AAA. ' Rental payments lo farmers in Ihls county up to November 22 totaled $801,995,29. -When rental payments have been made Missis" ....u i.ini, .m; juiijuj.5 nun some 01 i-" i }i»i.i»& jjjivt 1 ueen niuue jvilssls- the girls are 'way behind in iheir slppl county cotton growers will payments, but even so the fund lmvc received In excess of $1,200.000 for their cooperation In the cotton adjustment: program. , au Payments In this county up to ij c November 22 Included $258,654.12 ij c in first rental payments and $117,5 C 830.76 In second rental payments In the district of the -— - - » 5c county and $251,068,35 Iri first lomuinatlons no less than 6c 1 ' cl >'a 1 payments and $173,935.47 In „,.., __ ..•__,_.,_.._ 6e second rental payments-.In the Csceola district of the county. Hollvar County Second .... u .. u ..,j UWV.UIIU ItJI. ILIU.WImlEM ptljlllllt.ll O\ UlC of Education ' Second "> 'volume of benefit Joint contract and compares irlth navi * ""• "-" "'- - 40 per cent reduction this year. • enjoy a one-day.hol- Mystery of two deaths on Malcliena Island In the Soutli Pacinc and mysteries of science will be investigated by an expedition commanded by Capt. (!. Allan Hancock, Los Aiigolea capitalist. Including 10 scientists, headed by Dr. Waldo I. Sehmilt, Hancock, left, and ScKmllt being shown here 43 they Balled from California, •' Traccs School Collapse MTTU3 ROCK, Nov. 28 (UP) — Statistical Information and sug- Restlons for educational 'legislation were sent bv the department of education today to the three committees named to work out hp program to kp presented (o the general assembly In January. The Informal ion was sent lo :ommlttees of the Arkansas Edii- Mllon Association, the Arkansas 'areni-Teachcr n.'/roclJitlon, nnrt Ihe Arkansas Board of Education, legislation which laid the foundation for di" breakdown of the Arkansas public school system \s outlined In Ihr Information forwarded today. The breakdown began In 191G. _____ _ .._ ..... „ 22 in nearby northeast Arkansa and southeast Missouri counties follow: Mississlpnl, was third with $651,-' 534.16. Next in order were three per acre Texas counties, Williamson, Ellis and Hill, each with an excess of 8500,000. TVA Pq-wer Sale Hit By U. S. Qpiirti niRMINQIIAM, Ala,,, Nov. 28 (U 'I—The Tennessee Vnllcy Alilhoi- --y hn? t>9 right to ilcvelop pa«-r lor sale In competition' \vllli olhoi power' companies, Federal Jiiclgi William i. cii'iihb ruled loiln'y, _Judgc Orubb's decision struck r.l (lie h«irl of the eiilfic Tcmtefsfo Vulley Authority's prom am when hi> ruled Hint Ihc "power aspect' The federal juclj^ held that "Jhe solution of the question tin pcnds upon Iho extent of Hits program in this respect," lie 'nil. ;tl that tho valley authority hail the right to, dispose of- "surplus jiowcr" Incidental to Ihe, development of'navigation and flood control work. Judge Chubb handed down tin- decision together with -A ruling: against n motion .of the TVA for the dismissal of a pcll- llon asking for nn injunction prohibiting (he Alabama Power company Irani gelling $2.200,0(10 worth of Its propsrtlc.s In norlhenst Alabama to the milhnrlty. Government \Vill Rent 9,000.000 Acres of Got, ton Lapel in 1935, •:/ •WASHINGTON, Nov.' 28. (UPJ — Secrolary of Agriculture Henry A Wallace today gave Ihe AAA voluntary cotton, 1 ! ctmtrpl phviy nl least-i- imoHicr.£y'flEr,". pf : ,,11^ ',: : b\ nrpelnfmljijt. • ri , lQ3fi iirogVam to limit planting io'Tf) per. cent : ; ol Ihe niiniml nwage during .-the five years 1928-32, The approximate goal under new program, the second half of a ."two year plan" fov \cotton. is 31.000,000 acres. . Assuming Ihnl producers Ihe \vlio Joint did not elect to 1034-35 contracts will plant, an additional 2,OflO,OOC acres, lotnl cotton acreage next year would be about 33,000,000 compared to 27,000,000 harvested this fall. Wnllace plans to rent about 0.000.000 acres nnd pay the owners 3 1-2 cents a pound on the aver- nec yield of lint cotton ner acre, The rate of payment Is (he same ns this year. In addition a parltv payment, calculated on the basis of 1 1-4 cents per pound—compared to 1 cent under the 1934 plan—on the estimated share of each .participating farmer's average past production, Is provided. The acreage reduction asked li Ihe ' ' payments was Bolivar county, Mis ,.-. --••> .^^>v., m» >,».. slsslppl. with 5700,612.65 paid to If normal or better growing con- Wovcmber 22. Sunflower county, rm(rt "- »"— J1 -- -'-- --<-«-' prevail an average yield of 170 to 180 pounds of cotlon e will result. In thst ease a total crop of 11,200,000 to 11.800.000 bales might' be exp;cted. . „„ Production around that flgu^ Benefit payments to November would mean a world supply of LIE lllTEH Gang% Suivivor Believed Victim of Yes; tciday's Baltic -'' : A, WASllIK'OTON,. Nov. 28 WPJ.ft- Ocoige (Unby Fnce) Nelson, Vc- ciiiul fclayei of tlnec fcdeial neeiits \vnt found dead today In n ditch ncni Nllcs Center, :il His body was riddled with-'bulled > tff Atlornej General llcmcr 6, Ciimmings, tin noun dug, the finding' of Nels.on'6 bpdy, said the Dll-1 llngci eilng machine gunner .had died of wounds buffeicd yesterday In the eun bnttlo In which 1 Uo fedtMiil ngcnh were killed ~"' "There 'were five-.shots In his stomach, tv,o in Ills chest, and lie hail been wounded in the le$," Cummlngt, said ' (llft - 'riie plni.c where hli> body was found Is about 16 miles freiiii Chicago, the Justice depaitment said . "Pin men were the ones v,ho shut him ' Otlmmlngs said \-> , faoiuo of Nelsons clothes ll was aid, weis flisl found by federal nccnls in Uicii hunt foi Public Enunj Number One < Nat fiu away they came across Ihe ildnled body of the min who wns icgardcd as on« of the inert mthle'j kllleia who ever raiagcd Iho mld-\veEl. , Deiiartmeiit officials did not dis- clo'e hnmedlaUl) whether they hail found any trace of the man and woman who reputedly were with Nelson seslerday In the battle in which two federal agents were slain by machine gun fire " . CHICAGO, Nov "a? '(irp)'—Sepa- rate verdjcts of death 05 rpason of gunshot Wounds were returned by coroner's juries today in the coses SI- Samuel P. ~ ' - •-' --- ^ - i rf--~j w.-.u Hermnn E. Hollis, federal agents killed late yesterday by the machine gun bullets of a«irge (Baby Face) Nelson,' surviving member of Ihe John pll- llrigor gang • The Jurj holding an lnques{ Jnto Hollis death appended a note of Indignation to Its verdict recommending alliance of all government? state county, and local authorities In an effort to catch Nelson and his unknown companions i Ho!lt<; death was 'an act of murder • the Jurj, meeting In Chicago, held The Inquest Into Cow less death was held at Elgin since Cowleydled In an Elgin hospital oarlv today Tlie only witness at the Flslri^ln- 'Mtlgallon was SDeJal Agent o'o Woltz of the department of-in- vesllgatlon «ho told what he ktle* of Ihe gun Irattls from official re| ports. i * A department of Justice 'autd- noblle in which Nelson and two companions fled nfter killing the ivo federal agents was- found-'In e acreage reduction asked Is '"" '™ era agenw was found-'Jn maximum permitted by' the ?„, , °\* , SUbUtt today ' lts contract nnd comoarw irltn _"' 6Cnl cak«l »Hh blood Ths car, riddled with bullet TOles and Its pes tank empty,' In- Jlcated that one of the fieein?roc- lumnts had been badly wounded. Fingerprints from the whM Of lii! car were Identified as those of kelson, it w-aJ! r=corte<i at department of justice headquarters. Captain John P st^e of the wouiu mean a world supply of „,-,*" '""" r oi"»e 01 me inierlcan cotton in the spring of ^ hlcn<! o police said he belle\ed that n-jr ^r tn^nnnnn .._ ..^«— — (Nelson's comoanion was Al\in Kar- 030 of inlea. 18,000,000 cr 20,000,000 Arknnsas —Crlttciuteii, $33G,G03.-j Tlln voluntary program nnnounc- . 80; Polnseli, $169,093,25; Craig- licncl. S31 0.434.07; Greene, S9G 673.86. Mls5ouri — Pcmlscot, $255.537.50: Ounklln, $341,119.50; New Madrid , S107.453. Tlic disproportionately large sum Operations Resumed at Mattress Factory A ,, . iwuiuu iHlssoun < Alter having been shut downjstantial margin. for three weeks because of lack I . of material, the local FERA mattress factory resumed operation shown as paid In Duiiklln county as compared to Pemiscot and New Madrid counties is due to the -fact lhat no second rcnlnl payments !iad been made In Pcmlscot and New Madrid counties prior lo Nov- 22. When all payments are _ Pemiscot county will lead other Missouri counties by n sub- today and the regular crew will be used beginning Monday. Work will be continued until the new supply of ticking, received yesterday,- is exhausted. Since the factory opened July 20 there hav: been 100 mattresses made. Would you take milk from a baby? Of course not! Well, you may be doing that when you fall w use that two cent Blytheville Relief Stamp.on Ihe Relief scrip that you Should'be using. Cotton Receints Here Pass 1C<MW Bale Mark Receipts of cotton this season at the Blylhevllle plants of the Federal Compress an-1 Warehouse company passed the 100,000 bale mark last week. local plants have received ac ed todny must not l« confused •-vith the Bankhead cotton control plan which penalizes over-production by taxation Instead of re Will Hold Union Service at Presbyterian Church A union Thanksgiving service will be held at the Presbyterian church Thursday morning at 10-00 o'clock. The Rev. V. E. Chalfaiit, new pastor of the Lake Street pis, St Paul <?anos(er sought in connection with the Bremer kid- naping Describes Gun Battle Frnncis Kram-r, testifying at the Hollis inquest, described ex„ limitation, "with " cash ^'«"y how she saw the automo- bonuses. "lie's of Nelson and the aients sneedln? -don't neir Barrlnaton while occupant"! of both cirs carried on a runnlmr gun battle When the bandit car scoon-M she said two men and a woman cot «vt..the moil unliinberlu? machine nuns and the woman 'hiding -In the grass. , - •-. "When i saw, the machine gum I knew they were gangsters. Everybody Is cordially invited to Join in the service. Dorothy Thompson to Quit Career for Son cording to the weekly report of the Arkansas Cotton Trade association, Second among Arkansas compress points In receipts for the season ti West Memohls, with 80,364 bales The Blytheville plants now have in excess of .100,000 bales on hand. The exact figure, as of last was 100,002 balas. .._ apart." A squad, of federal-scents 'had soutrht to Rap Nelson nnd his Companions near Harrington, a • Chicago suburb. The gangsters' machine Runs blazed and HolMs drooped dead and cowlev fell with wounds which proved fatal a few hours later, . . . . , ' : lecturing, cease to "be. a world traveler and go home to be a mother to little Michael Lewis. The woman who interviewed Hitler and was brava enough to s9v she thought him neurotic, also Is brave enough to rear • of her here. caso division of ,lhe hiireau of In- , icsllration that the of (tie car was Nelson and that ! e belKed the woman wa- Mrs B-tty aillis, his %.fe of the 7280 •e In New

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