The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on July 18, 1914 · 7
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 7

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1914
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New Brunswick, N. J. Saturday, July 18, 1914.. ICK' SMANY . zzrzrzrzz" iuu imui xijiiiiu lino 1 7 TV V JLtriL V Snh 11 J? BFThlQ W SUB URBS ft South River. $ 10TS OF PEOPL IARE S Ong List of Those Paying Visits to Other Places in Search of Recreation-Church and Social News. TjfrfmVER, July i8Mr. Bnd Mrs. George Brower and children of New York, are spendim- i ' ' " , with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Voo-- IJbees Servlflfi. ' . MrB. Van Loan Whitehead who' has been vlRltino Qm?. ' '"f. . I - uiuuiij iciiuives m town has returned to her home in (Buffalo, N. Y. I Clarence Smith, of Osaining, N y is spending the week-end among his (relatives In town. j Rev. William V. Allen will occupy (the pulpit of the Baptist church at poth services to-morrow. The offl-Jclals. of the church have granted Mr. ; Alien a tnree weeks vacation which me win taite advantage of the month of August. during uuniig iviiHB galeae moor, of Metuchen. S the truest of Miss Janetta Rnro i Mrs. Herman Mark and son and !the Misses Anna nA Frl ?i 0FB0ROUG! on vaca IN io joujuyiug a vacation with Mrs ! cougn. u is inougnt initial treat-iMark'B mother, Mrs. Gebhardt of; ment wi" mean tne wearing of a plas-iProvlrlencp R T ' ter cast by her son for a period of six - Mrs. James Lauder and Erandson jFrank Wolmus are being entertain-j :ed over the week end as the guests !of Mrs. Mary Armstrong. I ! Kenneth Dey is suffering with two Lpainful boils on his face.. I ; Miss Marian Anderson is theguestl fof Miss Antoniette Kerr, of South i Amboy. 1 Miss Fannie Hirshman has gone to Atlantic City where she will enjoy the ocean breezes for the next itwo weeks. Alois Luker enjoyed a day's out-lng at Keansburg yesterday. ' Mrs. Joseph Olshaski, Mrs. An- Wrew York and John York went to New Haven, Conn., yesterday, where j they attended the funeral of Mrs. , Woseph York. Dr. Harold Van Blarcom is at- tending the annual meeting of the j New Jersey State Dental Association, I (which is being held at the North End &ni tj,e carrying o- the coffin (Hotel, Ocean Grove, from July 15 to.througil the town wU11 bared headg 118. Mrs. Arthur Levy has returned Itome from a visit among relatives iln Brooklyn. N. Y. Her brother Adolph Rotherosen, of Brooklyn, spent Thursday evening with them. Mies Lulu Allgair, who is a nurse In King's County Hospital, is at the .'home of her parents, in ine uuiuugu, whfira she will spend a tew weena , rv tl n rt,oi RhPddon has returned Tiome from Clayton, where she has A'AIOO i-' . . jfoeen a guest of friends at a noubo ' Matthew Rue, of Red Bank, was I in South River yesterday on busi ness. vt,. etiit Afrs Jesse Selover andjHe was returning from New Bruns daughter, Lucille, are spending the Way at AsDury Far. ir Mrs. Otto Wall, of New Haven, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Gottleib Luit- Ihart. Star Theatre. . "Ashes of Hope." an Essaney two -,rt foatnrp will be shown at the ;ptar Theatre to-night. This picture futures Francis X- Bushman ana who are so known to patrons oi that thev need no introduction. Reined vaudeville will be rendered in addition to the picture. If it happened, it's in the Home Jsfews. C. H. ROGERS, Funeral' Director and Embalmer Office and Residence, MAIS STREET, SOUTH RITER Telephone Day and Night, 13 9-J lylS-tf Star TlieaSre ferry Street, South River ftgp FOR TO-NIGHT Ashes of Hope," Essanay in 2 parts . a dramatic story of a dancers success, a lover's suspicion and an attorney's selfish desire that ruined a young girl's career Featuring Ruth Stonehouse and Francis X. Bushman. Footprints of Mozart." a beautiful story by the American people, in 2 parts. 'When Villains .Met," Keystone comedy. VAUDEVILLE To-Mimi. ADMISSION ,10c Sassaman Makes Pante to order from All Wool Materials for S3.SO pe Cleans and Presses Ferry Street, South River. Kuth Stonehouse, who are so wellmg o the head by the revolving t Jamesburg.' VAL WILL . LIVEN THINGS UP JAMESDURG. July 18 - What thr m"? 10 J ,he "velJest week in ! ' , " ' ext, WMlk- commencing on 'J' nun .V i when the well-known Mux- wwi Carnival Comimny will -., till'. pOBHoasion of th town. arrive and This company niuke n r,,it PnUrtMlnlng the community at small l uy ijr np mir fill t H oit in the amuHement line right to your tu',l'iil"'n ,hft sllow Opens you win imagine you are along Surf ave n vuu Island. nun, coney island. All aorta of games tonrestH find free shows are to be put A merry-go-round will be one of the features as will be the nightly exhlbl-tinn of feigner de Castro, who almost nK-W." ? h'h. 8.,ack. win., Jlie Proceeds are for the benefit of the fire alarm system. Mr JfS Jamesbura News, j,!"1 Mrs- Cornelius Stonaker are spending a ten days' vacation ati orange. New York City and Atlantic; City. They left this mornine in their auto. Elmer E. Davison lias been a guest of relatives at Dayton and Plainsboro this week. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hampton have been along the shore for a two weeks' vacation. Henry Urstadt returned from a week's vacation. John B. Franklin and Hon Warrs V. i weeks' Lrf i Vw?, weeks outing on Long Island and at' Jersey City and New York Citv. I Mrs. Charles Roberts is in New York Ci,v with her young son, Frank, who t.l,,hi .r.l .i "lu,ul V I ! ?',. t h.aI JS? AYl'J montns. THE FUNERAL OF JAMESBURG, July 18. The most impressive funeral services probably evere accorded a local citizen were the honors accorded to the remains of Phillip Commeret, aged lixty- three years, whos death was record- ed two days previous. a long line of vehicles to the nurnht.r of t.wnntv. a hand et mimin by the mourners -and their friends made the- sctne a very impressive one. The whole services at the church and the grave were according fb the customs of the Italian people. A solemn high requiem mass for the dead wees sung at St. James Catholic Church by the Rev. Father Cahill v, . a0 " ute t0 the character of the deceased man. Interment was in the family ,i . i li. i C TnntAa rnmAnr 'yesterday following the church cere- mony. Mr. Commerot received injuries Saturday afternoon last that result- led in his death Wednesday evening. wick and when near the home of Edward Johnson, at Matchaponix, was eeen hanging from the wagon in an unconscious condition. At first it was thought he had been assaulted but medical inspection of the body disclosed that tne man had been stricken with heart failure or apoplexy and had fallen ;between the body of the wagon and fh front wh eel. The constant strlk- spokes caused several deep gasnes. Mr. Commerot came to this country eighteen years ago. He is survived bv four daughters and one eon, all residing herabouts: Mrs. .Tospeh Barber, Mrs. Samuel LaRocca, Mrs. Michael Vingeria, Mre. Annie Course, Joseph Commerot His ,wife also survives. First Annual CARNIVAL July 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 Benefit FIRE CO., No. 1 Grand Illumination by 5,000 Electric Lights. Shows, Games and Merry- Go-Round. SIGNOR DE CASTRO will give Free Exhibition on High Wire in Air, walking with baskets on his feet, standing on his head, disrobing and going to bed each night at 10.30. cm ALL NEXT WEEK AN PHILIP COflEROT I Milltown. big picnic" this evening at RED MOTS GROVE MILLTOWN. July 18. To-night at Red Men's Grove the first annual picnic ot Kedfeather Council, Degree of t'ocanontacL win be held, whicu promises to be one of tne largest attended picnics held at either Kiove tnis Ben. The committee in charge have made every arrangement possible for the entertainment of their patrons. Bonn's orchestra, of New Brunswick has been engaged to furnish the music. Red1 Men Meet in Grove. The locul time oi Ked ivien anticipate holding a meeting in meir grove next imday evening, at wmcn time may win entertain the Great oacnem cnurles r. Grace, of boutn Amboy, Na- tunai representative ana other iitate Otncers. The members will meet at their rooms beiure proceeding to the grove. Tntv will i. lurch t. trio ii--, iA in ti heauea oy tne recently organized ited bkin arum corps. Tomorrow's Church Services. To-inoiTow. at tne Methodist Churcn Rev. L. L. wand will occupy tne pulpit both morning ana evening, taking for his morning theme, "A Personal riav-ior," and in tne evening, "Immigration Tide." Sunday school will De neid at the usual nour in the afternoon. At the German Reformed Church, Rev. William n: Barney will occupy the pulpit botn morning and evening bunuuy school w" ce ,,.,1 hr:.r KhniT nre-an vpr-ira) n.111 he ?.?0?T AlLS.tK.f i ti11 Bft given in connection with the evening bervice. . iilvenlng services In both churches win commence at seven o ciock. Other IW.Ntown .sews. A meeting of the Sunday school teachers Oi the German Retormea Churcn was held last evening to rnoKe plans tor tnelr aiuiuul piunic to be heia m ivea iueu a uruve uejti xhursaay aiternoon ana evening. The Mlchenn nana, it is understood, win uiiio turnish tne music lor tins occasion. 'i'he Girls' Crescent Club will not hold any iiieetinga during the bulanuo of July and the month of August. Mr. und Mrs. Wlllard naudolpli, ot the River Koad, i'lscalaway, opunt Xnuruduy at the home or Mr and ivlrs. Herman Brandt, of Washington ave nue. ivirs. Frank Burton and son Morris, of Newark, were visitors at trie Home of Mr .and Mrs. Ends riult recently. Messrs. Harold Kleiner, Uuurge Moore and J. Bougarai were Asutuy Park viaitors to-day. Messrs. Charles Denhafd and Elmer Sayre attended the Middlesex CoTnty Liquor Dealers' Protective Association at Seidler's Beach Thursday. Miss Maud Weimer, a former Hoyt School teacher, ia visiting friends in the borough. During the electrical storm which prevailed here yesterday afternoon, one"" of the boxes of the Public Bervice signal system, located near the home ef Philip Klein, On South Main street, was struck by lightning, rendering it useless for several hours. MILLTOWN, NEW JERSEY. 5 Per Cent Sewer and Water Bonds. Separate sealed proposals will be received by the Council of the Borough of Milltown, New Jersey, at 3 o'clock p. m., on Thursday, July 3U, lan, ai ine Borough Hall, oa Main street, Mill-town, New Jersey, for the purchase of the following lssue3 of bonds of said 'Borough. $52,000.00 5 per cent. Sewer Bonds, dated August 1, "1914., which will be in denominations of $1,000.00 each, maturing as follows: $2,000.00 each year from August 1, 1922, to August 1. 1945, both dates inclusive; and $1,000.00 each year from August 1, 146, to August 1, l4i) both dates inclusive. $42,000.00 5 per cent Water Bonds, dated August 1. 1914. which will be in denominations of $1,000.00 each, maturing as follows: $1,000.00 each year from August 1, 1922, to August 1, 1942, both dates inclusive; and $2,000.00 each year from August 1, 1943, to August 1, 1952, both dates inclusive; and $1,000.00 on August 1. 1953, authorized at an election regularly held and by lesolu-tion of the Borough Council of the Borough of Milltown, and approved July 14. 1914. fciach or tine abore stated issues win be coupon bonds and will bear inteiest from August 1, 19.14, the day. of their j ?e: P.ayf,.'. JT RV' ',.,";Vi i and interest payable in lawful money of the United States at the National Bank of New Jersey, New Brunswick, N. J. Said bonds are registerablo at Via rvlrtr. tf tno hnlrtPP thAPPflf f may be registered in the first Instance ' at the option of the purchaser. All bids to be made with the undei-- standing that accrued interest to ine ! date of deliveiy of the bonds shall b na.ld bv the buver. delivery and settle tnent to bo made at the office of I lie United States Mortgage and Trust Company, 65 Cedar street. New York City, on August 1, 1914. unless a subsequent date shall be mutually asreed upon. Each nroposal must be accompanied I by a certified check on a National iSank or Trust company, payauic iu the order of Charles Sevenhair, Borough Collector, for 2 per cent of the par value of the bonds bid for a3 security for the performance of the bid. Address all bids in sealed envelope to Robert A. Harkins, Borough Clerk, Milltown. New Jersev. Proposals must be made upon blank forms which may; be obtained from said isorougn ciers or said Trust Company. The right is reserved to reject any or ail bids. Bonos win oe en"rvea unrtpr the R'iDervision of. and certified : to as to their genuineness, by the Uni- ted "States Mortgage & Trust Com- pany. ot iew iotk VvILV, anu tne umn- inn "of Messrs. Caldwell, Masslic'n & Reed, of New York City, as to the. le-galitv will be delivered to the purchaser of the bonds. Dated, July 17. 1914. WILLIAM KUHLTHATJ, JR.. ROBERT A. HARKINS. Mayor. Borough Clerk. JylS-IOt-d YOU COULDN'T REFUSE to order your bread, rolls, muffins, cakes and pastry from our store if you once looked at our tempting array of good things. They are always so fresh, high grade and delicious that you can't resist the temptation of testing them which means that you .will always thereafter buy your bakeetuffs at Herman's. HERMANN'S BAKERY. Milltown, N. J. Sayreville THE NEWSiF LOWER AND UPPER OFT SAYREVILLE, July 18 The Eser - munic Club enjoyed a day's outing at South Beach this week and had a most delightful time. Among those who went on the trip were: Mrs. George Seggel, Mrs. Albert Cheveller, Mrs. Louis Johnson, Mrs. Conrad Ochs, Mrs. William Smith, Mrs. Hans Holm, Mrs. Max Lehman, Miss Catherine Miller and Mies Ruth Lehman. Charles Arnold, of Wilmington, Ded., spent Thursday at Parlin TUb -nrts i- mmr-. M t at have clvtn PART 01 tht : corTJact for TghtiTg Morgan W ' mes of Chinese faohion were the Jersey Central Power and Trac-j a feature of the occasion tion Co. They are to furnish fourteen The Crescent Drchestra, of Cran-of the fortv watt lipht and one 100 ; bury has been engaged to furnish the watt. They are contracted for until September 13. Two weeks' road bill amounting to $307.14 was ordered paid. The ordinance for a water main at Morgan Heights was read and laid over for further action. Mr6. Lubeck, of East Sayreville entertained Miss Luella Phair, of Day ton, on Wednesday Ex-Mayor John Keough, of Keyport was the recent guest of Sayreville mends- J Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Barclay and .Miss Francis Gardner has returned famU ,eft on Thu?.3-ay for Manas-to her home in Atlantic Hlgh'Rr,d, Beacb wh h wlu enfl after a pleasant visit with Miss Mabel jn & bungaow there Mrmand Mrs. William Holmes are! , Mrs. Jane y"- entertaining their sister: MiSS Mont- gomery ol Old Bridge. Miss Mabel Beekman has gone to High Bridge to visit her cousin and from there will go to Lake Hopatcong for few days. Mrs. B. M. Tire, who is spending some time at Ocean Grove, is stopping at the "Rulon," in Ocean Pathway. j Mr. and MrB. Clarence Creii; ond daughter, who have been spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. Jot-eph Thorn, returned to their home In Jer- eey City yesterday MrB. Joseph Thorn has joined her son at Ocean Grove where they will spend the balance ot the summer. A large number of local children are entered for the baby parade for Old Home Day in South Amboy, August 8 Also a number of local athletes are In training to take part In the races. Mrs. James Quald, of Erneston, was the guest of Miss A?atha Quaid on Thursday. Mrs . Joseph Saulter entertained her sister, Mrs. French, of South River on Thursday. Miss Bertha Hilla, who has been visiting her cousin, Paul Lochs, returned to- her home in Bayonne, yesterday. Archibald Jones and friend, of Eng land, who are visiting at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Merritt and Mr. and Mrs. John Newton, have gone to Niagara . Mrs. H. A. Flint, of Parlin was a New Brunswick visitor yesterday. Frank Kniffen formerly of Parlin, but now of Wilmington, spent yesterday with some of his old Parlin friends. The Pythian Sistehrood, Fidelis Chapter No. 8 held their installation on Thursday evening. The following officers were installed : Most Excellent Chief, Miss Delia M. Smith; Manager, Mrs. Almena Woods; Excellent Junior, Mrs. Ella Boden; Excellent Senior, Mrs. Emma Meeker; keeper records and correspondence, Mrs. Mary Smith; Mistress of Finance, Mrs. Harriet WThiteshettle; Guard of Outer Temple, Mary E. Disbrow; Protector of Temple, Margaret Lehman; Deputy from South Amboy, Mrs. Georgia Selover; Grand Senior, Mrs. Morris, of Union Hill; Grand Manager, Mrs. Bruce, of Hoboken. Two candidates taken were Mrs. Kate Marlin, Mrs. Margaret Roller. Mrs. Boden was in- -litiated so that the new candidates could witness the initiation, as only one can be initiated . Pythian Sisters 0f South Amboy did the initiatory k There were about sixty ores- ent from New Brunswick, South River and South Amboy. Refreshments were served later in the evening. Miss Kathryn Hausserman and Benjamin Albert Spent Thursday7 enjoying the amusements of Coney Island. On the first of September Rudolph Stier will take charge of the East Side Y. M. C. A. work in New York City and at the- same time he will pursue a course in Theology in the Union Seminary. Who was the local woman recently ordered from the street by Marshall Keegan on account of her disorderly conduct? Little August Eckel, Jr. was taken sick with a high fever on Thursday mornins- jnss'Lena Draeger entertained a , , wf,np.,ov AV ing. Miss Lena Meyer will spend sever-1 al weeks' vacation in Jersey City. Mrs. Frederick Lutman, of Dayton i was a Thursday guest of Mrs. John Haae . Allgair's Hall was filled with"Ho!y Smokers" on Thursday evening. Guests were present from Perth and South Amtoy, New Brunswick, South River. Milltown and other nearby localities. The Rev. Father William Gilflllan pastor of the local Catholic Church made a speech which received a due amount of applause. Refreshments were served after the oratorical part of the program . About two hundred Holy Name Society men attended . The I. S. P. and C. team of Parlin will play the Middlesex Embroidery team of South River on Miller's field this afternoon, ( Saturday.) Dr. Philip H. Dorety has left town to continue his practice elsewhere. Robert Loree, formerly of Dover, Is making his permanent home in town. Cra.nbiry. CRANJ3URY, July 18. The following committee has been appointed by Superintendent S. T. Perrine, of the First Presbyterian Sunday-school to tirrahge lor tnelr ergular picnic. They are Mrs. J. 3. Perrine, Miss Maude A. Rue, Mrs. W. E. Bergen, Mrs. Jane Dey, Mrs. S. H. Perrine, Mrs. D. W. Clayton, Wr. H. Johnson, A. E. Perrine, G. A. Bennett, Bertram S. Clayton and Robert Walker. The Social Club will go on an cLt- Irtfir nn ThursHav Tnv 7Sr1 whpn ithey wl!1 motor Agb'ury Park and spend the day along the shore. The committee comprises slrfi. Charlcc Hoffman, Mrs. W. H. Havens, Mrs. F. A. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Butcher. About seventy young people of Cranbury attended the Chinese Social held in the public school building yesterday. Mrs. Ella Stults, superintendent of the Sec-one Presbyterian Light Bearers Society, had charge of the affair and everyone had a delightful time. Refreshments i music for the Manalpan harvest borne on Thursday, July 23d. Miss Helen Murray left on Thursday for Holmesburg, Ja., where she will spend a" few weeks with her brother, Rev. Walter Murray. The C. E. Society of the First Presbyterian church of this place will go to Hightstown on Sunday evening to attend a meeting with )the goc!et of that pia(;e r uavK ucu nycuuu:; u.'i, at Ocean Grove Alvah W Forman and family of Bayonne, have just moved in their hondeome new re:rence in South Cranbury. Abel S. Ed-iall. of t-outh Cranbury. is confined to hl.i hv.we on account of illnefs. Miss Clementine Lewis is at New- ark where she la (spending a week with Bruce Gordon. iiMt.H..M.K.4.i..4..j..; Metuchen. J (.4.4.4..-:-A4!--5--H--v-H-i--. THE BOROUGH METUCHEX, July IS. Souvenir cards have been received from Miss Winifred AyreSj who is visiting her uncle. Dr. Chas. Merritt. and family, at Sodus Point. Mr. and Mrs. James Wright and sor-9 will leave town this morning for a vacation of a month with Mrs. Wright's mother, Mrs. Isaiah Rolfe. who Is spending: the summer with her family at Ocean Grove. Foster Hahm. who is camping near Tottenville. is entertaining Paul Moli-neux for a week. Mrs. John Powers, of Amboy avenue, is entertaining her niece. Miss Elizabeth Powers, of Camden. Mrs. Ticherner. with her son, Harry, of Spring street, left this morning for a month's stay at Lake George. Mrs. Elmer West and young son, Roland, of Bloomfield, have been recent guests of relatives in the borough. Miss Ethel Martin, of Spring street. Is a week-end g:uest or Miss Alma bny-der, at her home in Brooklyn. Mr. and Mrs. Barnes have returned to their home in Somerville, after a delightful stay with Mrs. Price, of Hillside avenue. Frank Fisher, of Main street, with his brother-in-law. Edward Van Pelt, of New Brunswick, are enjoying a pleasure trip ax Boston. Mr .and !trs. Irwin Smith and small j son are spending the month or July j with Mr. Smith's parents at Norfolk, Conn. Mrs. Arthur Boyd, of Bloomfield. is spending a week visitine her mother. Mrs. Luther Tappen, and her sister, Mrs. Jasper Smith. E. H. Spear fs spending some time with his sister. Miss Alice Spear at her home at Avon-by-the-Ssa. Lit-tle Miss Constance Frice. of Hill- I side avenue, is the guest of a young friend at Somerville. Mrs. George Thomas is entertaining her sister, Mrs. Judson Cain, and little daughter Mary, of Middlebush, at her cottage at Lake Hopatcong. Three trollevs were necessary to con-vev the members and their friends of the-Reformed and Presbyterian Sun- dav schools to Perth Amboy. where, thev joined the Amboy churches on ! their excursion to Asbury Park on Thursdav. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Riddle have re-1 turned home, after a short vacation ! spent at their bungalow on the Raritan j River. Harold Reynolds is visiting- at the home of his aunt, Mrs. George Clark-1 son, of Hillside avenue. j Many local people from the boroueh went on the Baptist excursion to Rock- , awav Beach yesterday. I The condition of James Danford, who is ill at his home on Alain street. remains about the same m8Tl t t iswi. " ' Mr and Mrs. Veen, of Hillside are nue. are entertaining eianiy ii;rne, n-hn has been residing, in Maine, hut wili spend this winter in New York ! City t Miss Svdnie Towle, of Woodbridge. avenue, has returned home, after pleasant vacation spent wnn ner sis- ter Mrs. Louis Van Dyke .of Troy. X Old Bridge. OLD BRIDGE. July IS. Wilbur Millman and wife snd little daughter was in Ellindale. Del.. Wednesday. The dime social which was to be held Tuesdav evening was postponed until The Old Bridge band went to New Brunswick Thursday, and furnished music for an Italian parade which was held there. A pie social will be held !n the Town Hall next Wednesday evening. July 23 for the benefit of the Willing Workers' Club. PERSONALS AND OTHER ITEMS OF Dayton. fW-H4fl"t -l-! DAYTON, July 18. Mrs. Inge-brand, of New Brunswick, Is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz j Luttworm. j Rev. and Mrs. James B. Clark-: have returned, after spending a few days at Asbury Park. Jonathan Major was a visitor In the village Wednesday. Mrs. Bertha Osborn and daughter, Marion, have returned, after spending a mpnth with friends in Amaganset, L. I. Mr. and Mrs. George Tomlinson, of Hamilton Square, have been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J Henry McDonald. Mrs. A. Parent was a New Brunswick visitor Wednesday. Wesley Applegate motored to tirrannoon Wednesday Word telling of their pleasant va-': cation has been received from Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Evans from Hornell, X. Y. Miss Mary Luttman and sister, Mrs. Ingebrand, were recent visitors at New Brunswick. Wesley McDowell has a fine position as assistant order clerk with the American Steel and Wire Co., of Trenton. G. D. Van Derveer will have block curb placed in front of his property on Main street. John An thony hag the contract. fra a W MilW and her niece, Miss Mary Runkle, shopped in the I Independence Engine Company are Capitol City this week. j busy preparing for a very pleasant Mr. and Mrs. John Stiner.of Ocean 'time on Monday night, wTien the for-Grove, were visitors at the home of j mer members of Hlbernia Engine Co. their relative, Mrs. C. G. Snedeker. of New Brunswick come here to pre- Mrs. John Everett was a guest at sent to them the historic bell that the residence of Dr. and MrB. J. T. they have treasured so long. The Robinson, of Bound Brook, this!fir. fihtrs will have a genuine week. Miss Mary Sigle Is visiting Newark relatives. Mr6. Henry Douscher, Jr., and children tpent Tuesday with her mother, Mrs. Jacob Hoffman, of Pleasant Hill. The latter has recovered from an attack of appendicitis. J. W. Errickson motored to Asbury Park Tuesday. The firm of George Foreman and Raymond Dilatush are ertotlng on their premises a building to be used for bhelterlng their automobile and farrninc utenuMn. Mr. and Mrs Henry Douscher, Sr , Mr. and Mrs. H"nry Douscher. Jr.. and children motored to Long Branch. Asbury Park, Red Hunk and othr nearby places on Sunday. Miss Etella Van Derveer hna returned from a visit with her friends. Dr. and Mm. J. C. Wright, of Trenton. Miss Mary Williams was a visitor at the home of Bound Brook friends this week. Ellison Errickeon and Frederick Sigle attended the harvest home at Hightstown. Richard Rowland, of this place, in company with his relatives, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Stout, of Monmouth ; Junction, motored to the aucre. fit:c FlnppnrA RfvnnlHs nnH Har- 1 rv RevnniriK enent the dav with her friend. Mrs. A. C. Beekman, Wed-, nocHaT- This notice can be seen at the hay! press: "Beginning July 18, will close on Saturday at noon. George Fore- man and Raymond Dllatush." i K. L. Henderson, wno represents Messrs. S. M. Hess & Bro., of Fourth and Chestnut streets, Philadelphia, registered at the Dayton HouBe this j week. Mrs. J. W. Grover and Mrs. John Lyle were guests at the home of the former's 'brother. Harvey R. Dey and family, Saturday. Mrs. J. N. Grover, her sister, Mrs. F. D. Hubbard, and son, Richard, I were guests several days this week at the home of their cousin, Mrs. Joseph Booraem, of Berdine's Cor ner. Miss Jennie Griggs, her brother, Daniel H. Griggs, and friend, Miss Carrie Petty, were out of town Mon day. John Dennison, of Trenton, is in town. ' J. L. Keenan, of Maryland, stopped at the Dayton HouBe a few days. Miss Elizabeth Robinson, of Bound Brook, will visjt Mr. and Mrs. Everett Errickson. The mail carrier of this place, who is a very jolly chap, has been seen j eacn trip witii a uruuiu, tmusuuie ur shadow, the article he had. When asked the cause for carrying it, he replied with a laugh, "Just to. make people ask questions." Bound Brook. BOUND BROOK, July 18. Miss Mae Zanelli is enjoying a few days with friends at Freehold. Mr .and Mrs. L. A. Riffert are spending their summer at Allenhurst. Miss Dorothy Du Four is spending a few weeks at Manasquan. Miss Edith Mather is spending some time at West Harwich.' Mssf. I Mrs. Applegate is entertaining tier; son c,nd his laniilv. or ouiieiucdt. I Mr -and Mrs. L. Thonne. with their ' family, have gone to North Dakota for the summer months. Mrs. DeCamp is entertaining Miss Katherine Walker, of Elizabeth, for a few days. Miss Eva Rockefellow, of Brooklyn, i bene entertained by her cousin, Miss Minnie Maurer, at the "Annex." Liberal Reward. $25.00 Reward will be paid ; for the return of a valuable ... , . , itwin diamond ring, lOSt Oil ' JUIit: l-i. llllLiclit CUSldVCU; inside uf ring. Address P. O. Box 526, wick, N. J. Nw Bruns- jylO-lw THE HOME NEWS IN NEW. YORK The Home News will be found on sale every afternoon at the Pennsyl vania depot, uptown. New York, and also at Hoatling's stand at Times' Square, and at Harry J. Schultz's stand ' on Broadway, about a block above tht- Herald Building, on the same side ot the street. Je27- ' South Amboy. ST. MARY'S CHURCH FESTIVAL IS ILL PATRONIZED SOUTH AMBOY, July 18.-The annual lawn festival of St. Mary's church finished last night with a big crowd in attendance. Ij was the n t Ant Alt h Vi aI 4 ah lkAA ulnVfj af-;but ag Wedn6Bday nlght wa8 8tor5my( the business ww eontfned to the last ' tw0 nights. The liberal patronage ! accordtd to the festival the two last nights a.ssured it's success. The former friends of Harold Orr have been informed that his intended visit to his" former Home will have to be deferred on account of his ill-r.tGs. Harold has been taken ill with , appendicitis, and is now in a critical ! condition. His physican is hoping to avoid the need of an operation, and it is thcight at t his time that there is good ground for his ex- pectauon. social time together. Among the important features of Old Home Day, St. Mary's picnic will Gtand out promrnently. St. Mary's Church In the days of Salt Water Day prosperity was one of the strong attractions. It ie 1n keeping with the spirit that is prompting bis celebraion that St. Mary's should' take an active, part In m;s event. The finance committee of Old Home Day are certainly doing fine work in getting togemer eo much money without much fuss or friction. More than $1,000 a:rady In sight, ind they have not fully cover-edthelr HerrlHry. Some of ' ths cnliimlty bowlers would hnv declared that one half th'.s rtum was Im-pmsIMg to get for this occasion at thin time. Ths First Bnptlst Church of thl city yesterday took an excursion to Rockaway Besch. A good company went along, and a eplendid time wa'J enjoyed. Rev. E. R. Tllton, the newly called pastor of the Baptist church will assume charge of that church on Sunday. The Presbyterian Sunday School will take an excursion to Keannnnrg ! on Wednesday- The cars will leave the corner of First Street at 9 a. fn. Ml OS L.1 HBn Behn Is spending ner vacation W1,D hPr mother in this city. Miss Behn Is a etudent la the Training School of St. Banabaa hospital of Newark. MiddieDusn. .... . MIDDLEBUSH, July 18. Miss Harriett Painter, of Westneia, is spending a few days at the home oi Mrs. William Voorhees. Miss Loretta Mortimore Is spending a week's vacation with relatives in Jersey City. Mrs. Asher Wilson and daughter, Cornelia, spent Thursday with out-of-town friends. Nancy Wilson spent Thursday in Newark with friends. Mrs. Fred Johnson and daughter, Bernice, are spending a few days at the home of Mr. and MrB. Willard Totten. Mrs. Lewis Stryker and her son, Lewis, are spending a few days in Morristown, Pa., with relatives. Miss Ruth Drier haa- returned to ! her home in Milltown, after spend ing a few days at the home of Miss Loretta Mortimore. Miss Susan Mortimore has returned home, after spending a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hockenberry, in Millstone. Miss Harriett Voorhees is spending a few days in Rocky Hill with her grandmother. Miss Ruth Christopher has returned to her home in Morristown, Pa., after spending a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Stryker. Among those who journeyed to New Brunswick to enjoy the Italian fireworks were Mr. and Mrs. Walter W'ilson and Children, Nancy and Robert George D. Wilson and Harold Blauvent. The Pomona Grange of this place j is to hold an excursion to Palisades Park on August 6, to which everyone is cordially invited. I Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith enter tained out-of-town company Thursday. Blackberries are now ripe, and by the looks of things the crop will surpass any that we have ever had before. .irs. John Clark and daughter, of Newark, spent Friday at the home of M- LMnfs Mortimore. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. " manj mcuuo -- j Peter Hegeman extend their heartl- . V, o arrival of a bouncing boy at their home on Friday afternoon. STONEHOUSE BROS.' EXPRESS Between Sayreville. Sooth River and New Brunswick. Leaves Bellmore Hotel Stables, Burnet street, daily at 3 p. m. Orders may be left at hotel. Piano and furniture removed with cara Stonehouse Bros., South River, N. J

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