The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on February 9, 1922 · 7
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 7

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1922
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5 S' ' '; 1 ' hi: 4 !j New Brunswick. N. J. Thursday, February 9, 1922 SEVEN' THE DAILY HOME NEWS Theatre License in Bound Brook Opposition School Ticket at Metuchen South River Budeet Salnight Bund brook; I OF BOROUGH nnK. Feb. 9 In ap-fe very .uccertul work Xl committee, the T. :!riai . Indus- Friday evening, which the JBerkely Hotel at " i k. Towton, en-nof thf Industrial de-international Y. M. !'! "".r.: ndusrrial this gathering have U,e heads of Industries county. Plant commit-tuu ... a nidation PSTwd in the plant. the How to Banish Piles t . ' T.easaads Bless Dr. Le.nkardt, tkc Phyaiclaa Wke Dlseevered Tkis Coiamoa geaae Remedy If you think that the surgeon's knife is the only method of escapu from the misery of piles. It's because you haven't heard ol the new treatment known as Dr. Leonhardt's Hem-Rold. The Doctor's treatment Is Internal, By experimenting for years he discovered the exact cause of piles and then went further and compounded a remedy that would remove the cause. Dr. Leonhardt wants every uifterer to benefit by his discovery and sto that there will be too doubting or delay Hoagland's Drug Store and ail druggists are authorized to sell Hem-Rold with guarantee that It will do as stated or money' back. On that honorable basis every sufferers should secure a package of Dr. Leonhardt's Hem-Rold today.- Adv. : ' VALENTINE SOCIAL ON MONDAY NIGHT AT SOUTH RIVER SOUTH RIVER, Feb. . On Tuesday evening the B. Y. P. U.. held its monthly busines meeting at home of Mrs. Albert Applegate. The society will hold a valentine social on Monday evening, February 13. A good program Is being prepared. The Truth About , Eczema and Piles Thousands and thousands of ' people, says Peterson of Buffalo, are learning every week that one 36c. box of Peterson's Ointment will abol ish eczema and banish plies, and the t grateful letters I receive every flay are worth more to me than money. "1 had ecsema for many years on my head and could not get anything to stop -the agony. I saw your adv. and got one box and I owe you many thanks for the good It has done me. There Isn't a blotch on my head now and I couldn't help but thank Peterson, for the cure 1s great, SCHOOL ELECTION AT METUCHEN TO SEE HOT CONTEST METUCHEN, Feb. 4 The atmosphere of the school election has suddenly been stirred to an unusual degree and is likely to assume unusually stormy proportions by next Tuesday night. '-'i.". The "powers that be" In the school board have apparently caucused and ncimred . ticket of their own, and the fires of opposition that had seem- I ingly been quenched' have broken out in hotter proportions man iumiui inil 000 plants througn- 0n Voseeller avenue. The applicant , ,i states ana tanuaa. ,re Mrs. Julia uarosei ana mis. a ' 1C1 11(111 .ershlp or " : ..,. men. Tnere n fcvlnV volunteer service hTfl W1W1 vfr ... arles. Mr. Towson wl! 1 tv Vital the iuuui.. r.- Ifiustry. tm r 1 ihv ttrft ittee jecio - ....-inif bim as the re- ot effort. Charles F. man or. vnc reside and introduce the he evening. Yanettl and their purpose la to have a theatre for the people of the West End. who are now forced to go a great distance to attend a show. The application has been referred to the license committee of the Bor-ough Council. Lincoln Dinner Monday. , The annual Lincoln dinner of the Congregational Church will take place Monday evening, February IS ... ' at 1 n'Mnflr Tlir(t In OnlV one din 1 J .Mk Rubber- ner eacn year ai me uuKrcjaii. "MUn Koechleln and and that one 1. given by the church v. PhlllP, Kocn'ein ob8ervlltlon ot the annlvarsary of kber. ; tne brth ot Uncoln. The dinners schools, w, have become farooua over a wide r . 4V, v nr 1 territory lor tneir succcbb uu F year f ,yl indnstrSi one planned for Monday evening will C urvey of th tndustm. I excepUon ElcelIent 8peakers -IJTtta iSleri oi 'the (have been secured and those , atten. f ((t.a wl mr WltS UU1UCI IT5 - ' r.e .- --." omote tne inoiwimi rdingly. the services of jr.. were secured and I, started July 1. f irr.tion of the Indus- t,ee, with U W. Ouern- n. Charles a. . iman, with an advisory iiu.n O. Smaller. I S. i. Shaughneasy, , W. J The nravr meettnar of the Bantlst Church this evening will be In charge Miss Mary Hill, 420 Third avenue. of Deacon Farr as the paBtor must at-1 Pittsburgh, Pa. ten da county Sunday school meeting. I "j have had Itching piles for 15 1 m I .. I Ta.. C I .... 1 . . t ' . . I I - Ik. nnlu ju iuij j years ana i-eiersun i t -t- - - -,ty. tVl(, roJ,t that s. Trenton will present the Work of the ment that relieves, me. besides the ever before, with i the result that a Childrens' Home Society at the Baptist 4 ,, seem to have gone." A. B. Ruser, full opposition ticket will be placed In the iieia. A committee or ciusens is woritim on the ticket and It Is said, has secured agreement with two men to run and is expected to complete the ticket tonight and will then make public the result. Church. In the evening the pastor will preach on, "A King who died from a Monkey Bite." The Ladles' Aid Society of the church wil hold a baked bean supper- In the evening of Washington's birthday. The ladles are proparlng a tine program, including a sketch. Other News Mrs. J. M. Priddy Is 111 with an attack ot influenza. Her daughter. Miss Velma Priddy, Is home from Long Branch. Dr. Selover Is In attendance. Mrs. Harold Armstrong of Sayre-vllle yesterday afternoon with relatives in town. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hollander are contemplating the erection of. --a new home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Prentice are moving Into their pretty new borne on Main street. 1127 Washington avenue. Racine, Wis. Use Peterson's Ointment for old sores, salt rheum, chafing -and all skin diseases. . Druggists recommend it. Mail orders filled Dy referso . r Tm.. mmiL n. rt. T . Ointment Co., Inc., Adv. Community Church Work Stressed by Rev. A. ?. Eckels PLAINSBORO, Feb. . Plans for a.voirminir a modern rural church m(th tiew ideas of service to Its .nn,M.mtftf vpm fi.nnounced Monday .... nnui Wllburn entertained the 1 D . wavm nnd Eckels, for- rai.' f vir,'. Daughters last night , tllB bitortc Old at her home on the New Brunswick e ntclrtirch an4 president of the I be has carried as excess baggage turnpike. The Circle will oelebrate Its Jeraey Federation of Rural since the BatUe of EiCaney In the Churches was Installed as pastor Spanish-American war, tiamn of the ioint charge oi rraarom, reire na enjm i DeUghtfol Paty A delightful aurprtsa party was tendered Miss Frances E. Hagadorn, eldest daughter of Captain F. U Haadorn by the ladies of Marlon Chapter, Daughters of the American navnintiniL Sunday evening, to cele brate the eighteenth anniversary of 1 vtv. A dainty lunch was served by the j ladles after which dancing and irames were enjoyed. The captain is? slowly recovering from an operation which relieved him of a. piece of shrapnel which as the captain puts Jt, A SALE THAT SPEAKS for ITSELF WILL END SATURDAY. Do not put off buying. ' You can save $ $ $ & with-' in the next two days. Complete your' family with' Shoes at'Bargain Sale prices. - BUSTER BROWN SHOES ; FOR BOYS AND GIRLS ley Waraala and George . work na ir- rtlons than was expected enthusiastic. A program ,. -Hvitlea. motion pic- ...-.i.i tslVs is being Lith volunteer through Americanixauo" ,llment of 400 are being i four big centers and - of smaller ones. Inspect Boada. i to hearing E. W. Kilns Cement Products As- ind Frank w. Km. the Board oi of the County of Somer- r meeting Tuesday even- ig the construction vement to be used on ,,e when that thorough-anently paved under tn ent Act, the members of accepted an invitation .itv. standard Bithu- f.iny. a number of roade tl Huason cuum.- ---1. 11 accepted an tm-ltation vational pavement .uii.- :e a similar inspecuou nf North jersey. It L of the members to see mm of navement in ac- P"""'. -. ...K ,r Union avenue uuuu Vlold MlMtw-y Ball. enta are being made by of the Gtlea-Bionai rv erlcan Legion, through a for the purpose to hold ball on the Friday even-g ster Aprtl 1. The he held In tha Bound litorium and excellent be secured. m. iht of the eost has led from the first Monday the montn to m Th local post has de-'Jn favor of the National iranisation bill and ot the mpensatlon meamre. ?n has been made for a present moving pictures Mile in St. Marys Man. he church hy that name t. UftTD BOTO of hnnrh. V Y WOO not walk and was iatd fire weeks. Onrea or kattattt by "Seutron hptiom W. ing a number of patriotic' addresses. An Elks' Album. The -Bound Brook Lodge of Blks is to secure a picture of every member of the new Elks' album to be placed In the club house. The photographs are now being made by an artist who Is here especially for the purpose. An effort will also be. made to secure photographs of the deceased members and as new candidates are elected, their pictures will be added to the collection. George's Road to Have Fine Program For Coming Holiday GEORGEB ROAD. Feb. The entertainment to be given at I p. m on Washington's birthday, February 21, at the community house of George s Road Baptist Church will consist of tableaux. -music, recitations and a ten-minute talk by Mrs. Walter Masterson, president of the Tiiri rt Women "Voters of North Brunswick townsnip, u.e s tlon which la getting up the eve-: Ding's program. f The tableaux will show scenes from the early history of our country, beginning with the Indians found here bv the Pilgrims. Then will follow tableaux representing the Puritans, the Cavaliers of Virginia, Washington's native State; the famous cherry troe episode, Betsy Ross making our ilrst flag, the Spirit ot "76, Washington and his army on the march from Trenton when they were guided by a patriotic woman to Princeton, where they fought a vic torious battle next oay. ... The last picture, the most elaborate of all, la entitled "Washington's Vision." It shows the thtr-.ninniP bound with chains and tn mourning on account of British oppression. ... cut, m-ni Hoc tell Washington to be of good cheer and the Goddess i iK.rf tiLnri forth as the. reali sation of bis vision, men " et.t.. whlrh have been admitted to the rnion sine then, each represented by a lady or young girl of the township, come on the stag and take their places bemna ine "b"-- thirteen colonies and George Waah- There will be no charge for admission and no charge for refreshments of coffee, sandwiches and cake, but a collection will be taken. Raritan Classis Will Observe Church Day SOMERV1LLE. 'Feb. -8"nT will be observed throughout the Re-- j .k,.,h Aennminatton at ue- 1!.....: .,n.v. The churches will discuss the work of the denoml-l nation . throughout tno anniversary on Feoruary w basement of the Methodist .Church Miss Mable Mullins, elocutionist, will "The'south River high school' basketball team Is preparing for with the New Brunswick high achool to the auditorium on Friday night. A rood game is In store. A handsome thge gift of basketbaU fan. wl,, be t .1 iv. Gmttn ivivcr presentea . v - . t 00 It UtwtyTve inches 1 and rests' on a beautiful mahogany Ped Ceup will b. given JM 2et that South Rver ha. held the for this season, Birthday Party at Joseph Wicoff Home; Notes From Cranbury ..t,it lr.h . Mr. and Mra Jor WlcofJ-enterUlned a number epn wiou. -M Sunday M?.tVer7acklonM "t -a h" and a ... aerved. The occasion was very nii.aH & tiroenuyae. , ,,, Liar. Luker,Mra Isaiah Bodlw Mta -Mar the Me. Ca1rle.CFlrmie and Ethel lhrrowS .Mrs. Mary Tro George Raymond. Walter and Clark Arrow smlT A; Mrs. Mary Trout, Jkwh Wicoff. Edward and Harvey Wiceir, Mr and Mrs. Jack Wicoff, and Mr. and Mrs. William Burns. . , Noman Applegate has accepted a position with the Humble Oil and Refining Company. Baytown Refln erv near Houston, Texas, and will enter npon hi duOea in th. near fUtATiha oommunlon aervlce in the FirU Presbyterian Church on Sunday fbf following were received into membersnip; r, wi. Grace Bennett. Harvey D. Wl- " - TO.n.r W. Stults: by letter, jei Vondy. Mrs. Margaret Mr and Mra Kd Cox of Perm's Neck wtr2 rVcent visitors at the home 6fUranITrrc"naUrrPetty spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Miss Lucille Perrine of Hightstown was r cnt rlattor with Mis. Irene FMad Hrtr ha. an attack of tn B"... i-v.x will meet aext It will re ---- - mittee. Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Gor Music lover, are looking forward to he concert of Miss Lennox and MV.wSford on. Thunay evening. it 'is seldom such artists wn Maxearet Vondy, Mrs. .nj Monmouth Junction. Many farm ers are aiding the movement, anu, while the church is nominally tinder Presbyterian jurisdiction, denomina-tlonalism will have no place In Its community work. ' The Installation services were begun Monday night at Monmouth Junction, where Rev. Peter Emmons, of Trenton, preached the sermon; the charge to the postor was made iw u svlvester Beach of Prince ton, and the charge to the people by Rev. Thomas H. Whiteside of Kingston. At th services in the Plainsboro church Tuesday Kev. uc William Holllnger of Trenton was the preacher; the charge to tne pastor was delivered by Rev. C. J. Culp of New Brunswick, and to the people by Rev. Dr. William H. Wool- verton ot stocKion. Tbe orosrram for the new com munitv work. Is being watched with interest bv leaders in the country church movement In New Jersey, for the promotion of which several. de nominations are working on co-op erating lines. Jamesburg Auxiliary of American Legion Has Supper Tonight JAMESBURG. Feb. . The membership drive of the American Legion Auxiliary will come to a close at their "get-together supper" thia eve ning, to which not oniy mewiren tha Legion and Auxiliary are- invited, but also all ex-service men and their eligible female relatives of the community. Mrs. O. IX Oll-phant, State president of the American Legion Auxiliary, is to address all the ex-service men and their women folks at this supper. 'The cards for reservations tor me valentine ball for tha Auxiliary and Legion members have been sent out. Remaining tickets will be sold to the community at -large. It Is the aim of the Legion members to provide a good time, so they have lim ited the guests to loo. unis is oonc in order to give the dancers plenty of space. An attractive supper wilt be served upstairs during the tTitimllifi. Through the courtesy oto. Shapanka, owner ot the Star Theatre, at Jamesburg.' the American Lesion Auxiliary will show wmiam rmnm In bis greatest success, If Were Kinir." and a very gooa $2.50. Sixes 8V2-12 $2.50. February ,11. . - klrinrV ICnUrcn, a v the world, a-tling lorn. ' - : ..,, w6. The recepo . .. r trim rnnrrn vu 1 . na me rV life of the nation ana aiso u "InTulareaturo of the day will be a genel exchange of pulpit, by Si th mlnlsiters of the denomina-?lon. Each minister ha. been aaked to preach In churches other than hU own both morning and evening so 'hat' ech minister of tlon throughout the world w l he n . nelKhboring pulpit at each service, fn churches where there 1. only one service, the exchange will be only lhL .r.1"; arit including th. churches ot Somerset county, has H .11 0f the detail, of this Sfgt. Th. minister, and churche. a generally very favorable the . i... there them last year pu""- - . ? .Tom. River, .rafewdays son, who has been 111. iSmly O'Nell and James O'Neil Of Trenton were recent visitors with Mr. and Mrs. James O'Neil. Miss Louisa Schnell. who underwent an operation on her tonsil, at Mercer Hospital. Trenton, last week ha. returned home and i. recoier- Dortaejemmlon. the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Jemmison. been very 111 with pneu- .tnrfrr . me ca v. comedy on Monday. February n This should prove to be a rare treat to all movie lovers. Tickets mav be obtained from all members of the Auxiliary. LeAgemen Eatertalaed tx xrchnvnt and their friends to the number ot Over 100 were guests of the Welfare Club of the state 'Mome ior Boys Tuesday evening in the first of a series of "get-acquainted" meetings planned by the club in an effort to bring the residents of the surrounding towns Into a closer relationship. The guerts were entertained at cards, pocket billiards and checkers. Speech-making played an Important part in the event and refreshments vers servert . ... i.-. ... nrAsfrient or the wel fare Club, acted 'as toast-master and rini-intr th evenine. Captain Haga- dorn announced the engagement of his daughter. Caroline, to John Erath of Metuchen, tne weaoms w place within the next year. imn thnna nresent were: Miss Lillian Everett, Miss May Lester, Miss Agues Farington, Miss juice xvuw., Mrs. Harold E. Ross and Mrs. Delia Ross, D. A- R. members of New York; Miss Ethel Clement, Mr. and( Mrs. Helback. Charles Dougherty.; Mr. Massey and Mr. and Mra Fred Nelson of Metuchen. William Wlieeter J1L -William Wheeler, an old resident of the neighborhood, Ss lying er-lously ill at his home on Woodbridge aVA very great majority of the ladies of the town are busily engaged every seoular afternoon in entertaining or being entertained in the Interests of the Free Library progressive chain rie. rertentlv inaugurated by Mrs. F " M. P. Pearse. Tha first to start the ball rolling was Mrs. Phineaa Jones, who had sixteen guests, each of these took In twelve mora and to the good work has .pread. . Boy Scout Activity. On Monday evening- members ot Troop 14 went to New Brunswick to pass merit back testa. The awards will be made at the meeting In the rn,, Hmika tnnlfirht. 5 On Sunday evening tha Troop will nit their fathers to attend a -irather and Son" service In the nj,nrtit. Church at which Kev. Frederick J. McClement will preach a special sermon. ; . " The Police Club met on Tuesday r,rht at iieadouarter. and settled up the financial anairs ot mo n,u. ball. Full return, from ticket, were not received tn their entirety but sufficient is known to ensure a good big addition to the benevolent fund. F11MI Hummer Post American Legion met' Tuesday night and dls Mi iirooosed community build ing. No definite action was arrived of in reference to the temporary oc cupancy Of tho nan over me post. office. ' . .. Tha Legion will participate In the gala tlmo following the installation of officers of the Woman'. Auxiliary. Gle. dob Concert. Th. Rutger. College Glee Clubs concert has now been set tor the evening of March 14 in the High School auditorium for tha benefit of the American Legion. The High School girls will give ai operetta in the audtiorium on Friday night. The Boys' Glee Club and the High School orchestra will assist. Admission, fifty oenta The cast of character, i. a. fol- '.I.Mia. Luella Campbell M.-.Vn .. Miss Prlscllla Johnson Juggler Miss Elixasth Hillpot Wee-Ling. . .Miss Dorothy Humphries Tk. (it pa Club will sing among ntber . aelectiona, "My Kentucky WOMEN'S "MAXINE" SHOES $2.00 MEN'S "WHITE HOUSE" SHOES $4.35 THIS GIGANTIC SALE positively comes to a close this Saturday night. It has been a great sale people have told us so. Many, bargains still to be had. Don't hesitate. BUSTER BROWN SHOE STORE MiLLTOWN. vision' of the Public Health nurse. Mis. Helen Mathlessen, -and a Men's Class in First Aid will be formed by Dr. J. Morgan Dix. Each class will be given a course of ten lessons for fl. .. Membership will be limited to twenty-five in each class. Street Railway History BaThk blind entertainer. Guy Hunter, will present his planologue in the Reformed Church on February IT. A choral class I. In process of organisation with L. E. Riddle as lead-r. with a view of presenting Gaul'. Kiuo, - ! B-sta 1 r, i TT.aKter time. Any the main speaiter oi f" ' .,-Jl V. -lMm. Superintendent carnn i Vf7n- 1 .are ge..r... -- ..n-,n.MoB. 4 aT the appointment. Sd mn-se. is Improving. I ft ,M. I want to of tha various ouu.v... At High Bridge, Rev. J- A. Ingham D D, New Brunswick; Re. e benefit of everyone wonderful results iVecelved j of H'U": , mornlrJ(;, utrone Prescription is. - k onara, Flnderne: even-Y.Trt. t ... mirirlenly taken Rev. F. M. """"XL.., , Pottera- -m, 111 BV. J. l V"B 't p to stop work an go home. swrllpd to almost aouoie and the pain wa. awniu ,'": nUrfee, Bedmlnister. he for flv. wk. and could - Jesse """'S.,? , oetUneer, Pot Pwe". L-.r,!r. J. Prochnau. Peapack. r seemed to helpme; doctor. Rev. John Stillwell. cine, did no good- Some I "BJ,e. B" A. Reese, High mid my wife about -Neutron. S0"1' Uon S9', and she got a bottl. Br12K' . Rev. F. Sauerbrunri, lay. That night I took two I ""dcS "4 before midnight th. Pain ' Np' .rtlnKton, Rev. Paul Wagner, ue, t L II 1 II lm " ,.111- nd pain, left m. and oe- j ' who I John- Nostrand ha. been confined to the house with tne grip ior Tr. and Mrs. Frank Brasch wer, recent guests with Mr. and Mrs. Ed-ward W. Walker. . Leslie Perrine of Blair Academy, Blalrstown. wa. an cver-Runday visitor with Ms parent, Mr. and Mrs. Symme. H. Perrine. Have Color in Cheeks Be Bette. I..kla Take OHt. Tablets tf kln is yellow complexion callid tongue coated-appetlte poor t Da nort, i vmi have a ou r"l .Tess was most finished. V' Tierrlck eulogised the Odd 'Fellows, their principles and the examples that the officers were obligated to set for the boys. Sir. Derrick closed with a cordial Invitation to all to visit the Home regularly and become a part of it and tWs will give encouragement to the officers ""FranTH. Pown.ll, represenUng Dl-de Lodge, responded to th. remark. hoys' weTp: ot an eicrn'" , i Send your name to Mra Btelle Man nlng by mau or teiepnone, A class for women In home nursing Is being organised . under the .uper- Kidney and Bladder Troubles Have to Go .t. in your KVTnul: sVrbrunn; -rhJa .axy no-good feeling-you f "id of the week. I was walk- vi riiht nn inklnr 'Neutron i-n9'.ndlntwoweek.wa. : IS0""hc Branch. Rev. J. R- f Dr. Edwards' Olive T.bleta.uo-. lob feeling a. gooa l B. V. D. ?:ZJJ. br. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a tm-ely vegetable compound mixed . '. t, -wx.. win know them somerv.ii. q,i r. D.. : ! Lebanon, - .,i,k. .vi bright - .(iio- Rev. ia. v- i to nave - -. """ ""' . I . foellnsr oi duot- Soutn erarn n. . R-ese, ""' ..V. ' .kii.j avn tou must Bedmlnister. r.. ,, ancy iir Cloned VP KHraey Depoalta A Dla-Mlvrd aad the Tit (Plas Coaapletely Drlresi Omt tn1"t Told to eaaraatea It la Every I- wlaaee. "Tour very life." says Dr. Carey, , j K n.rft rilfinttOR- Tneni'j aoeak- I "BV"i" "-' ... - - - - formatory was tne oijiu.-- i jng ana neaun oi jruur to.i I whatever yon do don't neglect them. Representing the American Legion, . pr Carey., famoOa prescription No. Commander Supplee of the tar rosi, t known Marsh-Root is not amesburg. extenaea jshea of ! recommended for everythinp. out ?hT Welfare Club the best wishes ""ThTfollowing members of the Welfare club were present and acted as a committee in the entertainment of th. vis U!Ltn "rwrrlok. William Ecker. Frank Oliver TV""- , Ji&rS,illirKnetn Efickson. varies Phillip Steele. Frank C!;, ponohue, John William Mill Jam. " Horman Murray. Herman ""V" n r we, I cannot aay too muclt f 'Kntrona Prescription M', ': all Hheumatlc to know 7 caa b. cured. My ca ed many to try It, and all same reanlta". -one Prejcriptio,, t- can b. 1 upon to car rheumatism, ' o need of anyone (atfering t iy from this dreaded dis- t Oofs what it amy. It win I a bottle today, and aay, . Rheumatism". '" Prescription new a taMrt a well as liquid V. iiirhevf.r I tirfcrred. , Whltebouse. Rev. B X. loftVReadington; Rev. Jame. Mulder. High Bridge; DV-VtnRerormed. Somerville; Rev. j prachnau. Peapack. SeT.d Reformed, men'l'e. Re-. riomellnk. South , Brancn, Marion .OosseiinK. . CJty Rev, J. i. "-"" --r,.ia. Rev. First Mmr, Rev. iuu lurree; . t the rause. " Dr Edwards' Olive Tablet, act on the liver and bowel, like calomel-vet have no dangerous after effects. " Th).y start the bile and overcome conatiratlon. Take one or two nla-Jit-ly and note the pleasing, result Millions of boxes are sold annually at cannot too strongly nrge it. use It vou suffer from annoying kidney, liver and bladder troubles, f refluent passing of water night and day. with smarting or irritation, brick dst ..jim.. r blchlv colored nrnie. bloating irritability -with loss of flesh, backache, headache, rheumatism or any other tendency to ltricht a Disease, Dtabetls r Uravel. for kid-r.ty disease In its worst form may be stealing npon you. . Don't wait ontll tomorrow to begrn tha use of this wonderful prescription now In both liquid and tablet form if yo have any of th About twenty year, ago a street railroad company was given permis sion to lay tracks through Metuchen to connect with the road from Perth Amboy to New Brunswick, but th. understanding was that through car. would be run irom the terminal of the Metuchen line to- both of the cities mentioned, but when tha track, were laid, a little "jigger" line was installed on the part of the track that ran from the main line to the ' northerly end of the line through the main street ot Metuchen. AH passengers on the "short line" as It Is officially styled, were forced to change cars, at the corner of Main street and Amboy avenue, and pay an extra transfer fee, upon boarding the main line cars. These two feature, have been thorns in the sides of th. Metuchen people for the full score of years of activity . and several attempt. have been made to invoke legal action against .the trolley company but up the present none of these hav. produced result. ' At last President Carman of the Metuchen Chamber of Commerce who Is connected with th. engineer corps of the national government, dug up a copy of the original franchise and discovered as- he thought, a way to bring about a settlement.- He accordingly wrote to the borough coun cil setting forth the facta acertained and asking for prompt action to have the transfer fee eut out, and to bring about through traffic. The active young borough attorney at once got busy and filed a complaint against the company with the State Public Utility Commission to the effect that this board has consented to set a day when a public hearing will be granted to all parties concerned. Two or three year, ago the era of the motor bus a. a passenger con vevor began to spread all over the land and Included Metuchen. This new style of conveyance with its lower fare, shortening of running time and more frequent trips, has cut the business of the short line almost to a vanishing point and the trolley company in its desperation, ha. stated that It would apply to the State Board for permission to abrogate the nresent contract with the Dorougn and to be allowed to tear up its present tracks In the short line route and substitute some form of a "Trackless Trolley" which is a sort of combination of an auto bu. and a trollev car. No tracks are used but the car. take their power from a overhead wire the same as do the present trolley cars. As under Its contract with the borough the ralway company 1. called upon to pay for the pavement of the street roadways between the tracks and for two feet on each side, it Is evident that it is the hope ot the trolley company to get rid ef this expense, but the Dorougn peopm surelv to be expected to object to this jug handled arrangement If a possibility of a settlement In favor of the .,.krftnHMi of the new style of loco motion may be expected if the railway company will agree to pay tor ,r.vincr of the street after the tracks are removed. .Just how the problem will be solved will only be roan. una rent when the official bearing come, about. . it booed that a speedy settle ment will come about as arrange- now under way to re pave the whole route of the short line with permanent concrete pavement, n r.nihlv the building of a aewer through the center of Main street. when the depot jwas Bartially destroyed by fire, the railroad company Instead of rebuilding tore the rem. naut. down and abandoned the business. The name "Robinvale" however, remained and gradually a' few pro- ETessivc spirits secured iols and build homes, ntll at present there are about a score, of houses In the , secticn bounded -by the railroad. Grove avenue, Woodbridge and Jonesdale avenue, the latter being practically little more than an- alleyway, twenty-five feet wide, yet serving as a connection ' to the main thoroughfare to the business part of the town, then and now known as Woodbridge avenue. ' Aside from the collection of taxes. which of course was an Inevitable an nual proceeding the municipal authorities seem to have forgotten the existence of the people of Robinvale. personal and written pleas alike laid up te the Monday last failed to move, the heart, of the town fathers to any compassion. Patience having ceased to: be a virtue, the property owners becoming imbued with tno sport of the fathers .f old who adopted the slogan, "In unity there la strength," got together, produced a petition which was signed by over a score of property owners, and under guard of a considerable delegation brought the paper in person to tho Borough Council, where ' it waa presented with the proper dignity and was backed by the more or less eloquent and vigorous plea. or the delegates. One man was especially emphatic In. declaring that never more would be vote for a Republican ticket if the work did not begin, and a lady home-owner gave due and proper notice that war would be declared if the work was not begun speedily and then some. The mayor at once decided that he agreed with the arguments used and favored quick action, and In this he was speedily backed by the unani-mrus vote of all the council men r.'estnt and the legal light of the councl' was instructed to prepare the necessary document, in the shape of a notice ct Intention to lay sidewalks on Wiimer, Place, Henry street. Grove avenue and Jonesvale avenue, a total distance of about 6,000 running feet. Promise was also solemnly given that the people of Robinvale -would be the first beneficiaries of the ash collections scheme that la to be put. into effect In about a week. In that all the ashes collected in the neighborhood would be deposited a. a bed for future road Improvement. All 'of which proves that if vou want something, ask for it, and if yon back up your request with pnjper omphasis the people that collect your xes win give you a quia yro irm. Roestatt, -" " p-.n. Frederick xrn.v Liver and Rtrobeu James -,,. v,,. XttJJ2. Bladder .rouble, don't wear away. Charles in'i'""". They will irrow um. i-- docker. . , were: stealthily ana w, ........... ose rm"" '-. a THwurds. n-rank H. uentoir. -- -..,, rsarl IWd. Wimam ' Edwards, "Earl n- - Charles John Vohrnan, Albert Lange. TfuSi Wheeler. Ray John Rltter. Hartie Kenneth I if - you ever suspect u. a .incle lay for Monlgaa's Pharmacy a r -ood druggist has been authorized t return the purchase - tha first bottle to all thise who state they have Tecelved jIoteA generons trial bottle of Marsh-Root, tablet or l.quia icrm ,. k. .MMired by sending Z.c wn.T.. mnmerfelt. CZU Lr Oliver Richards. Facts About KoMnvale About fifty years ago, three broth-- rKi. ttid in Metuchen, Nathan on the Elli. Ayre. property facing Main street, recently occupied, In part by the Hillside Inn: Amo. on Woodbridge avenue, adjoining the Presbyterian Manse and Wright on a .mall farm. Property now occupied oy adi wroa r n na ine must sive of the three orotners t the development of hi land, rttua'ed as he wa. nearly a mile from the railroad depot .he .v.. rsnnvlvanta railroad to IIIUUXU ihc .- . ..w Tnt which was built . xr- Rnhlm' excense upon lana donated by him. The station was n Ttnhinvale In honor ot tne progressive gentleman. But some reason the new improvement ii I not brine- the hoped for speedv settlement of new people and the hoped to 1 for extra busm.'s to 1:04 -filflfir LacaJua.ll ttarn. vea. .kJsi.Kjt--- s HOnCB To Thotna. Dilorenso of Metuchen. If. J., take notice. I shall sell at Public Auction on Monday. Feb. U. 1S22, at ! P. M at John Flaherty's S tables. Pearl street, Metuchen. K. J.. one sorrel norse: under derault oi payment of said horse's board. (Signed) rt-Jt JOHN FLAHERTT. ' Hold Birthday Party' at Milltown Home MTLLTOWK. Feb. S. A vry pleas ant party was given Stephen Q. Arnold at hfs home on South Main street Tues day evening, when a number of friends gathered to celebrate Ms birthday anniversary. Th. evening was spent in playing gamea and later delicious re freshments wer. serves at wnicn time Mr. Arnold received another surprise rn the form of an enormous birthday cak, decorated with candles. Thos. present were: Mr .ana Mrs. , Arnold ef Newark, Mr. and Mra B. Dye. Mr. and Mra. T. Boyoa, Mra. J. -Heinx, Mra S. M. Thompson. Mrs. C. B. Crablel, Mis. O. PeVe, Miss Sadie Hema Miss Mildred Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Arnold. Old Bridge Notes OL DBRIDGK. Feb. t. Th. '. St Thomas Club ef Old Bridge will aiv. an entertainment and dance at t o'clock on Saturday evening, February H, In th. Town Han. Admission will p. nrcy - cents. Everybody welcome. - Mra Herbert CampDeu ana mea uon-aid and daughter. Dorothy of Runyon spent Tuesday with Mra Roas Hillyer m South Old Bridge Mra Charles Schmidt aad Mra, Alvtn Benson were Jamesburg visitor. Tnsa- dMra Frefl Wtllman, St, i. eonflned te her horn, with th. grip. Mr. and Mra Peter Leonard were out-of-town visitor. Wednesday. SCBCRBAN READER PFBI.IC SALE At Dayton. Personal property ei ii iiovi.i stti'tn. Fabruar lith. at 1 . M 3 ' 4 ; " j i 'I j -i R Jtfaif fveirnhert, Paul Wagftee lathaoPJ "1

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