The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on September 6, 1982 · 13
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 13

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, September 6, 1982
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Monday, Spmbar 6,-1 982 THE I NPIANAPOLIS NEWS Pag 13 Channel 6 Going Into Pay-TV ; The service won't be available until late next year or early 1984, but WRTV Q already has , signed on for a new ABC project to transmit movies and other entertainment in the middle of the night to home video recorders, according to Jerry Chapman, vice president and general : manager. ' ' - The project, dubbed Home View Network, is i a new variation on payTV. The programs will' ' be transmitted with a scrambled signal. Sub-! scribers. will lease a . special Sony decoding ! device to unscramble the signals and tape the programs oh their home video recorders for : later playback. An ABC spokesman said present plans are to 1 charge subscribers $19.95 per month for the decoder, but that price could change in the more than a year before the service would be available here. ABC will test the system early next year through its owned and operated stations, and will commence the tests in Chicago over WLS-TV. Affiliated stations, of which Channel 6 is one, will not get in on the action until later, ABC plans to feed the scrambled shows between 2 and 6 a.m., at least five nights a week. That's during hours when the network normally. does not broadcast its regular programing. . The scrambled shows are not intended for immediate viewing, only for taping for later use. The ABC spokesman said present plans call for the special service to include eight recent movies per month, and a mix of cultural, children's and educational shows, i He said no decision has yet been reached .whether the movies offered by HVN will exclude "hard R" material. ." In effect, the proposed HVN system will be ,in j competition with the network's , own pro- ' J i ;Zt. Richard K. Shull grams, since most subscribers will play back the material in their own homes during hours when ABC is offering regular broadcasts. "If there is to be competition, we might as well be one of them," the spokesman said, indicating this is one way ABC Can fight back against the cable and pay TV systems which already have taken away about 8 percent of network television's audience. "Also, it brings our affiliate body into the new technology for the first time " he added. This last point is especially important to the local TV. station. ABC network already has diversified itself into cable with a cultural channel, a daytime channel arid a 24 hour news service, and is involved in a future pay-TV sports venture. All of these projects undercut the audience of the broadcast stations affiliated with ABC. HVN will bring the affiliated stations such as Channel 6 in on the action and help the local broadcaster hedge against future erosion of its broadcast audience due to new alternative entertainment systems. ABC will acquire and transmit the programs bvef its regular network, and Channel 6 will sell the service in its marketing area.. Bought A Biggie The four Indianapolis owners of WENSFM (97.1) have purchased one of the top rock stations in the Minneapolis St. Paul market for $6 million. Jeff Smulyan, president and general manager of WENS, said that while they still were closing the deal for the purchase of WLOL-FM, but after the sale price had been established, the 100.000- watt Minnesota station took a dramatic leap from a 4.2 percent share to a 10 percent share of the Minneapolis St.Paul market. WLOL is in the nation's 15th largest radio market. Indianapolis is 34th. Smulyan is in partnership in both ventures with attorneys Michael Maurer and Steve Crane, and cable-TV and satellite-receiver operator Robert Schloss. ... He said Crane will go to Minneapolis to oversee the new acquisition. Smulyan said the $6 million was the largest price ever paid for a Minnesota radio station. Twice Around The U S. now has 170.8 million TV sets in use, according to Television Factbook, put out by Television Digest. That averages but to more than two sets for each of the nation's 82.3 million households, but still short of the day when each of America's 230.9 million people will have their very own set.- The report went on to say that the U.S. has one-third of the world's 517.7 million TV sets. The Soviet Union is second behind the U.S. in number of sets,' with an estimated 70 to 80 million. The report confined itself to the mere numbers of sets extant without any comment on how much .enjoyment America's 82.3 households v get from their average 2.075 sets. MONDAY TV PROGRAMS Networks Bid For Soccer The USA Cable Network has -obtained rights to this year's Soccer Bowl, outbidding ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) for the first cable coverage of the North American championship game. : USA currently telecasts a weekly Wednesday game and ESPN covers a weekly Saturday contest. The two basic-cable services will similarly split coverage of the league's playoffs. Soccer Bowl cablecast is scheduled for Sept. 18. ' Oregon, Ho! Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss star in "Packin' It In," a television movie now filming in Vancouver for. future broadcast on CBS. Also performing are Tony Roberts, - Andrea Marcovicci and Kenneth McMillan. . ' In the comedy, the real-life husband and wife portray a married couple who seek a simpler, cleaner and crime free life for themselves and their two children in Oregon when the pressures of everyday living in Los Angeles become too much for them. . O.J. Detective O.J. Simpson portrays a San Francisco private investigator , in "Cocaine and Blue Eyes," an NBC World Premiere drama currently in production in California. Simpson, who also serves as executive producer of the film, plays a determined detective who, while seeking to find the girlfriend of a deceased client, uncovers a drug-smuggling operation run by a prominent family. Tonight's Movies 7:00-WTTV O "Moneychangers," Part I (1976 TV movie) with Kirk Douglas, Christopher Plummer and Anne Baxter. Arthur Hailey's tale of an executive in the banking empire. Part II is Tuesday at 7 p.m. 7J0-WISH O "The Turning Point' (1977) with Anne Bancroft, Shirley MacLaine and Mikhail Bar-yshnikov. A ballerina and a housewife, once dance students together, are reunited. Directed by Herbert Ross. 8:00-WTHR 09 "Madame X" (1981 TV movie) with Tuesday Weld and Eleanor Parker. Remake of a classic murder drama. 110-WTTV O "Those Redheads from Seattle" (1953) with Rhonda Fleming, Gene Barry and Agnes Moorehead. Musical. 12:30 a.m.-WRTV Q "Skate-town U.SJV." (1979) with Scott Baio, Flip Wilson and Ruth Buzzi. Roller-disco comedy. " 1 a.m.-WTTV Q "It's a Great Feeling" (1949) with Doris Day, . Jack Carson and Dennis Morgan. Musical spoof of Hollywood. 2:45 a.m.-WTTV O "Belle of the Nineties" (1934) with Mae West and Roger Pryor. Comedy. 4:15 a.m.-WTTV O "Jalopy" (1953). Bowery Boys comedy. Sports Menu 6:05-WIFE (1310) Major League Baseball: Los Angeles at Cincinnati. . 648-WNDE (1260) Auto Racing: Southern 500 from Darlington, SC. ' 7:30 WNON-FM (100.9), WIFN-FM (95.9). American Association Baseball Playoff: Indianapolis Indians at Omaha. 8:00-WRTV O NCAA Football: Clemson at Georgia. 10:30-WISH Q Tennis: U.S. Open, highlights of the day's competition. Clothes, record albums, concert and movie tickets, sporting goods, a car, bicycle, camera, stereo equipment, college saving account . Earn the money you need to buy and do what you want with a newspaper route. The Star THE NEWS For more information, phone 633-9152. Highlights TELEVISION TODAY 76 WRTV O ABC News Clo-seup: "The Monastery." Repeat An in-depth examination of life in a monastery filmed at SL Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Mass., edited from the original 90 minute presentation. 7.W-WTHR Little House on the Prairie: Repeat. Tragedy strikes the Ingalls family when their young son . James is shot as he accidentally walks into a bank robbery in progress. First of a two part episode. 8KW-WFYI 2D Evening at Pops: Repeat. Leontyne Price sings music of Verdi and Puccini with the Boston Pops. Orchestra, John Williams conducting. WW WFYI QD Working: Re peat Rita Moreno, James Taylor and Charles Durning are among performers in a musical adaptation of Studs Terkel's book about blue collar workers. TOMORROW 30-WRTV O The Muppet Show: The program featuring Jim Henson's creations begins weekday reruns. RADIO TODAY 6:30-WIAN-FM (90.1) Election 82: Reports, analysis, commentary and predictions on the upcoming congressional and gubernatorial races. 9)0-WIAN-FM (90.1) Second Programme: "New York Philharmonic." Leonard Bernstein conducts his "Halil," Walton's Viola Concerto and Elgar's Enigma Variations. Midnight-WIFE (1310) Larry King Show: Dr. John Grossman, of George Washington University discusses the problem of herpes in America. SHULL'S MAILBAG Ferrigno Can you tell me what has happened to Lou Ferrigno since "The Incredible Hulk" was canceled? He was such a nice guy. S.M.P. He's in Italy starring in "Hercules," a revival of the Italian-made sword and sandal epics. Larry We were arguing a little. When was "Hello, Larry" on and why do people ridicule McLean Stevenson? E.M.R. "Hello, Larry" was on NBC for 1 Vt seasons, January 1979 to spring 1980. Stevenson gets the horse laugh because be walked out on one of television's all-time comedy successes, "MA'SH," to do a succession of inept flops. jjj Lou Ferrigno McLean Stevenson: knowledge of the inhalation of. nico- . tine and tar. Brooke is no pillar of intelligence, but hardly dumb enough for so many people to degrade her morals, ethics or principles. I know nothing of you, but low, ignorant punches with no factual basis give me a good idea. H.S. Piffle. Smoking Cumby . You ignorant fool. Your answer to a reader's question on the motive of Brooke Shields' non-smoking commercials irradiated so much narrow-mindedness, I fear I would go blind before I could read you. . You didn't contend the questioner, who debated the presence of logic in the commercials. Logic? Is it logical to say a stripper lacks know-how of the dangers of cigarette smoking? I fail to see the connection between removing clothing and possessing Settle a longrunning dispute. There seems to be some question as to when Gumby, the small clay figure with the partner, Pokey the horse, first appeared on TV. Was the program hosted? If so, by whom? CD. "Gumby" was a little five-minute filler show. NBC carried 66 of these five minute episodes between March . and November 1957. The host on the little show was. Bob Nicholson as Scotty McKee. w FREE Consultation & Evaluation Chiropractic May Provide Relief From 1. HeadKhe S. Backeche 2. SUM Ncfc 6. Numb Arm a Legs 3. Shoulder Peln 7. Nervousness 4. Joint Piln B. leg or Foot Cramp ".'.'.,.. 'Hlilli .'.'.'-''3 mw , ss iili'VYW ill' ... 'niiiir ..mi. .u"'jU Moire Photography Helps Indicate Spinal Misalignment and Muscle Imbalance Dr. Paul A. Palombi Community Arts Chiropractic Clinic, Inc. 1 6326 Rucker Road, Suite F 253-1644 Free consultation and evaluation does not include x-rays or treatment if . x-rays or treatment are indicated most insurance incl.udes chiropractic coveraae. v Group Auto Health Union Workman's Comp. . ( WTTV W1IV AtC WISH-CSS WTHI-NBC WHM-MS I 4 6 8 13 20 I P.M. V JK J J J 00 Tom ond Jarry Uwi Tannlu Star Trek , Milter , 4.) s Jarry Muscular U.S. Open logen ,30 Dystrophy M'A'S'H Electric. ,45 Telethon Company ;00 Good Timet Newt Newt Tuned In 5:15 30 Lavernaond Newt Moking .45 Shirley It Count :00 little Houe ABC Newi (C) CBS Newt NBC Newt Over Eoiy 6.15 on the ,30 Prairie Entertain- PM Mogoxine Family Feud MacNeil ,45 went Tonight ' " tnrf 00 WTTV Movie: News Closeup: M'A'S'H Little House Indiana 7:15 "Money- "Monastery" on the Primetime i 30 chanaers" CBS Moviei Prairie (C) Business ,45 I) - "Turning Beport" ,00 NCAA Football: Point" NBC Movie: Evening a 15 Clemson at "Madame X" at Pops 30 Georgia 00 News Working 9:t5 . :30 :45" ' ' 00 Starsky News New 4 ft: 15 ond Hutch I U:30 . Tennis: . Toni9"t Show ASt New, (C) U.S. Open ' ,00 WTTV Movie: News Quincy PBS latenight ' n,15 "Those led-,30 heads trom Nightlina tote Night ,45 Seottle" with Dovid :00 Benny Hill Quincytosf tottermon 4 rt,15 Treasure of 1 4:30 ABC Movie: . Concepclon . ,45 I "Sketetown"! I Ov"' ' TUESDAY TV PROGRAMS ( -N - -V ( WTTV WRTV-AtC WISH-CSS WTHB NBC WFYI-PBS 4 6 8 13 20 A.M. V 7 V J J J J ,00 700 Club Good CBS Morning Today Society 7:15 Morning News Weather 1:30 Cowboy Bob America (C) Mister ' ,45 . ; P-oao" ' :00 Janle Sesame a 15 Street (C) 30 :45 ,00 Phil H,r' Lu(y One Doy Richard Electric 9:15 Donahue at a Time Simmons Company :30 Family Feud Mary Tyler ' Dick Frugal ,45 Moore Von Dyke Gourmet :00 Joker's Wild lov Beat The Price Texas Yoga and You 4 A: 15 . Is Right I U:30 Tic Toe Dough Novo (C) ,45 ; ; ,00 Bob Braun " Mv The Young Diff'rent n:15 Children ond the Strokes :30 Restless Search for Over Easy (C) ,45 Tomorrow :00 Jim Gerard News News News Dick Cavett ' 1 2:30 Your Show Hope As the Wheel of MacNeil ,45 World Fortune lehrer ,00 One life Turns Another Evening at 4:15 to live World Symphony . 1:30 Six Million Capitol ;45 Dollar Mon - ' :00 General Guiding light Days of ... rt:15 . , Hospital , Our lives (V30 Battle of :45 Plonets " :00 Casper Muppet Show Bewitched Odd Couple Sesame 3:15 . Street (C) :30 Woodpecker Charlie's Bob Newhart Stor Trek ,'" :45 I Angels iCl denotes programs that are WHMB 40 c losed-raptioned for the hearing impaired MONDAY P.M. 4. -00 Tom and Jarry 4uJO-lossie 5. -OO-Robin Hood S:30-Oule & Harriet 6K)0-Jim Bokker TOO Kenneth Copeland 8:00 Sumroll Teaches 8:30 Larry Jones 9:00 Sumrall Today 10KXV-J.D. Redmon ., 10:30 Blackwood Bros. UrOO-Praise the lord TUESDAY 7.00-Jlm Bokker 800 Sumrall Teaches 8:30 light and Lively 9:00 Today with Sumrall 10O0-700 Club 11:30-Another life - p.m. Noon light and lively 12:30 Sumrall Teaches 1.-00 Today with Sumrall : JKJO-Bullwinkle 2:30 Underdog 3.-00 Johnny Quest 3:30 Flintstones listing of TV programs is published as a service to readers. The schedule is compiled from information furnished by the TV stations. Stations occasionally make last-minute schedule changes and fail to notify The News in time for the change to be made in the published log. Cable Television HIGHLIGHTS -4.-00-WGN (9) Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. TONIGHT'S SPORTS P.M. 7O0-ESPN International Track & Field: Ivo Van Damme Meet, repeat. 7O0-USA NCAA Football: Baylor at North Texas State. 9:30-USA PB A Bowling: Taped. 9:30 ESPN International Racquet-ball Championships! Woman's first round match 2, taped. 11.-00 ESPN Boxing; Roberto Duran vs. Kirklond lolng, repeat. TONIGHT'S MOVIES 7.-05-WTBS (17) "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner." 10:35-WTBS (17) "Three on a Couch." Midnight-WGN (9) "If I Had a Million.'. : V TOMORROW'S SPORTS A.M. 12:30 USA NCAA Footboll: Baylor at North Texas State, repeat. 3.-00-ESPN CFl Football: Edmonton at Calgary, taped. ' 3.O0-USA PBA Bowling: Repeat. 8:30ESPN International Racquet-ball Championships: Women's first round : match 1, taped. IIKW-ESPN NCAA Football: Temple' at Penn State, taped. - - p.M, - 1:30-WGN (9) Major League Baseball: Philadelphia at Chicago Cubs. - 3.-00-ESPN CFl Football: Montreal at Hamilton, taped. TOMORROW'S MOVIES A.M. 12:40-WTBS (17) "Sheila levine Is ', Dead and living in New York." 5.O0-USA "As Good As Married." 6.-00-CBN "Woman of the North Country." 8K3J-WTBS (17) "The Truth About Spring." 9:00-WGN (9) "The Lost Weekend." 11.-00 USA "The Purple Taxi." 1 1:30-CBN "Last of the Wild Horses." P.M. 12K5-WTBS (IT) "The Defector." 3:30-CBN "Woman of the North Country." Showtime HBO TONIGHT P.M. - 4:30-"Black Beauty"(G) 6:30 Johnny Cash's America B.-OO-'The Cannonball Run"(PG) 1&00 The Beach Boys in Concert llKM-"Outland"(R) TOMORROW A.M. 12:S3-"Foul Ploy"(PG) 2:SO-"The Cannonball Run"(PG) S:30-'7he Kid from Not-Sa- ' . Big"(NR) 70-"St. Helens"(PG) ' 9O0-"Mommie Deorest"(PG) ' 11:30-Video Jukebox Noon Tennist U.S. Open P.M. . . 3.-O0 P. T. Barnum and His Human Oddities TONIGHT P.M. SriJO-A Better Ploce 5:30-"Saturday the 14th"(PG) " 7:00-". . . All the Morbles"(R) 9O0-"Sweet Sugar"R) 10:30-"Under the Rainbow"(PG) TOMORROW A.M. 12:10"Saarch A Destro'(PG) l:4S-LaH-A-Thon 2:15"- . . All the Marblas"(R) 4:30 Mark Twoin Theatre: Tom and Huck 6.-00 Jonathan Winters - ' 6:30-"This Is Elvis"(PG) 9K)0-"The Badlanders"(NR) 11.-00-"Foul Play"(PG) P.M. 1KX)-"This Is Elvis"(PG) 3.-00-SHOWTIME Short Picks 3:30-"Tarka the Otter"(G) I '

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