The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1931
Page 3
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™gAI,_Al'RlL 3, 1931 KLYYHEVILLR. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS 1'AOR TITRE1 Raleigh's "Fair "ITU Queens of May / IH! __ Novilrasl Arkansas Agents| \'/lll Cfiilu:r at Joncsbovoj Next Tuesday. ; , i A;jpro!:in!it.'iy Oi'.c hundred fir; ; and i.-(.s.!; ; .;:y insurant'.' agents from j all raits or nor'Jiensl Arkansas will [ father in Jonestoro April 7th tC; atfjiid the second nice linn i of group number cue oC the Ar-; kansas Association oi Inlsarar.ce j Agents, ac'.ording to an aniioi'.iiue-, mcnl just received Irom Dalph: Smith jr.. of West Memphis, in] charge of the meeting'. ! The morning and afternoon sc>- ] sicns of tl-.e convention will fei-; ture several prominent in.sur. men from t>cth Arkansas anrt Ton- • lichee. Among those schedule;! appear on the program inc'nule H. i P. Harwell, branch manager of '.:i'-, United Stales Fidelity & Gi.r.r.ur.y' company of Memphis; R. W. ?;<?«,'ell of Cunningham & Newel!, Lil- II? neck, and L. R. Martin ol M.'.r- tin <te Fl-her, Pccal:oain=. tla 1 .. president of Hie Arkansas A'.sT-i.'. ticn of In.surance Ascnl*. Tlic convention will lie eonrlni-; ctl with a banquet nn:l d.v.iee Tu:s- j day evening at tr.e riks c-lnh rarrn 1 ? The principal speaker en the -v.'- 1 - ning's program will bo U. H. Senator T. H. Caraway. Besides the full day's program fa: the insurance men, special entertainment features for all ladies attending the convention have a!~ been provided for by wives cf the Jcnestoro ins'.irance a^eni^. Counting wives of nger.H and company representatives, Jonss'o:r-. will be liostr to at leaf, c:in hundred twcnty-nve people. Tile Elks c'.;ib and Hotel Noble will i:c convention heaclquarlois [;r i!vj dob- gates. —^ __ | ills; bidder receives a ix>.';itlve re-j cues', of Mrs. T. J. liass of Uclii r\ / ij 'spoil' 1 - from |>ariner and lie tlicn.lar.t week. ! \S jj i Iniiiwr.ui.'ly supports ihU bid, bolh; Charlie Sp:ini:cr wns the KHI'-I' i '? .t 5 --' '.'"ntvi'i-i mi;.;, cnujdi'i- that Mill as of Miss KMlu-r Hawkins. Sunday. I ;'C •H" I I;! 1 '.::", 'cl! luririci- bidding ls[ Mr. und Mrs. \v. O. O.ical vi-lir-d y : [i I-.0.'-:'.(':.. i ii., ;i;c ^uninc,. '.vltSchi frti-niS In this i-omtmmuy. SmuUvy ' ''.Ull fcii i\p!i'.l'.H'.l by the writer In' MK. IXn'-o! limv.irO urd d:uigh-' : ,. l.i'...— ar;'r':n. . l-'r wore 1 tin- \...'l: ,nd ;-n -M 1 . ul BY \\'.M. K. Secretary AinrriiMn liriil^-c I.MP.UI' When the Bulaiul cyinenlini-a! elub bid is Iwiiiij nsi'il by ;; pair, uu opening bid of i-:u' ':'.' ^'ili. .-\- openlni; >bid of cue. ol n t..".\. i'\- hf.nd. tliercfme tbo inir.iv.-: 1 of th> cr! p/ bitl(-cr j."U"JM rndj.U'jr to ' l>rs!lb'.'! iiiiic.vs Vcldns sulfl;li-u: 1 -jtrensth for a t.i::.c roi-.'.r.ii.. \v.i!i I th:- ^luU'iTt.iiuliiK il:.«i p:u-.r..-r docs not hold over Uvo lo l\vu :;n:l 1 one-half li!s!i ti-rd iii:'?.f. . It is disicmp.ry tinder "n!s .-ys- I tun J':r '.be partner or '.'.}" <.;:vu- r.sii: 1 ;•'<-.: i .iiployini: this club! i:v.;!il.r.n will l:e given In follow-1 ., ar.l:U-s. Mis. i'o!k Mr. r:id Mi.- : . Jolin C ; aiiv.s V.a-.t 1 ciTii '.t.y ill fni the past w.V.:. Mr. mid Mi-.. UL>V Ciiiilu 1 .-. alu fau-iiy WIMI- visitors in Ibis vicinity. Hur.;lay. Not Local Pastor l Aubrey Hood. soug'H bv iv:ll^~ r a charge of iwtit larceny, is not to lie confused willi Aul: r ^-:,' )••: 'cal preacher for the Nazarcne church. There'll be a yalu llmo in li^c-i-h, N. C.. tlii^ Mny whc-n these o3«;'.iui- iiiB i|i:"o:is lead fsstivals ot lli.-ir vcsiiecilvc schools there. Abiv.. is lovnly Doris; Cliumhleu nf Xoliiil.m. | K. C.. v,ho was ^IKI.^OU .'.'IP- ,|i-r--- at St. Mary's, osi-luslvrt carls' .l^liool. Kathkcil I)UI'.I:L::I. -;:lov.-. i recently solcrieil "most i-!-;irr>.i;.. K ' : .•itudent at Mcrerlit!-. Collfcu' h':i-- IIO'.V IfL'OJl CllOSCl: •!•_• (J=.l., •) in May. Kbc llvt ; !i, LIIM-I.C.,^ ,, N*. C. the^ cf Mr.s. Crorko'.t'.s ther. Mrs. J. T. Wi!=on. , vl:c-n I'.e lio'.ds one rail-' '.r. n 1 ' «(ive, e. p., if Honil: v.vre '.<> o"-'ir . ivith 'one spade smi had a'ircvl to I life the club convviition. I-a- -.v.-.iMl ticnv licldiiiK a hand ttron--- cii'i'.'.'.'li ! to bid or.e ehib. then-fore if p.nt- . ner bid two spade". I'. 1 v.nnhi .svv i -Porlner, if you have aliRhtly move than a minimum von enn .bid tli:v ; .paries anil I will BO tc four. I :,n: • rcsi'ivlne cue raite when I giv:- i you this raise." • if u-.-» partner of til" 1 o;w r.n-> bidder Las sufficient strength to | came in partnor':; suit, in? B r,m- slioulcl be bid inv.'.iedliitely. ] iMiin!-; are made Hie «in-.- 'v='| auction r.nd Ilio dcnylns hand Oio'iicl bold "I 'fst Ollc a!ul ""I"' hiilf quick -rick;: c. K.. S?nth m;l- o'-.e snaOe. you bin Ivo hearts. \ou •how a biddable hcnrt. suit and n' one anil one-lialf trices. H von have a lianri strong enough to| Indicate e»mc. cvra whon .""!', ner holds •> minimum, veil slimilil. \"ii c'n" inc^e !hnn nrcessary: c. ?.. oil" sn'ule. th.-.'e liearls. This is a demand bid and requires partn:r ..o 1 'ce-n Hie bidding open. He mils', either assist your bid, bid his .own.. or bid another fiiit or no trnmn. II Ihe criglnal bidc'.-jr owns wito one club. !«• no;v rbo'v.-. O'r intrr-.. medial' hr.r.d between a minimum- a-ul a pmvcr-lio'jsr-. !f von bold two quick ir:c;:s yon respond with one of a major, one no trump, or; nvn in cither minor. As soon as It'-" positive nn".vei is given, it is | nr:'sumcd Hint ths combined hands 1 -.'-ill make name and tlic b-Odin" must, not die imlil game bid lias I teen arrived at in some suit ur no trump. The. users cf tbs ironven- rvv\'rv;::ie enjoy.?<l the pu-acblng. n::l ;> n^iir.i seis'ici'.i ut the school !r-j;-c Kinula; 1 . Tlie Rev. Holt ot ''"'•• !;r'. i!h i cendut-ted tl" 1 w-rviecs v.'ith til,- 1 assistance of Hrv. McAn- ..;)v iiii-.i Hev. lloo<|. Ciiv::' Cray. .;i:f-nt SnliiKlay aiul c 'i'ril-.i\' with 5jim G'NeLi! on Twen- M: .•: A«!il!e Hu::'.])ton of .^,!o., [•; vt.-ltin 1 ^ rela'.ivei; in this Amnni; ruined cities probably the cldfGt in Ihc Fablcrr. Hemisphere- is Nin^vah. tho ancieiit cap- Mai of Assyria. II is cs'.imatad tlia'. it was knov/n an far bac-k as 2500 B. C. onr. at Armorel. Tno Kei'-;r P:d Devi;?, r.^ eLr/-. -?vic:^ i .'.'cd ii :r.':de :o!::p.o 1i '.' i r.". ai. Saturday. Ke:;:-r firl v.-cn Keiscr News ' Mrs. \V. W. Anderson. Mrs. J. T. Wilscn f-nd Mr. an:i Mrs. Ji'v- Oiilds were ill Lake City last we:-:: on Eccciiiit of th? ilhn«s of their nictbsr and grandmother. H. Ii. Robinson amended lo business in Little Rock Thursday. Tiie P. T. A. held a inootir.j a the school Wednesday with Ihe president, Mrs.. R. H. Robinson presiding. Mrs. T. E. Talc of Ar- morul. president of the county P T. A. council, and Mrs. M. L. Smn- ners of O.-ceo!a. coun'.y rhii.-l wet fare cliairmasi, Have inieie^; -talks. Other visitors at the meet ing were Mesdames J. Ridenoiir W. M. Williams and C. J. Little • of Armorel. Miss Hie Rowel! was a Kelper vis ilor Thursday. Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Polk c.f Forrest, City are visiting .Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Dunavant. Miss Minnie B. Shaw spent the week-end in Osccola ns tiir "ii?-t ol her sister. Mr. and Mrs. Dcmby and Mrs. Finley motored to MempliLs Sunday. Miss Tommy Slierric't; ana Luc:!: Mc-ere shoypr. 1 ! in TJ'.ythevillc t:it- \ urday. ' Miss Nanie Jean Majrc ai;J :.:.Virginia DunavaiU wr-rc fr-ii".- those who r.tter.clrd tlie c!i<:::;'. meeting at JonesVmo las'. Tuesday. Both won pri765. Miss Mo^:? b?ii:j selected an L!ie be.>; in :-c:u: CCD- hcmic-'; and Miss Dunavant b:;::'~ pcconti. Mrs. Spoiwc'Vv'illhias of 5V.:r:ic:t: is visilin; Mr. and NSrs. Oiiie \V:'.- liams. Mr. anrl Mrs. Clavis C:-o;\«f c: Osc«iy< fp:nt S.Hurd.iy n'.jht. n.s Manila. Shad;.- Grcv? nnl Ya.-i;r-. i They plaverl The latter in thn .In- ' bcathif t : :cm *1 to 1-1. K;5?r-1 | t3ys entered t':e semi-finais b'.i: ] tvcre df-ie^ted in the r.?c-j:i:i -mil? i by Miiiih. A revival is bein^ raiid::c'.e:! : the Mntho-lht rhurrti by th? R? Brad'.oy cf il?:np:il:. Kvrryone cordially invited. .„. s-t.i-.'n-! l r.^t'cular suit "jp-i- Rifle- When the pailncr of the original : en? club bidrler holds 'hrce oni:-i: 'rlcVs or hotter. !:e must make a forcing res"c,r. i -e. Thir is don: bv v.rl'.n? rne mere than necessary in r v iiiaiors rr tw^ more Ihan ncc- cr,:.avy in tlic minors; e. g.. one. cii:b. a fnrcintr bit:, partner bids- tft-r, sp-ulos. Tl'.is now a:lvir,-s (be ri'.-.b IjicUbr that j'ou hold at least iiiiek tricks nnd there is a' rresibllity cf a slam. I Tlie most important lliinq that ' (he advocate.- of tin--, system claim i j is thP.t two mlnimunis opposite • : each other will nr.t make n ijair<V ; a:s'.l this is Qiiickiv determined by; the opening minimum bids of one. I ypi'.wrters - - - - Sugar tared Picnic FKANKB That Good Kind Lh. 15e Ditse! Tomilivson itod M: 1 . iintt Mis. Nith.nn Junc-s, nciay. Mis Helen Shai'i?:. fell v,-n Stinnhlcf. 1.1). UK-; Thick UN), 1,1). Chuck, 12V 2 c; IIKNS Full Dressod BROILEUS Shouiderlb. 2Gc a Leg Ib. 28c, Stow RRAIKS Fresh Pig Lb. 12 l-2c « Plum, 24-lb. 60c Good -J uaranteed 48-lb. *• SPARK RJKS Pig Tails Lb. lOc Best Grade !b. 13ic For Bailing HOG CHITTERLINGS 10-Lb. Pail «0c Boneless Ham Wisconsin Kaiil, Petit Pois No^ 2.2-ean limit Sauer, Slice,.Fancy imit Stock Your Pantry With-These Specials invicible Paskase HOMINY N'n. 2'A Can. 2 for li TOM.-ITOES Mo. 2 Standard. Can Gc AI'RICOTS Nn. 2'/j Can 2. r)C Fres!s Country Miss Tommy Slierrick stx-ut Fri- Remember that ii you ho^d a mini- day night in O.-ceola as tni: , mum one club forcing bid and your of Mrs. Clovis Crockett. i partner responds with crj dia- Bob Martin of Wilson has treTi' moncl, "in all probability there is at'euciinc to busing; hire for the i no', same in :he liaiid- i).-.5t tires da vs. ! -When the original one club for:-1 GOOD for ONE WEEK 4 [ i^r Quick Suds. I?cs1 For All Purposes i 3 For 23c LA11RRST SKI.t.IN SOAP IN THE WOULD Large Green Heads, Each Fancy bleached Jumbb, Each Nice, Large, Clean bundles, Each I'KAS Tiny 'i';id. 2 Ciins 'lav BROOMS 5 String. A Bargain. Each 25c I'ORK & IJKANS 3 cans for 20c Maxwell House, Caacva and Berkley Blend PURE COCOA 2-1,1?. liox 2:lc FLOUR. Old Rose. 24 Lbs. 59c; 48 Lbs. §1.17 I'.KANS Striiij?!css .'! ciins for 2fic t?L'ery year n:crc M •» 1 ~ . ' ' , (urn to while r-ivfis ana 1 mosi of them "JtJ P antl G iC'-^i< PX_->.-*---.. i First—in (he dough. Then in : j the oven, you can be sure If o( perleclbaKingj'm usir$— \ ^ POWDER 3 For lOc 'AM AY jfccomir.i'iitlcd liy 7:i Skin 3 For 2Ic SELOK, Large 20c Size, 2 For 25c Food TiUiles J'elUr When Cooked With t" 1 * *»*. n 3-lbo can 65c Mixing Howl FRKK AM, A5ADK KY I'lJOHXlll AND. CAM»I,K Compound, Thrift Brand JIILK 6 Small or 3 Tall Cans 2Sc JELL Country Club. 3 Pkgs. 20c PRUNES -I l,l>3. 25c Bulk Peaberry Sliver leaf Laundry 10 bars Bargains In Fresh Fruit and Vegetables ^°- 1;Fancy Reds, Peck CAHKOTS and UKKTS Iluneh ac BANANAS Golden Yellow'Pi-uit Lb. 5c ONION'S Ileti. -1 Lbs. coiintry perk b Swifts, Select Gil tick RHUHAIU5 Lli. 19c ORANGES Florida-Sweet & Juicy. Pk. 49c ^ifPSM \B ^fe^Cast %Js Large ^ri tea, CArf.IFLOV/KU l,b. IH GARBAGE Texas Green Lb. 2 l-2c CKI.KRY Juiulio Slalk Fresh pound GREENS Home Grown Lb. 5c Large Fu Dressed

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