The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on April 4, 1918 · 4
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 4

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1918
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Jul Thursday, April 4, 1918. New Brunswick, N. J. THE DAILY HOME NEWS MISSING MAN'S DEAD BODY FOUND i ... ,i mi. t J m.. tuul- W Pa BartcT Vh7 ISdrltte blr program offered for the rest faTnt fv wmIm kt w&a of the week at the Opera House. atx w found yesterday afternoon In the Soutii 2Uver sear the coal hoist of the Sayra and Fisher brick yard. The body was in an advanced staie of decomposition and it was impos- aible to make a facial WenUflcatlon. .voS,.fi. .. was tolled to view tha body, and aftw i searching; the clotting- round a letter that bore the abova name and It was addressed to box SU. South River. He also found a United States Army draft! notlfjeatlon wnioa was sent from Watwbury, Conn. A letter from the State Bank of Chicago was also Cound in Me clothing. It gave directions tor seading money which, he desired to deposit in that bank. Two empty pay envelope were anions the articles found. As the body had been In the water a long time the writing and printing- on them had become so blurred that no information could be secured regarding the last plaoe where the man had worked. Figures on one of the envelopes ''lfflrW: and bonuses are given at the different powder mills an effort will be mads by the coroner to ascertain If he had worked at anyone of them, i The man was a Hungarian and was about 5 years old. His body has I been removed to South Amboy where it is resting In Coroner Mason's morgue awaiting identification. There were no signs of foul play about the body and it is the opinion cf many that the man was accidentally drowned. i i i 'Look For Edge Announcement Within Few Days TRENTON, April 4. ' Although there were no developments today with respect to the Republican United States Senatorial situation, It Is believed that Governor Edge will speak on the subject before the end of the present week. Inquiries at the Executive Offices today brought forth no Information, but there was an Intimation that a statement might be forthcoming within a day or two. The statement in question is ex-! pocted to contain the announcement cf the Governor's candidacy for the Rfpubliea nomination at the Septem ber primaries for the full term of el years in the Senate at Washington. It is not now believed here that Mr. Edge will go to the wire for the short term honors, thlo view having gained strength since the statement of David Eaird that if necessary he would con sent to irubmlt himself to the will of the voters for the short term running from the November election to March i. 1919. Political observers here are ea gating in some interesting speculation os to what may happen in the event Ei'ge doos not come out for the short term and Eaird does. The sentiment seemed to be that the Governor would make a stronger candidate against Mr. Colgate, who will run for the short term, than Mr. Ralrd, who Is regarded as an oW tine Republican whose Idess and political alignments in the past have weaned the vote of the procressivei from him and which v'te undoubtedly would go to either 'o!irate or Record p against Daird , -T'e man who could, therefore, nt- Xact the attention of the primary vot er to his short term candidacy for the nomination might also influence them In large numbers to vote for him for the lull term nomination also. With the Governor refraining from en torlng the 6hort term contest, it is figured he would lose many votes because of this situation. There has been a report here that Hamilton F. Kean, of Elizabeth, Is also preparing to announce himself a candidate. Inspector General to Look Over Rutgers Corps 1 Word was received yesterday by President Demarest that an Inspector uenerai wouici .ew xsrunswicK to-day in order to inspect the Reserve Officers Training Camp and Rutgers Cadet Corps. The Hutgers battalion was one of Un R. 6. T. C., and this Inspection for- 'ward to with great Interest, as It is expected that the local battalion will receive a high rating, t The-Rutgers Cadet Corps ha .been leonverted into the P.. O. T. C. with Ithe exception of the men who were Sinable to pass the physical examination and who still maintain tbeir (Cadet Corps rating. Tha battalion is commanded bv Major Blgelow, XI. S. A,, retired, and ha been undergoing a vigorous course eOtralnin in anticipation of today's event, For the past few weeks four hours -each Tuesday baa been spent in puccleuch Park, where they have been Mrrtned. on extended order, sham battles, first aid and squad drill. Government: to GivevTJp . Cape May Hotel Julyl WASHINGTON. April 4. Notices m owners of tha Cap May Hotel at Cape May. N. J., that the Govern- ent will cancel Its lease July 1, ere given today. An Investigation t the contract made by the War apartment disclosed that the own- rs would have received ss one (year's rental a sum for which they .would nave been glad to sell the property two years ago. The hotel -was leased to be used as a reconstruction hospital at a yearly rental cf $53,000. MRS. WILLIAM PELL GOES TO HER BEWAKD Mrs, Sarah A. Pell, wife of William Pell, died at ther home, 61 Baldwin street, this cKy, to-day. The deceased, who was born In England, is survived by her hus band, two sons, Joseph and Charles, and one brother, Joseph. The funeral will be held from her late home ion Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock land will be conducted by Rev. Ed ward W. Hall, rector of the Church of St John the Evangelist. The interment will be in Elmwooa Cemetery. RUTOERS NOTE3 last evenlnr Captain Vincent, ad- Knta.nt of the Raritan River Ordnance! Fbepe. rnddreesed the Y. M. C. A. In tj Vine ani ntnm, vl j.vuiiu- r on we .ain6 cornier. Xixin Vincent gave a clear talk 0:1 e aubject, which was appreciate by fro ry punruii i uii men Bt, many CI TViom win proaioiy Children Should See Miss Clark in "Seven Swans" at Opera House Two complete shows every night with, the afternoon performance will ' K1TB OTB17UU9 HU lUIULy BOO AltUJUNflfl Vl&iB, lo Lilts BUH 111 the photoplay, "The Seven. Swans," which will geratly delight the little folks. Miss Clark has chosen a fan- cjf u elaborate version of one of Hana Anderson's best-known falrjr tales. . This was adapted and direct- ed by J. Searle Dawley, who directed "Snow White." one of the most popular films of Bcreendom. The cast of "The Seven Swans" Is ei- j ceptlonally good, Including such i well-known slayers aa Richard Bar- thelmees, Daisy Belmore, William Danfortb, Augusta Anderson and others. The story foUows the ad ventures of Hiss Clark as the Princess Tweedledee in. saving her seven brothers from the clutches of the Wocked Queen, who has transformed thmem into swans. One of the largest sets ever used was erected by Director Dawley a palace courayard, measuring more man one hundred b ytwo hundred and fifty feet Hufford and Chain lead the vaudeville bill. They have a comedy hit billed aa "A Loose Pago rum the Book of Fnu," and it is an amusing skit fro mstart to finish. Eddie Harron and company have a comedy sketch full of hearty laughs entitled "After Three Weeks." The Fenwlck Girls are a team of clever harmony singers with exxcel-lent voices. Williams and Re rale have, a trampoline novelty -which, Is out of tie ordinary and Tery entertaining. The Universal Animated Weekly Is as instructive as ever. Schools to Observe Entry Of U. . In tne War In acn of the imbllo school- otIa th Strand today. The the city the anntrersary of the entrance) of thlsoountry Into the world war will be observed to-morrdw. A circular has been issued to the Principals of the schools Informing them of the plan. Saturday will mark the anniversary of President Wilson's dw.isxatlon to Cowrress that a state of war existed, but as there will be no school that day, it Is ordered mat a nart of Friday's session be given nvr to natriotio exercises. Prof. Ira T. Chapman, superin tendent of City Schools, has arranged that the High School. Livingston, ijrd Stirling and Lincoln Schools, which have auditoriums, hold general exercises in their respective auditoriums while the other schools of the city will bold patriotic exerdsea In their own class rooms. The scholars will be given an explanation of the war, suited to the various grades so that the youngest pupils may understand "the drive Xor the world's democracy- Noted Fighter and Lecturer to Speak Here Next Wednesday rnhBin .T. K. Cornelius, of the fam ous 5Sth Canadian Battalion, will give an illustrated lecture on "My Experiences at the Front" at the Company B Armory on wednesoay evening, pni 10th at 8 p. m., under the auspices f the Home Defense uuaras 01 tnia tv Admittance -will be by invita tion, and it is expected that 1.009 peo ple will be present, apaia w nelius fought in the Verdun battle) and other Important battles of the world war on the Western front. He win show over 300 views cf scenes in France and at the front. German Spy Suspect Caught in Paterson PATERSOJ?. April m1io1rm that be is well acquainted with Prince Henry of Prussia, and that be has been working in Xewark, N. J, for a Oermnn rrrtfer was made today by Adolph Aympum, of Philadelphia, held by Paterson rederai arents aa a uer-man spy A bank book found among the accused man s enroots snows ne nas 10,000 on deposit la a Washington state bank. Government t Safeguard Finances of Hobofcen NEJWXCKK, April 4, Assurance that th government will safeguard the finances of the city of Hoboken, which, will lose $676,000 in yearly taxes on the -piers taken over by the United States, waa received nera toaay. Tne 010010? of Hoboken saloons will also cost the city a big annual revenue. It is believed the government will Cully make p the loss I. W. W. Trial Again Halted m Chicago CHICAGO. April 4 For the Orrrd euccesatv time in as many days the trial of 113 L W. W. members charg-d with, sabotage and efforts to hamner the war work of the united 'States, was halted to-day when one of the Jurymen failed to appear. Judge K M. Landig immediately called a recess and onisred a eeoxen for the missing juror. General Pershing Gets Cross from King Alfred WASHINGTON". Asm 4 General Pfcrehtng bas been awarded the grand cross of the Order or Leopold, tne hljrhest order Belgium can bestow, a cablegram received hefra to-day an nounced. The insignia with the war cross were bestowed personally 4rH King Alfred. Six Persons, Including Minister, Reported Shot WASHINGTON. April 4. Six per- cns Including Rev. Moon, rector of 'tho Germans March 18, according to ;a cablegram receivod by the Belgian legation today. PARK BOROTJOH FATHERS TO MEET NEXT M03TDAY The regular monthly meeting of tne Borough council of Highland Park will be held at the Fire House on Monday evening, April 8, at 8 OCiOCS. Contractor Involved in District Court Suit Edward Sojka, a contractor of South River, was the defendant in a suit in the District Court this morning, instituted by Ludwlg Krompeckt, another contractor. The action Is to recover money alleged to be due the plaintiff for work done on three dwellings in Say-reville and another at Newton Heights. The plaintiff alleges that he was contracted by the defendant to do the mason work on the houses and that he had not been fully paid. All four actions were tried at the same time, the same Issue being Involved. The plaintiff Is represented by George L. Burton, and the defendant by J. R. Appleby. The derense claims that the work waa not subcontracted to Krempecki, but that a partnership venture was entered Into between the two, and the prints or losses were to be divided equally between them. The suit was before Judge Wood-bridge and Jury composed of Andrew Zahn, Jr., John Weigel, Jacob Hoagland, Andrew Conover, William Askerman, Henry Arbo-gast, Joseph Dowdell, William Brit-ton, John Forman, Patrick Smith and Edward Kelly. The Jury must decide tie relationship existing between the 'plaintiff and defendant, whether tha work bad been sub-contracted or rttet&&r partnership had been formed. The-ca8e was, etlll n this Afternoon aronroe Salisbury and Sttrth -CHEtord m Tne, Red, Red Heart" la tha at- xaie cut an rnoaan by birth, la super intendent; of the Newman ranch. In the west. Unable to regain her health, after a accident, Rhoda Tuttle, together with her fiance, John DeWltt, visits the ranch In the hope that the western atmosphere may prove ben eficlai. She is recued from poisoning oy KUt-ie who tries to aid her back to health. He la unsuccessful. See the cloture for the rest of this inter esting story. Other pictures tncludo, wimam . Hart in -Taming tne Ftmr Flush ar and Bobby Connolly In -Mayor of Kid City." TomorrowKitty Qorfloa In The Wasp, also other pictures. Ratify Dry Move In Massachusetts BOSTON, April A . Massachusetts sjwuns Into Mae with the States supporting the Federal prohibition movement when the Senate Tuesday ratified the prohibitory amendment by a roO-call vote of 2 7 to 1 2. Similar Indorsement was voted & vreek 8o by the House, 145 to 91 (By Oils action, Massachusetts Se-eomea the first of the northeastern States to ratify the amendment, the fifth wet State and the eleventh in the entire country. The States that had previously ratified it are: Slis- slslppi, Virginia, Kentucky, (wet). South Carolina, North Dakota, Maryland fwet), Montana, Texas (wet), Delaware (wet). South Dakota. The dry forces had considered WsBTOchosetts as A State unfavorable to tha amendment, and the victory makes a boozeless United State seem & certainty. There are 27 dry States. ITm-of tha stas) wet States, which must be won; to makq the amendment effective, have already raltfled the Neirrrinswict: Must Settle With State T3SEJNTOS?V April '4.' KepreJsenfbM fives of New Brunswick having failed to appear before the Board of Con servation and TerveloTment to discuss the bill of S976.S6 which the Board has camst the city for excess water diversion from Lawrence Brook, the Board has ruled that the bill musM paid ta the State Treasurer. CHAiaajgyc. smew-Air WES AT NEW TCTRJC3IOME Charles) SItrrfran Shfpway, formerly of this !ty. died at his home. 194 Riverside Drive, New York, last night. The. deceased Is survived ny1 a widow, Mrs. Florence Isabel Horl-beckj Ship way. a sister, Mrs. Nellie Enow, and a brother, Harry Ship-way. The ftnroral will be helafrom his rate home Friday avening at 3.30 o'clock; MISSIONARY TO SPEAK AT ST. JAMES CHURCH Miss mil an., a medical missionary of China, will speak In the Sunday Sohool room of the St. James Methodist Church, corner Eas- ton avenue and Hamilton trtreet. this evening at t o'clock. Miss Holmes has been working at the farthest missionary outpost of China, and she will tell her experiences in that work. It Is expected that she will appear in Chin ees costume. The publlo is very cordially invited to attend. Too Late For Classification WANTED Small furnished apartment or house by army oiflcer and wife. . No children. Occupancy not later than May 1. Lieut, ruisch, 60th U .S. Infantry. Tel New Brunswick 1920, extension 133. a4-2t LOST, strayed or stolen, dark brown mule. Byrno's Livery Stables, Metuchen. 4-2t WANTED Trimmers and ecal-lopcrs to do work at home. Apply at Lunepp's Underwear Factory, Whitehead avenue and Division street. South River. a4-lmo SEED potatoes. State of Maine, and onion sets. John Reng, 264 Suydam street. a4-tf WANTED Stenographer and typist, with some knowledge of 1 right party. Tnquire Mr. Stevens, Montalvo's, 341 George street a4-2t AM SIMM) REBUILDING HEALTH AFTER ANY ILLNESS Getting Well Means Gaining Strength A Wholesome Tonic. The rettlng-well stage of grip, pneumonia or other illness is the most dangerous of all because the body, weakened by the disease, is wide open to attacks of other lurking germs. That is why all the organs of the body must be kept in their best working order, not only to drive out the poison left by the disease, but that the patient shall regain strength as soon as possible to avoid further attacks resulting from the poisons in the system. As a means toward good health after any Illness Father John's Medicine builds up the body because it is all pure wholesome nourishment and free from, opium, morphine, chloroform or other poisonous drugs or alcohol. Father John's Medicine has tbrnat t.rmihios much and snrp throats, and as a tonic and body builder. Proof:- "After an attack of pneumonia the doctor ordered me to give my baby Father John's Medicine and as a result he regained health and strength. I always give it to my children when ever they catch cold. I am writing this lo tell you how grateful I am to Father John's Medicine." (Signed) Mrs. Geo. Hunsberger, 1054 Pike St., Reading, Pa. Because of its body building, strength-giving food value, Father John's Medicine is an ideal family medicine for all who are weak and run-down. Artillery Duel on - the Picardy Front PARIS, April 4. Increasing fir ing marks' the artillery duel on the Picardy battlefield north of Mont didier, according to the official report. On the Aisne River front in the Champagne and on the left bank of the Meuse River (Verdun front) the French entered German trenches, capturing 30 prisoners and two guns. The Germans tried to raid French trenches? in Avrecourt wood and north of Saint Die, but were re pulsed (Avrecourt wood is on the Verdun front and St. Die is in the Vosges Mountain.) More Drastic Legislation Agrainst German Spies WASHINGTON, April 4. More drastic legislation against German spies was demanded this afternoon by Governors ortheir representatives of nearly every State in the union at a conference here. It was the general opinion that all the Government has been too lenient in dealing with the army of German spies believed to have Invaded the V. S. and with persons giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The I. W. W. In particular came In for strong condemnation. It is probable that a committee will be appointed to urge legislation for the imposition of the death penalty. Union Social at Rutgers Gym Tonight The union social under the auspices of the First and Second Re formed, First Presbyterian and Christ Episcopal churches will be held in the Ballantine Gymnasium to-night at 8 o'clock and a very attractive program has been prepared by the committee in charge. There will be musical selections by Rutgers men, music by a quartet and an address of welcome by Dr. Scott. A social hour and refreshments will follow the program. A birthday offering wilfbe taken for the benefit of the Middlesex General Hospital, envelopes having been distributed for this purpose. TWO WOMHX KNU5T FOR GAKDE2T WORK Two-women have already enlisted in the Women's Land Army of America and will begin work at transplanting Thursday morning. Their muscles will grow hard, their pale faces will become ruddy, money will flow Into their purses and, above all, they will serve Uncle Sam in the best possible way. Other Tecruits may register at the rooms of the Home Defense League, where they can obtain full information concerning the work. Red Cross Red Cross has now on hand an abundant supply of muslin for bandages. Hereafter the work in muslin bandages will be done at the Hart Unit on Livingston avene. The gauze work will be done at the Red Cross Headquarters in the Reed building on George street. JfEW DELICATESSEN STORE IX T0WX A. Weinraub and M. Rubin. 320 George street, will open an up-to- date delicatessen and grocery store on Friday which will be known as the Monument Square Delicatessen and Grocery Shop. The firm will have special home made salads, roasts, etc. Souvenirs will be given all purchasers Friday. died" VAX HORN At San Antonio, Texas, on March 31, 1918, Harold Martin Van Horn, son of Nicholas B. and Minnie Van Horn. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from his late residence Monday, April 8th, at 2 p. m. Interment at Van Liew Cemetery. To advertise in anil Hone News "Wants" for work is to find work if there is any useful thin; that you can do well. Only lc a word. tf New Industry Locates in Town of Outcalt, v Near Jamesburg JAMESRURa. Anril 4.fU! to a tract of land has been taken by the 1 Texas Refining Company, embracing j twenty lots, located opposite tne -" ' call Station, along the Pennsylvania D.iw.j r-mo tn,,,. miiM from this place and already the new owners are on the scene ready to begin the erection of a plant that will mean much to Uncle Sam in winning the war. A building 50x60 is already under way and the entire tract is being cleared to enable the laying of a elding and other buildings as soon as the time arrives. This company will make grease for auto trucks and already orders have been received from the Government for 10,000 barrels of the product. Mr. Edward W. Hass, of New York City, is in charge of the construction work and he informed the writer that work will be pushed and that the plant will be added to as eoon as possible. AVilliam I. Davison, of Jamesburg. has the contract for the erection of the mason work, and Perrine & Buek-elew, another local company, is supplying-the firm with the tiecesaarv materials. Mr. Hass in an Interview said that (at the start about twenty men would I be employed and that employment I would be given to many more after the firm became settled. He ceniea that chemicals would be manufactured Rumors had been prevalent that the firm is going to make chemicals for gas bombs. This industry adds to the area that is covered by the munition plants extending for a period of ten miles or more. This firm means business as the site has been purchased and operations are under way. Mr. Hass is making his home In town for the present, and until the construction work has been completed. This part of the work has been hindered greatly, owing to the scarcity of labor. rfrH'HH'' 1 t Metxichen. J Borough Brevities METUCHEN, April 4. Dr. F. Fenton is the happy owner of a new Oakland car. Mrs. E. H. Spear, having sold her home and household effects, will leave the borough in the near future. Mr. and Mrs. Jones have returned to Clarendon Court, after passing the winter in New York City. Dr. J. G. Mason and Mr. Quint were present at a State convention of "Four Minute Men" at the State House in Trenton, last Friday. Harry Kramer has returned to Camp McOlellan after a short furlough spent with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kramer. Holden Spear -has been promoted to adjutant and is located at Naco, Texas. Mrs. B. D. Ford and daughter Miss Katherlna Ford, also Miss Helen Prickitt, have returned to their homes after a pleasant visit in Rutherford. , Miss Charlotte Hebberd la slowly improving from a serious attack of pneumonia. The Ladies' Aid Society of the Presbyterian Church, met in their Sunday school rooms yesterday afternoon, owing to the serious illness of Mrs. Lawrence, of New Brunswick, mother of Mrs. Edward Morris, where the meeting was scheduled. The W. C. T. U. will meet tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. L. E. Riddle, on Lake street. Mrs. T. J. Winslade, of Dover, will deliver an interesting address. The Ladies Missionary Society of the Reformed Church, will hold their regular monthly meeting on Friday afternoon, at the parsonage, on La Grande avenue. Mrs. R, B. Powell will be leader for the day. The subject is "Survey of Women's Work in Home Mission Field"; dialogue, "Christ in America." Current events will ibe read by Mrs. E. C. Potter. Tickets are on sale in the borough for the circus in Camp Dix this week, for the benefit of the athletics. Please feel It a patriotic duty and do your share in purchasing them. r'H"I"$,HH I Cra.nbury. SOCIAL A YD PERSONAL CRANBURT, April 4. Warren F. Johnson of Washington, D. C, spent Easter in town visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Hoffman Were visitors in Trenton on Tuesday. Heading Circle will meet on Wed nesday, April 10, with Miss Marie Groves. The veather Bureau and some of its characteristics will be considered. Mrs. William Goodrich sad daugh ters Mary and Adelaide, of South Cairo, N. Y., were guests with Mrs. Joseph Symmes. Mrs. M. Russell Johnson has ac cepted the position of organist at the First Presbyterian Church and will comment her duties next Sunday. A new electric blower for the organ Is to be installed. The Village Improvement Society will meet- nert Monday evening, April 8, in the Public Library, at 8 o'clock. A full attendance is requested. Samuel Lee. of Camden, spent Easter with friends in town. Mrs. Harvey S. Dev. Mrs. Harrv Appleget and Mts. Thomas HuMon visited Rolland Dey, William Apple- get ana josepn uwon at camp Dix on Wednesday. Mrs. Martin Welsh has resisned her position with Chamberlin & Bar clay at Cranbury Station. j Mrs. A. W. Forman is at Montri I Canada, for several weeks' visit with ! ner nusband, who is engaged in bus-i iness there. Miss Amy lismpton. daurhter rt Mr. and Mrs. James Hampton, of' Sedgwick street, became tha brld nt Orville Moore, son of Mr. and Mrs. tiarry iioore, or cranbury. The wed-: Qing tooK place at the home of thai bride's parents. Rev. Herbert E ! Smitn, of Navesink, a brother-in-law ' ft the bride, performed the : mony. Only the immediate rriends of the family were present. They i m niaKe uieir homo with bride's parents. the, HltllllllMH )Mt Millfown. won Big Committee Is to Take Care of Third Liberty Loan .,,,,. .. . T!,B nifal j M1U.TOWN. Apr 1 8.' The JnitlAl i meptlne for the Third Liberty ixan , Campaign was called to order at the j National Bank Building in Milltown , th iVinIna of the above date with ehairmau J. V. L. Booreara presia- ing. rrof. H. R. B. Meyers was elected as vice chairman, and J. H. Junker waa elected secretary. The chairman then proceeded to appoint the following committees: executive committee, E. E. Connelly, Charles B. Crabtel, J. F. D. Heine-ken, Frederick W. Devoe, J. V. L. Booream, H. R. Meyers and J. W. Stull. Press committee, John H. Junker and Jos. M. Grahlel. Business Men's Committee, Christian Kuhrthau, C. W. Kuhlthau, N. N. Forney and Dr. F. E, Riva. GiU ral committee, J. V. L. Boor-eani. Christian Kuhlthau, George Kuhlthau, C. W. Kuhlthau, J. F. D. Heineken. Charles B. Crabiel. J. M Crabiel, J. H. Junker, Frederick W. Devoe, D. Bardin, Mrs. C. W. Kuhlthau, I. L. Van Derwater, W. C. Horner, Thos. W. Buckelew, Charles C. Itichter, Spencer Perry, E. E. Connelly, John B. Herbert, H. C. Young, N. Nes Forney, Rev. W. F. Barney, J. W. Stall, Chas. T. Bauries, II. R. B. Meyers, Mr. L. Mastabust, Henry Warnsdorfer, John Funk, Rev. Quat-tlebaum. Dr. F. E. Riva. It was decided to start the drive Saturday, April 6. Each of the captains appointed shall have the privilege of securing what assistance he requires to cover the district assigned to him. The next meeting at which the first report of the canvassers will be made will be held at the Bank Building on April 11. All payments on applications must be made on or before April 20, 1918. Town Topics MILLTOWN, April 4. Miss Rob-bins, fiancee of Q. Wortllge, and who resides in Trenton, spent a few days at the home of Mrs. A. W. Moore. Mrs. Laning of Collingston, and Mrs. Stephenson, wife of Prof. Stephenson of New Brunswick, spent Tuesday evening at the home of Dr. and Mrs. N. N. Forney. Misses Mabel Stephenson, Mildred Stelle and Maime Glock visited friends at Camp Dix on Saturday. The Blue Birds, who were last entertained at the home of Bessie Currie, will meet this week at the home of Maria Heil. Landon Holt, 6on of Prof, and Mrs. Holt, of New York, is visiting his grandfather. Dr. Stephenson, at the parsonage. Mr. Holt is a freshman at the City of New York College, and has enjoyed seeing Milltown and meeting so many of the pastor's friends. On Thursday evening there will be choir rehearsal at the Milltown Mission. Complain of Dogs Many citizens are complaining about the numerous unlicensed dogs roaming around, and owners of such dogs are warned to keep their dogs away from other people's yards and gardens, or otherwise poison will be laid for them. Entertainment for Jr. Red Cross Don't forget the Junior Red Cross entertainment Friday evening at S o'clock, at Hoye's school on Hoye's Lane. Should weather be exceedingly stormy, the entertainment will be held Saturday evening. The pupils wish to raise about fifteen dollars as that is the amount necessary to have the school enter as a unit in the Junior Red Cross. Special singing and violin selections, short dialogues and Tecitations will be on the program, also patriotic songs Ice cream and cake will be tor 6ale after the entertainment. Admission 10 cents. All come and help the Lawrence Brook school pupils. Cray Hair a nrep4mtKBTor rwtonnR natnttl oolor to gray or hfai hair, for ranoriM ddnilf uilui hairdn. ring, li not d. Gcncrnn liwd hottli ,t ill LrndftouM. ftuio fit; Co, Kmrk, N. i. t Buy Liberty Bonds As You Earn Using Our Partial Payment Plan. With our deferred payment plan it is easy for the man of small income to do his duty for the nation and for his community. Investing by the partial payment plan: ' -Joes not disturb one's past savings-one s ready money. . "Lr,e9 -6 t0 Fay for bonc!s from inT,T kaiI5inf',LtSus furlhcr P-ing the habit of thrift. It aids in keeninc j .1 r . ai'biT3-0' ".-- ouu our credit Hir nn xr I pai jay as you earn. Ent.r your subscription today. Deposit but a dollar. SOUTH RIVER TRUST COMPAQ Sotiih River, New Jersey -UHI'" t ' Munis Ah! That's the Spot Sloan's Liniment goes right to it. Have you a rheumatic ache or a dull throbbing neuralgic pain? You cn find a quick and effective relief in Sloan's Liniment Thousands of homes have this remedy handy for all external pains because time and tuna again it haa proves the quickest relief. So dean and eaay to apply, too. No rub-binf, no stain, no inconvenience as is the CMo with plasters sr eintaient. if you once ims Ioan'Linkscut,you will never be wittt- Caserou sissd bottles, at all drugziats. Sloan's prices not increased 25o 50; $1 REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Herbert Ehrllch, to Samuel Don- chack, two lots shown on map of Val-mers Heights, Plscataway township. Consideration, $150. . . . Canda Realty Corporation, to Wal ter King, lot on northwest", side of Bryant street, Chrome. Consideration $144.32. Samuel Glndln and wife, to Lewis A. Howell, lot on southwest side of Allen avenue, near George's Road, New Brunswick. William R. Hubbard, to victor E. Gottfredscn, two lots at South Am boy. William F. Quine to Allen O. Wright two lots shown on map of Spotswootl Terrace, East Brunswick townshin. Edwin N. Rowley, to Herbert Ehr- lich, two lots shown on map of Val-mere Heights, Fiscatawaytown town- Bhip. Consideration $54. Frank L. Rusby.and wife, to Will- lam C. Danner, property on west niclo of Linden avenue, near North street, Wbodbridge township. Andriana Genovese and hnsband. to Kunlgunda Newberger, two lots in New Brunswick. Hid ward Martin, to Joseph G. Dovlov and wife, property on east side of road from Metuchen to Bonhamtown, also corner land formerly of B. V. Ford. Metuchen. Consideration, $3,40n. Georgiana Leonard, executrix 1 Nicholas Costas property on nort!i side of Church street. New Brunswick. Consideration, $2,925. Georgiana Leonard, ia Nicholas Costas same land as above. Consideration. $975. Louis V. Lake and others, to John V. Tappen and wife, property on thf west side of Rector street. Metuchen. Consideration. $4,600. J. Henry Roehm and another, ex ecutors to- Elizabeth Hellman, fnu- lots shown on man of Provided Realty & Investment Co. Sayrevilh township. Consideration, $400. t Old Bridge. J CHARLES GREEN DEAD OLD BRIDGE, April 4. Charlen Green died at his home in South OM Bridge on Tuesday afternoon about 3 0 clock, after a severe attack of pneumonia. The funeral will be Friday afternoon at 2.30. at the lato home of the deceased. The sermon will !be by Rev. Bowen Bruere, of the M. E. Church. Interment will 'be in the Old Bridge cemetery. Mr. Green is survived by two brothers end three sisters. Other Local Items The ladies of the Baptist Church will hold a dime social in the church parlors on Friday evening, April 12.. Ellsworth Hillver and Clarence Marrow left with the other -recruits of the third district of Middlesex county for Camp Dix on Wednesday morning. Miss Gertrude Rice of New YorK City, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene T. Rice, over Easter Sunday. Harold Rusher of Trenton, was home over Sunday, D, 0 uwii nnances "-5mmnity well Govi J . 8cla

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