The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on January 16, 1918 · 9
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 9

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1918
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V iff New Brunswick, N. J. r South Amboy. H I t M Hill 1I11HIIIHI JCouncil Gets Offer of $b,3Uu tor Land on Tompkins Place SOUTH AMBOY. Jan. 16. The Jirst regular meeting of the Com-fcion Council for 1918 was held in he council cnamoers last night. Those present were Uouncilmen jKackett, Shuey, Stanton, Gordon, fjity Clerk Peter Coakley, City So- Icitor Leo J. oaKiey, City Engi-jeer McMichaels and Mayor A. T. Kerr. Minutes of the previous meeting yere read and approved by Councilman Stanton. Bills amounting to 5204.30, on motion of Councilman Gordon, were ordered paid. The Mayor authorized as special lolicemen without pay the following: William T. Chambers, Joseph r. Hines, John H. Kane, Manning Thomas, and William H. Kennedy. I On motion oi uouncuman Gordon he action of the Mayor was confined. On motion of Councilman ;ordon the following ordinances Vera ordered taken up on their first finding: An ordinance reeulartine he appointment of the City Collec-or and the City Treasurer, fixing he salary or me officials hereto-nre mentioned at $600 per annum, .ayable In equal monthly installments, was passed. Albin Van Dusen was appointed 'ity Collector until January, 1921, nd Timothy F. Sullivan City Treas urer unui January, iszi. The salaries of the following city dicers were regulated: Assessors, t;i 50 per annum; matron of the loorhouse, $500. An ordinance to increase the an-nal pay of the following was of-?red by Councilman Gordon, and m motion of the same councilman, as laid over: Street Commissioner John Con- Jors, $1,200; Water Commissioner olm J. Braney, $1,200; Chief of olice James J. O'Donnell, $1,500; anitor James Donovan, $900: Jan- ror Edward Sprague, $900. The (laid increase to take place immedi- tely. Albin Van Dusen has filed a bond or the amount of $200,000, authored by law, for City Collector, and aid bond has been approved. The bond of the City Treasurer has also accepted. The report of the overseer was ead, and on motion of Councilman lordon, was received and filed. The ollowing communication was read it the Council by John A. Coan, at-iriiey for the Raritan River Rail- oad: "The Raritan River Railroad onipany offers to buy from the ity of South Amboy that tract of and in the City of Amboy, in the oimty of Middlesex and State of ew Jersey, bounded by Stevens OUCH! LUMBAGO! RUB PIS FROM SORE, LAME BACK THE DAILY HOME NEWS Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1918. Back hurt up without feeling sudden pains, snarn aches nnH mir..o t , -- '"'"era: uw usien, mats lumbago, sciatica or maybe from a strain, and you'll get relief the moment you rub your back with soothing, penetrating "St. Jacobs UU. Nothing oloo -.too - ness, lameness and stiffness so quickly. You simply rub it on your back and out comes the nni n It ie Vt a vm less and doesn't burn the skin. wmber up! Don't suffer! Get a small trial hnttlo nf t,,, a Jacobs Oil" from any drug store, and after usin it in that you ever had backache, lumbaM or sciatica, because your fcafc will never hurt Or fans anw mnro nlianr It never disappoints and has been recommended for 60 years. avenue, Ferris street, Tompkins Place and Gordon street. bald company offers to nav to the City of South Amboy for said tract or land the sum of $6,300. In addition to the cash price, the com pany further agrees to take said tract subject to reservation, that the city may continue to use for the present purpose the Tompkins home now located on said tract for the period of two years after taking of the titled. (Signed) JOHN A. COAN, "Attorney, R. R. R. R." Rev. J. Edward Shaw, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church on John street, has been invited to stay ! for another year to take charge of ' the same church. This is an honor: never before conferred on any rain-; ister of the Methodist Church in thin T: 1 i C ! una uit,y. rive yecua uciciuiuio was the honorable length of time. Metuchen. METUCHEN, Jan, 16. The death of Albert C. Case occurred Thursday last, at the Post Graduate Hospital in New York City, following an operation. Mr. Case will first be remembered as the agent for the Pennsylvania Railroad, when the station was at Lake street. After leaving Metuchen he was connected with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad; and later was the representative in Pittsburg of the Bradstreet Commercial agency. While in Pittsburg he came Into CHILD'S TONGUE nrnnmrp nimrn DLUUIIILOUUHILUj !F CONSTIPATED! S0OTI MVER -NEWS AND ADTERHSEMENIS Children love this "fruit laxative," and nothing, else cleanses the tender stomach, liver and bowels so nicely. A child simply will not stop play- business contact with the Carnegie ing to empty the bowels, and the re- aieei uo. ana was offered a highly i sun is, mej uewuio u6uuj-Uu6Scu important position with that company and later became a large stockholder in the company and their successors, so that when Mr. Carne- fttt 1oHla1 Ml .Pip, Ttrnrt nvtA Vt rt thirty-two partners and remained ore lK one or me jarnegie veterans. He leaves one child, the wife of Abel I. Smith, a lawyer of New York City. The funeral was held Friday in the Church of St. Nicholas (Reformed), Fifth avenue and 48th street, New York and the interment was Saturday at Frenchtown, New Jersey, within about two miles of where he was born, at Baptistown. Da.yton, i . . . pi f ft H"inmnniir'i"i"i"rii""tiiii ' i n t I Milllown. H t't 'M 1 M t H : I iUSY, HARD-WORKED MEN AND WOMEN Honor fofr Dr. Stephenson's Son Dr. Stephenson's son. Harold Evans Stephenson who was born in j Milltown and who has held a re- sponsible position in the Broad street station of the Penna. R. R. in Phila- i delphia, has been called to Washington, D. C. and commissioned as cap-itain of infantry in Promst. Marshal Crowder's headquarters, and given j charge of some office work. Mr. Stephenson was chosen for this position because of his merit as an expert systematizes Having liv- ed in West Collingswood, it will be i necessary to more his family to Washington in the early spring. He has been assured by the Penna. R. R. that his position in the Philadelphia office will he open to him at the close of the war. DAYTON, Jan. 16. Mrs. Harvey R. Dey is confined to her home with an attack of grip and is under the care of Dr. Edgar Carroll. Miss Mildred Dartt, of Wellsboro, Pa., who spent the holiday season with her parents, has returned. Mrs. Mary A. Ely, who has been visiting her son Calvin Ely ra wife of Newark, is now the guest of her grand-daughter Mrs. atzke, of Hamilton avenue, Trenton. - The car containing sixty-five tons of coal owned by Messrs Forman and Delatush was gladly greeted and was distributed at various homes in this section. John Everett is suffering with a severe cold. Dr. Carroll is the physician. David Stult3 i3 suffering from frozen fingers. Miss Cecelia Everett is suffering from a sprained wrist the result of a fall .on the ice. She is under the care of Dr. Carroll. with waste, liver gets sluggish stomach sours, then your little one becomes cross, half-sick, feverish, don't eat, sleep or act naturally, breath ' is bad, system full of cold, or diarrhoea. Listen, Mother! See if tongue is coated, then give a tea-spoonful of "California Syrup of Figs," and In a few hours all the constipated waste, sour bile and undigested food passes out of the system, and you have a well, playful child again. Millions of mothers give "California Syrup of Figs" because it is perfectly harmless; children love it, and it never fails to act on the stomach, liver and bowels. Ask your druggist for a bottle of "California Syrup of Figs," which has full directions for babies, children of all ages and for grownups plainly printed on the bottle. Beware of counterfeits sold here. Get the genuine, made by "California Fig Syrup Company." Refuse any other kind with contempt. I Cra.nbury. Will find that the sarsaparilla, epsln, nux and iron treatment com-rised In Hood's Sarsaparilla and 'entiron will give brain and nerve Inrce, relieve the nervous strain in-ident to "too much to do in too ittle time," characteristic of life to-lay. These blood and nerve medicines "em to lift the nervous and overworked into new life, enabling them 'i accomplish easily the things that iave fretted them and have seemed i) bring them to a standstill. Hood's Sarsaparilla and Peptiron re very effectively supplemented by lood's Pills, In cases where a laxa-ive is needed. These three prepara-ions are all sold by your druggist, let them today. IF 111S ACT BAD TAKE SALTS FOR RENT Six Clay street, Milltown. C. Richter. room house, Inquire Chas. jU-3t CITIZENS' BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Milltown, N. J. .The books are now open for sub scription in the rni iotu croirc at the office of the association, First National Bank building, Main street. Alonzo S. Doty, president; J. Burr Herbert, vice president; Charles C. j TMrhtpr. secretary: Howard J. Boor-1 aem, treasurer; or by any of the directors. FIRST PAYMENT FER. 5, 1918. jl4-3v-eod NOTICE OF HEARING. o the Citizens and Taxpayers of the Borough of Milltown. As required by law (Chapter 192 of the Laws of 1917), you are hereby utifled that the following is a copy of a resolution containing the local udgef for the Borough of Milltown for the fiscal year 1918; which reso-ition and budget was approved by the Council of the Borough of Mill- n?1&?S& OTHER THAN SCHOOLS. n . tij tj -ha rvmnoii nf the Borough of Milltown that there hall be wMdralBed by taxation and collected for the fiscal year 1918 ie sum of Nine Thousand Eignt Hunareu it . .rpose of meeting the appropriations set forth the following BUte- ent of anticipated revenues ami approp . Actual amount in surplus revenue acruum., o,vv.. Anticipated Revenues. t KnA fin irplus revenue appropriated ,,uv.Uv Miscellaneous revenues ater rents quor licenses Kht. commercial ' iscellaneous licenses warder, fines onts "ater supply sales ranchise tax 'ate bank tax When you wake up with backache and dull misery in the kidney region it generally means you have been eating too much meat, says a well-known authority. Meat forms uric acid which overworks the kidneys in their effort to filter it from the blood and they become sort of paralyzed and loggy. When your kidneys get sluggish and clog you must relieve them, like you relieve your bowels; removing all the body's urinous waste, else you have backache, sick headache, dizzy spells; your stomach sours, tongue is coated, and when the weather is bad you have rheumatic twinges. The urine is cloudy, full of sediment, channels often get sore, water scalds and you are obliged to seek relief two or three times during the night. Either consult a good, reliable physician at once or get from your pharmacist about four ounces of Jad Salts; take a tablespoonful in a glass of water before breakfast for a few days and your kidneys will then act fine. This famous salts is made from the acid of grapes and lemon juice, combined with lithia, and has been used for generations to clean and stimulate sluggish kidneys, also to neutralize acids in the urine so it no longer irritates, thus ending bladder weakness. Jad Salts is a . life saver for regular meat eaters. It is inexpensive, cannot injure and makes a delightful, effervescent lithia-water drink. CRANBURY, Jan. 16. Mrs. N. Vreeland has been confined to the house by illness for some time. Mrs. A. MocKridge wno nas Deeii in Mercer hospital, Trenton for several weeks was operated on, on Monday morning. Raymond Lawrence, of New Brunswick, was a week-end visitor 'at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lawrence. Benjamin Bayles was a week-end guest at the home of Mrs. Emma Revnolds. ' Mr. and Mrs. Diblin and son of Hightstown, were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hagerty on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cox, of Penns-neck were visitors on Monday with Mr nnrt Mrs. Thomas Hutton and i family. ! Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Appleget en-; tcrtninetl on Saturday, in honor of their daughter Carolyn's tenth birthday Those invited weae Hazel Updike, Mabel Hagaman, Elizabeth Schenck, Sara Updike, Evelyn Flock, Htiioi Aiather. of Princeton, Edith Svmmes. Mary Perrine, Virginia Reed, Sara Bennett, Kathryn Scott, Alberta Grbver, FranKiin ocou, Charles Grover, Grover Bennett, Stanley Owens, Stanley Barclay, Donald Campbell. Mrs. Arthur Clayton is very ill at her home and under the care of a trained nurse FOR SALE 6-room house, slate roof in good condition; lot 40x200; rents for $15 per month; tax for 1917 was $21.92. Make an offer. Address Lock Box 182, South River, N j. d21-lmo C. H. ROGERS, Funeral Director and Embalmer. Office and Residence, MAIN STREET, SOUTH River. Telephone Pay and Night, 139-J HARRY GILMORE TAXI SERVICE DAY AND NIGHT. Lnker's Lunch Wagon, Tel. 129. Leave orders at Luker's Lunch Wagon. "OCTH RIVER. N. J. 3,400.00 1,745.00 5,500.00 70.00 75.00 12.00 300.00 2,050.00 97.00 Hate railroad and canal tax.. hnount to be raised by taxes. $15,749.00 40.00. . 9,886.00 APPROPRIATIONS. 1918. .$ 'Iministratlve Salaries Advertising and stationery rotection I'olice Fire department and extinguishment of fires Board of Health y&K? JESTS. p 'J t 5'"'M Repairing streets ana roaua, iCu...o Paymenf of cort'of W public Vmpment; sidewalks, &c, In anticipation of the collection of assessments to pay boroughs part of any such cost Riva avenue Sewer extensions Maintenance of sewers and supplies harities Poor dticatlon Public library uMic debt service 100.00 'merest on notes Interest on water bonds interest on sewer Donas. 1 000.00 Sewer bond due August 1, 19i 250.00 discount on taxes ater Department Malntcnnnpa nrnl BUDDlies fainting standpipe 700.00 "tingent expenses . 1,410.00 400.00 250.00 500.00 150.00 5,000.00 500.00 2,600.00 300.00 250.00 2,250.00 3,015.00 2,000.00 $25,675.00 1917. $ 3.250.00 300.00 150.00 1,000.00 150.00 7,000.00 2,500.00 500.00 2,600.00 800.00 LOCAL BUDGET, BOROUGH OF HIGHLAND PARK, FOR YEAR 1918. The actual amount of surplus in the surplus revenue account, $1,755.28. aa Surplus revenue appropriated $ i,uu.uv Miscellaneous revenues Licenses, liquor $ 398.00 Other licenses, permits and lines zou.uw Interest on taxes 450.UU Tax sale costs 15.00 interest, on bank deoosits 75.1)1) Franchise, tax 2,300.00 State railroad and canal tax. 3,438.00 130.00 Amount to be raised by taxes. 5,268.00 23,958.00 Fuel Shortage Relieved by Arrival of Five Coal Cars SOUTH RIVER, Jan. 16, The coal shortage in the borough was relieved a trifle yesterday when A. W. Bissett received a carload of the rare material. As soon as it was known that a new supply of coal had been received, orders for same were filed to the full capacity of the car. Mr. Bissett Is making his supply go as far as It will by filling only small orders and delivering one-quarter ton lots. It is understood that Jacquart & Funk received four carloads of coal a few days ago, and from this supply they are filling orders that have been on file from old customers. The fuel administrator, R. F. Fountain, has the coal situation well in hand, and is prepared to issue orders for coal to anyone who is unable to secure same from his own dealer. It is rumored that the administrator expects to make a house-to-house canvass in order to ascertain which homes can serve as auxiliaries to the coal yards In case the coal shortage continues. Scores of people laid in large supplies of coal early last fall, and it seems no more than fair that they should share with those less fortunate than they. as the schools are closed, it has been suggested that the teachers be deputized as ' coal bin Inspectors, each one to take a certain section of the borough. An estimate will be made of the supply of coal you have on hand and a record of same will be filed with the administrator. In case the coal supply gives out at the coal yards, the administrator will issue orders to those who need fuel to go to certain homes and have same filled. Bpworth League Meeting. A meeting of the Epworth League was held last night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Wenzel. A large attendance of members was present. Interesting reports were rendered by the chairmen of the different departments of work, and they showed that the league is very active. Mr. and Mrs. William Holmes were elected members upon the recommendation of the cabinet. Plans were laid to Increase the attendance at the Sunday evening services. Two teams were appointed, each composed of eight members, and It will be a duty of each team to invite people to attend the twilight services Sunday night. The contest will close the second Sunday in March. The losing team will provide a luncheon ror the winning team. A service flag was ordered In honor of members of the church who have been called to the colors. Several committees were appointed to take charge of the District Epworth League rally In the church Ion Friday evening, February 8. One excellent feature of the league work is the activity of the Mercy and Help department. During the month 21 calls were made on the sick, $1.75 was spent for fruit and delicacies, a bundle of clothes was 'distributed among deserving people, land $2 in money was given. An i excellent talk on missionary work in ! South America was given by C. C. Armstrong, who has been appointed teacher of the mission study class. A Bocial hour was enjoyed and refreshments were served. Personals. Arthur Mason has returned to South River from Toms River, where he has been visiting his parents. While at home he underwent an operation, which was very sue-ccssful Mrs. Ella Herbert, of Asbury Park, has been visiting Mr. and 'Mrs. David Farr and Mr. and Mrs. Konk, of Hillside avenue. Miss Hazel Kitchel, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Con-over, has returned to her home in Easton, Pa. Word has been received that Mas ter Clinton Simmons, who was seriously injured while sleighriding on the Jackson street hill, is improving rapidly and will soon be able to return home. The Guild of St. Mary will meet on Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Ivan Morgan. Mrs. Robert Davison will receive the Circle of King's Daughters tonight at her home, at which time plans will be completed for the anniversary. An interesting program is being secured for the literary evening which will be held next Tuesday night at the residence of Dr. Bur- Inett, under the auspices of the Ep worth League. Mrs. William is the editor of "The Echo." . OUR BRAINIEST MEN HAYE BEEN OUR BEST MANAGERS, ' We are sending to our allies our brainiest men with a view to instilling better management into affairs pertaining to the war. This alone places good management in its proper light. It is all impor- ' tant in the affairs of nations or individuals. Are you using the best of management in your affairs? Could you not use the service and counsel of a good bank to advantage right now? Let us show you how to use a check account in systematizing your affairs and to help you save. 0DTH RlfER TRUST COMPANY South River New Jersey MR. RENT PAYER, WHY PAY RENT? Start the New Year right. Buy or build your Home through the Workingmen's Building and Loan Association of South River and save rent. NEW SERIES NOW OPEN. Shares may be secured at the Office of the South River Trust Co., or from the following persons: MARCUS WRIGHT, President JOHN DAILEY WALTER SENNHAUSER ADOLPH GREENFIELD PATRICK McCUTCHEON EDWARD BOWNE AUGUST NUSS JAMES BLACK LOUIS GREENFIELD WILLIAM HORNER WILLIAM ALLGAIR 10-5t Report of the Condition of FKST NATIONAL BANK OF S0UTI MVER, N. J. At the Close of Business December 31, 1917 RESOURCES. Loans 658,010.27 U. S. Government and other bonds...., 963,237.88 Stock of Federal Reserve Bank. .....;. 4,050.00 Banking house 85,000.00 Furniture and fixtures 6,600.18 Cash on hand and due from banks.... 876,206.80 13,043,105.08 LIABILITIES. Capital t 50.000JM Surplus and profits (earned) 96,168.92 Reserved for taxes and accrued interest 4,461.95 Circulation 12,500.00 Due to banks $ 16,034.79 Due to depositors.. 1,863,939.42 1,879,974.21 $2,043,105.08 $29,226.00 Appropriations 1918. 1917. 100.00 100.00 2,250.00 3,065.00 1,000.00 200.00 1,750.00 500.00 375.00 rfi75.00 $27,590.00 Preservation of life and property Police I Fire department and extinguishment of fires.. Water for extinguishment of fires Streets Lighting Regulating, cleaning, sprinkling, repairing, paving, graveling, macadamizing, laying of crosswalks and removal of ashes and garbage Payment of cost of any public improvement in anticipation of the collection of assessments upon the property benefited and so much of the cost of any public improvement as shall not be covered by the assessments upon the lands benefited by such improvements Health and Charities Board of Health Poor Extermination of mosquitoes General Government Sst-ltiriss ,,,,,.. Printing and stationery Advertising and legal notices Debt Service Payment of interest upon me aeDi oi ine borough and such part of the principal as shall become due and payable during the present fiscal year Perfecting tax titles Alterations to fire house and furniture Contingent 3,300.00 2,500.00 1,200.00 3,000.00 8,000.00 $ 2,400.00 1,500.00 1,200.00 3,600.00 4,400.00 SAYREVILLE NOTES NOTICE IS THEREFORE GIVEN T that on hur sday. .,? o'clock p. m., at the Council Chambers, aoi who degiref) t0 "'town, N. J., a hearing wui "t" 'hich time the Mayor and objections to the budget propped a t w men .ncll of the Borough of Motown H1 ...t for th JeW. oraer or tne mayor uu DWed January 11. 1918. eobbrt A. HARKLVS, Borough Clerk. 1,000.00 250.00 600.00 100.00 4,125.00 500.00 300.00 2,700.00 300.00 600.00 851.00 1,000.00 250.00 400.00 200.00 3,010.00 400.00 300.00 2,740.00 642.00 Total $29,226.00 NOTICE is'h'ereby given that the above budget for 19J8 has been approved by the Council of the Sorongh of Highland Park, and that a hearing will be had thereon at the Are house, Raritan avenue. Highland Park, on January 24, 1918, at 8 p. in., at which time objections thereto may be presented by any taxpayer of said borough. J16-19 ROBERT B. CAIG, Borough Clerk, Snrnr1s Party. A mirnrlsa narty was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kurtz, in honor of their son, William, on Saturday evening. A delightful time was spent in playing games and music and at the close refreshments were served. Those present were: Anna, Gertrude and Helen O'Brien, Michael Lynch, Edward Dolan, Edgar and Ralph Cost, John Callahan, Margaret, Dorothy and Clarence Gillfoyle, Sophie Rudy, Christopher Kidney Trouble Often Causes Serious Backache When your back aches, and your bladder and kidneys seem to be disordered, go to your nearest drug store and get a bottle of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root. It Is a physician's prescription for ailments of the kidneys and bladder. It has stood the test of years and has a reputation for quickly and effectively giving results in thousands of cases. This preparation bo very effective, has been placed on sale everywhere. Get a bottle, medium or large size, at your nearest druggist. However, if you wish first to test this preparation send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & uo., tnngnannon, i. Y., for a sample bottle. When writing be sure and mention the Daily Home News. and Carl Moberg, Louise Marks, Harriet, Fred and Philip Kurtz. Miss May Schramm spent Sunday at the home of Miss Alice Cannon of South Amboy. Miss Minerva Baker is entertaining her cousin Miss Bertha Lawson, of South River. John Dahlgreen spent Sunday with friends in South Amboy. Tne prayer meeting service or ine M. E. Church will be held at the parsonage Wednesday evening in stead of in the Sunday School room as usual. I Jamesburg. j 441!''S Announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Madge A. Fagans of Griggstown, N. J.. to Harold Dey, of Plainsboro, formerly of Jamesburg. LOCAL BUDGET FOR BOROUGH OF SOUTH RIVER, N. J. A public meeting, for the hearing of any objections to the followinc budget, will be held in the Borough Council Room, Borough Hall, South River, on Monday evening, January 28, 1918: . EXPENDITURES. For repairs and maintenance of streets and roads $ 3,700.00 For collection of garbage 1,150.00 For relief and support of the poor 3,500.00 For maintenance and support of the police department 7,700.00 For lighting streets and public places of the borough 3,000.00 For use of the Board of Health 1,150.00 For maintenance, equipment and repairs of Borough Hall.... 1,800.00 For fire department and pay of firemen 1,075.00 For printing and stationery 500.00 For general incidental expenses of the borough 2,000.00 For salaries of borough officials 3,050.00 For ordinances 250.00 For hydrant rentals 600.00 For maintenance of public dock 25.00 For discounts 175.00 For payment of tax map certificate 914.00 For interest on tax map certificate 300.00 For interest on Borough Hall bonds 900.00 For sinking fund on Borough Hall bonds 710.00 For interest on refunding bonds 1,400.00 650.00 382.50 1,000.00 1,000.00 For sinking fund, refunding bonds For interest on extension certificates... For payment of one extension certificate vnr T tension' to the water system For sewer maintenance 4,duu.u" For Water street improvement 1,000.00 $42,231.50 RECEIPTS. Less estimated revenue to be derived as follows: Surplus revenue January 1, 1918 $ 6,000.00 Liquor licenses, County Clerk 11,600.00 From peddlers' licenses 450.00 From pool room license 100.00 From dog licenses 300.00 From Recorder's fines 1,500.00 From poll tax From franchise tax From interest on delinquent taxes From second class railroad tax.. From interest on bank deposits.. 1,000.00 946.56 250.00 158.12 200.00 22,504.6!! Leaving the net amount to be derived by taxation the sura of. .$19,726.82 Respectfully submitted, A true copy JOHN FETR1E, Clerk. Daed January 14, 1918. J16-23 I "'II , JJ 4 ..V t w I IS 1 (J

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