The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on December 15, 1928 · 7
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 7

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1928
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.New Brunswick. N. J. THE DAILY HOME NEWS Saturday, December 15, 1928 7 i . T "5ri Ik w S2wv . - ' accessories sfFoNG & NUSSBAUM SERVICE A. & K. SEIIV1CK ", Veedol OH natter? Service .iinii Tires and Tubes. e,d 15.000 miles. Milne"""1 At'' ,h"n 3214 ISAK.ERT 'Idealbakery "i Keal New Hruuswick Institution" loaf Home-made Itreail palrlf. rlr" Cakr" Pure, Clean, Wholesome. Gei'-ue St I'none N. n. 3150 utr to City and Rural Places BEAUTY SHOP ARIS BEAUTY SHOPPE MIK. ROM EH -celling and water waving; s permanent waving, shams', hair dyeing. - prnnT STREET L Hlter I'hone S. II. ITU jrCTXMAN BUSES TOR r s.i piti'Bp 1 Utii0 1-U EGATE BROS. GARAGE hie bus accommodations. e service of all kinds. Cour-i" drivers, skilled mechanics. Tt, service, satisfaction, t ile Meade R. F. I). No. 4 .New Brunswick j'hone Mllltnwn 207 F14 3 OCR COMPLEMENTS fOYAL ARCANUM OF . I NEW JERSEY I GREETS YOU i Grand Regent s Office j 4t7 MAI.V STREET When. X. J. I'hone .'.OO I jOR COAIi AND ICE Hasher w. bissett Piicttirer of Itnvr Water lee W: Ice for particular people, it Disc Anthracite. Always m ter of South River. ijl8 WHITEHEAD AVE. 1 River I'hone 8. II. R.1 TAILOR !iJ. F. ZAVADIL I I MF.IiC'IIAXT TAILOR il irp and satisfaction have tt this business. Suits to st 9 30 up. Alwavs a jtt- of New Brunswick. -rorge St Phone 4732 TAILORS B. CARMELL Well Dressed Man Wenra UK torn Mitfle Clothes orkmanahip Quality l a.. . n. :w2 e IHiilders and Boos, -rn ' ION AND METAL BRUNSWICK IRON AND METAL COMPANY and used iron for every A complete line or is, rails, pipes, plates and An old established Instl- V venue nnd Power Street I'hone N. H. I'M slmas Seal Sale in Middlesex aWillesex County Christmas lias now reached a total ncoorclins to Mrs. J. Julmson, the local Christmas le chairman. The total in ruiiMvirk ia $2,200. Mrs. who was Interviewed today.' it she thought the history ( .'hristnias Seal was a very one. Sepals for deoor-instmas packapes were first Norway many years ago. h postmaster, Einnr llol-itii-ed the little seals on is packages' one day when very busy trying to secure o help build a local hos-t occurred to him that these lis might !e sold and th? used to holn the building "lay a largo national tuber-o-l'ilal in Denmark Is sup- hy Hie sale of these seals. pit a I i known ns the is Seal ipale Hospital. rt ( hristmats Heal Sale In "I states was conducted In '"ii, Delaware, it was held r- auspices of a social a Miss Emilv lllsell. Mi1 -'l the Jiionev from the Seal K"viile milk and food for '".Tculiisis patiriits in Wll- Cilice that timo the tuber ihiu fluent Jms become n ia'ii'nal oiib in the United "i'li headquarters! In New "v mid state associations In ,!'e i" the United Stat 'ionnl budget has now reach- " ,,f .' .hiMv last vear the Seal '""1 a total of approxi S-X'l.nOII. tti Mrs. Johnson, th i' would bo Impossible of In hianv benclils that 11 ''fought about by these "st-iciHtioiin. The mosi wiiy of niiiHtnitintr the f tile v ni iVE. AKL BOOSTERS AND BUILDERS PATRONIZE THESE MEN DRUGS R. AND R. DRUG COMPANY Always registered pharmacists n charge. Prescriptions carefully compounded. Everything that 5et.t,"r drug Btor Rhould be Authorized agents for ItCA Atwater Kent and Majestic rad'l. South niver. X. J. n R4 ELECTRICIANS J. D. EPSTEIN and SON Opp. Itailnuy statiui, Stelton, N. j Phone W1 K . K C T It I C I A X s ATWATKILKEXT RADIOS Electric apliances Always a builder a"nd booster. EVERYTHING TO THE AITO ntw BRUNSWICK FINISHING"! tUWrANY Everything done to the auto but overhauling. First class worK. Special attention given to nieiai work. Reflnishing touching up, polishing, upholstering. Tops, slip covers. 1 Tiininmil St iy. n. si T2 FLUMTERB R. LEWIS The dependable furniture store" Living, dining and bedroom suites. Buckwalter ranges, plain and enameled. Rugs and linoleums. "Always a booster of Jamesburg." Jameshurg, N. J Tel. Jiimen. 7 FUNERAL DIRECTOR J. LAIRD HULSE Funeral Director Mortician Embalmrr fenerations of dignified and sympathetic service in the citizen's most trying hour form the basis of that tradition, Jnmesbllrg Offices Engllshtown I'hone 87 I'hone T. .1 GARAGES STALKER'S GARAGE "A New Brunswick Institution" Repairs to all makes of cars. W-ecking service day or night. Tires and tubes. Accessories. Tydol gas and Veedol oils. 2111 French Street I'hone 3203 COMPLIMENTS OF GABRIEL PAKOZDY 1.-.3 FRENCH STREET Now Biiiiisnk'k, N. J. TIRES REDF RONT TIRE STORES A lual buoKter of Nuvv Lirims-wii-k. Standard lint's of tires ?::d tubes. Tires serviced. Ac-rssorieH. vulcanizing'. We fix t!aU. iioad service. Louis Pant-er, proprietor. ?7 French Street I'hone 5J0 TRUCKING AND CONTRACTING i COMPANY S. B. AND 0. TRUCKING and CONTRACTING CO. r.stimates given on car load lota. Tractors and concrete mixers for hire. Sand mid stone. Concrete walks a specialty. Service. Workmanship. Responsibility. 1S2 Unmet Street Phone 42H4 Has Now Reached the $8,080 Mark is by citing the fact tuberculosis (leatli rate more than cut in half that die has been n the last lifleen years. The .Middlesex County Tubercu losis League was organized in 1'J16 by a field worker of the New Jersey Tuberculosis League. The work started in Perth Aniboy and the first worker was a nurse who work ed exclusively in Perth Aniboy. The lirst clinic physician was Dr. Charles I. Silk, who still serves as one of the Perth Amlioy clinicians. The first Christmas Seal Sale in Middlesex County was a modest one. totaling $1,966.60. In 1917 the league grew a little, and two nurses were employed. 11UH was the only year there has not been any Seal Sale In the United States since the work started. Up nutil 191S the Tuberculosis League had been a subsidiary of the Red Cross but in 1918 the Red Cross gave the Tuber culosis Leagues money to carry on the work for the year with the condition that no other campaign be held. The Christmas Seal in J U 1 U tlrst became known as a Tubercu losis Christmas Seal. In 1919 the Middlesex County Tuberculosis League -employed executive secretary for ('durational ami executive work. 1919 was m irked by t lie extension of clinic facilities. In 1921 a lord was nurchiiKed and the league began work in the rural section of th rminlv. The total results of the Seal Sale this year were 17. 590. 50 The league was growing more pro-porous nnd was able to expand its program. In 1922 an additional nurse was employed. In 1923 the Christmas Seal Sale amounted to JU',500 and n ndditlonal $3, Sou was appropriated by munlci-nnlllles for the. extension ot the nursing service. In 1J truiiu'd k they have done wu-in! worker was addrd to thp stuff oia the Sunday Phila. Record Family of Laughmakers 24 COMICS-24 COMICS pt Will Delight Young Folks and Grown-Ups ORDER YOUR COPY IN ADVANCE FROM f-NT in in r- m tv tt- A v f C r A I VI) iVJUK NLAKtSl It,WOUCL,ci INTERIOR DECORATING ROBERT S. TURTON "A Heal New Brunswick Institution" Interior Mernratintc Wallpapering and Painting Estimates Carefully Given R2 Wellon St. Phone ar4 SEW Ul ACTURERS KE1CHARDT COCOA AND CHOCOLATE CO., INC "A New llruusnlrk lntitution" Known the world over. Chocolates, Candy, Cocoa. Cleanliness and Quality our motto. "Always a booster of New Brunswick." Jersey Avenue I'hone 31.00 MEATS B. GAYDA, Prop. We handle the choicest of fresh and smoked meats, groceries and vegetables. Fresh home-killed pork. Quality and service built our business. "Always a builder and booster of New Brunswick." If.! Hornet Street I'hone IHS Ml'SlO BALL A. SALMON E'S MUSIC SHOP Pianos, rhonoisrnphs. Radios Flayer I'inna Rolls, Records Popular and classical sheet music. Only the best grade of musical Instruments sold. 403'4 MAIX STREET Metuchen. N". J. I'hone 1H2J PLUMBERS MILLT0WN ENGINEERING CO. I'LL' MR IN Q AM) HEATING ' Ol It SPECIALTY Our work is guaranteed. Agents for the Wayne Oil Burner, our choice from experience. We are always builders and boosters. SI).-. MAIX STREET wi'ltoivn. '. i'hone 1 PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES CHARLES SCHAEFER Complete supplies for plumbers and pipe litters. Boilers and radiators. Steam and hot water systems. Enamel ware. A renl believer and booster for greater New Brunswick. Wholesale only. 20 Albany Street Phone 3100 RECREATION 'NEW BRUNSWICK RECREATION ACADEMY "New Brunswick's Most L'p-to-Date Recreational Institution" nillinrdx. Pocket IlilMnrds and Howling 110 All. liny St. Phone 4n.'.0 RESTAURANT rOLLi ROYAL RESTAURANT OwpH nnd Operated ,by,. . l,KO J. LI Iv Kit The home of Rood eals. We maintain a spacious dining ha II tor private parties and ban-nuets. Our motto: "Quality, Satisfaction, Service." ni stiifft South Mirer I'hime 7S SERVICE STATION P. KNUDSON "The Tourist's Best Friend" Gus and Oil Tires Minor Repairs Fruit and produce market. Refreshment stand. "Middlesex county for us." Phone Metuchen R l." W Business Phone Metuchen 70.1 and nutrition work started in the public schools. The Kiddie Camp was organized during that year. In 19!5 the budget of the league approximated JU9.000. In 191-ti there was a patient list of more than 2,000 and every section of the county was covered by nursing sel-vice. In 1927 the league extended their educational service and conducted an intensive campaign to secure the early diagnosis of tuberculosis. In 1928 an additional nui'se was employed and the league announced the lowest death rate on record in Middlesex County. CO. 2 per hundred thousand. The total budget is now ap proximately S'29.000. The organization employs a staff of nine worker?. has two olhces. maintains six clinics and exercises supervision over more than 2.600 patients in Perth Anibov and New Brunswick. Of course, the chairman continued, "We have many plans for the future. We hope some day to liav.' our own local sanatorium in the county." Have Yc.u Headache or NcuralglA? If bo. Consult Philadelphia Eye Specialists 11:80 A.M. to 4 P.M. Every Monday STILES & CO. 93 BAYARD STREET If I Were Sanhi Clans I'd put on an ettra lclgh and i i it VI"TI'.IS. liecaiisc there wouldn't be a single person on my list, from one to ninety, who wouldn't bo mighty clad to own a good pure wool weaier. Heine Santa Clans I would know a. ..!,... nt hnib vouni? and old. I know they couldn't own anything more useful thai, a nwcawr. t Miirin I'll h sure to give limit a "Itosi-n's" fcwenter. Re- cause mv owr shop couldn't turn n.,tli!i( tlncr. Sweaters for every member of h family at. itosen s nwe,,, . Shop 09 Ndlson street, the larr-ot end oldest sweater shop in the All for One and One for All HOME BUILDERS RADIO HOME BUILDERS, Inc. We Finance and Build That Home You Want BEAUTIFUL . COZY SUBSTANTIAL Your Dream Comes True for $100. Legal Rate of Interest Only. We Make You Happy We Are Builders and Boosters of Metuchen Main Street, Metuchen, N. J. Phone 374 RESTA I'RAXTECK CLUB SERVICE DINER W, A. KICHUAUM Wholesome food, courteous service, tasty food. We make dining a pleasure. 31W MAIX STREET Metuchen, X. J. I'hone Met. 147 SEA FOOD CHARLES F. McCAULY FRESH FISH, CLAMS All Kinds of Shellfish Eat more fish. Fish makes brains; brains make money; money buys more fish. 27 Throop Ave. Phone S4S SERVICE STATION TYDOL VEEDOL TYDOL SERVICE STATION Woodbridge and Rarltnn Ave llighlnnd Park, X. J. Osear Savldge, Prop. . Let us VEEPOL-1ZE your car. It takes only 30 minutes every 30 days. Chassis and springs sprayed with the latest type air sprayer. TIRE SALES & SERVICE BATTERY SERVICE STATION TYDOL SERVICE STATION F.DWAItU STONE, Troii. Cars Cireaned and Sprayed Flat rates. For better service use the Tydol chain stations. George St. Cor. Commercial Ave. Telephone It."7 LINCOLN FARM SERVICE STATION II Altl.I'.-S K. HORN, Prop, On the lincoln Highway. Gasoline service station, fruit and produce market. Refreshment stand. Cars greased and washed. Tire sprvice. Cigars, cigarettes. "rlnckrn, J.t Tel. Wot. 7"1 COAL AND FEED JAMESBURG COAL and FEED CO., INC. JAMES P. CASEY. Pres. Hoy nnd Cirnin. Beacon It rand of FeeiU Walter H. Grove, Sec.-Treas. LOWFIl JAtlESBCRG, TV, J. I'hone .lnme'.nrir 1' ii?i8l Middlesex County Farms Mid jscx County Intension Service 0RLEY B0WEN COUNTY AGRICULTURAL AGENT INdato Growers Discuss Problems Various nieans of improving the potato industry in Middlesex County were discussed at the annual meet ing of the Middlesex County Potato Committee held under the auspices of the County Extension Service and the County Hoard of Agriculture, at the Forsgate farms Dining Koom on Monday, December 10. About thirty of the leading potato growers and shippers of Middlesex County were present. The meeting opened with a review of the development of the potato industry during the past ten years by Dr. V. II. Martin of the State Experiment Station. Dr. Martin pointed out that many improvements in potato production methods have been made by central New Jersey potato growers during the past ten years, and that JNew Jersey now is third highest In the United States in average yield per acre, being exceeded only by Maine and Idaho. Among the improvements pointed out by Dr. Martin are: A change in varieties used, improved quality of seed, better insect and disease control methods, and better marketing methods. Dr. Martin pointed out. however, that thero is still considerable improvement to be made. V. W. Olev, chief of the State Bureau of Markets, reviewed the past venr's market situation, show ing that the low prices received Sure Way to Stop Coughing This Prescription Relieves Almost Instantly Coughing I" usually due to causes which patent medicines and cough svrups do not reach. How ever, Thoxine, a famous doctor's prescription, relieves coughing with the very first swallow. It works on an entinly different theory, has a double action, rcliccs the irritation and goes direct to (he Internal cause. rnllke most cough medicines, Thoxine contains no chloroform dope, or other harmful drugs. Safi for the whole family. Also excel lent for sore throal. Quick relief guaranteed or your numcy back. Sfic, li"c and Jl.fln, Sold by Tob-In's, llnaglands' and all other (rood druggists. Adv. Balance Payable Like RENT. No Extra Charget. We Help You Save SEEDS Z. KRYGRER SEED CO. "A Middlesex County Institution" For Seeds, Bulbs, Grape Vines and other nursery stock. Season's specialty. Lawn Seed. Helmrtta. X. J.t Tel. .Inmeshiirg 120 SHOE STORE BOSTON SHOE STORE "A New Brunswick Institution" A C'ompletee Line of Shoes for Entire Family! Right Prices Rubbers and tennis shoes. Always a booster and builder of New Brunswick and community. Community service built our business. 3 t'hnreh St Phone SHOE REPAIRING A Aew Brunswick Intititutiou" BLUE RIBBON SHOE REPAIRING CO. "From old to new in one hour." Look and wear like a new pair. 303 GEORGE STREET New Itrunswiek Phone 1677 STEAMSHIPS AGENCY PETER BIRO Insurance Affidavit of Support Notary Public Steamship tickets for all lines. Money orders sent everywhere. Kt French St. Phon TV. B. 120D TAILORING MICHAEL KIRCHER Suits made to order. Ladies' and gents' garments altered. Cleaning, pressing and repairing. 104 Enston Ave. Phone 848 TAILOR R. SALOMONE For Clothing for the Well Dressed Man Custom and tailor made. Dry cleaning and dyeing special 12-hour service, on our premises. 402 M Al Y ' STREET Mrtnehen. IV. J. Phone RR. TAXIDERMIST FRANK G. ROSS FURRIER Scientific Taxidermist $r.O reward for lucky pheasant 211 Main St. Open Evenings Ml MAIN STREET nillli.,n. N. J. I'hone 1S4 for New Jersey potatoes was due chiefly to larger yields of potatoes in the shipping sections south of New Jersey. Mr. Oley also reported on a potato meeting held recently in Chicago under the auspices of the Central shippers' Association and presented the recommendations made by this group for the improvement of the industry. One of these recommendations drew a protest from the Middlesex County growers who went on record as being opposed to any increase in the tariff on potatoes which would increase the prices of certified seed, now Imported from Canada. Secretary Duryee of the state De partment of Agriculture presented figures showing the acreage yield and price of potatoes by years during the past ten years, showing that there has been comparatively little relation between the total acreage and the total production, and that Variations in total produc- ion and prices are due largely to other factors, rather than total acreage weather conditions being probably the most Important of these factors. It was the general feeling of thoso present that the reduction of acre age In New Jersey is not a practical means of controlling surplus production of potatoes New Jee sey acreage has been reduced bv almost one-half during the past ten years and potatoes are now being grown mainly on land well adapted to the crop. Various suggestions for Improving the marketing of New Jersey po tatoes were discussed by those pres ent. Shipping point Inspection an I better grading of New Jersey po tatoes were strongly endorsed by both growers and shippers. The meeting1 went on record as endorsing th various reduction practices recommended by the Ex periment Station and the, Extension Service. A comniiltce consisting of C. A. Stullz. K. S. Mason, Spencer r-rine, i:. S. liarclay and Fred Eleker was selected to eo-opernto with the County Agricultural Agent in arranging the next annual meeting. 1'n nil Inventories The Inking of an annual farm Inventory Is one of the simplest forms of farm business records, nnd the Extension Service in New Jersey In eo-opcrutlon with bankers and business nien will put on a ram-palgn during the second week In January, during which farmers of the suite will be helped in tak- WE TAILOR NEW YORK CLEANING AND DYE WORKS M. S(;iim;ii)i:ii, i'roi. Cleaning, pressing and dyeing. Repairing. We manufacture boys' knickers and trousers and stouts. Work done by skilled operators. SIX) CiROROK STHKKT For Service l ull N. II, SOBS TAILOR MICHAEL KIRCHER denning, llepnlrlng. Dyeing, Pressing) Suits Made to Order Prompt service. Always a booster of New Brunswick. All work done by experts. 104 Enaton Ave, I'hone IMS TAILOR Raritan Tailor Shop A Highland Park Institution French Dry Cleaning and Dyeing Al! kinds of tailoring and pressing at reasonable prices. Specializing In ladies' work. 4.11 R4RITAX AVEM'E lllahlnnd Park I'hone 471)7 CLOTHIERS GITTLEMAN BROS. Barry A Dnvld Gittlentan, Props. Cleaning, pressing, dyeing and repairing. Ladies' and men's tailor. Remodeling furs. 115 Albany Street Phone MM) TIRES SCOTT TIRE CO. Warehouse distributor of Dun-lop Tires. Solid cushion and pneumatics. The best tire equipment in the state. Vulcanizing and tire service. Road service on all tire trouble. Upper Livingston Avet Ph. IR70 DRESS SHOP ELM ROW DRESS SHOP "A New Brunswick Institution" DRESSES l.l.GERIE COOLIE COATS Dresses for Immediate Wear SILK UNDER WEAR ELM ROW New RrnnaiTiek Phone HPS T5RICKS SAYRE & ing such an inventory. The Middlesex County Extension Service will co-operate in this undertaking. A farm inventory is simpiy a use of all the resources and liabilities nnnapssed bv a farm at a definite time. It gives more useful information for the time and efforts used than any other farm record. ir more farmers would take an annual inventory, thev nrobablv would not only become better managers, but perhaps more of them would remain on the farm. Mnnv furmers who feel that tllCV are not getting ahead could well afford to take account oi siocn for, after all a man a work for the vpne tn.iv not he represented bv how much money he has in the bank. but by how much he has been sine to Increase the value of his live -mncU rnnl t-state. eollionielit and supplies on the farm during the year. MlddlcM-i County Ilulrynien on National Honor Hull Five Sliddlesex County dairy men have been placed on the honor roll by the National Dairy Council which awards diplomas each year to those dairymen in Dairy Record As soclatlons having an average pro duction of over 300 pounds of butterfnt per cow in their herd Eyesight Specialist EYtS EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED -lours 9 to 12; 1 to 5 '-turday ....9 ro 12; 1 to 8 L. M. RATLIFF OVEIt 1NTEMAN8 335 George Street ; ' - '' ' ''"''' RECOMMEND TAXI SERVICE YELLOW CAB CO. FIIOMt M I'HONE f9 Day and night service. Express and baggage, transfer. SO cents first mile. Hi cents ev.h additional third mile, 20 cents extra passengers over two, 10 cents each four minutes waitln. 1 1 me. ' J. It P'nFn 1S7 Sordini , VETERINARIAN'S THE KAKITAN HOSPITAL FOR ANIMALS . DR. M. L. MORRIS VETERINARIAN Lincoln Highway, Stelton, N. 3 TILE CONTRACTORS ARTHUR CLIFTON TILE EXPERT Bath rooms, showers, floors, fireplaces, marble work. Let us do your tile work and we will both ibe pleased. 403 NORTH 4TII AVE, nighlnnd Park Phone 1300 A MANUFACTURER UNEXCELLED MANUFACTURING CO., INC. Manufacturers of Fire Works Unexcelled Fireworks Lead the World UNXLD George's Road. New Brunswick, Phone Mllltown 55 22 Park PL, N.T.C. GENERAL CONTRACTOR GENERAL CONTRACTING, PAINTING 0JSU L. 382 GEORGE STREET PHONE 4848 FISHER BRICK CO SAYREVILLE, N. J. The five Middlesex County dairy-1 men Include: II. Earl Propst of South River, who had the highest average production; R. II. Krog of I'lainfield, Irving A. Hansen of Maplehurst Farms, Metuchen, Th New Jersey Slate Home for Roys, whose herd, is under the supervision of David Kiley, and Dyke-wood Farms of Jamesburg. These men, together with others in the state who have aehieveed the same records, will be honored at the annual dairymen's banquet tc be held in connection with State Agricultural Week at Trenton, during the month of January. ' 9i'ci Servic Liberal ItefMymml Statt Supervised Cost MONROE LOAN SOCIETY , Albany and George Streets Room 33; Tel. N. B. 2333 Entrance 110 Albany St. WINDOW CLEANER8 NEW BRUNSWICK WINDOW CLEANING CO. Clean windows give your place a prcsperous look. Give us a rim.-. Stores, offices, residences, factories. Our motto: "Quick service and conscientious work." EST. 1910 14 Cedar Ave. I'hone 4B2B - WHOLESALE PAPER A. H. FERTIG Paper, bags,' pastry boxes an 4 Oit.hes specialties, school supplies, notions and hosiery. We are now ready with a full line of school supplies. All mail and telephone promptly attended to. 13 REDMOND STREET WET WASH SOUTH RIVER WET WASH LAUNDRY, INC H!.rh grade laundry service. Careful, courteous, clean. We are aa near as your phone. Johnson & Sons, managers. 6 WHlinm St. Phone S. ft. Mft Everything for a Pyrotechnlcal Display REPAIRS AND JOBBING, DECORATING ? nmcKs AH Brick used in the CUNARD BUILDING, a per cut shown herewith, were up-plied by NEW SYSTEM BAKERY 37 C0DWISE AVENUE Will Open on the 15th of December BEST CAKES AND BREAD AT A REASONABLE PRICE created to suit Tour needs HHRF. is a luan sci vice wlpdi gives you ttie opport mtv of borrowing $10 to $300 on your own personal responsibility; no indorsers required; no embarrassing investigations niatlc. It is supervised by tlie state and assures you a dependable service one that bas been created to suit your needs or the needs of any one who does not have bank borrowina: facilities. MPAHY rd 'K v r- is Jr. ill 7 ty. vn -C- ua 11 .'I-: ot 9J nd nd' t mt ! . ! wn of ct-ral 103 at ir's 'ill St. nt3 rd- ! i r m-of si-trd I I ' s; :':' i. .'.5 ' WW I r I i 1 3 i city. Adv. 0 n

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