The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1932
Page 2
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PACK TWO BLYTHEVILLE._(AgK.y COUK1EB NEWS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1932 SpciclyCalcndai - . . Ladies Bible class of First Methodist church meeting with Mrs. J. H. Armstrong" in the Rimer home cn.Chlckasawba avc., at 7:30 p.m. Pre-School Parent-Teacher association meeiUig with Mis. chcs'.cr CaldvcU: Saturday Cfcllsren of Confederacy meet- Ing wlta Miss Jan? Branson. Mrs. Aiina- Bell Weds Mr. Walter C. Gates . Mrs. Anna Wesson Bsll, of this city, .arjd Mr, Walter C...Gates, of Oklahoma City,'Okla., wore married s \Yednesday afternoon at Ken'. nettkiWT Tljb Rev. W. W. tnvls, pasjjr'rof the 'first ' Presbyterian church; performed "the ring ceremony. : Mr. 'Gates anj his bride left today for a honeymoon, which will include Oklahoma City. They will return here In about 'two weeks and will-make their home In this city. The bride, who is the widow of the' late Mr. J, E. Bsll, prominent business man and land' owner, is popiilarlv known ' In 'religions aiidy cluB" circles: • she has made her home here for a number of y:ars. Mr. Gates, who'is Held leaso supervisor for the Smaller Oil company of 'Oklahoma City, came here fibout a year ago when his com- Saved Playmate, Wins Medal Bits oj News Mostly Personal Mrs. Herman Cross spent last j week end in Union City, Tcmi. Mesdames James B. Clark, Herman Cross, Joe S. Dillahunty and O. W. McCutchcn and" Miss Mar- [sucrilo Mason attended the berw-- lit iiavly In Osceola yesterday which was given by the Women's Democratic club. T. J. Malian spent yesterday in Memphis. Mrs. W. B. Tanner, who has KITCHEN wilh cabbage and finely chopped 1 meat provide nn appetizing nnd nourishing dish. The last tjuarler of llic head is u:ed In a vegetable soup with io!s. onions and tomatoes. The vegetables can be finely shredded and served in the broth, making a thick full-meal soup, or .tli? whole can be strained and a clear soup served. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST — Orange juice, cereal, cream, creamed drbd bc3f on least, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON Cheese fondue, creamed cabbage, ciuinc.: tapioca pudding, milk, tea. DINNER — Fi-ied rabbit, 'gravy, | mashed potatoes, baked . squash | molded vegetable salad, open-top BY SISTER' MARY If you arc looking for bargain *Pl'le pfe, milk, collec. foacis you will find an excellent one in cabbage. Always low in price, It Is rich In mineral constituents and a good source of vitamins. It is good, raw or cooked ; nncl with a little careful planning Ancient Ivory Tusk round Ul travel Pit Juicy and r«e from insect ami cis- easc injury. BELOIT, Wis. (VP>— The ivory tusk of a mamoth or ina.stodon, estimated to be 50,000 years old, has been excavated from a gravel pit in South Bcloit. The tusk, 18 inches long and the size of a bascbull bat,'probably once adorned the head of a jHOhostorlc mammoth, accjJrdlng to Prof. Paul Nesbit, of the IBeloit College Department of Anthropology. Stayman, York, Imperial, ivnj-. Beauty, Delicious, Greening, N.-i-nJJ ern Spy, and Baldwin were'the "The tusk probably down in the gravel deposit in I principal varieties in the harvisi 78-Year-OId Bicyclist Travels 10,000 Miles PORTLAND, Ore. (UP)—Ueorac . M. Sanford, 78, of Oakland, Cal" vas lam Bopped here recently af[;r i rav .' which it was found by naming 1929 cling 10,000 miles on a bicycle ;m« her tonsils three weeks ago Is at tlio Memphis Baptist hospital for a tow days, Her condition is much Improved. C. W. Affllck ts ultcndlng to business in Little Hock. Herman Cross attended to business in Memphis yesterday. L. N. Malhis was in Lepanto yesterday ntkmdlng to business. Mrs. Champ Klinborlaln of West Plains, Mo., who has Ijcen visit- Ing relatives in Memphis, has returned here for a week's stay before going home. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wilks, of Kennett, Mo., were Tuesday nTght. In the city Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Miller returned last night from several days stay in Memphis. They pany leased Jarin lands in this vl- When Stella Fry, left, who Is 15 nnd weighs 145, started mnig.! will probably return tomorrow for cinity .with a view cf drilling for " — t~»ji~i -»-« oil. Entertains Club, Guests .Mrs. Charles C rigger jr., was hostess to 24 guests Wednesday afternoon at the Woman's club, the guests including the members of the Wednesday Contract club of which she Is a member. Others present were: Mesdames Raymond! Curiln, Bancroft Terry, A. T. Cloar, W". 'L. Homer, Crawford Greene, J. Nick Thomas. M. A. Isaacs, E. IL R-i;Mason,.-.-Blll" Dplan,, Murray Smart, W. N. 'Williams, Spurgeo'ii Patterson, Champ Kimbcrialn of .West Plains,' Mo., J. w. Adams, JQfancis Carpenter and Edith Mc- cooi. ; ; \ . ,_ s • •; JAiiturhn foliage made a 'pretty l$jck"groimd for the dahlias' 'and chrysanthemums which decora^'d the ''club'-'room. : ' • • '"U : :? rln the bridge games Mrs. Curiln .'•Sri a pewter flower bowl for . flrst'honors among the giwsts nnd tge club prise, a peasant luncheon cloth, went to Mrs. Carrol Blakc- rflore. Mrs. Terry, a bride, was rjjesented' -a'.,pewter 'gravy-'-bowl and tray. •* tuna flsh salad, cheese sand- ^5ches, whole wheat crackers, ol- iW*.'fruit cake topped with whip- jrd cream, and coffee was served. 5 ... Ssdbiirv P. T. A. Bos a Meeting *The 88 motcrs and teachers of students in the Stidbury clemsn- teiy school who attended the P. T A. meeting Wednesday after. noon heard a program on "Char- ricter Education." '^Crawford Greene, superintendent of school h2rc, spoke on "Your After Sell" and Mrs. Fred Wnhl dS "Education and the Individual" ijis. L. N. Mathis played a piano solo. £Miss Mary Hubler and Miss 41ma Peters each had 14 mothers . pfesent from their rooms hi a tic fft the dollar prize. gltng in the'waters of Indian creek near Lnmgan, Mo., her playmate, Glendora Allen, right, who Is 11 and weighs 08, leaped in and rescued her. Olendora htis been awarded for bravery. a Carnegie medal Osceola Society— Personal A. IjoheflL bridge ' parly given in tiie_. club rooms at the court house Wednesday aftcmcon allmclccl thirteen' tables cf players anil cleared Tor .the liooscvcli-Garner campaign fund approximately lv.;e)ity-flvc. dollars. 1 "Siren'' Cop Lures Bandits lo Death s-jiarty 1 was sponsored by .'the Woniuns Club 'of. ' Os'cVoia, ''of which Mrs. W. 'E.' Hunt is chairman, and was promoted by a steering committee composed of .' M's. L.' D. Massey, secretory of (.lie club, Mrs. Hunt and. Mrs. WI ; R. -.-D.vess. '•Six hifili^ score up<J a io'w.scora tao', generously contributed by business firms, were awarded and home baked cake was raffled. High score prizes were won In I he order nnmert by Mrs Ruth been II! following the removal of i one head can be made to do duty Ior several meals. So many cooks rum cabbage In tlw cooking, not only making it unpopular but losing much of its food value as well, that perhaps a few suggestions regarding Its preparation and serving may be helpful. * Always cook cabbaje or any of Us family In an uncoveicd pan. This prcvonlfi the forming of the gas which gives off the unpleasant odor so obnoxious to many persons. Cooking it uncovered and for a short length of time also keeps it from becoming strong flavored and unpalatable. Overcooking of cabbage causes loss of much food value and tends to make the .vegetable difficult for people to di?ost. Another point to keep In mind Is to put cabbage on to cook in actively boiling water to more than 'cover and then use as much of the wa- as possible when serving it. Cabbage is a heavy loser of minerals during the cooking process nnd the water naturally contains these constituents. The cooking period is appreciably shortened if cabbage' is finely shredded before cooking. However, one of the best ways to use cabbage is uncooked. None of its vitamins nnd mineral salts need be sacrificed, and the raw vegetable is refreshingly crisp. When cubbaEii is used raw it should be very finely shredded and very crisp. Try combining it with npplrs, nuts, celery, shredded gi'Mii peppers, grated carrots or shredded beets—one or all of them. a more extended stay. Mesdames li, N. Ware jr., How- nrd Proctor, Paul L. Tipton, Gcorgo M. Lcc and Russell Farr and Mks Marfjaret Mcrrltt, will attend the meeting of the D. A. R. in Osceola tomorrow at the ! homo of Mrs. W. J. Driver when Mrs. Prtver and Mrs. Kdringlon arc to'be hostess for a luncheon and business session. R. N. Ware Jr., is attending to business in Little Rock. He win return home Saturday. Mrs. H. Highfill, Mrs. Frank Hiuhfill and Dr. Erna Nles spent yesterday in Memphis. Mrs. J. B. Foster and sou. Oilie, spent last week end in Little Rock where they visited with Mrs. Foster's daughter, Miss Mae Foster who is in training at St. Vincent's hospital. She was formerly in •the incongruous feminine make- Holc"c"tirlysic,""Mrs' u'iiice "ivy,! uu J licLllred here . Stanley H. Aus- Mits Louise Hale, Mrs. Milton Pope, ""• New Jcrsc 5' slatc trooper, wltS Mrs. Harry Driver and Mrs J L " I'lninclothcs trooper as his corn- Ward, and Mrs. Geo. Abrey won: j 13 " 10 ". lured two "pstting party lew scare fa\or. Mrs. J. n. Hook ; ™ ndu . s , to tlleir d ^th on a V.-ES holder of the lucky numbi shlch won the cake. training pital. at the Blytheville hos- her Mrs. John Foster- and her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Roach, spent last week end in Fredericktown/. Mo., as guests of Mrs. Roach's daughter, Mrs. R. lamb! and family. Before marriage Mrs. Lnmb was Pearl Roach, of this city. W. W. Hollipeter, who has been feriously ill from n throat ailment, is now much improved but is yet confined to his bed. •Miss t.eotw Cnllicott AMERICANS ADVANCE On Nov. 3, 1918. the American army continued Its advance north of Verdun, capturing several towns. Franco-Belgian troops came within five miles of Ghent. The Austrian army was in col- Inp!.? ns (he Italians look Trnel and Triest. Italian cavalry entered Udine as an armistice was declared. The Serbian army occupied Belgrade. 1 In an effort to rair,; the moral? of ills people, Kaiser Wilhelm announced his support of governmental reforms, by which the Reichstag was given greater authority. water during the Pleistocene or ice age." Professor Nesbit said. "The remaining bones may have decomposed nearby, or may not ] have been carried into the same depcsit by the water." Nesbit explained that the prehistoric mammoth sometimes attained a height of 14 feet, with tusks occasionally 10 feet In length. The animals, he said, were of two or moro types, the hairy coated type of Siberia and the more or lets hairles type which roamed Noith America. Veteran of Family Of Vets Celebrates N. H. (UP)—George who recently eole- MII.TON, Wentworth, brcted his 33rd birthday anniversary, is a Civil War veteran. His grandfather fought in the American Revolution. His father fought in the War ol 1312. His son fought in the Spanish- American War.' His grandson fought In the World War. Men Receive Jail Sentences TILLAMOOK, Ore. (UP)—Elmer Williams, William Campbell and J. It is good with grapefruit and:u. Munroe-were sentenced ta two shredded pineapple, too. Shred- j years eacn in the penitentiary lievc d:d cabbage alone served'with a i or chopping a pig to death with Ex-Student Trails Bees to Their Swarms (UP)—Elton of Oregon MONMOUTH, Ore. Fisnback, ex-student Normal Eclical, spsht ths summer locating tee trees, taking the honey and the b^es. He found 17 iwaruis by watching the direction from water and locating the tree around wpicir the L^es were swarming, by using, binoculars. He sometimes found two swarms in a singl; tr?e. In one trea two swarms were living in apparent harmony, with no line of demarcation visible' between quarters. Apple Harvest Time Gives Work to Jobless He said he enjoy:! cycliu.; through nearly every state, but that he thought ha wou!:l return to Oakland and setlk 'Jc'.iu n< HAKR1SBURG, Pa. (UP)—Harvest time in apple orchards gave work to many Pennsylvania jobless this fall. The pickers found the crop bs- ' The Popular New "Svviri" PERMANENT Fully Guaranteed ELAINE BEAUTY SHOP rhone 13 French dressing to which celery seed has been added makes a "desirable dinner salad with game or pork. Then there is the ever popular sour cream dressing. -.The, woman in the country' bag? and sour cream always at hand need never fail to give her family their essential "protective" food. A cut head of cabbage can be kept in perfect condition for esv- cral days if wrapped in waxed pa- an axe, on a liquor spree. were found guilty cl destroying property. "A ship's captain is empowered to conduct, n marriage ceremony on his boat if the occasion arises. ier i lovers' lane near Clementon, N. J. The bandits, both Philadelphia . The club TOoms""wcrc artistically 3 ' outils ' tt ' cre shot as th « v fled to-i mnt ' docoratsd in a profusion of chry-1 wari ! h=ir _ car . flom . wlllch cam-\ is in i per and stored in the ice box. This Rives, Tenn., for the funeral of! makes it posible' for- one or two her aunt \vho died at a Union City hospital. Miss Callicott- went over Tuesday morning to be with her tanthpmums arranged in graceful baskets, and a delicious refreshment plate was served following the game. Among the out-of-town guests were Mesdames J. 13. Clarke, J. panlons-'flred at the troopers. Compliments Bride | '^.trs. Bob Wilks ol Kennclt, Mo. wbo was beforoher recent marriage J*s s Grace Webb of this city, was tfife guest of honor at a limn fitower and bridge party given Tuesday evening by Mrs. Henry Humphrey. t^Her apartment v--as decorated with rows, dahlias and chrysanthemums in .pink and yellow. tiMrs. James H. Bell *\von the prize, lingerie, and all guests presented Mrs. Wilks RifU in linen. 4A chicken salart was rorved with l^t tea to the 12 guests. Eitcutivc Hoard Efcrts Delegates »*lrs. Howard Proctor, president oTlhe Junior high school' P. T. A syid Mrs. A.~ M. Washburn were egc'.cd delegates to the slate iffpetlng in Little Rock at a ir.cst- iig yesterday. The exccuiivc board rftft'n.3s the selection. i*The state meeting, to be hold Wednesday. Tlmrsday and Friday vjlll be attended by otiwr dele gates of local P. T. A.'s. Wtst-Jamcs tS' has been mac o marriage of Miss Bessl J«mes. and J. F.' West, botii o Wachville. The REV. W. T. Bran son, of that city, performed th ceremony Saturday. '-Miss Ina Pinkley and Tirana If^ram, both of Gosn^ll. wer .uutcd in marriage Saturday b imtke E. D. Walker. No. 8 and Vicinity Mr. and Mrs. Lee Woodard announce the arrival of a 3-poum! son. born Tuesday of last wci'k. Mother nad child are doing well. Charles Lacer mid I-'rcd Kcmb'.r motored to Forrest City. Ark, tional tinging and specials " from '.Sunday lo visit relatives. They ro- ! Ihe quartette. There was a large I turned Tuesday. , i audience. ! A 5 1-2 pound girl, bom to Mi-. ...... v,. uu 13 0 , wllsulll ,o- ;l | Mr - " llcl Mrs- T - T. Walker of i "nd Mrs. Allen Uavclle Sunday "My House of Drcnms"° (o I ° £ccol!l wcl ' r Sunday guesls of! n'Sht. October 23, died Fi-lday. presented at the High Sciioo!' MrSi W:llkc '"s mother. Mis. B. >. : Burial was made at Mt. Zion ce::i- New Liberty _ O. D. Cfrimes. the Riley quar- S. Dillahunty and Herman Cross.! lcttc nncl °t hcrs fr om Blythevilh Mrs. O. W. McCutchcn and Miss i vvcrc Bucsls at the school heiir.? Mason cf Blylhcville and Mrs. Lane \ s »»tlay afternoon for congrcga- D! Wilson. The Civic department of ogressivc Club is sponsoring "" " ° days to elapsy between the serving of cabbage in one of its numerous ways. Here's how to use a l«ad of cabbage lo the best advantage: Cut the fresh head of cabbage on the night flsh is serv.?d for dinner. You can have a.salad of shi'edi\;d cabbage, carrtits, peppers and celery mixed with French Dressing. Or simply use old-fashioned cols slaw, which always liked with fish. For the next day's luncheon comblrj any left-over fish will v;ell crisped cabbage for a salad The next night, peppers stuffet uditorium here Friday evening. | oiember •!, at 8 o'clock. Tiie play is being directed bv . etcry. Mesdames J. M. Aycock, E. II. Miss Viokl Blnnkcmhip rolurn- Iss Julia Cral" and Miss Ca-a i ctl lhc p - T - A ' Coilllcil at ' . . , . . • Cr <»k nnd P. B. Jnrrett attend- ;«' Monday from^iu extended '- ! " to ai Hires, and entertainment will: ll'"ville Friday. | Number F.i S ht school ! presented Iwliveen the acts by : Misses Wilson's nnil Davis, of Monday. Miss Clara lieiidi' iss Evelyn Harwell and William I Prol " is «' La » (1 wcr c Sunday guesls j of "ear Moslsy has accepted i otter cf Blytheville. , ' : of Miss Bethel Lloyd. The proceeds will go to the up opu-,c>.l •vacancy left by the resignation nf et-p of Violet cemetery. Hospital Notes Admitted to the niythevillc icspilal: J. E. Snider, city Mrs Opal Pierce, city. Dismissed- j E ! Jnsson, city; E. W. Metcalf, Dell; i L'. H. Williams, Luxor a. Misses Mamie Vick nnd Lina '. Miss Juanila Glenn. Miss IlrmUr- j Ucth Broach'\wcre wcek-cml guests son comes -highly recommended. ' of Miss Sarah Parkinson at Hly- I theville. ! Walter Davis o[ Mississippi who ' has been making his home with Mr;. B. F. Ayccck for colton pick- ' hi7 season, was laken seriously ill • Ti-?sday. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie May have ' V. *"c. Roffb as their gursl, ol ^_ : Hope. Ark. ! llaivanl stiiiknt Gels .lull Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Hanlin MI- ; CAMBRIDGE, Mass. <ui')—Ad-i'"''ained the yo-.nis; people with' oriisin; for a job as .in nut:«iio- '. n Hallowe'en party Monday nishl. ; •fio!!shc>. a Harvard .•.' HCILW Cailt in 1(335 Slill IVcil BOSTON. (UP)—A licus? b'.ult l'.i-re in 1C35 by Thomas Bird is r.till c.rci:p:e:l by his de.icenc'aiits. The total length of the Capita: 1 in Washington is 751 feet <i Inch' Constantly.. Bat/ foeath Still\ liiniicif as having "a iror.j back auS a weak mind." He '" ~ Job. too. Wi;. (UP, _ 1 Davis. Curnterland youlli, to be- ihc world's cham|;i;n ja eater. He ate (iv,- qiniis of mashed rutc^gas at 0:l e tll - STOCKIIOLM. (UP>—The oUio'il vot:-r in tin recent clsrlictis in Ktc^kliolm was a former buil-jhv: i Pfn; contractor by ll'c name of Liune. He was loa years old and was escorted to tho polls by his dau^iibr, ,. ,,..»,ur ou a womnn ° r 19 ' olrtJl Methodist, church. ' :~T~ " ~~~ CUWc. AtclTIIR ints'—only 2~<. KDTO-NICMf IT\--.--:j... :.o.(Ji r - . Iviu. Imtllniin. ine ceremony. , •The marriage of Miss Inell •' ."nynscl and Oscar Woodson, bDlh ;.«Cpell, look -placa here Saturday. • : 1*f Rev. A. J. Hill said the cere- IV.: M*K« nrte- Jcncs & : Ruth Jpnfs and John Mc- bJd of B^tbev-Ule, ware s Tiie marriage of Mi:-s Ni rc > vvi] lyns and Vlnson Skcltou. both of KKeland. Ark., occurred heV ia" Saturday. The Rev. w. P How trs said the ceremony. ' V VA^^e jt£u& Campbell-Ford Announcement Ford Va ford, was mado today V p aSC ° f «'*l.w1b Caraway, a ]lt i r( , ri i of Manila. The Rev w M. Wolv;rton performed the tln't •• ji 1 an everlasting gift 2 Special Offers Xo. 1— Three 3x5 and One 8x10 for $3.50 No. 2— Five 'IxG ;tiid One 8x10, Hand Tinted ;?5.00 For A Limited Time Only. BELT'S ART STUDIO Phone 803 Delightful airy looms with. tub or shower and Ixxls like • cider down. Ik.mtiful swinv j ming jxxil, howlini; alleys, 1 h mil lull courts nnd even ,1 . Turkish Kith. No chmcc for ! . time to dwjj when you live j I here. Enjoy these as ( i . our guest. : ! Rooms from §2.00 Up ! : DEVOY i . | HOTEL i Memphis, Tenn. CARD OF THANKS We desire to express our thanks j to all the merchants and others who aided In making we'en carnival a success. Parent-Teacher Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 10c Qt. Delivered Phone 74 rcner FUU FASHIONED SIIK HOSIERY SHEER CHIFFONS with Smart Lace Tops —SHEER CHIFFON —4 THREAD CHIFFON —SEMI-CHIFFON New Autumn Shades $1 McCALLUM Chiffon Hose 75c' " Bulgarian Buttermilk lac Qt. GOOD SEIOES & HOSIERY An Knglibh Military JJi(Hiip lloolofgcimiuo firm nicdiiiin Ian cnlf Irullu-r. I'oriiiod stiff ley. Made OV<T .special liocit slcink-r ainH.-arancc. Gn-atrsi value ever otTcrcii. Anollicr of the famous Friendly $ Family 5»/>nr.v, niKr trees r.ilrn. All 5>i/.es Now In Stock F OSTEER SHOE STORE .. . tlint's tlic big v.-J •you arc ollcred for ,1 limited time. Your old lamp or lantern (any kind or condition) is worth _$1-50 on the purcliatc - of a new Colemau... any I~~ model you want. With a Colcmah you can have the finest light for 1^ a night. Up '.o / •'-^•.-i-vymg- -^•tesL-^- 300 candlepovver of pure \ NEW LOW PRICES... You can get a Colcman for as little as $5.45 and your old lamp. SEE THEM1... We'll be glad to show you all about these splendid lights that make and burn their own gas. Come in! Hubbard Hardware Co.

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