The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1956 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1956
Page 3
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THURSDAT, JANUARY 26, 1958 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRE1 Income Tax Primer IX; Every Taxpayer Has Right To Total His Expenditures By RICHARD A. MULLENS Written for NBA Service Every' taxpayer, regardless of the amount of his income, has the right to choose one of the two following amounts and to subtract such amount from his income before computing his tax: 1. The total of his expenditures in 1955 for deductible personal Items like contributions, taxes, Interest, mnd casualty losses, or 2. The so-called standard deduction, which amounts tiabout 10 per cent of your income under $10,000. The idea is to choose whichever of the above amounts gives you the larger deduction. Most taxpayers find that the standard deduction gives them the larger deduction, bu* before you can wisely decide which amount is best for you, you have to know what deductions you can claim. This and the next article of the Primer describe the deductible items. You can claim as a deduction contributions to recognized, non- Contribufions Check list i Here Is a list of some ortaniatlons to wW* «;J*ft|jtl»» I are deductible. There are many other organizationson the »P- 1 proved list. You can deduct what you gave durlnt 1955, in rnoney ir the fair value of goods, up to a total that foes n °'"!* ea '"ft ! of Hem 11, page 1 of Form 1010, plus an additional 10% to certain ; I organizations as described in this article. United Jewish Appeals Veterans Organizations (By name) Young Men's and Young Women's Christian ind Hebrew Associations ' • Churches .or established religious organizations (By name) Non-profit colleges, universities and ..merlcan Cancer society American Red cross Boy Scouts Christmas Sealo Co~imuntty Chestf Girl Scouts National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis Salvation Army schools (By name) SSSMS8HSK and cannot deduct, the most important of which arc state income laxes, property taxes, and local gasoline and retail sales taxes. •Most taxpayers do not have receipts or do not keep a record of small payments for deductions like gasoline tax and sales tax. The Internal Revenue Service may allow ar estimated deduction provided it is. reasonable. The gasoline tax can be estimat- profit religious, charitable, educational and scientific organizations; to societies for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals; and to governmental organizations for exclusively public purposes. You cannot deduct dues paid to social organizations even though they have charitable or welfare subsidiaries to which gifts are deductible. You cannot deduct gifts to individuals no matter how needy they may be. Contributions to political parties or to any organization which uses the money to influence legislation are not deductible. Prior to 1954 yov could not claim charitable contributions in excess of 20 per cent of your adjusted cross income. The new law retains the 20 per cent as a general limitation but allows you to deduct an additional 10 per cent if the additional contribution is paid to exempt religious organizations, schools or hospitals. Any contribution claimed must have been actually paid In cash or property In 1955. A pledge to pay money in some future year is not deductible in 1955. Printed with this article Is check list of some typical organizations contributions to which are deductible. There are many other organizations to which deductible contributions can also be made. All interest paid on loans can be Itemized on page 2, Form 1040 except interest paid on loans incurred to buy wholly tax-exempt securities or single premium life insurance or annuity contracts. The taxpayei deducting the interest must be legally obligated to pay the interest. Those of you who are purchasing a home, by monthly Payments.are undoubtedly paymg a considerable amount of interest each month. In many instances, the interest payments will be so large that it will pay you to itemize .Uj™^^ ed by dividing the total number of miles driven in 1955 by the average number of miles your car operates on a gallon of gas. Then multiply this by the state and any local tax per gallon. Do not include the Federal gasoline tax. The following plan will give you » reasonable estimate of the sales tax. There is generally no sales tax on rent, insurance or savings. First, add up what you spent or set aside lor items on wmcn no sales tax, and subtract it from your total expenses. To this remainder, add anything you brought out of savings, or installments that would be subject to sales tax. Multiply the sum of these by your sales tax rate. This will give you the amount to deduct as sales tax. If you live in a locality where food is subject ,to sales tax, add what you spent on food to the amount subject *,o tax. NEXT: Other deductions. New Books Listed For Wilson Library WILSON—Mrs. E. D. Beall, librarian of the Wilson branch of Mississippi County Library, has announced the following new books as available for lending: For young children—"Being Nice is Lots of Pun," Lansing; "All in One Day.Ozone; "Brave John Henry," Austin; "Mr. Bear Goes to Boston," French;' "Snipp, Snapp Snurr, Learn to Swim," Lindman "Jesus, The Chilrirens' Friend, Lloyd; "Lucky You, "Munro Leaf. For older boys and girls—"Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys," Rasky; 'Tornado , Jones on Sentine Mountain," Deck; "The House at the City Wall," Scheker; "First to be Called Christians," Smither; "Seven Grandmothers," Mirsky "Songs lor Sixpence—The Story o John Newberry)," Blackrock; "Tail bone Patrol," English. For adults and older teen-agers— "The Secret of Happiness," Billy Graham; "Power of Positive ThinK- -teg-for Young People," Peale; "Jaina," DeLa Roche; "Good Bye Mr Chips", Hilton; "White Oaks of Jalna", DeLa Roche; "A Song for Jenny," Winkler; "A Doctor for the Nurse," Judson; "A Time for Love,' Winkler; "The Long Way," Yahn- The home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawence Lester was filled with tsen- ge boys and girls Friday night when their daughter, Bontta, as- isted by VcHu Terry. Erma Barnes and Doris Hicks entertained 0 friends with a dancing party. One of a series of recent parties jiven in homes and sponsored by >arents of teenagers, the evening vas spent dancing to late records. The hostesses served square and riangular shaped open face sandwiches with soft drinks. She se/ved home candy and drinks. Mothers of Girl Scouts were invited to attend the weekly scout meeting in the home of their leader Mrs. Genevieve Holly on Monday after school hours. There they were treated to a dessert course, served by the scouts, and entertained, cember ». _ Mothers present were assistant Hampton, Va. Mrs. Nunnery, the ke; "Nurse Carol,' Welch; "Portrai With Love," Sargent; "Head in the Clouds," Sargent; "A Halo for Doctor Michael," Worley; "Portraits ot Jerry," Yahnke. Ex-Convict Sentenced to Die For Rape-Slaying of Woman CITY W» — Ex-convict sas City automobile dealer. Brown is win ue i>u jcii&" ,-.-- — you to itemize all your deduc tions rather than take the stan dard deduction. When a loan is repaid in monthly amounts, a certain amount of each payment is usually for interest while the rest is either applied on the principal or for insurance service charges and the like. .If you don't know .how much of >our monthly payment is for interest^ ask the bank or person to whom you made the payments for a state- rnent showing the interest payments you made in 1953. Interest charges on installment pruchases can now be deduc ea, even though not separate y stated, RS long as there is a t least a c any., ing charge separately stated, but the amount of interest Included therein is not separately stated, then the carrying charges will be Considered to include not more than a six per cent interest charge based on the average unpaid bal-, ance under the contract during the i year, but not in excess of the carrying charge attributable to that ^jiany of the taxes you paid in j 1955 can be deducted on Page 2 ot. Form 1040 if you choose to itemize • vour deductions. To be deductible, the tax must be imposed on you and paid by you. That means you cannot deduct taxes you pay on your mother's property. Page 11 of the official Instructions rives a list of taxes which you can u-uiur "uoo ^. will be executed in the Missouri gas chamber Feb. 24 for kidnaping Mrs. Wilma Allen. By his own admission he robbed, raped and murdered the pretty, 34- year-old housewife last Aug. 4 as she pleaded tearfully to return to her-wealthy husband an their two young sons. 0.S. Dist. Judge Charles E. Whitaker fixed the execution date yesterday after death was recommended by a jury. Brown had pleaded guilty to a federal kidnaping charge. A state charge of murder is pending neighboring Kanseas, but it's a moot case now. The jury took only 35 minutes to recommend the death penalty, for what the deefnse conceded was a "completely illogical, unreasonable' crime. Foreman Roy C. Anthony said: "We agreed not to have any discussion until after the first ballot was taken. . . . There was only one ballot. Brown, a 30 year-old blond with a criminal record dating back to 1942 .escaped the original manhunt for Mrs. Allen's slayer. He was arrested in San Francisco in November after an abortive attempt here to kidnap his wife. Though arrested in connection with that attempt, he quickly blurted out a confession to the kidnap slaying of'Mrs. Allen. Brown's initial motive was robbery and his choice of Mrs. Allen as a victim was purely by chance, according to his statements read into the court record. He said he later decided to shoot her becnuse he feared she would identify him. The robbery netted less than $50. Mrs. Allen was the wife of a Kan- forced his way into her car as she prepared to leave a South Side shopping center and made her drive to an isolated field in neighboring Johnson County, Kan., where he raped and shot her. LUXORA NEWS By MBS. PAUL HAYES combined meeting and elected officers. Those elected were Carolyn Howard, president; Mickey Sullins, vice-president; Paul Jackson, secretary; Wood Henry, reporter; Junior Minor Eddie Riherd, song leaders. Miss Betty Smith, home demonstration aeent, and James Cullins Boy's Steer Has Unusual Taste SEFFNER, Fla. Wl — Tony Vali noti, 16, has a steer whose favorite food is a hamburger, packed with plenty of onions. Tony said he dis covered the steer's unusual taste by chance. Tony was eating a hamburger when "that steer stretched out an>' grabbed it right out of my hand." Until then the steer had been un ruly. and Tony despaired of being able to train it for the show ring. By holding back the hamburgers until the steer follows instructions the youth has trained it so Well i is being entered in the Florida State Fair, which opens next week the home of Mrs. W. C. Ho\var< with Mrs. C. S. Howard as hostess re , assistant county agent, discusser project work and its value to 4-H members. Those attending the funeral for Mrs. Julia Julian, mother of Mrs. E C. Ekeen, in Blytheville , Mrs. C. B. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. u. n, VYUUU, ••*"• Tenn Jack Majors, the Rev. James Ri- ^^ herd, Mrs. W. C. Howard, Mrs. T. F Hudson, Mrs. Walter Wood, Mrs. John Thweatt and Mrs. Paul Hayes.. Mrs. Abe Iiiverant has returned! home after several weeks in Camp-1 Mrs. Hoyal Langsdon gave view on food preparation. Nora Ann Jackson and Charle Stanford Howard arrived horn Thursday from Arkansas State t spend the weekend with their par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jackso and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ho ward. Mi-, and Mrs. Paul Jackso motored them back to school Sun day. Mrs. G. W.. Stanford has arrive Mrs- home after spending several week were witn her daughter, Mrs. W. L. Har Ml . 5 I dwin, and Mr. Hardin at Lexingtoi HOLLAND NEWS B? Mtt. M Hunpton. *t. Wanda Samford entertained with a dance in her home for the senior class Wednesday night. Attending vere guests of the class members, eachers and sponsors of the group. so , the effects of soft drinks, made their report based on findings of doctors, dentists, teachers, students and athletic instructors. This committee will Join another specially appointed group who, together with school superintendent L. N. Kinder, will make further recommendations at the February PTA meeting. Appointments on the latter committee are Conrad Rensch, Mrs. Clell Jackson, Witt Smith and Andrew Jenkins. made cookies, Following a 10-day vacation visit with her son, Bruce Martin, and Mrs. Martin at Haines City, Fla., Mrs. Pete Martin returned home Wednesday. Mrs. Ancel Webb remains under the care of her physician after a recent back injury. She has been bedfast for the past 10 days at her home. Her condition is improving. Mrs. Nat Nunnery is home after visiting Airman and Mrs. Ray Nunnery and new baby son. Dale PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET • Fresh Fruit & Produce • Fresh Dressed Poultry » The Finest in Beef, Veal, Lamb & Pork Nationally Advertised & Fancy Gro«erie« 2-2043 I _ I Come In 1044 Chick Call In We Deliver Edwin, who eaders Mrs. Juanita Jone?, Mrs. mogene Bailey, Mrs. Guy Norrid, Mrs. Theresa Jenkins. Mrs. WilUe ?richard and Mrs. Verna Hamp- Friday night Baptist Primaries, Juniors and Intermediates were en- ertained with a skating party at he Kennett Holler Rink. Sponsor- in" these groups were Mrs. Helen Kelley Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Norrid, Aaron Taylor and Theadore Payne. Following the skating session the Sunday School groups were served hot chocolate and sandwiches. Mr and Mrs. George E. Colvis Of 1807 Bertrand Road, Miles, Mich , announced the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Virginia Lee, to Harold E Dodson, son of Mrs. Alberta Lumpkins and the late Mr. Dodson is ' a graduate of of Holland. Miss Coivin 'arrived "toase s Niles high school and is employed by Pawating Hospital. Mr. Dodson attended Holland schools. He served three and a half years in the United States Army- and has since been connected with the French Paper Company in Niles. The couple plans to be married March 31. Mrs Francis Lou Hicks was hostess Friday night at a two table canasta party in honor of the birthday anniversary of her step mother. Mrs. Anderson Hicks, for hom the event was a surprise ar- angement. Out of towners were the honoree's mother, Mrs. V. D. Watkins, Mrs. Bob Burton, Mrs. Herman Towles, Mrs. Howard Teeters and Mrs. Reginald Watkins, all of Steele. Mrs. Hicks was presented a new spring dress in printed pure silk a pearl necklace and potted house plants. At Tuesday's Parent-Teacher As- , . . , baby's paternal grandmother, arrived in Memphis during the weekend where she remained until Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Price Tatem. Mrs. Clara McCrary is in St. Louis, guest of her son, Ralph, Mrs. McCrary and daughter. Mrs. Adele Taylor, accompanied by friends from Blytheville, was in Little Rock over the week end on matters of business. Mr. and Mrs. Cleatus Childers, recently married, are making their home in St. Louis where Mr. Cliil- ders is employed at Wagner Electric. Before her marriage Mrs. Childers was Norma Kilburn. Mrs. Cecil Kenley returned to Memphis Tuesday for a post operative examination. She received major surgery early this month and her condition now is good. Vacationing westward, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Reynolds left by car this week for Tucson, Ariz., where they will probably remain the duration of winter. Centrally Located For Easy Shopping tliy (fray Kevlo Cot, 'JLJ Remodeled HI-WAY DRUG Prenlis Holder, Rej. Pharmacia! .V Mfi. Charlti Brogdon, owner Main at Division Phon« 2-2019 WE RENT • HOSPITAL BEDS . . . BABY BEDS • ROLLAWAY BEDS • USED REFRIGERATORS • USED WASHERS WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. Maw bells' Clinic where she underwent treatment and surgery. Mr. and Mrs. Bowen Thompson announce the birth of a daughter Jan. 15, at Chickaswba Hospital in Blytheville. She has been named Katherine Mae. The Luxora Book Club met at ••^^^HH^^^B^BVBMB^^^^^HB^^^— S&E SUPER MARKET Highway 61 North We Deliver—Phone 3-9663 • Modern Self Service Facilities • Choice Meats • Finest Produce • Quality Groceries • Frozen Foods Enjoy Modern, Self-Service Shopping with no parking problem at any time. Shop S & E for Quality. HAMBURGERS For your protection, our Hamburger Patties are prepared and delivered frozen by a nationally known government inspected meat packing plant. A warm well-seasoned bun enhances the wholesome delitiousness of this pure hamburger. KREAM KASTLE Walnut & Division Phone 3-8051 • DRIVE-IN nniT • FLASH CAMERAS RLNI • MOVIE CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 661,400 executives are going to discover Arkansas in 1956 That's the number of executives there are in the United Stales managing industries employing over 100'workers. These executives are running industries most likely U, expand. And we should reach them all with Arkansas' $200,000 industrial advertising campaign that begins this month fit: The If all Street Journal, Fortune, News' ' week, V. S. News, The New Yorker and Business Week. It's part oj the new statewide ejort through A1DC that the state, the communities and leading businesses of Arkansas have shared in making possible. Teamwork is doing a job for Arkansas. RKANSAS NDUSTRIAL EVELOPMENT I T A T I CAPITOL LITTLE ROCK OMMISSION K 1-1181 406 W. Main Phone 3-4591 USUAL $ 3 DUSTERS MO-IRON PUSSES EMBOSSED COTTONS GAY PRINTS, SOLIDS • Doefate eoHars, mflfroorin ttyte* • Loee ond golden b»oid trim* • Clever eolor eon+rasl piping! • 5 quality bu«on« assure dosing • Convenient roomy patch potk«4t • Prints, solids ... ott washable Wards worked hand-m-hcmd •»«* Hw manufacturer .. - went over each de»aH to give you the most m workmanship and styling for just $2. Thrs K a real buy to make you rush to Wards right now! Misses' sizei 12 to 20. B«y OB Words Convenient Monthly f>aym«<» Wo« ADDED SPECIAL! HUNDREDS OF NEW SPRING DRESSES StiMth*, Tone Hit*, Jacket DretMt! Colorful Cotton, Rayorw 4 and $ * 98 5

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