The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1934
Page 8
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-PAGE,'EIGHT Win-Would Make Team First To Havo Perfect Season " BV J. P. FRIEND Tlie Ci|934 Chickasaw fooibnll eleven stands an excellent, chnncc to make gildiron hlslory In their Turkey tick High Memphis tau)e wU)l [hc School Panthers of With the district and Northeast, Arkansas championships safely tucked under tlirlr belts the trilM' can ndd to their laurels by adding their tenth consecutive gnmc nnd finish the season undefeated, tho first time in the history of No Maroon and White"football team has fvci- come through n TSh"\ ° f J " t lcasl " e '8>>t. games without a defeat. In- recent years the closest n Chleknsaw eleven hns ever approached a perfect season was In 1022 when, boasting such stnis as Hershel Cnldwell, nives Allen, Jack Qalg, 53'Oils Kooiicc el al, they breezed through scv- ™ ?u- mt «..°. nly lo iosc lo. Wilson .single Walnut RiHge To Play Chickasaws Here (Next Year H was reliably reported here lo- day Hint the - Blyttievlllc high school ChlckaSnws. and the Walnut nidge Bobcats will mi-cl at Hnley Field here In 1935. Although the Chicks' schedule for next year fat not Complete It Is understood thnt Walnut hldgc Is definitely'scheduled as ni) op- xrnenl of Ihc local aggregation for next season, The two. teams have a "liomi" and home" agrre- menu .. -. The Chicks played at Wah'iui nidge, Insl week, bentlng-the Bobcats In a game that- decided the northeast Arkansas ' championship h;'.favor of Ihe Chickasaws. ,;No serious consideration has )«n .given.'cancellation fo ncxl year's game and the two learns' will play according to their agree- PRECKl^KS AND HIS FRIENDS ^•^•••••••••••^ DONT tbU REALIZE THAT ' FflECKlES HAS THE WRONG' SK5NA1.S? I SWITCHED ALL KV f>uys AND FORMATES wffew I-BSONOTH" MISSING ( A Rk.) COtJRiER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEilBEP. 27, 193 ncnt. In the final game touehdonii margin. by In most -a ••« 1* IUU.ll reiLsaUonnl upsel the first yeni Hrnry Hudson look charge ni "* d . f M » -the Chicks annexed ten victories but last last to Jones- Iwo In n mid season' game. Well Balanced This years team, rated by ninny the best balanced ever to bear the locnl banners, boasls bill few If nny. Individual stars. Conrhcs Carney Ljislic nnd James "Ace" Puckctl starting from scratch, grounded ihe small reporting "Iliad In fundamentals, blolklng and Uilkllug.' A scries of drills whipped the team Into ' G ood condition which hns small part In the successes. The perfect combination of the two. seasoned with n generous dnsh of enlliusl- nsm nnd ambition produced the eleven n smooth working, potential bachlnc. . Impressive victories over Osceoia, Earle. Forrest City Sha«nee, Plggott, Jone.sboro, Wll- coachcd by Cnrncy Imllc arid "Ace" Puckctt whnl the writer believes LS an undisputed northeast Arkansas championship; There may be several other undefeated looms In this section of the state but If so. llicir records will hardly' bear out any claim equal or super. lor lo ,11ml of the chicks. A win or loss In Thanksgiving Day's gnmc with Mettle* high of Memphis will have no bearing on the northeast Arkansas title situation. But a win will rouijd out 'n perfect season nnd you win dci«nd on the Blytlievllle mentors lo see that the chicks make every effort to ciid their regular season without a black murk oil their record. What Do Yoii Think? From various quarters It Is re- porlcd that Walnut flldgc supporters; believing their team lo be on the verge o( scoring when Friday's gnmc ended, still Insist thnt Hie BobcnU might have won over the regulation CO minute route Instead of the brief 38 minute contest: Possibly the Ridgers might have turned the trick. But from this corner ,lt npjKars that the only reasonable conclusion that could bo reached would-be that If the Bobcats couldn't beat the Chicknsaws Friday they'd never do so. , , Paragould, and Walnut Ridge son, , nttest to the fnct. Despite^ their successes Chlckastuvs must not tnke SUSPENSE! DOHT WORW ABOUT THAT kip! VVELL,YA GOTTA LEAVE HIM SiSWALS.,, PORMATIOSi C,,, FOR NEW, SIGNALS; ' ...7HAT LEAVES US WfTHCXJT A^fy MORE HAIRS; WILL -ifeO, J BlFf:/ THE ONES HE .KNOWS, ANO He DOESMTKNCW sms' - I'hree Minnesota and Three Ohio Slate Players On Selection BV FRANCIS SCHMIDT Head Coacli, Ohio stit? COLUMBUS, O.-Thc strongest combination that could be .wlecl- cd from 'the Western Conference for an all-star team, In my opinion, would Include three players each from Minnesota and Ohio State, two from Illinois, and one ench from Purdue, Michigan, and Town. /A backfield composed ol Jacx Bcynon of Illinois at qunrtcr cick Ifeckln .of Olilo Slate nnd Pug Lund of Minnesota at the halves, andI Dimnc Purvis of Purdue at fullback would be second to none Carrying as line would be Ing In a comparatively light u)| n j line, he outfought nnd outthouehl almost every man he opposed He constantly wns in the rival tain's Imckflelcl, and wns cue ol the best defenders against passes thai 'i have stwt. . ; ; « • * Monahan anil Rr vaii ' All-America Guards ; Both guards on this All-Big Ten combination could wit be called for duty on nny All-America smmd Monalmn has Lw,, invaluable 'to the Buckeyes. He tfays s brllltnnt game In all deixwimmu, nnd is one of the mosi awuraie u'ace- Wckers In ihe Ur.d. Bill Bevan the Gophers' bare-headed i l;«n<lache lo rlral backuna n n V '\'^,, h ? rd < h ^<* »nd s,: By Harry Grayson Only two major football teams arc unbeaten ,and untied — Mln- icsota and Alabama. Nothing would please Alabama note than to meet'Minnesota for the right to romp In the Rose match. the su average exceeds 40 yards'. He" has completed more tlmh 60 passes most of them to Don .HuUon, -who . t. called the fifth man in the No Slopping Alabama Besides Howe)), Alabama hu/i Quarterback Rilcy Smith, jimmy Angelich and Joe Dempanovich 'sounds like Notie Dame, docs It not?) io complete what ...-..„.,„ ^ lump ijj lne jjose ,, r « n,- „,( Bowl on New Year';, Day. but. in- cnn-h £h g asmuch as one of W lealst neces- '£ Ta nd KfrM ^nr\, nf ivm , ____ ._ .. «^> _ . Kl - uno ivirici - — - • v 1 - itivtii in Lllfi 'Damn backfleld, so frequently does he lug the leather. "Bear" Bryant Ls a "fine "junior .."..<; m complete what urr.hniiV wing mat* of Hutson. Bill Le C , a 'i s the most vL-.sallle . et of incte standout, and Big Jl m whatley '" n '" r - «•••• "--• " • who last year earned three lettcr.s as a sopljomore, nre the tackles, snoiiui Al Charley Matr and Bob Ed Morrow ctcrbll" and and n tie in as many starts. And prospects for 1935 are a I 'rendy ns'rosy as the'Tide's „,(„,!„ .-••- v""f«» uciuiii,, ana me g i"* 5 UlaL llad(l " rav °'- »t the Ore tacklfny much Pran class as a of nui m jjiirson ol Minnesota and Willis Word, Michigan, ends; Jerry Foster, .T OM . n nnd Chuck Cialbreath. Illinois' tackles; Regis Monnhah. oll io State and Bill Bevan. Minnesota, * IIJUJT v«iuj r ii iiuvcr OO ?O i — * '*'H'Jit-aOlU, ,^'^:« ,^->' -re than &^ TG °™ r Jo ""' °»"> the - --- --— ...,,., v nyi, limtj lG game Thursday loo ! lightly. TJie Panthers jxKsess plenty ol iwwcr They scored two touchdowns on the Central high school Warriors, Memphis Prep champions. No other Memphis team was able to score. Neither' was -LII tic Rock who was benlcn «-0. Little Rock beat Forrest City, 42-7. Tlie, tribe won from the Thoroughbreds'.' 2112. Cenliul downed Mcsslck,' 2C-12. Captain Myrori Price, quarterback, and Jimmy-Grnntham, rhn'gy halfbnck, are expected to provide the offenslie threat for the Mem- phinns. Both have been excellent nil season. Against 'Central Uiey kept the champions constantly on to keep them under their (CM check. On The''Outside - Looking In By "DUKE" ' '' It Figures Any Way Figuring, the strength of football teams via the cpmparally^; scares route is probably''the surest way. to Jose your money. Especially when you go into the matter of how one team fared with another team that beat another team that lost to another team and so on down Ihe line. Frequently it hns been said that taking a round about course through a series of games It is possible to make one of the worst teams In the country appear on paper the equal or superior to the best in the The occasion tor this outburst is the 41 to o defeat Osceqla received 1-rWay at ,,,„ nands of thc f ^ v Bulldogs Blythevillc trounced Osceola 39 to 0 and thc next week proceeded, to swamp Earle 85 to 0 on papier, based on the showln x of Uio tn-o teams against one common opponent Osceoia appeared lo be 4C points better than . Earle yet Earle chalked up a 41'pblnt trl- umph. - . Osceola's season has been n surprising one, however. The Semi-1 noles lost a game to Reiser by about VO points and then turned around and proceeded lo beat Ihe Shawnee Indians, considered. the class of south Mississippi county, and a J* 3 " 1 • tha },,'he Blythevllle Chicks oeat handily but did not exactly "uik over. Along the same line of reasoning some contributor to Ben Epstein's column In the Arkansas Qa«lte doped it out the other day where the Arkansas Porkers were some At?iJ toucl )? < , wns stronger than the Alabama Crimsons this year. offhand that he could figurc^'some .route where the undefeated Blvthe- ^J 11 "* 5 are llke 'y a ""'Pie ol touchdowns stronger than th e Pine Blufl Zebras That defeat seven hours on a slow trnlfi lliat took the team nhd 600 fans on nil enforced sight seeing lour of .south- cast Missouri while n couple, ol thousand more Inns awallcd its arrival didn't help nhy. The chicks were ruslied onto the plnylng field nnd into the most important game" of the;.year. \ . • . No, if the Bobcnls couldn't win playing trie Chickasaws under Fri- , State, center. •' The backfield has been selected with .an eye to the modern pass-' Ing game. Each member Is an excellent aerial artist. Beynon probably being ihe mast accomplished wcr of passes of lh c qunrtet. Heekln and Lund run with the na- on s leaders, and were the chief threats of teams that compiled Impressive records. • day's conditions, t'hey"'d'"iieve7,'never I, ?!" rvls > « hnlfback, Ls placed at • lfl ". ?"<l I -feel positive that l," £—SU$ wlt v : » 1 - was an r irpb pouls Out Again and Goes Through His Act; Shaefier Loses Main Go ,Emll PIrpo, the spblllghl s'tcnler from South America, fouled out again last night in the preliminary x n t\vo-rnatch wrestling card' at Ihc armory and put on his net of protest. In the main event Ed Kanthe German strong man, won over Speedy shacffer of East St. Louis 111., t»-o out of three fails Scolty Williams, the fast little matman from Loutsvill?, Ky. won when Firpo fouled out, Pir|x> np- jcared considcrnbly heavier than Williams but couldn't nintcli the conqueror of Blacksmith Pedlgo when H came to wrestling tricks Pinnlly, after Willlnms had won the flrst fall. Firpo took the route he very often takes out nnd fouled putting on his usual act when Referee I «>n Pcdrelty raised Williams' land. In the main event SluielTer, n rough aclor, won the first fall from Kiuithe but the latter came back to ake two straight. Knnthc twice broke an Indian leg lock secured by the rough and ready Shaeller. Pedrctty announced next week's card from ihe ring but HID crowd leered the announcement so slrong- Iy that (he entire liuc-vip for next week was tossed overboard and a hew card will be announced later this week. . .squad because he | was-outslnndlri g - In Purdue's .courageous comeback,. in. the Big n .non-coriference dc. the .campaign. I, - those two ba lies .due lo an injured ankle.! When He.rcturned to tlie-llneup, the BO™ ermakers. struck :thelr 'tnieslride and roared a noisy w m wit -Alii. p° n s *!• ^ 1 ? tKts oi Memphis Central would offer a good starting point for a lot of scrambling. ^«*oe Mwc Win One more triumph and the , Chjckttaws will be home safe. - Nin* straight victories ha^e won ior the Maroon and white team The . Boilermaker' s(t , r Jon«, -,-orking », u , iBMUl . Captain Monahan. made n re markabJe «n(«. He Ls an aceur- ate paswr. and his performance on to defense MS all anybody could ^fy second * ou!d than any. It is difficult to e "ke Seidel of Minnesota, ihe H rs t if ' ' rg , 9r . d Kos tka, and an end tJ *'»"*. of Tcnner or Mi ™ ta- OIT the flrst siring, but onc has ••a -^i« uriuii^. I Place Co-captntn Bcnnfs of II- As°miJch 8U s Wi °" "' C SOC ° nd tcam - h " "'« N ?° S ' '»»'*' rcU't'l'eavlng UK running mate, Qrybaskl- an,] llllmiirniic ~l\ _._ . J ^T^ K1 ' nn »] numerous even more. off both Ward, Michigan FIRST TEAM Poster, Jones, Iowa Hoi Ohlo.Sfaie . Ohio Slate .. B«van. Minnesota ... ; *h, Illinois .. Larson, Minnesota teams .1 • \T..K. *j^a^jS^r^"^ S « HO . nuJllC ; lllm ItO-nln it,III «^'. i' • *** Fr **'i -'•-.. H.G. •--.. Rj. Beynon, IllirTolV" """ A'^' •""<!, .sannMota ""'" ?„' '«*in. Ohio State .'.'.""'" R, '"vis, Purdue .... '" pv , •.: SECOND TEAM"" ''' lenner, AUnriesoU - r't- A It* tin ' ml-ii-i-i '- .".'•,'*,'••'» ItR. myriad Big Ten rules (his, as well as the trip to . in, it Ls reasonable to sup- jpose thnt the Crimson Tide will niulntlon. And this would mean n mumping headache for the Pacific Coast Conference representative.' as tlii> ffoou folk of ihe sunhsKslope came to realize some years ago ' Alabama's-record suffers'not a bit when compared vvlili that of «'iy team's—from . the Atlantic to tne Pacific and from the Dominion to the gulf. Every opponent has suffered iLs jvorst walloping at the hands of Uie Tiiscaloosa troupe. Agaimt Howard,-Sewonce, Mississippi state : Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky',! CiMnson, nnd Georgia Tech. the relentless Alabamans amassed 253 Points, which stands along with or above the -nation's highest to- lul. • • - . Heads JJp, VMidirbUt Tennessee held ihe Tide to its :losest,. margin of victory,'13-6 and I'ordnam, the only other nrray to repel the Volunteers, was extreme ly fortunate to eke out a one- point margin. Tennessee also is the only club against which Alabama failed to score In the Initial period, the Ney- anders managing to stave off the ~-'ied ....... rkland graduated. Key" . ey Francis is a feniarkaWe center, i tst ., ; him-again. will .hot.-be '"wane C»rnc. With Purvis .is ruin net t'n rtr ' II - .-. - -i " *" «JiO.f I of .the Gophers on. this All,^ st .T. 1 : c °! lf1ef '-'"P«'«l"i>d because NorlhwMttrn Ilamrlck, .. it, OhTb Sta'te" I.Seidfl, MlnnMota ,? f ,. S !?. n l ' indl >*f, Illinois . ,. Minnesota C. R.E. Divide Rural School Cage Series IntoJVo Sections jFh C i,'' r ™ n " robln serlcs of bas"l" a " , 8 "" 1& L. to V?. P'ayed thl, SCHOOLS of this the armory here has divisions 1933, and is ccr- 11 again. Ward n weak Mlchl- inloi .Since °nlnt 'tl nu° , V ° " ' CTlnes ' °nlnt 'tl nu , n°ec or n " ' a " d overtool < "i» "ect Grain Porlman, wlio was on Sj-SS^VH .Actsritr"- 5eflson grammar grades will have on certain nights and the high grades on others t Ls likely that the armory secured only on Tuesday - - each class will probably Play only nbouL every two weeks Games for Tuesday nlgrit included the following junior high boys' contests: Burdette vs. Dell- Gosncll vs. Little River, other junior high teams may plnv by agreement. Read Courier News Want Ads. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DKIT. $10 Reward ,WI11 pay $10.00 Cash to anyone furnishing Information that will locate for me the present whereabouts of Charley Thompson, a white man who has for the past several years been working In the. logging and timber business around Oosnell and Calumet. When last heard of he wa s hauling logs on a 1932 Model Ford 4-Cyllnder Truck at "Wisconsin Cross- Ing" In Missouri Just across Ihe state Line Ditch 'n6rth of cnlumet: He is tall and Ihin nnd .usually wears a wide Texas hat. Write or bring your Information tc. the Courier News. Confiden- tlal nnd no questions nsked. all Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Pfoprtetor I TOLD YOU TO GET CERTIFIED SAHARA COAL IT HOLDS A FIRE ALL NIGHT AND GIVES MOST HEAT PER DOLLAR Crimson and White 'touch- until the opening minutes _ w..^, Ufjclll 01 the second quarter nfV J! K ! erb " t ls t- 0 >*> slieJled'byiall of Alabama's big. guns at Birming- "jm on .Thanksgiving Day, for fat Frank- Thomas' outfit does not in'««! to permit'Lou^lajui. state to - tlio slightest evidence that it ''ail a more powerful steamroller in « least one game. Huey -..ting's' V&rs%7^°o n SPOthered thC . -Alabama- has it all - material, Rower speed, conllderice, teamwork, a extensive repertoire of plays a rimi " 8 ""^ w " h su P €rJ "tVvi- !< next to Imiwnetrab'le " ltt "' . to Houston l/ who bids fnir i i. '"'*'" «pw«i, wno bids hn in , e numetl ^ an All-America "nlfbnck. usiinlly ler.ds NOT A LIVE COAL LEFT ! E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. SAHARA COAL New'. SPARK PLUGS Give You QUICKER STARTING FASTER ACCELERATION GREATER MILEAGE Plugs should be changed every 5,000 miles PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALERS fc _ -•—•••11,1.1. ,js,t. ui f/;ii In Dixie. And neet reservists ' " and Boozer. nbama vanquish Van- the odds are 8-to-l ft would consecutive Conference chnrri- pionsinp. Nothing need be said mean the Southeastern Tuesday > WedsJ Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite 6:45—10.3Sc ... ALL THE 0 LOVES A\ RMYSTERYil , mil«'rW meto o father'} jov^and Ihi e he took te"«plv» ( rf hit murdered /I GEORGE M. GAMBLING WYNNE GIBSON 00»OTHV SURGFS^ Paramount News Comedy—"Three Cheers • for Love" • ROXYl Tues.-Wed.-Thnrs. Matinee '& Night—lOc WATCH THIS^B ,You'r« gofng fo It's coming! Something new! • • • Something excitingl • • • It achieves a new "high" in quality! . .' ; '.'•-'• • • -' . It establishes new atandards of efficiency 1 -''"••• ' . . It's for those who want the- accepted best.. even though they have to pay a bit more for it! • • • Watch for further details tc- znorrowl throw

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