The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on January 6, 1920 · 5
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 5

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1920
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New Brunswick, N. J. THJU DAILY WKWb Tuesday, January G, li)2U. 11 v STILL COMBING COUNTRY FOR MORE RADICALS (Continued from Fage One) NEW KIND OF EDITOR NEW BRUNSWICK'S POPULAR SHOP THE YOUNG fer 1 STORE -i Wes INOTIGE! eyes Have Your Eyes Examined Free! Call in. We examine eyes with the Latest Improved Instruments, and by an Eyesight Specialist of many lyears experience. 115 ALBANY STREET, New Brunswick. dl2-lm Phone 220 ' Cleaning and Dyeing - ' ' ! EVERYTHING CLEANED AND DYED. . Clothing ( Wearing Apparel Rugs -Carpets Curtains Rejuvinatecl f Most Modern Facilities for Expert Work Sanitary "OLD THINGS MADE LIKE NEW." New Staten Island Cleaning and Dyeing Co. Myerson Bros. .v 16 HARVEY ST., NEW BRUNSWICK For Open Fires KCAMMEL CdJAL For Sale by LEWIS BOARD French and Schuyler Streets. I .UAJ'Jb I - I - TT--TT ELECTRIC WELDING .vlUr, Portable Electric Welding and Cutting Plant, and e prepared to weld all kinds of metal. n .wv wour broken narts of machinery: send them la 1 We can repair them in short order. No delay. . We weld everything, iigni ana uj anufacturers of Boilers, lanss. aiactu. ana vjcnwai u t5 luiacturers or cowers, ioum - pocnct Boiler Company Telephone 460. Ward Street, between Commercial Avenue and Raritan River Railroad. HARRY SCHICK. aper Hanger and Houst Painter ail Work Guaranteed. ro a postal and we win can. 140 Redmond Street fcoelKSS-R. New Brunawlck. N. J. anted FAMILY PORTRAITS ASD MINIATURES painted before 1840; also other good paintings - bought. Liberal prices paid. Will Call Anywhere A. F de FOREST 244 Went 104th St. Tel. Acad. 1921 New York CItydl4-4t-svin I f ed by a big "slush fund" and an ar. ray fl legal talent which must be overcome If the campaign is to bear fruit. The war department has agreed to co-operate in furnishing Camp Upton as a detention camp to relieve the con (rest ton at Ellis Inland. Another camp probably will be established in the middle west to quarter the radicals until arrangements are made to send a small fleet of "soviet arks" across the seas. CHICAGO. Jan. 6. Federal authorities today had in custody Rataei Mallen, a statistician for the federal trade commission in connection with the national drive on radicals while the first of 324 persons held for deportation as a result of the recent raids were taken be t'oro immigration inspectors for hearing. Cases against those men have been described by federal agents aa "iron c!a4," and within the week the officers said they believed a large percentage would be selected as the Chicago contingent on the next "soviet ark." Heds generally have taken to cover since the wholesale arrests started, according to the Department ofi Justice -agents and the number brought in daily has decreased. Several dangerous radical aliens still are on warrants, however. In addition to Mallen. the only notable figure arrested in the campaign during the past 24 liours was William D. "Big Bill") Haywood, secretary of the I. W. W.. who has, been sought several days by state authorities on an unnamed charge. With him when he surrendered were nearly a score of other. I. W. W.'S. AT THE STRAND. THEDA BARA TRIUMPHS IS A BIO DUAL ROLE Theda Bara the vampire and Theda Bara the ideal wife have come face to face. The noted screen star has proved she is able to play the one as effectively as she can play the other. I In "La Belle Russe" which opened yesterday at the Strand Theatre, Miss Bara plays the parts of two different characters. One moment she is shown as the demure and devoted wife of an impoverished artist: the next sees her as a woman who outwardly resembles the first character, but whose soul is black. She is a notorious woman ofl Paris, yearning for conquest, and absolutely unscrupulous. The conflict between these two women forms the climax of this absorbing1 photoplay, which was adapted for the screen frem the drama by David Belasco. Miss Bara scored a distinct triumph in the dual role. "La Belle Russe" will be at the Strand today and tomorrow. Ladies and children are urged to attend the matinee to avoid the large evening rush. Wm. Fox . Sunshine comedy. "Her First Kiss."! OLDS Head or chest-are best treated "externally" with c X ? ? VICE'S VAP0R1 "YOUR.BODYCUARD" - 30f. mm THE MODEL LADIES' AND GENTS' OUTFITTERS 34 CHURCH STREET VE ARE NOW READY Wilh a complete line of Girls and Children s Coats. Don t forget, when you make your Christmas purchases, to see ur selection before going elsewhere. Boys and Children's Overcoats at prices Incomparable. CALL Anu dc cunvwecu. d!0-2t Voxel's Nature Shoe for Children. Superior to the average child's shoe because it adds service and smart appearance to the essential features of comfort and health. We are agents for the DR. POSXER HOSIERY for Children. Longer wear and better service than any other at the price. Ccl 'Em From yOGEL'S 78 Church St. Invest Your Christmas Money IN A KODAK Compound interest in all your pleasures. Pictures of Children, Pictures of Old Folks, Pictures of Trips, all recorded with an Autographic Kodak. We have the Kodak to Fit Your Pocket and Your Pocketbook ffl PCjrs Store Drugs Kodaf s Seeds -Paiijts. Church andjPeaceSts. ;'i;&S;''i;i SHELDOW NEW YORK Rer. Charles M. Sheldon who raised the circulation of the Topeka Capitol from 12.000 to 60,000 in the week he edited it. Is the new editor of the Christian Herald. He intends to make It grow under a new policy of a constructive trend. - METUCHEN. SALARY BOOSTS VOTED AT MEET 0FC0UNC1LMEN METUCHEN. Jan. 6 The Bor-ongh Council met in regular session last night. A delegation from the Chamber of Commerce appeared and Vice President Quint of that body was introduced. He said that the moBt im-nnrtflnt. siihlpot in t.hfi hnroueh todav was the aewer proposition and - the project snouia De given prompt consideration by the Council. ThA ppwnnnl nrnnfmi 1 1 n n ia a dun. gerous condition we are facing and a very great many people mum that something better should be substituted. He also brought up the auestion of the adoption of a building code and the better lfghting of Main atrnat. Tirhinh Tiavfi hfsen fiUCE'ested by the Chamber of Commerce. The Mayor raeeuousiy remarnea that when the saloons were closed the town went dry and likewise dark. This was a direct drive at the speaker, who was prominent in the local option fight. The Mayor said that the Chamber of Commerce had a duty to perform of creating a public sentiment for tli. BontrArn TVi a nAnrrl a should be aroused. He agreed with the speak er as to me iixiporiaiiuB ul nffwungo. Mr, Quint cited the experience of Baltimore, where a somewhat similar engineering problem was encountered as exists in Metuchen to carry the sewerage through different 'elevations. As to building code he said that the town should be made symmetrical, especially such a growing place as Metuohen. 'Councilman Ayers stated that plans had been made seven years ago but on account of high costs, the matter of building had been deferred. The State Board ifooitvi will lmvA tliA final de cision. He said that he had figured that the average expense to eacii taxpayer would not be heavy, about $8.25 per $1,000 per year until the bonds were paid off not a high charge considering the benefits. He favored taking up the matter with competent engineers so as to find out just where we stand. A. D. Hyde, also of the Chamber said: "My business is such that I come in dally contact with outsiders seeking investment in the borough and the sewer matter is one of the first things asked about. In every way possible the system should be pushed along. The cost will be more than ottset Dy ine oenenis. n Main street could be lighted by inverted lights great improvements would be manifest." Councilman Itumler told of the lively interest that he encountered in the sewer proposition. He thought a very great majority of the people would favor its construction. - The Mayor said that there were eighteen miles of street in the borough and of course they could not all" be sewered at once on account of the expense, but he highly favored the idea. Councilman Clarkson talked on Main street lighting and suggested that the storekeepers should share in the extra expense. Mr. Hyde agreed to canvass the street and acquaint the Council of the result. The rules of the past year were adopted for the present year. Marshals Named. The Mayor appointed the following fire marshals: For Eagle Hook and Ladder Company Wm. A. Smith, Sr., H. A. Oliver, Fritz Hok-anson, Walter Tausig and James Powers. For Washington Hose Company D. O. Whalen, J. W. Breen. Jr., W. C. Banford and Edgar D. Blakely. Non-patrolling marshals Elias W. Guest, John W. Breen, Sr.. C. Arvid Hokanson, Ezra Mundy, Joseph Fitzgerald, Otto Kosenvinge, C. H. Mc-Adams, C. A. Williamson. For borough engineer, Fred W. For recorder, Charles C. Weber. All of these were confirmed. Library Appeal. The Metuchen Library Association George and Paterson Streets Business Hours: 8.30 A. M. to 6.00 P. M. Saturdays, 8.30 A. M. to 9.30 P. M. Basement Store Offerings for This Week Only, Greatly to the Welfare of Your Pocketbook. January Clearance Sale of Housefurnishings JJOUSEWIVES who are want to shop here don't need to be told that money spent in this department is always well spent; and that a shopping tour here is always profitable. All the more to your profit you'll find the Unusual Values of This Sale VERY SPECIAL OFFER: . 25-PIECE KITCHEN SET of Grey Agate Ware, including Cake Pans, Pudding Pans, Sauce Pans, Pie Plates, Strainers, Ladles, Measuring Cups, Pot Lids, etc., Regular Market Value $7.50, Special Sale Price $3.75 THE UNIVERSAL BREAD MAKER, 8-Loaf Size, Regular $4.50 Value, Sale Price $3.50 "PERFECTION" OIL HEATERS, Special Sale Price $5.65 "DUPLEX" FIRELESS COOKERS, 2-Compartment, Special Sale Price $25.00 SANITARY WINDOW SCREEN VENTILATORS, Regular Prices 50c, 65c and 75c; Sale Prices 35c, 50c and 60c "ELECTRO-SILICON" SILVER POLISH, Regular 25c Can, Sale Price 18c WOODEN SNOW SHOVELS, Special i...65c SIDEWALK ICE SCRAPERS, Special 75c COAL HODS, Black Japan 50c Galvanized - 85c, 98c and $1.10 GALVANIZED ASH CANS, $3.98 and $4.50 GALVANIZED GARBAGE CANS, $1.25 to $2.50 GALVANIZED WASH TUBS, $1.25 to $2.25 ' McDOUGAL KITCHEN CABINETS, Special Sale Price $55.00 Regular Price, $64.00. SPECIAL OFFERING OF THIN-BLOWN 3 AND 5 BAND TUMBLERS, Regular Price $1.65 Dozen ; Sale Price, dozen $1.20 .' : KITCHEN TABLES, Plain Wooden, with Drawer, Special $6.50 ZINC TOP TABLE, Special :. $10.00 WHITE ENAMEL TABLE With Porcelain Top, Special $16.00 SPECIAL SALE OF GOVERNMENT TOILET TISSUE, 3,000 Sheets in Roll, Sale Price .....25c SCOTT PAPER TOWELS, 150 in Box, Special, box 50c 15-PIECE BLUE BIRD CEREAL SET, for cereals and spices, regular $15.00 set,' Sale Price $10.00 Two Great Specials From Dress Goods Department SPECIAL OFFER OF BLACK SILK PLUSHES AND IMITATION MOLESKIN for Sport Coats, Collars, Cuffs, Throws and Trimmings "for all purposes. They're 50 Inches Wide, At, yard.. $6.95, $10.50 and $12.50 Worth at Least 25 Per Cent. More. X SCOTCH AND ENGLISH TWEED SUITINGS, 56 and 58 inches wide, to close out at Yard $3.75 Actually Worth $5.50 Now. They're in demand for Suits and Coats, for Boys" Suits. P. J. YOUNG DRY GOODS CO. COLDS breed and Spread INFLUENZA KILL THE COLD ONCE WITH aSCARAkMUININI Standard cold remedy for 20 year M-tn Tanici lurrn laic, sure, no opiates breaks up a cold in 24 hour3 relieves grip in J cavs. u . i l :i r.:i. n't.. genuine bor has a Sed top wito rar. nui picture. At All Drag Stmr W Tk. liV S S 1 L Jll ill f.Wf Tfc. told of ita thirty-flve years . work in supply booka free and asked for an appropriation of $300 to enable it to enlarge the scope of i,3 work. The matter was favored by all. and the amount asked 'or will be included in the forthcoming: budget. Twenty citizens on Maple avenue . . .i.. ciroet- hn imnroved and the street committee will attend to the prayer. shal on account of removal from t0The Mayor appointed the following committees: .Streets Ayers and Kumler. Police Rumlcr and Clarkson. Water Crowcll and Drew Light Crowell and Drews. , poor Clarkson and Jones. Ordinances Ayers and Jones. Disposal of waste Ayers and Crowell. Finance Jones ana ure. As will be noted, Councilman Avers drew the lion's share of the i. fi,o nut of eiirht. but every one knows that he Is a "willing horse. .T-1 .nA, ni. .OTlfll FOH I W IVU ItWO ' J lit? iL-wiui ' w " , for trial ror ine monm. -seer of the poor reported having expended $34 for the last quarter and $238.03 for the year. According to prevailing conditions he thought the cost would be lessened this year. Collector reported balance, $610.74; Balance 1919 taxes 1'rl9Al Treasurer's balance 504. J7 N'o Iitidjjct Action. Tnnoc nf thA finance committee which has the budget in charge not being nresent. no action was taken on Its passage. An "ordinance was introduced and read for the first time, fixing salaries as iouows: Chief of Police. $1,584: Policeman, $1,320: Overseer of Poor. $110: Borough Attorney, $350: Borough Cierk. $350. The increase in tb first three Hems was ten icr cen. the attorney $:10 and the clerk Sl'00, total increase of $734. Councilman Ayers nresented the completed map for the assessment for Amboy avenue curbing, and the Mayor will appoint three commissioners to assess the banefits and damages, if any. Refuse New Slain. The Metuchen Gas Light Company wnteli was asKea 10 lay a new main on Lake avenue, declined to do so because the return would not warrant the expense. It was shown that this company receives about $12,500 a year from the borough and the attorney was instructed to write them and in case of ,nt unfavorable reply to take the matter tip with the Public Utility Commissioners. Attorney Benner stated that tho new trial in the rase of Abel Hansen against the borough for alleged damages caused by building a sidewalk in front of his property on Woodbridgo avenue would cme nit next Tuesday in the District Court in Perth Amboy. At the first trial bo. was allowed a judgment of $375. He claimed $500 damages. Disappoint nient wa-s expressed over the failure ot tnc Mayor to nave mn message ready, but ho claimed that he had not been able to obtain some data that he needed and promised to have the message ready for the next regular meeting. The Council 'adjourned to meet next Monday night to c'ompleto the annual budget. Borough Notes. The sale of the borough lot on nsviianri ftvpmip wim niTflin adjourn ed last night, because of no bidders being present. The Chamber of Commerce will arrange for a public meeting to discuss the sewerage plans, in the course of a few weeks. Police Department Rcnoi-t. The report of the police department of MohicVrn for the nnft year shows "25 urrests. of which 103 w"rv for violations of motor vehicle laws, ten for bicycle ordinance lapses, ten for tru.incy and nine runaway children. Tho disposition of the cases sh'ows 75 fined. 4 3 discharged, 40 reprimanded and 10 to grand jury. Fines Imposed wero $1,014. There were 459 police call3 answered. Tho drunks-during last year were S. ns against 33 in 1914. In tho latter year the total arrests, wero 110. or less than one-fourth that of last year. Frank -Towcll was voted tho winner in the Metuchen Library poster contest. His entry was the onlv wholly original poster submitted and was emblematic of Rutgers College. Smith College canic second and llol-yoke third. The civil service examination for post office clerk will be hold next Saturday. Information can be secured from the postmaster. Tho tool h ousa adjoining the Metuchen depot of the Lehigh Valley railroad was destroyed by firo last night. ' ATlHiOMPlRE. Maurice Tourneur's "The Lifo ' Line," a great hit at the Kmpiro wjs presented y estarday tdt the first time in New Brunswick and will be repeated again today and tomorrow. Some of the thrilling scenes are described as follows: The master of melodrama has scored again! lie has taken tho thrilling plot of "The Romany Rye" the mighty Drury Lane spectaclo that has stirred millions and has produced a photoplay that for pow er and sweep of action has rarely if ever been equalled. You know what to expect rrom mo creator of "Tho Whip." "Sporting Life," "The Bluebird," "Prunella."' and "The White Heather." Hero is the climax. Don't miss the great London fire. tho storm at sea, the wreck of an ocean liner,'' tho scenes of despair and daring. A real thrill-picture, played by a brilliant cast, including Seena Ow- , en. Jack Holt, Pauline Stark and Lewis Cody f 1 jo.. TV

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