The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1932
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the United Press VOL. XXIX—XO. 19G BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINmT NEWBPAmt Of NQRTHBATn' A^fL.r^ M.^,M, U J J. ^. JL 1 JLj TT LJ • ,. A /"vK-AWoAo AND SOUTHEAST M1SSOUHI ' ^^«*r Blytheville Dally News. Blylhevllli! Herald, Mississippi valley Leader. Biyiheville Courier. Kl'VTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS. THUUSDAV NOVKMHKU ' : HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Burdege Farmer Knifed in Mississippi P J. FORD NEftfi Sut 1C± rt S± ti .. Unmplo>od Clm^onns Protest RcliJf CuT" Unjrorjj eTjrjTrj ncfliu nr QUO N ™_—•• •BNMB«HII^. r-rr >'»-,-• < ^«M«=^«—« iiuuiiLnjiHn o P M DEflTH OF Tells Story of Murder and $ Robbery Attempt at Calhoun City, Yesterday MEMPHIS. Nov. 3. <UP)-Gasp'. M. Ford of Bly- es Bruce Barton for Character Defamation i NEW YOHK, Nov. 3. (OP)— Bruce Darton. author and aclvtr- tislng writer, was charged with defamation or character In an action for $550,000 filed by Mrs. Frances 'fins, a loruier employe of hli ruin. . Barton, served with a civil ar- I | rest. ;vas released on $1,000 tail. | Accoicim s to papers in the c.wc | an alienation ol allectlans atliini was undertaken by Mrs. FCiii-* husband, Hugh King, four years ago. Tni.s resulted in a setl'.emeiU after wJiieii. according to Mrs. Kings charges, Barton discredited dar. scathed through ' the" Jun?. wade Kimbrell, siale Springs. M-.«., was in jail at Calhouii City! to •' *" connacticn w 'th t>« suited from a feht between the l™n ray. WeU " eSday " Car Cal Pord. a cattle buvar. bcu«">n gasps claimed thai "he i r i=d- to murder m« aiKl rob TP/\" KlmbnMI, who surrendered io aiuriff Zach W. Powell at Cal- hoim Cltv following the stabbin- said he and Ford endued in a fieht after Ford allegedly refused, to pay him for gasoline used on a (rii> made .Wednesday. The knife penetrated Ford's lung. His condition is side and critical. Ford said ho went io Calhoun Cltv Wednesday to buy some cows. "I was going from farm to farm when I noticed a car following me." Ford said. "Finally when I slopped at one farm this man Kimbrell, whom I had seen several tlm/?s iri Calhoun City, came up and called me aside. The nett her ,dls Among other allegations in thc case she claimed Barton once charged her with working a or game" on him. Treaty Signed With Greece Permitting Return of Utilities ,Magnate. ATHENS, Greece, Nov. 3 (UP)— The U. s. legation tcday requested the extradition o£ Samuel Insull.after exchange of ratiflca- A i I'CKnKS. T.-x.. NOV. -VM'llin of ),|, w!llln»iii«. His rmt, ini'illclllc." n r . I'illi) l>; ,!,.,„] SlftRIS il TOON IB i ifti- ni i- . ' " 1|; lwo ''""'iniimls ho pi.^vrtlx-l I nQT 0 lft '"', M ' ;i - I - n '" lll!> I ' ovn '''' c »"' ( "-' I ItiM I "H " m) "-' llril "lv nflcr .sh,. i-ok lh? LIIU I I, LLIl! iiii'dlclni- Mm, )ir uitmlii c.\-|iiied. I'liyMciim T;ik<>s His Own Mal Drops Dead resident Will Speak 30 Times in Mid-West Kn- Route to Ciilifornia. hiT." minimi i;ioii]ii'd :iboia li,',- bed. Spill. Says Mishap Was Purely Accidental^ Unllcd Hoover luriifd wi-.M- ft]' u Dual i-:ijni;:il;ii Twenty Ihoiisaml idle Chicngoans marolied through Lcop streets to Grant Pnrk on the Inke n-rr in prolcsl against-ndueilou l» emergency relief rations. Their plncards demanded taxi Bu ,i , 10115 . ing renet. Irall.c u-aa sum-led as (he matchers paraded. Al, 0 \u Is „ Action of the nrmv In lh c loo,) thing..' I • knew he and stabbed me. drew a knife to governments. He mitfder roe. He wanted to rob. me." Ford . said he knew nothing about Kimbrell's statement that they had quarreled over payment for gasoline. Kimbrell. on the olfer hand, snid he stabbed in self-defense after Ford crabbed him around the neck. Kimbrell told his story to Marshal W. W. Evans who' was handling the case today :at Calhoun City. Evans • said he -found $50 on Ford, the remainder of a $65 cashier's check which he cashed in Calhoun City earlier Wednesday. Ford is 'married and is the father' of Ihrc.? children. Offire:s here, notified of the stabbing at Calhoun Citv." said the victim BDparenlly was P. M: Ford, farmer; livine on a school 'section near Biirdette. FTe Is well known in that community. Acquaintances of Ford here said (hat he left. Tuesday for Mississippi, saying that he Intended Io buy five or six cows. His home is on Highway 61 near the turn in the highway this side of Burdette station. Murder Charge Follows Dance Fight Fatality DE WITT. Ark.. Nov. 3. (UP) — Jesse Noles. 25. of Humphrey, was in jail here toiav charged with the slaving of Dudley Cox, 28. Cox died in a Pine Bluff hcs- nilal yesterc'ay from injuries suffered In a fight Bt a danc? Saturday night. At the hospital he said he had been kicked by a mule. Later when he learned he could not. live he made a statement, enters said, sayivg he had b^n beaten by two men, one of whom kuo:kc<l I'lm to the ground and jumped on .stomach. Schr»->f Boy Identifie Simultaneously the minister -of the Interior ordered a closer' watch rver Insull. although his arrest had not been ordered late tcday The legation's request was made to the foreign minister. Extradition of Insull who has been in Athens several weeks has been impossible until now, because the treaty did not apply. Rati- -' "*• «JH*H- OH 111£on and Ihe Greek legation here last Tuesday. OBidals kept the matter confidential until today, it was explained, in order to put the machinery of extradition into effect before Insull could be warned that the treaty had come into force Slate's Attorneys Charles Bellows and Andrew viackos of Illinois «ho have been In Washington several weeks attempting to get nrf>ciHaH,i~1 ° Kct presidential warrant last night. for Ingulfs El GETS Ml Oklahoman, Convicted of Wife Murder, Is Denied New Trial. Jack Ford, senlenced Io two cars for his part in a sofe robbery at Matthews packing house here last winter. iKfleld. negro altacker of former Constable Eltert Taylor, sentenced to two years for ns- tault to kill. Ethel Haywocd. negro girl famed for her ability to outraco officers, v 3 fD Pl up" on A MUSKOGEE, ~OWa., -With Ihe words Ills Ups, the Rev. s stood before Judge W this afternoon and Wenc ed to spend tho remainder of his life in prison at manual labor A few moments before the veteran jurist denied thc 52-vear- old unfrocked pastor's motion for B new (rial the pastor'., nttornev and Berne himself had accused members of tli e jury of bias But Judge Crump quickly term" .; ....... „ „ ln!>letl a two-day hearing after 3<i Liqnor Seller ^ounly Attorney oidHam and four — J» r <>rs had testified denying the g e . .. h ' . -- ........ _ ----- w .,, a ,- llr rnzcr arson tends, because even if thc district serving a year term -for biirglarv. The trranri 'lurv r<-nortpri trv ' d!d own lllc n'oncrtv thc deed by WllHam 0'Dcll. sentenced 8 io J^. ^ £*, e S« and ! i*^ It com-eyocl It to Mrs. lour years for assault to kill ! illmn i es we |, cared for by officials. I D ™ Blas wa5 f™>'"^nlly obUln- T1 , courthouse Is in onl tnir!' s w " s " court ordcr conflrm- A Blytheville school boy was the principal witness against Elmer Bailey, local man, on trial in criminal court this afternoon on a charge of selling intoxicating liquor. The youth Identified Bailey as the man who sold him n quantity of home brew. The state's evidence was still being presented at 3:30 o'clock. Bailey was being tried by a jury of jeven men instead of the usual 12 jurors by agreement of counsel after unforseen difficulties delayed trial of another case for which selection of a Jury had already been started. limb and blazed away with his shotgun. Two squirrels tumbled to the ground. He explained thnt one must rave been standing directly behind th« other. accusation. Witnesses had testified that the pastor held love trysts with 19 year-old Ida Beth Bright before the death of the first Mrs. Berric He married the 19-year-old glri two months after Mrs. Fannie Ber rh died last March. London Police Arrest Second March Leader LONDON, Nov. 3 (UP)-striking again while the Invading hunger army" was disorganized police today arrested Sid Ella* second leader of the Ellas succeeded to thc leader ilp after the riot which fed to the arrest of Steve Penitentiary Commission "Releases Eleven Frbm Mississippi County. Two life termers, both negroes, whose sentences on murder charges had been commuted to 21 years, were among the 11 'Mississippi county convicts listed in the 184 Session Has Been Economical : Gas Tax Evasion Indictments Returned. Tiie grand jury received praise of Judge Nell Klllough for Its economical resslon when it wns discharged by the court late yes- .nc 311111: Men- i n total of 52 true bills. • _ -:• yesterday. | Jud°2 Killoimh said ho had been Pearl Bnrnnen and winstMi Hnr- nli , lr , A thot (]w i nvcst i£So nBM< S LYn V SL * e J?L™ r J±" rm ^! lh " J»T "-d **" one of'themost HTM SHE BY doctor down doiul. An liiqur,t wns orileicd. Other mcdlcnl mou lestllled the lwo presci-lpllons ulliiT to fiirm Takt-ii hnlf nn hour or more . Itiey wild, Hie f:homl<:nls would liiivi- iR'L' Mortgage Holders , Claim .Fraud, .in Main' Street Property Jransfer. Safe by Sewer District, Number O'.- n( (he Muin si reel properly known as the Marvin Robinso" r " f^r 5fl fifi I l ; ii'b!<lrnl waul icdny v , lour that will .span Iliu coiul'nmil!! !' lril " u ' 11 His DcmuciHllc rlvnl, Ciovcrnnr ! 1)r ™"- 1 ; 1 Rcxiscvelt. urepurcil to lay down ' n liisl barnnju of speeches lu tin- NPW York inclriiuoHluii ami. Leaving Washington »l -l:afl I'. M.. lodny on hi* tltth hiviiMJn uf (lie west, Mr. Hoover will mnta- more than (Wily long nnd Miorl siKcches. lumorro-.v and SiUimluy In liullunn, (Hindu, Missouri. Wisconsin nnd Minnesota, then | u > will .'jjx.t'd on nn'oss Ihe Rncklcn io his Palo Allo. Cal., home lei vote on Tucsdny. Hcrcrfls ti. O. r. Turitr '1'lic president's decision lo KO to California ivn.s- revealed In n mcs-' iiagc' to Pacific: coast! voters an- licnlliiB for west const nyipiiorl. Hn snld fniin prixlncu of 'thiu sec- lion would go to rot uiidtv a Deiu- ccrallc low Inrilf rut'lme. • Mr. Hoover also made public :i slnlcmcnt denying lie had changed Ihe piohiljiilon vlcv,s net forth In his acceptance speech. Governor Roosovolt .plniuicd 11 brief invasion of New Jersey lale The five propcscu lodny to uc followed by speeches | Amendments nun three NKW YOriK. Nov. 3 (UP)'.— An ollitial of th 0 Rcmilillcni): na, ,, ' Atonal licndf|unrtor.s loday'charged •Dul no," Dr. Qurrlilu ivirfnn- Hint lliere hnd been "tamncrinp" •iiil'-l. -I', wns Ir.'i- nUnirnt; not. wltli iho nlrjilnrie which ci'ashcd my niodlrhip. Sop, I w »l Ink,, the «Uli Mlsa Ruth Nlchc4s B t ' the -••- .!«.i- ,i, c i,.»d." ••.tnri cf her nrcprscU Irnns-con- »<• jHiuird hliiimlf tlu> mini!' (liwiUal niala In behalf of tho iKirtlons inn) drnnk thorn. Tlic lioovor-Curlln licket. nini; xrlli rencllon which ha:l | The- clmrjic was mad" In n'te'lc* (lie life of (h« iinticni iiiram whlcli A. B, Cornell of.lhc. —i -wviiki-ii if i LIJU bureau of the Republican "tttionM committee sent to" Gor i^on NIcliclEon of San Francisco reuclcil to eiicli jclinlnnnn of the ReuiiWIcan tlentlly iwlson/ committee of California. From her home In Rye, Mclwls ridiculed (he chnrge .lii^l not Into the soli dirt ....... «.^i.v uj>m£ ftpvtu. A new Oipprlmcntnl tMlskld nrob- Kijly v,a» stripped nnd c.iuscd (he piano to swerve from the runway - mi thiTC wns Io It," she Miss Nichols, who was slflrtins? - jfor Cnllfornln, escaped 'Injui-y when ilic blj Plane cracked up nt Floyd J"incW Held here, (he ihlrri ser mlslmp In her flying ven-- by Governor Harvey on Christmas Eve three years ago, making the prisoner eligible for « during 1(3 three nay ^ssion I , "idi.ion to no irue bills previous„ . — = i ... j v jiumjijjjj">(j | parole after serving seven years.; cl , argts ^ alnst Harvey was sentenced in March, 1D25 and was given a Christmas commutation in 19£). making him eligible for parole, after serving,' . life sentence. Others paroled Jack Carter and T. W. Stultz sentenced to t-,vo years each for il Hi? jury found thiit Art IIitddleElon. Norr_ Renncrf, nnd Ijlnn'e rol were not well founded. Severn! indictments ns j o ^ Ctan ""' Chnp - M«6nt "*"«"' Race on Ihc Robinson properly, attacks as fraudulently obtained' the property and lhe deed by It recently conveyed il to ^ois Douglas for tte delln- taxes, peiiaHi"s. Interest court costs, amounting (o Evrard find T"""*' i>v v-hi r >i thn dislric'.'s deed to tho pronerly, purchnsed at n commissioner's, sale for delln- evacion of state gasoline several local gas dealers. Bench warrants woie still held ' secret pending service on most of the n ..._ defendants todnv with only one in '„„"»( v-Mch R C "Bob" Dent is charB- taxes, was npprov,-d were. ed with tax evasion belnr r"luni • frfturtulenl lS' obtained, the COJD- ed . . . 6 -. | p)alnt a |, cgcSi jn that t)lc C0]]rl Most of. Iho 52 true bills arc i ^ " Qt ' nfo « n «<< fnr Previous for- i riMtnrm to the sltite and to a Little, State School catlcr.And Cecil Shane Discuss Proposals. liiillalwl In New York city and Brouklynliirte to lie voted on by the people •"' : '" J -" '-' "-'—isas next i;Tuesday were nnd cxi'l^iied at lodny's _ _. ., xiij (iiivi 01 UUftlJl tonight, tomorrow and "Saturday. Alfred E. smith wa,i cheered mlEhllly at Troy, N. Y. r ns he (!c- claicd (he "solution of (ho problems dint' reninln uliscidcd lies In Ihe . ulc-cllon of noo.U'Volt nnd . Garner." He Icimcd PresldL-nl Hoover "(he lender of (he dry party In America." linker Hits Itccord Ecrroltn-y of Trcnsui/ Mllis In r Brooklyn address contended con- linufttion of a Hepubllcnn regime offered (lie tost l:opc for a clmiiac in prohibition. He declared jDinli- ern stales would block ti'.e Ucmo- cmlic plan for outright, rejienl. In Boston. Men-ion D. Bnkcr, Dcmccrnt. chaiswl (lie chrb. of Ihc BtytiicvilUi "nctivv^ Harry (M\c, dlrcclcr of school administration and inporls for thc .itnto dep.irtmcnl of piiblii; in- •trucllon, made n jilca.'-Ior jiclop- iion of proirascd nmcndmcnt No. 21, the clfcct of which-would be lo make mandatory an Increased approprliilloii by the lejisliuun: : thc cnrmon school!. -ceil Sliaue, Itw-al nllorntty, c:t- plr.lncd Die olhcr ainondmenis. Hi expressed personal opposition tc the snlcr, tsx nnd hcmettead ex- ciniitlou proposals nnd Indicated hat he saw little cither of hanr il Iti I In- band Nlcliols had' planned n non-stop night to Los Angeles for -The nvtntrlx averted n possible "•'.by turning ofr the ignitbn •'-' •witch as -her 'piano dived off the ' -nncrcl- nmwnv Into th' Just- as the'pJune was : " Expect ISO ' —^...^^..,11. tiini^Lti int.' iicinucnMia- "^ Hwt.ii HL tut t-'jnti miu.auG lion had "siiejnstcd no rcnl rcm-! nd Ma!~ r.ovrriimciit rcor;;aiilza- cdy for tile depression." ' tr ""' In ni'nrby I.ov.ell, MM.. Ainbas- sndtr Walter Mgc ar;'iieil that In- 'cirii|)Iinn of (he Hoover economic jircgiam sU] , bench sheriff. latest indictment. 1 ; annomi'- pavlni; district for unpaid taxos. Sale of thc property by thc scw- s nnnoini'*' ' — ••.>- I^.-.LV.V., n 3 n»t .11. vi- iare th e following Charley Orr. I " District to Mrs. Dowlas should in v-m <,n,i hc sct nsi(lc - tll(1 complntnt ron- assault "with Rent Io kill am a ,-ih llr p rnz | cr arson ' llmnes we car in ccnncction wiln the shooting [ T1 , courthouse Is in only tnir f ' '" ., „, . : .— —•—""si me couruioiise is in oniy f an aged gas station proprietor shttpCi duc to economies now In years'ago U '° ° ffccl ' lhe illry reDOrtcd ' B - A ' Thc Walter Haynes, local man. serving a year term for selling liquor. : Q. Henry Jackson, serving- one, year "*•. 'or grand larceny. j Robert Stewart, serving a Lyisch wns foreman of. the Jury. tl(l " '" ,")« complaint alleges that I LCVCC i Contract Is Approved, C. Douglns, hiisban-l of th j Diirchoser of the property, used nls P° s| Hon as attorney for Ihe sewer district (o obtain year term for night rltlln" be- j w " c - Officers of 111" sewe -ievcd to have been sentenced in WASHINGTON ' Nov - 3' <UP)-itrl«t board, the complaint ----- ...... - of officers of lhe district to the deed conveving the property to his wife. Officers of Ihs sewer dis- Oii-cola district court. in " * ~ '' " ' " • ' iinvt uuara, me compininL ane l -*!s .The war deiwrtmenl todny apnrov- |' W ould not have consented to thfr led contracts totaling $2.369.205 lor> sMe tor I1le mcra nnlollnt of ' 11' .. l ol rivers and harbors ; II1!|M Vtl-lU-m Ul IIM-l^l .I!LU nil I <)t'l\ Cnfjtttl jthrcughoul It.? United Stales. • ay. , , ., ormer owner. The court wou no 0!>en high low close constructing earth work in Ihc low- navs , issued the decree confirming COS C04 599 600 or SL F^ncls l^vee district n:ar Mrs. Douglas' title In the proper- NEW YORK. Nov. 3 Cctton closet! steady. Dec COS C04 599 Jan 610 610 604 March C20 820 613 May 029 629 R25 July 638 633 635 Oct C53 653 650 Among thc contracts awarded was (OP( _jone to the Trinitv r.irm Con^trnc- j lion company, Dallas, Tex., for and peuallics hnd they been aware that the sale to Mrs. Douglas was anything other lhan a redemption of tlvj property by the former owner. The courl would not 600 S04 613 625 G3Q 651 Spots closed at 610, unchanged quiet. Orleans Cotton NEW OHLEAN'S, Nov. 3.(UP) — Cotton closed steady. open bljh low close 603 603 597 597 606 606 600 601b Dec Jan March 616 625 637 652 July Oet Spots closed at GM, unchanged steady. 616 G25 C37 652 611 62 1 632 6« 613 622 634 648 • Douglas' tllle In thc proper- Memphis. T;nn.. for $403,145. | ty had Mr. Douglas, in asking for such an order, informed the court of lhe facts in th c matter, the complaint claims. The coninlalnt also makes an allegation of collusion between Mr. Douglas and Mr. Robinson, original owner of the properly, for tho purpose, of defeating the plaintiffs in their efforts to collect the dcbl owed them by Robinson. Ministers Motion for New Trial Is Denied MUSKOQEE, OWa., Nov. 3 (UP) —The R«v. 3. A. Berrle's motion for a new trial on charges of murder accusing him of poiscnlng his middle-aged wife was denied by Judge W. J. Crump today, Stock Prlre* A, T. and T 90 7-8 Ansconda CopptT 81-4 Auburn 38 1-4 Caterpillar Tractor 71-2 Chrysler 12 3-4 Cities Service 3 Coca Cola 90 Continental Baking .... 4 General Electric 14 1-4 General Motors 12 iMiddlewest Utilities .... 3-8 Montgomery Ward 10 Mow York Centra', 193-4 Packard 2 5-« Radio Corp . Simmons Beds Standard of N. J. 7 29 1-4 Texas Corp 13 1-1 U. S. Steel 3J 1-2 Operatives -of Several De- parlmenrs Seek Evidence Against Chicagoans. CHICAGO, NOV. 3 (UP)—Tllc U. S. government, gator? of half n invcsli- de|iort- the federal operatives f n «' 1nsl 1tf»«on for their Inter evidence cf vinlallon of U. j s ' 5 n " U P rcvcllt diversion io oUi? lhe licdr of a well-dressed 5 cs .. of " lrllc > - ""»' ""!'«• to g. menls, opened an offensive lodny on the 15 important gangsleis (rapped by police In a series of raids In the last three daya. While sought c _. _. S. laws the licdj- of a well-dressed victim of Rnnciter bullets slnln In n soiilh side alley, was Idenli- fled as that of Jnmrs Kcuncy. fcrmer parl ownor of a cabaret. Chief of Detectives William Shoc- mnker said Kenuey nppircntly had been trBpjMd In his cabaret, rld- d?cd Kith bullets. Ilien his bod;. :osscd into the alloy. Kcnney was the sixth important gangland figure slnln recently. The slaying was attributed lo lhe 'atest war among gangsters for conlrol of beer nnd racket nrens B. A. Lynch, who presided al tin meeting, cciidcmiied vigorously 111 i" ynrals as fraiii'.l.t with cxirem clanger lo thc slide, nnd liullcai th.n lie thought t::c t.ifc tlii!i<! '. :lt> was to defeat all of lhe mncnrl L'lllS. Mr. Ijltllc defended lhe propose; •>-> 1-11C- t ji n , u - UJ) ,J, C £!-,,[];,( that the ends Its adoption won -• um li^h are necessary ami re: onnble, and lhat only throiiili »!i<-,liiullci-.ul amendment, can t; pi-o|)!n of I lie stale be nssured tlw proiier |iro,lslon v.Il! be made fo. -.he sclicols. u is nci a question of making ncccfitar ncrcJsrd l.-ixatlor., IK' said, bv f inukmg certain that lhe monc ''nt Is available is spent for th .•finincn schools rather Mian If. >!hcr less essenllnl parposas. P "ulnlncd nial thc ri>!rons of th: '.ninion schools canno'. keep expensive lobbies en ti-,c Job who: he legislature is in session to cb .aln consideration for their Inter 1CT o the fd:co!s. Fa'fs Again to Establish New Record CHICAGO. Xov. 3 (UP)-Whcal prices shattered records for 300 yimrs repeatedly loday as they odrccl lower and lower on the Chicago board of trade. December wheat dropped to 41 7-3 c:nls, unprecedented since Qucon Elizabeth's time, then rnl- •— | -%"*.^*. -j.,^nui;iii .1 iiuiu, men O|.-erativfs of the U. S. depart-1 1J cd sliglitly (o close nt 42 1-8. menl of labcr. Immigration, prohl- i At the dose with December sell- billon, internal revenue nnd olher Ing at 42 1-8. lhat future was bureaus were here to question gang 1 1-8 cents lower than ycsferday's leaders In the delectlvc bureau lock-up. Their activities forecast Ihe most comprehensive drive on Chicago gangs since thc income tax prosecution cf Al Caponc and n number of his lieutenants. Bible Washed Ashore SCITUATE, Mass. (UP)-A Bible, washed ashore nsrc wh-:n thc old Minot's lighthouse'was wreck- Id by the great storm of 1849, h.\3 Com. cats nnd rye closed fractionally lower. 4-Hjflub Activities At least 150 members of the' Boys and G-ir! 3 4-H clubs of the Ohlcknsawba district, Mtelfslpnl itninly;. will spend .- Saturday in tow,, for the annum Achievement Day, .. - ' '• The prosrnm Is to begin at 10 o'clock. Awards will be made for '"i 1 * comiilctinu from one- to four years as mentors of th" groups nnti for excelling in activities. At noon a lunch will te served free, nt (he court hnii'a and Iri the- aflcmoon Mr. and Mrs. O. W McCiitclira will entertain theni with n mntlnce party. -.:,.',', J. E. Crltz, agricultural tnent', nnd Miss Cora Lcc Co'.:man, home demonslralion agent, nre In chorje of tho gnthcrlng which Is similar to those beln"! hold throughout '.he United State,';. • . Local Resident : Dies at Family Home Mrs. Mary McAister, 78, died at o'clock this uirrnln<s at Iho tnmlly home, 1101 Wtfit Vine olrect. Funeral strviccs will te held to- iicrrcw afternoon at .2:30 o'clock it the ):omj rf Mrs. Henry L-acsy, -i dnujhtcr. wi'h the Rev. J. L. Ncwsum. pastor of the Second church, oni'.Iating. Interment wil! be mate at Elmwood Tsmettry. The Cobli Undertaking •ompnnv Is in charge cf funeral arrangements. The 'keeled Is survived by two n; Mrs. I.occy 'nnd' Mrs. Mccrc •'• W • Crystal City, Mo.! n. EO:I, Dick MeAlster. Senator Caravny Will : Address Club Women LITTLE ROCK. Nov 3. (UP) — U. S. Senator Hattie Caraway will v tie rr'nrinal snjakcr tonight at Ihs president's dinner of the Ar- sns Teeieration of women's clubs hero. Her subject will be "Lights and Shadows In a Senator's Day." WEATHER Altev Alley, i, Iftrrv , M« s OUy, Mo. Youn? Little Rork Msn Killed in Auto Upset LITTLE ROCK. Nov. 3. (UP)— Ed Kellcy, 24. died here tcilay from Injuries suffered when thc automobile he was driving skidded and biulmum, 65 degrees? clear. Tortiiy overturned near r.ere last night. i a year ajo the minimum tem- His wife was Injured ana Is un- J pernturo was 41 degrees »nd tho | dor observation at a hospital here, j maximum, « degrees, cloudr. ARKANSAS — Cloudy, warmer tonlphs. Friday unsettled with possible Jhowers. warmer In eist portion. Accordin? to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips jr., the minimum "temperature here yesterday was 39 degrees and the

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