The Escanaba Daily Press from Escanaba, Michigan on October 11, 1939 · Page 13
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The Escanaba Daily Press from Escanaba, Michigan · Page 13

Escanaba, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1939
Page 13
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PAGfc rWLLVL THE ESCANABA DAILY PRESS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11 . 11 K 3 Í 1 JURY HEARINGS TO OPEN TODAY Th^cc Plcad (?uilty and Thrce Not («uilty Hcforc ('ourt Thero wrrr fhrce plras of gull- ty and three of not milty ln crlm inal ra?«\* a*» ihr Ortober t* rm of rirrult rourt cot utidrr xvax > «'s terdax at thr* !>• Ita rount> rourt houpe. xvith .ludcc Frank 11*11 on ihr brnrh i'nr r ase was coti tinmd and another dismismd. Pleadinc tuilfx xxas Frank Kil hx. on a charg« of robb«-? ' im armed. whilr Fr«*<l«'rirk llull. .«r rrptrd in thr sam» ras«', was dis- rharged and bis l>ail bond ran rollrd. Henry Shampoo pb a«h*d ('-C Directors Planning “Keep Escanaba Ahead” Campaign HMI H \s DINMIt F*i ftren mem b TS Of t h* > n* 1 tn roiintx Par \i isoria 1 1* ">n xx e r«* pr^jirnt In pt nigt t at th eret II- lar dinner of thrassoci, itionin the TVlta hot el. xx hen (' irrnit Judge Prank A Pell xx; s gu* St of honor. There xx a s n o f»rm al program. Members of the board of diroriora of th«* Ls«’anaha chnmh«*r «'f Commerce met yesterday aft*rn«H>n to formulât** plans for th** ''K« *« *p Fpcanaha \h«*a«l" rampagli. xxhich util h<* launch«*«! n«*\t w>rk S«*Rt*»d I ♦ * f t to r 1 n h I an*. I j ** h I I** Pr«*nrh. Fust \sp. .I«din I’ Norton Ju«*l L«*e. l/uurenc«* M Vaughan, .lanos I! Frost, Harold I’ FIihIsux. I*. F 1 1 * • n n * > 11 . JoHoph Fharlebols and John A. I^mmor Mr VHiiKhHti, who has had many vearn of r\prrb*nr*’ In organization work. Ih assistili»: th** Fs<*annbu Chamber of Cominero«* in de- xeloping its futur«* program of work. — Daily Pr**« Fhotfl* sruilty to disordrrly conduct and «»corpr Morin pleaded guilty to breaking and entering. ubilo a eharge of burglary and larr«*n> against bini «ac nolle proused. Edwin Pizr.ala pleaded not guilty to breaking and ent«*rlng. but pleaded guilty to enteriti« without breaking, the larceny oharg«* beine nolle prossed D«*h*r!a Kush- ford. charg«*«! with breaking and entering in the night time pleaded not guilty. as did F«'org«* l’ada. charged with panie law violation. The cai>e of Acne«« Sharkey, charped with neplipmt honiiride. was continued to the January term of court and that of Wen** Van Acker on a charpe of cruelty to animals was dismissed Scheduled for hearinp probably today if* the appeal from justice court of Orville lxickhart mi a reckleps drivinc charpe He was not arraipned yesterday, but his case was listed on the calendar for hearinp. Following arraignments a ti «I arrangement of the calendar dui inp the morninp. the court spent the afternoon in hearinp dixorce act ions. Criminal cases were listed tor h« aritip in the following order: The sta’i' against Ihloria Kush toni. F.eorge Pada and « >i x ill* Forkhart. Jury civil cases will be next in order I Irirh and l'xa Parent against th«* \merican Suretx Co of N>xx \ hi k and Fonion F Craig; Mane Horn against Swan F Nelson; Marie Horn, guardian, of June Horn, minor, against Swan <; Nelson: Clara Irving. atl ministratrix of the «»state of IJork ford Irvinp, <l*‘«*eased. against H .1 Norton, doing busin«>ss uml«*r the name of Nortln*rn Motor com- I•;*u> ; Virginia l’«'rr> Tri«*st. against Holland Furnace ('«*., tin* Michigan Mutual Fiabilltx Co .»gainst Paul Herring; Charl«*s «lauthi'T against t h* Toxxtiship of Card* ii ; ldxx aid Setf.rlund against Ko> F. St art in ; I ra 11 Farr* 11 agallisi Harobl F. John son and I m\»rsal t r«•<i 1 1 com pany. Non - jury eases. s«*t f"r trial, will follow th* jurx h«*arings in thi*- ord* r Th» opini* Hoffmann against Mildr«d Hanigan John Pi­ loti against Hertz. Diixuis«lt Sta lions, H«*rb«-rt Pi/zala against H»*n Osdahl. C«d«*man Nee against Kichard P. Mason. John Cowell atiamst F. Sullivan. Mrs \avi**r Fr«ni«r against I»uis «¡auxin <s fat«*. Sev« ra' chancery cases also are still listed for h«*aring. Air Stewardess Speaking Today At Senior High ' \m*rica Plies will b«* th• • top lr of Miss .Marjori«* IJos«* Filrox when she app«*ais befor«* the student body at the senior high school this moining at 1 H o'clock Miss Filroy wliil** training for nursing b«*cam»* int**r**st«*d in fix tng and soon after r«*r«*ixing her |{eglst**r«’d Nurse degr«*** from Merry hospital a|>pli«‘d for a posi tlon as steward«*ss with American Airlines After a training p«*rl«»«l at th«* school sponsored by Am« r- ican AirIin«*s. sin* was giv»*n a regular assignment and has al ready How n s«*m«‘ 2r*U.<Htn mil«*s, most of it on tin* pass«*ng«r ships between Chi*ago ami New York ami from Chicago t«> the South West . In addition to III«* loutilie re- (|iiir«‘tii« nts lor .ip«*, height and w«ight. th** st exx a rd esses must have moie than a superficial mi ibrstamling of fixing Th«*ir train ing course oners the prim iples of mefeoiology. air traffic «onttol, plan«* construction, m«*chanical details. a>< xx **11 as th** psychologx of handling the public ProbabP the tuost important attribute t* t|uir«(l of a stewardess is r*llaldl ity and willingness to a*'c«pt r* spousibilit> It is not job for a clamour girl. It is especially intetvsting and [Important to knoxx t Hat today xx it H many girls on th«* w aiting lists t h♦ * airlin«*s liax«< difTirultx In secur inp girls for the service girls xx ho haxe the ripht attitude lo- ward the job and x\ h<» want to work rather than look interest ing in a prett> uniform This is t tie second program on th« school assembly seixic«*. i:\<.i\i:i:k ixM.Fi.n Chat fiam. ( Mit . Oct t.-l’i I Ftipineei Harry lirasb. I!*, of l*>n don, < >111 . XX as k ll* d xx hen his I Canadian I’acil ic 1 r* ig lit t rain clash* (1 lnft* the r« ar ot anotlo i !fr«*ight which had stopp'd tor xx a i ter t xx o miles east of her«' at 7 a. m todax during a tlense fog. Garden News Th«- Mig know ii longer gi «’up Hipp«'r has t lia n an X (tt le b*‘«n ■I star llan«l \ctlxiti**** (¡arden. Mieli \s th«* Kali a«l X a in«*s ill*' outdoor activities of th** local ban«! xxill eras«*, but arrangements lor indoor a«tiviti«*s are now defiuitelx planned Pri xat«* bsstms on Instruments are g i \ ru bx < barb's Johnson of Fs «aliaba during the day. WVdnes- days and 'riiui'sdaxs II** directs the orchestra in praiti*«* \N«mIii«*s- day «‘Veilings ami t h « * band Tliurs day evenings, at tin* Community hall Practi*«* is also held there every all<*rnate Sumtax afternoon at J p m , tlo* next mo* tailing on t let I a. The majorll x «»f t In* m«‘inbers of the hand ar«* youthful but <dd«*r musbians ar** inxited to bring their inst i um«*nts and j«*in in, ami thus gtx«> the iihiiiIhis mor«' confidence in their acliiev«1 III«'111 s. Hot liiindieH Th«* hot lumli idea is growing as evld<*nc«*«i by th** increased number of pupils indulging I If» children xver«* pr«*s«*nt for th«‘ first sei ving. but on Krulax'. xx Io n an out of loxxu dlr*** tor arrived at tin* sano* tilín» as the < roxvd, I F> xxere servid ’I’ll«' hot dish that «lax consisted of peas and carrots Tlo* s«*rx ie«* too, and the b<*havior m t h** childi « n xx er«* high lx com no'iuled Kach child is re«|tiired to mako a cross on a hanging chart befor«* sitting doxvn. Acci d**nts at tlo* table are fexx and Ilo* majoritx of tlo* children deeply appreciate the service. llHef« Mrs. Rosie Coggins of Klint, Is spending a xxeek xxith lo r nmflier. Mrs. .1 os«*phiin* Hiik« r, On 'rimrs- dux th**y motor«*«! to Niagara. \\ is to visit h«*r brother John s family, ret ii ruing Sat ii rda x, John Pot x in sr. xx as *|iilt«' ill Thursday night aft«*r haxiug ten te**th extracted during the «lay al Fsca ua ha Mr and Mrs. F ,1. Purtill no* tond to F^*anaba Friday and brought ha* k th«*lr daughter Mil tired and tlo* Mi SH« *S Horis Itou dreau and F«*ota Truckex, stud • •Ills of CloVerlaild Hlislness College. for the week end. Mr. and Mrs. James Tatroxv, Mrs Win I mi M*‘11 i * and (¡onion Tatroxv spent Saturday in Fsca naba Frank (» Teho motored to Mar «inetti* Wediu'sdax after school and brought the local students of the N. S. T. (!. bom«* f « » r the ext«*n«1 «*d week-end made possible by th** attendali« h of th«* f«*a«*hers at the Teachers’ Meeting In Iron Mountain. They wer«i Kenneth Ralph, Raymond Winter and the. Miss«'s Ruth tireone, Maryellen Karl«*y and Janet F«*st«*r. Mrs. la*«» Woods, Mrs Woods sr. and two «laughters and Mrs Krumbly and son Thomas, of Manlstli|U<*, called on Solby Iai- laxe at (¡arden Mluff Tuesday. Mrs. Woods is a lit***«* of fli«* late Mrs. Fa fax«* Mrs Walter lxr**sh«*fsk«* and daughters Fois ami Mary left h«*ro Krhlay to xisit r«*lativ«*s in Oconto for th«* week end Mr and Mrs 'l'heodor«* Martin att)*mhd tlo* funeral in Fscanaha «>f tin* Fit«* Mrs. Ovilla F«*f«*hvro. Mr and Mrs. Raymond Hravelle spent tlo* week end xxith relative» in Rapid I {i x « * r. Mrs. Bowden Pays Fine Of $100 And Hunband Released Mrs William Mow«l«*n, !’• I T» South Fb*\enth street, paid a fill«* of í I on and costs Monday in court of Justice of tlo* peace H F Raii- gu«*tt«*. xx h**n h I i «* pb*a<l»*«l guilty «in a cha i g«* of possession of and t ranspot t ing xenisou. \ lik«* charge against her husband was Foyetfre News Club Party Fayette, Mich Sirs Nestor Seaman entertained h**r «*lub members at th«* first meeting of fh«* season Tuesday evening. I’«*t- Iliek lunch was s«*rved and an invitation issue<l by Mrs. (Jerald Casey for the n«*xt gathering. < onprat ulal ions A son was horn to Mr and M iV. Ren Johnson of Rurnt Mluff, Thursday morning, with tin* Harden physician and Mrs. Kr«*d (Jau- thier of (¡arden in attendance. Jontott Jaeohst'ti of Fscanaha spent tin* past xv«*«*k xxith his brother Peter Anile LaSalle and daughter Ooris of Iron Mountain came hero Wedn«*sday folloxxing the fun«*ral of Mrs. FaSalle, fio* latter to stay for a xx liile xxith her aunt Mrs Harvey Humbert Contrary to fanciful tab's of snak«*s that bleat like «leer, or purr like kittens, no species is know'll that can utter more than tin* commonly knoxxn hissing sou ml dropp«d ami he was r**leas«*d The t xx o were arrest«’«! early last Friday by «it > polio«* and con s**rxation depart no nt offi«*»*rs RURAL CARRIER EXAM PLANNED Test Will He Conducted Here In Few Weeks, Dept. Says Th«* Fnite«| States civil s«‘rx'icn commission has announced an examination to fill th«* position «>f rural carrier at Fscanaha. th«* examination to be held here in a few weeks Final <lat«* f«*r filing of applications will be October L’T. according to th«* announce men t Th«* salary of a rural carrb r on a standard rout«* «»f 150 mil«*s s«*rv- **d daily **xc**|if Sunday is $l,Nnn p«*r annum, xxilh an additional $2n per mile p«*r annum for each mil«* or major fraction tber«*of in «*x- c«*ss of i’.n niiles. C«*rtain allowances ar«: also made for th«* maln- tenatice of e»|uipni«*nt. TIm* <*xam- inailou will Im* <»|M*n «mix to «Iti* zens xvlto ar«* a« t unii} ibuoh ihd in the t«*rrltor> «»f th«* |H»*»t «»fTi«*e wh«*re th«* xaeaii« > «'xlxt«, wlio haxe I» e «* n »« tuallx <l«>tiilcil<*<1 tl»«*r<* for *l\ iiKMitlif* next pr»N«*«ling the « losing «lat«* for rivclpt «»f N|i|ili«ati«>n\ ami who meet th«* other requirements sei forth. Roth men and women, if qualified, may •*nfer this examination, but appointing officers have th** legal righi to specify the sex desired In requesting certification of ellgl- bles. Forms and application blanks can be obtained from the vacancy «»ffic«* mentioned above or from th«* Fnited States Civil S«*rv- ic«* commission at Washington. I> C. Applications must be on file with the commission at Washington. I>. C., prior to th«* clos«* of business on th«* date specified above. At the examination, applicants must furnish unmounted photographs of themselv«‘s taken xx It bin two y«*ars The Cixil Serxi««* c«»mmission has annoiinc«*d an open comp'ti- fix** examination f«»r th«* position of Junior Vet«*rinarian. $2.00(1 a year. Hur«*au *»t \nimal Industry, Departm«*nt «>f Agrlrultur«*. (’om- pletioli of a full course of study in a recog n I/.«*«! xeterinary <*oll«*p«* is r«'quir«*d Applicants must n«>t hax «> passed 11 1 *■ ir 4.»th birthdax Applicants tor this «\a mina t ion must be on fib* in th«' commission's office at Washington. I>. C. not lat«r than No\«*mb«*r «1 if re, c« i\«“ii from stat«*s «*ast «>i Cobira- do. and not lat«*r than November o if rece|\«d from Colorado and states w«*st\xar«l The rom mission has also an nonne« d au examinai ion lor I h * * Five Examinations For Conservation Places To Be Held Examinations for five types of rmployment with thr Michigan I>«*partment of Conservation have been announc«*«!. with all applications t«) b«> filed by November 1. Notir«‘s \v«*r«* posted In th«* Delta county cl«*rk's office and at other places. Applications must b«> made on forms provided by th«* department and may he had by xv riling the P«*rsonn«*l offlc«*, Michigan (’on- serxation departm«*nt, Fansing, Mich One or two jobs ar** now open in «*ach fiebl for which exams are announced and th«* tests will establish a list from xvhirh later em- ploves will be selected. The positions listed for examination are Fame K«>search Ornithologist. Fame Research Kcolo- gist. Fame Riologist. Fame Refuge Superintendent and Fame rie- search Mammolopist. To «lualify. applicants must be 21 to r.f> years olii and have considerable experi- «* ii c>• or education or both. Details are listed on the announcement forms. , For Rent A«ls will rent for you. position of Junior Graduate Nurs«*. I1.H20 a year, in th«* F. S. Publi«* H«*allh Service, an«l th«* V«*t« ran's Administration. Recause of th«* <b*tnaml f«ir «(iialified elipi- bles appli«*af ions will b«* acc**pt« «| at th«* Commission's Washington office until furth'T notir«*. High s«*ho«>l study and completion of a specified training course in a recognÌ7,»*d nursing school ar«* re- i|ulr«*d, «*xc«*pt that applications may b«* accept«*«! under certain con«litions from persons noxx in al- tendance in their final year «if training. Applicants must not have pass«*d th«*ir :?.rith birthday. The Recent Hailstorm! ( «used ThoimninU of l>ollar> Dhiiihp«* to IVopertI«**» in l*><**- nalia and \ lclnlty. Why Not Be Protected for the Next Storm? W iii«Kt«irni Hat«* UK | h * i * I i ii ii - «lr«*«l. >«*arv; F\t<*n(l«*«l F«»v«*rag<*. :t."»« |H*r liiindr«*«!, >«*at>. Dxxellinp g lavs iitMiranc«*, >{(2 |M*r j«*ar; l(tr> f«*i* thr«*<* >«*ar»«. \\«* injure compì«*!«* «<»\«*rag«* for all in fix«*«l «u* p«*i*nian- <*nt frani«*» in .xoiir dwtdllng an«l garage. This in«liid«>il storm «l«H»rs and wìih I owm and it is n«»t n«N«*ssar> to «l«*srrilH* «‘H«b glass. F«»r luilh«*r information cnll :t7 I. JOHN S. BA( K I.a>tO t I th \x «*. North XII Ixiuds <>f Insurance a'r Str.i j»ht \Miiskry —”^*0 Neutral Splrt^ <i He,I from firain. o Proof, Julms KcssW Mi tillmii Ccmpanx-, ln nrpiratcJ, rcnee- i'urj;, Indiana. FRED ASTAIRE has the right combination of great acting and dancing to give you more pleasure i___Hospital Joseph Saxklly , V,U'} ¡alding­ ton st r i et i>- a indicai pat ioni 1/orttta N<>«'!. Ti*nar> submit. t* d to at. op« ration tor r« lief Horn appendicitis Kalph 1 'ra11 <r* * n P.i> , is a surgical pati* tit Mrs C. \\ Wilt* r 11 J" Sec <’bart«*r N«». :t70l H«si*rx«* District N«*. t» RI PdlM OF CtiN DI TION Ol' The First National Bank .(If Im iiimbti in the Miitc « >f Mb bigan. al Ib«* «los«* <*f l*iisiin*ss on (IiIoIht *J. IIKtl». Publish«'«! in r«*sp»uise (o «all inaili* by Compì roller of I lie t lll'1'eii« X . uiul«*r S«H (ix»n I I. I . S. H iImhI statut«*s. assi: rs Dollars Cts ! Loans .itul discounts (including ^ 1 s ‘.M> oxerdiaits) $ 1 ,(*;>!*,«!(* 1 Pniti'd States Coxeinmelit x'bligat Inns, dinct and guai ant - i >! r«!'l*.US 0 li.'> I (lldigat ions oí States and politi* al mi bdiv isions -t 1 Ï ,.r> 7 (*. 7 (Mh'i bonds, notes, and debentures . I *♦. 7 *1 ï* f* CiMiiiMal* storks, including sto* k *<l I *< •»! « • i a 1 Keseixe THEY HAVE THE Rented toe day" ^nld *'iiiiili 1 rx .« I or K* nt \d i «day oooo tOffK GOOD COFFEE Means GOOD MORNING On x«iui xxay t«* work this morning or «luring a lull drop in foi a * up of our d* li- ioii" hot r <>f f« «•. i OMPFFI I Bill Mx I WIs *s«r \ i «1 S i o ll \ xi S. S. KRESGE CO lajn* Ii ( oufiler 15c .> w ith other banks, including icserxe bal I cash it* ins m pro« * ss ot collection oxx in'«i ......................... tinnitili* and Hi ;• e,*; s.: oxxu.'d ot her than bank premises and othel assets I lili I I « . t I X I - presell 1 Ì11 C «>. I ms t • * s \ l ’ i ; *» ♦. ♦; s I L’. t •’< n n 1 n 11 i i ‘i 1.1 \ PI l.PI I PS I.l 11 « | ..e i ! ^ et indtxiduals pa i t uerships. and <«>i leposits ot mdtxidiials part nei ships. and rorpora- !s ot Ptiited States l iox et il lllclit limludlltg postai 111 g ^ l ts ot Siate' and politicai su lui i x isions I s «. I 1 1 a li k s ... d'posits io iiificd and «asili* t s checks. et« ì i. 'al 1». posit< >. i mi,;.;.n :* i a i 17;;. I .0 a T> I !» »; a. V 4 a \ 17. x 7 :> x itilo ;> Righ t « \ PII \ I . \ivul \ IS MU mo 11 k , lotal pai F«'i' .(. kmi un ! I mi IX llf.-.l pi . .t Us j i;. nix .1 ot a I ( ’api I a 1 Al 'Coll Lit ! 1 d>!» 1*4 $ a , 4 7 . M !* L' a > 1 IMI . Il U «I (MI 1 (I (I (I U 0 H U là 7. _à ti 7n I O lid 7 I L‘ a ti 7 s ù :l X J < ;î, \ u f> s e ;• o 7 ’fotai Liabilities ami Capital \ccounts _____ Stai* of Michigan County «»t Delta, ss 1. Leslie Fremii. » ashier of the a box e na tn**d bank. d«i sol« iiinlx wear that th* akiXi statement is tin« to file best ot my klloxx ledgt lllll belief I. FS 1.1 I*! PUPNCH < ash n t Sxxoru to and subs« l ib* d h* feu in** ihis ‘oh day ot «U tober. !!♦:!!« LILLIAN \ PI !>:KSI.N Notary Public Notaiy I’uhln in and tor Delia « otiuix. \fnli M y t'ommission <xpti*s Ucto|..i 1 :* 41* isK.M.i I O! r.'* I \ttl\st (¡li* N 11 A It f H . K i : ». » î « * n < i : . H FFSSNFIi IMrectoi / jot j*ouir pleasure«.; mRiqht Çjomôùiation of the uurlds best cigarettc tobaccos FOR MORE PLEASURE (chesterfield blends the Right Combination of the finest American and Turkish tobaccos to give you a milder, better-tasting smoke with a more pleasing aroma... rVnd when you try them you’ll find that these are the qualities Chesterfield has above all others in giving you More Smoking Pleasure . THEY SATISFY. hesterfield C«r*rifht I*}?, Liootrr L Myias Tobacco O».

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