The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1937
Page 3
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1937 ' ~ System Will Beat of Probabilities Long Run" in Law the NEW YORK (UP) —Dr. Harry angman today proved, phtloso- ihlcally and mathematically, that ambling Is n silly business nnd i losing one for till except the dept. Dr. Langman Is a student of natliemiUk's—lie used to (each It -a 'statistician and president of he New York Ridcllers 1 Club, nn * of -the National Puzzlers' which just concluded its eml-nnnual convention here. He also proved what every male vc-r .2! knows by precept' or fxwrience: That It's foolish lo play "a'n- IiUtr man's game." Vfluit you , can't beat the house n the lone .run. : That money you win Is gravy shllc what you .should have one on the rent.' . Refuses to Gamble Dr. Langimni probably could nake a lot of money by gambling, iccause he knows, hoiv lo apply he "law of probabilities," but he .•on't. .'"!•' .' "My conscience, wouldn't permit ne to lake money lie needs from other fellow." he explained And i wouldn't want' him'to take noney 1 needed from'me. "But if each of us had a lot of noney he didn't need, 'thc-rc'd he 10 point In gambling." •' ' . That seemed clear enough. Dr. . Langman's discussion of fhflt- he colled "eleme'nlsry'' com- iutatlon of gambling odds was a rifle tougher. • . : ' shooting, for example Everybody knows that you can't xpect to .roll seven more than nee-. In six losses.-"the odds for he. oilier combinations can ue Igured In the dimmest brain. Shows "Fading" Odds But Dr. Langman, with a few lasty pen scratches, computed the eneral. long run odds Involved in hooting and covering (fading) They're 251 to 244 against the hooter. Not very long odds, true ml;enoueh to; make cvap shooting slow but- sure way of getting raorer. > "The professional gambler knows la' odds by heart," Dr. Langman Jsl. "The only thing to do if you ind yourself up 'against a'profes ional; even'if he plays fair, 'is. to hange^'the game (o' one he does lot-know: Invent' if And as for these ."systems" with vhlch to I break the bank — ut vlonle; Carlo or. that place -above he cigar, store: /'They're all based, oiie way or mother, "on (he illusory idea that f: you statt with enough money ind keep doubling the bets when 'pu lose, you're' bound to win," Dr. angman said,' Sound Kea Blasled ; "Superficially' that Keerris like a o.und idea. The only tro.ibie. is hat lo make It work you'd'have o *ave'nn infinite amount of nonev, which. Is an unrealizable ohdltlori. . : '" : • '"Sooner or later'the longer you >lay"the: sequence of lasses, will iccorrie so numerous Ihat cventu- illy catastrophe strikes and yon ire wiped out." , Poker Is one • of the hardest ;ames there is fo compute a cotn- ilete -set of "probable odds" lor. W a';matter.of fact. Dr. Langman aid It -can't be done. There ore o many intangible factors lo coii- .Ider,'chief of which is Ihe psv- hologlail facloiv "Vou can't figure a poker face." Easy Problem 'Offered Of course, Ihe expert figure he chance, say of drawing the Ifth heart to fill a /lush in d four- landcrt gnme or stud, or some- hlns like that. It's less than one 4 five. So if it costs a dollar to y nnd the pot adds up lo $10, u can afford to lake the chance -If ..yon are sure, the other boys laven't as good a dmnce 'at a ictler hand. The "law of probabilities was in- •eiKcO by mathematicians at. the equcst of gamblers, Dr. Langman aid: As far back as Vwo centuries igo, De Moivre, the French innthe- BLYTIIRVILLI.! (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Sled Ride Leaves Quins Anything Bui Cold ^^^ ccnte,,,,,,.,, maybe yes, maybe.o. .rdlleis contentment per ^^ £ ^^ '* « l " lle belligerent. Why isn't she teln s 'pulled back uphill? Would KeepTwo Off U.S.Court =WRKKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL'LKSSON = Tli e Ne w Co m m a n d in en l ior wheat fall Into the earth and I;V \S'M. E. GILKOY, I). I), h'dllnr of Advance The shadow of death Ihat hov- ] If it die. il bear*elh"much"irrutt." ered over the Master Is already i He continues In the mystic say- evident In the story, of this lesson • about certain Greek.s, evidently devout men who shared the faith of the Israelites,'.and who were '.moug tho^e who went up to wor- ;hlp at the feast of the Passover it Jerusalem. They had heard of Jesus-, and they wished to know more about Him. There Is a ^certain air of mystery about, the narrative. The Greeks came lo Philip, and mode known to him their wish (o see Jesus. Philip seems lo have questioned whether Ihe Master would receive them or not. He tell 1 ! An- riiew aboul it, and Andrew and Philip tell Jesus. Without any Indication whether Jesus had received Ihe Greeks, or Scnaloi Rqbcit r Wagner, lower lefl,-(pcm,, N. Y.) and fell (^Fi.inlvfuiler, lovser .light onnetNeV ( 'brain t'lii^t," would be ineligible- for supreme court Judgcsliips because of foreign birth, under » bill spon- sofpd in the House by Rcpre- fcntativo Hdith N. Kogers, top photo, of Massachusetts. Wagner, born in Nuslatten, Htssen province, Germany, on June 8, J877, came *o America in his childhood. Pi ; ankfurter, X'ienna, Austria, Nov. 15, 188'.?, come to America in 1394. matician. was figuring odds by algebra. • . The law has come in handy for the Insurance companies. They- bet "you won't die and - you bet you will," was the way Dr. Lnngman put it. And. as always, the odds are against the customer—even ff you win you lose. Birthdays Patriotic In Family of Three BOSTON (UP)—The Victor Bi- anchis are patriotic — when it comes to birthdays. Mrs. Bianchi's birthday anniversary is on Memorial Day. her husband's is on Armistice Day and their baby. Abraham Lincoln Bianchi. was born on Lincoln'.'! birthday anniversary. "BERN'AT" KNITTING YARNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns latest Styles Classes. Friday. 2:30 P. HI. MRS. LESLIE HOOFER 1109 Chtckasawba Phone. 792 Ing concerning: Ihe lave of life nnd Ihe losing'of life by which one finds it. He is emphasizing "TV strongly the crucial nature of Christian dlsclplcslilp. It is not something easy. 1 H means the llnk- Ine of men with Christ In great matters of judgment and destiny. ' * • The disciples could hardly have understood these 'mystic words of Jesus and all He'continued to say concerning the judgment of this world and the casting out ot the wince of IhLs world. They could hardly have under- Ihe executive secretary of Ihc stale -•' bring inlo Ihe world <i new order ol love. It Is this that Is the test of Christian dlsclpleshlp. A later writer was to emphs- >,n. size, this when he asked, "He thal'ICO or U,,,LV.H L -I wi,n uiu urnc- oveth not his brother, whom he | fits, if they Imd 25 years of scr- steed cald, _____ . r .__ _. earth, i "will draw nip men vmto myself." But afterwards-, in' the whnl He meant when He 'If I be .lifted up from the ..^u.... ijiiv ,.. n-l llilllco, l(t tflC r.ot, ( wc have the record ol His | light of Oalvaiy. they were able ' ' " " lo percleve (list Me hail said this >reaking forth in words' concern L'i({ Himself. "The hour," He. says, "is come Hint the Son .of man 'liould be glortned." And Ht adds the myslic words, "Except a gralij concerning His death. What was the essential mean- Ing or all nils for the disciples? What is the meaning of It for us Chemist Sees Extensive ' Use of Detergents BOZEMAN, Mont. (UP)-i-The increased popularity of new ! comi pounds called detergents will dooai tEr than including „ _. for tallis or shampoos. 1 the.-ring around the .bathtub tlt the opinion ofDr.">O. E/'shoppW cf the Montana §ta(e college chemistry department. : Soap manufacturers arc produc- .ing new determents at the exiiense of soap, he said. Laundries have found these substitutes superior to soap. One of the reasons why soap is losing favor is explained by. Dr. Shcppard: "It causes the formation of slimy curds. These, curds stick to Ihe sides of llie. water container arid frequently to thf clothes being washed, and form the bathtub rings." .. There ore two types of deleK gents—sulfated alcohols and Ige- 1 pons. "All of the detergents arc expensive, as yet," Dr. Sheppard said, "but considering that about half the soap used in hard water is wasted as far as cleansing is concerned, it. Is probably more economical to use detcrgent-'i. They v.-lll wash any kind of cloth, make dry cleaning of certain fabrics unnecessary and will clean well even when used in cold saltwater, a feat which no soap can perform. They arc regarded as bel- ; barter'system has come back lulo TIRE REPAIRING soap for any cleaning, washing-, of woodwork, Barter System of Old Widely Used in 'Vienna VIENNA (UP)—As in; other Impoverished countries, llie primitive own In ; Austria. "Moneyless trarle" has been organized on a fairly large scale by several organizations In .the Aus- 11 in n capital. The names, Ihe wishes, and '.the odors of Ihelr members nre, kept on record by Ihe organizations some of which .even maintain 'a large stock- of current : goods. "Everythliiif against ,'everything' (Cmillnunl From Paao Onei l« call up might, send Ihe nnm- IJITS lo (Ire disk, ' lining tlu> ultornooii Ihe U'aclicr M'tlri'inoiit bill wits drnjvir-nfter -a long scries of minor bills Imd boon considered. Several spectators tuild iiftcrwards that the imtnrc of the measure nppureiuly was not rcal- iMd by jin'tnbi'i-s ot tin. .scnule, There was no drbutv iiiul the bill passed 21) to o. Senator Klnwv i«icr unvo notice that, he win ask /or rccon- flderalion. • 'Hie bill 'propones to sol «|> u (curlier rolirniiwil ,sy.slejn In nc- iordauce ullh a uliin .sponsored tho Arkansas . KiHlcallon nsso- cliillon ut its annual meeting In Hoi ' Springs lasl November. H jiroviih's for piiyment ol' retirement, pensions from a fund established by assessments' agnlnst lou- chcrs' Nilarlc.i' and : cnual nmotmls contributed by the stale. Snlar- '"« i»i In '$L>,500 |)er yenr would Ixi subject lo a four per cent tax, and tin; state would conlrlbuic '->••• -..|- rmii, of .the (ami |iay roH of members of Ihe icadiers ,''t'ii J.'im 1 ) 1 :', sys'lem. ^Ki.'ssni'ut.H love. This Is (he meaning of, set iWfcy'loenT illslrli;t 0 tarils •" Hie and mission: lo cf education and Irnnsmllted lo system. Teachers would be able to re live voluntarily nl. the age. ot full bt>nc . — tmlli seen, ow he halli not seen?" ;Thc beat commentary U|»u this pnss- «8c in the Gospel of John Is to be found In the fourth chapter of , he lovo Goil.Ivlcc. Disal-illty beneflls could secured after '10 years' service. Air TVl Tank Flrrpioor LONDON (UP)-A new"— for iilnne.s-, which, It is said, enU lire breaking out when .ships live forced dow;i, hns been nppiwd by u,a nfltlah Air Mln- U.lry for use In civil aircraft. ,K Hie Itnifc proves Invulnerable.' to itiachlne-uun Inilicts, It will,,-bo udopt«l by (ho ttaynl Air Force, (played In ratts. Slates lluy lor .ao-i NEIlMOSA. S D. (OpJ-Hcr- .stale paik hns elk- for fate A .siirplin of elk jeccntly wele fihlpped to seven stale. 1 — Kansas, Oktnlioinn,' Callfomin, MksoWli Wisconsin, Iiullnim nnd West, Vir- The nnlnmls will be dis- TWO OF AMERICA'S GREATEST WHISKIES Some like BQURBON...Some like RYE. They ALL like CLARKE'S PURE RYE L INC. and CLARKE'S BOURBON. »i These whiskies are 2'/i years old. . CLARKE'S CLARKE'S BOURBON PURE RYE - c WHISKEY WHISKEY STRAIGHT BOURDON (fHliKCV STRAIGHT RTt WHISKCY ARROW DISTILLERIES. INC.. PEORIA. I CuwforA's Hl:is 1'iisu I - -- •—^—. ". JLITI'LE HOCK. Peb 0 Q — T\VQ the First Epistles of John. There l'"ls by Hep. Ivy w. Cmv.'ford of we nnrl scl forth very splendidly Mississippi county »erc missed by the whole philosophy of Christian Ihe house of -representatives tills love., us a bond belwcon man nnd ninn. and as the one urcat link between ,Ood and man, H,,ls (he same theme that Paul expounds In the erciil chapter ou love—.Ihe 13th of First Corinthians. It k the greatest theme in earth and lietiycn. To experience the love of Clod, nnd to live!that love In act and thought, is £hc man; highest passible life for sons\aml toolh pasle. dental work and clothes, building materials and horcscopcs ns well as innmuer- Che, to authorize parl-muliiel belling on horse rnros lit county fulr.s, ^^•as rcconsiderctl and passed by i\. vote of 5-1 to 28 after hav- ins been rejected, 43 to 31, when It Ilrsl came before the house. The second l.s to reduce '!tlie penalty, on ([cllntiueiil municipal improvement district 20 per cent lo 10 per taxes from Iki-nlcc D.ivey nnlilla \v w EAST. LIVERPOOL, O. <UP)— A new (Inlilla developed by ROM H. - ^ rCf cir En *. 1 Liverpool mid able, Other commodities are avail- ' , E ° Mel7 B Ci ' °, r Wcllsvlllc has Rblc- t . , 'fen . nnmcd the "Bernicc Davey Rblc- there. A barber wanU a new suit of ' clothes for a certain 'nunibfr of lifilr'culs. and permanent waves. A tailor member' of the'- organization- who' perhaps, nccil'i shoes, makes' the 'suit mid Is credited accordingly, : while Ihe bnrbcr iindertakes to beautify the heads' of the shoemaker's family for a number ol months.' This a comparatively easy more example. Often (he deal is ,, lu . t complex., in some cases not less Ihnn 15 or 20 irartles are involved. Approximately 20.000,000 letters annually find their way to the . . •• "- --• -» j -.,..,a «,.,.uu,,jf nun UIL-U wuy 10 me ts their motto; bicycles and cards Dcnd Letter division of the U S to movies, foreign- language Ics-1 poslofrice. ' .' NOW IS a Qood Time to Have YOUR Tractor Looked Over Now Open for Business Our New Service Station .'!' 2J Hoitr-Service Tires Repaired, - - ; O.'is Delivered Wrecker Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co Phone GSS Visit Blytheville's New Uptown Used Car Lot .Opposite Kress' 5 & lOc Store Wo Relieve in Fust Tt(tiling nnd Quick Turn-Over 'If yen mint' to (ratio for H I.alc Moilel Used C'ur, ami write your own llrkel, drive by iintl sec. us. —We irnvitl— .1'our '35 Clipvroli:! Couches One '3(5 Fonl Coach Two '3I> Ford Coupes TITO '35 Ford Sedans .\Vc arc. lop-heavy ou latp model Chtvrolcts- and Koms mill we arc rt'il-hot to do smile Irnilinff. .'29 I'.O U 1) SEDAN, tn ' - <3cod 'Condition ,/. {115 TUDOK. !,«ls <if Service. .,.. '35 TKRHAPI.ANE SE. : .HAN; No,,; far Ap; - ppariiiifo , ; I'honc 111 •M DODGE COUPE ... ?zas •35 "I'KKUAFLANE C (.1 A C II. Clean Throughout ........ 5^15 l'IOK-Ul'. TRUCKS 'M FORD, "B 1 ' Model. Has '37 I.lceuw.-, New . Tires and Thorough-. ly Reconditioned at Only ............... $215 ''M DUD'JK. A Good- Ixoklnft I'l^k-Up and In Good'Condlllon. A , llnrflaln ut ........ Si» '•S3 INTKKNA T r O K A I, ' l'IC'K-UI>, Cle'im. fJond Tlrcx notsn'i' Show Any Hani Vs« WB5 Motor Tires A-l, Hood . - --- ' Ph'one 111 Broadway Sales, Incorporated ; Now Usctl Cnr Lol in ihc 400 Rlock on West Main NOTICE To Our Customers We are now moving- our stock of fnrnilure lo our new location at 112 West Main St., two doors west of the Roxy Theatre, ^Yhere we will he Open For Business March 1st For the convenience of those desiring to transact business before that dale we arc maintaining our office at the corner of Main and Lake streets. WADE FURNITURE CO. Invite us to your next "blow-out." A phone call will bring our truck immediately — no waiting when you're, in a hurry. Extra quick service costs no more. JOYNER Motor Sales Co. 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