The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1934
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27; 1934 ••- S (ARK.) COURIER NKWS USED CARS I'ICk TUP BUST USKD CARS Record Breakinr Sales o[ Ford V-8 Are Brinf Ing the Bent Care in Ihe {,'itjr to" Foi'4 Dealers. Bhj Cats —Mtlje Cars—Cars in Every Price t'U«, All Offered ' at Bargain fur quick Sale! CONNQ'K '••& 81ATLOCK v KI.KCTIUC and-ACETVLINK WELDING No Job'Too Large or-Too Small. Reasonable Prices - Guaranteed Work SE Corner Ash and Railroad In Old Trinity Farm B|dg. '30 FORD COUJ'E $195 '3S CHEVROLET COUJ'E $ll}5 '33 FORD COUl'E. Uc l,u.v, Humble Seat S325 '33 FOKD TUDOR SEDAN.'-A-l V Condition :,;,..!. 5145 '33 C'llEVBOLET COACH .... 5435 'Si CHEVROLET C O U I' K. Kumblc Scat §255 TRUCKS 'and TRAILERS '32 CHEVROLET TRUCK. 157' Inch Wheclbjiie, 'Dual Wheels.''A Real Buy .... $OT '30 FORI) TRUCK. Closed Call, -Dual Wheels, Slake Body $185 '30 CHEVROLET TRUCK. Closed iC'.ib, Dual Wheels, Slake Body lii.•.'... $165 KINOIIAM TRAILEIt. Uual M'Jieejs, New Kl)l)b«r .. »'1!)5 NABORS TRAILER. Single Wlieeis, Large Body .... $ I!) WE 1'AY CASH FOR GOOD USE1) CARS PHILLIPS'USED : CAR LOT Comer Walnut & 1st Slreeis I'huiic 'H3 OPEN NIGHTS 'TIL 9 P. M. For $00 and the cottoil we will make you a Good MATTHE8S. ."Trade Willl a Home Industry" UPHOLSTERERS J."W. Jenkins & Son 110 S. Railroad - - Phone 138 Position Wanted Will do STENOGRAPHIC! work at night. Reasonable rates. Call 306 ' Business) Directory [ RealEstate SECTION - a Directory of the Witts Wants Formers! : SE& OI/R bisjpL/t'v: oi- ; Arkansas Pottery lowest pricc5--Lovely gilts Parkhurst's Seven brick store buildings In] 00 block on Ash street, snnill i cash payment, easy terms, for teal-j Tiico, also, brick business property i )iv Main street, located hi the 100 j ii.ul 200. block, in-ice will he ([noted! o those U'lio lire interested. Yon | can buy n business home and pay like paying rent. RITE I'RICE GROCERY BUY GROCERIES RIGHT A COMPLETE LINE OP FANCY & STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH IJEATS, . VEGETABLES, PRODUCE; FLOUR, MEAL, ETC.. ... In Old P. O. Bide. Phone 234 We Deliver WE CAN SAVE YOU JONEY CIRCULATIN HEATERS WASHINGACHINES Gas and Electric FOR SALE—CA1''E-Good location, good equipment, ijood building, DLSOtialile rent. Brown's Cafe, Luxora, Ark. 27-pk-l FOR SALK 34 Plymouth 2-Door Dcnionstrator 34 Ponliac 2-Door Dcmonstrntor Automotive •VWINTER AUTO KPECIALS" . rrtslonc, Alcohol, Heaters, Defrosters, Willard Batteries. LET US PREPARE i YOU FOR WINTER Hdw.; Cp. , : - -^AUTOMOTIVE ; „... Phone': 476 Phone FIX YOUR, 0All FOR WINTER Cheapest Prices Paint jobs, .Kepairinf bodies, Si- mrmiflne, phangUif Transmis- tions,, Washing & Oreasing with fllarfak Grease & fluaker State oil. John Hearn-=-Jirnmie Binkley BAIlNerT ADTO'TSALES' CO. • . Phone 488 IIAVE YOUR BftTTERY RB- CHANGED BEFORE"COLD WEATHER '. J. : Ben Clune BATTERY- SERVICE At Tore Vi. Jackson's Station Ash &. 2nd , Phone a^-Residciice 217-W AMMUNITION Quail, duck & squirrel luuds HARNESS our stock is complete IMPLEMENTS and repairs for AVERY, MOLINE VULCAN & BLOUNT Pay us a visit and be convinced PATJLBYRUM 120 East Main -KADIOS ^.,Battery .& Electric Sets Best Value for the Price •^ Oberst Store Co. Factory Aulhsriied FRIGIDA1RE SERVICE Fa«(ory Trained Mechanics Day 67—Phone-r-NIght 38Z 407 Main St. E. B. GEE SALES CO. Chitwood & Weidman Wanted Good home for FEMALE POX TERRIER. 622 \V. Main. 27-cktf Attention Farmers! WE BUY SOY. BEANS, CORN •AND COW PEAS Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. ; J. W. PARKER, Prop. Phone 127 For highest prices on Pecans see Wolf Anan, 128 E Main Ite k!4 Lost ELECTRICAL WIRING . Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues SPECIAL PRIDES KW SALE •IAIN ST. 8TOR13, now occupied, between 1st & and Slrccls, Imd oan of $5,000. • $3,000 CASH might liny it. VEST MAIN SI. STORK -As 5 room COTTAGE on same lot. VIII sell for $1500 on EASY TERMS. Formerly renlcd for $155 noiithly. Thomas Land Co. Business Property For Sale BARGAINS In Used Heaters. llubbard Hdw. Co. Coal & Wood My Coal Is Bliirk but 1 Ircat you While, Kill uji- now. JOHN HIIOIIANAN . I'HONK 101 .. PARKS BROS. COAL CO, I I'lIONU 977 FOE I "Hi-I,o Alabama" "Knerjjy Illinois" ,,l "Hlnek Royal Kcnlm'ky" CLEAN COAL—LOW PRIOL'D W. M..Burns Agency Phones 243 & 212 Sec Us About Your CoaJ Blytheville Gin Co. PHONE 9(i4 "Uailmnt Ahibuma" "Proniium Kentucky" GALL 214 Filling Southern Service Station • Slccle, Mo, l'J)ll)lj)s l)(j Prmllilts ANTI-KNOCK GASOUNti TAX i'All) U C Hour Service For Rent UEB HOOM. close In. Men only. 310 W. Walnut. Mrs, n. 11. Nolen. 2tic k[( •1 Huoni.s nun Biilli, VfAtlD Atwrt- mem on w. Ash. Furnished. Va- *»t Dec. 1. Cull 050 or 008. lOc kir For Sale '33 Chevrolet 2-Doo'r Sedan 33 Vi Ton Inlornational Pick-Up Lce,-Coppcdgc Motor Co. iiilwig \iprieht'. PIANO, condition, recently timed. Will sell ijiost reasonably. Mrs. Hurry Klrby. : WINTEit IS HERE! ; Fill your lilns now with the Fa- niuus Mimic licil Ash Coal—high hi heat, low t» ash; or Majfslic (Juuilty circle Illinois Coal, best (iinillty from Wesleni Kentucky/ Vooni,' jjiili);- VjUjupljlitfC APART, MKNT. P. •Simon. 'Oull Yt)4i "''' rttxirlimmt, linth. 1013 W. Wnliml, UEDHOOM, slcem heal, . eu preferred. '.ou w. Ash. cnii 8ck-8 3 VOODl FURNtSilEli APART, Wm\ K«rag». 13IS W, IHutn Call 335-W. ' ; a-ck,tt ';' ndJoVnlng imth, Men , e preferred. 312 W, Kentucky. Tclc lio ' . . filioiio 968.' ... TWO '.nicely , : PUllNieiIEO DED! ROQM?. iaioijerjUely priced Mrs E, A. FLslicr, .iOl E. Diivli Personal !?j tr« to 1*1 i<* $25 REWARD , * £ Poi InforrniUion leading to th« ar'" and coovlclfon pf parties w'l)Ju[ smashed Qnara's window Monday?"" Nov 12. V. K. TomllHSOfi, -•--—• cl Merchant's patrol. OUR BQAliDlNC HOUSE Between P. p. & Crevrolet Bldg. Phone 266 AUTO GLASS AKK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE.« Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc A, SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE Fbaiie 26 Small gold black en.unelcd put president DELPHIAN Pin Sat ' in day pE\VARD Call Courier; News or 1517 F2 2 6c MO Slioe Repairing WINTER IS. COMING! SPECIAL PRICES on repairing shoes before cold .veather. Progressive Shoe Shop 103 S. 2nd St. Ge( Your SHOKS ready for winter.'Newell nmcliiiic just installed. E>?cry job guaranteed or nioncy MfundeiJ. • - " •'•-:"£.'£:.Ratcliff Across Irqm.Hubtard Hdw. Co. FOB BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMQ LUMBER CO. TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS vlt OP ALL BUNDS ;•• - BUILT TO ORDER , ; . BARKSDALE-& PAGE 200 ^...Second, ; MODERNIZE YOUR ' COUNTRY HOME WITH A DEMING WATER SYSTEM. $40 UP. HUBBARD HDW. M SAW FILING of all k'lnds , .'. ' With automatic filing machine BARKSDALE & PAGE 200. -,K.i .Second ,-\. ,';-: COPPER Saves fuel at small cost Ark mo'Lumber-Co. , , P. Lee "lest ishoo titter In county j ''Trade With' A Fionecr" 111 5. Railroad I — ~ ._„ I . ._.,-,- _^ W r "ifNfiY ' ***** *^(er» A Filvci •- * J ' *> ll ^ A | Chlrfcen Dinners E^ Halms iimtic all kinds of shoes ?• • /-\i for ABNORMAL fe et, can repair' Jimmki QB shoes to. correct ABNORMAL feel. 105.5." "— -' Cal Fish .J)f HOWpy / ] 'fySfStS^-Jf^-^ •s"<f, i'./< .Av'i- 'V'^i 'SMC'DC. U/\\/IKI/-^ 1 ,- opW I'/A dFp ; V; •FOOTBALL TOR THIS WH.V ) '-I INVITEr>0,\^c HII*N OVE"RTOR fti t |vAt ^ P P R / r^^rv YOUR Wia/RECAvLU "DROP-KI IIIIS 18 TUB PLACE WHERE YOU CAN GET ANYTHING. YOU WANT. Frt'sh Crappie, From Rcelfuol Luke Oysters High Gratjo T-Boue Steaks Fried Chicken Roasts of All Kinds CoM PLilc Lunches PEED—SEED DRV WOOD—KINDLING We solicit your |)atrqnago on the b.iiis of high quality products, low cash prices, prompt service and honest dealing. You get what you pay Ipr here': Farmers Cash Feed . & Seed Co. J. W. Parker, prop. Phone 127 v. CHANGE OP MENU DAILY GKOItOE WKIG1IT, CIIKF HARRY BAILEY'S State Line Service fitation ISggs, .PpiiUjry Buy FRESH.'' EGpS Hie (lily they THE MEAL "Bt THROWN K>K UO&S KOXY LUNCH ROOM. Doing B00<l are laid. - Al PICK ARD'S Storej business. Will accept Copclaml. . 1014 Chicknsawbn, or direct ™ B NIGHT! SO VVE'(?E ALL GOIN 1 TO WAR A&AINST L£M AT DAWN DO YER SRJFF. PINNY- WE GOTTA PINO Odr WHJT I-MPPENED TO OOOLA V AN' SEE WHAT WE CAN ~ ~ ABOUT IT — OUT ON VA7.BUT IVE MATTER TOj/TEND TO, - SOMBVVH6R6 IN THE MOOVIAN NOW.OOP GOODNIGHT/ WASH TUBBS .WHAT'A IMi]NCK! NOWSEN5E, PRNCESS. BRIMCE VOUR ROVAL HISHUESS, Y HlCKOP. v rDICK6Ry''HbcK" A NICE ^..,_,.._.. „ , PRINCES'.] WJCE YOU TO VtxJR ' BRIDE-TO-BE, PHIL8ERT ISS BRiGHT ESS P TUMEON VGURvX 1 ' BRIDE JUMPED OFF THE POCk. DOT'S NO VAV TO j FIREMAN tREAT A LUFFER.y 5AVE MV CHILD, WHpOftf .- HERE COME5 HOOKflMOLftOMC ^ MJMBCR 3. Vo" HUMOR, DOT'S ALL. SALESiMAN SAi\l MAYKE HIj^KYES^ AKE HAD! ._ IKJ HERE PER MV PCUQH — THERE SOU W£, ALWftVS LIUE? UP ~tO OUR SLOGflW —"WE flIM TO BUT VA BBTTER SEND THAT CLEPR OUT SOME TARGET ' PRACTICE f PARDON ME, BUT" | OVERHBARP TH' CONVERSATION, MBTEfi!. AND VOU CAN HAU& Y6R VEAH, YOU PO- o uiv ki's *i SHp\pE-: be ' "" BOOTS AND HER HUDIMES KKADY TO 1'USH OPE-'! •MO^SP\ CAW TAVX .•' CAM

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