The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 5, 1948
Page 3
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MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1948 ""''. _—City Election Set In Caruthersyille Voters Will Decide Two Races and Two 4f Proposals Tomorrow CAKUTHKKSV1LLE, Mo., April S —Caruthersville voters so to th" IKills here tomorrow with onlv one major conlcst, that the chief of 110- lice. but. wilh two special mcasim's lo be drcirted on. one of which it decided aflirmalively by Ihe majority, will bring the esiiiniiled uonu- nZ 1 ° f UUs tow " to '"ore than 11,000 Persons, In lh.: race lo, chief o[ polk-,?, Albert. Walker, incumbent, is on- poacrt by Mack Nccly. who .has serv- . tn on tnc force for several years There is a coolest for the post of Alderman in Ward Pour wlih Charles Crow and LC.S Arlaii- botn S!rocer-mei\-hants of the ward, seck- i"i! the post vacated when Dr. C F Cain moved from the ward Neither has held office before. Unopposed for election arc- Roscoe Cokpr. city collector O E Hooker, police Judge; Sharon J Pate, city attorney; Ronss Johnson city asscwor; Earl S. Bennett' JrcBsurer: John Ahern. alderman! Ward 1; Wyman Dillman. alderman Ward 2; Luke K. VaiiAujjdall al- rMrman Warri :i. -ffi Schixil nirccloi-s lhlnj>|iosed Mrs. Jessie Mat-key anil Mrs. Luke VanAnsdall seek re-election without opposition for the three-year terms to the Board of Education. One of the measures provides for increasing the city tax rale apportionment for the Public Library from seven and one-half cents per $100 assessed valuation to 10 cenl.s per 1100. The other special measure Is for extension of the city limit.? to take in about 11 city residential blocks adjacent to the present city limits on the east, and southeast edges of town, and a 30-acrc tract on the touthivesl edge. Practically no opposition has been shown against cither of the special measures, both are expected to carry. Voting places, and judges, are: Ward 1—Caruthersville Motor Co , on Warri Aremie. Judges are Mir.. Lillian Collins, j. w. Davis, Guy Hustetide, Andy Shnw. Ward 2—City Hall, East 3rd Street. Judges are Cecil Book, Mrs. Dennis Cain, Harry Malloure, Jessy Johnson. Ward 3—WaUfins Plumbing Co., Fast 14th and Walker Avenue. .jfrdges arc Albert Law-son, I*x l^risham, W. M. Cryslcr, Marion Barrow. Ward 4—Figmon's Garage, Ward Avenue. Jiirigea are Fred Henley, John Galloway, Jere Kingsbury, lj;s Adair. KMEKSOiV RADIO "EBONV" MODEL 547 • It'i en AC-DC Superh.l.rodyn, with «ll lul»l electronic dev.lop- m.ntil • A "Mlrocl. Grill.," over o <l»or-yt,w Slid.rol. Diol — O recil, r «.nil>!y||j,l • An ov.r-ij,. *)„;„ 5 farmvntnt Magnet Dynnrtl!cSp«e»l,»r d.«p, rich TONEI • A larg, buirt- Ir, Sup»r-loop Anlennol . B.ouMrul plciitic cabin.I — acouiticolly p« r »««! • Compare It with ANT I«| ••Illnj M twlc. th. prkel , KMKR.SON ^ Account 3-WAV PORTAnt.E MOHKL 5,i9 riavp on AC-DC :«orkcl po^pr and trlf-rnniainfid lialicrirs. l'o\\cr-- p.irkcfl uitli ric'U- rlortrnin'f dnvclon- ment,«. WorM's nm«i r-ITirifiil smnll porlaliTf; in Fmnrily jivlnl ' * ' * PilligHlnr plaflic caliincl. /.ew batteries, AVir 19>tH Emcrsun Rtttliox for Every /'wr/w.««>, Kvcry f*rtrscl DHEIFIIS m ursr MM\ sr Russia .Lets German POW's ,Go Home ~" f»"~<'f\—r-.r-.v A •»--•- „ s 1 ' .! hi . -t • ' * BLYTHEVJLLK (ARK.)' COUKfE* NfWS nhinrt in™/ ,f .n SinCetl - CWarcnll ' d ' manv S( ™"»'. *i<*ly German POWs are being pcr- bei, B ^, Zd , C' 6 mC M C °,? '"r" " o Sian railroild Stati011 for a mcdloal examination, Um-e being shipped lo Camp Hesse, llersfc-ld, Germany, where they are processed and discharged Airport News The Bl.vthe.villc Private Fliers Association Breakfast Flight Committee has picked Little Rock a.*. Hi- destination for ihc club's second hop. Thi! flight is scheduled I Simriay. in of mifa.u,.,.,,^ u ..,t.^ weather, however, the hip ill i" "bo : B'/'Lalishaw Memphis In a Cessna HO; Harold Sudbuiy. who tln«- his Bellancn lo Memphis; nnd L. S. Hartxog, u-ho flew his Bcllanca to St. Louis. Transient pilots who landed hew I Gregory Peck Breaks leg When Horse Falls HOLLYWOOD. April S. lUPI—Ac- Gregory Perk had his Ics in a -—o lust week included the fol- '•'• c " sl to<iil >' a(»'r u lidrsc fell 0:1 [lowing: Wynne Smilh of Tiptonville i """ whllt ' '"' L'i'ac'ticed i-lding (or or tin? i Tcnn.. 3«iit; \v. S. Young of " Wcstclu "' u.. . Maj. J. I" the final in La , Jr of l Paso TC on ni around a rldlns; Economic Aid Urged ior China Foi- Ea>r«™ Expert Suggests Funds For Rehabilitation PACK. N'H-'ApELPHIA, A|>ril 5. (UPi- I'aul V. MeNiitt, former u S h sh commlssloiipr to the f'h'llinn „ *n " today that China s o ,W e «• ve mllltaVy M now "b«« £ h, "W war In the Far K;wt t '",•„! "ally xrowhiK wariiirr" K " '"' ' S 0>lr ttwMfr »"<<. ,uu concerned our t, who like It or not" , ' Amm,,-.-, has t un nilly shouldered Ibr rrsponslbllji.v," he said uol il l"8 °>.l that tlu . ^',. K ^T,^^l economic resoj.ree* hut lacks c«i- nranie oiHnninuion, He wanted against giving priority oJa,,,,,, over other war tor ,•",?tries which wore our antes. "If the Unllert Slates withdraws is fives, as It will some <l"v , fn v . nijan economically ,1,'onis In mid.,1 of ecanonlcnlly weak ' ' > •lie o ktar « "» «">»»a loi another -.»•„,•.'• hf M!UC(I l.i Id ml"" !, '" We ""'•"<S"» <• a lei u. ""'"'V wlllc " wer « °»i'" 1st mrt ""'," '"" k ° """• "><•• ii-st older or business and Rive Japan lower priority" !" " losl '«'• EiwteV'n imtfons, he •said, there arc waves of doubt eon ''-!!," 8 , 1 !" "' ollvcs of "» w«™™ Id i-hcse doubts .roiild lavgcly ispelled, he added bv eco ' to attend a breakfast at the Osc'co- la Municipal Air|x>rt April 18. Saturday, Peck's mousU | 1)c a surer way lo be dis ml Mntunily beneficial (rn,ie asree- '"""* witl > nrlenlal nntioin would .Memphis. Liisrambe; Ll. W w' Brcckons of Port sill, Okla. ACT -v' ca LICA: Ed Sell of Luxemburg! Wis., Luscombe; C. A. LSW-IS ol DP- i catnr. III., Pipe,- Cruiser; R, A. Crll.- ' tendon of Union city, Teiin . cuir Mr. nnrf Mrs. J. A. Mnhoney o^ Brooklyn. N. Y.. Cessna, 140- Pa-ii L. .Goodman ol Little nock. CC.MII.I; Jamc.s R. Pogue ot Remineton Ind nnd James R. Nelson of Rcminuto'i ' ltlc! " BT-13; R. A. Cole of DallaV Max Daggett. Jr., of Little Hock -Texas, Bqnsnzu; Carl Bailey Jr' inanaging editor of the Arkansas i l>f Little Rock, Arkansa.5 Nationai Airman, was a visitor at the Muni- i Guard p-51. cipal Ail port last week. He flew! here in an Aeronca. The city has placed a number of signs on air roads leading to the airport proper, iviirning motorists that (niving of cars or other vehicles Is prohibited on runways laxisvajs iuul the ramp. Violation or this regulation will be charges ot trespassing,- ihe warnings state. flipped aixi tell on the actor's Ic't les. bieakins n in th,ce places. Peck will hnvi. (o wear a, for about live weeks, doctors said peace lhan " :o Whitcside, Tenn.. in his Hnvion- i of ihp v Ernest Halseil. L. C. Posey Jr. and , p- o ' dc , W. L. Arnngton, who flew to Co- . will I,P lumbif.. Mo., in Mr. Halscll's Bon- , W "M,L' .oi/a, w. o. Reeves, who flew 10 i n Indi-oduecd in Ihe cnri-ein. session' iia General Assembly Ihe bride and grooiii ^d equal ownership of ents, unless otherwise subsidy (0 their Kovcrumem saw, |)o.iitiu s to o|)|)nrlunllles for AJncric:,,, business and C1 , |)lt ,,| | n the Philippines. A Columbia university professor Draughon's College of Mechanics Post Office Box 835, Memphis, Term repair. ami (Icfcri-ntiBl . ELLIS POOLE OF POOLE MOTOR ELUS SAYS: "Lot me demonstrate the prow«i of the new postwar Jeep personallyl "I know that Jeep will prove itself to you as it has done for thousands throughout this territory. * "With such proof there'll be no need to refer you to satisfied, customers, who personally vouch for Jeep by written endorsement!" Thousands Vouch For Jeep! THE ALL-PURPOSE FARM VEHICLE *Come in nnd WP (ho new all-purposn f ani] j , ,. . around in it. P ce , the might.v s ,,,- K c of pnwor fvom it, Willys-Ovorland .Ice,, Engine an( , lhfl l pull ,>f .J c c ( > -1-whccl drive. This one vehicle wci-flics ,,, ou , s j lllril , WI!i mmv(¥| . S( socrtBrs and other farm implement*. If, tf , Ws 5.500 l!, s or hauls 800 l!,s. The Jccn takM you Mn ^ ^^ ^ into (own. ft powers your farm machincw. Soc how Jt-c,, can spread iU cost over „ wide variolv of jobs the year'round. You will use it *K A light farm traclor truck, ninal.o\il ami molii| R jx.wnr unit. Kinrl out. how Jcnp can save you money . . . MR [.;ilj 3 |v,ol e a t L' Motor Company today I U. S. May Provide Funds to Purchase Cotton for Export WASHINGTON, A))lil 5. (UP) — Die Sciixlf Agilrullinc CotnmlKcp ins approved » hill to milhori/r i *15fl.000.000 rrrulvlnx fund In (I- imiic« imrcha.sM of cotton and oih- ?r fibers in Die United State., lor iiimiti/iicliir* Jti Oennnny, Jnpmi nnd Korea. Army officials havei-sllinalrdTOi- ion purchases for thai iniriwse nt WO.OOO b«len lhls year If Conori'ss nimcls the Irxislnlion. Ooverniiieiil-owiicd slocks of wool tnohnlr «nd /lux would be used hi ihe piOKrmn to help rchnblhtnle ihc textile Industries In Ihc m-ni- lilcd coutilrlex. Hill all thr fotlou would b« purchased on the open market because the Roveriimeni LIW.S not now have any. The bill is sponsored tiy 41 scna- lors. Tn« Somite Is expected t» \rnss it this wcok. H " r Pf. r ' " v » 5 1 "" w Jnd Armored • nd three ye»rt In Air forces, r t - »pecllvely. I'oilngeville, noulo .2—l,itr Heller, three yesrt, Enjlneeri. Rend Courier New< wuit A*. BRIDGEPORT, lOonnyAfrtl L lUelord, N. C, Jt',tpril»y by a patrolBun caugnt him In th» met «lb up Hurley WUklni, H. t Pemiscof Countiam fnliit CAHUTHBRSVILI.R. Mo.. April V—Ten more Pomlseol County men have enllsied In various liranohc-s of ihe military forces. aci-ordliiB lo Ihe i-eernltliiK olflecr for this .11,,- Tliey are: Waidell—Robert .le.sse , U ul Jnmes , Cuncy. flvn years each in the Kot,. iiliu- Army and ^nd Armored Dlvl- Hlon rrspocllrctj'. Cariilliersvllle—Carl Wllliinns and ! Floyd 1'enrod, thr™ j, eBm ,.„,.,, j KiiKlneers R n ( | Meiticnl Cor|i», rc- ,Sle.'l<.—'riieo Thompson. Edward ; Collins and johnny Suttou. five, years rnch. Armored Forces isl Cavalry and Ilegular Aiuiy fe-iiiec- tlvcly ^'' '' Hayll—Cnrl Klshcr nnd John •' COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE! Aflera IhoroiiKh goiiiif-ovev l, v our spMinli/.H t*ch- nimns v.M.r ( .« r will giy e y i >u A -l perfform«n«, look and feel hkr new! , CHKC'K TIIKSK OFF WKeel Ali|{nmenl Krake Adjuslnienf K(eerinK-(ieMr Correction Mot or Overhaul Klvclrii-nl System Itejuiir Plus wi..shln K HII<| polishing all for one low nriee {IMK.V nml fendt-r work with your permission). All work KiianinU-eil. Immediate kei-vii-t. Smith Pontiac Co. (he society that U. 8. aid to China inlKhl eventually force this country tn send arms and men "to safcRiiard Ihe goyeininent It «ub- 126 South Lilly St. Fhen« 4371 * h« big National Guard rccruit1n» drive In In full iwing. Thousands of youtif! men art joining up in •II the states, Hawaii, Puerto Rico. «id the District of Columbia. > < |- It's* "big deal." Just think: B full (Jay's Re Ku l ar Army pay for two hour, of Armory training each week! Fifteen days' pay for the two ^-ccks of summer field exercises! Expert instruction in technical skills I Sports . . . recreation . , . social events . . . J1CW friends! All this am! much more is yours us a GuB. You'll serve your country, earn good money, win the admiration of your community. Don't hesitate. Get in now, and move up fasterl Visit the Armory nearest your home for full details. THI OUAKOSMAN'S PAT ft, ~<h 1-fc.w WMhly Arm.,* h.lnln, ,.«i.J, TrivaH ....... . ......... Trivet. Flr»t CU .............. ' C*rp«f.l *nd T/5 ...... .... StfgMnl -nrf T/4 .......... S n> .. n | .nj T/J .......... ! H,M 1 M 3.00 J.3J J.I) I..,. .it, ,., tor J ,..„ .1 ,,«.!.„ m mi., r ..r.l... MOW HKWBII UHOn Nfw LAW— VOUNO MfM Of »/ Army Day Celebration Tuesday, April 6 Parade-- 3:30p.m. Open House Will Be Held at the ' • * .•>'••''.... Armory From 4 to 10 p.m., Featuring • •• ' • Display of Arms and Equipment • • FREE DANCE at 10 p.m. This Ad Sponsored by the BLYTHEVILLE V F W

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