The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1932
Page 6
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Colgate's Terrible Three To Be Played JVRDNKSllAY, JfflH FIELD Definitely Set Big Game: -"For Night After Rccciv- j 'ing Weather Report. • I ;." Crawford Greene, superintendent' Of Blyth-jvlllc schools, announced this mornlmr that, the Hlythcville! mjh-Joneslxno high football gnme hid own definitely set for Friday nteht at Haley Field at 7MS OWock, "Mr. .Greene said Iliat definlt» »Bnoune*me4it followed n favor- id!* weaUier reiwrt for Fridny n'*ht received from the U. s *e»U»r bureau at Memphis. The definite time of the game, wheth- .;«r.. Friday afternoon or night. had 'not previously been niinoim jjejndlng the weather report. • ..The announcement means that the .Chicks a.\\<i the Golden Hurricane of Jonesboro will meet for the first lime .tcucnlh the flood- lljthts. Although rivals for many years the Chicks and Hurricane K»»e' always mot in daytime battle _.d«oitc tho fact thnt the AS- 8ie ttli »t Jonesboro, where JOtKsboro high games are sometime* nlayed. was' t he'"first ffoot- .«r--T»fc1i .^..^ 1 _...._ IP^S^-SV^ tsm^-.Ax^ , 'o'f$ Wri •altepdancfc r . , - .-„ bem e\~J- •Tfoo'/JoHesbora-Blvthfvllle twos ^riM tsrfiibublv druw the blc- p^st crowtT of the season as battles between the ancbnt riviUs »re usually hard foiipht. This JHir; Bh'thevIUf! fn ns ».jj| f,i,d thf »nnu»l classic. -'.Cctch Kramer's ftiickasaws .. b»w>'-'been workinir fnldifnllv for thrbsltk'. Realitmir thai they nre q*..«ndortoss the Maroon ' and White warriors are out lo oive th« Hurricane « roat fl^ht when the'- Jonesboro grldders Invade Btythevilie. . It • will take h»rd. sure tackltne to stott Roarhie Smtlh. the fiashv »!l-st»h; bsik of the visitors and other ball carriers of the visitors. The Chicks have had several doses, of the poison Roachie metes wit before so they'll be watching him Friday night, -•The ChKte wilt have to match their parsing combination against the .runninK attack Of the visitors. Even with Tommy Short, triple threat ace out wilji in.lurlre, th<;'Chick* can rmisfcr a fair aer- t»l threat with Moslov on the .Mttding end of most of the passes:- ; • • . ^C*pt. Jimmy.TipUm, the stellar GWckasaw center, will haw a due.l on•"• his hinds with Aston. Jonss- bfrfo pivot tusn. Aston sotlh c best of.&vtnsv Memphis Tech center. 1*si -Wf*k or at-least somebody In I hit .Jonesboro linn did because Evans v»s throwInr tho ball to his backs iri.erratic, style all nicht. Aston; weighs l»i pounds and is a bulwark in the" center ot the jdncsboro tine although he plays a •"•roving" defensive position. Dickens, rbthl t'acti?. .who matches Aston In poundage, is another uowcr In the Jonesboro line. The Spartinf Xf»-s Is a p.ipor printed uwkly in St. Louis, and i= dfTO'.fd cy,-Jn&i\f^- to b-iKball. l! ttrijfM be rt^irdcd as coins '-m Uie know" wsardins ;mj- hv&te t.ilr CMicertUns Honwby's p^sible suc- tjRsion to G»bbT Stixvt as nnusc- «r of th< Cardinals, 5aj-s th-.- sprites Xeics: "Altttoa?h Si^-. Brc.idcci an: Rjrfaty, is •J^IT :V , Ris . htawU, TNI! c«: cf ;he!r to iSf-Jr* ewnrbcviy ihjt tl-» t oT tic Rsjsh AS - tb* J* ta (h* -.«w ct the textva. 'Sutherland Not Certain About .Georgia-N.Y.U - ; Picb St. Mary's to Wih ll,e "" a l* "***' ^ frem M »»»»>«lr,:N. J., who are taking Colnte J /rSJJ^l 1 T" 0 " Kl <"«**" Whilcy Art. kft fcOf; low*"* I ° WtT ri * ht Sj NEA Srrric* HAMILTON. N. Y.-Notre Dame iad its Pour Horsemen nnd Col- ale has Its three -pals" from lontelsir, N. J., Wlillcy Ask Jack Frills .and Uie "Monklair Bull" Charley Soteau. Operating: behind one of the IgMcst lines Ui the east, these three boys have nin wild against all opposition tills year, and have suc- dttt. with the help of that light ?, in keeping (he '-Red-Raiders" goal uncrossed. There's llttJe wonder that these fellows can play football. AU.tlue* played together sine* their school Is trouble already I • jit ^ ' Ostensibly, the Idea u to pl*y Hornsby at second btse and Frlsch at tlUrd. But surely there Is little *>uot among an,v of those who have »ntelv!d Hornsby's play ^. j^t few years ll lh»t he no lonjer Is a second barman. He cau 5 Ull lilt Q b-3 jure, but around the base 'is fielding just won't do. The hardest optimist xmonj the criti- cil paying clientele knows vcrv well Uiat Hornsby no longer Is an ln- •HMer, and Hornsby knows it lita- It would be more rei soluble'• to ««ume. in the ifjh't of the /ief a hat Honisby's chief baseball ser"ices in the year of 19J3 will be s a coach. He is ». gre»t developer t youihtul-talent. There probablv i not .a wiser te»e])er in bosebolll Msnj- renitrks In the preja box aurinj tr» Uto world wrles were o !he etntnl -effect that "this old Rajah ,h»d been runninw- the 'ww for Uw" Cubs." , Ttist appears to be the best guess Us corner can offer, since it is ust about, impossible on the t-v-e •»f the whole nutter thai Hornsby "11 pUy. Hc^wlU coach and wait. Walt-Far W^t- And if U« team. direct<xi by OW Jarv-c Gsbby street, should slip «M >•««• as badly as UH bovs [ell >n m 1932. whM will happen? ,.,,"' M *««- Breadon anci Rickey -^Ji Uie Old Sirje aside and pst uin on ihc shoulder and s.iy after 'he manner of college fooitiii »«<..ts. -Oh. that's ail tight, char- K-«. ler ll!0k nf st time. Saw- MU* o»il>- a jramc, afier «U"j" Maybe they will. Maybe thev il« will hand Wm s tu-ket to Roch- days nt Montclalr. coach Andy Kerr, the "Wee. Soot,' ho-s built up his running attack "around them. Soleau docs the. qunrlerbacking. Ask nnd Frills do most of ir.c run- nln^, and Bob Rowe, a boy from HllUdale, Midi!, who fits hico the Montclair backfield j'.ist as (hough he hailed from that town, does the point kicking and fullbnrklng-. .Ask. and Fritts are both tpuch- olowh'threats, i,i |h» reoerir win over New York University, Whltey threw a 56-y.ud pass to.Jack for the flrst touchdown. Tlie second SCOT* came as a result of a lateral from Jack to Whltey. V : ,.._ VfllI»t|OIl> Ui •nnsylvBiila Saturday one of tho nson's hardest tests. I The undefeated team at Penn Is I IE best they have had in years. The fact thev have had Pitt men rnachliw at Penn will make it additionally harder for Penn to win There may b? a perceptible letdown' 011 our Dart after the victory over Notre Diime. Of course the team (hat beat Notre Dame should beat Penn and If Pitt Is the same that dav. Pitt should win. The outcome of other important contests for Saturday, Nov & • i believe will be: COLUMBIA vs. NAVY-Colum- a merely has to continue last Saturday's game where it Jet off -nd the Navy will be beaten ST. MARY'S vs. POHDHANT— Fordhara may rally after last Saturday's disappointment against believe s irons coast team. GEORGIA vs. N. Y. U.-Coach ;rs Into this game with the idea of wiping the Purdue affair off T" L ' ror(ralt ls tliat o( ERT 'EDWARP of the. .;c»rd£iUU? Glaus? ••" ..'..' santa veo-ttiing'. fpr' Your Enter- tainmehi »nd .Comfort I-asf time Toda>-— "Kongo" with Walter Huston and Lupe Ve]ez. Adin. — Matinee — 10 and 25e Night— 10 and 35c Thursday and Friday Atim.—Matine«—10 snd 25o Night—10 and 80o • See A Different Type of Picture Hit! HOME THEATRE and Thursday «* . hscl fa fharw c; sbj t«% f v^ h'.s iwi:?« ?i!» fifli >*J-:r in <!•» and Night— 10 and 25c See Jack Holt epic of deti>-s*»' o Misera — even vhar. "Little c»eisr' with KICHAU) -UJIXN JO«A\;> Cartoon ami Comeciy Coming — "Blessed Event" with. Leo Tracy. "Cabin in the Cotton" with Dick Barthtlenioss. "RiH ot' Dmiivonient" with John Barrymoiv. "Movie Cray" with Harold Lloyd, BY DR, J, a. "JOCK" SUTHERLAND Football Coach University of Copyright, 1932. NEA Service. Inc Tliough we came out of (he Nolr c Dame game with most of the "P rs '" 800d shal *- ! 'wl that »: " "..„!«.. i j v - v -| VHMt Cil *?"?, '" < hc . University of ver shovad Itself to be a good team in Us bame with Temple, and seems to be heller than Wyoming. OHIO STATE vs. NORTH- WESTERN—Tht s should be.» close 0115, with Northwestern having the ed»c. ILLINOIS vs. Wisconsin on form. -Piirdue the slate, and New York may win. HOLY CROSS vs. BROWN-The (earn that beat Yale and Harvard should beat Holy Sross TEXAS vs. BAYI.OR-Thc University of Texas is probably the l-°st tenm in tho Southwestern Conference, desnilo an early season loss to Centenary nnd should beat Bavlor SOUTHERN MET5IODIST vs. should lake the Asrirles NEW MEXICO vs. i.o' il.o s An>!cles)-A drubbing ,„> New Mexico. MISSOURI vs. OKLAHOMi- Wissourl iimply doesn't seem to ^° r> ' aroused because of the defeat at ,.P! vs. Al,ABAMA-ThouiSh' the hands of Pitt. Kansas is in i.i. is eooi: thia year Alabama , fo: a bad afternoon, siiowed enough in its conquest of t IOWA STATE vs. KANSAS AO- Keiitiickv to tr,ke the Vlreinisns. GIES-The Kansas Aggies. TULANE. re. GEORGIA TECH- i - ^^^• cuess is Tulane thoueh Georgin T.ech has been showing improvement. TENNESSEE vs. MISSISSIPPI AGGlES-Tenne5?ee again seems to have on.? of those teams that refuses to be, beaten. MISSISSIPPI ; V s. JI7NNESOTA —It seems beyond' the realm of cuosswork to say that Minnesota will win this one. BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer WISCONSIN- IOWA vs. NEBRASKA — No braska. PURDUE vs. seems to and has more power and speed than Chicago. NOTRE DAME vs. KANSAS- . . The South Bend team will CAUPORNIA vs. SOUTHERN CAlJFORNIA-The Trojans lost a valuable mail in Mohler hut Jffnis to hav 0 snounh other valuable men to beat California WASHINGTON vs. STANFORD —Stanford is due [or a comeback after two successive losses and Washington probably will t e (he OREGON vs. OREGON STATE -Coach Paul Schissler at Oregon Ptnle says if his team doesn't win this one he will quit. But Oregon sffnis to b e too strong; for the S:.iters. UTAH vs. COLORADO — The came should be close but I believe i Ui.ih has enough to win | INDIANA vs. MICHIGAN — fiw games and should defeat the team that was licked by Chicago DENVER vs. WYOMING-Den- Caiulidates l (A or Town Team Hold Their First Drill Atxml a dozen m.iriWaifs ,,.., the Blythevllic independent foot- , ball team turned out for a wort-- ' out at Ha.'ey Field last night. i The drill was ihe first p'.aatu-d ', by the town team and consisted mostly of exercises and driai df- siened to give the former hish! school and college players "frel" of the ball. J. P. Friend, Louisiana college alumnus, had charge of the drill in the absence of Joe Craip. newly ei.»cied roach of the toim team." The local a?gregat:on will work out every night unripr the floodlights at Haley Field from 6 o'clock to 7 o'clock. A same has been scheduled with tho Kwmett town ! team for next Tuesday although I considerable doubt exists as "to; whether the locnl s can get in • shape for the game by that time. I GRANTS PASS, Ore. (UP)—O-- i deer" -ill- /"Inll.... ,rt . . ", ' " 1 " x -*- - •- "-.. t= : buck missed. Undaunted, 'J at th * OTa " Iorked h0rn dt,wn with one b CERTIFIED same . same size • * same shape . .now 5c straight .. 3 for lOc We are very happy to make this im- porrant announcement to the millions of smokers who want a fine, long- filler cigar of modest price. Certified Crcrno at 5f has for years been America's greatest cigar value. Now *** 5* STRAIGHT— $ for 10<?, Cerrified Crcnx) ushers in a new and still greater ciga r value/This is madepossible by our tremendous reserve of fine long-filler tobacco, our modern up-to-the-minute methods of manufacture and our large volume sales. The great savings thus effected are now passed on to you. No matter where you live, in city, country, town or villagCj you will find Certified Cremo Cigars of the same fine uniform quality that you have always enjoyed . . ; . the same in size and the same famous perfecto shape. Finished under glass for your sanitary protection. P. $.— Uit t ,; tt > important Crtmo a*xwnct- *t*t, ntiuvrk, Tw«aL-), Tbundtj tHte Pngrmm, PKES/DEM-...THE AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY »™tv j ,. »•»-• , !*•;£.'•-.- -.^•x",".-..-'.-"^- ; *c * .:*,-,

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