The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1937
Page 2
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- (A£k.) ; cbimiEifi iey Club' Has' Luncheon. Ur4,~J. 'T\ Phillips was to' the ' Thursday Contract club this week when she had R luncheon, ! instead of the usual afternoon 1 game. S^ie used jonquils and Saint' Patrick place cards and favors to carry out a- springtime motif . *> s In the card eoniei>, Mrs. P. B Jojner won a pair of vases for the prize, • * *• * Ceitbratfs Birtbda). Gwrge W., Barham iiad'a birthday jesterd'ay,' so Mrs, Barham had a family, dinner for him la">l night, r and 'neighbors .dropped In after dinner. fo seorigratulate him The 'centerpiece *of the table utis n cake^decoratecV in, tiny candles, in the, shape of, a' question mark, as he (refused to divulge Ills age * ^- * * Entertains: x ClBbs And Several Guests. 1 Mrs, Elton V. Klrby had teo bridge luncheons tas^ueek when she entertained membeis of IJio Wednesday and^Mid-Week Bridge clubs' and several _gucsts. For* trie. parly Wednesday, mem- beif^of', the 'bridge club which mee{s>'o'n that day, and Mrs Mari I^obliWn, Mrs. Henry Humph,,Mrs.,'- Li 1 E Old and Mrs. M A. isaaci , were served lunch at small' 1 . tables^ which' had centerpieces „' of-' yellow^ ^ roses ' Mixed spring/ flowers Vcre used in thf Hying and dining rooms In the card- games- which- followed Mrs Harry KIlby 1 tfbri- first ahd Mrs W. ''J Pollard, second, among Hid memters nnd Mrs. Humphrey received the guest, prize. , For Thursday's party members of ,the Mld-Week club and Mrs Rodney L Banister were guests Tliev had lunch nl the dlnln tabje, which Has decorafed with ;\ biiuquet of ml\ed flowers. Mrs B, ^A Lynch "uon the bridgr pniB. ^ .* • • • Ha£< Birthday Part>. i'. UHly Van \Vrlght was clghl years old yesterday so ho had B birthday party at the home of his , aunt, Mrs. Jdell Blackard. The 27 guests pla>ed games ant contests In which Carl Mullln- •v\on"& prize A lish ix>nd held canfly for alt the toss and girls Ice cream and birthday cake •we ro served. * • * Bride Ghen Sh<S\\ci. Mrs J. E Hentey, -who was be fqie hei recent marriage, Miss MfYfcn .Foster, «,!•> guest of hono) at fa 'shower paity ghen lasl night at the home of Miss Blanche Kyle when these employes of 111' Kress store Mere-hosiessts MISSEJ Louise , Kuvg, Jean Aimantroiit Ann'Bombolaskl, Willie Lynn Ed wards, Ella Tashner and Geral- dlne Rylee. It ft rlnh supper and latei 4he,; bride ^as pi'£seri|xl glfti for^'her kitchen . • • CInb Enlertaintd. JIrs Loy Welch had the Thursday Bridge club this week when Mrs S Jicdel was a guest The ladles played cards in the livni[ ream, where jonquils had been arranged in colorful holders / salad plate 'vvas smed alter Hit game. The prize Iran, went to Mrs U 'A Tayloi, and Mrs Jledc was; presented :•. handkerchief. : •'.-•' •'» Eri(Jsc Club attdi, The bridge club which nvcetf f every other Tuesday afternoon wai entertained this seek by Mrs. M G. Goodwin when Mrs B D Ferguson was a guest The hostess used jonquils, puss> willows and forsythia to dccorati the ' liMng room and the Saint Patrick motif -nas used in tin place cards and favors A salad plate was served Has' Birthday Party. Ed,win Halstead, son of Mr anr" Mrs,' Dave Halstead, had a parts- Wednesday afternoon in celebration; of, his sixth birthday. After games ice cream and birthday cake, topped ivith six pink candles, \i,ere served Two Successful Finesses and Squeeze Produce Needed Slam •BY.-WM....E. McKENNEV . Secretary American Bridge League When a bridge partnership has reached a small .slam contract which -requires' two successful tin-; esses and a prjucezc to fulfill It, it mist'be admitted that the btddlng has;been a shade too strong.'However; youth -isv optimistic. Richard Hymes, a younger brother ol Edward Hynic-s, Jr., the well known bridge star, and his partner held the North and South Bits of News Mostly Personal 4 2 V A Q 10 • K 10 98 T * 010 3 2 VKJ5 »J53 • + AK9 Rubber—All vul. ;South Wttl North East 1 * Pass 14 2«. 3* Pass 5« Pass 6 4 Pass Pass Pass ; Opening lead—4 Z. 26 Today's Contract Problem South's contract Is three no trump. After having lost tlie llrst trick, and 'wort thu second diamond, IK* take.i the spade iltiesse und loses to East's iiucen. Can ileclnrer still make liis coiiti't'l? A A.J8J t A Q 5 *A!)83 * K U 5 1 ¥ K Q 4 3 » B2 None vul, O))cner — Solution in next issue. 20 piy and then n small hcnrl played. East winning with the ace. A henrl was returned and was won wltli (lie king. .' Declarer at this point saw that his one chance to make the contract 'was- to find East with the king of diamonds and the queen of clubs. lie. led four rounds of FLAPPER FANNYc By Sylvia -0 11 «* MBVICt. I«C. •!. M. MO. U. 0. PAT. Of F.. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY. 26, ~ i<J37 ' ,, •>ii! ; lands, llj'ines, sitting North, when IB-taw Ilio (lummy, knew he had iillc ii 'problem. The .opening lend of the two o[ jades was won by dcclaier with he ten. A small heart was led. Vhen Bust played low, the Jack, ."» _ . as finessed and It held the trick, then took' Ilirco clubs ami the ace nollier trump \\as led from (liim-lof diamonds to fulnil his contract. trump and East found discarding difficult. , At the ninth trick East held the queen and two ,small club", and Uic king nnd.'one'diamond,'It'was Ills piny. ,_ , He gave up a club, nnd declarer M«! Mrs. Jesse Brown. Mrs. Mc- laney remained. over for several ays visit with -Jier parents, Mr. nd Mrs. Brown. .- ' 'Mr. and rMrs; Charlie .MUtlin, 1 ;lio have been 'ill with Influenza r two weeks, arc able to be out sain. A. daughter.was born to Mr. and Irs Howard Don on Monday ight, Fetamry.!22. The baby has Wednesday to her home -in~DonI- phan after spending-a month here .with her parents; Mr. and Mis. L. R. Christian. . '.- Harvey Hnyes, ,\vho hns bnen ••'acatlonlng In Hayncs City, Pla., for six wcks, returned, honib Tuesday. ' - '..'••. •'' ' . Mrs. .Will Jnckson snout Sun- tiny and Monday in Memphis ot the bedside of. her husband, who W. M. Duriw has returned from several days business 'trip" to "New Madrid and other points of southeast Missouri. George W. Barlmm attendee) to business In Kcnnctl Wednesday. Mrs. U. S. Brlscoc, who is now making her homo at Harllngen Texas, where she Is employed, will arrive within n. short ' lime to attend to business here for several days. Mrs. J. \V. Solomon, who- lias been- quite 111, Is now convalesC' ing. , J. R. Stovall has returned from Memphis where ho underwent t minor operation at a clinic. Miss Jessie Srltc and Joe Isaac: havD returned from BI-. Loul where, they bought stock for th Isaacs store. ' ' Mrs. J. L. Guard, Mrs. Cliarle Allen, Mrs. Ed Cook anil' Mrs. Gynrd's liousogucst, Mrs. Ted Lewis of New York City, are In Memphis today Mr. and Mrs. Russell Man-, will leavp withliv n few days for neai Scdalin, Mo.,. whei'o they are- >lo make their home with Mr. Marr's parents at their farm. Mr. Marr's brother, John, came down today arid •- will return tomorrow '• witli their furniture. Rutti , Cloyd, daughter 6C the Rev. aiid Mrs. Carroll Cloyd, Is a patient at the Memphis Methodist hospital. The Rev. and Mrs. 'Alfred Car- ocnler sjicnt yesterday In Memphis. Mrs. Hiram Wylle and baby „„., haVc returned from Greenwood —. artd Grcnnda, Miss, where Ihes 'isited relatives for several weeks. Mrs. B. -T. Worthy hat been :rlticnlly ill, having been stflok- :n suddenly Tuesday night, but s now niucli improved. Nine Officers to 23 PoUce you are asked to a diiiner party by: a person who docs not know: LORAIN, O.tUD-Loratn'spoi °' 'l auve « Bucsl? | JIcc department ''is well staffei) (a) Say i would like very much with executives: The present orl much to come, bul I have a ganlzatlon' comprises nine ( b)A«e 1 H 8U M 1 e" Invitation flnU I'.^ <""«»• "«H» ^tMlmen.. make other plans for your guest that evening, (c) Say, "i am sorry, but I am not free that evening," Answers 1. -Yes. 2. No, a note must also be writ- 1 n. 3. Yes. 1 Yes. 5. Yes, even if he-does not act .stantly. , Best "What Would You Do" olultei— (e). (a) almost forces i invitation for your guest. You Ight as for an Invitation for tea, reception, or a dance where umbers are not important, ecu named Felix Evelyn Bowon. has • been n patient at n hospital Miss Anna Ruth Speck, of there for n month, renchman's Bayou, was a guest : Mr. nnd Mrs.- Leonard Ednion- n the home , of Jvlrs. Wllllntn .slon St. Louis Monday to hweatt Tuesday-night, spend .several days attending a Mrs, Jesse Drown was called lo ' ' Icmphis Aycdncsday on account f the.'j'serious.-.iJlness.of her.niece Irs. Curl Stockcs. Slio wns nc- omjranled' by. her 'daughter, Mrs. ' Ix' McIIaney. * • + The MethoiTisI 'Missionary society let In the home :ot Mrs. Frnhk . hardware convention. : l Mr., nnd ^rt. E. S. : : Lan'gdbn Son, Edwin, of Amarllto, Tex., arrived last Friday to spend several weeks here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. "imngdon sr. and Mr. and: Mrs. W. R. Uuffin Clifford Hamilton left Sunday foi- Flint, Togram was led by Mrs. Thomas n the topic of "Glnistiau Educn- on, an Evangelistic Force in Iho lome Field." , Discussions were Ken by McstlameK E R :Bogim, . J. Johnston, R. H. •Owen, T. B. ludncy, P i) wood, c. H. Mc- 5anlel Concluding prayers we're •ffcrecl by -Mrs, Owen and Mrs. IcDanicl. Honiersville Society — Personal Luxora w :Society — Peisonal Hav. and Mrs. p. M. Margrave •f Annlson, Mo., were week end jucsts of Mr. nnd Mrs. B. P. Sca- augli. Mr. ^and Mrs.'E. H. Davis and latighicre, Misses Patsy and Polly, )f Trumiinn, Ark., were guests fuesday and Wednesday of Mr. nd Mrs. D. A.'.Rutfln. Mrs. H, T. Byars ot Carulhers- llle is visiting her son, Warner lyftre. this wek. Mis Ruth Nelticiland relumed •Mrs c. C. Dariehowet Is a pi- iieht in the Baptist hospital, Mcm- PhCa I.,E. BUlingsIey left Thursday lor an indefinite stay in Boone*!l!e, Ark ' , Mr. and Mrs. T. L MoHaney, and son, Thomas Lafajette 111 accompanied by Mr and Mrs Robert Rape and James Mil Jackson of Paragould, motored to Lu\ora to spend, the weekend with Mr 666 chtcks COLDS and FEVER first day Liquid,' Tablets, Headachy 3D Balfe, Hose Drops mlnntes ' Try ''Kub -My-'i ism"—v/orld's ,, . Bttt Liniment NEXT TIME YOO3TARTA N FioHT STRENGTH CIVIMO M!!.i<;F/?OM CRAfG'S DAIRY SO VOU CAM MAKE THE SCPAP -- ' where he will of his Ernest Carter and his mother and the Misses Shirley nnd Betty Jean Cope, of Maiden,.wero guests Sunday nnd Monday of tor. and Mrs. E. G. Cope and Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Cope. . .,./. Mr. nnd Mrs. Swift Hatcher, Mr. nnd Mrs. Charley Gray mid family and Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Gibson of Mouettc, Ark., wero guesls Sunda of Mr. and Mrs. Vcrnlo Hatcher. Head Courier News Want Ads Children like our pure, rich milk >C5l, and its good [or (htm because Is healthful and nourishing. GRADE A RAW MILK 'DrsjWert&Wert C< OPTOMETRISTS r Joe fears' Stora r 'MAKE "KM SEE" Phone 640 iuarl Pint luUermilk, Qt. .., lOc b'c Gc Specials All Ba Saturday Friday, & Sunday FRESH OKANGK l.AYKR.' Ka. CHOI' SUEY HOLI.S. E a 1'KCAN JiKBAI) I.oaf BRIDGE' STICKS 2° 10° 17° 9° CHOC. NUT COOKIES. Do Specials' for Hulcrcg Hour - 5 to 6 T. M. Friday-SiUurday-Sunday MACAROONS 1)07. PKCAN ROLLS Uoz 5° 12° Doz. CHOC. CHliARI ROLLS.: Ka I'ARKERHOUSE ROLLS. Do/, ... In C C Mr. mid Mrs.'W. Di - McCliirkih •ire expected to return home {o :row or Sunday from New Or- cans, where they have been at- endln; an educators meeting'. Mrs. George, M Hunt Mrs W ... -Homer, Mrs Elton W Klrbj ind ' Mrs. Harry W. Halnes Will pend tomorrow in Memphis go ng .down to see "Boy - Meeh 31ri." Mrs. Floyd Phipp, of CarUthers- ville, is .a patient at St. Joseph's hcapltalj .Memphis f ' J.-"W." Sykt's was admitted to '\Vcfl, did you remember to bring me an)' match folders from die niglit club? Or do 1 tell Papa what time it is?" the Memphis. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, hospital yesterday. Miss Dorothy Rylee is spend- ing'the week in Jackson, Tenn., os the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ottis Hoiish. Ed Jones, who has been a patient at the Memphis Baptist hospital for six weeks where he underwent two operations, Is now much Improved but Is yet unable to sit up. Mrs. Jones plans to go down lo'day to remain until Sunday. Tlielr daughter, Marilyn,' lias been with him all the time. MIND Your MANNERS Test your knowledge of correc social usages by answering th following tjueslions, then chcckln against the authoritative answer below; 1. When a . hostess iilvites friend for a .visit, should she indl cate how long he is to stay? 2. May 'a gift to one's hastes take the place of a "brend an „ . „ , _.. butter'' not*? OerVlCCS at Sanfly KlC'C • 3. If a nian asks a girl to vis tnr Mr<; AtrhAc lamp? h 'm. is it necessary for his mothe ior mrs. ngnes James to invl i e her nlbp? _ . 4. Is a man obliged lo asktfo LUXORA Ark - Mrs. Agnes rt ^^ with , hc st of honoir James died Monday afternoon at s . u thcre b a mail near u 5 her home here at the age; of 10 5noukl a wonmn wail for hhn '. years Mrs. James had .been m ill plck ; ' up anything • which shc-Ua healtli. for several years. - dropped? She leaves three'daughters, Mrs. .. whftt 'would you do if- LavRder^VasInim Memphis, Mrs. • vfMlc ym h a nouscgu e h Agnes Wilson and Mre. Etta Simp- soii,: of San Antonio, Texas, and one son, Fred James, of Luxora: Burial was 'made at Sandy Ridge i | csmetefy .Tuesday afternoon .with the Rev. Moorehend, pastor of the Oses'dla Methodist church, official- Woman Studies Quakes DBS MOINES, la. (UP) —Mrs. ernon R. Seeburger, DCS Molnes, hose hobby Is earthquakes, has nslalled new seismograph equipment granted to her-by the U. S. oast and geodetic survey. She aid her ! homemade apparatus, 'hlch she !operatcd for two years, ccorded 29 earthquake shocks in •35 and 193G. ,. ' • , Every(h!nf For Four Entertain-" ment and Comfort ; Tonight Is Pal Nile •i Adults Admitted for Price of I R 0XY >dm.—Always 10 ,i 25c—Io T»» . Show'Every Night 'latlnces Friday, SaJBriay, Sunday •'riilay & .Sunday :itlatlriee»—2il5 : alorday :• Maliftee — Cpntlnuons ••having .— 1:00 Tffl 11:00 P. M Friday - Saturday SPECIAL On Our Stage Friday. Aflerhboh / and Night Uncle Jim's KLCN Cotton Pickers Follies 20 People Stage Show ' Tell Your • Friends : Biing- the Whole Family Admission \ ^ t Read Courier News Want Ads PAT O'BRIEN HUMPHREY BOGART Tk& GneaJL QMalley Also. Novelty anil Comedy"One : Live Ohost" —Admission— „ ' Matinee—10 & -ZSr.' ' I & 3Gc '':'• Saturday Only OFFroTHK RACES i Also Fopryc Car|oon; and Serial— ' Jim" AS"SEEN IN VOGUE FOOT SAVER Skuffies! Now-Doubly Smart Because they FIT PERFECTLY •• Specialize in special Orders - I'lionc 110 New styles, new fabrics, new zip, for town and countiy gadding. But these blithe new Skuffics have that same marv j elous lit you doted on lasl fall— snug at the heel and roomy at the toe. Thanks, of course, to Fool Saver's exclusive ; Shorlback Lasl. , IQ75 The Neman: Showing— — Admission — Until 5 P M— 10 i'26c Allcr 5 lso .Carloon anrt Serial— "The 1 Figlilinj Marines' 1 Sunday - Monday Also Paramount 'News, Musical Sliorl and Comedy -• —Admission — : Sunday— All pay— 16 & 36c Monday : Matinee— 10 &. 2Sc . Mcuday Night^-lO'i & ' — Continuous Showing • Sunday— TUESDAY, MARCH Also Fox- Morietonc News and' Comedy §200 I5ANK-. NIGHT! Grand with town tweeds nr active and spectator clothes and shown in •colors of: NAVY •BROWN* GKEY WHITE JUDGE FOR YOURSELF! M Aclliis "L'nl,i,T<l TMV.Cf t'ool .Savers' |>cr- fri'l (it. Talc ;i i!< stcjK iilih die laics itaiiXliug.'Kcc htm !m , 8 lv {\ K y I'n r .,:i thatch wiltixj. • And how coinfmiabic • Ihcy '• fccll - Shoes and Hosiery- Notice To Property Owners .1 will have representatives at the : . County Courthouse i)rBlytheville,- r the Manila Banking Company at v Manila and Buster Phillips' Cafe': ; at.Leachviile Saturday, 'Feb. 27, ; and on every Saturday in March to take your assessments of property ; and your poll tax assessments. Assessment for poll tax is : an' absolute requirement of a qualified elector in any election and tlie ' time to assesses NOW. ' :: .-'• SEE TO IT P E R S ON ALL Y . T HAT YOUR • PROPERTY IS PROPERLY " ASSESSED^ AND THAT YOU ARE ASSESSED'FOR : POLL TAX. < ' R.LGaihes, : ; Mi.ssis'sippi County Assessor. •

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