The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on December 15, 1936 · 1
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 1

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1936
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NDIANAP Weather Forecast CLOUDY AND WARM. Sunrise,. 7 :00. . Sunset, 4:21. LAST EDITION ,VOL LXVIII WHOLE NO.. ..20 944 Entered ft econd-class matter at post-office Indianapolis. In 4. Issued daily. TUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 15, 1936. THIRTY-TWO PAGES monjuI THREE CENTS MAIL BY ZONES 75 TO Si A rn I 3 M I hp M-Tfr O w-s IKES Lru . IJju uiLlML) i ImJ mi . A tww. J mmm0r: EDWARD REPLIES TO' CHURCH CRITIC Defends Action in Renouncing Throne Raps "Thorough-bred" Royal Unions. HAPPY IN CHOSEN; EXILE Former Ruler Settles for Stay at Austrian Chateau Wallis May Join Him. ; Copyright. 1338, by the United Free ENZESFELD, Austria, December 15. The Duke of Windsor," happier than he ever was as Prince of Wales or King Edward VIII, discussed with friends at Enzesfeld castle today his plans to marry Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson and his hopes for the future. ' .' He telephoned Mrs. Simpson just after midnight this morning, and went to bed to rise at noon. Today was springlike and ' the Duke planned to play nine holes of golf this afternoon. ;.-. He was exuberant after reading a bundle of letters from Mrs. Simpson, brought from Cannes by his gentleman -in-waiting. Lord Brown-low, and an evening in the castle library answering them. He may have known that according to tradition whatever is done in the library of the ancient castle Is bound to succeed. Emphatic In Reaction. The Duke has learned of the at-tacks made on his manner of life by the Archbishop of Canterbury and other British notables, and has been emphatic in his reaction. He believes, it was learned, that future generations even if not his own, will agree that he did the right and manly thing In abdicating his throne to marry Mrs. Simpson "the woman I love. His view is that his alternative to seeking Mrs. Simpson's hand when she obtains her final divorce decree would have been a loveless marriage which he angrily compares to the breeding of pedigreed animals. ' ' - f He argues that such marriages are Immoral, unnatural and disastrous to the dynasties which insist on them as well as to the individuals concerned. H feels that j his romance with Mrs, Simpson is a proper one and that his love for her is hardly less sublime than his love for his mother as & child; that frankness and honesty in high places are much to be preferred to hypocrisy for the sake of appearances, as he put it. He considers divorce in loveless marriages to be a natural escape from a situation he regards as both immoral and degrading. Radiates Good Will. As for the churchmen who. have attacked him. his viewpoint is said to be that the men who have attacked him have only damaged their own institutions. f Already buoyant from his Jettisoning of the care nd strain of his royal position, Edward's spirits hit VSi new high today : after his perusal of the letters which Lord Brownlow brought from Mrs. Simpson. The former monarch radiated good will toward everyone. He was up late last night writing his answers and Lord Brownlow was expected to leave for Cannes with them today. It is insisted emphatically that the Duke will remain, here over the Christmas holidays and that he and Mrs. Simpson do not intend to meet until after her divorce is made final possibly as late as the end of April, though it may be speeded by dispensation of the British high court, ENZESFELD, Austria, December 15 (AJ.) The lonely Duke of Windsor called for sedatives today to ease the pain of torturing head and ear aches. Baron Eugene de Rothschild, his host, sent a chauffeur post-haste Continued on Taje 5, Tart 1 The Weather lndla&apolis and Vicinity Increasing cloudiness tonight, possibly becoming unsettled Wednesday; not much change in temperature, lowest tonight about 34 degrees. - Indian Increasing cloudiness, slightly warmer extreme southwest tonight; Wednesday partly eiomly cloudy, some probability light rain - extreme north.' -Other weather details on rage 1, Tart 2. OPEN till 6 o'clock Mon- Tues. and Wed. evenings. G. C. Murphy Co., 41 N. Illinois. Adv. ILL S TO N RIVIERA SOCIETY Makes Plans for Activities at Resort if Curious DcTNot Annoy Her. CANNES, France, December IS (AJFM Detectives were summoned late today to escort Mrs Wallis Simpson through a curious crowd which gathered about her after she had started a shopping trip along La Croisette, Cannes' fashionable waterfront promenade. Mrs. Simpson, accompanied by & bodyguard and her host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rogers, bad entered ft shop on her return from Nice, where the party had stopped at the American consulate. A few passersby recognized her and stopped to watch her while the purchased hosiery, gloves and handkerchiefs. Word spread rapidly through the village that "Madame Simpson was in town, and within a few minutes more than 100 per-. sons had surrounded the shop. NICE, France, December 15 AP.) Mrs. Wallis Simpson ended her voluntary seclusion in a Riviera villa "today, driving from Cannes with her host and hostess while the latter, Mrs. Herman L. Rogers, paid a business call at the United States consulate. Mrs. Simpson sat in the automobile with Rogers and a detective while Mrs. Rogers was inside. The consulate said Mrs. Rogers conferred with officials on personal matters. Througs Mrs. Rogers, Mrs, Simp-Continued on Page 5, Part 1 Last Christmas Together? Tuberculosis Invades Home Second Time as Three Little Children Wonder Whether Santa Will Visit Them This Year. This may be our last Christmas together." - - - Trying to conceal his emotions, the father of an Indianapolis family made this admission a few days ago. Time was when the K. family was finaacially secure. The children with the approach of Christmas, excitedly clamored for this and that and got it. But it is all different Mr."' K. recently recovered from an eight-month siege of tuberculosis. And- just . when things began to look brighter, a medical examination revealed that Mrs. K. had contracted the disease. Now she is on the waiting list at a sanitarium where she expects to be admitted shortly after the holidays. - In the meantime,, accumulated savings have vanished. Mr. K physically unable to take full-time employment, ? has been forced to swallow- his pride and accept assistance, from a social agency. However, in spite of the agency's help and his own earnings, there is no extra money around that house. And with memories of better days, the parents find it hard to face the holiday season. . The children include two little girls and a boy. Once they received whatever they asked for Christmas: now there is no chance of their receiving anything, -. Next year well their mother, if she lives, probably will be in the GIVE NOW Burglar Beats Santa A burglar beat Santa Claus to the home of Mrs. Jesse Mof f ett, 3726 North Meridian street, No. 35. While she was away from home some one entered and stole $20 worth of Christmas presents, including some children's toys. CATCHES DRIVER Series of Mishaps and Arrests Mars Police Traffic Safety Drive. A flareup of accidents and law violations, marred the police traffic safety drive overnight. Mrs Margaret Price, age fifty, 1914 Roosevelt avenue, was cut on the face and legs when she was struck by a hit-and-run motorist at Sixteenth and Meridian streets. William Love, colored, 254 West St. Clair street, was overtaken a mile away' by W. J. Lockhead, 3340 North Meridian street, a witness, and held for police. Love was charged -with failure to- stop after an accident, disobeying an automatic traffic signal and failure to have a driver's license. Cosmos Sansone, motorcycle policeman, was injured on the leg when his machine skidded at the same intersection as he started to pursue a motorist who had made a left turn In violation of the traffic law. Sansone was treated at the City Hospital. The motorist escaped. George Huggins, 819 North Highland avenue, taxicab driver, suffered injuries to his head and chest when he drove into the rear of a parked Continued on Page 5, Part 1 sanitarium and they are especially anxious for this Christmas to be a "happy one. It may be their last together. It would not take much money to bring Yuletide cheer to this family. A doll for one of the little girls, a pair of skates for the other and a sled, perhaps, for the boy. along with a basket of fruit and some nuts and candy, would bring unmeasured joy. The Indianapolis News- Christmas Cheer Fund hopes W be big enough to include this family on its list along with the hundreds of other cases where the need for happiness is so apparent. Bring your contributions to the first floor -of The News building cr send them to The Indianapolis News Christmas Cheer Fund. The Yule Log Dr. J. G, Jones . . . . $ 5.00 M. R. G. 1.00 In Memory of Him .......... 5.60 E. H. E. and E. 31. E. 25.00 A Friend . . 1.03 A Friend 1.00 Local No. 78, National Federation f Federal Employes. . . 5.00 Aurelia 3IcCord .......... LOO Mrs. L. R. T. ...i... LOO Mrs. George Phillip Meier,... 5.00 Richard Ellis, Veedersburg --. .25 Indianapolis Lodge No. 58 B.B. B'nai B'rith .... 5.00 RASH WTNESS KUHN-Q NINE PERSONS RECEIVE LENITY Three Marion County Men Among Those Getting Commutations or Paroles. Bandits, burglars and a bigamist were among nine persons receiving lenity from the state clemency commission today. Floyd Dunn, sentenced in Marion county in 1932 to a ten-year term at ths Indiana Reformatory for a series of "lone wolf" holdups, received a commutation of sentence, which will make him eligible for release next July. Edward Frazier, also sentenced in Marlon county for robbery in 1933, received a commutation of a ten-year sentence which will permit his release in February. He is serving time at the Reformatory. William P. Dean, sentenced in Henry county to the Indiana State Prison in 1935 for a two-to-five-year term for bigamy, received a parole. He asserted he believed his wife had obtained a divorce from him when he married the second time. His home is in Muncie. The parole petition of Earl Richardson, Washington county illiterate, who killed a thirteen-year-old boy without apparent provocation, was denied. The crime occurred in 1017. Officials at the Indiana State Prison said Richardson shows no active symptoms of insanity although he is slightly feebls-minded. Eugene Young, Indianapolis, who kicked in a window of the Carlin Music Company last April to steal a saxophone and a clarinet, was paroled. He was serving a one-to-ten-year term at the Reformatory on a charge of grand larceny. CHEVROLET PLANT DEDICATION FRIDAY Ceneral Motors Officials to Attend Opening of New Body Factory. The new commercial body plant of the Chevrolet division of General Motors Corporation, at 1100 West Henry street, scheduled to give employment to 1,400 persons annually, will be dedicated Friday at 2:30 p. m. The new plant, which replaces a half-dozen units formerly operated by Chevrolet in Indianapolis, was begun a year ago. More than 500 workmen were employed in the building of the plant, regarded one of the most modern and most completely equipped factories in the world. Production continued without the loss of a single day as workmen tore down the old building to make way for the new. Section by section, departments were switched from their former Quarters into the new plant as its units were completed. During the transition period in each part of the work, conveyor lmes were housed In the open,Tunder temporary tin roofs, in order that production might not be hindered. The new plant -will be: able to produce approximately 2,000 bodies, a day at capacity and will supply all Chevrolet's commercial body requirements for both domestic and - Continued on Page 5, Part 1 AIRLINER WITH 7 ABOARD MISSING East-Bound Transport Last : Reported .Over Utah-Hunt Is Widespread. 4 PASSENGERS ON SHIP Officials Believe Huge Craft 1 Is Down at Isolated Airfield. LOS ANGELES, December 15 (A.P.) Western Air Express officials announced today that an east-bound transport plane with four passengers and a crew of thres has been unreported since early this morning. They said Pilot S. J. Samson, once radioed he was over Milford, Utah, and said "everything O. K.' Four minutes later h3 reported he was at an altitude of 10,000 feet with "high overcast." Nothing further has been heard from the big plane. Aboard the plane, in addition to Samson, were William Bogen,- copilot, Gladys Witt, stewardsss, and the passengers, Mr. and Mrs. John Wolfe, Chicago; H. W. Edwards, who bought a ticket for Salt Lake City, and C. Christophsr, Dwight, 111. Miss Witt formerly was chief stewardess of the air line. She resigned recently to marry and flew to Kansas City with two men claiming her hand, James Roe, a pilot, and Erik Balzar. The result was that Miss Witt remained single, returned here, and three days later was hired again as a stewardess. Alvin Adams, president of Western Air Express, and Allan Bar-rie, vice-president, issusd a state ment here saying they believed the transport was down at an isolated airfield. They said trucks have been sent out from three points in Utah to search for it, the hunt centering at Milford, Delta and Salt Lake City Lover Killed by Deaf-Mute After Quarrel NEW YORK, December 15 (A.P.) For three years Valentine Orrigo, age twenty-five, a deaf-mute, poured out his love on swiftly moving fin gers to Alberta Costello, age twen ty-six, similarly afflicted. Two months ago they parted. Alberta told friends she never wanted to see him again. Last night Orrigo, who told po lice he had been practicing shooting in the meantime, met Alberta in the hallway of her apartment house in the Bronx. They quarreled wordlessly and then entered an automatic elevator. The building' superintendent, hear ing sounds of scuffling, pressed the button to bring the elevator to the basement. As it stopped, Alberta rushed out Valentine followed and fired seven shots at her, three of which struck her. .When police came they found Valentine bending over his dying sweetheart, talking to her with his fingers. Alberta died soon after admittance to Fordham Hospital. A mur der charge was filed against Valen tine. Trains Crash on Chicago 'L' in 2d Wreck CHICAGO, December 15 (UJP.) Another collision occurred today on Chicago's L system as investigation was resumed into a crash November 24 in which eleven were killed and sixty injured. Creeping through "pea soup fog with a heavy load of commuters and Christmas shoppers, an Engle-wood express bumped the rear of a Jackson Park train at the Thirty-seventh street crossing. Windows wrere broken but no one was injured-Rapid Transit Company officials said the Jackson Park train was discharging passengers at the Thirty-seventh street station on the south side. Both trains were headed south. The accident disrupted service for only a few minutes, they added. The trains carried many workers bound for the stockyards and for home on the south side. WE 6AV M socs AST f f pSHOPPIKG DAYS yTILl CHRISTMAS Jgrr I H Chiang Kai-Shek and Military - . - " ' . .... y . x'V Aids Slain as Troops Mutiny;- 'Red' Leader Broadcasts News She Does Not 1 1 f - o ft. - tM X ' .-v 1- "T.. :'. HOPE MORGAN brooding in her cell Young "Impulse Slayer" of Friend Hans , LANSING, Mich., December 15 (A.P.)--Miss Hope Morgan, age twenty-five, who confessed that a homicidal impulse caused her to kill a woman friend just a week ago, hanged herself today with a noose fashioned from her pajamas in the County Jail at Mason. She executed the self-imposed death sentence while awaiting the report of a sanity commission that examined her last week after the fatal shooting of Miss 1 Elizabeth Giltner, age twentyrfive,; daughter of a Michigan State College dean. A woman inmate of the jail noted her absence from her cell and. summoned Mrs. Allan McDonald, wife of the sheriff and jail matron. Mrs. McDonald found the body suspended from a shower bath fixture in a room adjoining the women's quarters. Coroner Ray DEMOCRATS WILL GO TO FRENCH LICK Parley Preceding Assembly Is Moved From Turkey Run State Park. Democratic members of the; 1937 legislature and-leaders of the incoming state administration will hold their prelegislative 'conference Friday and Saturday at Fench Lick, instead of at Turkey.. Run State park, Dick Heller, seTttary of the Democratic state committee, announced today. ! . ; Heller, who has been designated as executive secretary to Governor-elect M. Cliff ord . To wnsend, said inadequate housing .facilities at Turkey Run made the shift necessary. Thomas Taggart, Democratic national committeeman from Indiana, is proprietor of Frenca Lick Springs hotel where the meeting will be held. It was indicated that the majority members of the senate and the house might hold their caucuses Saturday for the purpose of selecting officers for the sixty-one-day session opening January 1. Those who have been , invited to Continued on Page 5, Part 1 Wheat Prices Decline After ; Sharp Rises CHICAGO; December 15 fA.P. Wheat prices back downward 1 to 2 cents a bushel today as the grain market reacted from yesterday steep 5-to-8-cents rise that put the highest quotations4 in seven years on the blackboards.- ' Heavy profit-taking selling caused the decline, traders said. December wheat fell to. below $1.34 and May was off to around $129. . Evidence of ' the ' underlying strength of the world wheat situation, they said, . could be seen in the 5 cent jump of wheat prices at Winnipeg. The Canadian market was closed yesterday in observance of King George's birthday,- but as soon as trading began at Winnipeg today, prices shot up the allowable limit and varied only slightly from the -peak. Wait for a Jury 3 ' X ft 4 7 s Self in Cell Gorsline said she .probably had been dead an hour. V . Sheriff s McDonald said . Miss Morgan had scrawled a confession on pages of a magazine that she killed her best friend because of "jealousy." . i The gins statement was scratched with pencil and burned matches on the margins of maga zines found in her cell. McDonald said the notes, some of them barely legible, told how Miss Morgan was "jealous and dis appointed" because her friend was about to be married, and that she felt she would be "left out of the picture." "I merely got messed up and couldn't stand the fact of being the only one left," read one part of her rambling statement scribbled in pencil about an advertisement pic turing a happily married couple. One passage in a magazine ad-Continued on Page 5, Part 1 Maritime Strike Tops List of Problems, With Congress in Offing WASHINGTON, December-" 15 CAP,) President Roosevelt returns to the White House tonight to face one of the busiest periods of his no tably active career. Scores of vital problems await his attention. He will find the maritime strike, which he'studied just before leaving a month ago, still unsettled. A batch of polite notes from foreign governments, accompanied by no ' Continued on Page" 5, Part 1 Germany Will Need Million Tons of Wheat BERLIN, December 15 (AP.) Germany faces a wheat shortage of 1,000,000 tons, the Frankfurter Zel-tuns estimates today on the basis of available supplies fixed at 4,000,000 tons. ' ; . Germany normally requires 5,000.-000 tons of wheat, the paper says It advanced as one reason for' the shortage that lack, of meat has resulted in higher consumption of cereals and that some wheat, has been used for poultry feeding because of-a lack of barley and maize. The newspaper ignoring the usual Nazi super-censorship ex presses hope the recently conclud ed German-Canada trade agreement will permit resumption of Manitoba wheat imports, but predicts the Reich eventually will have to Increase wheat-growing acrea ge 10 to 20 per cent. - : I Chancellor Adolf Hitler last fall voiced Germany's need of wheat fields and looked longingly' to the rich Russian Ukraine; possession of which he predicted would bring an era of prosperity to the Nazi state. THermann Goering, commissar for the four-ye&r plan, told the peasant congress at Goslar two weeks ago it. is their duty to- deliver fixed amounts of bread grains as ordered, and especially denounced as a "traitor every peasant who used bread grain as feed for, hogs or cattle. ; V - " v t 3 t - PRESIDENT BACK, FACING BIG TASK NANKING, China, December 15 (A.P.) Martial law throughout China, was proclaimed tonight by the Nanking government shortly after rebellious Marshal Chang IIsuesh-Liang announced the killing of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek and at least three other military leaders. . The central administration laid down a mass prohibition against all demonstrations and political movements. y Government officials gave as the reason for their drastic order the "grave' situation arising from multiple assassinations. SHANGHAI, December 1(1 (Wednesday) (AJ.) Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek and several other Chinese military leaders were killed at Sianfu after mutinous troops had rebelled. Marshal Chang 1 Isueh-Liang announced' by radio today. ' " Cold-bloodedly and without equivocation, the rebellious northern marshaJ tokTan anxious China of the slaying of the head of state. His statement brought to an end intense hopes for the safety of the premier, who last Friday was detained during a military rebellion in the inner provincial capital. Marshal Chang announced these others were killed: General Chiang Tso-Pin, former Chinese ambassador to Tokyo; General Chianjr Fang-Chen and General Chen wticu, tuuuiuuiutrr ut uituuji. aup- Shensi Sulyuan and Ninghsla borders. '. The rebel marshals, declaration came on the heels of direct advices aid. Australian-born advisor to the central government, asserted he had seen the military overloni and found him in good health and spirits.- ... , I Donald's report, however, did not state the exact time he had seen Chiang nor did it tell exactly when his information to Nanking officials had been telegraphed from the interior. 1 . Broadcasting from Slantu, Phenyl provincial capital. Marshal Ciiang also declared several other general in addition to the four he named had been killed. He did not . give their names, however.' : Japanese Action, Feared. Fears grew that Japan might take a hand in the crisis. Chang, allied with Communist armies, wants war with v Japan, return . of Manchukuo he once ruled as Manchuria and recognition of Communism. Hachiro Arita, Japanese foreign minister, based a belief in Chiang's execution on the fact that Dr. IL H. Kung had taken over the generalissimo's position as civilian head cf the Nanking government as soon as word spread concerning the capture. Tokyo observers, at the same time, said Japan could not remain on the f idellnes if it should develop that the Soviet Union had a directing hand in the coup. Russo-Japanese relations grew more strained. The Soviet government again refused to sign the Siberian fishing agreement, which is economically vital to Japan Russians charged 'that "Japanese imperialism" is behind China's crisis. . Domel Reports Chiang Dead. ' TOKYO, Wednesday, -December 16 (U.P.) The Domel (Japanese) News Agency reported today from Shanghai that Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek has been executed former Manchurlan dictator, because of Chiang's refusal to declare immediate war on Japan. The Japanese agency said the "young general" broadcast the announcement of his execution of the generalissimo from Sianfu, in the mrMint.Alnnii fiistnKSM of Shensi provice in China's far west. Marshal Chang earlier had been reported as assuring Mme. Chiang Kai-Shek at Nanking that he would be personally responsible for the safety of the generalissimo, whom he made prisoner in a bewildering revolt at Sianfu. W. II. Donald, an Australian newspaper man, who served as Mar shal Chang's confidential advisor in Mukden, flew to Sianfu as Nanking's mediator in an effort to save the life of Chiang Kai-Shek. Dome! reported from Shanghai that the Nanking leaders were concerned now also about the safety of Donald. They had expected word frcm him on the success of his negotiations with Marshal Chang but Continued on Page 5, Tart 1 News Features .,. .. .. - . Pages. Comics ........ 6, 10, 11, 12. Part 2 Crossword Puzzle ...... . . 6, Part2 Editorials 6, Part 1 Fashions 2, Part 2 Financial ...11. 15, Tart 2 Health Column ........ .6, Part 2 Movies, Theaters II, Parti Radio Programs ....... .7, Tart 2 Serial Story 5. Part 2 Sports ..8, 9. Part 2 Society .....3. Tart 2 PARTY ttf t and treats our spe cially. G. C Murphy Co 41 N Illinois. Adv.

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