The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1937
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THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF' Nnn.TiiPAc,,, ' '.. •*-*•*-*> i. 1 X_J Tf k-J VOI,. XXXIII—NO. 291 lllythevllle Courier Hlyllievllte Herald 10MINANT NEWSPAPER' OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHBAS'I' SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS D Dlylhevnie Dally Ml.ssis.slpp) Valley Lender Story, Style by First Lnrly ' -JfEBPlE Announces Plans (or I • "Fireside" Radio Talk on Night of March 9 WASHINGTON, Feb.' 2c (UP>~ I'resldeht Roosevelt said today he would make a nationwide "fire- j fide". radio talk the night or March 9 on the slate of the na- lion-a speech expected lo touch oh his judiciary reorganization plan.. - . Mr. Roosevelt did not state specifically that his fireside . chat would concern,; his judiciary plan. I Ilovvever the address - coincides with the opening, of public sen-' flic judiciary committee hearings on Ihe.proposal. Serial* Debates Itetiremenl Tlie While House announcement coincided with the expected slart of debate in the senate today on a bill already passed by the!house, providing for voluntary retirement at .full pay of supreme court justices on reaching the age of 70. The .voluntary retirement bill is •regarded in some quarters as a possible, method of easing the pressure for the president's more .weeping plan. This would follow, I* was .believed, if some supreme court Justices should . take advantage of the bill's provisions to rellre. Mr. Roosevelt said lhat in his "tire-side" chat he would discuss a great many government problems that affect the state of thc .nation.' Follows March 4 Talk The president, however, warned newspapermen: against speculating en Die subject matter of his message. . t . ' • ,.. Mr,. Roosevelt said lie would go on tlie air from the White House aL-10:30_p. nl: (e: s.''t.'), inlking for halt art hour. • ' . ! The March':9."fireside chat" will be the president's-second radio au- pwirance before the nation within, a week. He will speak over radio networks the flight, of 'March 4 when he;.celcbratcs the fourth aimivcrs-' try of. his inauguration in 1833 at a Democratic victory" dinner. New York Commission . .,'Oksy. Baer-Pastor Boutl^n"^ - '•'','' '-'-•- . this. morning- N.E\V..YORK, Feb. 20 (UP) _ The - Mid -"west Dairy Products nie New -York .state Athletic! company was cleared of a cha'r°c commission today granted a box'-l of operating'n truck nnd trailer ersjlcense to former heavyweight without state license, and tines .champion. Maxie Baer of Califor- d( » lb te the amount of a $5CO : license, were nullified. - The National Produce company was cleared of a,'charge of operating a triick without license on which a fine of $450 -had prev- ; iously been assessed.. Tlie com; I pany entered- a plea of guilty to • iv- „,. ,-, • • i a charge of overloading n truck Frank He.en.ian was cleared of aland was fined $25 i™,l BC | Ol . "'.»»<"» trespass on I Tlie Mid-West company was antl t>y Municipal Judge Doyle I cleared on Ihe basis of an a»rEe nemierson this morning. i men t it had .with a revenue" rtc ,iie court hold Flceniaii was partmeiit- agent at Paragouid for mill.v r»r - tin ^i*; T ,xi.>nt «<v_ • __!_. ..... . . . "b"*"u HM Bald Knob Hotel Fire Costs Life BALD KNOB. Ark., reb.' i UP i— One person w^s burned clentJi ami another suffered. s Veterans Rebels Slay rKinKAlb01 ^300 Loyalist Prisoners ll B lit 1 1 '• . , . ." ••-"-*<>-i niin t*l\i- niJKIIl i injuries today when fire complete'- '• I ' „„ lyii A i , i n \ >" destroyed (he Klondyfce liotll I LlCCnSO ^ J » Adoplecl De-1 »"d nti adjoining .store. Cause oV ' the blaze has not been. detennhj- \ A. If. Thomas, Little Roc] brnki lie "i wfi.; spile Pleas for Amateur| Hair Cullers . . -. he not been lie probably could have es- No'rth Uttle Rock. mnts by Rep. Sam CmiDmglmni of Hot Spring county, by a vote of 52 lo 7 adopted a barbers' license bill. anaged to >r P l )revem fill '»'crs, containing 20 „ !'' ?"'"'''' Co " (Il ' c y. Sebastian rooms anil „ also the R. u Brawner feed and !'' ? . lotcrv. store. .Value of the hotel n J i; " slln l' or t ° ! '"° measure, "'.is estlmnled at S100QO and the n I P<>ss»ge would foice all •store nt 53,000. barbers (o take .physical exam- Twenty persons were .niest<; nt 1 " :Ulo " s tt >^ would stop ti,3 e hotel.. All but Then a (led l^ o! f »™™ "'<"» "arbor to to cafetv, shortly after (he bW ! Cll!llol " E1 ' I was discovered at 5 A. M • ,' " Al ' tol >5ni, because It 1ms ha<l Firemen and cquljmiEnt weie",' 0 balljci '««', has become the' summoned from Senrcy and Jud-l ' npinB Sround of nil burners ir sonla but arrived after local for< I " lc " llcllllc wc£t . who, because ces h " ln s " ffl "' l "° '••"- ----- ces Irnil brought the blaze under (outreI. u threatened' the en-* lire business district for a "This is'. My Sloiy—and Mrs. Franklin D Roosevelt wife of the president, explained why she Wrote it at a New .York reception in ceichralion of her aulobiosraphs undef 'ihit title Pioudin» stjle news as well as comments, on hci Ihe storj Mrs Rooseutt vsoie this informal altire with her initials on the iscot tie of hei blouse Judge Orders Acquittals 'at New Trials for Two Concerns j Two fines assessed recently in J municipal court were set aside, r new trials grantrd and an ac- ordered in both cases by 'oylc Henderson ula and - approved a Madison Square . Onrrten bout involving •Bner and Bob Pastor, scheduled for March 19. Cleared of Trespass r • , a aragou y or -no. criminal ollensc in! operating trucks Into this , he had- entered under . sc n operang rucks Into this state keeping possession of a H-acre fro,,, Missouri. Local revenue o!ac of land, near Manila,- which .fleers claimed the company had he had- nt no such agreement with them but : did admit lhat n department of- i ficcr at paragould advised them • to "forget" the case against Mid- West here. Scouts Climax Day With Banquet at Hut BlJtheullc.Boj^Scouts field their annual nthir and Sou banquet •it Die" I egion then ,Hiit last night, -d-vy is cih ol ftelals. R i. Lundquist. district scout of ficial. made the principal address Til peal bill w »j | H Speakci John | I j| support of tl Former Navy Officers Is r. iven Four to .Twelve' (Years f -...v-^-,.- ; . _ John S. Farnsworth. former U S na- ' ' ' of the evening, discussing tbe various phases -'or scout work and awarding merit, badges to a group of Scouts. •' W. beou Smith jr., made the address of welcome on behalf o) the scouts and Marcus Evrardl, h .. • ,, responded for ;t he fathers. „.*.„?',, Ross Stevens, commander of the JWIBmelu Dud Cason post of the American naval- officer, 'wa's:'sentenced.' Injustice James M, Proctor toclny. to not tos, than; four and'not more -nan 12 years in prison for con- to communicate American laval information to Japan Scnlencc r onner nav 1 ^r failed iii tempt to suffering f,- om c || senscs ^. lllc| y «ould pieicnt Ihem 'Irom pracltc- ._ >"S Ihe tuule in oilier slales 11 come licie to make a living'- Condiev sulrt. B I-'llibustcr Cut Shorl i«, T '!. 0 < ! a ". y "^'"O'nB lio'iir filibus thc'/Vcssfcy llqiioi ic cut short when ii Bmnsford, with the . - - "'c house,, cut the '. morning hour to 30 minutes instead of the full co minutes that tins been allowed in the past Oov Carl E. Bailey, following n con eiencc with stale •iiMspapei publisher, Prepared shortly after noon lo sign .House •'n'lir 391 clc fining, the qualificaliotis that, a publication must possess to be classified- as a'"legal newspnpei the bill by Ellis Newport publisher, and b> was .overcome when the agreed une, Legion, and Neill Reed, spoke •-vithdrew prevent switencin B motion r or nrrest of attorney, Richard Tedrow "- the motion when court -, . in L.I L.ISIJII; Will house printing committee ngrecd -r the ^^^^Z*^ would allow the prolestinu pnblf- venth hour at- behatf of the I>gion Mayor Cecil Shmie, E M -Terry- and Crawford Noble were 'among I i™ s T . e< f"^ "'at he •Toiivened today. U wa s lnn(lc a Justice Proctor the guests of honor introduced r'arns- pennit- , n- change his original plea to onor nroduced a pea o Floyd \Vtiite. chairman of the'"™,, 0 ' ", ot 8'i"ly and stand trial Court of Honor, was also among the guests. The Rev. S, H. Salmon, pastor of the First Presbyterian church rendered Ihe Invocation. on the charges •Farnsworth first pleaded "nolo ' r •*.! m ' U ' lg thereby l n effect ad- Irulh of the New York Cotton NEW YORK: Feb. 2G (UP) — j Missouri Flood Victim j Finds Rings in Sweater SENATH. Mo. — Some one in '. Missouri or Illinois who sent a sweater to Cape Girardcau, Mo I to be given, to a flood sufferer sent i along in the pocket three rings j that were probably not intended lo be donated. Thc garment went from Cape I Girardeau to Samuel T. Adams . - uiraraemi 10 Samuel T. \Neci all be a whole lot better Fo£t at Kennett. Mo., and if wed ' on if . ., was wed just enjoy what we scnl b >' '"« P°st officers, a i onc cot and not worry about what the witl > "tt\er garments, to W c f f M J has - A wo '»an can be Cancer, in charge of Ihe distribu- periectiy happy because she bought tl011 herc - Cancer gave the sweat- a fi 1 er lo n mni1 named Straddle who 'discovered the rings and returned fitly cent dish pan v ----- «^, L4 1>ai , jor ;i lu -ttT. LI iu u eight cents until she finds out that discover, her fnend got the same pan or' thm1 «> t nirr v.itnvfm A r««i * .. r ; r\,,^ :. thirty-seven. Cancer. Ihe time • ..... *~^ yi me tune when you think the other fella's seUIn' a better deal than you ar« ' .h ( M - ' that theres a catch In it A travelin' salesman stopped at X- AI.TI! T\ ....... - .. - _ .. * *^ w One is a high school girl's class pin with O. T. S. engraved on it Another Is a ooy's 1929 ring bearing thc name of V. Angell. Tlie third is a baby ring. Thc rings will my Aunt Dully's boardin' house: one lime and the next momin • he ', come down and he says "if you <l°»'t give me a better bed I'm" sotma move out." And Aunt Dutty says "All the beds are exactly alike in this place." He says "No, I laid ij^ awake all night — J * •-'-- •' - |jul . be returned to thc owner if identification is made to Cancer. Chicago Wheat il ,,,"!, gh low close '] 31 3 ' 4 129 5 ' 8 "t'3-8 '"* " 3 7 ' 8 112 i: *'»» Chicago Corn Cotton March May July . Oct Doc Jan I steady, open high low 1280 1295 1283 12C5 1268 1262 12-17 1248 1243 1192 1198 1191 1183 1191 1180 close 120-t 12G7 1245 11D4 1189 merit's charges, although not tecli- Inlcally pleading guilty. He asked permission to change the plea to lot guilty on the ground that he vas subjected to "heavy .pressure" ocfore he consented to make the nolo conlendere plea. 1187 1183 1185 1188 Spot Average Is 13.00 Thc average price of 7-8 Inch middling cotton on the ten designated spot markets today was 13 Formed to Remind Absent-Minded Spouses ST LOUIS iupT-A mild rush v abscnt-mliutcd husbands to enroll m he Optimist Club | 5 ex . peeled since announcement of Ihe a ™ lcc Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 2C (UP)— Cotton futures closed four to eicht points higher .today with March leading the upward reminding system for vife saver" plan, accord-=ar Walsh secretary- Hn !" P !nrmn» t 'o t -' Illder " 1C * ystcr " sary will be mailed to each member three days in advance in n pl»n envelope marked -personal'." Mrs. Walsh sniffs <u the idea callous to newspapers be classified as though iieilhcr sccoml clns - s per- second class is one of the J <c sen ice men and membeis of the Namur yarnson above iniri in 1 tribute lo the laic King Albert, Belgian World War leader in services at the white cross ah thQ hillside at Marchc' "Les Dames, commemorating Ihe third anniversary of his death in a mountain clirnbing accident.. Possession of mailing permit „.., U1IB „, lno nualincations incorporated In thei senate refused to reconsider the teachers' pension, bill, p.iis- "I yesterday by a vote of 18 lo 14 . L»|uor Store ISUJ Action upon the Smith-Coleman bill providing for state owned II- Quor stores was mn<Ie. a special order for Monday niorning follo>v- J; o ° ureXplraUc " of "'e' morning Senator Clyde Ellis' bill prohibiting (axing of corporation profits made out of the state was acted upon favorably. Ellis ex- Plained that the bill was»ncd to encourage corporalions tV organize in Arkansas. Senator Alfred Featherslon's bill to provide for teaching the hnrm- " effects of alcohol In schools ful Dies al Memphis MEMPHIS, Tcnn.. Feb. 2C (UP) —David Paul Hilton, <j4-yeai-old organizer ot the Delta Refining company, died at a local hospital last night following a brief illness. He was first vice-president of (he Izaak Walton League of Ark- insas. CiiniiAL-TAU, Feb. '20 I III') Informed sources reported today thill 300 of-a total ol 4^ loyalist iiisoiKis hkui fiom Mama lo l.a I.luca, nciir .here, have I Ucn shot utthaul liinl [ Thc prisoners,- unlives of Lai Linen, were executed nt night in Sioi'ps of 25. Their relatives were unaware of Die executions until they carried meals' to Ihem Ihe r .- ..? Imndnrl Hies of the tlcntl. Aulhoiilicb yuic icnoilcd lo hn\c fcibidden the ichltvcs I any sign of mourning. Office)s Pour Gas'I lirougK' factoiy Windows Fiom 40-Foot Towei WAUKEGAN, 111, rcb is (OP) .„ ,....., ,.,,. —Slity '-tieiiff's deputies, cmplov- ine t da\ onlj to be handed Ihei 1 "t ' ttoc "!Dn tower mounted on driiu^ r,r ih»-,i nn ,i a iiuci dubbed ,'the 'liojtm id to hnic, ';°'? e listed neailj 100 sit-down lo display "''CIS out of Ihe F-insteel Metal- 1 Untjlcil cci|K)intion planli today Kith ii onc-lipiu baiinge of tciu ind sickening gas ,, Tin. 40-foot toiiei '«as backed un lo plant v,lndows and carlildge intlci cnililileo of gas HIS poured -24 to the minute—into thc fiist nnd second stales fiom "gas nm- chlne gnus" thiust f , 0 , n n , lng Ilon»(i Iden from Greeks ' Hi? hoi so vas Invented by .1 ompaii} nttqincy— i foimei college piofcssoi and student of tin 5LMFR flF GIRL DIES ON Sic Genevievc Scene of Public. Cxcci Is tiOI) Slf. ClFNtVlEVL Mo tcb 20 UP)—Hint Himlj 3J j Pm O j,| urdciei of n r»itn thl \\lio (odaj lion, residents settlement, river, The trap snld lie got the idea from the ancient Giecks, who pcnetinted tho vinlls of Tioy with n li" D e wooden horse in v>hlch \nrrtors were concealed. Shcrlfr I, A Dooliltlc announced 82 sll dgnu btilkeis who had laid IWo Funstcel .buildings since rumum 11 would be aircsted ou «ilfs of "body attachment" He sent deputies to se.uch foi ' tv/o orsaiiizeis hi John Ij r mlllee foi industifal com- Organiza- - llon, foi »hoin simllai wilu, vverc issued sccictly last nlghl These aic Me\ci Adelman nnd Ontlej Mills of Ihe steel woikers orfian- committee Ktpullc erected around .a tempora'ry,';'gTl-:| wo<; «'c ' <A\ .... „,„,... lows three monllis' ago. the Shcr- gaining rcpicscnlntlvc of Falistccl lit. Louis Zlegler, spfiuif ' ' ^per.spnnlly ^although'-UMii 'nhialeui'. llangsman from ! Hniinn: ...... *.*,. VI Ul Ik lUI III \y\l\ \\l\O spumed lili lo;c \\nsr hail cd hue In a semi publl CM.CU .wed l:v mcrf. limn "MO of tht.s small French on. the- Mississippi sprung at 1:55 M., sending the lime quarry worker to his death as penalty for shelling nnd killing 10-ycar- old Ethel Fnhnestock because .lie wanted no one else lo have her. - -----~ The hanging' took place al 1:55 Dtpullcs, Injured P. M., In a. pine board enclosurej' A'ld'nnii, a foimer pastry cook St'tictfd nrnnml n fVniiism-n J,. • -it I tt*n^ flic lIlQSCll CflHeMluA 1 _ . icscntn'tlvc of Palistccl woUcis «Jio belong to the Amalgamated ^ Iron, Steel and Tin r Work Tlic comprmjs refusal ~[n ttllli outside professional agitators' precipitated . the sit- down. Authorliics announced, that "Bye • six' shcihTs deputies weie treated bj doctors and lhat olheis were iflecled by Ras 0 V mjmeil u> missiles Inn led by sttiteib before thc capitulation More than ICO strikers had sel/ cd Ihe plants reb 17 to enforce*' tlieh demand'; foi collective bai- giiinlng and recognition of then union > T ' Homer Approves'iLtLm ' SPRINGFIELD, 111, IebV>26 lU P( -Gov Henry Horncr todas dc- claicd his disappio\al of si't-doW strlf.cs terming them illegal "lit Illinois and commended a Lake „ county sherifT foi eitctfmr su|fi> strikers at thc n<nstecl Metallur"i' ical coipomllon's Noiih Clucira plants _^ Homer had sought for several days this ; ucek ; to',bring thc op" , ..., r ., ; : supervising details. The trap 1 -was tested sWeral tlnjcs yesterday jm& t • today was pro- nouncccl to be, In first cinss con-' dltfon." • •- ' : '••''. Although ,, (lie hanging p nl 'i y could- be' atfemle'd only by 'iiivlta- ticn,' there were more than Die usual iiumber-of persons on the street through thb • day. Several hun- tlrcd invllatloris lind been Issued. Ffclinn that ran high immediately alter Ihe girl's murder In Sept, 1035. had subsided, the sheriff .reported. tlardy was convicted a month after the. killing - ; and nt lhat time it was thought ncc- rssury to hold htm in jail at ne?iby Kitrmlngton because o( tile dangt-i- ol mob violence. . : Hold Double Funeral fo r Hornersville Couple HORNERSVILLE, \fo.— Funeral services for Mr. and Mrs. p L Blnnkensliip, both of whom died last week, were held Sunday at Hie First Baptist church by the Rev. Mr. AiKicrson.^ijastor of the Baptist church at IfSlcomb. where Mr. and Mrs. Blenkcnship formerly lived. Mr. Blankcnship died Tuesday, Fcbnmry , and Mrs. Blankeii- , r posing forces together There is no warrant in h\\ to Justify a so-called 'sll-donn 1 strike ' ziornei said ire pomle'd out that action of Sheriff L. A Doohttle nt North Chicago this morning was • legal and rcqiiivccl b> his oath of office' Hilton, an outstanding s- j man, had organize^ a trap shoot- was passed. ^ Chain Store Tax Amended to" IO th!! y ^"'"J" 1 i "» e " dl '"'»t- li i>»£ club 'and several" flsiifiig"and tore tax Inu'T'tTT 1 .«"•""«•»«»« clubs in the vicinity of ••'ore tax lull held the senate Marlanna, Ark. m^essfcn until G p. M. yesler-j. A native of Charlotte. N. C.. The amendments were bitterly opposed by thc bill's supporters, rincipal argument centered around amendment removing from thc a nrovfsion that would have . . .. ;he was a resident of eastern Ark- bll! made thc chain store tax- He lor 15 years. ,- M was in tlie cotton business | nil( j' I Among those litre from out of i town for the funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. A. Dlankcnship, ylint Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Blnii-l R tccnt kenshlp, Muskogee, Okla.- Mrs I c ' cc 'i°n, Bcniicc Allen, Lubbock, Tex.;. Mr]' |lrou<ictl 'contests and Mrs. A very Blankcnship'' and family, Mr. and. Mrs. J. H- Fray " ' sou. of Kennett; Mr. and and son tut One .fliaermanic Seat Are Now Contested leading ine upward swing of I l^^'<••^ / r/rc'N, European rei»rls and a demand! NEW ''ORK, Feb. 26 (UP) — for spot cotton. . (Stocks displayed a quiet strength! Ufarcli July Oct Dec Jan open high tow close! to:la - v with 'dgher era dc issues 1271 1279 1268 1278 i r>s ?'" rCTIIn »»' leadership. 1259 1243 1187 1192 1193 1262 1257 12« 1238 1199 1187 1193 1192 1193- 1193 Spots closed steady at 1300, up 1262 1241 1183 1193 { 1193 j A T and T American Waterworks Anaconda Conjwr Bethlehem Steel at Maiianna before" moving lo Memphis in 1922. He leaves his widow, Mrs. Dcr- — v....,,* ^LUII. i;i.\ nil- " ln ^ a nlcts Hilton, a son, H. T Piicable to the entire number of;"ilton. and a daughter, Mrs 'j stores in a chain, whether opcr-! D - McConnlco. ". alcd in Arkansas or elsewhere, i Ilic amendment eliminating this] T n irovislon was signed by Ward of I I WO Decrees ire. John Sando, Mr. Hooper, and J.. C. Blankcnship, of Senath; Rev. and Mrs. Anderson niid daughter, Mr. 'and Mrs. Claude Meadows. W. D. McOee, Mrs Ed Pattei field and children, of Hoi- comb, and Everctle" Blankcnship of Caruthersville. WO tlon ot .ilt 6 hhic." for e\eiy iof- • filed n 1th-the e\cep- nrit "aard aldemnti '.W \V Holhpeter and Aldeinfaii Marion Williams hale been can" Provision was signed by ..„,„ „, Balesville and 16 other senators. It was adopted 18 to 15. Pagan, 1 Two divorce decrees have 176 1-4 . »v vtd^ 20 '- 2 1 changi "?-||that he ,^,:? Ition " been five. Livestock EAST ST. I.OUIS, Feb. 26 (UP1 -Hogs: receipts 8000 Top 10.25 170-230 Ibs 10.10-10.25 Light weights 6.75-0.75 Bulk SOH.S 9.40-9.G5 Catllc: receipts 1,200 Steers (nominal roii'c) 0.00-12.75 " • M C«-7.w arllnSS and " Olfm Slaughter heifers COO-lOSfl Beef -cows 1.75-5.75 •-'•• ' Cutlers and low cutters 3.50-4.25 Coca Cola 133 General American Tank Genfrol Electric 60 .-„ General Motors 651-4 International Harvester "103 1-2 ~,,.^., iu w tv ,, j-i, 5 u<i,. i*u uivurte necrccs have been his vote, gave notice granted recently by Chancellor, will .seek reconsidcra-j J. F. Gaulney. Uncontcstcd. the 25 1-21 i cases \vere submitted lo the chan- 41-4 Thompson, co-author with Fagan.j ""or In vacation. )8 [ohBrged that thc amendment had! Mrs. Prances C. Sccoy has been destroyed Usefulness cf Ihe bill j Carded a decree of divorce from ( . 2 a "d urged withdrawal of the inca- j Byars H. Sccoy on the'grou sure. "I'm through." he declared \» ! Indignities. Julian Hawkins Is New 38th Circuit Reporter n- didates for major" for some time but other contests ha\e been id- tied lately Estes Umsfoid third ward alderman , for many years has dp- Poiilion m Damon McLeod who formerly scr\ed along with Luhs- ford as third ward nliemian Joi : a number of jcare but reined ! from politic.s. * Floyd White, who made formal McKesson -H obb In s Montgomery Ward New York Central ."" Packard Phillips Petroleum ..... Radio Corp '. St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed-Standard of N J •.'. Etudebaker Texas Corp U S Smelting ....."' US Steel Warner Dros Zonlle '".' 13 1-8 ind 45 I«» II 3-8," when the roll call on (lie amendment was announced. Fngan said he would demand a final vote on measure today. Tc.irhcr Heli'mnenl Passage of the im|X>rlant Icacher 11 1 -2 j retirement bill apparently surpris- 4 3-8,cd even Its advocates. Thompson, 51 3-4 author of the bill, was not In the 12 1-8 chamber when It was passed and 18 1-4 did not know tint it had been 52 called up. Milton Yarbro has been awarded a decree from Mrs. Edilh Yarbro on the ground of desertion. H. Schult. former court reporter, J. U Guard, seeking a full term who last week was appointed Judge I as first ward alderman afler sm- of the 38th judicial circuit by Gov. ing out an uncspircd term ,s Lloyd C, Stark to succeed Judge ' unoppwed James M. Reeves, who resigned toj retunrto private practice, has an-i nouuccd the appointment of iulian j WEATHER C. Hawkins as court reporter ' ntrtinEK _ . ......,., ,. 0 tumi. iv^/uitcl. • • [ Hawkins, son of Mr and Mrs . , (Noah c. Hawkins, was born am! » A . lk * nsas - Sno » or freezing rain' (educated here. H« <.<= ,,,, mo r ri ^ tonight and .Saturday. Continued ! .,~<,,, \j. iirtwMiu>, was uorn ai A tittle lemon jui« squeezed | educated here. He is unmarried" into the water in which they arc 1 The 38th circuit embraces Pcml- cookcd will make potatoes whiter scot and New Madrid cqunttes. r I » "vn 11-1 a IIU IJ Lieutenant Governor Bailey an-1 Tlie average and impart a more delicntc flavor. > Trlplc-Divldc Moiintatn in Oln- clcr National - - - three oceans: Pacific, and the Arctic.. Park drains Into thc Atlantic, the tin 7 KHA, j • .1 , ' " le avm >St! lime taken by a ? {'Si? e " the m0rnin 8thatscna- Ulephone operator lo answer a IS •?' tors haying noncontrovcrsal bills' subscriber's Mil is 48 -seconds. 7 1-p (Continued on page three) 'according to official tests- Profllin Wheat Sl _ _ average crop years an 'industry making comix>sitlou' 'board from wheat straw would prove success- .tu) in North Dakota, :bellevcs Dean - ' night and .Saturday. ContinuW cold tonight ' Not' quite EO cold Saturday ^ Memphis and vicinity—Incrcas- j ing cloudiness, followed by rain or i sno\\ ' —In night , Lr.C.- Horringtwi' O f . . .. university's school of mirtes Dakota cold tonight. Tlie maximum temperature hero yesterday, was «,' Minimum ?5,, according (o'Samuol F Nw- .ris, official weather objer\cr.

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