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Lincoln, Nebraska
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TWO NEBRASKA STATE JOURNAL, LINCOLN, SATURDAY, JULY 41912 tier Bfeatlon Pheasants aren't First address Complete' list i in mil, so couldn Plans for second front find favorable backing in Canada Concert closes third summer music course Buttarteug for sheriff. PoL ad. State Securities win not be open July 4to Leg ai see draft board Charlee Eugene Spoor, 83, draf Bp Oeaadam laetWat command Co. TORONTO. Popular demand tee, could not appear before local Mors than 700 persons Thursday for second front against the Germans, which has dominated British thinking for some months, finds loud echo In Canada, Thruout the A asset eeaaad rraat tMtf AtoaakBJ ssVaMTl fTfMeasl 1 1 Moat of the 6 percent against second front believe that a land attack In Europe will be unnecessarythat Germany can be defeated without such an operation, thru Intensified air attacks and increasing allied aid to Russia.

The poll reveals an interesting sidelight on public thinking In Quebec In Canada's recent plebiscite Quebec voted sgalnst freeing the government'! hand to conscript men for overseas service. Yet in today's survey the people Spot CUB coin Motor The banks of Lincoln will not be opfl Saturday, July 4th, Jnd. Dendenoe day, legal Aav Home Daws, tha linooln Jour nal mailed to your vacation ad' dress for the regular city carrlar Remember your Sunday Want Ad If you're going to be busy 'later phone It now. Call 2-U33 dp 1-1234 to eharce your ad! Petition for admlnUtration the estate of alary Paap, who died Juns 23 In Lincoln, was filed cbuntv court Thursday. Petitioner, Herbert Paap.

a eon. eska that he of In dominion nearly half of voters polled by the Canadian In be named administrator. Another soiaier ana civuian aime, by pheasants should not be a con-son, rioyd Paap, and petitioner "I want you to know," Colonel troversial issue between the de-are the only heirs. Duncan told the gathering, that partment and the average farmer um the criteria of a good soldier are hut rather ahould be a Droblem to night attended the last concert series of three at the Student Union by members of the all-state high school summer music course. The course, whose members repre sent four midweatern states, sponsored by the University of Nebraska school of fine arts.

Thursday's concert, given by the band, chorus and orchestra, concludes the third year for the course. Direction of the band was In charge of Walter Olsen, guest dl rector from Fremont, while the chorus was under Lytton Devls, guest director from Omaha and the orchestra under Emanuel Wiahnow. David Volts, genera supervisor of the course, waa also guest conductor of group of 22 selected singers, difflr. at a a w. CalUlet.

sn orchestra number. "Oood News," by Smith, and sung by a selected group of 32 persons, and "Dedication," by Frans, voiced by tne chorus, seemingly were wall received by the audience. Grand I finale waa "Ode to America," by Cain. It was presented by the chorus and band under the dlr sc I Uon of Olsen. A dinner was held st the Stu dent Union preceding the concert Among those who spoke were Dr, R.

V. Moritt, dean of the summer course, and Dr. A. E. Westbrook, director of the school of fine arts.

Ted Brunson, Louisville; Gerry McKinsey, Stanton, and Ava Bromwlch, Cheyenne, alu of tran.lent vaa fined coeta mdav morntns In court Police arrested task elfsmrM at1 rn pairs of stockings, valued at 19.10. which were stolen from 8ears Roebuck Thursday. A study of practical air naviga i a i i uon principles "ueo. lurm vj thorlty was begun Thursday night tea. under the direction of Miss i imtvar.

altv. members were present firedr'uioTo? of Harley CaaW, i11" 5.ommnd pose. udeV penalty of arrest. In-for his country now, bed better alwldumU destroying phesssnUl draft board No, on or about June 14 for the reaaon that his domicile, accord tnar to nollce record, had been temporarily shifted to the city tall. U.

8. Commissioner Plnary hear- iT.X hY ri-rd of rklnr. nf address. Testimony Indicated he lived with his mother at 14:20 street Attempts to locate hlra there failed. He had been notified, by letter, on June 13 to appear before the board not later than June IS.

According to the police, Spoor entered the city Jail Just after midnight on the morning of June 14 and bad been there since. Judge Whitmore held that the government had not proved that Spoor had actually changed his address. Spoor was represented by Attorney Herbert W. Balrd. -io iUaUCllUC lllOIliaS new president of junior auxiliary Madeline Thomas Thursday night was elected president of American Legion Junior auxiliary at the horns of Its sponsor, Mrs.

P. W. Bockoven, 2412 A. She suc ceeds Minnie Mse Bockoven. Other officers re Ruth Alice Johnson, vice president: Lenora Kitrell, secretary; Donna Yoho, treasurer; Dorothy Burton, chap lain: Gwen Hennlngsen, historian; and Norms Jean color bearer.

Mrs. R. R. Dana succeeds Mrs. Bockoven as sponsor.

-10 Dry forces file liquor petition of the Harold D. Wilson, head stats dry forces, filed a petition with the secreUry of sUU Thurs- day afternoon, for the placing on the ballot of a proposal to limit the sale of alcoholic liquors and beer with more than 1 percent of alcohol to Incorporated clues, towns and villages. Wilson certified that the peti tion contained the names of S97 qualified voters of the state, distributed by counties as required by law. This Is In excess of the 7 percent of the votes cast for the governor at the last election, which is 42,057. The secretary will check the names to see if the legsl number of qualified voters signed.

10 Hail, heavy rain and electrical 8lorm at Omaha OMAHA. (UP). A terrific hall and rain storm swept the city Thursday night, leaving .67 of an Inch of precipitation. EJghtnlnff struck one chimney, throwing bricks over the lawn and melting wiring thruout the rear of the house. Residents In some parts of the cltv reDOrted hailstones as biz as Some windows-were smashed.

-lo 'U. S. fliers faced 11 1I 19 OUllS OI 7U lO 1 a tt-i 6tttdxt pnnT a S. flier said Thursday that early (n the war American aviators had faced odds of 70-to-l I I I to all men in 'Be proud of et.s.l UUUUWU lien of the Lincoln air base met their commandliif officer Thurs- day night It was col. Early, K.

w. Duncans first official appearance oerore me men in ms commanu I enu uiey gave nia oner out iurce ful address a tumultuous ovation, Shoulder to ahouider the men and officers packed the new sports arena iignt, ana weir epiru was something to sUr the hearts lderehlp and discipline. 7. 80 complaint of so dlers "I 9 "we we ow n)ud; Clean up that uniform at n'ht Proud ot tnmu.d on I 1 vnv.itii..vaeii, nawi vv hi not interested In building "beautiful baae here." "We've got a lob to do- he id. "nd that cornea first.

The I men who irmm oere mini expvci 10 out "'f We are nere to ngm ror me oui Ma or 7. 'kneed I i nrivlnr mnn at rf tn nv anm. i nlace. -fhe man or officer who gets drunk llkew ae has no nlace in this command. And tha same true of the man or officer who has no ability.

We want none of him. "I want you to point the finger of acorn at any man who nubs out deliberately in his work or course of training and I want to say at the aame time that any man who flunks out, but has put his whole heart and energies in try- ing 10 oo nis jod ngnt wui nave our commendation. "I want you to know that your officers will back you up. Make I your own conditions as good as possible. Keep strong pnystceiiy, try to improve yourselves mentally and remember above all that we are fighting a common foe!" Officers Introduced.

Preceding Colonel Duncan's ad dress, various officers of the post were Introduced to the men by Capt E. O. Bchiesl, special serv ices officer, and master of cere monies. Among them were Col. Wiley D.

Ganey, executive officer; Lieut. CoL Arnold Tr Johnson, director of training; Lieut. CoL William C. Bausch, 8-2 officer; Lieut. Col.

Oscar B. Yorker, assistant execu tive officer and flight commander; Maj. Carl N. Olson, post exchange officer; Maj. Robert a Hubbard, mess officer (whose designation as "a Mother Hubbard whose cup board la never bare" brought loudest cheers of the night); Mai.

Donald T. Carney, S-l officer; Mat A. N. Schantz, 8-4 officer; Maj. Arthur L.

Inman, quartermaster; Maj. DuPont G. Kinney, signal officer. Rafters Rattled. Then, after the Burlington band under Conductor John Schild- neck's direction had played the national anthem, Capt.

Ralph Wll- kerson led group singing which literally rattled the rafters. Among the number, were the "Marine Hymn" "a fighting song which anv man in uniform, re- gardless of branch of service snouia be proud 10 uie "Air Corps song" and "God Bless of I i I stitute of public opinion believe second front ahould be opened tn Eu rope without delsy. This cloaely parallels the attitude in Britain, where thoae with opinions believe that the opening of sec ond front while it may be costly this year, will bring worthwhile results. In Canada the Issue was put to the public In the form of an open question as follows: "One nears and reads lot of arguments for and against opening a second front against the Germane. What Is your opinion of this?" I Percent Agslnst The opinions of Canadians fall Into the following general cate gories: KaMSd spaa eees4 treat Ban Wkea ready hat Bat hefee.

A 11 Bkitld tear a aalkarHtea, ar a IS Two Lincoln men in navy casualty list Two Lincoln men were listed, one as dead and the other ss miss ing, In the navy department's sixth casualty list of the war, released Friday. One other Nebraskan was a med among the dead, one nded and six addltlo a as missing. The casualties cov ered the period June 7 to 17, inclusive. Delbert Dale amp, sea man first claas, and son of Mr, and Mrs. Ed ward Schamp 1111 Peach, was killed From a prevl Del Sehamp.

communi- cation to his parents, It was sur mlsed that he had lost his life In the gigantic Coral sea engage ment. John Delmar Lackey, aviation radioman second class, and son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lackey, for merly of Lincoln, was classified as Smong the missing In action. A 1940 graduate of Lincoln high school, he enlisted that summer.

8hortly after his enlistment, the parents moved to San Diego, where he was stationed. Mr. Lackey, Is a retired Lincoln fireman. The son Is an only child. Other Nebraskans Included in the casualty list were: Thk dead.

JOHN BENJAMIN CARLSON, storekeeper second class, navy. Boa of John Oustaf Carlson, Btromsburg. THE WOUNDED. 8KCOND LIEUT. WILLIAM V.

BROOKS, marina corps reserve. Husband of Mra. W. V. Brooks, Union.

THB KISSING. EDWARD W. BAYER, lieutenant film- lor grade), ntral reaerre. Huaband of Mra. Margaret, Bayer, Crete.

CARL FRANTZ BAIRD, asamaa first clae. navy. Son of Mra. Anna Maria Lester, Crswford. CLAYTON LEON GIBSON, aeaman flrat class, navy.

Son of Henry Hugh Olbson, Hoi brook. MARTIN LAVERN HANSEN, aeaman first clast, navy. Son pf Martin Hansen, Lyons. CLIFFORD CHRISTOPHER TATOE, aeaman aecond elaea, navy. Son of Oeorga Henry Tatge, Norfolk.

JOHN DAN ZONIK. aeaman second class, naval reserve. Son ot George Zonlk. vnaaron. Fire at Marietta, Okl.

MARIETTA, Okl, UP). Flames spreading from a grocery store demolished seven business build ings and damaged many others. Two missing men are believed dead. Firemen from Ardmore and Gainesville, joined volunteers. Take the Family Out for Sunday DINNER ot fr 'r-tw-ea erty and a rooming house and the husband two life Insurance poUclea in the poaaslon of his wife.

There vim Asamani Aiiomry utntui Kelson wroU County Attorney tana jrriaay mai me vaney couniy chool district to which a resident of a Sherman county rural dis trict proposes sending a tenth grade to Valley county school, far tha reason mat it would be col lecting- the regular school tax in land located in another county. A. E. Jonea, assistant chief of tha soil conservation service, and his assistant, John Barnes, are in Lincoln from Washington this week. Jones, who formerly was assistant conservator for the northern great plains region of the 8CS with headquarters here, aald he is on a routine aaminis- traUve visit Report of the city water department, filed Thursday with the city clerk, discloses receipts for the month of June of $28,707.13.

Commercial light receipts of for the aame period, are broken down as follows: Accounts receivable, miscellane ous accounts receivable, 3674.56 receivable from water department, from street light. uncollectible light ac counts, $70.10. Albert F. Engles, Paul Weaver, Stephen B. Milea and Joseph jO'Grady asked the supreme court Friday to reverse the finding of the district court of Richardson Ufat they were liable for assessments against their 'land levied by the supervisors in 'charge of drainage district No.

1. say that the aasesaments void for lack, of notice or 'knowledge that the directors had tacked on eight other districts. Because Independence day this falls on Saturday and the policy of the postoffice department lis not to suspend service on two successive days, the Lincoln post-1 office will maintain the usual Sat urday hours. There are two ex I captions No deliveries will be made In the business section and I there will be no rural deliveries, otherwise services will be normal, delivery by carrier In residential sections. This applies 'both to main office and sub-sta- tlona.

Offices of the city hall will closed thruout the day. Local U. S. navy recruiting headquarters Friday announced the following enlistments: Edwin Lawrence Sylvester, 4610 Hillside, seaman 1st class; Earl Wayne iThomaa, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Rob- rt W. Thomas, Tekamah, and "Bay Edward Williamson, son of 'Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Wil liamson, 4336 Touzalin, both Uni- of Nebraska students en listed in clasa V-l, for- university freshmen and sophomores for of fleer training.

Both army and havy recruiting offices, headquar- siers In the postoffice building, responsible for all corn damage Paul Gilbert, secretary of tha state gam commission, said Thursday that tha old controversy, whether pheasant are responsible for com damage, has flared aialn. IT! "STTTJ: ItolnTZ to we'li pu la ted pheasant areas, but in many cases are blamed for damage done by crows, ground squirrels, pacaei gophers, cut worms, army worms, i wire worms ana jbck rauDiia. i weather conaiuone nave a icau I Increased the length of the Imma ture stages of the corn plant dur- tng which It Is most vulnerable to tuck. He added: "This problem of corn damage attacked by co-operative effort in4 wilta understanding. If the pheasant is doing wnUnued dam- am in g.nv BT1 VSF1 ICVU 1 1 1 Ig.

IB Lllgf I desire of this department to actively eft-operate In preventing this damage as mucn as poesioie. At the piesent time active experi mentation Is under way to deter mine means of preventing such damsge. A full report of the re sults of this work will be given to the farmers of the state as soon as I completed. In extreme cases i. nrmft la available unon aDDllea- Uon to this department, permit- tine tha dMtructlon of nheaaanti in without of such per- aubject to arrest and "e- To date no applications nave received for ich 1 Statistics naa alarms, Ttanear.

9. Se0 St Piul One Art; I daman. 1J p. 1340 Bo. Slat Onua flr aamaga.

1 32 p. 1031 n. cent pet amoauif till BUILD WO BXCOBD. William Pewell, SSOl So. Ud4.

raalaaaoa roof, 175. nor. tee. 1410 o.

iten umiiM, ciarln Bum 3 Barweoa. gmrue AVTO ACCIDKNTS. I ll a. batwaaa tth and 10th. Two aara: do Inlunra.

4:10 nth batwMB and Q. Two can no lnlurtaa. 11:20 e. zne aaa o. two aara: ao tnjurlta.

11:30 p. BL, iita aae r. two aara; Injuria. neoEJLU. col at mJNoa.

Anna Hawlty. dabtor. application for or- I dr dlraetlna dlatrlbutloa of rantaLa. J. Uord McMaatar va Roblnaon'a Wom- tn'i Appartl at al, motion to etrlk and make mora definite and cartaln.

Rocky Mountain Llnaa dabtor, pt- tltkin for aala of croparty, ordar to ahow cauaa, ordar for duburaamant of dapoilt made lor aacurod cradltora. IN DIVOBCE COIBI7. D. X. Cloua va.

Uraca M. Himraar Clou aa, natltlon on grounda of axtrama I crualty. Marrlad Nor. 11. l0 at Baat- rlca.

oaorca If. Kconar va. una L. VI Kapnar, patltlon on grounda wlf had hua-band ilYlng which ah did not reaL Married yb. S.

1M0 at Colby, Kaa. Aakf court to frant him ft divorc and nator nalden nam Wear to defendant. Ruth Rhelnechlld rt. Phillip Rhatnacnild natltlon charalna axtrama crualty. Mar lied Jan.

6, 1041, In Papllllon and har on child of wnicD piainuu aaaa euaioar, MARB1AOB LICENSES. Oeorg Oordon Schwan, CStaaauqua, Pa Kalhryn Jaaa Snyder, fulltrtoa. Ul Summra. Charleaton, W. 23 81 23 S3 as Jaajin Orelner, Nabraaka City Maria O.

Strieker, Ladle Pattereon, Llncolo. Wayna M. Dauiharty. Lincoln Pearl LJttl. Lincoln rrand Helm Wrleth.

Champaiaa. I1L. .23 .22 71 'Zon H.ien r. Lundy, Wichita, Ann aoukup, uncoin .24 ,3 .2 jnhn attrt. Lincoln .39 .24 wiuwn.

uncoin supbembj court opinions. The following opinion war filed by the court: July I. 1042: I M.l T.H ment adhered to. Kberly. Juda.

Dlr v. Dler. Appeal. Lance eter. Af firmed aa modified.

Kberlr. judze. Cuevaa. va. Yellow Cab a Baa- gage company.

Appeal, Douglaa. Reveraed and dlamieeed. airnmon, chief juetic. Pain, judge, dlaeent paratly. Rom, iuda.

concur In tha distent. Oadway v. Oadway. Appeal, Douglaa. Affirmed.

Carter, Judge. Natakl va. Slockflcth. Appeal. Scotta- Diuri.

Arrirmed. note. udg. In re Application. Thornton, truate.

y. Nbraaka State Railway oommlealon. Ap peal, Nebraska Stat Railway eommlaalon. navaraaa. Mesemore, judge.

MTMCrPAL COURT. Disturbing the Peace by fighting Ben A. Willi. 427 South 11. nlemded rullty.

fined ss and coeta. SLKnSiJ, 5S ylou plea of pot guilty, on motion of unty i Petit. lamiaaad larceny Murrall Davla. pleaded guilty, fined 129 and eoeta. Assault and Battery Nelson Kelly.

JOlo rouno guilty, iinea aiuo ana eoata. (State). mo tuna enack Davia r. weeton Plata en guilty, fined 110 and coat. (State).

olatlna aton alrn Mark. Burreu. 3727 Everett, pleaded guilty thru power of at torney, lined id and coats; Clyde J. long, 822 North JBth. pleaded guilty, fined (5 and coete.

(Stat patrol casee). Operating motor vehicle without permit Louise Hrpalehlmr. Seward, pleadad guilty, fined II and coata. (State patrol). Fictitious license plate LeKoy Talbot, 1430 South 33rd, pleaded guilty, fined- (5 and eoata: Myle W.

Dymacek, Crete, pleaded guilty, fined IS and eoata. (State Patrol). REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Emma D. Paraona to Jacob Rob and 12.

Bungalow Row ad a I.oo Maggi Tbompeon and to William Wakelln and II. 20 and 2a. Castleton la NW fc, ft IS, 10 N. LOO 1.00 William Wakelln and to Maagi Thompson and NB U. of NW 44 and NW14 of NWi and 1 and 1 and 0 la or liw l.

S. Dale L. Renner and to Jullua H. Kingdom and 10, LI, Rathbon' Buneet hill 1.00 1.00 1.00 LOO 1.00 1.00 Elaine Phillip to Raymond Edwarda and to 5, SO rim aaa. to Norwood Park, liarelock Albert Remmenga and to Harold Lareen L.

1, lu ana 11 tn 14 original r'at of "Hickman M. J. Shelley and to Lead T. Loverchack I ud 4 Zehruna and Am add Harold L. Lartea to Edith and Al bert Remmenga L.

1, 2, and 14 original plat Raymond Sidwaxda'aidw'to' Elaine fwiiipe s. Firat sm. to of Hickman a. au.o Mclean to Llovd Hafferty Irreru- l- MS 1.00 1.00 100 1 JU, Jennie Stager to Federal Farm Mort- so. IB K.

I Joha Drelth to Henry Bauer M2 arlalnal nlat of Lincoln. D. Fuhia to John SchuWa and ioo l. a a i.j. a and BlVe of a auh of Biirhland Park.

Lm. V. Mnnthuekla and Lu- cine wan mno a Heighta 1.00' OI CmmummS for primary Complete filings for the state primary election to be held Aug. II were releaeed Thurrfay nlfht by Secretary of State Frank Marah a few hours after the dead line. Thoae seeking nomlnaUon are listed below.

Legislative aspirants are shown according to districts. laMed attala Beaatta. Bugs B. A ahaeor. Palisade, rep.

William Riictne. Oataha, dam. Oeura W. Oisea, Platumoutb, 'aaaa. Marry B.

Coffee, Chadroa, deal. Keeiaeth S. Wherry. Pawnee City. rap.

Lawrence W. Moore, Omaha, dent. Jokn Mullen, rail Oily, aaaa. poater May. Omaha, data.

Vnyl n. Rertnr, Omaha, rep. Terry Carpealsr, Boottshluff, teavaraar, Dwlght flrlswuld, Oordoa, rep, Roy M. Ilamip, Onaha, dem. Char tea W.

Bryan, Lincoln, a Staaley D. Loa. Qrand lelaad. Cuaxlea J. Warner, Waverly, rep.

I liaeaaaal Oeveneae, John MeArthur, Lincoln, rap. Rufue M. Howard, rials, rep. Harry Reed. Lincoln, rep.

Roy W. Juhnauaj, auanr, rep. William L. Randall, Omaha, rep Harvey E. Gladrelter, Central City, dep.

Kdward O. Line In, dem. Was. H. Nmitn, Seward, dem.

Harry P. Conk Ha, Souttebluff, dens. Jah Droa, Uaoala. rep. Seirilmry of aula.

Frank Marah, Lincoln, rep Lea N. Swaiuon, Omaha, rep. Harry R. Mwaoaon, Omaha, dem, Pbil H. Kohl, Wayne, dem.

John a Baauo), Omaha, rep. Ltoyd C. OonefakK, W'ymor. dam. Ueorg L.

Wiaiama. LlaooUt, rep. Aaatttar ef rtle Aeeauts. Ray C. Johns na, Llaosla, rep W.

Marah. Liaeola. dem. R. V.

Johneoa, Llneola, rep. O. M. CampOaU, Omaha, rep, Henry Bhrna, Uncola. rep.

Btute Traaaarar. B. Johaaoa. Omaha, rep. Walter H.

Jon), Unosla, deal. Carl O. wesson, Aurora, rep. W. M.

Ml Dor, Blair, rep. Horse M. Davla, Uncola, dem. Walter R. Johnson, Omaha, rep.

Joha W. Cooper, Omahs, rep. Railway O. B. Brink man, Lincoln, ran.

Ray R. Larson, Wayn. rep. Roy J. Mandery.

Grand Island, rep. Jnhn Knlokrehm, Orand Island, rep. Percy Peterson. Seward, rep. William M.

Maupln. Clay Center, O. w. on neon, uncoin, aeas. F.

A. Good, Linooln, dam. C. Rose, Linooln, rap Fred E. Risk.

Lincoln, rep. Ltoyd B. Peterson. Nebraska City. rap.

Albert S- Johnston, Lincoln, rep, A. Edmleton, Lincoln, rep. Harry H. Johnsen, Omaha, dm, Paul Halpine. Omaha, dem, C.

E. Mashalt Uncoin. rep. M. A.

Larson. Central City, rep. Jamea O. Kama. Lincoln, rep, Clarence M.

Davla, Ord. rep. CengntsJinn. First District. Carl T.

Curtis, ltlnden. rep. Ralph O. Brooks, Wymors. dem.

Orea S. Cope land. Uncola. rep. William Edward Johnson, Uncoin, rep.

John g. Collan, OdU, dem. Laurltt Larson, Stockvtll, dsm. Lloyd E. Chapman, Uncoin, rep.

Beeoad Dlttrlet. Jams C. Xlnaler. Omaha, rep. Charlee F.

McLaughlin, Omaha, ran. Howard Buffett, Omaha, rep. Michael M. Kearney, Omaha, dam. Third Dlatrlet, Victor J.

IfcOonlgl. Jackson, dsm. Karl Stefan, Norfolk, rep. George Hally, Norfolk, dent Foarth Dlatrlet. Bert Howard, Scottabluff, rap.

Earl Rasdal, Ogallala, rep. Bam S. Dledrlrhe, North Platte, dsm. A. L.

Miller. Kimball, rep. Tom Lanlgan. Orand Ialsnd, dem. H.

a. Wellenslek, Orand Island, rep. William A. Stewart, Lexington, rep. E.

F. Myera, Broken Bow, rep. ouy r. uoren. nianey, aem.

Uoyd Thomas, Kearney, dem. Saprerne Coart Jsetiee. First metric. B. CheppeU, Lincoln.

C. Lincoln. Third District. Adotph E. Wenke.

Stanton. Frederick Spear. Fremont August Wagner, Columbus, Fifth District. Bayard R. Pains, Grand liltnd.

Stat SeiperutaodMl. Wayne O. Reed. Nebraska City. Barton L.

Kline. Gothenburg. Charts W. Taylor, Lincoln. P.

T. Johnaon, Barnetton. Conrad Jacobaon, Holdrege. Lowell S. Devoe, Plattsmouth.

Stat University Board at Reseats. First Dletrlet. Robert W. Deroe, Lincoln. Second District, William E.

Reed. Omaha. John K. Morrison, Omaha. Mem he re of the Lrgiilatare.

First District. Joseph R. Rtavla, Tails City. BeoonS District. Frank Sorrell, Byracuee.

Third District. Paul E. Fsuqust, Weeping Water. Henry F. Wendt, Elm wood.

F. Hoyta Freeman, Be I lev ue. Arnold J. Lillle, Plattsmouth. Melvln carr.

Eagle. Oeo. L. Farley. Platttmouth.

Henry O. Brehm, Greenwood. Tom Dooley, Papllllon. Mabel Gilleapl, Gretna. Alvln A.

McReynoldt, Nehawka. Fcvth District. William J. Norman, Omaha. Jaaper A.

Savage, Omaha. Fifth District. Harry A. Foster, Omaha. Clifford Q.

Hammond, Omaha. John Adama, Omaha. Jees P. Palmer, Omaha. Charles A.

Dolk, Omaha-John J. McMahon, Omaha. S. Edward Gilbert, ornana. C.

C. Galloway, Omaha. Sixth District. Patrick O'Connor. Omaha.

Bam Klaver. Omaha. George T. SuUlvan, Omaha, Lw N. Bunea, Omaha.

Seventh District. Edward 3. Baburok, Omaha. Chdrlea F. Tvrdlk, Omaha.

Eighth Jeses James, Omaha. George w. Benna, omana. Peter P. Qltoskl, Omaha.

Harold P. Caldwell, Omaha. Ninth Dlttrlet. Martin F. Stefaa, Omaha.

J. P. Cleland, Omahs. Sam Howell. Omaha.

Sidney J. Culllngham, Omaha. Jay P. Qlbht, Omaha. Elmer E.

Thomas. Omtha. Robert W. Haney, Omaha. Tenth Dletrtrt.

Cliff N. jOgden, Omaha. Oeorga E. Comwell, Omaha. Hal O.

Shoemaker, Omaha. Eleveaitfe Dltrle4. Earl J. Lw, Fremont. Herman H.

Engl, Fremont Twwlftk Dlttrlet. Oemra C. Waherg, Pender. Edward Bwanon, i.yoni. ThrrtrenUi Dlttrlet.

C. O. Campbell. WalthllL Rex A. Smith, Emaraon.

Wm. H. Gutsmann, Emeraon. Louis at. Jappersen, Hubbard.

Foartaeath Dlatrlet. Uaxtla 3. Mlachke, Croftoa. Fifteenth District, H. O.

Qreensmyre, Norfolk, Blxteenth District. William A. Croaaland, Wayne. Otto C. Weber, ecnuyier.

Hexny Hoppe, Schuyler. urown, Bimnum. Beveatceath Dlitrlct. J. Brodahl, Wahoo.

Joseph Keeper, Prague. O. WUy, Bralnard. Etghteemth Dletrlet, H. r.

Hlllgr, Lincoln. Jame E. Reed, Lincoln. Robert J. Cos.

Lincoln. NIaMteehih Dittrlri, Thomas H. Adama. Lincoln. George H.

Mllllken, Lincoln. -Jamee W. Lundy, Lincoln. Hnwerd Brltt. Lincoln.

Oeorga J. Craven. Lincoln. Twentieth Dltrrlct. Frank E.

Linch, Lincoln. 1 as of Quebec are more in favor of opening a second front than the average for Canada as whole, the Quebec vote belns CS percent in favor of such move. rltlsh View. Polls conducted In England by the British Institute of publlo opinion have repeatedly shown in re cent months a rising tide of sentiment In favor of opening a second front this year. Last month the British Institute Eut It up to the people of Britain i this way: "Borne people aay that even if Invading the continent this sums mer might coat more than Invading nest summer, the results would make the coat worthwhile.

Do you agree or disagree that the cost would be worthwhile The results were: Agree 0i Dleagra It Don't I Handsome Victor quits movieland for coast guard LOS ANGELES. UP). Handsome and muscular Victor Mature, who wowed the ladles In New Tork year or so sgo as a stage actor and thereby soared to movie fame, quit the films cold Thursday to join the coast guard. He was sworn In with 18 other recruits, and Lieut John D.Roche, eleventh corps district procurement officer, said he would begin service Immediately. Associates at RKQ studios, where he lacked ten days of fin-inning "Sweet and Hot," expressed amazement All die-claimed prior knowledge of his plan and no one waa willing to suggest what may happen to the film.

He and his wife, the former Martha Stephenson, widow of Orchestra Leader Hal Kemp, separated last February, is Give canning demonstration Rachel E. Peterson, county horns extension agent, announced Friday that on Monday, July 4, Mrs. Marie Burton will give a canning demonstration at tha WPA kitchen, 411 So 13th. Mrs. Burton will demonstrate the canning of non-acid vegetables, fruits and tomatoes.

Those desiring to brush up on canning methods ars expected to be present at 1:30 pr m. A new idea Is going the rounds in 4-H circles. It is termed "Pair-for-Vlctory," the "pair" standing for mother and daughter who can join hands and form a club of their own to help pre serve food. On completion of the project, the daughter will receive certificate of achievement the same as any other 4-H club member. All details may be obtained from Miss Peterson, home extension agent l10 Ce Jus QHc Preth Green Bean Csulltlswer, Polonaise i in tne battle for south memDers or ue course, also spoke oneny.

10 Fruitarian held in Omaha jail is 1 airuld Of UlCt OMAHA. W. Dr. Brhat Singh Thind, the Hollywood religious teacher, la going to eat Douglas county jail food If it kills him. And, he said Thursday.

It probably will. Dr. Thind, sentenced to 90 days In jail Wednesday on a charge of failing to register as a minister of a spiritual church, is a fruitarian. To him an average menu Is: Breakfast, lemon juice and warm water; lunch, vegetable greens, dairy products, an occasional piece of whole wheat toaat and rarely some "meat; dinner, fruit To date he has been served In jail two bologna sandwiches and coffee for dinner, mush and four slices of bread for breakfast He spooned down a little of the mush. "I won't embarrass the au thorities by refusing to eat," he said.

"They're only following or ders. If they want to kill me, why don't they do It Instead of undermining my physical well being." 10 krf 1 ip IUSI XeJ II1CX1 nni (lCSirOVlIlT Japanese planes CHUNGKING. (Friday). As the Flying Tigers of rn the American volunteer group prepare wln "f1 disclosed Thursday that 284 Japa nese planes were destroyed at a cost of only is men kiuea or miss ing In action. Besides this list of confirmed victories, the review said there were "almost as many more prob ables" which were not claimed be cause of lack of eye-witness ver ification.

Nine AVO pilots were killed ac cidentally, making a total loss of 24 out of 250 making up this group. This record of few against many la one of the most spectacular In aerial History. -10 DAR woman wants flag redesigned NASHVILLE, Term. UP). Miss Dolly Breitenbaugh of Lee's Sum- mitt, wants the U.

S. flag re designed to Incorporate In it Betsy Ross' original Idea. Miss Breitenbaugh, chairman of I the correct use flag committee of the D. A. outlined her plan aft er talking to members of congress about it Instead of arranging the stars I of the flag in six rows of eight each.

Miss Breitenbaugh would preserve the original circle of 13, around which would be scattered the stars of the newer states In constellations. Miss Breitenbaugh contends that congress did not approve the present flag. "The present flag was designed and approved by the war department and the arrangement of stars signifies the 48 states lined up for battle," she as serted. Douglas county must buy employes' bonds OMAHA. UP).

District Judge Frank M. Dlneen Thursday signed a decree that Douglaa county must pay for the bonds of its employes. The decision constituted pay Increase of about $5,000 for about 100 county employes who hereto fore paid for the bonds out of their own pockets. 10 7 axis planes destroyed LA VALLETTA, Malta. UP).

Seven axis planes, two of them bombers, were destroyed over Malta Wednesday night and Thursday. NO ASPIRIN FASTER than genuine, pure St Joaeph Aiptnn, World largest teller at 10. None safer. nous sum. Dttnawi St, Joeepb Afptaa.

Ijicue Joy jaovirau, in a ieaiure aaaoclatlon va. The Tellowitona, Inc. Bana her way stralKht Into Lancatr. Former opinion and Judg- jviu oe open turnout Saturday, JuIy 4. -a.

i "Haifa, Palestine port, ibombed twice in 2 days "5 HAIFA, Palestlns. UP). This im- skies. "We were flehtlnz Japanese fli ers who outnumbered us 70 to 1 on the west coast of Australia," said Lieut T. H.

Moore. 30, of Eufaula, Ala. c. Ptrua Pvtsraon, Lincoln. Twenty-ilrel Dlttrlet.

C. T. Ovrhck, Beatrice. Henry P. Brandt, Beatrice.

Ladd J. Uubka, Beatrice. Twanty-eend District. Frtnk S. Wells, Falrbury.

J. Lyndon Thornton, Katrbury. J. B. Conklin.

Hubbell. Ruth Qrtffln. Alexandria. B. O.

Lamb, Hubbell. Twenty-third Dletrlet, Jnhn B. Mekota, Crete. Charlee H. Mescham, Dorchetter.

F. K. Craig, Crete. Twenty-twrth Dlttrlet. Stanley A.

lfatike, Seward. Twenty-fifth DletHei. Ray Thomas. Clay Center. fJ.

P. Pstsrson, Marquette. Latter H. Anderson, Osceola. Twsnty-lith District.

George Dell, Columbui. Jacob Kupp, Columbui. Dudley K. Thompson. Osnoa.

Adam K. Kargea, Duncan. Twenty-ee Tenth Dlttrlet, Elmsr C. Rakow. Twenty-eighth Dlttrlet, Stanley Soukup, O'Nell.

Tony Atlmut, O'Nell. William Lloyd Brady, Doraey. Kmerton K. Wakefield, Anoka. Adam L.

Koenlg, 8pencer. Farmer W. Wither. Atkinson. Roup Amapoktn, Sprlngvlew.

Crist Anderson, Brtitow. Twenty-ninth Dlttrlet. John T. Doyle, Greeley. X.

C. Jamee. Ord. Tracey T. Frost, St.

Paul. Thirtieth Dlttrlet. Walter Ratckt. Central' F. H.

Colwell, Orand Island. M. H. O' Mai ley. Orand Ialsnd.

Thlrty-flrst Dlttrlet. Leltnd R. Hall, Rowland. Harry X. Bowman, Haatlnga, Thirty eaoand Dlttrlet.

Daniel Osrber, Bed Cloud. hi. F. Richard, Guide Rock. ThlHy-thlrd Dlttrlet.

Oeorg R. King. Arapthn. Edward Sunhrout. Indlanola.

X. M. Neubauer, Orleent. Thirty-fourth Dletrlet Fred Mueller, Kearney. Thirty-fifth Dlstrtet.

Jamea P. Murray. Sargent. Harry F. Burnhsm, Antley.

Rosa O. Moore, Broken Bow. Thlrty-aUth Dlttrlet. P. R- Peterson, Lexington.

Swan Carlson, Funk. D. 8. Anderson, Lexington. Thlrty-eermth District.

Arthur Luhra, Imperial. Arthur Carmody, Trenton. Thtrty-elghth Dlttrlet. Rnhart Croeby. North Platte.

Barry L. Plaer, North Platte. TsJrty-ahiUl Dlatrlet. Cart J. Jeffords, Mullen.

Ouy Roberts, Lewellen. -C. H. Fisher, Ogallala. Cecil Stanley, Big Springe.

Fortieth Dlttrlet. pOB B. Harms, Brown lee. Fsrty-flrat Dletrlet. Stanley K.

Wright, Alliance. X. Oanta, Alliance. Party earned Dletrtrt. Jamea H.

Andereon, grottihluff. FaHyklrd Dletrka. Crneet R. Blome, Pidney. Tom C.

Oehorne. Beard. Petition Hied. Candidates hare day accept. HOTEL CAPITAL Air ConditionedCoffee Lounge It will be a treat for the wife and family to dine In restful cool comfort partaking- of the finest of foods prepared by our staff of expert cooks.

Special Menu for Sunday (Served 11 A.M. to 9 P.M) at least 2,000 hearts (exact figure would be a military secret) with "The Shrine of St Cecilia," and was called back for three encores. Another feature waa the baton twirling of nimble Bob Roberts, a private from Detroit, Regular Feature. After the ceremonies were of ficially over the Burlington band atayed on to play soldier favorites and Miss McGrall sang and sang. The Burlington band, incidentally, will, probably have a recrular Thursday night appearance at the post because of.

their reception. A small point, but one which speaks volumes for the character of the officers In command at the air base, was the fact that altho chairs were placed on the rostrum all officers stood, just as the men had to, thruout the program. 10 Soldiers humor named 6pup9 tents during Civil tear TULLAHOMA, Term. UP). A union soiaier in the Civil war thought the little two man tents used on the march looked like dog kenneis, nis iaceuouaness started a whole camp barking- and the name "pup tent was born.

Click Owens, of Tullahoma. re cently discovered a collection of articles written by Union and Confederate veterans. One of tha articles, by Rev. R. B.

Stewart, tells how "one day there was issued to each one about two yards square of heavy cotton, with buttons and buttonholes. paired off. our When afl seemed to be settling down, one fellow stuck his head out and been to hark. The Idea Was contagious and in a few minutes the camn Bounded like yast dog convention. I The fanta ntmr-tnrti errrlatened 'doz tents' whirr, I I little While degenerated into "PUD Jiicou.

aaasauvcui. rrvo Avnirr.P'ji ias, Aml ahvi I Lionel 'Atwui pieaaea innocent w.A i I i men. cnargmg perjurjr. Chle Chilled Orsys Jslre, Chicken Consomme ef Iesd Csntaleepe Broiled Filet MIfnon, Mushroom Sauce British port at the east-ern end of the Mediterranean had jan air raid alarm Thursday after noon, and anti-aircraft defenses "'Went into action. FOURTH of JULY OUTING NEEDS Piper Nanking pro.

ef so. Limit 1 no. OC Piper Platei 10o Pkg. ef II, Inch.iTxrr..- Of Plenle Set mi 17 pc. Service for four Sun siaae f.ft Big Selection 10e to 3oU Stag Golf Bolls 35c, 3f.r$1.00 Braeburn Golf Balls 59e, 3 for L59 Outing Jug mg gallon Slse AT Spigot Jug 1 gallon Oy pay Tae Oil -for a perfect Sun Tan.

$2.79 49 Swim Kapa AA4 Popular Styles, lie "7V JP3irafcaWaaiPj Unjoin ted Milk Fed 8pring Chicken, Country Gravy Roast Prime Ribs of Nebraska Corn Fed Beef, an Broiled Northern Lake Tront, Lemon Butter i Whipped Petatoe Parttlenne Petatee Siring lalaS, Special Betel Capital Preach Dressing at Tea Bolls and Batter Caeeelate Chip lee Cream with Bsttereeelra Layer Cake Twe Tene Skerket with VsalHa Wafer Fresh Apple Pis Csffee or Milk (Special Portions to Children 50c) Hotel CAPITAL.

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