The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 5, 1941 · 17
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The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska · 17

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 5, 1941
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TIIRF.R n LINCOLN StTMUY JOURNAL AMI STAR, (KTOIUR 5, 1M I Sophomore sensation sparks Northwestern past K-Staters i i Kanwta Jayhawktra lire hrre thl wrrk end fur Irnrwttl of t,H Krilri Mluch ho Ul 11 two dialuu-tioiin. (ll It' trie loiijjeut relationship Nebraska tiu hail with any tram over the yearn (2) It provide the most lopsided figure un Vlctoi'le and loBSra. There i an upitwing In football on Mount Oread tma fall, however It la evident that the Jay-hawk are aiouter than in recent ea.iuii. Kanaaa ia bringing a young man along who wanta to play football, Mil name la Kalph Howard Miller, a 17S triple threater from I'ha-note. They aay that Miller wail the greateat high achool athlete the atate ever produced, thereby proving what abort memortea some folk have. Have they forgotten .Sol liuller at Hutchiiuton back in 19U-15-KJ? Miller suffered an Injured knee In tli fifth game of hta aophomore year, He haa been hobbling moat of the time amce then and haa had two operUlona to correct the Injury. A year's layoff ha heljmd and the Injured member alood the gaff of aprlng drill, and appear to be a giMHl aa ever. A Junior, deaplle hi crippled knee, he led the nation In paaatng, with a completion percentage of 622. NEW PHASE. Stanford croaaed up Tex Oli ver Oregon Webfoota by having Krankie Albert run with the ball. Laat aeaaon Albert "run out" of all the running Vay. feeding tne ball and then continuing a backward course. Kxrept, of course, on pans plays. But thla fall. Shaugh-neaay hud him lugging the bull and some think that's what beat Oregon. Krankie waa thoroly burned up by that recent article In the Kut-evepost and those who know him inaiat that It was an unfair picture of a fine lad, He's left-handed, all right, but he Isn't the-wisecracking screwball he was pictured, his friends say. Pick Hyland of the L. A. Times declared the yarn to be allly and a inlHleiiding collection of inaccuracies. Kmcrson "Hud" Spencer, the author, was a one time sianioru trackman. RANDOM SHOTS. Kansas experts to pick up about $10,000 from the Temple game at rhlladelphia, having a l.r00 guarantee or an option of fit) percent of the net. ... Ira Beynon noted with Interest the attempt made to figure the loss incurred by the nation because of the common cold, enforced layoffs of workers. j But he figures this as nothing I compared to the loss brought about by the worms series. . . . No one wants to talk business during the broadcasts of these contests. . . . Charley Johnson of the Minneapolis Star Journal questions whether kicking out of bounds is good strategy. He figures it much like the Intentional pass In baseball, "but possibly costlier because the Gophers, on the 35 yard line, are in a position to open up." . . . From a strategy standpoint, it also gives a team a defeatist complex and eliminates one of the most thrilling plays of the game, he argues. ... Continental bank answered up 100 percent on the Parade of Dimes. . . . There are 62 employes and there were 62 dimes In the envelope that went to John Selleck, Wheaton Battey reports. . . . The spirit of Nebraska football fund is growing. . . . Huskcrs . . . (Continued from Page 1-B.) ways. Royal "the ace" Kohry started passing. His first attempt found the waiting arms of End John Heggen, altho Debus had raced up from his safety position and had thought he batted the ball safely to earth. It was1 a 24 yard gain and the Cyclones were on the Husker 29 with less than four minutes of the quarter gone. After Scaburg ' had been stopped cold by Joe Py-lcr. still another first year Corn-husker, Lohry flipped an aerial to Lincoln Stewart. Fred Metheny tipped the ball, but the pass settled in Stewart's mitts for a first down on the Cornhusker 18. A few first-stringers came bark Into the Nebraska lineup, but Iowa State muffed their scoring oppor tunity, a mix up oi nifcui.- o..v the centers pass flying back for a 20 yard loss. The advance was over but just for a minute. This time. Howard Tippee, an unknown Iowa State bark, started firing from the ears. After Town State nicked ud Debus' fumble, Tippee fired three times. Gun Ends It. When the third pass was completed, the Cyclones were down on the 15-yard line, pounding The Large (20x30) ACTION PHOTOS of Saturday's IOWA STATE NEBRASKA Football Game Now on displqy in the windows of Gold's Men's Store.. Wh Str. lHJaE MamJUJKJU K.S. hows easily lo 'Gils, 51-3 DcCorrevont oviThlinilowt'tl EVANSTON, 111. (UPl. North-western unleashed a flashing offense sparked by a new sophomore sensation, 19 year old Otto Graham, to overwhelm hapless Kanaaa State Saturday, 51-3. Northwestern c o r e d three touchdown in a aenatlonal display of running in the third quarter, two each In the first and fourth and one in the second. The underpowered visitor had a few brief moment of glory after Karl Williams, fool back, had booted a 2t yard field goal in the first period to put State Into a 3 point lead. After that It waa all Northwestern as the flashy Wildcat backs-three and four deep in every position - ripped off long run and pussr in rapid auccession. Graham, a 6 foot I inch, 1S5 pounder with apeed, deception and coolness, electrified Northwestern rooters who had come to cheer Bill Ic Correvont. much publicized star playing his final season. Sicores Three Marker. The Waukegan. III., sophomore scored three touchdowns - one on a slashing K3 yard run back of a Kansas State punt In the third period. He passed to Ike Kepford for another. De Correvont sprinted 39 yards around end for a tally in the third and Kepford took Graham's pass for a total of 65 yards and another score in that period. De Correvont climaxed a 49 yard march with a 1 yard touchdown stab in the first period Norlhwestern's other scoring was done by Don Buffmire. and Casey Peifer, both sophs. In tne rourtn period. Northwestern made 22 first downs to State's one. I'OS NnHTIIWKSTKitN KAH 8TATK I. K Mull Mumhitrt I. T Hmiinan . , , I'elera l.ii Hurki. H 'if f C llnnrm-k l( ll ...rl. h Wuflef H T I. I'iK'k human K K ll'- EiiKllnl g H. KriK-r It'.kfv 1,11 I'm ('..rn-viml Timinon K II. 'hn:iibm Hurlk f H Hi-n..n Iniwe Si-urn tiy perliKlk: Northweajern. ., in 7 18 1.1-M Knnimit Ktnlr ... 3 0 0 03 T-iurhilwnii ln Cnnrvml 2. lirahatn .1. Krpdird. HuKlillrr. IVIlT I'mnta allrr luiirh'lu : Tick. Krdllta, WHltKff r'lclrl K'al: Wlllmmn Hi'ferie. Krrii (innlnrr. Cnrnpll. Umpire. M. ll. V.ilz, NehriiMka. rlflil JU'lKr: ( Kklllern, Oklahoma. Lineman : llrnry lon-nli. Navy. again. The half-time gun broke up the show before any damage could be wrought. Stopped the first time they attempted to score after Iowa State had kicked off to them, Nebraska took over the ball on the Cyclone 42 after Disbus had returned Lohry's punt 16 yards. Zikmund was trapped for no gain, but Debus, making a terrific impression with his ball carrying, advanced nKie yards. Francis plunged for four yards and it was a first down on the Cyclone 28. Debus attempted to pass, couldn't find a receiver and ended up with a 4 yard gain by running. Francis and Debus, cracking the tackles, made it another first down on the 15. But here Nebreaska appeared to be stopped. Three plays brought only 5 yards and there the Husk-ers sat fourth and 5 yards on the Iowa State 10. Major Jones stirred over on the bench. Debus, the passer went out. So did Francis, the kicker. What were they going to do? Iowa State Fooled. Bradley was back. He received the snap back and Zikmund speeded around from his wing back spot. It looked like the deep reverse, but wasn't. Bradley merely faked to Zikmund and started out on his own all alone. Four tacklers loomed. They were fooled by the neat deception but still they stood in Bradley's way. His knees chopped up to his chin. They curved out before he put them down. When the play was complete Bradley stood in the end zone. He was still alone. That was the ball game. Regardless of what the boys from Ames, who were touted into having an even chance this year did, it wasn't enough. Sure, they threatened. Passing the wot, soggy pigskin, Tippee went back to work again. One Bob Deviney intercepted and broke up the rally. Another time, Wayne blue, never a defensive player of any kind before, reached up and gathered in the apple. Vets ghow Well. Had Iowa State had any kind of breaks, it seems doubtful that they could have penetrated the Husker goal. And if you think that the Cornhuskers unveiled some new backs, along , with the veterans, you should see what happened in the line. It was a good, sound test this battle with Iowa State. They were nervous, yet Nebraska received a sound game at the quarterback spot. M?rv Athey and Fred Metheny performed nearly flawlessly. Wayne Sindt did a nice job in relieving Zikmund. Blue came up in nice shape. He surprised everyone by his punting, alone. In the line, von Goetz, Deviney. Byler. Hazen, Kd Nyden. Howard Martig, Msfrv Thompson, Harold Kelly turned in a highly pleasing job. Then don't forget Herndon, the ever-leader of the Huskers. Big Vic Schleich, Abel. Freddie Meier, Gerry Kathol and Fred Preston. You see what has happened. They've all ben named. You couldn't forget a single one of the 23 performers. It was this outfit that made the final tally read: Nebraska 14, Iowa- State 0. - , f : i 'fit Jy' f . C OACH LYNN WALDORF, grid Iiticsmi'ii for his team this aruson. Floyd Chambers, at un early drill Play-by-play FIRST QUARTER. Oii'iio C'aiUin Ijivprne lwl of lua Slate won th luiw anil lectert to kic k with Nrbraaka d'l'iiilln( thp on 111 K"iil. liarhiiK klrkeil oft In Zikmund on the Husker 14 who hroiiKlit the ball buck to the NebrHMka Iowa Hlnle was offside on the klrk'rff and lar-lini; dtipH'd back to bia 3.'i fur (lie a.'1'.ind try. Kradli y tak IMrlniK kirk nft m the N. bniaka 20. fumbU-il but ri'iin itimI ond ri'lurned to the HiiMkiT 32. lnrlliiK nimle (lie turkle. NEBRASKA: The lliiKki-rs Ininie-riiately went Into a "T" fnrirmtlnn. Tin y took tbe bHll from renter, faked to Bradley. Kraiicis Koinu thru renler for 3. Kradliy added three mure on a quirk opening play. Bradley slipped and lost two yards from a nnle wihk on his own riKlit aide. Bludley punlnd 3.S yards nut of bounds on the Cyclone 29-yard stripe. IOWA STATE: DarllnR. on a uplnner went over his own rlifht tin kle for HI yards and a first down. Seuburx, went over the. Ames left side fcjr 7 yards. Lohry hit the Nebraska left tarkle lor 2 yards. It was Just short of a first down on the Iowa Stale 49 DarluiK. on a spinner, cracked the itusker middle for a yard and a first down. The ball was on the 6U-yard line. Lohry, on a wide end sweep, picked up two yards. Meier and Schleich making the tackle. Nebraska was using a five man line. Preston bmke thru and blocked Lohry's quick kick and von Goetz recovered for Nebraska on the Husker 49. NNEBRASKA: Bradley went over his own right tackle for two yards. Nebraska went Into a "T" formation and was penalized five yards for taking too much time. Athey took the ball from center nad faded back to pass, his short flip to Bradley was incomplete. Bradley failed to gain on a wide end sweep but Iowa State drew a 15 yard penalty for roughing. It gave the Cornhuskers a penalty first down on the Iowa State 3S. Francis plunged off the Cyclone right guard for o yards. Zikmund on a reverse made two yards, running his own left end. Stewart made the tarkle. Bradley broke over his right tackle and behind perfect Interference was In the clear hut slipped and fell on the Iowa State 16 yard line. It was a IB yard run. Iowa State took time out. There were eight and one-half minutes gone In the quarter. Zikmund, on a deep reverse, took the ball from Francis and cut around his own left end to the Iowa State 1-yard line. He was forced out of bounds in the coffin c,orner. Bradley plunged over the Cyclone left guard for a touchdown. The play crossed up the Iowa State forwards who were looking for Francis to carry the mail. SCORE: NEBRASKA 6, IOWA STATE 0. Ryan replaced Lange for Iowa State at right end. With Athey holding, Francis' kick from placement split the uprights. SCORE: NEBRASKA 7, IOWA STATE 0. Nine minutes gone In the period. Darling kicked off 45 yards to Zikmund who brought the ball back to the Cornhusker 32-yard stripe where Lohry brought him down. NEBRASKA: Bradley, from a single wing, picked up a yard over his own righttackle. Francis took the snap backfrom center and fumbled attempting to hand the ball to Zikmund and fumbled for a three yard loss. Bradley's quick kick caught Iowa State napping and rolled out of bounds on the Cyclone 14. It was a 56 yard kick. IOWA STATE: The Cyclones took time out. There was four minutes .left in the quarter. Bradley was playing safety for the Huskers. Darling punted 44 yards to Bradley who returned to the Iowa State 49 before he was forced out of bounds. Nebraska drew a clipping penalty on the play which put the ball back on the Nebraska 36. NEBRASKA: Including the penalty N. U. gained six yards on the kick exchango. Francis broke over his own left side for three yards adn fumbled and Iowa State recovered on the Husker 36-yard line. IOWA STATE: Lohry fumbled and recovered for a 4 yard loss. Kathol made the tackle. Lohry faded back and passed to Darling on the east side iines for a 1 yard gain. It was a flat pass. Darling piiming on the third down, booted the ball into the end zone for a touchback. NEBRASKA: The Cornhuskers scrimmaged from their own 20. Heggen and Darling came up fast to toss Bradley for a 2 yard loss Bradley quick kicked to Lnhry who brought the ball back 16 yards to the Iowa State 46 . IOWA STATE: Lohry slipped over the Huskef right side for three yards. Meier mde the tackle. A short pass. Lohry to Darling was complete on the mentor ut Northwestern U.. niifls Here" he talks it over with Cupt. session. aeeounl of Nebraska-Iowa Stale eonlesl Husker-Cyclonc INYbniriku First down earned - First down penalty Yard gained-rushing Yard lost rushing Pastel attempted Paste incomplete Own paste intercepted Paiiei completed Yardt gained on pastel Net yardt gained Lateral attempted , Lateral completed Yard gained on lateral Punt Punt average Punt returned Punt blocked by opponents Kickoff Klckoff yardage Kickoff returned Ball lost on downt Fumblet Ball lost on fumblet Own fumblet recovered Penalties Penalty yardage ' Field goals attempted Field goal (uccestful Nebraska 40. Darling lateralllng to Stewart who fumbled and Darling recovered for a first down on the Cornhusker 43-yard stripe as the period ended. SCORE: NEBRASKA 7, IOWA STATE 0. SECOND QUARTER. Metheny came Into the Nebraska lineup for Athey. Debus replaced Bradley and Jack Hazen went in for Kathol for the Huskers. Sindt also replaced Zikmund. IOWA STATE: Seaburg was stopped for no grain by Schleich and Herndon. Von goetz broke up Darling's pass. Joe Byler replaced Schleich at left tackle for Nebraska. Lohry made a scant yard on a wide end sweep. Lohry punted to Debus wro fumbled and recovered on his own 14-yafd stripe. NEBRASKA: Debus went over the Iowa State right side for three yards. Francis punted 43 yards to Lohry who returned eight yards to the Iowa State 48. He was hit by four Husker tacklers. IOWA STATE: Blue came ni for Francis and Kelly for Meier at center for Nebraska. Marvin Thompson replaced Preston at left end for the Huskers. Abel, von Voelz and Herndon were the only Husker starters left in the ball game. Debus hit Lohry's long pass to Heggen but the ball tipped into the Cyclone end's arms for a first time on the Huakcr 29-yard line. The Cornhuskers took out time. It was a 24 yard gain. Three and one.-half minutes were gone in the second quarter. Iowa State fans were clamoring for a touchdown. Seaburg failed to gain at By-ler's tackle. Lohry passed to Stewart was complete for 12 yards and a first down on the Husker 18. Stewart on a double reverse, failed to gain on a wide sweep at his own left end. Francis. Bradley and Zikmund returned to the Nebraska backfield. Huskers took out time. Preston was back at left end Tor Thompson. On a bad pass from center. Lohry dove on the ball on his own 37-yard line. It was a 20 yard loss. The Iowa State center apparently missed the signal. Lohry punted over the goal line for a touchback and Nebraska scrimmaged from its own 20. NEBRASKA: Hayes replaced Kirk-patrick at center, for Iowa State and Lynn Myers went in for von Goetz. Tippee and Alexander went in Che Iowa State backfield. Bradley went out and cut back for a 'yard gain. Nebraska's ball on Its own 29. Francis picked three yards over the Cyclone right guard for a first down on the Husker 32. On a reverse, Zikmund ran the Cyclone left side for 23 yards and a first down on the Iowa State 45. Alexander made the tackle. Francis slipped and. lost four yards after taking the ball from center. Metheny failed to find a receiver and picked up the four yards, Francis had lost the preceding play. Bradley s pass to Zikmund was Incomplete, Al muffing the slippery ball. It was the Husker first passing attempt. Bradley punted out of bounds on the Iowa State 33. It was a 12 yard kick. He was angling for the sidelines. IOWA STATE: Deviney replaced Abel and Gast ent into the Iowa State backfield. McCraw was at tackle for the Xyclones. Fr and one-half minutes left. Martig Veplaced Herndon. Rtue for Francis. Sindt for Zikmund ker lineup. Bob Caddock was- at end MMIhl.1. , m n . y "V ft 1 u U. "'"PaLWW hi. mmm '"r trnmmmmJ V" s f - . "lit ( , : .A ll THIS BIG IKLLOW is Carl Sunthfjmer. crack CTntcr and main-stay of oNrth Carolina U. He hails from Hutboro, Pu., uiftt tips the beam at un even 200 pounds. statistics Iowa 2 2 1 0 SO 44 Iq 2q 8 7 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 42 37 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 2 48 28 12 0 0 0 0 0 32 0 0 0 2 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 20 0 0 0 0 0 Stale 5 0 9 0 0 1 81 16 191 3q 4q Tot. 10 0 25 3 4 0 4 11 0 0 0 0 0 32 8 0 25 65 Iq 2q 3q 4q Tot. 5 29 6 1 40 2 6 2 9 19 0 112 4 0 0 0 3 3 2 5 14 12 7 55 1 36 99 35 34 -5 60 12b 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 2 2 10 22 27 41 40 33 16 8 2 5 31 2 0 10 3 93 0 25 0 118 0 0 23 0 23 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 11 6 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 11 6 2 0 0 1 3 20 0 0 5 25 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 80 16 175 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 9 22 38 34 28 8 48 1 55 0 0 2 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 2 1 55 32 0 9 4 5 6 10 20 50 0 0 0 0 0 0 and Thompson for Preston In the Hus-for Iowa State and Bogdanovlteh for Lewis. Seaburg picked up two yards at his own left guard. Thompson came In fast to nail Tippee for a three yard loss. Burrell replared Ethlngton at guard for Iowa State. Tippee punted out of bounds on the Cornhusker 35. NEBRASKA: Debus replaced Dale Bradley at tailback for the scarlet. Debus cut back for a two yard gain. Debus fumbled but recovered for a three yard loss attempting to try his own left end. The ball flew out of Debus' hands when he was hit and Seaburg grabbed it on the Husker 38. IOWA STATE: A pass, Tippee to Caddock netted 9 yards, Seaburg made it a first down on the Nebraska 25. It was a four yard gain. Tippee passed to Gast for a five yard gain. It put the leather on the Husker 20. Blue and Metheny brought him down. Byler, Thompson and Hazen held Tippee to no gain on a straight smash at the line. One minute left. Alexander was smeared by a host of Husker tacklers for a yard loss. Tippee's pass to Caddock was good for a first and ten on the Nebraska 15-yard line. The rest of the Husker first team came back into the lineup. 15 seconds left In the half. Schalk went Into the Iowa State back-field for Seaburg. Tippee fumbled the pass from center but recovered for a five yard loss as the half ended. SCORE: NEBRASKA 7, IOWA STATE 0. Flrst dwons: Nebraska and one penalty. Iowa State seven. Net yards from scrimmage. Nebraska 79. Iowa State 69. Passes: Nebraska two Incomplete. Iowa State 7 out of 8 for net of 62 yards. THIRD QUARTER. Nebraska starting lineup was back in the game. Darling s kickoff went out of bounds on the Nebraska 33. It was brought back and put in play on the Husker 35. NEBRASKA: Francis fumbled and attempted to skirt his own left nd but lost a yard. Zikmund. on a delayed reverse, broke around his own left, eluded two tacklers for a first down on the Nebraska 46. It was a 13 yard gain. Bradley lost a yard on an attempted cut back over his own right tackle. A pass, Bradley to Zikmund, netted 10 yards. Zik was forced out of bounds-on the Cyclone 45. On a quarterback sneak, Athey made six yards and a first down on the Iowa State 39. Francis cracked the Iowa State left guard for "3 yards. Bradley drove off Iowa State's left tackle for 3 more. Bradley fumbled but recovered and went over the Cyclone left tackle for five yards and a first down on the Cyclone 28-yard stripe. Zikmund on a reverse was run out of bounds by Stewart after picking up four yards. Iowa State took time out. The Huskers were In a "T" formation. Nebraska drew a five yard penalty offside after Bradley had made five yards. Ball on Cyclone 29. Bradley's pass-to Kathol was Incomplete on the Iowa State. 15. Debus replaced Bradley in the Husker backfield. Lange went In at end for Caddock In the Iowa State lineup. Debus' long pass intended for Preston was Incomplete on the Iowa State 5. Francis' punt rolled, over the goal line' for a touchback. . IOWA STATE: The Cyclones scrimmaged from their 20. Lohry punted to Debus who returned 16 yards to the Iowa State 42. It was a 38 yard punt. NEBRASKA: Zikmund was held tn no gain on reverse. Heggen made C 'TL 1 Jh 1 winf Mm m hum ami ia the tackle. On rioubla reverse. IVhm picked up 9 yarda around the Cyclone right aide. It waa Just short of a firat down. Thompson replaced Preston at end for Nebraska. Kranrls r racked the Cyclone middle for four yarda and a first down on the Cyclone 28. Deus failed to find a receiver and ran his own right end for four yards. Iowa State took time out. Hugdano-vltrh went In the Iowa State lineup. Francis made two yards over his own right tackle. Debus slashed off the lows State right tackle for seven yards and a first down on the Iowa State 15. Francis made three over the Cyclone right tackle. Debus tried the same spot for scant yard. Klrk-patrlrk stopping him. Zikmund picked up a yard on a reverse. Nebraska took out time. Fourth down and five to go, ball on Cyclone 10-yard line. Major Jones rushed Metheny and Bradley Into the Husker backfield. Debus and Athey came out. Blue went In for Francis at Tull back. Bradley, on a beautiful play, faked a reverse to Zikmund and then cut out around his own right end for a touchdown. He eluded four Iowa State tacklers and went over untouched. SCORE NEBRASKA 13, IOWA STATE 0. Srhleich's kick from placement with Metheny holding the leather, ' was good. SCORE: NEBRASKA 14, IOWA STATE 0. Sindt replaced Zikmund In the Husker backfield. Schleich kicked off 53 yards to Lohry who returned to the Iowa State 28, Herndon bringing him down. Kathol Preston and Meier stopped Lohry for a two yard loss. Lohry's flat pass to Seaburg was Incomplete. Byler replaced Schleich at tackle for the Huskers. Lohry punted to Bradley who took the ball on his own 41, eluded two tacklers and came back to the Nebraska 42. It was a 43 yard kick. NEBRASKA: Bradley chopped hlB knees high for a seven yard gain. Nebraska drew a 6 yard penalty for taking too much time in the huddle. Hayes at center for Kirkpatrick and Martig for Herndon. Bradley, attempting to pass, waa caught back on his own 35-jard line by four Iowa State tacklers. It was a 7 yard loss. Bradley punted 35 yards to Lohry who returned two yards whera he was stopped cold by Kelly. IOWA STATE: Seaburg fumbled and fell on the ball for a five yard loss. Thompson and Kathol fell on him. Darling passed to Lohry who was held ot a one yard gain by Thompson as the quarter ended. SCORE: NEBRASKA 14, IOWA STATE 0. FOURTH QUARTER. Hazen, Deviney, Debus. Uyden, Sindt were in the Husker lineup. Iowa State's ball on the Cyclone 29 third down and 13 to go. Tippee, Schalk and Gast were In the Iowa State backfield. Tippee punted 42 yards to Debus who picked up the rolling ball and fumbled. Iowa State recovered. It was the Cyclones' ball first and 10 on the Husker 29-yard line. IOWA STATE: Schalk made the recovery. Tippee was thrown for a six yard loss by the Nebraska left end. Nyden was offside on the play. Deviney almost Intercepted Tippee's pass but Invoice Your Family Photo&rapks and know positively that you have a satis- factory picture of Father, Mother, Sister or ' ' Brother. Changes are so subtle that ever one should be photographed at regular intervals. Arrange now for sitting. "Prewrrs th Pnnnt for lb "future" Studio at 226 Falls Cily nips Auburn in final four mihulcs, 7-0 Kriiic 1'rosMT losses flip to Jul Allen, vlio sloshes across r'ALl-S CITY. Nrb - Kulllmck Fmle Pmaser faded back nd shot a, 45 yard touchdown puss to Knd Kd Allen with four nunutr left to give Kalis City a 7 to 0 triumph over the Auburn Uulldogt before 1.500 Krlday nijjht Otis Haunian dripklckcd the extra point. Th Southeastern Nebraska coideretice liattle waa fought In a of mud and a 0 to 0 deadlock apeaml inevitable until Allen hauled In I'maser' flip on the 4-yaid line and sloshed over tbe goal line with the Auburn safely cliiiih; to him. Auburn threatened in tbe fourth periiKl when (iliard doings Worked ills second punt and recovered It The Itulldogs reached the Tl;er 13, hut Allen spilled tint on the 26 on fourth down to stem tbe bid Kalis City had a 6 to 1 edge In first downs. Norfolk Romps on Neligh, 31 0. NKUCII. Neb -Sporting a fast scpiad with a wciRht advantage of 13 iMiunda a num. Conch. Kill I'feiff Norfolk football students walked on an outclassed Neligh team here Krlday, 33 to 0 Norfolk Jiiin'd Into a 13-0 lead In the opening period when Allan Mathers and Bob Anderson cracked the Neligh line for touchdowns and Jack Karner snagged a pa.Hs for an extra point. Ifelff charges held the upper hand from then on. and Jim Ah-reus ended the Norfolk scoring when he picked off a Neligh puss and raced NO yards to score, then plunged for another point. Norfolk's other markers came In the third canto on plunges by Bob McBride and Mathers. Mc-Brlde plunged for the extra point. Nellgh's best efforts were cen tered tn the Chuck Chambers-Dan Mcpherson passing combination. the ball slipped fKnun his hands. Kelly Intercepted Tippee Ion pass on the NehrHHka 10. NEBRASKA: Kleven and half min utes lift In futirlh quarter. Mlue punted l yards to Tippee who fumbled but recovered and brought the bull tiaek to the Husker A. IOWA STATE: Tippee's pass to IleKKcn was complete for seven yards. Deviney made tbe tai Me. Alexander picked up three thru the middle for first down on th Srarlet j.y H..D Deviney Intercepted Tippee's pass on tbe Nebraska 30 and brought tbe hall bark to the Husker 45-yard stripe. Iowa Slate tok time out. NEBRASKA: Debus made a yard thru tbe middle. Illue added two more over his own rlKbt tarkle. Mi-Graw made the tarkle. It was beKlnmnK to Ret dark. Sindt picked up five yards a reverse. Blue punted out ol bounds on the Iowa State 22-yard line. It was a 3h yard kirk. IOWA STATE: Alexander made r yard on a spinner thru center. Srhalk was slopped by Nyden after a one yard Kain on a reverse. .Tippee punted 47 yards to Debus. Nebraska was penalized for dipping-, putting the ball bark on the Husker 33. NEBRASKA: Debus plrked up five yards at left tarkle. Seven and half minutes left. Debus crashed the middle for 12 yards but fumbled and Srhalk recovered for Iowa State In mldfield. IOWA STATE: Tippee's pass was almost Intercepted byl Blue. It was getting; darker and bcKlnning to drls, lie. Tippee was wide around tha Ames left side for nine yards to the Husker 4t where he tripped and fell. He was almost away. The play was called back and Iowa State penalized five yards lor oarkiield In motion. Tippee s long; pass to Gast was complete for 2(1 yards and a first down on the Nebraska 35-yard stripe. Tippee shot a flat pass to Alexander who picked up three yards after attempting- to reverse the field. It was beginning to rain harder making; It difficult to handle the ball. Tippee failed to find a receiver and ran his own right end for a first down on the Husker 25-yard line. It was a seven yard gain. Nebraska took out time. Kour nad three-quarters minutes left. Herb von Goetz replaced Myers and Bradley was bark In for Debus for Nebraska. The Iowa State fans started to boo as several Cyclone subs started to warm up. Gast picked up three jiards'fon an end run and attempted cutback at the Husker right side. Tippee's flat pass to Schalk netted si xyards. Ball on Nebraska 17. Three minutes left. Fourth down and one to go. Tippee plunged for a first down on hte Husker 12. Srhalk broke over his own right tarkle for seven yards. Tippee lost two yards. Hazen and Herndon stopped him. Blue intercepted Tippee's pass on the Husker 3 and i came back three yards to the Husker 6. NEBRASKA: Metheny, on s quarterback sneak, made 9 yards. Fifteen seconds left. Metheny made It first down on the Nebraska 17 as the game ended. FINAL . SCORE: IOWA STATE 0. NEBRASKA 14, Sooth 11th St. but the stout Norfolk line snuffed threats in the second and last periods. Tech Back In Form to Whip South, 20 0. OMAHA. 1.11. Omaha Tech. sparked by Willie Howard, flashed Its old football form Krlday to down Omaha South, 20-0. Howard made the first touchdown after elRht play covered 48 yards, plunging across from the 6-yard line. Good blocking gave him another opening In the aec-ond quarter and he (printed 41 yards to score again. The final touchdown came In the fourth aa Hugo Oltmanns took Howard' pass on the 8outh S4 and walked across the goal. Spencer Squad Blank Undefeated Crelghton. SI'K.NCER, Neb. Playing errorless football. Spencer hlgh'a I'lrutes swept Jim Saloum and his Crelghton mates from the undefeated lists here Friday, 18 to 0. Scdlacek, Waba and Woldneck scored touchdown for Spencer while Wlngmen Pollvka and Whetha smothered Crelghton running attempts. The Spencer line outcharged the opposition and opened wide holea tor the ball carriers. Halting Defeat Grand Idand, 7 to 0. HASTINGS, Neb. Hastings high marched 62 yards In the third quarter to beat Grand Island, 7 to 0, before 2,000 Friday. Bob Schaffer went off left tackle for the final 7 yarda and Jerry Whelan kicked goal. The Islanders, after Dick Miner had chased an Intercepted pass 80-yards across goal only to lose the score on a clipping In the second quarter, never threatened. Lineups: POS GRAND ISLAND HASTINGS L.K. Hi-hull - Htmnaky I..T. I.ucht I'uyn L.i. Harris Illrr C. Sinlt Juries R (I. Niinitfn Kflker R T. Kvans StrnMun R K. Clnufturn , Hranrlt Q H Jnmmm Wheliin II H. Hnmharh - Sharfrr H B. Cnlllhan TrobniiKh K B. . Miinr , Stlner Nebraska City, Peru Prep Tie. NEBRASKA CITY. Peru Prep and Nebraska City battled to a scoreless tie here Friday night as each squad lacked the reserve power to shove across a touchdown. Prep, forcing play in the first , half, reached the Nebraska City ' 2-yard line in the first quarter, but End Bob Sc.heier . intercepted a pass to snuff the threat. It was the only time Peru was inside the opposition's 30. Naponee Six Man Dumps Mascot. NAPONEE, Neb. Led byGode-kin, who scored three touchdowns, Naponee nosed out Mascot, 24 to 20, in a six man game Friday afternoon. FLY ATMUNY AIRPORT See Lincoln from the air Short Ride $1.00 Long Ride $2.00 Flying Lesson .... $2.00 THIS AFTERNOON 2:00 to 5:30 P. M. Lincoln Airplane A Flylnf School MUNICIPAL AIRPORT See Pesek and Iron Man King Kong Clayton RFSTLE Wed., Oct 8 8:30 P.M. FAIRGROUNDS ARENA Lincoln DOUBLE MAIN EVENT I JOHN PESEK vs. KING KONG CLATON and JIM WRIGHT vs. GENE BOWMAN ONE OTIIKR GOOD 110! T Referee Sandy Silverio TlrkrU on Sale Srlnf Billiirdii. Un No. 1 1th St., Phone t-li2n; Nandvi llellut, XI4 No. lth NI. Bua Iravea Kith and O St. at X:ft0 and H'20 P. M. Direrl to Arena. (General Admlixion Mr. Rentrrrd NeaU IV. hlldrrn ander It, 10c taa Included. a.

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