The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1934
Page 5
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'fUESPAY.NOVEMBER 27,- 1J3 1750/Made Children Moving Spirit in 80 Per Cent of Loans Made in New York The natural urge of young people for modern homes, where beauty and charm predominate, Is showing Itself In the improvements and alterations being made with Federal Housing Administration insured loans obtained from,the New York State League of Savings and Loan Associations. President Fred'w. IRrentlcsn In a message to James -. A. MofTctt, Federal Housing-Administrator, says that 1 reports from all parts of New York stale stress the fact tliat adolescent America Is supplying the incentive in the modernization campaign. •"Examination of tile thousand- odd modernization loan applications made to members of.the New York State League shows thai more than 80 per cent came from families In which there «-ere children jn their late teens or early twenties," said Mr. Hercndeen. "Tile stories told by many of our association secretaries and m;m- ngsrs are substantially as follows: " 'These boys and girls want the old place fixed up. They want all traces of anything out of date about the house obliterated. They want the house painted and the surroundings groomed, the batli- room done over, modern light fixtures throughout, new sliding doors •put on the garage, and most frequent of all, they want the basement remodeled so that :i large modernistic party-room will be at their disposal.' "The Federal modernization drive is undoubtedly giving impetus to tills natural urge of youth to make home a u morc attractive place at the period of their lives when they •begin to takec thir social activities more seriously. Their idea, apparently, is that they want a place where they can bring their friends und feel that no apologies arc necessary. . - . •••-."It is. interesting to note that they do not seem to be so much interested in modernizing the kitchen of the home, but we find that when they .have sokl mother and dad on .the other phases of modernization, mother generally thinks that while the rwork is being .done, i wh'y ®5t' • have ,th?'. kitchen done; at.'tKe 'samft •vtlmc, and father decides r thai''.fiow would^be just as good a.llmcias any-to put in a brand new hcatin« unit.". HEIEM mm Book Shelves, Scats and Even Beds May Be Built Into The Walls 'Hie small living room and bed- loom may be transformed to yield more space for living by ths use pi n variety of inexpensive, attractive nnd utilitarian fitments. Book cases may be made to sink right into the wall, taking up no floor space. The sama may 03 -jonc with the fireplace. In one oorjier an all-purpose desk with many drawers may'bs built in by the cabinet maker, with a decorative cabinet above. The radiator may be cov- •ered by a simulated chest of drawers and, If the space admits, a window seat constructed. This seat may be complimented by a novel chair with a small tea table which magically pulls out from under the chair arm. Such a chair is particularly suited to the popular small bed-living room ID apartmenl'houscs'and small dwellings today. A "bunk bed" is associated ordinarily w ith a caini, or a ship; not so in the mind of the np-to-dats Interior architect. He IISK the built In bed as an exquisite part of the bedroom and makes it com- forlable, simple In'construction and inexpensive. On each side of the bed may bo placed shelves, designed to harmonize with the bed and ready to serve as night or utility tables Underneath the ted. which is built high, mny be two or three deep drawers extending the length and depth of the bed. At ths head of the bed unier the reading table, book shelves may utilize the space. This ensemble makes a compact unit of bed, chest, (able and bookcase scconiiiMdsted )» the least possible space against one wall. It thus releases the room space for living, which Is one of the -most Im- portant'considerations of the popular modern bullt-lns. A modernization credit loan of slightly more than $700 .....u^ .pu^iu. the virinal rebuilding ot the home pictured above, located In Trenton, N. J. The house was completely renovated from bottom. Science, Delving Into Kitchen Problems, Saves Many Steps Science; has entered-the kitchen, l might be, a yood plan-to have still In the planning and . arrangement•( another Vork space between • (he of that part of the home .'in'which j ran ic .and-the dinlng-rOom door.' ihn-'hoUKRu-ifn stands m -imirli nf. I( a ' e • o^ilc door; and-' dinini L .. ,,,',- '"•• I room door arc'close together.'eoinir her time, architects and nomt ecpn- through the-kitchen will not Iiitc'r- omisls have accomDllEhcd nmrh in fere :,with work. This however is Jiot always possible and rwlicn: it is necessary ;to separate the line of equipment with a' door,, create a'vby thc .isolated piece if tills MS :possible. •seiiarale ,"the range and sink.Kittier than''tins' sink and refrigerator. -.'..' V . . VVprk;spaces-canbe. built-in cab- recent years, with'. : the saving.; of time and steps -. as' their '• objective, i/ The J :poorly ;located sink or re- •frigeratpr ^may -t>dd_two :6r three. iteps--fpr>the :: .ho'usewife 'each time- slic uses them, or the lack of cup-' board'and: work space at- certain points -in the. kitchen, might easily double.trie labor entailed in- the preparation of a single' meal. In one year this would be" comparable : to preparing • and. clearing sgme 2,000 meals instead.Of the. average. 1,095. The best planned kitchens.have the three major pieces .Of -equipments-refrigerator, sink-'and range —so arranged with workspace, that steps, arc-reduced to a minimum"" Altering (he .kitchen from'.'the outside,--die. refrigerator should be first,-then'a. work space with the sink and drip board next in line. Another svork space shouM separate this from the range, and it Cliimiiey It Makes Necessary Also Enhances Exterior Beauty of House Builders of homes a decade or two ago had a tendency to omit fireplaces, partly because the development of central heating appeared to obviate their necessity. As a consequence, there are many homes today that lack the comlorl and cheer of a blazing open lire. There was a time when no home was built without an open fireplace, and there Is, no reason now wily every home slwuld not have one. The work of Installing one or two should be started shortly, so that the fireplace may be used this Winter. New Chimney Needed A special chimney Is necessary, for a fireplace may not share-a flue with any other heating; unit. An outside chimney is the easiest type to Install, and it puts Die family (o little Inconvenience during the construction period. Carefully built, an outside chimney can add greatly to the exterior beauty of the house. A new fireplace makes a radical jhangc in the character 61 a room, and for this reason it should be handled with fh« utmost care. Corner lircplaces are unfortu'nalely out of style. AS the fireplace will be the central attraction Of the room, drawing 'the nullify' mid guests to its vicinity, scrupulous attention given to Its location nnd structural detail, and the fu'rnlsh- ing possibilities of the room after its construction. Ordinurily, there should be no doors or windows 01 either side. Meyer should the fireplace extend far out into the room Sufficient space, must remain In the room for cbjnfoftable furniture Ui be grouped aVoiind the.hearth. Additional wiring outlets should bi made nearby to;provide for (hi portable lighting fixtures and olhui appliances that arc desirable nca the fire. ' ",: Style Should 'Fane in The style ol the he'arth depend: on .the period and . interior (Icco rating scheme of the-room:"An en ameled Colonial -mantelpiece, fo example, is correct for a room will enameled trim.- , A room with rotigl unglazed plaster walls nnd'staluci unvarnished.,trlrn r ls charming will a hooded flrepfoc'e". in' tlffj'ftsYlah manner, or. a mantel consisting .0 a single plank df'staincd wood with •vyi*;i>l»tK>-can ne. Duui-in cab- u VL '"v"". "' <"*•?"<;" v»uuu win inets.with shelves . above or they ].. h and -. f P> ,of brilliant Span i>nn [,„ r.,,.,ii — .,. ._..,. • J i ish gszca. lUc. A hiflntcr of- fac brick is In excellent, taste for i great many .rooms. It blends bes with dark.slalnpd fllioprs ami fur can be small work.tables. •. The placement of smaller equipment- in •; logical .((laces v^ill also ... r ..w ... lu^^nt .niuLtja v.1111 also tlh -. ' i- • ut-v"" u^o save; steps. Staple supplies- and ,, dar MlaInpd flfloprs ami fur used litciisib-should be nt the re- " uure - A gay, original touch fo frigerator w.ork space. Tea coffee r°?! ls - wlth :^" hllc ,- woodwork and measuring' spoon, pols, pans and S Wn is P'^Wcd by the heartl co|fee.-pot should/be In thCTaiice °J brl lliant glazed tiles, which *I-in,*v.r. f-.^n. r^-'. t ' _ I ... . 6 DPnOtlliniT V\r ' J>i,lT-nr,^«^ 1 • r.v. H~" .wvMJUi. i/- "» LJIL; ittiiyt; work space. Dishes, elc., at the sink. . This kitchen arrangement can easily. 02 placed Jn ,a room of ten feet by twelve or nine 'by fourteen, leaving/ample space for a desk and chair .where receipt and menu 1 books can be kept and meals' planned. .:Many a home lias an unseen room lucked betireen the attic rafters or in some wasted space 'in the basement. .. . If it is in the attic, a little build-. Ing board, wall paper, paint nnd varnish will develop it charmingly, and the newly discovered room will help insulate the houss. Such additional insulation, it has been found, saves from tlu'rty to forty per cent of the fuel bill, and will Pay for itsci shortly right out of savings from the coal pile or oil supply. A waslcd basement corner may be turned into a recre.ition or "rumpus" room with a ]»rtition wall, and some colored concrete, concrete ashlar, stucco or cement plaster and a small amount of paint and decoration. Britain Ah«d ef V.'S. H has been estimated that ir Great Britain last year-there wa( a.minimum of 300.(1WI-houses repaired in.: comparison' 50,000. Ir the'United suites. Homes Change Owners in Recent Transactions Several real estate transfers have been made recently in city prbp- Bnlld Chimncj Corner A convenient chimney corner cat adds (o the attractiveness fo he room: Box Seals" with hinged °iw are serviceable and they add l <U unique touch. The space In- 'ae the boxes will be found liaudy l! lhe s '°rase O f kindling wood, | a papers «nd other articles. Rtsd Courier New* Want erty. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Tyrone have purchased the former J. E. Whit- Torth residence on West Walnut street from the Commonwealth Building and Wan Co., anrt have already moved into their new' home after having operated the Waters hotel for some time. The .residence was recently redecorated on the -inside after having been painted last year. H. C. Campbell, one of. the owners of (he-QUBIlly shoe shop li!:s Purchased the property at 5IS North Fifth Street from the Union central Life Insurance Co. He will occupy the residence. .yt-,?. Crews, formerly of Osceola' who. is,moving to BlyihevUle. has purchased'tile former Dr. J. A s£ iba. residence ,at 102 -East ken- twky. This home »•« occupied by Dr and Mrs. Sallba and directly. behind the N. F. Knight Attic Easily, Converted .- • ^,. a ... I » IT r"i r p ." •• r» home; .has-been bought, by w. A into Usetul txtra Room Bickerstafl:from_the Bankers Trust company 'of Kansas City. . Thomas .laud Co. handled -all' of these ideals. ' Full. trnjflh iHirror The logical place, for a full'length mirror is on the romn-side'-of Hie bedroom closet door. While a,complete new mirror door Is probably more satisfactory, a iriirror can be installed at reasonable cost in the present door, no matter what style it may be. Over: Sink An electric light placed over the ,.nk Is considered, a- necessity in every modern kitchen. It reduces eye strain, eliminates shadows and provides needed light, . • .'• Oivns Old Ppwrfcr Horn .DERRY, N. II. .(UP)-A' .'powder nprn perhaps «Md ; in-'King: Philip's War, is now :in ;.the/pps5csslon of Dr. Wallace ,H..'Nichols, : believed to. have the sixth -largest Indian relic collection In New Enji- i inscribed Indian . names- and .bears an - gpnii- inscription. "Captured In the --[imp fight; 1675," and has lhe P or Rfimic Island clched'on ; It. becoming , , urcascd popularly ppar with tlie present-day demand fo more color. •' ;.-:"• ',.. From the* practical standpoint, ; fireplace should - : be provided will » good draft to prevent smokini even on w-cl- days, and it should givi a maximum amount, of licat. It I; a good plan to equip it with one o the patent fireplace linings nnd throaU made with double walls tha serve to make a hot-air chamber like that of ,'ii" hot-air furnace. For the sake of. safety, fire brick o special flue lining « n d a good tighl ash chute -and pit, and clean-on are necessary'. A hearth extending 18 inches In front and about 12 inches on each side of the opening also is essential. Protect Your Car With a Garage This Winter The advent'.o(.winter is the cue [or car owners to lake steps to protect, their automobiles against thc damaging effects'of thc dements Timely preparation can avert costly repairs to radiators, cylinder tracks and batteries, and adcquat Saragc protection can also prcscrv thc finish. On existing garages, thc rools should be.checked and repaired i necessary, and walls insulated whcr Possible, windows .should 'te madt tight and weather stripped, and Token panes replaced. Exterior walls should be marie tight aiu painted,,And entrance doors.made lo swing freely but snugly. It the garage is without pr _the electricity should be --i to'lnclude It, botli for convenience :ln'parking the car/and also [or workjng on it. In main c?sc s . it i.s:a simple ope ""'ind the heating systc easy .staftliig ;ln cold" w'eaVher Scrip properly -stamped buys protection Wooden Fences Coining Back Into Popularity Tlie old, inUnlcd, wooden fence coming i)nc)5 Inlo fnvui- wllli lie home owner, From lime Immemorial ill) m- 'Biii'O ol uny soil hiis Ijccii ic- >r«lc<| us n soil of protection. The picket fence WHS hurdly '"l, but, u esiH-cssed the idea. Moreover, H dirt provide mi enclosure lor dilution and dc-estlo iifmals. ^rom thu uealhcllc slitndjioliU iwc nrc mtiuy styles hi fences, ic most nllnicllvc of which is irotauiy the ol<l sloiie. They imiy 'ic or Di-lck, concrete, iron woven ihe-or oilier materials. At linn's iilfcrent miiterlnLi nrc combined. In England tlie boxwood,, pivot "' Jiipuncse barberry bs common. 11 Hie unlloil Slnlcs a hedge ol 'snge orange sometimes siippuuus liu pliiln or bnrucd wire utid II lives perfect protection. ' Distinctive American I'cncci may >c of itccornlivc board, split rails, rovcii split saplings, ircllls, screen, liccp hurdle fences und Jig siuv nilhius. Knobs and Locks May Bo Ornamental as Well as Practical Devices Hardware liivs been called "the Jetrclry of-(he house." Nowlici'e Is llils dcslRiintlon more applicable limn In Iho case of door knobs nnd oilier Imrdwnra Incinciu to locks. Miiny door knobs and canilch- cons now In use look as though spoil the csthcllc,'c/feci" ond Moore Repairs Home 'l''ie D. o. Moore residence at 'romlscd Land Ims uecu uiiderijo- »S repairs which Incliule u new -oinposillon roof. Ujlil Fixtures Modernltti! Tlie old order of llglitlni; Ilx- :«ics Is changtnij. Unconsciously lomc owners imve clime to Hie oicl Gasbracket type ,of ornninciUn- ion. Tlie house of tomorrow will live lights so jj| nccc i UllU lhc uulbs will be entirely Invisible, nnd types ol ligliUnu win uc us .| m . lortant In dccorallng a room as fmniliire Is now. lenu, with smoolli, Immmciod, mnttcd or, bOcalclIC' Ihilshes. C'olort'd i* AHOUS For the Inlcilor, tlicre lire knobs nnd esciilcJieons of (he sutno tim- terlnls and lliilshcs as the liandlo sets. Iii addition, there riru knobs of coloicd glast, which enter Into the color scheme of thc room. .The Blnss knobs come In different Some, me plnln. ^onio Ilnlcd, somu oclngonnl. nnd so on. The colors, which. Include popular slmdcs of ruse, blue, urecii nnd nni- bcr, as woll us blnck nmt opnl, nrc oj>n(|!ic or Intttslttccnt. 'i'ho mclnl Is.clioscn lo blend with the sluule vs the I3oor Knobs and escutcheons belong to tliat cliisslflaitloh of snmll Incldcnliils . which, - when wrong, »-"..o ,,un ". .101, iwli u& UlUllgJ) ijnlll lllu I'alllflJU, LJII-'Ct they might Imvc been oi-iiamciilal' conccl> n<1(l n 'Itslhx twenty yenrs ngo, but vestiges of l )lcftsl »l! niilsh touch to nny ixxsslblc past bcniity liavc long since disappeared, Miiny others look us though they had gotten into the wrong room, or slopped lit the wrong house. Sitfcly is I'lrsl 1'urposc It Is very true lliat tliu first pinix)sc of iv lock Is safety. Hut there Is the Incicnpablc tact tlml the escutcheon nnd knob must also be looked nt nnd should therefore be selected wllh regard to the nieliltectiiral type nnd dccorallvu telicmc of the house or room us well ns (lie ability of (tie lock to provide security. Handle sets nrc more popular Tor front doors tlnui knobs. For lhe Colonial house there are utnln', smooth hiindlcs In brass or bronze. For the house built in tlic modern minnicr, severely modernistic handles and escutcheons arc available. Tho hoiiEC of Ilullan, Spiinlsh, OcorglBii or any other Inspiration can .lie correctly C(|ul|i|>cd from lhe variety of handsome handle sols now being miulc of divers metals In many shapes and pat- dtsllnctlve nnd the ' home Cedar Sheathing It Clothing Protection! . . t l Anj closet fn the house can be I mnitc Into n cedai closet with U>el simple nddillon of ''sheathing the closing of clacks c *oi tlie best resulU, the ctdat shenlhlng sho«(jl be at leuiV Inch thick Tills applies to ctdai used foi lining, shelve* Ilooi, cclllnff, ->,jd door, A influent shortcoming of cedar clo&eU It the use of sheathing which?!* too lliln Flnnlly, all crevlcts must be clascd, nnd doors tightly we»- tlier it lipped ~, Culai closcU aio nvaiwoie for nnncdiu by modernizing loans nppioved by the Fedeial Houslne rtdmlntstintlon Courier New* Want Ads/ I Thanksgiving and Christmas — in Ji^lLteciilire : yei(r 'may |, e . mmlu more ^ pints- «nl it thetollTOiiiifflnj&Tn the liuim; iin; pleii.siM!/ to tlic eye, I'll is can now he iiccutniiH.shed ;it moderate -cost. For example, ;in ujj- 2-r»i«c Hiinhvood mi) KOOM SUITK cun l>u IxiiiKlit for a Cash Outlay of fl>rjO n\ . On) >' - - - : - - • $60,50 Watch This Page Wednesday for Other Interesting Items CHARLES S. LEMONS Cowl FURNITUHK Moderately I'ricud • PROPERTY OWNERS .Whose property needs modernizing,, painting, roofing, repairs, may now finance these improvements through NATIONAL HOUSING ACT HOME OWNERS May have new oak floors, builtrin cabinets, cedar closets, new washtex wall paper,.inside and outside painting, etc. This is Your Opportunity to Add to the Value of Your Property Don't Delay! Act Today! Phone 12. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. ^ r«l<l«nc«^on Eighth street, PHONE IOO lUMBrq ICX) NEWEST SHORT WAVE «}'!> BROADCAST RADIO F Gets . . FRANCE, ENGLAND SPAIN, AUSTRALIA SOUTH AMERICA - A ^_. .. GERMANY 1935 Model 145 /"pint!. amaziiiE S-tube superheterodyne has 6 - -I Uincdjcircuils. llcnrs foreign whorl-wave a!! ; regular broadcasting, police, airplane, and amateur signals. 3 sonarate tuning bands on the airplane-dial are selectively illumirmtwl to show v\u<± band the set is on. An amazing value in up-to-thc-minuto reality nitlio. CAVITT RADIO GO. ; IJxcinsivc Alwater-Ktnt Dealers- I>)1( " 1(; 233 ciencue JIule] ;;••'•,. Clifford Cavill, Mgr. 'U- NEW BEAUTY for Your Kitchen anj BETTER Cooked Foods for Your Table! WITH THE NEW 940 SERIES lnsfant-(3j|s . • , ' . LJ"- ' ' • Male ancT Burn Their Own Gat . . . lhe .new. Coleman Instant-Gas Udiigeb aie the] ^ J'mcst Stoves ever made . . ..Concealed, rust-proof; jucl tanks ... Aniiizing new Bami-A-Dlu Buinpij Uiat cuts fuel costs and-gives 20 poi cent greater; Heating clficieiicy . . . Dial type safet'y caiburetoi,* valve ... They provide, model n gas'sci vice for!"' conking, no matter where you live 1 '-' THE BUST Hlif;0.1I.ME,VD.lTION FOK rHfit • *, .STOVES AUK OUR SATISFIED CUSTOMtRS v 1 ' : ' ? See These Hemarkable Kangi>f> at Our Store a Hubbard Hardware Co.

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