The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 18, 1925 · 7
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The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska · 7

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 1925
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I PORT SPORT SECTION SECTION FOUNDED 1S7 LINCOLN, NEIiRASKA, SUNDAY, OCTOBER IS, 1923. SPORT SECTION Nebraska Holds Invaders to a 6 to 6 Tie HUSKERS BATTLE HUSKIES TO A TIE Mandery Scores the Nebraska Touchdown Early in Third Period. GEOSGX WILSON WAS STAR ' Washington Batkfield Ace Great, Groand Giner. ' LOCKLa XC5 WAS i-LAiUat. . Nebraska Speedrter Kike Thrilling- 47-Yard Betnrn of Kick-offWhistle Saves the Husker at Half. The Purple Tornado which tame '.rom the Pacific coat wtth a threat to gwetp Nt bnuika off tor ttft and (airy aay a 14 to 0 victory, mH stubborn resistance on the part of the Cornbuskers, who Hilled the itonn aod held the heavy University of Washington eleven to a 6 to 6 tie In the first game of the season on the Memorial stadium field Saturday afternoon. It was a great game; one of the must stubbornly fought and thrll-ilti grid contests ever staged on a .Nebraska gndlrou. It n a game . mniuos lorwara pa-e. narnuat the two teams, battled on line piuuges, nu mrfaienini? runs nat kept tl- sp--iator on their '( A tou hlov ii tur i ai h t-am a all that i .t j niinuies of gruf I-i:jg football rould bring out' 'ray. Nf'brh.-'ktt M-nrlng bir tlx nniit In the third quarter and vVurOiingtoti makli'p li r ha'f doien in 'hi- fliMl quaitvr of the game. V Mandery. Ilusiter right half-S.n-k niad thr lorn- touchdown lor Nebrarftti tifursi' Wilson, llin- li u i nt; star ' ill'.- I'acillo coaft .I' sliovi i tin- oval oer . bt lull. ii!n r0 Ok "i i'tluls for vVu3h''uglou. Nebrjiki'i Tou'down. Nebi-aFka'ff tuuchJj'Wn In ' lil'd - uuarTci' a' 'ruad'' after the Sti- t-r. Huk-r rlcht tai'kn', Imd recov- t'd a (unibli- b Wusiungtoii ol .4. owu .2 yard liu Plunges by Ixodes, and u lui :trj p.iFH to A. Mandery Lj Slfplien, who bud rieeo rhoi Into tin- lineup by Coach ilfRrg foi' liruwp. put llic oval Oil vVkPhlnou's' S jard line. A plur.f 1 y Lin k" auil oik- by Hhodej, a al' l'HHs to A Mandery as Khdff . tiil lliru o-nit-.- and the Hu."kei' .iglit hullbacK rac d from the 4-yard ii a n ld- swing around the Wish- riKton right end for the covetod ;d !o:nts. Stephi failed to kick o.vl. .Yahin:'.on score! in ilif final .uurter when Palton, lialiback. :nd Ouiioi n-.dt-n. the Huskii quar-ii-rbark. opfii'd up a pluuglug at-;urk Iroiu lh' renter of the field ilmt swept the Nebraska tit fenne cfl lis feel. . With l!tf Hu-'ki' lluugiug down the fle'.d lowan) :helr goal line. Wilson hurled a forward pa;"" to CuniiiK. leu -Dd. and put t lie ball. 011 V bra.- ka's .' yard ilim. The plunging Vllron on 1 h:-e terrific line dmachrs put the hail oi er lor WatUington'a tlx ;oinis. Nebraska footers sat bi'eaiiiless as Guttormteu gol set for a drop l ick on a try for point, as It looked a, if out- lKtlnt might be .uffirieot 10 w in the game. The kick was low and waa blocked by Nebraska. "Outplayed Nebraska. Washington outplayed Nebraska "in the first quarter l eeping the ball in tbe Husker's territory most of the time and gaining grouud'on a .return of puuts. Washington p.unc-ed for more yardage aod twice In the quarter when the Nebraska line fought "doggedly. Guttormsen tried two field goalx. one from the 35-yard line. The last attempt was blocked and Nebraska got the-hall on her own 15-yard line. Things looked bad for the Hu3k-its as they battled In this quarter, when Captain Wetr recovered his own fumble, ou Nebraska's 6-yard iln-. Ou the next play how-ev. uo punted out of danger but a ioi ward pass for twenty-five yards front Wilson to Captain Tesreau toc.a put Nebraska In a tight hole ; L--U-1. Potplsil. Husker left guard. cvTin- 'o tile r-e-je and reco.ered a .u.uhlc by the Washington cap- In llic oTrirmuarter Nebraska uuu'- .1 ami tue two teams surged nc, u:ni forth with neither team having the edge. While the Wash- ugtou Huskies stagr'. a drive that areatened the Nebraska goal line ;;ud on the third down had but one ; aid to go to score a touchdown, ihei.- chance was swept r.way l'.v the pistol shot at the end of the ;.lf. Nebraska, too. lost her first :hance to score when A. Mandery i' lopped a forward pass hurled by Stephens over-the Washington goal line. Locke, the Husker star speedster; tuade the most brilliant run of the jrame in the :hlrd quarter when 1-s caught Guctonnsen's 50-yard kick off and carried the ball back torty slx yards, dodging one Washington tackier after ano'oer. A few moments later he drove off the Huskies tackle lor nine yards. Then Nebraska's team by plunges and, runs and a pass took the ball over ;h goal line.' - In the fourth quarter Nebraska had the edge on the Washington team for much of the time until the Huskies on their line-plunging tnd passing attack scored their six wlnts. The Huskers braced (gain after Washington scored and bat- led the Huskies to a standstill. Washington tried in Tain to score lth forward paine but could rot . make gains on Nebraska. Brilliant runs bv Locke, who'....., . . k.l a weai la the game la ttv second! . Uana-es Rhode-a. accur- j , JW rorrU passing Dy Mepnecs , and tbe. fight that the Nebraska a put P re leaiures o: 'gaair. Hutchison, Nebraska center flayed a wonderful game and hiJ defensive work and bard tackling ! one of the reasons why Wain-lingtoo failed to defeat the Hu-ker. ! Rhde ran zreAt Interference and away for tome good gain. Wilson a Star. It wai the line p!ungiLg 0f Geore Wilson, the Huskies star baltback that kept the Husker worTled tbe most. Wllsou waa a terrific line plunger and whea IWafblcgiou wanted to make yard-i age thru the line they, gave the bfell to tbe raclflc coast line smash-el CapJtln Tcureau, Pation and GuttorniM-n alo slarrt-U foi v the'' Wa-ih.ingion team. The Wasblag-Inn line is u -olid iorward wall and' It hard Koing for the Huskers. The s;aUsilos of the r.mi show talr- ten flrt downs and th Washington team uint- Washington gain- inj 1 jii jaiun i.uui niiujuiago auu .eDra."sa ito. Arlington nao but a narrow lnurgld on the llus- kers In the punting game, Ed Weir doing a Kood Job with his toe. Id the forward parsing department of MantlnatMl a llit Klfht-A.) CHADRONWALLOPS WAYNE WILDCATS Wynne'a Team Diiplayi Class in Lefeating Sale Seal Ag- jp-ezation by 29 to 7 Score. ' WAYNE. Neb. Oct 16. Cbad-ron -prtrved too much for Wayne In a game that u filled with heady ' sparkling football and took the . Wildcats measure 29 to 7 here Sat-j urday ait-.-rnoou. McKelvey kicked 1 a 33-yard ulacn kirk. in the first five mlnuteii 01 pla. A h ocked punt resulted in a Chadron touch-' down and the Eagles were off to a . flying start never to be headed, j The quarter ended 9 to M. j Sha'troti dropped on the defensive and Wayne Hashed the West-, erners line only to lurk the punch i when In scoring range. McKelvey ; fumbled a Waynn kick and the Wildcats carried it to the 20-yard line but a pass on tho fourth down failed by Inches. The half ended, t Chadron 9. Wayne 0. v j Chadron received and displayed ' real line smashing abilities marching straight down the field for a suchdown.' Wayne carried the ball . to the ID-yard line where McKelvey ' Intercepted a Wayne pass. The third quarter ended 13 to 0. i A series of passes mixed with off tackle drives, netted Chadron another touchdown early , In tbe fourth period. Wayne carried tbe bail1 straight down the .leld on a series of passes and drlvs. Keed snagging a short pass for Wayne's lone touchdown a lew minutes later. wim two minutes to piay vtr-'i vln- ran back a Wayne puut sixty i yarns for a touchdown. The final score was Chadron 29. Wayne 7. Sujamary : Wsyas Chadron Ksibsc ..Is Carroll Kn)J it...' ., Trspp L.nn " c Weder Kelt v Smith (Capt.) Garwood rg Spiay Krosseth ri YsMoy re.......';. Christian Ki-nnick qa.. McKeWay Moseman ........ fli o. Kummir Markert (Oapt.1 .rhb Garvin Kellla fb ' "Bucking-Bam Substitutions: Wayne, Ryaolaa, SVrantoit. titchell. Ray Bra'.nartl. Evans. Chadron I .tax, Clirisnian, Ltvitu Clements. O.ririsls. Ktrg. Hlefleborg. umplrs. Wanks. 'tibrasaa, head linesman ivana Ames. Mir Til era n Rlnnlr o - Badger Gridsters MADISON, Wis., Oct 17. fP) A whirlwind Stan, that produced two touchdowns In less than five minutes from the opening whistle gve Michigan a quick and subsUn-tial lead that enabled her to whip Wisconsin, 21 to 0. today. Benny Friedman. Michig-.n's quarterback and crack passer, scored two of the touchdowns and passed Oosterbaan to the other. One of Friedman's scores was from an 85-yard run after, taking the klckoff. He ran the -number of consecuti' e points after touchdown to 11 b three place kicks. Maroons Defeat v Purple Gridders CHICAGO, Oct. 17. (JP The annual civil war of football in Chl- cago today gave the University of Cnicago a 6 to 0 victory over Northwestern. Two field goals for Chicago completing the scoring. "Mooto" Baker, leading star of the Purple team, was Injured early in the game- and had to drop out of the fray. Chicago bad the better of the battle most of the time, but could not deliver the necessary punch for a touchdown.- Football Reulu 33, fraaa- Mjc.: BWBJa-aa eaawa Al i Oil : o hbMl 7. Ora . At tol Imui. MB. Mbcatgaa stale mtrwr II. Aeater eal IX j Al MabaaB g. Xlaa. ' Ma It. Al Ui.iia. .: MmIw stale I i. M e. I Wk . Al B-wnnm. lag.: fryrarass It. a: ia. . v.: iiaaaittaa . A- a i v t ..l . 'Lawa'i u.i.ha ajjw g. "fri.,; V r. . d btt a. I Al latajhU, la.i r Bar aril a. lauo. a I m a . a v i MaU ' lliilrt.a . Al feavltu j Al Itaavra ' Al r JaAaa, . Al New Yale, 11. m Nat?, 1. Kmtrm. . : (ararU, 41; Kalirn. . ari rrntdeaca. lj M. Him: rvaaajlraajhv. If; Al Ix-awia: H4art. : tlarkaaa. . Al IMrwM: lawiaun, X4 ; IMrat. l alsmila a(ia, 1$; Dea'rr BaiTara. Ml. Al IkrtraU: ImifUn. 14: Drtratt. (. Al Daraua: r liaamannlrs aala. Ugr, t; RJail liaJHi S.M, . At atllp, Msas.1 UirrsH, t. In the upper picture Dai'y is middle picture Lecke is starting touchdown, in the final quarter. Hanaver, ". H.! Par man th, M; Maine, 9. At rrsvidriKv: Brown, 4S; Rate-". , At $pr.nalled, Maaa.s baring-nekl, S; rnl(,nt. At I -a l-ajrae, Ind.: furdae, 44; Kote Poly, g. - I utoa, 35: TTisHy, 5. Bowiiuia. 14; Vtetleran. g. I rMiuua, IS, jtututa. . Mld.iV-UM.J. hi: St. .Uirhaelv O. (st. Jtfkuia Military, S: iscoivsin Mining. 14. t arrutl. 74: Northwestern ecllrg-e. g. Vtest V IrtiSia, 54; l.roTe ( it, S. hu-HiUtftutnuik. 14: Drerl, g. l.e!ilgi. a; MrH Virginia Wftirjta, g. le,kkre. g; ITossluore. g. Ibis. on college, 51: Itotoa nniten-Itj. 1. .Norwich. IS: To ft, g. Vlootter. 7 : Wjp.tim Keaerren, g. Ak.i.ii. 14 : t -3it. MralnUn tfr. v; llethany. IS. An.ln-rt. i:, g. Virginia l"vly. 3: .Van land. g. la.uolsc nnivrrMti. 9: Villa Nova. g. V irxhtiu Miliiury, 10; Initersity at Virginia. IS. Ai-kaur. S: like. 11. Iju.0 lirnL at; llliuoi-. rallrg. 7. John ltopaiiis. ?; K.riinioml, g. 13: "leonrtilie. a. MiMouri. It-; Hutlo Miner, g. Nrtli I tiutota niiitei-sitj, 3; Otolith Duois Btatertt.y, g. ' No.Ij ixaKbta Aggies. 3; Sooth Dakota If I V-:-..'".-'.f ll VV; -r 1 v-: cr t fr'- iA.M. Rrrj KfJv ,H0l! lli"1'?'" "ir"J STIII iral .-. W'-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-----at4.-1il4-- A , :v K- V- fc. af ST T 1 makingslft''' a- , , Mpertwr, g: aitaera Mate Normal, l:. eurgu. II: lunnan. g. Mi bseppi. 7; lulon onlvr'ity. g. VVanuiiig.on A Lee, S; hw.loiJ, g. Alabama, 37: !eanee, g. Vandertnlt. 34; Tenneee, 7. Talane, X&: Muuiiaippi A. A M.. 3. Iifsrcs Teeh. a: rlorloa, 7. ritlsowrcB. IS; tttytBc, g. - Aat Int-rersily Flace: VVesirjaa 10, Mtuland g. At b.rmery : Peru Normal 30. Rear-Be, g. Baena Vista 'It; MiU rollerr g. Occidental lajrg-r 11; I UTcrail j at KeduuHs .Texas A. at M, 7; southern Met bod 1st toiTerMijr . At OrnsHs: Omnha anlTsrslt g; Doaae cabers g. - . At Tbcsm. Arts.: final: rntrerattr f VJaS : I niTersity af Arltona S. At Vtayne: Chadroa TVayae 7. At Slou City: Crrightso tt, Mornlnf-alde . i KUTSCH STARS IN HAWKEYE YIGTORY Sophomore Halflaek Scorei Win-ninf Point in Few Min- ctri Grange Siinei . for LTlini. IOWA CITY la- Oct 17.-,p. Out where the west begins a new tar began a gridiron career today that enabled Iowa to vanquish IV-llnoli. U to 10. :a a dramatic fn-Uh that never ha been equalled la weitern conit-rence foot b a.' I ti-tory. Illinois, r&Ciiig. 10 to S In the last two minute of play and with the game, apparently safely won. lost. whe.n "Cowboy Nick" Kuucn, Iowa'a neweft gridiron tut. broke away ,for a 31 -yard run, earring the ball to Illinois 1-yard linn, and a mashed over for a touchdown on the ceit play that gave Iowa victory. The defeat virtually rules Illinois chances an a contender for the "Big Ten" championship. The game, furiously fought before a record breaking borne con leg crowd of 3O.O0O spectators. Scencs From the Washington-Nebraska Grid Battle IT seen starting oa a run around Was on one of those runa that kept the Wilson plunging over the chalk mark opened and closed with two of the most dramatic plays witnessed in years. In the first ten seconds of play. Captain "Red" Grange, of Illinois flashing tbe form that made him the nation's outstanding football star In 1924, scooped up the ball on the opening kickoff and raced eighty yards lor a touchdown before the dumfounded spectators knew- what had happened. It was a duplication of his feat in the Michigan game, last fall and It demoralized tUe Hawkeyes.-Kutsch Great Gainer. Kutch, the 170 pound dyn mo playing left half back for the first time with Iowa in a championship game, produced the closing thrill when he bioke away for his dash in the closing seconds of the game, and then scored the touchdown tnat sent the packed stadium In a frenzy of excitement. Grange, himself., playrc defensive safety, broug'it tho neij lowa star to earth as he speir for thn Illinois goal line with only a few inches to go. . The game revealed that Grange still is the Grange of old, despite his ahowing In the Nebraska contest two weeks ago. He played one of the greatest games of his sensational career,- both defensives and offensively. Grange Up To Tricks. The famous Red-head carried the" ball thirty-one times for a total of 258 yards, once breaking away for twenty-five yards and' two runs of twenty yards each in addition to his eighty yard dash. He hurtled two passes for a total of twenty-four yards and figured In desperate tConUnord on rag- Klg-ht-A.) Iaw n - sJ f-' . JC1 !,! Football ReaulU UK. a M MtXJl Al lark, liana t. tk . Al I !-: Ha a . t. I lsars f. Al rwvl ?; 4kfAa () la. rasaar (1) 1 Al (arra: tsussla II. lvaa . Al la!4 : Lax W tUj It, ra a. Al faaArss: 4ara Is. r via . At fceiaaa: raa ; 6aarfW . AC tl i ttl): 1 all t SI) IS. iiarwaa. , . Al tarfatk: arflk f.. .Bx . Al rrrnlil:. twaisl l. Unal I-ksaa 1. At liarala: Teasswc k (b 11. fU U- . At Aaaara: Aasara . rasrban . At Leuaftaa j. Ullsi- Urn At Aasto Aaatrjr sirisdl Jl. i 7; t rtw ai 4 ' (skvi: scxUr Al Ma Ml Ptrrra If UUaa . Al Humll: baamtt J. fiittr . Al 4 krk: (Wti I, faik S. A I t alraaryi ra'barr knmn Tt. ( knln . Al aatk Uaala: Nsals Pi. hi It. ( rnhlM Trrp t. Al Uttrtli u4aU t. Bmtiic Ste-ma iz. fa4!Maff It. warrin t. Ilatant . Ueriug : .Vartli rtatla 41. - mry . 4 rmtmr4 t. Alllsara . At b.rf tli i IrmakUa Is. BaJiw Ol, . Harwralaa IV 1 Uorrtj t. Al Harvard: T.irtrr 1. HsnarO . At Mrloaa: Mr4 aaa, (1; AimpaJMr. . Al Mrtaaa: MKaak sreawte, 7; 1J1- ilagton's end Jus Brown Is lunning Huskies guessing. In the lower picture, Washington is making between the goal posts. MacOoD aid Photo. Kearney Defeat - V Hastings Eleven HASTINGS, Neb, Oct 17. With weight and experience favoring .hem, the Kearney high school eleven defeated the Hastings Tigers here today, 45 to 7, in a game nurked by long runs and hard smashing line plays. Bergqulst made Hastings' lone touchdown in the sec nd period, when he snapped up a fumble by Millenand jaced forty-five yards for the goal, thereby iscoring the first counter for the Tigers this season. Moore, all-state fullback, was the outstanding star for Kearney, being in almost every play and mak- ' ing lti gains by" every known route. Hays also was very effec- tive scoring two touchdowns while Batle made the longest run for the visitors, when he smashed off tackel and went thru a broken field for fifty- yards. ' Kearney Woieott Hays Sh e ds - KHlln Morris Godfrey Kauer Miller ....w Batle Hammer .... Moore Hastinrs Ab s .... Berqulst Young , .. Woodward ..1 Horkman Vanes , Kn ss B-st Baug l Wllsun Johnson ,...It.. ,...!-.. .-..C . . . ...rg.. . ..rt. . . . ...qb.. . . .ih. . ...rh.. ...f b.. ' Closing Say at Latonia. LATOX1A. Ky, Oct. 17. (A. P.' Deeming. sturdy three-rtnr-old fl'.ly from the stable of C B. Dailey. mads all the pace, and was a handy winner of ths JT.SbO added Latonia cup stake at two and ona-fourth miles. fatur of the closing day racing program at Latonia tod,ay. The) race was run over a heavy trak. the lime for the. distance being-4:0. Two dollar miMul tlrsen on hs winiier paid ilt .10. IWt and 13.10. !r a nrTc cnrnTurn - ROCKNE ELEVEN Notre Dame Outclassed by Army at All Stages of Skirmish. nEST BETOAT SESCE 1923 Iriih Fail to Get Iniide Soldieri 25-Yard Mark at Any Time. WTLSOX A5D Hi WIT! STAES Poor Punt Giiei Wet Pointer! Fint Chance for March Down to the Goal Line Irish Pastea Go Astray. YANKEE STADIUM, New York. Oct 17. (A Notre Dame today fulfilled Knute Rockne's pettlmlttic prediction in a precipitate plunge from Ita lofty gridiron throne be- Interference for him.. In fore a jolorful throng of 65,000 at Yankee stadium. Battered into submission by a powerfful Army football machine, the champion Hoosler team went down to its first defeat since the nl. Tirf t t.7 l t T fleet set of cadet backs which shat - tered the winning sixteen game streak of the Indiana leven and broke the spell of Rockne wlzardly with four touchdowns, 27 to 0. The last six years of football at Notre Dame failed to show a defeat as sweeping as that of the cadets today, and forecast a week ago by j the South Bend coach. - -o; since ine -enrasKa game 01 1923 had a varsity gridiron product moulded by the magic hands of Rockne trailed In defeat and the reverse on that occasion came only after a gruelling struggle with a score of 14 to 7. ' Huskerj Had Held Record. -Today's triumph was not -only welcome tothe gridiron gladiators of Captain McEwan because i t marked a turning point in the record breaking march of a great coach and a great football university, but because it balanced the scales In part for eight Notre Dame victories since the teams opened the series in 1913. Nebraska had been the only team to apset the Rockne machine in the last three seasons, the Cornhuskers spoiling a previously clean Notre Dame slate with a 14 to 6 trouncing in 1922, while Iowa, the only team to stop the Hooslers in 1921, squeezed thru a victory by only three points, 10 to 7. , Notre Dame went down fighting, but it needed more than courage the her today Maitut Use drtvit power, tbe speed acd the aggreiivenes of a great Army aggreasloo. Rockne's skillful hand tuggr4 at the reins from the side lines, but f the steeds which answered a ear ago under the spurs of the famous four horsemen Miller, Crowley, Layden and Stuhldtwher werw riderless today. Gallantly' they raced for the ends, only to be cut down aoercllessly by Baxter and Born. Doggedly, then, the turned to the line, only to be buried under a swarm of soldier jerseys which teemed to be everywhere. Ball In Irish Territory. The ball waa In Notre Dame territory from the start, the western team neer once getting Inside tbe Army 25 yard line. After threatening in the first quarter, the Cadets started their first big drive at the opening of the second quarter, sending In the powerful veteran, Tiny Hewitt, to lead tie march. After a poor jiunt had given the West Point team possession of the ball on Notre Dame'a 37-yard line, Wilson and Hewitt quickly smashed thru for first down. The latter theu scattered Notre Dame's opposition for a 16-yard drive thru tackle, carrlng the ball to the 8-yard line. After three short plunges. Wilson then went over for the first touchdown and kicked the extra point 'on a placement Notre Dame had Its first chanc shortly afterward when Scharer, atlal an I'agrs Blght-A.) iPENH NOSES OUT BULLDOG ELEYEN Kraei SUra for Winners Tall Muffs Pass That Would Have Meant Victory Field Goals Help. NEW HAVEN. Conn, Oct 17. yp)Afler thirty-two years Pennsylvania and Yale returned to an old feud today and Pennsylvania won, 16 to 13. It was a brilliant victory over a team that had been unbeaten in three seasons. AI Kruei, Pennsylvania toe marvel, proved himself to be one of the east's most dangerous backs. Pennsylvania was the first to score, gaining the ball in the first period thru a penalty on Its own 36-yard line. Kruei smashed down the Yale right tackle for seren yards. Immediately Clarence Fields picked up the attack and twisted his way to Yale's 26-yard line. Twice, Kruei shot into the mass of blue and put the ball six yards from the Y'ale post. Lafayette Holds Colgate to Tie PHILADELPHIA, Oct 11. (JP) Lafayette uncovered a football star In Stanley Moore, substitute quarterback, to mateh the runs of Eddie Try on and the Maroons fought to a 7-7 tie with Colgate on Franklin field here today. Colgate started like a Juggernaut, Shaughnessy pounding the center line and off tackle for five and six yards at a time. On tbe Lafayette 10-yard line, Tryon took the ball and slashed thru the whole Maroon teshn to the goal line tor a touchdown. He made the extra point with a placement. ' A. G. Ford, Maroon right end, kicked the placement which tied the score. Gifts for Two of Senator Pitchers WASHINtiiON. Oct 17. OP) A gift of $1,000 each to Pitchers Coveleskle and Marberry for their work during the past season was awarded today by the Washington 1 KoK,i iv th. - ,aa baseball club. This was in addi tion to their world's series earnings. Coveleskle" finished the year as the leading pitcher of the American league. As a relief pitcher Marberry was a powerful factor in the team's showing. President Griffith denied rumors of trades involving " Goose " Goslin, slugging outfielder, altho he intimated he would not stand in the way of Pecklnpaugh, veteran shortstop, if he was offered a managerial position. Buckeyes Defeat Columbia Eleven COLUMBUS, O, Oct. 17. .P) Ohio state university's fleet football team humbled Columbia by a score of 9i to 0 before a crowd of approximately 40,000 ,in the Ohio stadium today. The game was considered-one of the most important Intersect lonal contests today. - The Ohio forward pass attack wnrlroH with rlorkllkft Drer.lslon. wltn the dashing Elmer Marek as ( the central star, ine Buckeyes consistently outplayed the easterners. Colonels Trim Sox. OMAHA. Oct. 17. (A.P.) Th Louts-v'lle. r'oione'.a. pennant winners of tha Atp-r'-an sfsof-ist on. 4efested the Chicago Nt hl-e Sox of the American league -n exhibition game. 7 to i, hero to- daj. TyKon's. home run with on out in tiia ninth, ui uer iht w.nninc run, BULL'S EYZ wi u aociRj Another "Bull" Durham advBrtianxnt by WU1 Refers, Zirgfeld Folli and acrwa star, and ldlnf American humorist. Mors coming. Watch lor them. .A lot of our big writers arc paid so much a word for their writings. Now when you are paid so much a word you have to make one idea cover a terrible lot of words. Now just suppose that I was one of the big Authors and was paid by the word. I would dig me up a lot of adjctives and everything I would describe 1 would go way aroundJ-4Vouldn't tel you what it was right off the reel. 1 would describe the "weather and the sunset, and the crackling, roaring, blazing, brilliant fire, assail of them sit around. Some of them sit around in different places; some of them &it around in tle same place; some even - . t L 1 V go so iar as to stanu. i ci they arc all enjoying the pleasure, the delight, the fragrance, the complete satisfaction, the unalloyed happiness, the restful- .i . i ness mar. oniy can come when you are smoking "BULL" DURHAM. ILL nuy-! P. S. Now you see that is what you call writing by the' word. I haven't said a thinff but that "Bull" Durham is the world's bert tobacco, all of- which I could have said in seven words, if I had not been gettinjr paid by the word. . . P. P. S. There is eoinz to ba another piece in this paper soon. Look for it. Guarantied by iMCsaesaart 1 1 1 Fifth Arenug, New York City "Bull Durham

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