The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1937
Page 10
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PACE TEK[ .-Opponents Maintain Two- j. lo-Oric Lead as Ballot- f ' injr Continues . BY wit MS 'inoiiN'rox ; .NrA Sfrvicp slafi Correspondent 'With 41 shies now icpresenied in Ihe NBA Sei vice-Coin lei Nous Milircmc coint poll, Die total \ole> tabulated soaied abo\e .1 thlid of n inilhoi!, but m.iintalnpd theh .constant tiend of almost two lo one against the ineMdrafi pio- Jigsals, '/lie totals. Poi Ihe phn, 113 „» /?«; against It, 220.1B1. n total of , 3U417 j'rtk", Tile list of cities pailtclpatliiK. and the vote ^continued to fjiow him!}'. Cf Ihe 2H cilles pollin's; SB \M-ie Showing mnjoiltles Toi Die plaij mid 155 continued to ion up ma- jont'es aa.iitiit it The opposition howoipr, seein- ia stionger in the Mn ,illcr communities Hum m the IniRei OHM, A -spociil tabulation of 27 cities whose iwpiilation is more than 100000 each .showed only 5 1 ) nti cent opposed to the plan as .om- i jmrod to 60 per tent ovei the entire comitiy, 'jh<i I8fi .sinallei cities pnitieipating leglileicd IS pei cent opposed to the plan, 01 n I'lBhei ratlp limn tlie one Joi the whole countty. ' Such n dlvilon can not be en- tnely depended upon, of com*ie Mi many papcis, m compivmivc- ly laigc towns have considerable ruwl and small-town circulation "j"lui,« m ° ny le!x)llc(l st '°"B lions Ho\\e\ei, theie .secnis fomc finni'i^' J, R mielllslo '> 'hat the •Miinnei tile community, the stiongei the reeling rum ciR.Uml the pioposcd plnn. Only 12 states today itpntcj/./i raajonll« for the plan as To , ,. W ?"l 'i C "' 5<=-ste,day s tab,i- atlon. but the nation-wide total hung tenaciously to the 34 per S f or , an{| m pcr ceiita «"' «<• •'•at has been clear r,o,n Ihe start. Many , IIO rc communities vvcie """ polled than is indicated by hiii* A t.,.i _*. ... * »he • bare ] ls t of ciQ.ksbuig, w Bluff. Nebraska, 'star-Hei- ,'epoited ballots fi om 24 fron ">>cepl Jn A> l2O!la" Stripes For Men Ccloiful but stjatc Kasler paradr. Top, left !: and Itold necklics Mill mark the Itcil. while iiiul |«. 0 1037 voocl or College Gals? ' "'• 'Vi'- " :ll: "«». wniic 1111,1 |«o shadi-s 6,' ",-ay hair- lims form duster sli-lpi! on. gray K rom,,I. Collar Is ,,ci- round point stjlc and the Ho i s maroon foulard will, bright reil , M .» ll((i .„„, sjviced figures. Center: Four very line lines Husler togclher lo nmhe IHc Lluc rantly Mrijic on this .shirt with i.cir short' point collar These a,c set olf hy wide slrlprs In two shades of blue in the new .washable, u«re.-i S;1 Me ,,e,k,i t .. , . -. ^fassach^l- Plttsnelcl aiea wl county /Jend Courier Ne- fio,n m mosl UK state - Want Adi - • J - ot| d s«iindin B hut actually sub- d.,«l a,e r,d „„„ ,,,. ttk ,,,, s(or slrI| ,,. B „,, ^^ » « nudder (0 |,, rs produce I,m-mon!,i, )ir soft .ones I,, eoin-dotled tic Hollo,,, letl: New lon B collar with rounded , 1(1 | lUs foa , ur( . s ,,,,,.. «oicu dusty-tone slrlpes in red and («•„ similes of it ray ''TI,. ««i"on 8 ro,,n,l foulard with hfljM ,„»„„ „«,,«,, t , c ,,,;,. „* b us and while stripes of varying widths iMo.lnce ; , .sl,a,i nw ellecl' N»<- novel .slipped cuff. Tio • , s , „.,„,. . VO(l( | TOn{ , ir sl , Kll( , „" "'' fnul.,1,1 win, IK,,,, BC oi,,clrl<, ilcslRii.'' 1!1 8 1,| : Two-in-one shin win while .ii«i colored colfnrs. and ,ever s il,l c cnlts. sin,, '«• h dark blue J a c, |llul .,, tl , tl . cl ,,,- wil| , ,,, 0(|n . n ^^^ ^^J 0 ' 1 office has been booned W |i],' n ncw two-In-one shirt. SolW colored It has two sepin-ale collars, one' to nwtcli and the other while The cuffs are reversible, one side malclilng the shirt nml (he other JMIIIC. \oii wear the colored col- nr and S ], ow Ihe colored' cuff at he office, and when you leave for "•»y^ heavy date, merely don the .0 collar, turn the cuff to show the whim side, and there yon nre Oilier Cuff Innovallons Another new cuff fastens with l*}™^ 1 ^. b " lto » <""! can be WALTER 0. PAliKI'S NLA Sen-Ice Staff Coirespondent NEW YOKK.-W Iho Easter aiadc this. year,' l\ie well-dressed bean will bo known 'liy his stripes Hell lime n new. Easier bonnet of course, and pvobauly a suit, 1111. }\AHl nf (l.n^f. ...!!• »_ . .- , both of these win lack tent dnsli and ! lnless sent more cars (o the itink 7naii and dm repair shop— Than all U 10 ,, a Uira| wear and aeciticnls combined. Tt is far cheaper fo buv adequate lubrication here— Tiian to use poor lubrication an <] l,i, y cos()y repairs. ^erviee Oenfer th'i t i — tiui bottoiu. """ " stra " °" " 1C iccktles. Coloi is king in the new slilrt- IIIRS Not blataiit color Just for its owii s^ke, hut smart sophisll- j^ue-fe ^^''^r^^t 1 ^ -^ "n u,;'ste; ^if'nned sst. s ±« .•*: «* •«« M,«',c{y' lrI aSL;^ a?c 1 ' ?hS cliisU-i -stilpes..groups of fine ] m ir- hnes (hnt club tqselher' to 'form in? fninv wide pcncl. And when ll,f clii'lcn, [irc.Ilnmcd on white •iraj' 01 iery pale rEronnds, your 'l»iil >( is iinniislakeiily "Sprlnit — necplorips Losing F.ivor .'Iheie is a marked rclreal fiom the deiptoncs of the past few """s In .olid color shirts, intcn- of hue is on Ihe olih wldi <';;;u-tone, MpBniK ,, nit df ^ lon S "id the dnstlc.s slated lo siiccumb •vcnlunllj to pastel lints and a !!'„"), lbo ' clm '" of P'ulii white to '»(Ii stjle .icchiim. If stupes are the style enplions .n Eister parades, checks are sL.ucelj more, (han 'seconds llen- unnnt^ The new squared pnt- rms ate quite mild compared to iipii piedeeixssor.;, wliase Imnber- jnck- lustiness, hns been completely •"tlc-l 10 the field of sport. Scarcely less inlerestins: n,an the jiattenis arc the. ne«- collars .mil cuffs Hint have been devised. Short point collars, bolh sharp .ind rounded, are considered smart On the other hand, for Ihose who wnnt iwints ns is poluLs. there's a collar whose :) 1-2 inch ends extend under the vest. And new' construction. tricks have made col- ine new spring cxti-i/'isl $°fiT' ° f tllC '^ e "^° .1 -over cfreets. Some limirGs nre »o lai-Ku that only one or part O f one shows between the. knot and W Jim ',° P - ' Mfl " y of tllc n B»™ "wulls of fo-'" ° ! ' lt!l "' ° thcrs lhc •"id our own modernists. Thoiigl ve iij-t. of South Sea Islnndei he figures border on the surreul- !'i. cw of these . splMliy effects ">>« truly be called loud, as "o^^'Hl design a,. c s kiii(,,n y blended (0 produce a pleasing eqeet vl-sual impact of giant figures I "lod.Ilcd by printing ti lei) ° intsni . cffccVr"""' t011CS " ml ° l " M "" (t wnich evcel hi ueiutj campus cu Ids 0' cinein i sirens? Anyon^ who utr Ins wotidcicd whctlier ihe campus or tde studio provides: the liesl in feminine jiutchiitudc now can decide the question himself At the top, .fo r Instance, is the cream of crop at the 1% Ten universities, Left to rMit they ue Doiothj chrl illmoi'i Httty Callowij Ohio <5Hte jojce KLU (chosen most beautiful of the lot) MiniKsoli Oorolhy Clifton WIstonMn Jc.-tn Jacob Chicigo Cn'ollne Pope Noilln istern and Mil> Conii,toi.k IOM rtnsL \oiir eyes on Iheui lot i moment linn lo the simple it light of Mlut IIoll>uood offers Jme sptei mcns of chorine comeliness ai^e the bevy of screen cuties clustered about Rub) Kiclei ami thej represent 1S nmny sections or the continent as do the Hlg icn gils Left lo rifhl In back ion -lie Dlam M-ush To i-nnto, Caimdn; Betty Mclver (Bums) st Paul Minn Helen Bh«iid I^a, Angeles and Jerome, Winnipeg, Canada; Bottom \av, Jme Mallhcus Mlinil Ilc-ich Hi Miss Kcclei Nc» York, and Virginia Dabney, Allan- la, Cia. Now hurry and decide- the Jrls await 50111 decision Money Lender Asks 233,500 Pet. Interest BOMBAY. (UP>—Interest 'totaling 23-500 pei cent, of the prinei pil MIS demanded by i money lendti named Kishoie Chand'in a suit bious,iil nl rciozepm Punjab Clnnd lent n Mlliiger fll rupees <$3 r >50) in 180G A puce) of land was moit'igcd as secunlj the pioduce of tlic land being devoted to p-jmg the Intciest on part of the loin An exorbitant rite of Interest wis chirged on the remamdei The lendei is i ow suing foi SOa.l'JO ru liees- ($76170) .Petrified C;il IVeblein SYDNFY (UP)-A petnfied c-il sted among the possessions of G H btellinu on his iima jioni LQiidon .. puzzled customs oflicers here The cit wis di'co\eied 30 years ago in a house in Stafford shire wedged between n skirtnv bond ind the wall Witei nn pregntiled s nitli minenls- hid hud enecl the jbody till the skin wit like boiie.l WHIS AV A N T E 1") Government Loan Cotton Phnnc 107 APPLEBAUM liROS. Taxes Now Penalties Auto, Street Tax, Dog Tax. Privilege Taxes All City Taxes become delinquent March I Unless your tilt, Iaxe8 are pan! on or before March ), m?, the full penalta will be imposed' Avoid this extra .payment by wuinfi your i axes today. RUTH ity Clerk YOU SAID YOU GOING TO INTRODIJCB ME TO A REAL *FIND WHISKY! MEANS oom WHISKY' i You'll Say It's SPECIAL At The PRICE THATSJHB EXTRA VALUiYOU GET IN BOTTOMS UP. ITS MADE THE SLOWMASH WAY/ HOW A WHISKY $0 SMOOTH AHD/CHC/W WITH THE LOWEST YOU'LL MARVEL THAT BOTTOMS UP SMOOTHNESS Costs So Little! Y E S, °nly one sip—and you can prove our Slow Mash way makes mighty smooth whisky. And you'll likely agree with other folks that the extra smoothness and richness of Bottoms Up means a big exfra value at the price. Millions now call for Bottoms Up. Such tremendous popular favor must mean our way of spending extra time and grain on the mash is worthwhile.'But find out for yourself. Try Bottoms Up today. See if you don't get the biggest value ever for your money! Bottoms Up KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY • __26,J<)87 Minnesota to Improve Wheat and Barley Type SI Pt VL IUP1-A plan to cllni lint" undo luble when and Ini Jej \uiktte oni plac» Mlnn«ota s hi "id uheit and nnltln 0 intiej 1,1 a >adin ? poiilion on lite nation s eriin market Bill be inltiafd this siring in eL,nt Min n « i0 fi conn- u°s In uoikin^ fo l>otl°r eiaui, Ceres i nheil th,t has become pojulai in i-cent \ears and llut- ch-r recently Intioduced rust ie si 1 ant\ine'j vull he used iccoid i"? n ,^.J. «' B'°°Hns extension U.ononilst -it of M,n, Ciul) ro, of or t,,e collctc of cn.mceiliis IQ sti.t i tlj|,,r club at Da Unneiyty or o \° • e met Mlh, ,e c- ise fiom student, 111( | lltl .., mcmbeis ihe club VMH b- \ th ,, lo. ol the nallonil InleKolle , Ms ing club Tlioicn SlU( i lo " p "" 1 Read courier New, want A LITTLE GOBS A LONG WAY / ONLY STARTENA ) CONTAINS ( PUR-A-TENE/ I \~s MIGHTY GOOD TO EAT, TOO/ If. HlLPS"-:' US GROWA STARTENA SAVES. I4VES/ , Feed Your Chicks ' PURINA STARTENA fortified with , PUR,-A-TENE and see ths f / Difference Start»na ^ Makesl ' The Goodwin Co. !!J K. Main

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