The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 13, 1927 · 6
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The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska · 6

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 13, 1927
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A-SIX f LINCOLN STATE JOURNAL, SUNDAY NOVEMBER 13, 1927 TTt i ' . i i ft . u niter ( I &h 0 Uount HOOSIERS IN FIRST DEFEAT OF SEASOH i s.aBWBaa.a-ewea ' CADETS STOP KOTEE DAME IN ITS TRACKS. Cagle Start! Minute Men on Way to Striking Victory long1 . Bum Seat the South . Bend Team. By Brian Bell. 5 (Associated Press Sports Writer) " NEW! YORK. Nov. 12. (IP) An alert Army team, trained to the ; minute mentally and physically, Hopped Notre Dame la ita tracks ' today to win an exciting but none too well played football game 18 to 0. , ,The fighting team from South , Bend never Quit fighting but it never had a chance. The Army , was la command of the situation thruout The soldiers outguessed the civilians and outattacked them. . Notre Dame's tackling did not do a bit of good and its defensive tac- tics at times was badly run down at the heel -Notre Dame gained an edge In earned first downs with twelve to ' eight, but five qf the losers' were made in the final quarter when Notre Dame unleashed a dazzling forward passing attack, interesting but not conclusive since it came too late to help In the desperate situation In which Knute Rockne and his men had been placed by previous developments. Keener Cagle, who comes from the sugar bowl of Louisiana and , proved himself as sweet a football player as his environment would suggest, started the Army on its way by scoring the first touchdown and heaped on the last for good measure after Billy Wave had injected one In between. Cagle Sets Army Off. Cagle, who did his under graduate football work at Southwestern Louisiana before going In for post graduate work at the United . States military academy, gave the cadets their first chance for the long cheer soon after hostilities opened. The ball was on Notre Dame's 49-yard line when the Mer--ryvllle lad ran back and gave every ' indication that he was about to toss a forward pass to Born, an end, who was legging It .down the Held. Cagle, however, chose to run Instead of throw and he then slipped away from two Notre Dame players who were almost In his path and was on his way. He did not stop until the goal line was behind him. In the third period, Nave, intercepted a forward pass on his 48-yard line and ran the fifty-four yards between his catch and a .touchdown. In the final quarter, , Cagle engineered the third counter. The ball was on Notre Dame's 31-yard line when Hutchinson " threw a pass which was Just over Cagle's head as he passed the 15- yard line. He reached up, plucked It out of the air and in a matter of seconds ran the army's total to eighteen. It was not a good day for adding points after touchdowns by the medium rof kicks. Murrel, Cagle and Sprague all tried and i alleaVKotre Dame had Its first chance to score ' In the second period when the ball u3m:.aat0!rAny,t.;l(Kyar41--.linfrJ. . chiefly thru a twenty-four yard pass, Flanagan to Colerlck. Colerlck' Snags Passes. - Colerlck hit his strlde"as a catcher of passes in the fourth peYied altho there was a new pitcher In ' John Niemlc. The game ended with the ball on the Army's kyard line placed there In large measure by Colerlck's catching passes, one being good for twenty-nine yards. The Army rushed the ball 201 yards against 147 gained from rush-by Notre Dame. Army threw twelve passes and completed one. Notre Dame tossed thirty-four passes, completing ten, while army intercepted five and the others were grounded Notre Dame gained 131 yards from Its passes and Army 81 for a touchdown. Notre Dame was nicked for fifty-five yards In penalties while the Army had to pay twenty-five yards. A majority of the yardage taken away from Notre Dame was charged to Incompleted passea at five yards a failure. The Uenup and summary: Notre Deme , 'Arm Harlburt 1. Harbold RinHVtll I Ppregue jAW ., Hammack Moynlhaa H" Murrtn ft Seeman MeOreth : Benda ri Born ilcklnney V Nv v'iemlo Mb Cagle :herlgny nb Wlleon Vynne f Murrell acore by periods: tot e is fi Touchdowns Cagle 1, Detailed Account of Thrilling Pittsburgh-Nebraska Struggle - FIRST QUARTER, Captain Brown of Nebraska won the toss and chose to defend the west goal. Richards kicked on sixty-yards to Captain Welch who ran thru the entire Nebraska team for, a touchdown. The run was ninety yards. The Pitt team cleaned up perfectly for Welch. Score: Pittsburgh 6, Nebraska 0. Captain Welch placeklcked the extra point Score: Pitt 7, Nebraska 0. , Booth kicked off sixty yards to Presnell who returned the ball sixty-six yards to Pittsburgh's 44-yard line. Howell went off left tackle for seven yards.. Presnell tailed to gain at left end, Cutler downing him. Howell hit left guard for four yards and a first down. Ball was on Pitt's 35-yard line. Presnell wentout of bounds tor three yards. Presnell went over right tackle for two, yards. Howell added two'moreat left guard. A pass by Presnell was intercepted by Kern, who ran it back to Pitt's 45-yard line, but the play was called back and Pitt penalized five yards for offside. Presnell went over left tackle for six yards. Lee lost a yard trying an end around play. The ball was on Pitt's 27-yard line. Presnell made a yard at left tackle. Howell hit right guard for one yard and Pitt took the ball on downs on its own 26-yard line. Booth nit center forawo yard-A pass, Welch to Ouarino, gained sixteen yards. Bronson was hurt on the play and Nebraska took out time. The ball was on Pitt's 43-ytrd line. Booth lost a yard at left tackle. Pitt was penalized five yards for delaying the game. Bronson intercepted Welch's pans and ran It back to Pitt's 48-yard line. A forward pass by Bronson was grounded by Welch. Presnell broke thru left tackle for twenty-five yards. The ball was on Pitt's 23-yard line. Howell crashed right guard tor twelve yards. Presnell went over right tackle for four yards. Presnti smashed left tackle for four yards. Howell hit center for a touchdown, - : Score: Pittsburgh 7, Nebraska 6. McMullen, with Bronson holding the ball placeklcked the extra point 1 Score: Pittsburgh 7, Nebraska 7. Richards kicked off fifty yards to Booth who returned to Pitt's 24-yard line. Booth hit left tackle for seven yards. Nebraska took out time. Salata replaced Wasmuth at right Wkle tor Pitt Welch made a yard on a cut back thru center. Booth hit center for two yards and a first down. Oelhrlch intercepted Welch's pass on Pitt 44-yard line. Presnell went over left tackle for fourteen yards. , Howell htt right guard for four yards but the play wascalled back and the Huskers were penalized five yards for offside. Lee let Pres-nell's pass slip thru his fingers for an incomplete flip. Howell made three yards at right tackle. Bronson threw a long pass which was Intercepted by Donchess on Pitt's 11-yard line. Hagan punted thirty-three yards to Pitt's 44-yard line. - ' . Presnell was stopped at the right side of the Pitt line. Howell filled to gain "at" left -tackle. Presntll's pass to Qehlrich was Incomplete. Presnell faked .a. - punt - andran Pitt's left end 1 ortlghtr-yards.- Pitt taking the ball on downs on its own 35-yard line. , Welch gained two yards at left guard and the quarter ended with Pitt in possession of the ball on Its 37-yard line. Second down and eight yards to go. "" ' Score Pittsburgh 7, Nebraska 7. 8ECOND QUARTER. . Hagan broke loose on the first play of the second quarter running sixty-three yards to a touchdown. Score Pittsburgh 13, Nebraska 7. Booth placeklcked the extra point Score Pittsburgh 14, Nebraska 7. Hagan'i run started thru right tackle and then cut back to a clear field. Booth kicked off forty yards to Lee who returned to Nebraska's 26-yard line. . - Presnell crept thru left tackle for three yards. Presnell failed to gain at right tackle.- ' Presnell punted forty-five yards to Pitt 25-yard line. Booth went out of bounds for two yauo gain. Hagan failed to gain. LBooth made two yards at center on a fake punt. Hagan punted forty yards to Presnell who returned five yards to Nebraska's 40-yard line. Howell made two yards at left guard. Presnell made two yards at right guard. A pass, Presnell to Oehlrich was grounded by Donchess. Presnell punted thirty-six yards to Welch who ran out of bounds on Pitt's 26-yard line. Botth failed to gain x at rlgnt guard. Hagan made two yards at right tackle. - A forward pass by Parkinson was incomplete. i Hagan punted thirty-six yards to Presnell who returned tour to Nebraska Stf-yard line. Pitt took out time. Presnell made four yards at right guard. Howell failed to gain at the same position, but the play was called back and Nebraska penalised five yards offside. Presnell ran the Pitt left end for five yards. A forward pass by Presnell was Incomplete, It was over Lee's head. Presnell punted forty-five yards to Welch who returned It to the Pitt 23-yard line. Hagan, made a yard A forward pass Hagan to Welch gained seventy-six yards and another Pitt touchdown. - Score Pittsburgh, 20; Nebraska 7. Booth placeklcked the extra point. Captain Brown relieved Bronson and Wltte replaced Howell in the Nebraska backfleld. Booth kicked off fifty yards to Presnell who returned to Nebraska's 33-yard line. Witte slipped on an oft tackle play and lost a yard. A forward pass Witte to Lee was incomplete. Presnell punted forty-seven yards to Pitt's 25-yard line. Welch making no return, Holm downing the ball. Welch made two yards at left tackle. - Hagan lost two yards at right tackle. McMullen stopping him. Montgomery replaced Fox at Pitt left guard. A long pass Hagan to Guarino was grounded. Hagan punted forty-five yards to Presnell, who was downed on Nebraska's 42-yard line. A forward pass by Wltte was Incomplete, the Pitt lineAen rushing him into a low throw. Presnell went over left tackle for two yards. A pass by Wltte was blocked and incomplete, Nebraska was set back five yards for the second Incomplete pass. Wltte's punt was partially blocked but vtas good for eight yards, Parkinson! downing the ball on. Nebraska 37-yard line. Welch lost two yards on a crisscross aimed at left tackle. Brown Intercepted Welch's pass as the half ended with Nebraska in possession of the ball on Its own 30-yard line. " ' i - Score Pittsburgh 21, Nebraska 7. THIRD QUARTER. . Fox was back in the Pitt lineup and Salata stayed In. Bronson and Howeft were nack in - th Husker backfleld. Booth kicked off forty yarda lO-JBronaon whn returned to Nebraska's- 35-yard line, Ptesnell made two yards at left end Oehlrich added one yard at right tackle. Fox was hurt and Pitt took out time, Presnell's kick was good for forty-seven yards - rolling - tar Pitt'a 15-yard line. Hagan went outside right tackle for one yard. Booth made a yard at left guard. Hagan made fivey ards at right Uckle. Hagan punted thirty-four yards to Presnell who was downed on Nebraska 47-yard line. Salada broke thru and downed Bronson 1 for & 12-yard loss be fore Bronson could throw a pass. Another quick kick by Presnell was good for fifty-nine yards, putting the ball on Pitt's 4-yard line. Hagan punted out of bounds on Pitt's 32 yard line. It was good for twenty-eight yards. A pass Presnell to Lee Vas incomplete. Howell made two yards over right tackle. -Howell picked a hole at center arid drove thru for, seven yards. Howell hit center for a half yard and Pitt took the ball on downs on It own 22-yard line. The left side of the Nebraska line spilled Welch for a yard loss. Hagan made four yards at center. Howell Intercepted Welch's pass and brought it batk to Pitt's 34-yard line. Presnell made two yards off right tackleHoweH hit center for six yards. Howell went over right guard for "three yards and a first down. Ball on Pitt ' 21-yard line. Presnell slipped trying to cut back but gained a yard at left tackle. Nebraska took out time . when Randels was hurt. , . Munn replaced Randels at tackle, Nebraska's acting captain going to the bench. Presnell fought his way to Pitt's fl-yard line going out of bounds. Howell made three yards at right guard.. Howell broke thru right guard for a gain of four yards. ' Presnell hit left guard for two and a halt yards. Ball on the 3-yard line. Pitt was penalized half the distance to the goal which gave the Huskers four downs to make a yard. Howell lost (wo yards at left tackle. Howell . broke thru right guard for the touchdown. The gain was three yards. Score: Pittsburgh 21, Nebraska 13. Hagan was hurt and Pitt took out time. McMullen's attempt at placeklck Score Plttsbuagh 21, Nebraska 13. Uan rnil Hn In th Pitt backfleld. Hlchardi klckrd off fifty-even yards to Welch who returned twenty-three yaraa to PUt' 26-yard Hue. Booth lott a yard at left guard. lUnaa mad threo yards at right end. Out.or puntaa thirty-aeven yard to N-liraaku 30-yard Una. Tha quartar andtd with Kcbranka In possession of tba ball. Bvora: IMttaburgh 21, Nabraaka It. FOIUTU Ul AKTEIt. Praanall want ovar rlarht tarkla for three yard but tha play was called back ana rut pertained live yards ror otralda. tiuwai. hit riMut Hruttrd tor two yards. Presnell added one yard at rlgnt end, Howell failed to sain at left tackle. Pr-neil's punt went only eight yards, Pitt taking the be. I on Ita 41-yard line. , Welch ran left end for nine yards ro-Insr out of bounds. Booth wsnt over rlgnt Uckle for two yards and a first down. Uanea made two yard at right tackle. A triple paaa, Booih to I'aana to Welch, gained threo yards, Welch going out of bounds. Hall on Nebraska's 53-yard line. Captain Brown replaced firon- on In the Nebraska backfle.d. Brown Intercepted Uanaa's pass and ran It back to Nebraska's 42-yard line. Howell hit center for five yards. Prssnell Funted to the Pittsburgh 17-yard Una t waa good for. forty-four yards. Booth hit center for two yards. Welcii added a yaru at 'aft guard. Cutler punted thirty-seven yarda to Pres-nsll who funib.ed and Pitt recovered on Nebraska 4i-yard Una, tansa raa right end for eight yards. Holm was hurt on tha play sad Nebraska took out time. Ashburn replaced Lwson at right end. Booth broke loose for six yarda and a first down. Ball on Nebraska 13-yard line. Welch cut round right tackie for four. Booth htt center for three yarda Welch made a yard at right guard. Booth dropped back to tha 30-yard line and tried a placeklck for a field goal. It was partially blocked and low. Nebraska acrimmaged from the 10-yard Una Wltte replaced Presnell. Howell made four yards at left guard. Wltte shot a pass to Lee which was good for twenty-eight yards, putting the ball on Pitt's 4-yard line. - Spragua replaced Lee, who was hurt on the play. Ferity replaced Oehlrich In the Nebraska, backfleld and Whltmore for Holm In tha Nebraska Una. Witt faked a pass land tried running the left end losing two yarda. -- A pass by Wltte was -Incomplete. The throw was too high for Farley to reach, A pass, Witt to Sprague waa Incomplete ud Nebraska waa act back flvs yard a ror- Mi-aed--lnoomplete pais. Wkt--ptmtd 4o Ml- Pitt-1 1-yard - Hnei -' Oeto replaced Salata In tha Pitt line and Robert replaced Fox. tenia made a yard at right tackle. JUansa added four yrds at right tackle on a double pass behind the line of Ccrlinrhage. Demotes replaced Donches at -Pitt'a left end. Welch made a yard at left tackle. Cutler ounted thlrty-aeven yards to Wltta who was downed In hi tracks on Nebraska i-yard line. Witt went off tackle for four yarda On a trinle paas Farley failed to gain. A long pass by Witt to Captain Brown was Incomplete, Brown barely getting the ball on the alp or his ringers juggling It about as the crowd gasped. Two Pitt man downed It befar lie oould get a firm hold on It. Another long pass, Witt to Ashburn gained thirty-one yarda. Peaker replaced Brown and Sloan reulacod Howell. A tas. Witt to Far ley gained twelve yard and first down. Ball on Pitt 20-yard line. Farley hit the Una lor,l yards as th em ended. ' Final score: Pittsburgh, 11, Nebraska 13. -,. Army .Note pame.,.. Army tearing .'ve. Iteferse: S. J. O'Brien, Tufts; umpire, Walter Eckeraall. Chicago: llneeman. Jay Wyatt (Missouri; field Judge, A. t Tylr, Princeton. Seventh Straight for Browne Crew v (Contlnaed from Pag S-A.) clever assortment of line drives and end runs. A pair of flips by Art Perry featured the march down the field in the second quarter, Dutch Koster taking one for a 22-yard gain and Ding Boulter pulling In the other for an advancement of thlrtyfive yards. Lincoln's big push, as has been tbe ease In most of this year's games, came In the last half, the twenty point margin at the Inter mission being boosted oy tmrty- nine counters in the two final can tos. John Stone scored his third touchdown of the afternoon early in the third quarter when a drive featured by his line rushes carried the ball to the 4-yard marker, from where be smashed center for the score. The reserve linemen were opening up wide holes which made Stone's gains possible, , Interference Running Perfect. A perfect Job of interference running: enabled Harry Wuelser to swing around the Invaders' left wing for the second touchdown in this quarter, not a tackier coming close to laying a hand on Wuelser during his scoring dash of thirty yards. The' Lincoln regulars again en tered the fracas after a few, plays in the fourth quarter and their ability to take full advantage of every opening gave them four mora touchdowns before the. final gun. Karl Tlndall banged thru the line for the first of this series of the scores after Boulter and Perry had each contributed long runs. Harold Schmltt, who came in for a full afternoon's work as be played with both the reserve and regular lineups, got credit for his second touchdown of the season a few plays later when he Intercepted one of Stansberry's forward passes and galloped twenty yards over the goal line. - Boulter In Flashy Return. , The last two touchdowns came in the final four minutes of play, Bob Suter taking a pass from Perry to run untouched for the first marker. The pass and run together netted thirty-seven yards. Quarterback Boulter finished oft the scoring when he caught-Stansberry's punt on the 35-yard line and ran it back to a touchdown. It was his foifrth touchdown this year as the result of running back Punts. , - No individual player stood out in the Lincoln lineup, the Brownies shaping up as one of the best balanced outfits ever to represent the Red and Black on the gridiron. Sev en different players crossed the Norfolk goal line. Stone, being the only one to get more than one touchdown. Stansberry and Beaton were the outstanding players on the visiting tesm, the former doing practically all of the ball carrying in addition to the passing and punting. Captain Beaton played a nice defensive end and went into tbe backfleld to carry the ball tor a number of good gains in the last half and summary: Norfolk ; Beaton (c)' Is. Manke The lineup ...... ...ii.. c. O-rf ,rt. Keating McUrene William Yenney Carrie Lulow ....... Johnaon .... Ockerman . . . Stansberry , . . Substitutions Poors, Hickman Lincoln , , Mastsrson ... Hartman .... Woodley Schmltt ....... W'Ht Poors ......... Joy Abbott ....... Troti ....... Stone . .... Jackaov Lincoln Thorpe for for Woodley, wuelser . ,..Qb. ...ih. ..rh. ...fu. for Trott. Bet for Witt, Austin for Beta, Boulter for Abbott, Perry for Wuelaer, Packer for Stone, Tlndall for Jackson, Kelsaelbach for Masterson, Koater for Hartman, Martin forvSchmttt, Batty for Thorpe, Suter for J1y. Woodelde for Batty, NorfolkRottler for Mcllrane, Fitch for Manke, tmilth for KeifWng, lrebn for lH-kermn, Ireland for Johnson, Morthous for Keetlng. Truex 1 r Drtjbscn. Touchdowns: stons S, Tlndall, Perry, Schmltt, Suter, Wuelser, Boulter. Extia points: Mono (uropklck). Boulter (placeklck), Suter (placeklck), Koster (paaa from Boulter), one allowed for Norfolk off aide. Score by periods: - Lincoln IS 7 13 27 1 Norfolk 0 0 Officials: Bob Russell, referee; Bill Kline, umpire; George Carey, head Unas- Iowa Hawks Slip - - Badgers Surprise (Continued from Pag S-A.) Rose sought to gain a touchdown with a fotward pass over left end. Grimm, Hawkeye end, snatching the ball, raced down the side lines tor ninety-five yards and a touchdown. Olassgow once more added the desired one point with a placeklck. In gains from scrimmage, the Iowa backs showed themselves superior, garnering 141 yards, principally on the eighty-six yards Armll corraled and the thirty-seven yards Glass-gow added. Wisconsin piled up 120 yards on rushes. Badgers Make Threat In the third period, Wisconsin made its greatest threat when a punt by Rebhols was downed by the Badgers on the Iowa 2-yard line after the Hawks' safety man had touched it. Attempts by Reb liolr and Rose at the line resulted In losses, however, and the latter's altemptedforward pass to Crofoot juggled out of the-- latter's hauds over the goal line. Armll was given excellent help bv his forwards in nis aasnes tnru the line and the entire Hawkeye back fitted in well with the Interference on end plays. ' On many occasions, the Wisconsin line rose to Its expected heights and stopped the Iowans' advance, forcing a kick, but there was not the consistency in their play that marked their stellar performance against the powerful Minnesota team two weeka ago. 800 re by periods: Wisconsin S 0 lowa 9 t 7-H Iowa scoring: Touchdowns Armll, Grlruni (substitute for Moore). Point! from try after touchdown Olaaagod 1 (placaklcka). Safety Crofoot of Wisconsin. Georgetown in 47 to 0 Win Over Boston Team BOSTON, Ifov. 12. JP) Georgetown university's eleven went in fult blast against Boston college today and rolled up a 47 to 0 score, bringing its total for the season to 339 points Led by Nork and Mo-Lean, the Georgetown team outplayed Boston college thruout the game, easing up in the second half after gaining a 84 to 0 lead in the first. Nork figured in five of the touchdowns. Twice he passed to McLean who subsequently scored, twice he received passes from Hudak and tallied and once he ran twenty-four yards thru tackle tor a six-pointer. Long runs by Dwyer and Hudak accounted for the other Georgetown scores. Haskell Indians Win Tilt LAWRENPE. Kas- Nor. 12. Undefeated in three years. Ioy-ola of New Orleans was turned back by the margin of a field poai In today's game with the Haskell Indians. A placeklck by Captaii Hawley from the 20-yarJ lne li the fourth period gave the Indlaih their 3 to 0 victory. . !' GRAM ISLAND SET -FOR LINCOLN CREW THIRD CITY OUTFIT ATTEMPTS BEPEAT 1026 UPSET. Coach Pierce'i Aggregation Only Obstacle in Way of ,ed and . Black's Claim to the ..- State Title;' By Floyd Olds. With seven badly crushed victims dangling from Its victory belt, the apparently unstoppable Lincoln high grid machine will climax the regular schedule this week in a Saturday afternoon argument with the team that ruined a perfect season last fall, Coach Pierce's undefeated Grand Island outfit. Seven straight rivals have gone down toA battered defeat before the terrific onslaught , of the Brownies this year, and only the Third City crew stands in tbe way of s perfect season. The Grand Island tilt will close the Lincoln schedule, no Thanksgiving day battle having been scheduled. While Lincoln has been mowing down the opposition, Grand Island likewise has been having a big year, no opponent being able- to win or even so much as put a score against them, altho Fremont and Omaha Tech each battled Coach Pierce's eleven to a scoreless deadlock. Brownies Out for Revenge. When the capital 'city power house goes into the Grand 'Island struggle at the Lincoln high oval Saturday afternoon, vivid memories of the 1926 battle between the two schools will be In the mtada of the revenge seeking Browniel. While Lincoln was suffering a mental and physical let Up follow ing a triumph over Toledo last fall, the Grand Island eleven took advantage of its golden opportunity and handed the Red and Black a 5 to 0 licking, the only set bade for Coach W. H. Browne in six years at Lincoln high from any team outside of Omaha. A large percent of the Lincoln team that was the victim of Grand Island last fall Is lost from the squad now, but Austin, Kostes, Su ter, Packer and Tlndall ot last year's squad will be getting a chance for revenge while the re mainder ot the team Is keyed up for the tilt to settle the year old score with Orand Island. Grand Island Not Easy. And while Lincoln has been looking to the Saturday affair with ideas -of revenge, the Grand Island outfit has been pointing to this struggle thru the entire sesson. With Glenn Moore and Tom Phe lan, who were largely responsible for the upset last year, back In the lineup, they have another powerful machine that has the snap and fire to aeain startle tbe state with an upset if the Brownies fail to play heads up ball during a single moment of the Saturday clash. North Platte, undeteated western leader lost all hopes of disputing Lincoln's bid to state honors Saturday by battling Omaha Tech, one of Lincoln's victims, to a scoreless tie. Coach McCandless' eleven has had a Wonderful season and If they polish off Lexington and Curtis Aggies in their remaining games, will go" down lh the records as one of the great teams of the year. They meot-Jxlngton., at the latter's camo SatiirOarr " " ' ' '" While the majority of attention thla week will be cast on the Grand Island-Lincoln batlle.'a string . of imDortant arguments over the state will bear considerable watching. The traditional Omaha struggle between Tech and Central is bound to be a fierce affair' altho Tech appears much the stronger. South and North will tangle in another Omaha city game. Fairbury at Hastings. Mid-state- league ' tilts will pit Fairbury against Hastings, and Fremont against Beatrice. Hastings may proye a high hurdle for the undefeated Fairbury outfit Tecumseh. southeastern leader fan Auburn at Tecumseh. The outstanding western offer- Inga Include the Broken Bow-Au Gothenburg-Kearney, Curth Aeirte-Cozad and Sidney-Scottb- bluff, battles while traditional rivals all over the state will be tangling as the season ending is but one week otr. The week's schedule: Friday. North Plaits at Lexington. Atnsworth st O'Neill. Broken Bow at Aurora. Ulhboiv at Alma. . Arcadia at Saraent. Adams at Brork. Albion at Stanton. Ashland at Weeping- V atar. Auburn at Tecumsen. Bayard at Mitchell. Bertrand at Overton. Fremont at Beatrice. I.yona at Blair. Callaway at lup City. IVauiieta at Lanihridao, Central City at lor. Chappell at ogallnla. t Hartinirton at Urotoa. Crete at Wahoo. Curtla Astles at CosafL Dakota City at Walthlll. ehler at Nelson. Clay Center at Edgar. . W liber at Eieter. Sabetlia, Kas. at Tails City. Fairbury at Hastings. Maxwell at Faruani. , Franklin at Holdrega. Nelson at Felrfield. Friend at Ulyseea. Fullerton at Osceola. Hebron at Geneva. Morrill at Coring. Orleans at Guide Hock. Nebraska City at Humboldt palisade at Imperial, i Schuyler at Leigh. liberty at Table Rock. -I.yona at Blair. , Btockvllle at Majrwood. I Merna at Cometock. ' Bloomlngton at Mlnden. Bancroft at Oakland. Crelghton Prep at Thomas Jetfersoa, Council Bluff. Omaha South at Omaha North. Ord at Ravenna. Holhrook at Oxford. palisade at Imperial. Pawnee City st Peru. ' Plainvlew at Bloomrleld. Silver Creek lit Polk. lied Cloud (it Burr oak, Kas. - Sidney St Scottsbluff. . lavM City st SewariU fi Hubert at Sterling. South Sioux City at TekainsU. t 'larks at Ht. Edward. fl. Paul at North I-oup. Ht romeburg at tlenoa. Superior t llehron Aa.tde-.ny. Tlldcn at Newman Oro-. Cullwrtson t Trenton. I.mirel t Wskefleld liandolpli at yn. Superior at Wymorc. . MatunUy. ' Grand Wnnd at l.ln.-oln. omaha Central fit Tec'i. Uuineinua at KeariMy. It Happened i 7ifrx i lose Karr By DON ELLIOTT. ' Not many seasons ago Nebraska had' an end who was a fair performer, but in addition was one ot the world's champion allblers. . In a rather tough game, he was sent inlong toward the end of the second quarter with a big- sophomore tackle who played on the same side ot the line and weighed about 220 pounds all ready ior the swim. The third play was shot at this particular end. When it reached the line of scrimmage there was no stopping In fact, a back did mighty well to smear it up. Simultaneously with the completion of the play, another end came tearing onto the field. Aa the outgoing wing man neared the bench, the coach called sharply to him and shouted, : "Where in the name of blue mud were you on that play t" "Well, you see," came the reply, "I was starting to pull out wide as soon as they lined up, but that big ox tackle you had In there was standing on my foot, and I couldn't get away." Long Runs Enable Pitt to Win 21 to 13 (Continued from Fag S-A.) back suffered in the march. With Presnell in position for what appeared to be a line smash Howell took the ball and drove the neces sary three yards for the counter. it being a neat fake play. McMullen's attempt at a place-kick was wide. The Huskers needed a touch- kdown and field goal to win or tie after that. Witte Starts Pass Attack. The fact apparently was a tonic for tbe Panthers for they battled to a draw until Wltte and Captain Brown were sent In with more than half the fourth quarter gone. Starting from its 35-yard line, Ne braska began showering passes. Mixing up their rushing and passing, Nebraska worked the ball to Pitts' 20-yard line in two minutes, which meant gaining sixty yards in nve plays, me most spectacular pass of the bunch was incomplete, Wltte threw a long one to Captain Brown, who barely got his hands on it. lie managed to keep It In the air until wo Pitt men bore down on him and between the three they kept punching the ball like a punching bag. it finally fell without uny ot the trio being able to catch it. If Brown could have caught .It cleanly, an almost impossible thing, as it was too high, he would have probably gone to a touchdown as he was nil alone at that time.- The next play found Witte shoot ing a pass to Ashburn which was good for thirty-one yards. Then came a twelve yard flip to Farley. Farley hit the line for two yards as the game ended. Aside from his work in the open field, CapUin Welch waa not effective thru the line. It was Presnell and Howell who brought to the Pitt stands a real glimpse of offensive power. Huskers Never Give Up. "If we had played the way we did today, against Washington-Jefferson, we would have won by four or five touchdowns," one Pitt follower declared. The game today recalled the last Thanksgiving day tilt with Washington .at Seattle. Altho beaten Cornhusker followers could file out with the knowledge that the Nebraskans had performed In traditional style, refusing to give It up until the final gun sent the two elevens off the field. Bsarg Praises Pitt Eleven. "Pitt had the best team we have met In three years. It's no disgrace to be beaten by an eleven like the Panthers put on the field today," Coach Bearg stated after the game. ' 1 There was considerable com ment among the Husker players about the forward pass play upon which Welch ran slxt six yards to a touchdown. Presnell waa in a position to tackle or bump Welch but he saw the Pitt captain was out of bounds and feared the fifteen-yard penalty .for tackling . out of bounds, Frank Birch, umpire, explained Captain Welch's run on the nrst Itlckoff. The Huskers set the ball in the middle of the field but just before Richards kicked Bronson moved it over to one side. "In an effort to catch Pitt oft balance I think the move unbalanced Nebraska," he stated. , In Hagan and Welch, Pitt has two halfbacks who are among the best backs Nebraska has ever faced. In rushing and passing Nebraska made twelve first downs to seven for Pitt. Nebraska's total Includes one thru a penalty. Lineup and summary: Pittsburgh Nebraska. Donches ...Is Lee Kern U. ....... Richards Fox ..Is Holm Outler ; James Roberts , ..rr. McMullen Wasmuth ........r: y... Kandals Jusrlno .r lawaoti Parkinson qa Bronson Welch (c) In Howell Hagan ri Presnell Booth -.t.... ft) Oehlrich Substitutions; Pittsburgh Salata for Wasmuth; Qetto for Salata; Roberts for Fox; Fox. for Roberta; Demolse for Donchess. Ylebraska: Brown for Bronson; Witts for Howell; Munn for Randels; Ashburn for Lawson; Witts for Presnell; Sprague for Ie; Peaker for Brown; Sloan for Howell. Touchdowns Welch J, Hagan, How. sll 1. Extra points Booth 1, McMullen (placekloks). f f ! 1 1 nnnnn HIGH SCHOOL HAM ' At Crelei Crete S3. Ilsrtelerk . At Alliance I Alllauace) 18, Chadrun At A inland! I nl. riace t. Ajililand I At Wyniore: nraiere 7, Aabae-a S. At Lincoln: Lincoln reserves is, C. legei t. At Harvard I Uarvsud , Clay t'ef- te-r e. At Hebron! Hrhraw . Belleville f. At i.imwwd! Weeping Mater IS, bl- wooa v. At Ord: Ord SI. Harwell a At hunrrlur: Superior 1, Kelson 17, (Tie.) jii newara: aewsura twminari Bethany tilth t. At beward! Seward high S. Ag At J'awnee Cltgi Tecomteh U, Pai- sw viiy a. , At i'awnee Cltjrt rawnee tits sarvee , Tefumrii reaertea a. At I lrtnryi FaUroury , Ilea tr toe Jit ttusiutisi Hwatliiae 7. York S. At Illusion i Jueuagton el, 11 J drea-e 4. 1 At Benkelmant Curtis Aggies 11, ltr WIIIISR V. At toliwibun (jiran'l Island . Colun nun a. At Broken Bow t Broken Uow SI, gent e. At Callaway! Broken Bow reserves 18 tsuawsy reeervm U. At MUm-n Sidney St. Kimball . At Oman,) boutii Uuhuui S, Outalial Central . 1 At -oiiutliai Crelghton. Prep S, tnru- I onng a. At X'ouncll niorfsi Themas Jeffereota 1 h, jannuuuu uncuia u. At vm louit JSrllgh' It. Wee Point . i t McCeoki Gothenburg , JftCook . a At Srhnrlert Ktantoa to, Sihajrler . At Fremont i Omalut orU la, Jtrs-anunC . 1 At rein Crete reserrea II Ilarefock reserves a. ' 'I At t.nlde Bock: Edgar I, OtMa Heck . Tte) T At Hubert U liber g, Beatrice reserves e. T At Kandolnhi llandolph 3 Blooro-ftel . At Nrottbluff; Scott sbloff Bridge, port O. ( lie.) I At Uering! Crrine- 1, Mltrhel S. At Perai I'lattatnouth 1'enlPrep 1J. At Friend: r'rienri 7. Ktrlerl. ' At r'rlendi Frleud resertea I Kretev reserrea s. t At Knvrnna: I-onn t'llr J. Itnrnna . At Wakefield: Wakefield St, ne 7. jt reaanian: j euanien ax, l At Ouklaiid: Unatand , 1 tiler 0. Tle. . T At Omaha: Tech t. Morth BU a. t"e.) . I At Gordon: Crow-ford 13, (."Hit . At Wood lake! Wood ljtke 11 A Ins- wort li o. At Adamsi Atlanta 7, Sterlings. Tie, as jLioeny: i.ioerty x, uaeii Score by quarters: Nebraska , 7 0 Pittsburgh 7 14 - Officials: Kd Thorpe. De)s&i eree; Frank Illrch, Karlham, Mlka Thompson. Georgetown, fie H. O. Hedges, Dartmouth, heal inau. so it ref- i.i-i inus- K. U. No Match for . Sooner Grid lam (Continued front Page S-A. fourth Oklahoma scored it, last marker. In thla period the win-era took the ball on their 4 ard line and carried It to the Jayiwk 7-yard line, with the help of (sixty-five yard run by Ray Le(W. unurchin circled end for the and kicked goal. Score, by periods: Oklahoma 0 13 6 Kansas , 0 0 7 Oklahoma scoring-; Touchdn R. IjeOcme. I tCrone, Drakelnd Churchill; points after touchdtl (jnurcmii i. . i , Kansas scoring: Touchdowns B,p. ernicK. roim alter luucnuow Schmidt. ore 7 - -J' V-WPtN - . . W kv Roast turkey! just-done to a golden brown-great, mealy chestnuts stuffed away cranberries on the side and gravy just oozing out of .the pan. A dish to "set before the king' ' indescribable I unless you've revelled in it yourself -MX J 20 i li and that's just the way with White Owl Cigars. You 'vegot to try them yourself . . . . and they are not to be judged by price , iSjajlT'' I aieas (QjwLl lllillions ansayinqftihghfterihm ever"

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