The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 18, 1917 · 4
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The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska · 4

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 18, 1917
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BW.t- r : "! ''--Wi5' SIT-- -i ;!.. t I y; M. .JiO .. J 1 r Ln '1-.A rf'vm j 1 ft s'Mi " Ji4 T ?Vl V; -t. - I "n- ! . it i ' ' . . . ' r"" ' ' 1 READING FROM. LEFT TO RIGHT ' Saledon Fry 1 Hayi ;.. Bcremchnir Coach Wllmeth Captain Brltt Gardner Dickson Enappl CORNHUSKERS AGAIN COME TO THEIR OM rPTDISrCTED rOOTBALL ORAM. PIOITS Or THE TALLET, Ifletoriova Orar Ksaaaa, 18 to a, In a Qmm4 Mrkd by a DtuppolBt-lug Beclaaina and trntlm-1 (aotorr OoatabMk. 5 LAWRENCE. Kuu Nor, IT. Ifrtruka f fcM agaia humbled th Kansas Jayhawk- rs and one nor la in clar poaaaaslon f the Missouri Tmlley championship. Tha soor la the annual affair batwaen the t Ural teams was II to I, Nebraska aoor-i in two touchdowns to the on Held goal f raaiitered by Kansas. I It was a real battle, and the Brat half f promised a heart-breaker for Nebraska, ! ' ' ' " ' The Kansas battlers got the jump on the Comhuskers, making better than an even Bf hi of it for two periods. Nebraska tried hard enough sad showed faint signs of making progress at times, but always there earn an upset The Kansas forwards proved to be all that had been promised for theni In the first half they eutcharged Nebraska, while the beaTV backneld, once It was riven an even chance prored to have real power. Cornhuaker Stag a Comeback. At the opening of the second half the Cornhuskers cam back with their old time vigor. It had been decided between halves that the offensive which had been o effective against Missouri was worth less against Kansas. So Instead of leav. ing Cook te roam around, the old box formation, with the two halves and the two fullbacks, was broucbt out It went Tackle bucks want nicely, and In a short time Nebraska had crossed the line twice for the winning touchdown. Kansas, with the assistance of some luck, scored her points on a field goal by Lonborg in the second period. In the third period the Jayhawk was outclassed, but the Kansas bird came right back for more, and more than held Its own in the nnal period. i the better team won, but it was not so large a seer as would Indicate its superiority. ... Kansas see red her three points and held the Cornhuskers down by remarkabl fighting. lived up to her reputation of always giving Nebraska a fight Net Kansas Substitute a Kansas went thru the scrimmage with-eut a substitution, while the changes In Nebraska's lineup were frequent First of all Ted Rlddeil. who has been nursed long for weeks that he might take part In the championship gam threw his knee out on his first real attempt at ground gaining. Ted swept around left nd on tha triple pasa, was hit back of his own lln by two man and want down. His going mad it necessary to shift Hubka to end. and that upset the Cofn-huakera aoioi iv. ir.cnt m .4.4.11 u. - r w. .www uro Cornhuskers emerged from the fray In guuu canaiuon. luaaeu unaoubtediy ended his college athletic career with that ill-fated run around end. Th third period. In which Nebraska won out. was a thriller inasmuch as it showed th remarkabl). "comeback" power of th Cornhuskers. Met by a stiff defense and almost swept off their ft by th fight put up by Kansas, th Huskers started In. and In two succes-Iv marches put the ball twice across the Una - Baatrios takes most of tha afonr n th oharg. Forward passing gave the first touchdown Its start and then ' It was plug, plug, plug the line. ScheUen-bera Plowed thru onatobi Unu. hi. the other side, then Dobson cracked the une ana n was all topped off with 1 pretty run of twenty-nine yards by John nv Cook. Denied tnr tha noanllu TUkraba maOon the pleasure of carrying the ball in in nm nan uooa snowed bis ability wnen u 01a rormauons were revived ana ne naa a chance to run. Pretty, Run By Ceek. i.'- Cook started for the Jayhawk erg and out back, slipped past the fullback, and wita almost absurd ease evaded Quarter- Lincoln Bowling Association B"-T0---,, -V "N-' Ooom1 ""Tn" Iv.' -T,J,, rS:- Mm,r P,llM Ma'" C"-u'rs Platth.r-T.l. Mfg.l Victoria Hotel- ' " ' ' Company Raolnss Burroughs cat. - tiawat. Kb HAM ' SE-11 2SJ . ...SK-tiffl iKt !US! . iS .aii.ffil; mm mmm Maaaa.oHMa. aaanaaaHM mwmmmmamtmmwmmmwmm mmmmmtmmmmmmmmm mmmmtmmm a.MMBM a The Colonial rt 11' llil MJ ; NSj?- f J"! "ov. IS. 1JJT, tmo, l. U17 Doc, S. 1317 Nov. 1, liT - Nov. H. 1317 ' yap, It iilt Bawtlag v JaTt 1.1311 Jan. 14. 1313 Jan.. 33,1113 Feb. 6, 1313 Feb. 13, 1311 313.1311 """d?. WoS,.,', . Deo. 4. 131T - Dec, 17. 1317 Deo. 11. lilt Nov 34 HIT - , . Pye Works Feb. U. 1311 Jan. S. 1813 AHMtm Jan, H. 1313 Feb. IBIS iSt it. li J " 16. iu Feb." l. llt !Tn xSeTs""' I iVl NoT- " " Nov. . 1317 Nov. 3T. 1317 Deo. 13. 1S1T TW 1 1117 - J"- " 'an. 14, 1313 Jan. 11. 1311 ml and : Jan. S3. 1313 Feb. 13. in" FeS: 4. ill" , IV 1311 mmtmmmmmmv -mmmmmammmmimm mwmmmmwmmmmmwmimmmt mmmmmmmmmammmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmtmmmm- mwmmmmmmmwm -mmmmmmmm mmmmwmmm Miller A Pain, j"' ?! 1. Doe. IT. 131T Nov. 3. 1317 - Nov. 13, 1317 Dee. 4, 1317 a 1317 ' Jan. 14. nil Jan. j. llu Fb. , lgl Jan. 33. 1313 ISIS It. 1311 FeS: it "it j T.1313 ' Mage aothlera' J!' E Dtt. 31. 131T Nov. 17, I01T V Nov.. It, 131T " " Nov. 3. 1317 p 13, 131f Jan. 33, 1313 Fob. , ml Jan. 33.1311 Jb. It, 1313 Feb. l 1313 gckodaU- Jan. 7.1313 JaS 13, 1313 ' IttBfrT3sJ . Mttt rsrt as .... mlmmmmmmmmm B,"'"'"','"""""" ,,,,"l,s-slnea -MssssBlfJslSssJaW -3jawaagagBMgasjssja pagtJ1sjjfjj)))l-M Victoria Hotel-Rac " """" " aaaaaaaaM . lna. I Dm. yiZ ". ISIS SatM'"1! Jov. 4. 1317 D13, 131T Nov. 13. 131T Fob. 3. 1313 lt' 1,11 1,11 ' T' "II Jan, 13, 1313 Jan. SL 1313 Allays Cotrier University's Football Squad-Nebraska Conference Champs. RECORD OF TEAM THAT HAS NOT Bradley Topliff Strain , Thomas JIagerman -Newman FOOTBALL EESULTS. Nebraska, Knnsae , Colgate Washington . Michigan .... IillnoU .. S Syracuse HlMourl rennaylvasils) .... Ohl Mlnneeato Chicago Mortbweetera .... Neire Ittma ..... owa Mich Aggies .. Kennsaller . Villanova ...... Colby Harvard Colo. Aggies ... Ohio I nl North Dakota . Iepaaw ....... Wabaub VanderbUt .... Holy Cross Nary Brown Naval Reserves Cola. Colleere Obertla Marquette t . Indians ...V ranlue Auburn ... 7( Armr Ml Lebanon Valley West Virginia ... Vale Informal ... Fonlham Williams ........ Vale Informal .... Heidelberg rrighton I tab Age Ire 7 nana, ss fen. Harvard frees . . . V e Cornell ......... Amheret ....... Trinity WeHtera Ieerve Haskell Colorado tai ... Hrhool Minee ... I tab nloux: Falls .... Ifrnver jm Mouthers Calif. .. Omaha High .... WMhiartea tiorgea Aggies . Wash. Htate CoL. ,SSMoutaaa back Foster and was over the line for the first touchdown., The second was earned in much, the same fashion. Straight . from the klckoff Nebraska marched down the field for the goal Une. A fifteen yard penalty on the Jayhaker for roughing things helped Immensely by cutting the ball on the six-yard line. From that point It was an easy matter for the Nebraska backs to smash thru, Ernest Hubka finally taking th ball over the line. Shaw missed goal on that one. The first period was largely a matter of kicking. Kansas merely tried out the Nebraska line, found It solid and resorted to the kicking game, waiting for a favorable opportunity to open up. Nebraska, after the first exchange, made two first downs, went to the seventeen yard line and then lost the ball on downs aftar Klddell's injury had resulted m a slight losa After another exchange of kicks Otou-pallk long unused to the game, fumbled and Kansas recovered on Nebraska's forty-three yard line. Ruble made a long gain and then the Jayhawka stopped an Incomplete forward pass giving Nebraska the ball on the twenty yard line.. The nd of the quarter found the ball in mid-field. i -s Second Period a Kicking ,iul. Th second period was even more d" cldedly a kicking duel, with Dobson, hold ing his own with .Foster. The Kansas 1 quarter was clever In his kicking, several times drawing ln-4he Nebraska safety,' then punting suddenly so that the ball rolled for. long-distances. ' The Kansas score came In this period, when an exchange of kicks gave the Jay-hawks . the ball on the . . fifty J yard. line. Nellson and Frlngle hit the line for short gains and a Nebraska penalty helped them along to a first . down. The Kansas backs then shoved the ball along for an earned first down. Thereafter Kansas could not gain and Lonborg tried for his place kick from th twenty-five yard Una Th ball sailed high and true for as certain a field goal as ever was soored. Nebraska showed strength only at the end of the quarter, when Dobson In two; plunges carried the ball eleven yard a. The second half opened as a continuation of th punting duel, but Nebraska finally took the ball on Kansas' forty yard Una whan Cook made a twenty yard return 01 a punt Then came the parade down the field with the vaunted Kansas tackles, being punotured at will until at last Cook crept thru for his long run to a touchdown. The next touchdown came a rew minutes later as th result of s series of comparatively short plunge thru tackles, assisted by the penalty pr. vlouly mentioned. Last Quartar Uneventful. The final Quarter maw tha vhr.k.n Piw.rani.iy spent oy their efforts in th uura period ana unable to gain consistently. Not one flrat dim ... m 1.. Kansas tried seven forward passes in this period, but was unable to get away with them. One forward pass was called complete when a Nebraska back interfered with the receiver, but it was not an earned pass. Tom Prlnsia. tha hn. t..t hack, was only fairly auooessful. He was worsen nam, nanoiing all the passes. The feature of the third period was his trip twenty yards thru tha rirht m Schellenberg,-Hubka, Cook and Dobson nuno in carrying ine pan. Th line, after the first half, did aDienilM vnrk There was considerable betting on th ' SUNDAY STATE JOURNAL, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1917. STARS NOT SHOWN IN PICTURE Fire Cotner stars, three of whom participated In the season's present (or. the final whittle of later games. These fire men are They responded to Uncle Sam's call and are now .stationed at the members of this honor roll: , . '-.- Parmenter Moore 71 game, altho Kansas money was hard to find. Backers of the Nebraskans. left a considerable wad In Kansas as a result of betting the Cornhuskers would win by fifteen points. The Cornhuskers left late this evening in the student special for Lincoln. Kansas took the defeat philosophically, there being no apparent lessening .in movie patronage, or sidewalk promenading, which Appeared , the big entertainment here. Some statistics of'the Gam. . In yardage gained from scrimmage the Cornhuskers had the best of it However, It took that spurt In the third period to put them out In the lead. With the exception of that one period, the gains were about even. As a matterof fact Kansas made the mors impressive showing early in the battle, so much so that some Inveterate gamblers rushed out to offer bets that 'Kansas would win. Nebraska made, three first downs in the opening period, made them in succession and then stopped. The gains for both teams were even, each stopping forty-six yarda In the second period Nebraska made but one down and gained only thirty-five yards Kansas made two downs and traveled forty-six yards. This period produced the Kansas field goal. In the third quarter it was all Nebraska, the Cornhuskers making six downs and 123 yards, while Kansas made no downs and a bare ten yarda In the final period Nebraska failed to punch, out a first down, while the Jayhawkers again made two. The yardage was thirty-two and twenty-nine, the latter being the Kansas share. The totals were 29 for Nebraska and 1st for Kansas. ' Nebraska tried the forward pass but three times and got away with two for thirty-three yards. Kansas triad the ll.p ten times and got away with two for a gala of fity jards. One pass wos rood for eleven yards and was called complete because of a Nebraska Interference. The other was completed, ' but - lost seven yards. . " - Nebraska suffered more penalties, but did not lose as much distance as the Jayhawkers. The Cornhuskers' penalties ed a two-yard setback for taking outincld Included a two-yard- setback for taking out too much- time. The lineup: Nebraska.. Rhodes if , Uunn It...... kuaitsky ,. . .Ig. . . .. . 1 )ay ............... .0 ...... Wilder, ..,..., rg , Bhaw ..rt. ... klddell ., (took ,va b Kansas. l.aslett Nettels Jones Hull .... Woody Frost . ... Lonborc ...... Foster Schellenberg .lb. ......... Hubka '. . . .,. .fl. 1 ....... . Debson, ,. .,rh, . ; , . ...... Prlngle ..... Nielsen Ruble Keferee Griffith. Drake. . . Umpire Anderson. K. O. A CV Hear! . linesman Cochrane K. 0. A. Tleld JudgeOordon. Harvard. O. Touchdowns Cook. Hubka: coal from loucnaowni, enaw, 1 01 1, Rcora by DtTlods: " Nebraska Kansas .... . 11 e is . 1 0 os Substitutions Otoupallk for Hubka. Hubka for Rlddeil, Krlemelmeyer for Munn, Kellogg tor iiuims, Hubka for utouualik, Du Tsau for Koeltsky. Kosltskr for Du Toau. Lu Teau for Krielmeysr, McMahon ror Bcneiiennerg. IOWA AGAIN AT LOSING END. North westera Victorious by a goer . of as to 14. CHICAGO. Nov. 1 T. Northwestern- trt- umrjhed over Iowa. IS to 14, In a bitterly conteated football game today. "Chuck' Leun, th Iowa fullback, altho suffering from injuries, soorea notn or nis teams touchdowns. He entered tho game with ke head heavily bandagad and was forced to retire la the fourth period after belnjt knocked unconscious. KUlngwood, the Northwestern left hair, plowed thru the Iowa line for threa touchdowns, and Ar-rles scored tha fourth. Iloth teams used forward passes with success. The lineup: Northwestern- - Iowa Marquard ...le , ., Reed Townley ..It Bleaker I' inch ..ig ,. Block Lynch o Blldlag Mulder .,.. rg.; , Ilunselman Randolph rt Greonwood Arrtea .............. re. Pyles Underbill q Jenkins Holmes ,. .rh. ...'........ . Davis KUlngwood ..Ih Peterson Koshlar ...fb, Laun Scoring: Northwestern Touchdowns: Kl-llngwood 3; Arrles 1. (Joels from touchdown. Undsrglll 1. Iowa: Touchdowns, L Goals from touchdowns, Davis 3. Keferee, Birch. Karlbam. Umpire, Reed, Michigan. Headllnoaman, Ray. Illinois. Klold Judge, Knight, Michigan. Time of periods, fifteen minutes each. Arkaasaa va. Oklahoma. FORT SMITH, Ark., Nov. 17. Arkansas and Oklahoma battled to a scoreless draw In their annuel gam b. today. Oklahoma gained 313 yarda tc arkaneu'e ftfty-etgnt, but superior panting b Davidson kept Oklahoma from scoring. MET DEFEAT THIS '.SEASON EITHER IN OR OUT OWN CIRClA. Coach Strata Mumford OHIO TWICE THE CHAMPION , , - f UNDISPUTED RIGHT TO BIG TEN CONFERENCES TITLE. Victor Over IUlsola by s : Sear of 18 to 0, With Barley Star f the Battle. COLUMBUS, Nov. 17. By defeating Illinois, II to 0, today, Ohio state, for he second consecutive year, won the championship of the western conference. The defeat of Chicago by Minnesota and Michigan by Pennsylvania, eliminate the only other unbeaten teams of the "big ten" and give th, 'Buckeyes Indisputable, claim to the supremacy of the west Ohio's scoring, coming only after strong resistance by the Illinois claimants, was represented by two goals from placement booted between the uprights by Harley, Ohio's all-American backfleld man, and H. O. Courtney's touchdown In the last period, made on a forward pass from Harley. Harley also kicked goal from tho touchdown. Contrary to predictions, both teams used straight football in the main. The only variation, came in the last period. when forward passes gained considerable ground for each. It was a battle of no mean proportions from the start with Illinois, however, failing to threaten seriously the Ohio goal. On two occasions they came within striking distance, but place kicks by Ingwerson and Sternaman failed and their chance was lost. Ohio's offensive centered largely around Harley, who, altho he did not gain con sistently when carrying the ball, was concerned In almost every play and outkicked Cbarpler on their exchanges of punts. Boesel proved the best ground-gainer for the champs, 'running more than twenty- five yards thru a broken field several times. Line attacks by Sternaman and Charpler gave Illinois most of her gains. The lineup: . Ohio Stats 13. Illinois 0. Klein Rundqulat (c.) Boelen ..le.. H, J. Courtney ( Kerch .......ig.. uoents.. , Ingwerson Behlauderman Kms Halsa Nichols . Sternaman VanDrne Bedrion-Meyera ......rg.... H. O. Courtney rt.... Peabody . . xerges .Qb. . . Btlnchcomb ......... lr.. Harley ... ....rh... Boesel , ....fb... . . . . . sfcOregor ...... Cbarpler Score by periods Ohio Illinois 0 0 0 0 1013 0 00 Referee MagldsSttn, Michigan. Umpire Bcnommer, UBicago. Field judge Davis, Princeton. Headltneaman, Lynch, Brown. , . Time of periods 16 mlnues. Ohio state scoring: Touchdown H. p. Courtney, Goal- from touchdown HoxLtj'. Goals from placement Harley 3. OXE GAME TO STIEHM'S CREDIT. Indiana Winner Over Depanw by a 3S to O Score. BLOOMINGTON, Ind..' Nov. 11. Indiana used straight football to defeat Depauw today, 36 to 0. Neither team played anything but line plungee and end rune until the second half started, when they unboxed their assortment of passes. Depauw tried th aerial route sixteen times for a total gain of fifty-three yarda. Indiana experimented thirteen times and netted a total of 137 yarda; Lineup: Indiana . Position. Depauw Rleley le Bustinn Hathaway (a) It.... Bondurant (O Julius ....ig..... Julian 1'lerce o Wlneland Ewart rg M. Guild Ingles rt Smith Mints rs R. Guild Cravens qb. .......... .. Ogden Bowser Ih Biod Heuring rh Wolf Howard fb Royas Score by periods: Indiana T 14 7 736 Depauw 0 0 0 0 Touchdown Cravens 3), Howard (3), Faust. Goals from touchdowns, Hathaway IM. Substitutes Faust for Cravena Referee Macay, Westminster: umpire. Coffin, Cornell: head, linesman. Van oper, Wisconsin. WAVY RUNS VP BIO SCORE. Overwhelms Villanova, Wlaalag by 80 to 8. ANNAPOLIS. Md.. Nov. IT. Navy closed the moot successful gridiron season In recent years today by defeating Villanova, 30 to 3. The visitors' tally, which waa the first score of th game, came quickly after plr started and was made by McGuckaln, who played a atar game thruout for the visitors. Shortly after the klckoff a forward pass, Wegend to McCrady, betted v opening game, were not playing a bigger game. army cantonment. The Robb twenty-flro yarda This was followed by a fifteen yard penalty which put the ball on the sailor's thirty yard line. Two plays falling to gain for thorn, the visitors resorted to kicking. Not at all disheartened, tha middles cams back, with a rueh and before th period closed, . had tallied four-ten points. ' . A feature of the gam was the open field running of Roberts for the middles. Altho today's game closes the list of scheduled games for th middles, every effort le being made by tbe local athletic authorities to land a contest for next week. The lineup: Navy (10) Villanova (3) Von Helmberg . . . . .1. McCrady Barrett It.. O'Leary Nswburn Ig Renant Ooodsteln o i,ynch Caldwell ...,.,....rg . Fogarty Boaffe .....rt. McCarthy Ewen .r........ Coan Ingram . Ob HcOuckaln Martin Ih.. McOeehen Roberta ; .rh..........A Wegend Butler fb..., Dulaney Boor by periods! - . 1 Navy 14 II It 11 to Villanova I 0 0 0 1 Referee, Bsnnage, Dartmouth. Umplra Carl Williams, Pennsylvania, Headllnes-man, Wheatley, Annapolis. ' - Navy scoring: Touchdowns, Ingram, 3; Martin, 3; Roberts, 3; Scarf e, 1. Goals from touchdowns, Whelchet t; Ingram, i. Villanova scoring: Coals from field, Mo-Ouckain, 1. . .,, .. . Time of periods, fifteen minutes, ARMY. HAS ITS OWN WAY. Oadote vEneonnter Little Opposltloa Prom Isebanon, WBST POINT, Nov. 17. Ths Army had little opposition from Lebanon Valley today, vanquishing tho collegians by (0 to 0. Ollphant led In the cadets' scoring, making 33 of the Army's points. He scored four touchdowns, Ave goals after touchdown and one goal from placement from the forty yard lino. He was-ably assisted by Wicks snd Walker In the attack on Lebanon Valley's goal lino, etockea, Knight and March excelled among the Army forwards. Haines and Morrison played best for Lebanon Valley. Lineup: March. ..Is.,.,,,,,,,,. Morrison Smith .......It.... Attlcka Adams , Stokes . Terger . Knight . Bartlett Murrill ' ...... .1 g. .......... ,, Potter ...... .c ...... .... Bimondette rg.. Isaacs rt.... FUhborn ..... Pa C.nn .........a.,,,. ,.uv M . . Wick ..x,.,.lh.. ...... Bnavely w'krx .rh Haines Ollphant , f b ' Walter Score by periods: Army 13 1J 7 1460 Lebanon 9 0 0 0 0 Army scoring Touchdowns, Ollphant (4). Wicka (S), March. Goals from touchdowns, OHphant (6). Goal from placement, Ollphant . .. ., Referee Whlttlng, Cornell; " umpire. Lieutenant Hann, Harvard and United Btatea naval reserves; head linesman, Connolly, Trinity. . . Time of perlods-Two " d1 tea and two of twelve minutes each. ISLANDERS GOISG STRONG. Sniotber rera Normal - Friday liy-Score of BO to O. GRAXO ISLAND, Neb., Nov..l7. By de-ciaely defeutlng the Peru VNormals- 89 to 0 at Peru Friday, Grand Island college easily takea second .place In the collegiate standing of Nebraska. Altho Cotner la given first place by virtue of a Clean slate, it la generally believed In this section of the state that hud the Islanders played at the Start of the season as they do at the finish, they would today be the undisputed champions. . Grand Island lost ths Srat game of the season to Cotner 6 to 0 and the-followlng week lost to York 14 to 7. Since then the team has defeated Kearney, Wealeyan and Peru by oneelded scores, rolling up I ail points In the three skirmisher while keeping Its own goal line untarnished. The record of the team for the season to date is as follows: - Grand Island 0, Cotner 4. Grand Island 7, York 14. Grand island 63, Kearney 0. . Grand Island 13, Weslayan 0. Urand Island 63, Peru 0. Points scored: By Grand Island 137, by opponents 20, Grand Island and Hastings will play here on Thanksgiving. End runs and line smashes featured Grand Island's victory at Peru. Coach Johnson's athletes fought gamely up to tbe - flnak whistle but were clearly outclassed. After Grand Island had kicked off and held Peru for downs, ths Islanders after thro plays, carried the ball over for a touchdown. After tha next kick-off. Grand Island recovered the ' oval on Peru's 30 yard lln and a forward pass from R. Goldensteln hung up the second touchdown. Ths ft rat quarter ended 11 to 0. The score was run up to:? points during the second period. By sweeping end- runs and hard line smashes, ths Islanders continued to pile up the points. Spectacular runs of 40 and 30 yarda by K. Ooldensteln featured. " Football Finals. At Boston Camp Devciii 0, Camp DU 13. . At New Haven Yale informal 7, Trinity 0. 'At Durham, N. H- New Hampshire college 67, Worcester Polytechnic Institute a sAt Hoboken Steven 4, New lork university 4: At Roanoke, Ye. Washington and Lee 13. Georgetown JO. - At Marietta Marietta 0, West Virginia Wosleyan 27. At Gambler, O. Baldwin-Wallace O, Ken-yon college 13. "! At New York Columbia 0, Wosleyan 1. At Westminster, Md. 'Western Maryland va George Washington, gam cancelled. At Oxford, O. Miami 0, Wooeter 0. ' At Oberliu, O. Oberlln 44, Ohio university 0. At Milwaukee Marquette II. North. Dakota 0. ' At LaFayetts, Ind. Purdue 33, Wabash 0. - At Alliance, O. Case 14, Mount Union 0. ' At Nashville Auburn 31, Venderbtlt 7. At Lexington, K.y. Alabama. 37, Kentucky stale 0. At Atlanta, Va. Georgia tech 33, Oar-Halo a , ..... . Creightoav va. HaakeU, OMAHA, Nov.' 17t Crelghton university humbled Haskell Indians her today In a brilliant game of football by ths score of 13 U II. A forty-five yard run by Leahy, an eighty-five yard run thru th utlre Haskell team by Harmon and the punting of Leahy, featured Crelghton' a efforta Exeter Defeated Ilekroaw EXETER, Neb., Nov- IT. Enter high school defeated Hebron high school by a score of 34 to 13 in a gams of football Rlayed her yesterday. Th visitor played 1 bad luck, losing two men sut of tho game; one with a broken no and th other with a badly sprained knee. .Cheat rDefeatoel by Seaadla. CHESTER, Neb., Nov. 17. Th Cheater high school waa defeated by th Scandla. Kaa. team by a scor of 24 to Or s ( THE SEASON'S RECORD ' Cotner ......... 6 Crelghton ....... 6 Cotner 10 Wesleyan ...... C Cotner 1J Tarklo, Mo. ..... 7 Cotner 22 Peru ......C Cotner . ..;.... 6 Grand Island 0 Cotner ,...19 York ............ 0 Cotner .V.. 28 Kearney 7 Cotner 7 Hastings 7. Not conference games. Points acored: By Cotner 110. By opponents 27. MICHIGAN MEETS WATERLOO PENNSYLVANIA SPRINGS A SUR. PRISE ON YOST. Quaker Eleven Trlamphant In Bitterly Ponght Gam by a " , Score of 18 to O. PHILADELPHIA, T Nov. it. Pennsylvania gave Michigan a big surprise today and defeated the western football eleven by It to 0. It was a hard, bitterly fought ' game. In which good andT bad football was mixed by both sides. The defeat was Michigan's first this year, she having won 4UI eight games , previously played. s f Fullback Howard Berry; the college pentathlon champion, waa easily the hero of the game. He scored ten of Pennsylvania's points, - outpuntau Michigan's kicker and was In the thick -of nearly all plays. He made three field goals In five trys, and also kicked a goal from touchdowns He waa also a marvel in running with the ball . - Pennsylvania's goal at no time was seriously In danger. In tho first two periods the teams were almost vnly matched, what advantage there was being with Pennsylvania, who showed a better offensive, s ' During the second period. Halfback Straus of Pennsylvania and Quarterback Weston of Michigan got into a fight and both were banished from the game. This waa a serious loss for each team, and Michigan followers pointed to the fact that after their quarterback's retirement the team did not play with sustained iwwsr. Oenebach succeeded Weston and in the third period he fumbled in trying to pick up one of Berry's punts and Pennsylvania secured the ball on Michigan's ten yard line. The Quakers failed to gain and Berry broke into the scoring by toeing a field goal from the thirty yard line. Befor the third period ended he kicked another one. lis the final quarter Berry trie a field goal from mldfield against the wind, and failed. - The plag went for a touchback. Michigan failing to gain, Wleraan attempted a punt from his own ten yard mark and the ball was blocked, CJeary falling on it behind the goal line for a touchdown. . Michigan then played loose; ly-and just before the game ended Berry kicked his third goal from the fifteen yard line. . - Numerous forward'' passes were trted durlngatha game and only two attempt; were successful. The lineup; 1 """Ynheyl"nut .- Van Olnkel ....Is...... Maynard lt Mlelftgan 0 Ooetl Goodsell Culver ..... Lambert Fortune Weske Boyd , Weston Cohn Hanieh Wieman Cieary .....,....s.v.lg;...,.. s i a ' O o4s rg , ..rt re wra niete' Thomas Miller , Bell ... ........ ....uo. Light . ,.lh... Straus .rh... .fb... .. e .. 0 Berry Boo re by periods Pennsylvania . . .. . 1014 0 0 Michigan Pennsylvania scorlnr: Touchdown Cieary, Goal from touchdown Berry. Field goals xserry s. Refer Tufts, Brown. Umpire Fults, Brown. Headltneaman Cooney, Princeton. Fold Judge Okeson, Lehigh. Tims of periods 16 minutes each. EAST FOR THE GOPHER CREW. Minnesota Winner Over Chicago by the Scorsof 83 to O. MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 17. Minnesota celebrated homecoming day with a 13 to 0 victory over Chicago today. Using Intricate shifts and faka formations the Gophers battered gaps in tho opposlug line and ahot thru Lampl, Arntsofi-,nd Carroll for consistent rains. Chicago, on the other hand, waa never able to break thru the Gopher barrier for material galna, and for the. most part Maroon plays were muddled before they were well undor way. Higglna, the big Chicago fullback, played a good defensive game, but waa slow In getting started with the ball and usually was atopped by the Gopher forward wall. Nona of ths six forward passes attempted by Chicago connected. Three of Minnesota's nine passes were successful and netted a total of forty-eight yarda -fn a last desperate attempt to score the Maroons hurled forward passes In all di- II) :t,ivv r " "ST' -aMasJ)31sWlr - -: ?N4WSPWgJA "-tjv 1 T - a.M Briscee Coachaire Completely Equipped Including a Summer Jop $850 Factory Buckstaff Auto Co. 2348 O Street . Lincoln, Neb. ii; T rectlona early In, the fourth period. One of these was Intercepted and just before ' the whistle sounded Arntson brought tha record crowd to Its jeet by Sashing around the Maroon right end for the Gophers' final acors. The lineup 1 Minnesota (33) Chicago 0) Bchroeder ....le..... Brelos Eklund ..It.. .......... Jaokson V. Williams Ig Bondglnskl He William c Reber D. Johnson rg Gorgaa Hauser (C) . ......rt. .. y.. .T. Mellin Fllnn re.......... McDonald Arntson , .....qb..... Blockl Carroll Ih Rouss Lampl h. El Hon Kfngaley fb Higglna Boor by prlods: Minnesota .. 7 7 13 333 Chicago ................ 0 0 0 00 Referee Masker, North weetern; umpire. Knight, Dartmouth; field judge, Adams, Ohio; hsad linesman, Whyte, Cornell. Time of periods Fifteen minutes each. Scoring Minnesota, touchdowns, Fllnn,-Caroll, Arntson (1), Kingsley. Goal from touchdown, Hauser. Ynlo Freshmen vs. Harvard. CAMBRIDGE. Mass., Nov. 17. Yale feshmen outplayed Harvard freshmen In their annual football contest today and won. 14 to 0. Open field running by Lay, ths Yale halfback.1 brought a touchdown for the visitors In th first period. With Humphrey, the Harvard fullback carrying tho ball most of th time. Harvard frequently got far Into Yale's territory In the nest two periods, but fumbles and Intercepted forward passes cost them a score, In tha last period Din, the Yale halfback, snatched a Harvard forward pass from tha air and raced forty yards for the vlsitora' second touchdown. Naval ReServea va. Harvard. NEWPORT, R. I., Nov. 17. Two spectacular plays in the second period gava nnnM" mark's second district naval re serve team a 14 to 0 victory over tha Harvard Informal eleven today. Charles Barrett, the former Cornell etar. now playing halfback for the Navy team, ran forty yards around left and on the next play hurled a forward !pass fifteen yards to Hlto. who was standing behind the Harvard goal Una Boon after the next klckoff, Green, the navy's right end, picked up a Harvard, fumble and carried tho ball twenty yarda for the second touchdown. .. . - Fordham vs. Cornell. ITHACA, N. T.. Nov. 17. Long forward passes, perfectly executed and the dashing? work of the visitors' backneld, were responsible for Cornell's defent here by Ford -ham, 37 to 4. Only In the first period, which Was scoreless, did Cornell offer any real opposition. Cornell was within scoring distance everal times during the game, but was chocked by Forirham's defense. Irfft Half Erwlg was the atar for Fordham, running seventy yards after the opening otr the final period. Klgh' Half Hoffman's spec-tacular punting was a feature of- Cornell's , ' ,w ' 1 .... Kavles Win by O to 0. ROCKFORD, 111.; Novi 17. Bhivr(fck' Cornell-educated toe failed tbday to boot " Camp Grant football eleven to victory over ' the fast great lakes naval training team In the first battle of the cantonment season. The Jackles wco'raek a touchdown and a place kick In the last few minutes of play, winning 3 to S. Pat Bmlth played a smashing-fullback for-the navy, while Eddy: at quarter and Berger at full starred for Grant. The army team now is In for a-hard two. -week preparation for a Camp Cuater engagement In Chicago on December 1. Syracuse va. Colgate. SYRACUSE, Nf. Y., Nov. 17.' Playing straight football, Syracuse university defeated Colgate here today, 27 to 7. The orange completely outclassed the visitors. . Colgate made but three first downs during the game and only twice took the ball from Syracuse on downs. Right Half Matt Brown was the star for the orange, scoring threa touchdowns. Webstei Colgate halfback, In- ...... a tnwrmr-A na mm u nil flftV yarda for the only maroon touchdown. Notre Dame vs. Michigan Aggie. SOUTH BEND, Ind.. Nov. 17. Notre Dams defeated the Michigan Aggies today 23 to 0. Btralght football brought Notre Dame's touchdowns. During the first half Quarterback Allison heaved many forward pasaee only two of which were completed. One netted forty yarda. Stanley, tackle for Notre Dame waa carried off the held with a fractured ankle. Harwell Defeated IVorth Lonp. BURWELL, Neb., Nov. 17. Burwell high school basketball team defeated the North Loup team by a score of 31 to 7, In tho flrat game of basketball here this season. aOaftinBaBagai Imagine yourself a cue artist and visit ine SARATOGA C. N. MOON tt"., )wwlaajaaaa-y,.

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