The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1932
Page 3
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NOVEMBER, 2,r•.1032 (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THUMB Parliment Building Wales Will Dedicate DFCHHLSIRIfE Peonle in Ugly Temper as Prince Plans Visit, to Belfast., liJHTOK'S NOTE: Tills is (he Ectuul of 1*0 stories on lr.2 prcs- eni situation in divided Ireland. «lifre the WiMf of Wales soon will make his first visit. BY MILTON BRONMEK Kuropcan Manager,'NEA Servica LONDON.—It will be a loyal bu; greatly dlslurbed community that welcomes the Prince of Wales ic Belfast in November to dedicate the Parliament House of Northern Ireland. Belfast, with its crippled tcxliit j and shipbuilding industries, lias j felt Hie heavy hand of imempioy- mc!)t. It only recently has b;en necessary to call in the military tc suppress disturbances. Catholics I were stoned in Belfast during the recent Eucharistic Congress in Dublin. For although two-third; of the \people of Northern Ireland are Protestant, the minority third is con- 'centratecl in the great cities such as Belfast, Armaugh and Londonderry. An ugly rumor rose recently that the British government was going to betray the loyalty ol Northern Ireland by using it as a pawn in the difficult negotiations with the Free State over the oath to the king and the land annuities. This has b?en indignantly denied, and Lord Craigavon, premier of Northern Ireland, maie a secret and hurried trip to London to get definite . assurances from Dcmlnions Secretary J. H. Thomas and Home Secretary Sir Herbert Samuel that it was not so. He was assured that any such deal was "fanlaslic and unthinkable." But thos; negotiations between the Free State and the British Empire have been so difficult and so full of dynamite thai almost any rumor was believed. United Inland Is Hope Trie Free Slate, under the ad- minis Iral ions of both'former President William T. Cosgrave and the pressnt Eamonn De Valera, . ha; tried desperately to settle three vexatious questions: First, removal of the oath of allegiance to the king and the empire. . Second, retention in Ireland of lanti annuities formerly paid to ]) Britain. ., Third, a united republican Ire-' land. The cath. which De Valera proposed to abolish: has been submerged in the rising tide of controversy over the land annuities and the question of a united Ireland seems impossible at pressnl The land annuity controversy began at the beginning of this century. In hope of solving the land problem, the British government bought most of the Irish land: from the landlords, and sold them back to the tenants on long-term payments. Thus it was hoped tc make the land debts payable to thf government rather than to individual landlords, and by extending government credit to solve the problem once and for all. These payments were made to the Irish government and by it to the 'British. Suddenly De Valera's Free Stair refused lo pay over the annuities to Ihe British, claiming they belonged to the Free State government. They are held in a special fund in Dublin. In a dramatic move. De Valera only recently has forced out of office the roynl governor-general. James McNeil), and closed Vice Resal Lodge in Dublin. With this and the disappearance of .British troops from the Free State, the last physical ties wllh the empire had vanished. Radical Republicans are insisting that nothing less than a completely independent Irish republic will satisfy them. The British, who have tradition '* 'and certain practical consideration: in mind, opposed the complete .separation of Ireland by a series of retaliatory duties on Irish produce coming into Britain, up to 100 per cent. The British, while willing to see Dominion status in Ireland fear an independent Irish republic because of the possibility of seeing Its harbors seized and ils territory used ns a base for foreign invaders in case of war. British Inipw* Dalies Clashing opinion within the Free State itself makes the situation even more complicated. De Valera Is faced with rival orgam'zalions. Recently an Irish Republican "army" seized Donamon Caslle as £ center for its troops, but later evacuated it. .And Colonel Thomas O'HIergins' Army Comrades Association is growing. This is a "Whits" army, aimed at preserving law and order, and preventing a return to that sort of guerilla warfare which has torn Ireland for hundred's of years. The Republican, or "Red" army, persists, though President Cosgrave tried to disband it, and it Is thought that one of the objects of OVIggins' "White" army is to force President Da Valera to disband them both. In a state with a population of 3,000,000, there are already two official armies beside the irregulars msntioncd above. Th«« ire the government "Green" army, with about 6000 regulars and NEETNlDfl Achievement Day,Program Will Be Held'and Prizes Awarded. •mbr-i-s of llic Boys and Girls 4-H c-hibs in the ChictaMuvba district o! MLssbslppl county will vie Tor hcrisrs In ilia Achievement Day i .1111 lii-rc Saturday. Tills day Is 1: observed throughout Iho sltiU 1 .ind tlio em Ire Unlli-U Slntev Tlnu- nuts of club mem- bou :n Arkansas will receive tiwnids ns cli impious In llielr various Dole's ol fjun nnd home endeavors. All 4-1 [ club boys unil girls who i coiiiii! 'ic their year's work will rc- cclvi- •'Ortiflctitei ol Awnrd." diploma:, will be Blven those who have coinplctcil four or muri- your.? work ami iiu'dals will IK- awnrdwl county Springs, from 11:30 lo 1S:M p.m., nl which lime the slate and dlMrlct 'hamplons In 4-H club work IhU year will be announced. Th« program I'lll inolutte es by the two state Miss Conlile J. BOTMltifl, il»l« honie demonstration t(ent, ind W. J. Jcrnlvan, state club Wit, both of the University of Arktnu.t Col- !eje of Agriculture; J«ts« Porter, •itntc 4-11 Club council presUMhl, nml musli! by (lie Sylvan Hills 4-H . club, I'ulasM county, trained by i Mrs. P. M. Rnlncs, local leader. The two stale Conch awards so td tho state clmmplon 4-H boy nn;l girl. These arc trips to the National club camp, If tho winners nre nclive club members at Hie lime tin- camp Is held the follow- j ,,, a ,„ C lmil«tlou hi this icrrl- i g ycnr - ' lory, due to tlic fad that thous- Other stale awards am trmje «l-| units <tf IJOITOWITK arc selling nsidu iicutioiitil nip? [o the National 4-lijllitlr Government Loan", says'Mr. "Bunkers mid business men n]>- nrrieiiuc tin: advantages of this as second IUMY motttutgccs and landlords now able lo collect money due Points Benefits Value on Cotton of 9-(!ent Loan "By taking advantage of the. government's liberal arrangement of nllonln gcollon lo foe collatcr- allzed al 9c |*i- pound, the borrowers from the Crop Production I-oim aii? able to pay other pre.s- obllgatlons and buy the nec- Ics which nre so urgently needed fcr bodily comfort", hays 11. Varxlivcr, Field Director of tlic Mld-Sonlh collon Growers Association. DtH P. T. A. to Sponsor a Play. TlK- Parent-Teacher ar.wdation " 'of the Dell school is sponsoring a" club coilKri-^-s ut ChlCHtfo next no comber, given to the state cham liioii Garden OUib girl by Mont _ Bonicry Waril & Company; (o (he i ]j'bcj'nl"n slate champion club boy In llic sow holders ond litter contest by Wilson <fc company, -and to the state clitmpion 4-1P buby b«f dub by Swift &. Coiripany. A gold wnlch is awarded The county nmluls are: t.M: I to Hie stale champion In the Tlios., wlu-rcns, hnd this iH nut Ijcen nmde, 11 Is ttoubt- lul wlicllii'i 1 Uwy would Imvu ally-argamwd Civil Guard with !\ membership of 7000. Ireland thus remains a fair candidate for its old title of "the most distressful country thai ever 1 have .seen," and the visit of a prince . who has never touched its r.oil b?- ! fore may be the match that drops ' into a dry tinder box. ' (THE END) Students Inaugurate Safe Driving Campaign HANOVER, N. H. <UP)—Automobile accidents In which many students were injured last year over football game week ends lias caused Palaeopitus. sludenl-iov- erning body at Dartmouth, to inaugurate a safety drive to promote safe driving. Windshield stickers, bearing the caption "Dartmouth College Safety Drive," have been issued. On the back of the stickers each driver will sign the following pledge: ants were fighting at the. time. Above, Nortlum Ireland's Parliament HGUS«, grander than its needs, say some. Center, Britain's Prince of' Watts, who will dedicate it. At the rides, the active lieads of the Two Irelands, left, Lord Craigavon, premier of Northern Ireland, right, Eamonn D« Valera, president of the Free State. "I will drive to promote safety Mr. and Mrs. George Coggins of Padiicah, Ky., vlnltcd Mr. and Mrs. W. H. and Chester Woold- rlclse ami families the pust iveck Mr. nml Mrs. Jack Hill and Miami Mrs. Boise Wcoldridyo shop- fjf(l in Blyttavtlle Saturday. Mrs. \V. M. Weber of Bureicttc viiilcd In Osceola Friday. J: T. Garn'll of New Libert; visited Miss Lurn. Byars Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Slailforc vlsllcd relatives nl Luxorn Sun day. •£. M. McDonnlcl was n in Blytlicvllle Monday. J. C. Jones of the Gilclirisl farn visitn and tl\e welfare nml good name of j the college." visited Rccci Crawlcy Thursrtny. One Shot Kills Two Birds FALL RIVER, Mass. (UP)—Prescott Wilbur bagged two cock pheasants with a single shot. The pheas- Contract Bridge Fans-Here Are the New Scoring Values BY WM. E. McKENNEY Secretary, American Bridfc League Following are the new scoring values for rubber contract bridge; The old values are printed in light type—the new values are in boldlace type. Cut this table out and mount 11 on cardboard for use at the bridge table. New Scoring; Values for Rubber Contract Bridge Trick Values (Scored in Trick Score) Trump Undoubted Doubled Redoubled • No Trump ..30 -60 JZO j Autos Hit Safely Island No Trump 40 80 160 i CAMBRIDGE, Mnfs. (UP) — A Spades and Hearts 30 60 120 i safety island in tfcc mlddl- of Mas- Diamonds and clubs .. 20 -50 160 j snchuselts Avenue has t;cn. struck The first six tricks won by the declarer constitute his book and I by -IB automoblbs during th2 lasl Puxico News Couth award ijlvcii yenily to'tho champion 4-H boy mid girl In each coan'.y. the Montgomery Wnr3 Garden Chilj medal awarded Ihe couu- (y champion 4-H Cinnk-ii Club girl, id the Thomn.s K. Wilson meal liniil county uifdul w'nlch Is glv- t(i tlit county champion 4-H club cord In meat animal production In 'ef or swine. There arc also Couch district vard.s to the district champion boy nd isirl In each ot the four <lLs- 'IcU in the state. The 18 clubs In this eiui ol UK ounty will have approximately 175 nenibcrs who will receive awards or completing from one to three cars work nnd 35 will be presenl- d (liplomn.s for foiir years work. A similar meeting will be held lie same <lay at 0>ceola faV Hie southern purl of th; coimly. The county programs will be cll- naxed with listening in on the nn- ional nnd Mute 4-H nchlevcmcn lay broRilcast K. Wlh-on iticnt onimnl contfsl. First Killing Frost Don Little Damage The few patches of beans 'left and Fomc lute noi'don vegetables were ruined last night, by the lllhiK frost ot the winter. According to George P. Grcb of Iho UlyllMvllte Canning coinpaiiy, practically nil of the b«ans In llil.s vicinity had been picked except In very small patches. While It Is bc- licvcd most garden owners had harvested their last tomatoes «nd iw- lnto"s. iiny Itlvit were left were killed. The frost Is a boon lo splDHdi. ' which Is'beltiK grown for the can- suys nnylhlni; out of (jib), crop", UK- Co-op field man. "Clubbing Husbands" Is to bs 1.10 title of the play which will have this cast of churactsrs: Mrs. Noble Gill, Mr.s. Otto Dradberry, Mrs. Harbin Gill, Mrs. Clyde Gllland, MUs Olive Brartlicrry, Miss Belma Koehler, Miss Elta Ncal Mahan, Miss Wnurfrsn Brownies,' Mrs. P. H. Brenn, Mrs. Dave, Crawford, Mrs. L, M. Moody and Mrs. L. W. Woodard. Mls.s Marjorle Stewart .spant yesterday In Jonosboro. I ^frs. Wiiltci- Cox Jr., of Osceola, Mr Vnmlivei, In (-xnlalnlnR (lie b i,,.j«ilng the week here with hor irt Inc.- Juki-South iussocliitlon was nothcr, Mr.s. I. B. Stewart. (loins to help out In this situation, mentioned tlint the ns.vocln- llon could advance plcklug money, set ii]> to the iiccoimt the required number of bales to cover Hit! lean, nnd make reports both to (lie liovenitnent and to the borrowers'. He inoruloncd Hint, any remaining collon could be sold throunh (he association with the proci'cU-i being .sent to nil Interested parties, nnd that tins cotton wns clnxscd by accurate- clnsscrs, ttic borrowers Iriic prcm- lor (jrndcs nnd staples. ning factory, ami turnips, planted in many Hardens atler the iums Read Courier News Want Ads. PARKER'S HAIR IXLSAM ' MlHCs Emma Sue Stewart, Polly Mm Duck nnd Mary Virginia Cuter spent last, Friday in PArogoulJ. Sleeping sickness was tho scourge of the tropics In 1521. AT THE FIRST SNCEZE Ewcnc* of Miffed , OM YOU* tUNOHMCHtET AND FIU.OW IT* A Urge crowd alteniled H dancing parly at the home of Mr and Mrs. Cert Maslcy Saturda nighl. Dcwic Harbin of Flat Lai and Mitten J-fillei- of I'.ero fui nislied music. Pansy Hnscr spent Saturday night with Vena Barnes. Fannie Mayc Nellie and Lcdora Summers of Yarbro spent Saturday night with f' rncie Connel.' Ruth Jcn-.'s had as her guests Saturday nlsht Li Rue Bomar and Margi? Miller. Lena Barnes spent Saturday night with He ttic 'and 7,Hlle' Sterling. Little niUte Rice, who has bsen ;sick fcr some time with colitis, is i slov.'ly recovering. :ia\c no scoring value. Mow to 'Score All Tricks Made Above the Bool; Not Doubled i ten months. Twciil;, -niiiD oi the made Ahoye Sis ' ; mishaps occurred boiv.'ccn midnighl No Trump ... 30 ... 70 ... 100 ... 140 ... 170 ... 210 ... 240 Spades or Hearts 30 S3 ' ftft 120 ISO , 180 210 Diamonds and 8 a.m. or Clubs 21) 40 GO Kfl 100 120 140 Only BID TRICK VALUES count in the trick score. The balance cf the trick values count, in the premium score. For example, declarer bids three no trumps, makes six. From the above chart you \vlll see that he is entitled to 210 points. His contract was three no .rump, therefore 100 is sc6red below tha line and the difference bs- ,wwn llial and 210—or 110 points—-is scored above the line. As the ;:mall slam was not bid, no bonus is scored for the slam. UNDERTKICK PENALTIES Undcnbicd rot vulnerable: each undertrick—50 points. Doubled vulnerable or redoubled not vulnerable: multiplies llic , 100 poinls. . Each subsequent underfrick—increased 50 points over 'asl previous underirick. Doubled vulnerable cr redoubled not vulnerable: multiplies the above valuts by two. j KtdouWfd vulnerable: multiplies by two thr doubled vulrcrablr penalty. I UNDERTRICK PENALTIES Cumulative Doubled Not Redouble;! Nol Re- Undoubled Vulnerable or Vulnerable or doubled Not .Undoubled Doubled Vnlner- Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable able 1 ,... SO 4 100 200 4Q« 2 '00 2SO 560 1,000 3 150 450 9M i, gw * 200 700 1,400 2^00 5 •. 250 1,000 2,000 4,0»3 6 300 1,350 S.700 5,400 ' 350 1,750 3,500 7,000 8 400 2,200 4,400 8,800 .9 «0 2.'00 5,40« 10,868 10 500 3,250 6,MO 13,000 H 550 3,850 7,700 15,400 12 600 4,500 9,000 Is.WO 13 650 5,200 10,400 20,8<W Premium for mailing contract—None. Premium for Honors Held Suit horors—4 In one hand—100. Suit honors—5 in one hand—J50. No trump—4 aces in one hand—150. All other honor holdings— no prtml»m. Premiums for Slams Bid and Made Small slam—not vulnerable—500. Small slam—vulnerable—750. Grand slam—not vulnerable—150$. Cirand slam—vulnerable—2250. Rubber Premium Tvo-gauie rubber—700. Three-game rubber—500, Revoke Penalty _. . , (To uc wrt by non-revoking side.) First rcvcke-Forieilure of Uo tricks (scored as if won In play). Penally c » only be collected horn trick, taken a««r «h e revoke .; f ' Woman Rpstorcs Paintings PHILADELPHIA. (UP)— Mis; Harmon Homer says It's better to rc-slore a masterpiece than lo pnint a "goad "picture. And that Is why she has given her t.i!?nt curing th: past 25 years in the restoration at fine old paintings. Town Has EiRht Sets of Twins BRECKENFUDGE. Mich. (UP)— Brcckenridge. with a population ol only SHU. has cijin sc-is of twins. -QC//E7 YOUR NERVES The alto ante manner. Mimmrr vegetables were gone. Most flower growers corered (Iwlr plant.s lust night, but those left In the open were Injured by tht treat. WHAT IS IT.. and how does it improve cigarette taste? Ihis Delightfully M RS. Alice Fischer (picture above) says she is "the happiest woman in the world." "I often used to wish 1 teas dead. Couldn't sleep; couldn't enjoy myself. It seems as though 1 had tried every nerve medicine made, but imthout any bene/il until f fried Dr. Miles' Effervescent Nervine Tablets. They certainly prored [heir uiorlh for me. I fltn the happiest UK/man in the icorld mid f don't menu miiybe." Mrs. Alice Fischer Tf y«m tn NfrrMi. SktpktA. CrtnVr. ATar. If you har« Krrren Hei'acl^, Nerroni IndJcnlUx. l«kc Dr. Hitci 1 ErerreKmt K«rrir\e TiWcti. Y OU'VE hnuril how frnit of one variety has h<;en iirosscd with friiil of another to produce a pew anil more pleasing fliivor. The lo^inliorry, for example, is a cross between the raspberry and the blackberry. .' , Clicstcrfie.lil's Cross-Bleiyl go.tft the same rnsult—l>etter taste— by u different mellio<l. It \\eldg together the different kinds of several varieties of tobacco. Many types of Hrighl tolmcco, a great many types of Burlcy tobacco, and numerous grades of Turkish tobacco are all merged into one — Chesterfield tobacco. This welding or Cross-Blending goes beyond ordinary blending or mixing tobaccos together. It actually makes every kind "of tobacco in Chesterfield partake of the qualities of every other'type. It's the Cross-Blending of fine Turkish and Domestic tobaccos that gives Chesterfields a distinctive, letter taste. ^ They 'are milder. They have a '(luvor and aroma which, we believe, you will like. i l)Mtrr ft Mnu TO*«K« OH TASTE BETTER

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