The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska on December 8, 1918 · 6
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The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska · 6

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 8, 1918
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i X 6 A SUNDAY- STATE JOURNAL, SUNDAY, DECEMBER S, 1918. M t- CORNHUSKERS AT SHORT END DEFEATED BY WAIHIXGTOX, 20 TO 1, IX FOOTBALL FIJfAL. Frtlrfd ef Dick Hatkerfora Lllkler ' .. Tkaa ebrsk ' B-t twlft aatl fare. ST. LOUIS, Mo., Dec. 7. "Washing- ton university, for the first time In Its nisory, won the championship of the Missouri Taller student army training corps today at Francis field by de feating Its only legitimate rtral, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, by a score ot 20 to 7. Washmrton. too outweignea by its speed and cleverness completely discredited the mode of attack and defense that had been prepared by Ne braska. To that master tgenerai, k-ber Simpson, goes the majority of credit for the victory. Turnout the entire sixty minutes of play he kept the Washington machine running as smoothly as one of the famous Liberty motors. His scheme of attack was as varied as the colon of a kaleidlscope and be called hta plays and sent his men Into tbem with bewildering speed. - Nebraska was never given an opportunity to settled down. Once Simp, eon discovered a weakness in the opposing team he plugged ceaselessly at that falling spot wUh a myriad of variations in his attack-. He played ' also lb the Inexperience of a Nebraska substitute on one occasion and a touchdown resulted. The game, was, as hid been forecast, a battle of the air. Both teams dis. dained the line plunging method of , advancing the ball and played almost exclusively to the use of the pass. What little rushing was done showed Nebraska as a superior team in this respect. Their backs drove hard and low, but only in intermittent stretches . were they successful. The Washington line, tho outweighed, outplayed the Cornhuskers line. It played lower, charged faster and fiercer and almost offset Its handicap la weight with its . superior speed. Hew the Game Started. . Nebraska had received instructions to let Washington do all the playing In the Initial quarter and thus expend their energy. Nebraska treated the ball as if It were a mass of molten iron. The men acted as if it burned their fingers to hold it so great was their anxiety to get rid or It. For probably the first twelve times that the ball came Into their possession they kicked on first down and allowed Washington to have the ball merely ' for the sake of running oft plays with the Idea of tiring the piker backs, Ne- ' braska's faltb In its defense rivaled the faith of the American mothers in their boys oversea. The crimson- , hosed players believed that their line and their defense against an aerial attack were Impregnable, but .they were due for a rude awakening. Simpson played every spot In the opposing machine, tested its every fibre In tho first quarter and thereafter he knew exactly with what be bad to contend. And then It was that the Nebraska defense began to realize how Inadequate it waa. As the time wore on Rutherford's 'craft became more and more ' pronounced and when the game ended his vindication waa complete. He had constructed a defense to hold Nebraska and an attack to beat them and both products of his brain were materfu An old time football man would probably hav taken the point of view that it was a basketball game rather than a football contest, but a prettier exhibition from a bpectatoi's point of view has rarely been staged. It was good football, too, manly, clean and hard and had enthusiasm been measured In degrees of fahrenhelt. the thermometer would have reached the bursting point.' School spirit, a thing pitifully lacking in St. Louis heretofore, was clearly evident todsy jind many old grada were plca-antly surprised. When Nebraska Scored. Nebraska made its only points in the second quarter thru a forward pass after euuie good gains thru cud runs and line bucks. Do'mon heaved lo Lyman, who ran over the line and Howarth kicked the goal. Wellington tied the score but a few minute later after a series of forward passes, Kvans carrying the leather uvm- on a short end run. Simpson kicked goal. In this quarter Evans mi-de a sensational run thru a broken field after receiving a forward pass and rrossed the line covering sixty-five vards on the trip. Simpson asaln kicked goal. Washington nmde six more polni In the second half on held goal kicking by Simpson. WashtnKton cnuhl not make headway thru tho Nebraska line and the Cornhuskers were stopping end ruas and forward pauses sb the former Michigan star resorted to kicking from the field. Toward the close -Nebraska made Its best showing of the game, when It resorted to straight football and ran the leather two-thirds the length of the field before tlme was called in the final quarter. Lineup: ( Washington to . , . . . -le. . . . . . . . . Bunlek Jl l.lppert ,le Heeds ", .r i. , . . Marquarrt Kolilbry ,.-.-.rt..-.-Li. . Krarne ...... re Keuorborn qb g. . Simpson Hi Ilerger rh.,... Kvens fb Hadsladan -Kvana. t. Lyman. UoH from touchdown! Simpson 5, Ho- wira. Goals from field Simpson J. Substitutions Oypreanson for Nswnian. Cypreanaon for Hoss. Me.Mahon fcr t'yprean-son. Hartley for l.anta, Johea for Sohsllsn-berg. Sehellenberg for .lobes. Hlilpper Tor riuelek; IJIbtrt for Kvans, Urlsaedleck tot Hsrger, Tuuaeher for ivohlbij, Mallcy for . Kraska. Officials r.eferee. Mt-Hrlde; umplts, Birch; hcadllnesman. Dr. O'Kellly. AM. TBB MTWg Wl EB ITT TO FJUAT.' )t Cijumlmatl The World' i J'aku$t Xewtpaper HAIXETS FOB ALL CUAKITY FOR KOHM THIRD YKAK LINCOLN, SCNOAY MORN1NO. DECEMBER 8, 1918. , PRICE 6C Nebraska 7 , Norman . .. . Hubka W. . Wttrin . . , !. Munn ... Ross I.j man . .., Pwsnson .... Hogarth .... Hchellenberf Jjofeaon L,enti Touchdowns 0IKTIIlO OK A 8IIOCK. Haeker Followers Disappointed at ' St. Luala shovvliia. The Nebraska Huskers left for St. Louis with all His confidence of an alllsd division. Thsy expected not only to win from Washington, but to win decisively. They knew bout what they were going up against. Thay knew that the letter "rt" Itad been placed before the Hikers. Hut they were not arrald. The funa here at home looked lor a victory. Tho showing uf the lluakers agalnat Notre Llama caused them to believe that tha team had finally arrived. The compute story of lbs game will not Via known until the Nahraaka squad returns. Hero at the Hunker school, it was known that Huthsrford had drawn about him a powerful machine. Ha laid hta hand upon tho table that all might aes. Nehraskuna, both an and off hsj team, apparently undervalued Rutherford's hand. Tbero will, of course, be more or , less ' jangling over tho Missouri Valley title. Tnla should be unnecessary. Titles thla year are feot worth a scrap of paper. The sesson atiouldihe treated as nvrely a training feriedin preparation for tha reara to coma, n thla regard. It has been A. big ysar for Nebraska. Promising material lias been un covered and to some 'natent developed. Jhs Mtsaoun valley Honors tnia year are noi worth righting for are certainly not worthy ( dispute. t Trinity glare W Ik. The Trtntty sVars of the Trinity M. &V church defeated the Cortland lilgk school toya at (oothall this week hy a acors of II to 11- Tha game was played at Lincoln, the Cortland boys pinking the trip Id rara. The Cortland-Trinity gania la an animal event. Tho Trinity team to mads up of members ef a Trinity class rompossd of boys from fifteen to seventeen years ef age. Mr, KUItkerp. the coach of the Clllege View team, refereed the gamer Tho Trinity Star line-up follows: - Summarlad and Honke. Jax-iird; Thomaa, tenter; Slonlgsr and Owman. guards. ' , r laAtaaapalla Crta Bljr Sare, MlDIANOt.A. fr. 7. Announcement w sae here today thst the slih in) -t will bo ataaed en the lndlanot4l aoyssttwajr es msjt a, asis. EARTH' CStTST LIABLE TO JAR IF LVTO TRACK 8. Many rnrad Baild-laga Going Vp la Oae Bosy hector of City. Xoe-Too-oo-oo and oo-oo Toor , Ftny boat teavoa every twenty -feveo minutea Tha earth's getting rnushy at tho crust, it's liable to volcanise or cough moat any minute. Proud buildings ar kicking sach other in tha slats In ona re-epevtabJe neighborhood down town. Also la another respectable heigh bor-hood. Skyacraptrs are apoonlug at Tenth and O and on Thirteenth, N Plus O. The earth has all It can carry and then some. It's liable lo crack tomorrow or Tuesday. Horrors! It already has cracked. HeJenttata are waiting for it to crash In. office atenographers are warned to be ready to Jump ten Ktorlea Into tho soft front of a policeman upon a moment's notice. - And whan tha 4mat oot down, the aalt of tho earth will rise to form an aqua-putra-lmpura aea-golng aur-face and than, dear, we will be In Venice. How quaint It will be to atap out on tha dock at Thirteenth and 1 O and aay, James, you may gondola me home." ffrs. J. Threehlrrc'1 tan Squint has a new j jilnk and green goh- I O.i la. Isn't that she fundollng a o r o a a enlh and OT" "Tea, my dear, and aha has a tiew pad-dleur direct from Italy." The caving of the earth's crust will mean. "So. long, rhe.iftaur. Arlatocrat- ir. folk will Insist that tha paddleur be Ttal-an and that ha have lettara showing that ha gondollered About the frog ponds of Venice lu tha daya of romance and shoot- j Ing scrapes. Do not , be surprised If, when you do your t.mrlstmaa shupplng, you behold a beautiful fountain spraying akyward frcyn the ground floor of soma one of tha big downtown departmsnt storse. It la only tha aalt breaking IVu ens of the crovlcea In the earth's cruet. Shut your eyea for moment, plaaae. l'lcture J.lncnin aa tha modern Venice the . Olty Beautiful the city of lagoons ths city of the Orsat Salt Springs. , I THUMB PRINTS. I,ota of Jnkea are made about tho lack of accuracy In a woman's aim. but wbsn lt romoa to throwing hints there 1a notblng wrong with It. . .. It ought to he easy for a good dentlat to get an office where It It Is simply a question of puIL Ons would hardly expect a person who waa naturally weak to be able to hold his tongue. Ths ties are supposed . to hold ths ralls'tlghtly In place, but we remember once seeing a railroad pass. What most husbands complain about is that their wives get them In hot water and then get hot because they get hot. THREE MONTHS Wei en rermltted t ft ear Overalls After Jobs t riven Over. Woman who have been ' doing men s work during ths war will be permitted to wear their overalls for three months after they g've up their Jobs, according to a ruling by Provost Marshal Walt Anderson. A commtttse tyt women employed by a local railroad in the car shining department called upon the provoat In bta suits st the gtate house Saturday. After the Interview Major Ueneral Anderson Issued ths following: Bulletin No. (11.-. Oomraander-In-Cblef's .Quarters, Btats House, Lincoln: Women who have been wearing overalls during tha period of the war will not be required to re turn to skirts Immediately. It anight be dangaroua t demand an Immedlats revere. al of form. A number of women workers have aaau rel me that they will not pad the figures. Tt is only fair that those women te given time to readjust their drssses and to wear out their ovsraHs. I have granted thla day a three months' leave of abaencs from skins. (Himself) MaJ. Gen. Walt Anderaon. STATt STOOD FRESBYT ERI1HI CONVE.VTIO.V. DerJds Is Con Unas ths man sf Hold-lug Services On Sunday. By a close vote, delagatss at tha Presbyterian convention Just closed. decided o continue ths plan ef holding aervtcea on for ministers was adopted. Ths old 11. 90 maximum was raised to 111.000. Tha association also voted to - send nine missionaries Into 1 ouglas coanty. Hsrs-tofore, ths work has been .dons by six. The Sunday School tujtion fee was lifted and ra the future, admission will be free. BUSTLE BOOZE. The wife of Rev. Elijah Torrents, colored preacher of Indiana, was arrested , G0U.0 OVZE MB. KOOKEVKIT OFF TO CON- " FEHE5CK Accomp-uiLre Mr. Wil-, sea m His Important M lesion it France. (By Tb'eodors Boose velt.) OS BOARD THE O O -ft l SHIP GEOROE WASHINGTON iSpeclal to ths PEACE O.X EARTH Colonel, ti's special representative .of the Thumbnail, accompanies President Wilson on the journey across the sea.. . -I i r Sunday. Tha propoaal to pass ths collection basket twfee Instead of ones at each service', waa voted down. The aaaocl a t I o a voted 13 to paper the vestibule of ths church af Sleepy Corners. The proposal t o merge with ths Methodists waa not dle-cussed. and was put over te ths next meeting. A new salary limit for carrying whisky from Kentucky Into a dry atato. Hhe wore her whlaky In a bustle. THE BOirN-CER. Query: "What part does Major F, M. Fling take In the personnel of ths president's staff?" Anaweri "Official bouncsr." THE VTEATHER. Ain't It grand. DOCK AT TEXTH AXD 0 STREETS The elj;ht of tTie sky bumpers has cfliiscrl ihf earth to crack and permitted , Knit creek to (tush over tho business section. Mrs. P. Orlando Stlmplehlde out for an alrinsc In her View 119 Shlvers-Llt-ht Gondola. M. Mortenliil at tho wheeL i Thumbnail.) President Wilson, trolling from ths slds of ths hip,, landed nice 8-pound herring thla morning. The fish wus caught on a No. 00 black enamel hook. Ths line was of silk snd linen and ths polo was ordinary spilt bamboo. In a Jestin manner ths president, after rs-m"iJng the hook, held It oefors the crowd which gathered about him at the rail and said: "This Is one of nay fourteen points." The .fish wns served for the president's luncheon after the bones had beea vulcanised. Ths president Is quits sociable- wnen you get te know lilm. He said to Tne wlilln welwere strolling on tbe deck last niirlrt: "Wbst do you tlllnk-of my ten command ments atitl other four points?" I said : "I don't think; anything of them." "I'm well pleased with your candor," said the president. "What would you do If you' were I In connection with poace?" - "I'd put a alx-ahootcr In each pocket and I'd shoot the bally peace tent full of holes. I'd let the world know that T wbs hard boiled and callused at the knees. I'd throw every body out but Mr. Forh and Sir. J'etsln and Mr. Hale and Mr. ler-ahlng and ' then I'd say: A "You'blrds aet-- tle it. I'm only, a bystander." Mr. Wilson looked worried and aald to me: "May be 1 should nut havs cams." " I told him that comtag was ths best thing he could havs did. I reminded him Uxat a change of scenes would put him in mm to cops with ths roughneck republican congress that has been elected. Mr. Wilson took a brorno , selxer at lv bells tonight. 'Hi retired at 11:01. Hs slept lor two hours on his right side and then turned to his left side. Hs was shaved by the ship's barber just after supper. Ths president will speak In ths ship chapel .tomorrow, (Copyright.) PELL'S PEEVE IXECT. GOVERNOR IS AGAINST COLT. Pretests Against Four- chase ef Thousand Acres for Ms-Blclpal Course. Ths city's purchass of a ons , thousand acre tract for golflng-ds-lux Is wickedly assailed fay Lieut. Governor. P. A. Barrows, bajKfcall magnate and capitalist, i Now comes ths city with ths veiled charge that Mr. uarrowe had expected to profiteer thru the sale of a patch of his real estate for a municipal baseball park and that he la plum peeved from the tassel on his silk hat to the half aoles of big Aunt Jemimas. Harrows claims that golf 1 an eight cylinder game while base-bail can run on two cylinders and that while golf la a sport that can be-enjoyed only by bankers and fruit vendero,- servants such aa clerks and atate houas flunkies are ' able to engage In baseball. The. atate railway commission will hear Mr. Barrows' application for an Injunction Thursday at 10 a. ni. M r. Peterson will n-present ths city. The council will flfht nny altemi)t by Mr. Barrows to use the attorney general's office to promote hta achem PEEP SCHOOL C I T X TO THAIX LEN FOB OFFICE. Thos. Sinclair, Noted East Lincoln Orator Selected Deaa ef College, A municipal prep school Is to open on the fourth Soor of the city hall within the next two weeks. Complying with ths suggestion of. ths Thumbnail, the city has set aside J12.00U for ttje fitting up, of. the school and J2I.00O tor salaries. Ths school will be conducted for the purpose o f educating' prospective candidates for ths city commission. The following faculty members havo been appointed: Thomaa Sinclair, dean, chair of publlo speaking. Nels Hansen, chair of argument - Charles , W. Bryan, chair of perpetual gutf. r Dr. Gsorge O. W. Fern ham, short story telling. The school will accommodate 200 students. There will be no tuition. Admittance will be by petition. Each applicant must present a sworn affidavit that ha has never been convicted of murder, that he has no friends, that-- he does not own -his own home and that hie wife Is noA- In society. Also that hs does not play bottls pool nor write poetry. In addition to' the departments set forth, tbero will be an elementary or manual training course, timall wooden blocks will bo used to teach ths sclencs ef budget building. George Lay-ton will lecture to the class ones a week. Answers to Correspondents. Fred: Would you please explain what .tha paper meant the other Jay when it said John Orontey had gfons to ETAOIN ETAONI. Answer: They are cousins of the SHRDI.U Blrla who run the lino types. . i Tlorothy: I am so tired t of going to schoor and would lilfe lo know with wtiun I can talk ovor the matter? Ai.swer: fall on to. Korcd of;. . CAVOIIT B THE KCK Vif of Ron thorn minister allempls to curry hustle full of booz into a pio-'.hiulUon state, BRIGHT PROSPECTS AHEAD LINCOLN II IUII TO LOSE BIT KOI II ETER ANS. Coach Ben Berk Optimistic Over - Prospects ff Wlnalsg Team In Fall of 19 Id. I.liifuln High's Htate cli.-Mupiouahlp football niRnblno should remain fairly intact for at least another year. Of the roRulars, only HartmanT .Smith, Pratt, and Hohnstein. arc to be grnd-uated next, spring, llartnum came Into his own this year. He was on the second string in 1917, His work stamps him as one ot the best back-field-men of the year. It. was a toss-up between him mnd Ballantyne, of Norfolk, as fullback selection for the wecond .All-State team, Smith and Pratt both earned places on th All- State and tbelr nhoes wll be bard to fill. Hohnstein has been a consistent performer In every frame. Jesse bailey, who broke into one or two games as relief man, alio will be graduated In the spring. Seven "L" men of the championship miioliljie, took their first football medicine under Coach Ben Beck who took charge in the fall. The early pro spects of" the team were anything but bright. Intelligibility pf severaj players who had been measured and found to possess the elements of essential gridiron strength, spread gloom over tne camp.. Coach Heck set about the business of building a machine with dogged perHiitency. He was aided materially by Karl Johnson, former I'eru coach nd Hilck True, ex-Lincoln star. True, in fact, is given credit by the coach for the remarkable development of Henry Pratt at center. Plan Celebration, Principal Frank O. Plckell wilt present "L" '8 to eleven members of the squad at a special reception to be held in the ljltjh school auditorium at 9:55 E. in. Tuesday. Following the custom of the university, the letter "R" will be conferred upon players who have not played thru two regular games. Talk will be made by Coach Kline, oj,j LB uusaers; t oacn uen iters ot iin-coin Hlpb; Superintendent Newlon, Captain Lewellen and other players. The high school glee club will furnish music. Following Is a llst-of the "L." men: Captain Vern Lewellen, Junior snd second year In school snd on tssm. President ef his clnna and member of the student governing board. l.yle Holland, third year In e.-hool and Srat year on team. Oeorge Irffeubaugh, flrat year In school and on team. Ueorg Pugh, sophomore, first year sf foot hull. Orr Oe-odsou, sophomore, first year on team. Noel Smith, last year on leant. Harry Pratt, aenloi. Arat and Isst )eet on t ea m. 'Henry llohneteln, senior, (list and lest year on gridiron. . Hoes alctllasaen. Junior, second year of root nan. Henry SjaII, junior, ascend year on team, Cecil Hartniati, eenlor, nret ear on team. 'a menritef ef se' ond attlns" last year. The returning players galnrd tllsl'nttlnn In relief roles during ths clinmplouahln race: Kred l.yon, Leslie sle'lvl,lh. Jesse lnfley. M Kinnev iiinheit, i.sureuce I'uu hum, I'lst'eiics llrtglit. Tltt Beyond Oitputs. The titla won b) .Inroln 'High Is STATE HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONS. r ! k At ' vt M : L H ?.p--- vrrr- !WA 'til 'n-'Flf ;nff uL- t I - sjaJ - ' t:Wu tmjy K C- - 3rf it ; ; " '. A!l-"V'estern; Captain Bahan of Notre Dame, Captain Hubka of Nebraska and- Frannson, who played tackle on the Mlrhigan Aggies. bpeaking of Heed or Iowa, whom Nebraskans have every reason to remember, Eckereall says: "Captain Reed of Iowa Is unquestionably the best end In the conference. He is one of the best receivers of forward passes seen in the west this year. His receiving ability was an important factor in the defeats of Minnesota. Nebraska, and Northwestern. He covered punts well and was ever mindful to drive the catcher of kics tp the inside, where he could be tackled by some other Hawkeye player. He was also a strong player and generally hit the interference hard and low." THE JOURNALS ALL-STATE Selections That May r Mar Xet Meet Wit Approval of Other Hitch School Dopesters. Selecting sn all-state htgh school team Is ordinarily a difficult task. It la especially difficult this year because of the prevalence of Influenza and the resultant necessity to cancel many games. This handicap was not. however, so pronounevQ In high school circles as In those of ths colleges and universities. The State Journal selections, found elsswhers tn Jhls papsr, were made after a canvass 'of opinion from weU known officials, coaches and playera of a number or teams. Hince no two opinions were in common, .the selection Is not expected to tally wiui those of the Individual, There ahould be no dispute In ths award of the quarterback position. Vern Lewellou won the state championship for Lincoln. He was not only the best high school general of ths yoar, but was one of tha moot powotful line plungnrs, and was in a field by himself in tho kicking department. Ha registered three field goals and easily out-punted alla rivals. Kinder of Cambridge stood out as the fcest fullback of the season. Against. Lincoln in the titular Thanksgiving day game, he outplayed . his teammate, Easter, who deserves high rating on the chart of backfield stars. To Frank Morgan of York, goes the honor of leading all backfield men, excepting the quarterback position. Morgan was to York what Lewellen was tb Lincoln. He la big, shifty and powerful. Aa a running mate for Morgani Banner of South Omaha, ia selected. He was ths main cog in the team s orrensive and waa a tower of strength on tee defensive. Other strong backfield men of the year were: Burgess, Beatrice; Bands, Mohler and Mulr, York: llloodgood and Cheek, Beatrice: Hartman and Holland, Lincoln: Harper and Swboda, omaha: Katon, South Omaha; Hove. Falla City; Beaton and Ballantyne. Norfolk: and faster. -Cambridge. Katon, South Omuha, and Burgess of Lincoln, are probably the beat quarterbacks next to Lewellen. Hoye or tails city deserves a place on the second 'earn, because of his consistent and sometimes spectacular work thruout the year. Ballantyne of Norfolk Is riven preference over Hartman of Lin coln, at fullback on the s.'cond team, altho the margin between these players Is admittedly close, 1 . Pugh of Lincoln was the best snd of the year In Nebraska high at-lioolflrclea. Minnie k of ramprldse Is picked as his running mate. Konoiky of timnha find Rtoll of Incoln wen' close up to wils pair and' there were any number of good ends who deserve prominent mention. KelsoacK ot York wan easily the class of ths tackles. Kills of Hcatrlct, thQ not a flashy-player, was probably- the next best tackle, Mc-Glaamm of Lincoln and Schafer of Omaha are runiiers-up. Smith of Lincoln and fol-lard of Omaha are uenerally recoynlxed as the hest guards of that Htate high school circuit. -Thrcc candidates lor center run close. These are Hratt, Lincoln; Winkle, Beutt're tintl Krtucli. ' Norfolk. Piatt la awarded . the pivot po.titlon. 'because of the cniiHlMent steadiness of his passing In all games. There ere other schools, not mentioned, that deserve consideration. Kswclally is this true of tirund Inland and Aurora, both reprcHcntetl by fairly strong teams, Plck-iiiK on ull-state la more or less of a guess. Every inmi ! ruled o some extant by pieiutlice n gardlexsof attempt ro stay neu-IitI. .Hor doe any one maiv seo enousb, hlffh s hool games during a season to form a Judgment that Is beyond qucntlon. Players selected for The Journal's all-state'have performed uinslsteutly In all games. WEEKLY BOWLING AVERAGES. AValraa League. Name . Lincoln Auto Tlnnersi. Saratoga Parlors National Auto Ins. Co. Planner Yale ......... Thos. Cusack Co Kortoneyer Co Lincoln Tel. CO The Hootery .".. Individual averages: S blercP ! l.iuncan . simnyler lilcell 1 ! Tllori;i-ilil3on iatca . '.-limit t ."... attner . - prison iplkunberK I. aline Watlhms G. W. 15 14 1 3 15 15 15 12 3 11 9 3 L. Pet. 1, .933 4 .733 ,00 .600 .400 .200 .166 .000 I' la l' Sparser . . 4hodtl H. AmsiMiker Kut tor.lolia . . .tartMHird ... WlH'.ams Kuh.4011 Thorns McClellen t'fry VllMon Busby Orlffln a. vV'hocJor G. 3 1 5 1 5 9 K 1 a 3 6 9 J .1 6 12 6 IS 3 Total pi ;s:i7 2112 1 T!e 1 IM 2142 2':.'.'l 21)7 255 26U till) 11112 2:;7 . 1S92 470 9a;: 1.'t4 '4.1S sim 17.1)1 S17 2 US 5 400 ins. Ave. 195 189 1S7 187 1 5 179 177 i; 170 1fif 1 tilt 1H3 lfi:: )5S ff.o IS 7 . 157 f 151 149 147 " 14ti 14.-. 142 1 i 1 3411 ' 12-:; AGAIN. LINCOLN HIGH NOT SCORED AGAINST ALL SEASON. ' . . 1 1 Jt-roni left to right, lark row--Ooolson, It.: Hollund, rh.: Granger, sub guard: Nefsky.' sub tackle; Ben H. Beck, coach: Bright sub and; Ma.Metln, aub half; McGlaaon, rt. Middle row g.nlth, lg ; Btoll, ro ; llartnilm, f b. ; Iuham. aub guard: Def fenbaugh, lh. : Pratt, center. Lower ruw-Lelley, sub center; Pwgh. la.; Cuptain Lowellen, qb.; Lyon, lh. ; Hohnstein, rg. ... . ; heyond dispute. The Red and Black warriors not only keut I heir oal un crossed during the entire season but- they prevented any gcoiina; via tho aeriat route. Teams of the state were so well oalanced that victories were not won easily. In three of her hardest, buttles, Lincoln was ahle to score but a total of three touchdowns and one fsoal from "field. These narrow margin results gave proof that the team could be depended upon to go well under pressure. Captain Lewellen wan an Inipotrant factor in the winning of the title. This player, in fact, m undoubtedly the most valuable hiRlt school performer of the year. Following is tho season's record: - Total points scored Lincoln, 102. Opponents--0. , Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln I Jncoln Lincoln , ...65v Meneea (.Kas).,,. 0 ..,.11 Meat rice 0 ....10 Norfolk 0 ,.:.13 York 0 . . . . 6 Omaha . . , ,, 0 . ... 6 Cambrldgs 0 Jo.urnal'-s All-Stte Selections Firtt Team Lewellen (Lincoln (c) .'quarter r: Morgan (Yprk) 7 .balf ... Banner (South Omaha) ........ .half Kinder (rambrldne) v.....fuir .... PtiKh (Lincoln) ...,..end .... Minlck (Cambridge) , Lend .... Heisbeck (York) taokle... Kills (Heatrlce) .....tackle ., Pollard (Omalirf) i ... ....guard .'. Smith (Lincoln) ....guard .. Pratt (Lincoln) a,, .'...-center . SeconcT-TeaniJ' c) Iturgess (Uoatrlcp) ..Kaster (Cambridge-) Hoye (Kails City) Dallantyne (Norfolk))-. .. Knoecky (Omrha) . ... Stoll (Lincoln) . Mct;iaaon (Lincoln.1-. . . .St tmefer (Omaha) K. "Morgan (York) Kvans (Norfolk) Kreurh (Norfolk) PRAISES HUSKER CAPTAIN Had lie ricked an "All-Western" "Kcker.sM Would Have KocogT nlsed Urnle Ilabka. Skelletee (Michigan) half. Klrkpatrlck (Illinois) 'half. Klngnley (Minnesota) full. Underhlll (Northwestern) qua Rcod (Iowa), end. " McDonald -(Ohio) end Ingwerson (Illinois) tackle (C). Goett (Michigan) tackle. Mohr (Illinois) guard. Iluniclnian (Iowa) guard. , Vlck (Michigan) center. Captain "Ernie" Hubka would have been considpred ns a possible selection for an All-Western team this year if All-Westerns v,ere Dt'lng clwx-'en. according to, Waller Kckersall, old Maroon star and prominent sport writer and football, official: - "Kcktp" conflnp hia selections tb the "Dig Ten" but gives the following aa a list of playera who unqnestton- t.K wtiiilil li'ivn t,n r-niiB 1,1 in vthe moulding; of, any repreceutatlves max: a ho Old 'iipje llolfker Scorra TourhJonn la (lame at spatrl. Mui Towle. -former NVhra.-kn player, cum.) ha.k to Iw.vIi'hhI cut in Scuttle the other tiny, otul scote.l ;i touchdown-lor t aviation team enlitir the wore Hjiiunst tne navy team ot 1 litU I.hice with but four minutes to i.lav. lie ra alx ii:ms lark a to-ial detail. -v of 150 yard and otherwise, conducted hhmelf as of -old. Hch.ia. since been tran.-forred to Cliicngo and is ex-(i-.'ietl to receive Ills Ulscliiit'itc shortly, lie was accept el Into the iivlatlon wlnst of the navy. A Seattle paper speaks as follows of v cj;. .!.(.. Innv nHM nut of tlie air In ... , . -r. i -..v.,,-1, ,ha nvlntnr mi.inet'i. iui. u"'i . - - ---- . fuutlii.ll team at tlie university training sta tion, UoiiK'Ml HI- wny tnru mo navy uv-fenses ni ran thirty yards for a touchdown, tytiiB .tlie score -ith but f"Vr minutes of play Jromr.lntaK. In Sundny's tilt, at .the Lake Vaaliin:un nrldiron." INAHiWER TO MR. BARROWS E. II. FAIRFIELD SAYS PELL IS likelv'to BE PI.VCHED. Br Crittcistesj Gents Who Baa the Tews He Is Llablr Oder the , Sedltloa Laws. Deputy Register of Deeds K. B. Fairfield sorrows over the lack of sagacity exhibited by Lieutenant Governor-elect P. A. Barrows ia. trying to instill any sense Into a municipal governing body by literary process. The following answer pertains to golf links and other things H . Sports Editor Journal : The following ia, an open letter addressed to the Hon.vPelham A: BarrowB, L. G., B. B. F. . - Dear Sir, Comrade and Co-laborer in the Vineyard: Up to an including the hour of last Sunday, when I read your letter to The Journal, 1 had an opinion of your mental attainments that would get by the postoffice authorities. But since noting herw you roast the city council for its action in purchasing a couple dozen acres for a municipal golf links, your intellectual batting average has fallen so low that 1 could not set it down without an accompaniment of language that Mr. Burleson wouldn't stand lory As for myself, I am strong for the links. Exhibit Some Nerve. You certainly exhibit some nerve to cU down the eminent gents who are running this town of ours. Do you know that your remarks are seditious and that you are liable to be pinched under the espionage law? You must beyery careful these days, or you'll be sitting on a hard benoa and saying: "My. how nice it looks outside this morning." Vhy, only last spring t fiouncilmen were blowing around the newspapers how the-city tax levV had been cut down, and then they snuck in the back door and boosted the assessed valuation so you only have to pay about 30 per cent more taxes this year than last.' But may one not say something about it? Yes, one may not. Then again, further, in addition, and on the other hand, take the school board. As an aggregation of single and double barrelea expenders of other people's money, there are no insects discernible on the school board. Notwithstanding that for a couple of years past, a navy bean has been selling at about the same price as an egg, and porkchops have been slightly less valuable than platinum, while , coal conies by the carat and goes by the scoopful notwithstanding the H, C. ' of L. and tho governmental injunctions to save and economize, the school board has been spending .money like' the aircraft corporation. The disbursing ability of the fabled stailof full of gin In a foreign port has nothinc on the prodigality of the school board in this man's town. But may not one protest? Yes, not one may. The City' Link. But, getting down to the kernel In, the nut, or. as they say over in France, 1 to the colonel in the dugout, I don't' agree with your remarks about the 'city's golf links. As 1 have said, I think that. we should have such links by all means, fair if possible, foul if necessary. 1 think that nuch links' should be bought immediately immediately after the purchase of the street car system,' the installation of a city market, and the establishment of ten or fifteen othfer improvements that the city needs about a hundred times worse than it needs links. But while I could overlook this dif- ference of opinion between us. I can- not forgive nor forget nor condone your utler lack of sagacity in trying to instill any sense into. a municipal governing body by literary process. the wrist? And may I not hope that in some rude way we can make the council and school board so' mad at us that they won't let ns vote for them next spring? . - Remember, Pelham, that a city is -no stronger than its weakest links, and that under the anti-tipping rules, nothing comes to him who waits Vftitpa In wirrnw " - E. a FAIRFIELD Pleasant Exercise Clean and Healthful Visit the ( WALRUS ALLEYS' 1454 0 Basement. ith All State Tram. The followlnc All-State colleire eleven was picked for the Journnl hy Halite Mowers who litis officiated In numerous game this yrnr: ' li.'mpeltert, Kearney, half. MuVaney,- Kearney, half. Iiickpon, Coiner, full. Htririn. Comer, quarter. v. Iirown. (C) Hastings, end. , Hetlses. VVcsleyno', end. Claveue, Hastings, tackle. Swift, Wesleyan. tackle. Hiutman, .Hastlnits, aruard. Scheldt. WeslVyati. guard. H. Hrown, Hastings, center. Hecond team: ; t KJnn, AVesteyan. half. tiiilt. Hatitlna lielf. IMIIow. Hastings, full. Trombla, Wesleyan, quarter. Verslev, Hastings, end. C. Haiper. Weslenn, ond. Carnes, Hastings, tackle.. Heans, t'otuer. tackle. Slack, Wesleyan, guard. Kay. Cotner, guard. MiCandlea (C). Wesleyan, center. Basketball Tourney. The city leaRue, hSMketbnll tournament, open to eery team, In theyclty and euhtirhs, will start Tuesday night at the V. V. C. A. gym. 'Che object of the tournament Is to determine the class of the neveral teams in jnaklng up the leagues. Unusual Interest Is being taken and a big entry Hat Is assured". . .We have a larcfi nniount-of pure wheat VICTOR flouf. To be sold at $5.75 tlelif eretl. This flour' is manufuctuml at Crete, Neb. , ' ' taiJKSfSJi NEBRASKA POULTRY, HAY, FEED AND FLOUR CO., 315 So. 9th. 5 Worth the Price Today: Diamonds, well bov.ght, aro ,a permanent." investment safe, beautiful and enjoyable. They are worth all they eost, here, today, ancY will be Worth More Later! . Our customers have always been pleased with dianiondu purchased in the years gtme hy. Those wo offer you now are Just as 'good a purchase $10 to $800. nallett Ettb. 1871' 1143 0

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