The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1948
Page 9
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SATURDAY, APRIL I, 194S PUT QUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BLTTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS DRIVE »"1JNCH Wlt> 10UR A SHAME A GUY IN THIS CIVILIZED ' HAS WITH AUTO TRAFFIC AM 1 A TOUGH GUY LAYIM' FOR SOU, ro LIKE TO GO TO TH 1 AFRICAKJ WROTE Vestee. DAY, MAJOR, AMD TH6Y MARTHfv IS STAB81KK5 M.E wrrH eyes uiKt A SWJBECO& T HftNE *I,OOO>) AMD I'M. WOLDIhiSOUT.'^WH DOESN'T MR.VJEECK BePUY TO MY OPF6R.TO ewe MIS MOMfeV BACK.? KNOCK AGIAWT COUP W(POv PUNCH IN TH6 RIGHT SPOT/ MAIL TO STREAKS OF LIGHTMlNG AlJt/MOCB: WHV Dwrr too START COT TifJ& PICTURES OOT OF MAS AZ1MES ArtD SANS TWB, RUGS BC.TWE-G HERE AMD THfc MAILBOX ? TO LEARN TO BE A 6ORILLA GUN* ose .ooq POUNDS \UMT Training |fifen Termed Oemocrotic 1 WASHINQTON, April S. (UP)— ,Th« former coinminder of the Ar,my"s txperimsnUl universal mlll- ,:ary training unit yesterday descrlb- ,sd 'the project as "the most democratic pltn for training ever of/er- ;ed anywhere." M»J. Gtn. J M. Devlne denied :h»rge» by opponent! of universal training that the program "breaks :down American Ideals" and does .not. provide proper moral safe- 'tuardi. ; On the contrary, he told the Senit* Armed Services Committee, It provided education for many poorly- Khooled youths and required some of them to go to church for the first t' m e '« their lives. I He said that in the regular army /'rxperimental" graduates of the .trial program at Port Knox, Ky., made showings 47 per cent above icldlers who received ordinary ba- •Ic training. Talismans known as "hkoung- ;bent-3et" are worn under the skin of their chests by Burmese. Thej ( usual» are precioui stones. If a Bl^piin wearing a talisman :i sentenced to prison, the "hkoung- ^nt-set" Ls cut out of his chest |lo prevent him from bribing Uu guards. WARNlrNQ ORDER In the Chancery Court,'Chlclta- sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. ! .Virginia Moss, Pltff. [ vs. No. 10,41« T. J. MOM, Deft. The defendant, T. J. Moss, I* hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Virginia Moss. Dated this 12 day of March, IMS. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk Rosa Sallba, D.-O, C. F. Cooper, attorney for plaintiff. Ed B. Cook, attorney ad litein. 3|13-20-27-4!3 By lone Sandberg Shribe S BY IONE SANDBEttG SHRIBER DISTRIBUTED BY Nf.A SERVICE, INC. Fried Chicken ... Crappie Dinner -BEER- 7 Days a Week! Blanche rd's fe Cafe • Portageville, Mo. Owned By Stanley Keller BOB MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 XXXVI CHE was propped up on pillows. She was wearing a blue satin bed jacket with white pearl buttons and she had a blue ribbon in her hair. Gay put the ribbon there and then held the mirror for her to see. It looked pretty. She didn't look at her face in the mirror because 5he'd looked at her face once before and it didn't look a bit like herself. This face in the mirror was white and thin with haunted eyes that certainly didn't belong to ner. j She had to resl, they said, the doctor and Gay. She had to rest land drink lots of milk and take vitamins and lie in the sun and get strong. All sh« was to think about, they /said, was getting strong. She'd had a bad bout with pneumonia and she had to be very careful. It hart taken her a long time to get is strong as she was. She'd lived through hours and days and nights and dreams. The dreams, she thought, were the worst because they were so difficult to straighten out, they took such funny turn*. You never knew where a dream would end up. You couldn't actually tell where the dreams left off and where reality began. Although she was pretty sure. None of them' thought she knew anything about it and that was all right with her because she certainly hadn't wanted to talk to them about it but she did remember some things. She remembered bits ol the ride from the cottage to Tophill IB the ambulance. She remembered seeing Stella tnd the maids hovering in the hall, watching as the strange men carried her upstairs or the stretcher. She saw i them but she pretended she ditin't. Because if she saw them she'd have to smile at them and it wasn't worth the «ffort Since that day when they'd brought her home she hadn't seen anyone but Gay. That had been all right too. But now she was better and she had to start facing things. You never got anywhere by being > sissy, or a cry baby, and not facing things. She didn't know how long she'd been home but it was long enough and she was ready now. Ready to take the bull by the horns. /"^AY took the mirror away and put it down on the dresser and then said, brightly, "How do you feel?-' * People asked you such silly questions when you were sick. She said obligingly, "I feel tine." Gay smiled and said, still In the same bright sickroom voice, "Do you want anything?" So she said, because she'd been wanting to say it for so long and had been afraid to, "1 want Rush." She'd been prepared for anything except Gay's bursting into tears. "Gay," she said, "I didn't mean to upset you but you asked me. I—" She frowned— "I thought it was only that he was sick—that that was the reason he hadn't been near me. And I knew it would only distress you to have me ask you. Did he . . .? Is he . . .?" But she couldn't bring herself to say the words. "Gay, stop crying and listen to me!" "I—I am listening. I h-heard you." Gay, astounding!?, hic- coughed and turned a radiant lace to Ann. "I just couldn't believe my ears. Of course I'll get him. Right away. We didn't dream— you said—'* "I said what?" She didn't mean to sound so still but honestly Gay was being pretty silly. "I've been delirious, remember?" Gay grinned and started for the door. She had her hand on the knob when Ann's voice stopped her. DYNAMITE Now in Stock at Paul Byrum's Steel OH Barrel Racks Any 8 lie T. L. MABRY 42* MISSOURI ST. PH. Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS Phone 4451 Thomas J. Lilly & Son AUTO and FURNITURE ' UPHOLSTERING NOW LOCATED 112 South Lilly St. L< * Us Bring New Charm and Beauty Into Your Home and th« Interior of Your Car _ A Compftt* Lin* of Beautiful Leatherettes ' cover, „ •-* Phone 4297 "Gay—did Laurie . . Is Laurl* . . .1" go on. Gay stopped, stricken. But sht wouldn't look at Ann. She said thickly, "I'll get Rush." A ND th-jr he was In the room. He came in very quietly and closed the door behind him, and they were alone. As she had thought they might never be agnin. His face was drawn and tired, there was a line network of little lines around his eyes, the set ol his jaw was tight, "Rush." she said and the one word contained all her pent up longing. He looked at her and opened his mouth and then closed It again. Then he said, "Hullo, Ann." It was like a smack In (he face. She tried to smile. "That's a pretty feeble beginning," she said »nd her voice faltered. He came across the room to h«r bed, sat down. "You look belter," he said critically. "I look like a picked chicken," she said tartly and her heart began to race like mad. "But even a picked chicken surcljr deserve* a better greeting than 'hullo'; especially when you've been aj sick as I've been." "I've got a lot to say," he told her. "After I've said it—" "1 don't know what words have got to do with it I'd hoped we could dispense with them. 1 didn't think we necdcd'them." Her chin began to wobble dangerously. "But if it's apologies you want, I'll make them. I'll grovel— I'll crawl— • I'll eat crow only—" • "Ann. for Pete's sakel" he was horrified. Then he was reaching for her, pulling her into his arms. "Ann, you'll crawl? You'll eat crow? Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind?" His own wordi stopped him again and she began to laugh but the tears caught up with her and then she was weeping, racked with jobbing but still in hit arms, held close to him. (To Be Continued) FRECKLES ft HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL HMHUMPM! Mmeoe- 1 UY, BOYS, you* »»s*:er- HAVI BROUGHT UlSTdf T& THE FAM NAM* BOYS! 1 HAVE AM IMPOKVANT I'LL RUM TH6 BOABO Of EDUCATION THI CLASSICS MUSICO*E JnTOTViei H««»,TWAT D^JMTU SOU.OT I*R." M».—OH, DCAK, WHAT Blfi 1 DO \MTW MY OLASSEST . . That pill She couldn't "Frankly. I'm beginning to think you'r* Just plain Uxyl" PRISCILLA'S TOP By AL VERMEER MS <K?$y to see when a /s mjde up of Jtnd understanding Don't yoo rjJse your voice to me t 'nxotfnt GARDEN SEEDS COMPLETE STOCK BULK OR PACKAGE FRESH PLANTS DAILY BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET 130 EAST MAIN ST. Planting Seed Soyb«»n 5 , Cera, Cotton Seed, Sudan, Oatj, P«t«re Mlxtares, Crassra . r e See Us For Your Requirements Blytheville Soy be on Corporation 856 Phones 857 VIC FLINT An Important Description By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK VOO SAY SOME VlHAT'S SUV THftfATINtD \ RIGHT. * A BOTTIS TIED TO A RICK AND THROWN HROU6H THf WINDOW.' RHiUtAR STINK BOMB.' IT WA* JAME I 4AW THROtWH THE WWOOWJUST MfC«tT SMASHER . AND OOKT P0f>- 6IT IT WAS A WIN MAN WHO YED EARt HASTIM65OM WHILt ROCKY MX. N1KWOWOS ? V A RAT AND ME WANTED \OU TO RENT A MT FROM HIM T A WHK IT!) 60M61OTAKE TO WASH AWAY THE SMEU, MR. FLINT/ SHOT/ I THINK WE OUGH TO FIND THAT WASH TUBBS By LESLIE TURNER THEN VOJ >( MES. rORTDMATEL^ NC HAVE MMSESOWB \MMlH LIKE MR. LUCIFER- TO HEtf StUERKL MOUTHS \WARTHe BUROtN Of CNUlflN* WHU.E SERVING- K ON HI IW ON 1HKT COMMITYK IU HftSHW&TOW UR.ftcKCE? . .! <T W*» UlCITEit. STORIES Of HW \ WMO H4TI«»OCED THE flOUCV EFF1CIEWCV WHEU \OFRCaUWUI60K CU5TOME«S HE MASSED OUR. |TO R6TURW (SU. NWLS IBtOW HAIL MkUUmcTWm«7MDKIUO THE KEdS OUR. NMU DO THAT WU TNOUMT <T MKW it NtCfcS9*W fOR ME TO RW* BOW TO CUB*, r- . ARE SHIPPED IN! SMSD US SEWKM. WOWMIti k RED RYDER Totifrh Allies By FRED BARMAN Handled With Care From the time your family's cloth« reach us—to the time they ire returned to you Immaculdlely clean, Ihey get the best of cure. Fivbrlo, color and design piny * purl In determining the methods and Ingredients we «s« In cleaning. Our rt- lults satisfy I Dial 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS 220 North Second Street VOUR HO55ES A^D fouo\o ME • Tbu'Li. Aa ef RICH Two of a Kind By V. T. HAMLDi HOS.YCOW.' WHtN I CLIMBED 'jrHi.Hl LOOKIN'FCS x; 4£Mff *I6N Of LIPG / • I WMWT IXFtCTW / 1 £g'"i?Rj! r J2* T T iVtET A^(y I "™^'N5 OUT, WJT J «• LIONS.' -A HATS TTHHX Of •OTTA KOU<JH •ACK TO A »k» CAT BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIKS Very SitnpU By EDGAR MARTIN V Gtt so ., AVMi WWW OHt , V CftVtt HtW But «Ht..UM*n« XO KttOWt W - V*»#.\.«IV4* -

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