The World from New York, New York on December 20, 1890 · Page 10
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The World from New York, New York · Page 10

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1890
Page 10
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THE WORLD: SATl RIJAT, DECEMBER 20, 1890. wishes -writing at home or ' office* nnrelopes <ir wrappers addressed. K., 203 Bast BOVh »t> SITUATIONS WANTBD-MATjB. A STRONG GIRT., wishes Mtntition by tho week or month,•.Witlfnff to do anything. 247 W. 29th at. •TTOUNGr <*tiRJj wants uituntton In bakory; but ex- perienoej "reference. Address A. Bruns. 2240 IfltftVO. -',..'• "YOUNG &A3>Y would likewn-iting nt homo addressing errWilopes, wrappers, Ac. Address Rapid, 325 World Qffico. 'SrOUNG LA»y. 17, desires a position in a bnl- ness house or nomo l«r«B atoife; speaks French, German nndiEnRHuh. 308 2d t? L ' wishes a position in a confectionery storo or lxik°ry. Mitf* Jtiltft Horig. caro of Miss Mary yilbcrt, 234 Bast 76tb st. ACCOUNTANT—Books opor«d, examined, written up or closed. W. U. Kdd rfy, 10 East Ktthst. JBkOOOUNTANT, expert, doelrea evening orSnn- dav employment; lomponsaiaou reasonable, M., S3 World. t :. • ___ « JJLGnNOY "WANTJED—Middle-aged gentleman, formerly lionet nf lar^fl importing and commisRion house in this city, recently p'flcagoa iu settling of»- tatefi, ike.. Intends tratvelUnR'lhroiighoHttheHonth this winter 1 ,'.and demi-os to vepreaant tator<Mt* of VQtne titms wUo wisb their bu&lneftA introQiictjo or ajrencieft established : will attend tn collections and fidjufltment of affairs «tf «n intricate or delicate nature, being: expert accountant and ha vine thorough business training and experience in leaal work; iiret-olass rof«roncnn furnished as to ability. mteprity anfl respousibOfty, Address Agent, 10 World, Brooklyn. 5£^.A~i5Y~woiilcfTik« to -write for two or thm country papers a ohatty New York letter jterm rnoderale._Addro9« MontRttmory, 06 H'klyn WorU JBAKER—First-clnsa cak« nnkor: Btosdy, sobo Rood ornamenter. Georg.c, 117 Yorltst., Jorse Pity. . -_ 3BAKKR—Stituatloti wanted by A f Btead; CLERK— A man (J28) wants position iw elerr, HAlestnan, drwor or anything; not txfraiil of hard fork ; S years* hnntnemi experience; reforenoea. Worker, 10 Brooklyn World. ed, position as oolleotor for a good houfl*; $100 cash security to deposit. What Chew, JUS^WjwM^ _ __ * ____ COMPOSITOR— You n« man, 10, with four yews' experience*! job work, (io«irc« stfiidv situation; wanes expected, 810, Adores* O. Y., 10 World. COMPOSITOR. Rood, steady workman, compo- JPRK5SMAN—Oyifndor and German, ilra.reft sltnation. "World. Gordon Adilrosi prossman. a Si, K., 15 GINOINNAl'I—Are you permanently in Oiim.nnat.f.nil vicinity} 1 If .not, address F. O. _^ _ ; iluud. 40 JolinBton Duildfog. Uinoinnatl, O. i-A working foreman (firflt-ola«s job- ' COKHKOf~"THANSLA T ( r IONS from'^n,d~ T in7Q ' l ' ' L ' ' PortuiUHfla.Mpnn.8h, French, German and En K . IiBli executed by tyonne commercial corroaponden* Addroa«O. U.. 177 War" '"" tout nroot Trader", irluhos permanent mont. I)., 291 World. employ- COMPOSITOR—An American job compositor and Gordon prpssman desires steady sltnatton; eohrr nnd rnllahlo; mferences. Address All Round, 109 World Offlofl. COMPOSITOR—A steady, accurstn mun wants sltiiaiioH i.pipca or week. H. K, 842 "W'orld^ COMPOSITOR—Firflt7oj(is8Tob~ooraposJt or doslrea steirty situation : qualified to take charge; sober oiidrelmlilc. Reliable, TOJVprld. COMPOSftiOR—Two-fhtrder,AXDoripncndat ftono and press work. Address J. K. J., 141 World. COOK, oarrernnd butcher: ^jp itjff; cupiiblo of tf.kinic charge, West fiOth fit. rieiic^d antJ f-av- F. Kolser. 115 'her."atone hand anrt p"roorreavieri, for the pat.t t«n yearn and at present in ' > b*ree of an omen employing twenty hands, la open for an ennftgoTieut.; tho very beflt of references. Address Energy, JXJO World. PRINTERS—Stone-band desires to make olianjre; throe yeartt In present employmont. M., 1(14 World. Yoiinjj pronRman wishes steady po- "sition; wflltiiB to net plain jobs and rtintributo ff neceeftary. ^d^reB^C^Ho 208 Uptown World. K man, capable and desirous of ! j of busimiss or typoi ~ ' ' ' ' __ of any kind wanted by oteadV f[]<liiAtrIouo, tomporatfi tnnii ; Rood at fluaren and books; can take full chargn nt offlco. coJIoot— in inct id pnrt'ectly nblo and willing to do anything thtt may turn up; anpngmK manners, coou aoimlar, Bpflaks several Inti^iinK'QA: referenced from last amployer, Addrens Kruploymont, 45 WortO. RIKTKK , (iniployment iu . or retail house control department of suburban or coinitry papsr; ' modurate. Address Verssrti, XX World. I»RbOFRI£AI>ER, capable and steady, wante po^Uton. A. J. Smith, 4 World. 3E»ROOF-READEli — Alpebra, ohemiBtry, la 1 . text-book, dictionary; fast, time on common work: Al references; thm vicinity or vnUzo Weal; btoady. itober, married. Proof, 1G.'1 World. JREtbUCilEK~dfiB!res po-ftfon ; salary or piece fine, quick. Kelly, ,'1-128 3d HELP WANTI30-FEflIAI.K. 3EXOURKWORK—Wanted, strong girl for boi -orkiono lately lauded, TVoat 5^U sfc. Oall lor two oayn, 140 .girl or woman for B 8n«r«l hoiinovrork: French or German preferred. Call at KJff West y^d nt., alter 10 A. SI. ¥antttd. n. K M for R enera\ hoiisowork ; must bo a good cook find laundress; referenced reqfiirfd. Apply nt 101) Hulsoy St., Brooklyn, near Tompkiim nvo. — \Vnnted, woman fdr general hoasawork ; short distance in the country. Call at 331) Kant 50tH st. JS.GKNT8 make hold articles. J. M. now nollinv our nerr house- Moody, 7 Murray at, " IIEI<P WANTED—MAT^JE. . novelty for Btrpet, bouse P*- offloo eale. Apply at K. Kv J ' ....... "' ' H.ETTERER-A nr»t-ola«(. wa«on letterer an «croller can secure a pormsnent Bltiifttion iti New ark, N. J., bv ftddronHHiK OhaniDt'rliu, 150 Man avo., Kaat Orange, X J. " IveretfcliuildiiiR, 21 Ann «t. JSLGRNTS— Drop nil ITU*!)*. $7 wn dnUy: olronla tree. T. ./ono«, 7 Murray st.. Now York. ive men making $8 niTditlyTlll Heller; pRtented. HaaMQ & Kill. 283 B'w&v "~' ,ny position of trust; doiii'ln-ontry bookkeeper,- ci'ipiinod colk'Otor; no objection to ASHist in of- nnd outdoor work , fii'Kt-clata city reference* • it modnrate salary. Address Reliable, iiflSO 3d iOl Aranncan family of adults. Apply at '21 I I-3CONEHT.' reliable, useful young KnRli«binan _ . _ _ J, UBCI wants work of any kind, wood, ISO Park row. Add r »«9 Arthur LUtto- _ ___ _ _ ____ _ COOK— A first-cJjiFS dinner and order cook triebec situation; brvt rofernurp. Adtlross Kennedy, 30Ii 1st ave. , ^>d fioor, back. _ _ COOK — First-oIusH mnlo dinner rook : aonnP, meatfl nnd pantry cooking in xll its brnncbps; best nltj olorence. Ailrtresa Oook, 2. r )4 8tb ave. man as third hand 2.41 Uptoffn World. on cuke. Address 1 33AKER, German, single, wants situation as fo: man on all kinds of bread; city or country. Ad dreBSg? 1stave^., saloon. ; 3BAK£it^Cffood~bnt t e r- ra ie all kinds of,cakes. H. " " and Rood o 313H East 7th it. BAKBR-Flrst bnttor-caito baker or third cuk ' band, second bread, mulflna; references. A Southern, 180 Park Ro 1 ^iAKER-Hotel baker *nd pastry t:ook wish' steady position in hotel, rustaurantoTolub-nouse Address H. ttoedel. 250 JSldridge st. JBAKER—A Jim Dandy broad and o»ke baker an ornainenter is open for n. job; country preferred SO rears' oxperienco; hic'ioft references. John J Ward, 25 Prince st.. 2d floor. BAKER— Good third bat»d baker on bread want situation.' 200 East Sottt st., 1st floor. JEJAKER—A pood pocoml hand, on higb. ronn and split bread. Address 1138 Idtare. SAKEH— Foreman on hif-h round, split-, Nnw , Vionna mtd .ill kinds of rolls j-, i?15!2 2d avo. ^, best of references, 33AKER—Wanted, by a first *ulas6 man a situation &s foreman on all Icindsof Dread and rolls. Ad dress O. Williams, 936 Fulton nt., Brooklyn. ^BAKFjR—Foreman or «eoond' hind on all kinds of brtad and rolls. o3-t Wet*t* Muth St., top lloor. 33 AKER— A flrstTOlass tanoy oake baiter and orna montpr wishes a job; refer«D'!t?s. 204 East 41st et..2dbelL IB AKER—First-class foreman oti American am Vienna bread and rolls. 184 Hopkins st Brooklyn. 3BAKER—Ayonnr man wftnts situation as tecouc h&nd on bread or cake. 2066 Vulton st,, B'klyn. BARKEEPER. Al, desireu position; sinple, neat appearance,' temperate and of correct businest habits; several years' expp.rience in wholesale and retail; first-class references. Address G., 3 East 120th st. UARKEEPUR, "5. G«rnian-American, des sltuatiou:!! j'ecrs with last employer. Add: H. V.. 543 Broom? 6t. desires Ireas BARKEKPKR—Good, steady and experienced; ,, qnfck find competent mixer; references. Tam. —many, 150 East 47th st. AIIKEKPER—22; understands his bnsinesii; not afraid of wort; references. J. H.. 298 Up- Twa' World. .3&ARKEBPEB—Yonnff man (S3), PJattdentsch' er. wishes position &A assistant barkeeper and liincnmau. Address German, 458 World. it "33ARTENDKR. CO, wants position, or at) assist- K - ant. Gus Hamilton. 34 East^ 12th &t. 5ARTENDER.21. German, wishes Work atonoe; ivajres no object, bu 1 - J *- ' ' -, *ery best references. waves no object, but a good home; city or country; — ------'-- P> Gorman, 39 Bond fit. R—Tonng man (22), Irish; thor- ffhly experienced; best references. Address K.. 7D9WBBhin c tOD st. Yonnir man (19) wishes position ears' — aa bartender; 3 years' experience. Dominic* Fannele, 43 Thompson st, '" Address 3SAHTENDEK— Yonng Ir.shman.'"21. wishes sit- nation u assistant bartender or lunchman ; cood rsferencs from last employer. Address 331 East 36th st. ' '3BIARTENDER—A3roat3profln.24. GtrmaD,wants f i position; first-class references. Addres* Bacb- ! .-xn*n, 237 5th st. ISTESniiR (first eld"?): speaks German. , care of O. H, Wnrster, 6 3d are. 1BAH.TENDEB, -wants sit-n&tion ; speaks German and Kn^Ush: good references. Address .Ernst Border, 144 Pavooia are., Jersey City. BlARTEKBEB—Young Irishman. 22. desires position as bartender: experienced, good worker • lay eats' reference. 447 "West 36th st. .3BARTENDER—Energel-.c young —=*-•*»--] employment; references. man (Insh) Aloran, 423 J3OILER FIREMAN, acquainted with machine ana slesm-hetttine, vrishea work. Geo. SeidJer, elancey si, 3INDER, exparienced in all Us branches, lin(( or finisbine. wants steaciyjob. Ad- ikbmder, 10 Clinton bt., barber shop. ?TRE3IA?f—A first-class ttreman wants a sitaa- tion; licensed; best references. -W. W., 208 Toild, uptown. ^BOOKBINDER forward: dresa Boo! FIREMAN in factory or flat: eood reference and experience. S. J. Day. 338 Oth ave., bakery. tr ^BOOKKEEP£R~Tboronphly reliable and prac- * tioal middle-aged bookkeeper, acquainted with knit goods, desires to change position: best refer- P. P.. 40 World. »& ^BOOKKEEPER or any clerical position by man of good education and address; nrat-class reler- ences. F. Hainos, 410 West 39th st. 1BOOKKEEPKR wants «itustio~n as private hotel booklceeper. Ledger. 230 World, npto aBOOKKEEPKR^A man of experience, wred 34. German and Engliab. wants position of any kind"will take evening employment also. Address S. 1 ' World, corner Van Biclen and Liberty aves.. B'klyn! »OOK.KEEPER~A young mau. moraTbalTits" desires position ss bookkeeper or clerical work of " n y.«5d: good references. P, O. box 000 Plain- nela, a, J, • • 3BOOKKEEPEK, doublr, entry, .iperienced if- nee manager, thorough accountant, deaireii position ; reliable relerences. 20th St. Accountant, 2^ wefll KOOKKKEPER and corrtapondent, Enelisl German, . French, Italian, desires oconpatioi Qaytimes or cveuings. Greciano. ISEastJjdBt. IBOOKKBKPBR-Keliable JOUHB man trn»t- wortny and competent, with unquestionable erences,_do«ire» position. P. D., 253 World. JBOOKKEEPKH. eiperiencad. wants immediate employment; etrictl' At city reierenceo. J tamperate ;«al»ri moderate; CJ., 9 World. BOOKKjSKPER. 28, of tlioroueh business experience, French, German, Spanish and Eu K liHb ~ani8..^pBinon; Al reierenced. Jacobstin, 208 "West 20th Bt. 3BOOTBLAOK! barber-ahop preferred ^_ finger, 74 Boerumat., Brooklyn, E, D. J. Bai, lO years, would like a suitable position • ««°rt «nd active, with good references. 6? Wm .' 16 World. 33OY. 15, wishes to learn the drug trade; wages no object ac first; good references; below 23d at. Hochlerner.,31 Attorney et. low^juat. 1 %J" >n , 1 - d , Jik ^ ftPS?*"? 11 f . Q a wholesale . 17, not afraid to work, would like a sltua- ;a3OY, 17,years old, wants a situation in a who T M J41°Wotld. * ™' lnoe to «d»ance himeelf. S. " laOY. 10, honest, intelligent, wishes a position ID a whotoaalfl bouse. Address Honest. 16 World. 3BOY, 3 7, desires situation in soma wholesale ifWW 11 *?* 1101 " 8 ' ° bject * A ™™™°*- t. OY—A boy, 18 years old, wishes a situation* At Anything; more or factory. Apply J. Hughea, 4(3 33QY (18 years of age) wishes to fearn a trado or ^ do any kind ofwOrk. 335 Kast 13th st. 2SOY. 15, would litte work m piano factoryTt anytaluff. VOQ Titb-cr, 401 West 32d st. :BOY-r-lDtenigent youth, 10, reBiding~ftT"houie with parents. Is fluxions to commence business with nrBt-olow wholesale houae. good penman: sat- iBfactory referonoe.__At!anta, #8'i World. J= ^"""" 18i<Hwof "~ a t wishes employment, at 16th H Ad^ _, 33OY— An friteUiBBut. exceptionally Veac, honest colored boy domres any pouitioo. Adaress former r. 10? West 2&W at. *<«mer ' Addreaa O . __ _ ion in a wlioleealu houee"; (rood , IQlJJ'uHoa ^st.,B'kl ya . EK, <lry-noods Ime. wants to make a c 43 W , JE.. 343 World Office. AKMA^ first olas*. wautH situation. ur, 470 3d nv ' . . d nve , between .I'M and 33d K tild lite a position a» stock clerk i *wtioiOBalt),c4othme bouao; although bun Jit tie d io, that Jma, am quick to Jearnj hurt; nt. but prefer one as »hov»; ref' if aeiiesaary. Addroaij .Stock, orld. er, intelligent yonntf macbanio de- »W*a»08iU0*ia.9clerkor eaiesmait; steady, relia- duBtrioQij And obllgmjr; tuoi pen man, well; iqieake Gerautn. Ambitious, 175 AS clerk m r»vcory store ; can F. W. Ballou, 306A, 6tli W0 clerk desires position; three aa. H. O,, 9g AdelpbJ st.. B'klyo, 1 w^Eil xfiWrniafi v. COOK— Practical, all-around cook, steady Bob«r, best re»erence% wishes eitimtion, £ Hand, 41 .list avo. COOK—As first-class American cook, carver and raw-meat cutter. , J. K.,194'Poarl st., Brooklyn. COOK—Frenchman as first-duns oh<»f; experi- riftnced in nil cnokinir; reatanrtnt. hotel or flubhouse: first-clnsa reference. Bnnzic,300 E.45th «t. COOK—Yoanir man aa nn ordflr cook : : strictly temperate. J. Oxford, 287 West 12th st. COOK—A. good German cooli, c*T7pr aurt raw niBftt cutter; references. Sohulz, 204 E. 73d Bt. CUTTKR-A yoonar man. 29 years^'fjust comins; irora Europe, h&Tlnff 3 ypar« Monnenoe in Paris on ladlne' and cents' outtini; Fpeaks F/encb. G man nnd EnKliah ; wishes a good eituation. 138 "World. ^_ ^_ CUTTER—A young man f29~y<p*rsl. just a from Europe, hnvinK 5 years' experience in Purls on ladies' ttnd (rente 1 cnttln^'speaka Frflnoh. Gnr- man and Knghnh. wishes a Hood situation. O. II., 138 "World. '- : C—Wantod, by a .voting man of coo 1 a d dress a position as a travelling nalnMnan o clnrk in a store; (J years' exp^rf^nco in ufaa.rf', to b»cco and pipe business. Addroao K. H., 11 World Offlce. mi-t 3d av*. _^_ SALEiSIifAN—A thoroughly competent dry-good MaleHman, irith well-established Now York. Bi'ool lyn and nearby trade and rirst-olasg city roforencpt IH open for eugagamout dnn. 1. Salesman, 45: WorltlOtHco. SALESMAN—Gouts fiirntshlnsr. dry-eooito notions: nxper!&nco ret«'i snlrsman wants uitua tton. AddresB Zoal, 145 World Office. SALBSMAN—HaTlnc an established tracJo am tho jobbing and leading rotRJi notion and drv poods trado of Pbifndelphl/i, Baltimore and Wash melon, alflo uavhift a tood trado in Delaware PennsylrtnU, Ohio and Indiana, would like to secure BOUIB jrocd line for the ubove-natned cltiui or travel for some leading house; will Rive fall in formation regarding trado and experience. Ad dre«i«T., Worlif Bureau, Philadelphia. 1 nockweivr, ab\e to t»ko charge ol >slffner on if factory. , ________ mnyboopon for engagement, city or country, on or Rbont Jan. 1; offer And particulars desired ; beet ished. Liable. 137 World. .SALESMAN—Energetio young man desires P tion an nalosmitn; no objection to travel. Ability. 202 World Offlce. . reference furnis DENTIST— A first-class oparative and mechanical dentist dcsirea position. Crowns, .343 World. > KNTIHT^YounK dentist wouio" 1 ifcVfiituT- tion in dental office or laboratory. Aljalhmann, 202 Allen «t: I>ES IGKKR—A clonk and suit dftsirner would like position with ft em*II house. J. D., 153 World. [DRAUGHTSMAN— Einert, wants situation in patont^oftioe. K R..Jl44JWorld._ 3DHITVKR. with horse and ton delivery frugon to let. Address Thomas Castle, 935 Pacific at., B'klyn. 1DJ1IVER—Young man wishes place an driver; not nfraid of hurd work. Th. B., 26 World. IDHVUGGIST (Junior)—Throo and a half year's ex- porience; good reference: fair salary; wnnti* poal- :ion. A. R.. care of S. Spefcel, 353 East 03d sr. 3HUf3G7ST^ junior. 10 yesrs^iperfence, fully competent, excellent references, seeks Btt- nntion; fair ttnlary eipectaJ. Address Camphor, 458 World Office. P RTJG CLERK, registered, long oiperience, de- ireH position : city or country; sniary moderate. Pharmaoist, 20 Cornelia Bt. X>RUG CLERK (24).""r.Mji*tered in New fork^nd Brooklyn, desires Bitnition: epesks E&cliih and Jprman; 7 years' experience and best inferences. Address Phenol. l^G World OtBce. S>RUG CLERK wishes position by Jan. 1 ;'6 years' practical: city experience ; doea not wUb to ele«p n store; good reference. Address t5»lol,147 World. Z>R0G CLERK, tboronphlT competent,^rlth best Address F. «-- J " " of references. 77th st. Barry, 165 East SALESMAN—A gentleman who has had along business experience desire* a position with . reliable party, whore energy, tact, and peruevorancu may be made available; ttie advertiser is well rursot In connting-baude duties,including coireepoDdanct) and indoor or outside salesman; only modorate salary expected; bonds if desired. Addred* A ^fJ J1 I_5^1:iiL t L & -! SALESMAN-Lint-n «oliarB and cufffl, 4 ye—- expertenoe, established trade, desiroc a ohange Jan. 1; oan fipll atiy tine used by dry-goods and iurniebinx houses; well and favorably acquainted throughout Pennsylvania, Pliijndelphis. and noorby, Baltimore. Washington and Virginia; best of ret- erencea as to ability, Ac. Address U. X.. World Bureau. Ledger Building, Philadelphia. SALESMAN, with. etstabllnhed trado in dry-floods line and specialties, wlsbes to make a change AddressJ!., 343 World Offlea SALESMAN—Wanted, work evoninfi", as'Bales, man, bookkeeping or writing at home or at office. G. .1. L., 140 World Office. AN — Young man travelling salesman. Address Sales, dsslros position as , 458 World. STKNOGRAPHER ^"Competent steaogr&pher and ReininRton typewriter, good bnsinesn experience, desirea iirst-cl^isa position in New York or N«wart; mercantile or law office. "W. S.. 118 World. STENOGRAPHER, erperienced and castomed to ooirRHpomlence and Hierarr work; tvpewriter, proof-reader: reasonable. ItsliaMe, 2 "World. STENOGRAPHER aud typewriter (Remington") woo iiae hud a year's oipariem-e. desires a position in the South. Address R. H.. 4UO World. EIT.ECTROTYPER as molder. builder up or any other branch in foundry; city or country. Ad- TeBsA. H., 60 Snmpterat.. Brootlyn. 3ENGINEER. strictly sober, comp-tent and reliable, wants situation. OS., 100 Weat 101st at. and maofainist wants sitnution ; un- derrtanda etetm-fitting and all repmirinr. E. . 147 Smith et., Brooklyn. ftnatJon wanted by a licensed engineer. Binzle. G*-rmi»n ; day or night work; re- airs. Eneineer, 48 P.idge st. E3NGINEER— Single man; does ail repairin st references. Address O. Gallsger, 93 H ng- ad- SNGINEER—Comnetcnt and willing ; best refer- cnc«>s: handy with tools. Address Engineer, SI "World, 23 N" G I X EER— A first- el BBS botel engineer wants a- situation^ Engineer. .676 3d aye., cigsr store. 3NGTNEER— Stutionary and marine engineer, maciiinist by trade. German, wi^fars situation, cltj r country. Engineer, 339 Bast 22d st. oanst man, 19. baa worked 18 at machinist bnsiaess, desires to learn to e a fireman under engineer. Addxeis Engineer, 0. Brooklyn World. FIREMAN—Youag man wants situation as fireman or elevator mau; has experience running orlias or Westinghoase engines. J. H, Qainet. 1 Jones «t, CrROCERY CLERK desires wwition In a flrst- oliss place; reference, th ave. Address O., World, 1390 FAMTOR wants situation for two or mere fiats: can attend Rider pomp, boilers nnd furnaces* aferences given, jj. G.. 282JiVorld, uptown. •JAMTOB or porter-Yoong mrn,aged 36.single, wants position as janitor or porter. Address Wrn, Graeff, 135 Essex nt. JOB COBIPOSITOR and proofreader wants permanent situation; can do anv work in a boot or ob room Address C. A, II., 356 World. JTUHIOR DRUG CLERK wants situation In a small retail store; city or country. Address alol, 207 World. — In order to get experience want to give service free aa washing man m steam aundry. ^Address Pari3Jan. 153 4tb ate. .-- --.- ARTIST—A flrst-clasfl lithographic aitiBt of 40 years' experience in black nd colors, for large and small work In Hgures andsoape, fruit« and animals, IB at liberty to take n engagement. Address, stating terms. Ac.. D 3. Fabromus. 347 Friendahip st..Providence,R.L ^U^J^J^" 11 ' youn C man; machine orTise. J. , Sol Monroe Et. toolmaker: any kind ot machinery, lathe or visa; steady, sober; refer- nces. Vermaulep. 241 Kast 76th n. BfltAOHINlST— First-claim machinist *nd toolmaker wants situation; foreman Ia*t ten years- TBt-oiass references. O. Seavey. 301 "W. 119th. MACHINIST—First-class all round machinist. 12 years' experience, wants work- Apply O H. j»re_pf tieorgo tiaeng. jjQ3 ChryHtie St., top floor. IVtAOHlNlST—Boy. IP years old, having a year's experience, wants situati-ip. E^ fi.. 165 World. MACHlNIST-SituaTlon by young English mv oblnlet. 22. on light lathe or bench Tweli up in raas finishing: good references. A, R. M., OGO .alticBt., Biooklyn. BflCOULiJINGS-Macbine; 12 years' experience- make all kuivea. AddreBBF».a^Olosfl, F '^" • > — L STURSE— By a thoroughly competent man: lone experience; m/iBBivge treatment given; boBt city 3f eren cas. Call .or address TaylQr^43 Wes IANIST— By young man ; G~year8' exp .reads at Bight; total abstainer. Artdress are of Cronen, 206 Weat Slat st. ' ' .B.E.. _»LA8TERKR-Yoang man wants work: is a first- class cormcH hand; repairing a. aj ' l o suit. Address Plasterer. World ith ave. ; terms ' 1002 ?LTJMBER-Good jobber; low wages. J. 300 Leonard at., Brooklyn. — «_country. onnv man wishes a portion; city , World. _ ?LUMBER-AJJo,l jobbing plumber wants wai- tion; HOber. steady; city or- coantry. Address Plamlier, 153 4tli avo. PZiUHBER deaires work-, fttst-dwa workman in lobbiDeand new ivork: city oroountry. Addreas 'lumber. ^02 Uptown World. _ 'ORTER~M ? n vrith five yeaia' expetienco tn packing furnnure wants a situation as porter. iauer, 41 Forsyth Ht. fRolr. mark, ship. 12 years* u{£b7- est refereuofif*. nseful man, wants employment. red man would like a place as nor- U elevator * G « -I**. SO Kaat 20th st., — Unefui colorwt man. with tools, 4c/. — . wants eituation as porter and clean (1 loads » , . ap; under^ _ ?ORTER— Young man wfabe^ a position as porter^AddrebsL. P., S;3 World. PRESSMAN—pom patent oyliudi^r preaiman of y yeary expwrience ou book and job work desires ^'l'?".L is . t H d y« an£ ?, Bobe '-,; terms reasonable. 'etmanept; Ifil) World. PRKS8HA& oylnutot and job; 15 yews' experience; beet references J, M., ^46 Up^p JPHESSMAJf— Oytindor presKpian on book and job work 'desires a H toady situation ; is sober and liable. AddresR Wro. F: Kills. 55 Canton at" rl . Jrooklyn, I»RES,SMAN-R«]iBble man on cylinder and Gordon prfiss and cutting raacbiiies. with eDgineer'a ertin.;aui, wi JIM situation; tooderate WARBB. W. ., 328 Henry Jt; * STENOGRAPHER (Grabam). Typewriter opnr- ator (Reminitton); a first-classman, with some railroad experience. Please address F.. 92 World. STENOGRAPHER and ty pa writer cat .graph*, aesires ponition ; references A 3 ; salary moaer- ate. S. andT.. 3.jg World. STENOGRAPHER (unemployed), ten years with Supremo and other conrts (admitted to tfaU State and United States courts and notary), wants temporary or other employment. Addresa Sylvaaau Biown. General Delivery. Brooklyn Post-Office. STENOGRAPHER, first-c!ass~Kastem railroa*Ji desires position ; transportation or pasaenger de- parttneot; referances. Box 14& Pern, Ind. STENOGRAPHER—Yon a g man deeires position in law office. Address Law. 459 World. educated young man from Bucks Connty, ants light work; any kind. Milt Eckert, Per- kaiie. Pa. "WTELL EDUCATED YOUTH, 18, winheH position in biiamesa upon which he c»n depenu in nturs; sharp, smart, and induetriouff. Kowark, 410 East 72dst. • STEWARD, head waiter or manager clab or res- ttnrant; lo years' experience. Address A. S., 95 St. Mark's place. SUPER1NTEXPE3TT or ianltor of office bnUding; yonnc roan (32). married, would like position us abore; higb^&t testimonials; small r?mnoer.ition; good apartments desired rather than largo coropsn- Bation. AddresB Daniel. ^9 World. __ TTOOLMAKER-Machmist desires poeitinnTimail •work, preferred. Address Models, 375 "World. TYPE WRITING from dintsdon^ or "mannBcrlpT; neat, accurate. Room 135 Times Building, Pirk Row. TDTPHOLSTERER desires to work for families on .their own premiss in any branoh tit the trade. ADBwei-to C., 281 World Office, nptown. YOUNG MAN. aired 18, who has had two years' experience in office work dee I ran employment; wst reference. F. S. P., Ii3 Bloomfleld ave., • ewark. ' XTPHOLSTERER—Yonng man, having some icnowledxe of upholstering, also hanging curtains, wishes a poiition where be can be m&de utsfuJ. Address G. W.. 75 Coles st.. Jersey City, K. J. XJPHOLSTERER—"Wanted, a position as ophol waitei no object. World Office. Address Smith. 105 XTSEFUL MA.N—Yonne man; willing to make him sellgene rally usefnl: notaTraidof work. A. B.. 290 West Honaton at. "OTfiEVUL MAN—German, nnaeretands English, vrishefl a place m botel or boardine-boase: has good referenoes. Address W. M., 118 Forayth at. XTSEPUL MAN-Miqdle-aced American wints employment at anything Honorable; not afraid of hard work: handy at most anything. Address G. A.. K., 26 Worid. oung colored man in private board- ing-bonm or elsewhere; city references, Addreus .. 1238 Broadway. "WAITER—Youns; colored roan wlshefi a sU a at ion as waiter ID private family or boardine-tiou&e, hotel or restaurant. W. C., 342 West41atst., second floor. "VH'ATCHSIAN—WantedT^[tnation as watch man or janitor; handy with toole. Address W. A., 901 De Kalbave.. Brooklyn. WATCHMAKER, first class; young man with OWD tools and 8 years' experience: bare had store of my own ; willing to pot 0omo money in business where there is chance for advancement. Address H. B. Barker, 1113 Park ave. ~W ATCHMAK'S place wanted, in or out door, by reliable, bonast American: satisfactory reference. DanieljiroytK 1 12 E.^ lltb at., near 4tb ave. ^ DRESSER^Do you wainTV good window -drawer and ticket-writer with ideas ? Address B., 262 World, uptown, T3TAITEK, first-class (German), wifibes steady Dla.ce in restaurant or road-house. G, Gnnther. 180 Mercer st,, city. TMTAITER—firat-class bar. cafo or chop house; would give $5 bonus for good job downtown. W., 391 World Omce. AITEK— Tlioroagh hotel man wants position bead waU&r; best references. Addreta Head r; s r Waiter. 09 World Office. oung man, tboroneh waiter, speaking French, German and KngHnb, wants eteadv situation. Address A. L., 06 World. , — $50 bonus for collector! watchman ligbt porter, or jther positiou of trust, by actWe, tiiddle aged, single man: reference and aecurity UldroKB OoaUdentinl, 22 WoVld OtHco. would like work where 1 can make a living; can do anything; best city references. J, A. L,, 30 World. A>OUNG~MANr3i"yoars of age, 15liura r btmf- ^nesH experience, first-class account&ut,capable of managing a business, good talker, good addresH, wants a perruaiieut position: highest references. Address Accounts. 4o5 World. A YOUNG MAN (20), number of years' expert erica aa correspondent and collector, desires position, either in office or on the road; well acquainted in States of New York and Connecticut exce 11 entreferences. Address Knergy.233 World t MTDDLE-AGFD. sober, trustworthy man would like light employment; no canvaasing. Mr Thomaa. 108 Clinton place. JK. YOUNG MAN detiireH situation In a wholesale grocer? store; was 6 years in the retail bauinoHs in Scotland: is active, ob.fijingand not afraid of work. Addreaa Grocer. 3Q4b "West 48th at. JHL POOR married cook with a fiye-tlmes brokon ttrm and a woman who cannot work nsks chart- tnblb and «enoronaly-thinking people lor warm clothes, work or any itber help in his createiit df»- treea, T. B.. 688 lltb are. I WOUL1> LIKK to oorrefipond with clothing bouso wishtQc a reprusontfttive in tho Southwest, N. ,S. Wo_od, 3417n Bell UTQ,. St. Louis, Jrt«. ~"~ ,in rond and writo KuRlisb and Gorman, ^ood at n^-nres, wlwlieH a pointicm nf triiRt; uocurtty If required. Ad (irons It, I., 2!J07 2d ave. INTELLIGENT yonn? mochanlo wants woriT'at anything, J. M., 10.0 2d are. 3MCIDDLK-AUKD MAN (34). murriod. with'Ifi years' btiBinesa experience in London it,nd B a en ON Ayros. qiiluk at ngures, dosiren a ait nR«g house: good city references. World, uptown. ten i .-, bnt. F. W., 280 OX COMMISSION, the age n 07 of somo concern for Philadelphia nnd vicinity: Iain prepared to push some line of business in this "ecifon, .and if profttnbln enough, to devote ray entire attention to it: had an extended buninens fliporionco and urn thoroughly fnmiliar with the buaincns ponple of this section. Addruua Advertiser. P. O. bor 12. Philadelphia. . !*E "MAP? ENT posltioTO wanted by a .y of 17 years with a chauco to advance. W'orld. JHCOUSKWOHK— Woman for general hous^rr family of lbri»«;flAt; w&gen $12: call after (! P. M or Sunday. Mr?. Masteraon. 85 West 104th si. 'lioUSKWORK— GirJwantedtodopeneral hon work: mnfltbH neat, tidy, and fnrtilsli g.iod r rrnnoe; 812 per month. Dr. Wemuioll, 2G AtUutlc avo, . Brooklyn. do general hou eoc»* reamred. 20th at. — Wanted, reBpacUbltTwomlTn* t" ework in flat; «* trial I r'amHy; rofor Call to-day BerEen, .,50 Wes Wa_at47th flt. ___ W-\nted,~cIrl for eeno7aThoufl Sirauss, 52 Kast lluth at. ~ tingmiin P, P.. 0 wauta work; wages no object, GOB 02 World, u-itown. SITUATION WANTED by a young man at anything; not afraid to work. Steady, 282 World. uptown. SITUATION wanted by young Scotchman; experienced in atorakonping and packing; c«rtin-< cate from last employer for 5 yearn, Addreus J. I*., 102 Buffulo ave , Brooklyn. SOBER, industrious and educated man, hands at all Kinds of inechanioiil work, wants situation. Giogerih, 427 West olidst. girl to do general houeowork in RTiaM privat fumily of.two; WJIJTOB. $ifi. Call2lOl7th ave. southeast corner ]2otb at. XKOUSKWOKK-TWirtte'rl. ""at young girl In nrT vato family lor housework, cook kept. 247 JSi Gist st. Wanted, cirl for<renoral honse work: good washer and ironer. 223 W. 22d st. ~ yonosFiirTto "m»ke hersM i month. 204 West 25th st — e&nerally uaefnl ; j HOUSEWORK- O amp^tent G«rman~irlri ~foi American family; soot „. _ 3inp»>ti cantcal houiieworri wilh wages. Apply 244 West 21st Bt. aHEOUSEWORK~Wanted",~mfddIe-aBed woman for light honnevroTk', one understanding about a baby. 452 We«t 47th sfc. OKtOUSKWORK—A neat girl to amlst with gen- • oral housework in prirate family. 226 E. 60th st. 3BIOUSE WORK—A girl wanted for general hous< ', worlc. Mrs. Lepbord. 304 Kast 80th st. ^HOUSEWORK—Wanted, stronV, general housework; wagoa 86. "West KJflth Bt. f, W11 Mrs. ling girl for Boyer, 251 _ OTWO YOUNG MEN thoroughly acquainted with care and treatment of horses wish situations, World Bureau.^Philftdelphia. TWO YOUNG~MEN want tofoarn wood^carrl willing to W.__ JiVetter._aO* East 10th at. _ TWO YOUNG- MEN.^ood penmen. rooming~t^ pother, deKiro evening work; wilt addrea* envelopes and circulars. C. and G. , 26 World. "TO.TANTliD—Situation in butcher nhop. hotel or restaurant: good referenc«: speaks German and. '•.ngliPl]. Atlflreas John Doderer, Utl North 2d at.'. Brooklyn, £. D. .-By a colored man. with first-olaBa refnrences. a situation of any kind. Address A. *'• 4 ?2^J-!i s Broadway. _ , 1HTANTED— By an experienced business man a, situation aa correspondent in Knglisb, German «nd French; inJl or half time. >0 « orld. Kngl Add , dress Energy, %TH-Aft"TED-By porty travelling Southern States, - , position advertising aoine proprietory article or ithor line of pumeral advertising: advertisiug signs, poating anil distributing a specialty; samples die ilstyed. J. F. Sharp. rf^3 "World. , —uitnatlon by a young man, f >Q years old; 4 years reference from. Uet place. Address J. M., 20, Brooklyn World Office. •ytTANTED-Tbe general agency for Philadelphia of eorae good selling article or commodity; can urn^sh capital and best rpference: have ventral ocatiou. AddreeaO. <tP., 827 Arch st., Piiila.^ "HITANTED—By a yo:ing man employment wbart he can make an lioneat living. Address II. H.. 3 World. rlOUSEWORK-Wanted, a girl td do general housework In a nuall family. Falkonberg, 1570 OUSEVTORK— Wanted, a mod, nllllnir woric; r , oblin(nrr«irl to do general bonsu 86 EaatllOth at. 'eferences. HCODSEHTORK-Wanted, Oorro»n or Siredlah rirl for plain housework; S10 month. Inquire store. 307 west 37th st. SXOUSEWORK—A yonn5~Blrrto work. Apply at 504 Pork are., 3d flat. _ MtOUSEWORK — Plain conk, washer, irooer- three in family; $16. ;)57 4th are. 33COUSEWORK-W«ntad, middle-acnd Proten- tftnt woman for geneial lioussMorlc. 785 Greenwich st. 3ESOl'REWOHK-A girl for general housework in email family; wages $10; good home. 408 East ISOUSEWORK—Wanted. » girl; good wages. Call Before 10 o'clock, 9S1 8th are. I50USEWORK-Wanted, girl for seneral honse- worlt:3in family: 7r»«es 812. Oall between B and 11 A. M., Lee, 70 W»s5 108tb st. KKOUSKWORK— Stronjr. reliable girl for general housework, cook, wash and iron. 233 West — Wanted, active, sober girl for general housework ; references. Apply 443 West 22d at, : HCOUSKVyoRK — Wanted, a cirl for general housework; small family; good home. 512 West IpStti St. "5TOUNG MAN (20) would like situation in an office; £ood penmnn: best references. Address A. B. O.. 130 East 113th st. OfKG JIAN. in. wiihe« any kind of a poal- tion._S._R. , World Offlco. 248 East 80th st. YOUXG MAS (25Vwiints position~at anrtbing where honesry and strict attention to bneinoftg will insure advancement. C. Jj. Hiides. 41 Oath- Tiuest., Brooklyn. E. D, TTOUXO JIAK wants work; Sl,°f? ,f fao'ory; low wages. C.i Oakland are. , Jersey City. any kind; W. H. Se shopi gwick, ' a position; willing to work. Brooklyn. . 18. residing wish parents; wls'hes • • T,'lllujg, 10 World, YOUNG MAN would like some light employment o eTenlngs: fair writer. H. J,, 201 7th st:, Jeney "SrotTKG MAK. 2o, wsntB work evenings after 0. Address Hastings. 170 World. TTO0SG MAN desires work in a rubber-stamp factory; 6 year*' experience. G. Bernbacker. 06 2d st. "STptTNG MAN, 20, would line a situation »t anything. S. W.fe,. 14U World. YOUNG MAN, 17 years of aeo. wants s politico n contractor's office. C. O. t 76 World. OITNG MAW, 17, wishes a position atTlm'ost anything. J. D. K., 169 Washington St., Hoboken. "YOUNG MAN (23) wishes position of «ny kind • not afraid of hard work. J. Schaible, 626 E.llth. •X-OBNG IRISHMAN, strong and active, wishes work of any kind; reference. Ktrong, 74 World. ITOUNO SI-AN.10.wants a good situation. Ueorr Cordler, care Mrs. Hoffman, 303 Ewt 39th at. WOUffG MAN wants situation with commercial florist an helper; wages moderate. W. f., Morris la-infl, N. J. YOUTH, 18. desires position as office boy with wholesale house. Address Joseph Shinnick, 82 YOUNG MAN desires situation of any kind-good penman and accountant. Address iL D.. 202 World, uptown. YOUNG ENGLISHMAN would like position to care for furnace or anything else; references. '. U.. »Uo worm, nptown. OPERATORS, ezperienoedon infants' hats, caps. Ac. 42 Untisir slty place. OPERATORS on ladies' underwear and infants' >IIpi;tTorJc uiven out in quantities. ISTHoaa at., Brooklyn. .,. , ^ v -'.'25) speaking French. German J^nfjnsn desires position tn buainess house- ood city reference. Address J. K, Monca, 431 iVest^othSt. ' ; "5TOUNG MAN to do writing erenings. Address K. H. P., 244_World. uptown. , K4. fair education, (rood address steady, eunraetio and willing, desire, a podtion Hit opportunity to advance. Dwyer, 209 Ka w WANTKU-FESTAliB. JS.GENTB WANTED for Ideal thread cabinet; every womr-n wants Mle« and lareB rofit;: sample liy tnall, :>5c. Oall or aadross oom K, Everett Building, 2J_Ann_Bt. 3U8HF.L GIRL-Wantedr'»ri'5rd~bu,lu,l girl. Apply Burnheim,Bauor * C«.,Sd and Meroer sts. ^AHUitiK Jor restaumat; state wages wanted and.references. Address Honeity, 325 Uptown Vorld. CASUIIfeK—Young lady in rHRtunrAnt; must be P8 l & 1 P, maklu K change ; aUto age, Ac. J. M.. lio world. . , CHAMBERMAIDS, oookn who wntlj «nd Iron waitrBinei, Prowstant Inundrciuei, houmwork^ r«. DUMM. Mn. L., OB Went 22d »t. ;"„ rancn oJnca, 3IiAMBEtlMAID~Oolored girl t« chambermaid and waitrefw; would not object to her sleeping lome, DO Weat 4oth st. COOK WANTBDi wage. S30: must unoe? jtBPQjer_work; bring relerences. 37 W. 7:id Ht. Mi. MARRIED MAN would like respectable em- * ployment of any kind; bond and reterence. H. I*. C., 407 East 72d st. JR. STRONG.^ableynune man desires work of any kind. AddreaB P. 216 World. Kuaoy S. YOUNG MAN (231 wishes work at anything. Address Porter, 267 Uptownfforld. ~ JB. HESPEOTABI,B younn mau. 2~3. wishea a stt- uation at anything ; handy with tools. Addreus B.. 483 We«t 18vU et. JB. "S OtTNO. MAN, with eiporionca in locliamitb- 'intt, wants to learn bellrnangiug. Wetter, 391 East 10th. Bt. ^ JS.NY K.I.Nr> of situnlSou wanted by educated mnn BpeakinB,lho Kneliab. (iernian, French, Italian an4 bia,vio i&pgaftgee. O. S,, 53 World. JHL THOROUGHLY PRACTICAL club, rostaur: , aut, ,oaf,q manager or stoward «aek» re-eoeage- ment.or any ppKitiaa wheca above experience fLon- don and New York) .could be utilized would be up- preciated; excellent testimonials: would give bonus tor Introduction. Box 30i> Stapleton, S. J. JOL YOUNG MAN would like position aa office QR- BiKtarit, or in wholesale lioubOf good, rapid tien- man; city reference and experience. Addreaa iioz 8BTkilmau. BwklandCo.. N. Y. IS*. ttYine, active and wl *. 450 West 50th «t. illluil, K. U. Robinson, room OPKESSMAK-Firal Bituatlno; nnderstii ob. 170 World. \ ! Aa job uresmnap dealrea cyiluder and job prestos. . 'BIS'J'BBS OR man, £Q, dcaires ^ _ la road: Lome year*' esa And on the roa< olio, 3-1 World. APEB DEALERS-Yonug itioti tiv idrnni up trado or on p«rta&ca in prlntlUff'buBl- I. ro(eri)no«« Al, Addreis H. MARRIED MATH, well polled In men's fur- niBhingline, dealras a change. X.Y. .143 M'orld. JPt POBET1ON to blow bladders m a nuufl fii'etn^ A4dr»8a W, j: fi.. 123 World Office, ' JBYAYOVACntlAJV, aa years ot m, prMtioal p»pt&lwn cutter. »tock ^clerk and aaleeman; wnoleBftle or retail, Actoresa Pantaloon, ^HUOm l^Tien^yQupg »aj 8, deiirasa .,|848 7th COOK— Wanted, a good cook and laundress In private family at Montolair, N. J. : one hour fro New York; wae, s ew r; waje, . allon Saturday, brtwen 10 and 11, at 8 West 47th st. , New York.wltn refc COOK— Colored girl SB cook, to assist with washing aiidjrouins._£il|_;l()j,oiintton avo. • ' """ Iftbt"wMpioyed7^Br t "HrW«ld<S^ "^ »WHWA^IlRii 7 OlriorwWau7wi^bdW.e^S3 he.p on .ranee: day writ: mu«t und*r»taud tlie ...)»„. ».M Kertaurant, 182 Oraiirt bt* . business well. OiOOM -WANTI-0 to do office k: nlary ftfl .' ^_, WAN'l'K;) to «ew on job Wank nookiTTst" ro ^™^*™*?L^\ m W'^l™!* 12 Jftflde «t, GrlRL about 15 years" to worlTfnVu>r^~lij aye,. J>ettr«Mi 43d snd 44th st«. OIUL IN 3d avn. 1110 MOIJHKKKKPt-R-WflniodT " JJ _"_' KJflWorld0, 3EiOUSKKJ5|5PKR- Working 4UUt Mil> ' * l °* "****»• S1 ^ eood ho ice. r, three 3HCOUHKWOnK-WanU J( j, a girTlm huunuwprkjugODd liomv r^ne thi/j l7i AadrewaJIouiwvviurfe, jj^i World™ IKOUSEWORK-Wnnted. a girl for light housework; good place. Mrs.Nathan, 203 W. »5th st. jBtOUSEWORK—Girl in flat who can waivfand iron; wages, S10. Ainbler, 144 West 105th st. SatOUSEWORK-Wanted % jook, wash and icon; re ~~ .. H ^..« u Weat End ave., between 88th and 89th stB. .. 1, tidy Gorman'gfrl to wash and. icon; reference required, 491 HOUBEWORK-AVanted, middle-aged woman for general housework. 145 East 10th st; HOUSEWORK—Ne»t mnlattcTwo'iiVnTor general \ work of flat. Whitney's bell, 200 Went 41st et. HOUSEWORK—Young girl wanted to assist iady in general housework. 142 West 40th st. HOUSEWORK-Wanted, a good 'general" hoijes- woricer, with beat city references, at 701 6th ave., 1st ilat. . HC1TCHENWOP.K-Eespectable girl forkltohen- work, private bnardinc-bonse; assist washing, ironing '••_«fieiS10. 340 East 501,11 St. atfAUNDHEbS WANTED: plain work; wages paid. Tuthill, 4.3 East 12th st. ±<A " good NDKESS WANTED, wililnc Oall early, Shorwoo-1 - to assist in taurant, -:58 _ __ _ IfURSE— Young girl to mind b'abr ; sleep afbom* Klrk $0 per month. lrkman. 121 West Sfltti st. »rUR8E— Willine HttlT and make herself useful irTtn asslstTviih children Mills, 155 East 50th st. ~"~ " WORSE— GirftfTtake care of~a"baby~ann do"np- etairs work. 1547 Madison ave., near 105th st. ~~Cali »t 10 o'clock. nurseBii| M"UE4JE—Wanted, girl as nurse; one Bleepine r-home preferred: must come recommended. 2c East llfch at. WANTED. 686 East 140th st. r eontlemanv^equireB massage, eleo- trujity; references;a«e, weight,nationality; state sajary qzpected. Experience, 312 World, uptown. •OFFICE'MANAGERS WANTErTin^n cities in *Wbe United States. Argentura Mfg. Co..00 West 23d at. CJPEBATORS on children's fine hats and cape. ' Small Ic, Iglauer, 83 Wooster Bt. ; OPERATORS—First^cra8s"oper»tora on ladies 1 ' flannel waista and blouses-, ateady T?ork; good ^ay. Apply private reBidQnce:,_304 West 130ch st. OPERATORS, eiperienced. on embroidered caps -and hatB;also l^ce runner and learner. S. E. loonaburg A Co., 10 Bond st. OPERATORS-vEiperiencedoperator* on Infants' dresses can obtain rbrteers also taken. 51 . employment; home Vooeter at. SAI/ESLADIE8""WASTEDl BRING REFER- ENOE. I'AKNHAM. 18 WEST T4TH ST. SALF.BLApY WANTED in candy" store.' 1223 Broadway. STENOGRAPHRIl and typewriter wantod-, one ., owning maohme. Address, stating salary ex- peeped. J. B., 208 Uptoitn World. OTKNOGRAPHER and typewriter, with machine. can have office room, with privilege o)' outside work half time; salary $5 weekly. AddreaB 256 World Office. OPERATOR wanted; avimlnga -• learner will do. Address Brown, 321'Bleecker t.y World branch, '^IBT Al^T HAND8 wanted that thoroucblv under- Btaod fine work; altio apjir entices. 117 W*dt 48cbBt,, baaomsnt. "HSTAITRKSS for lunch dairy at once, 120 Court *.., Brooklyn. "HJTAITRKfiS and chatnbnrmaid wanted: wages 8 ^I^^."* 37 w eat 73d at. wanted in family of 2: muBi'dolictbt waBhins: wageH, G. Call after 0 A, 61. Peter sll M 251 Wont 30th at. EXPERIENCED HANDS on flutln« aMo famuli giila to learn. G. Wa>ker tit. ) machines; Inson, 83 JOHN SIMPSON requires salesladies for holiday ,aoa fancy gondH. Apply - before 11 o'clock, Otb.ave,, b«lovr 42d st. XrfADIEB* cloak*, wraps, jackets, oape», men's. boys' anu children's clothing ou inBtalmonte; no «9(!ttrfLy roqulrud. Wont Hidn rnstalment Co,, 230 Oth nva. . entrance 05 West 15th st. cloakn. wrapn, jackets, capes, mon'fl, ' ana oliildren'ti clothing on mtitalmentH; no aeeurfty r«qulr«d. Wont Side Instalment Co., 05 - . t., oornerUtb SKVKliAL LA0IKH to work for the. Heuflriok PrftBH Hystom Co., 52 West 14th ft. i /^ANTlfD—Jjadlett aPd^rouiig men; positive em- Joyinutit at homa j light, simple work sent fWhero by mall; promptly paid for as returned [jtboii i obaace to earn $4 to $10 overy week ijjy, upietjy, pleasantly, at your own homo; no — wumln*: uo tronh. Addretai, with stamp, the AqunreUo Co., Fall Uiirer, Ma»H. •WTAHT£D r Glrt. 12 to 14 yum old, to live with /larnfiy in the country; froo'l homo and clothing for.mylon, Address M. P. A., 8 Wurld Offlue, WOMAN, eobcr, tionont. for flat; work light: $G a^ontJi._IJejfrAW,bakiiry,3iiave..3fJtbBt. > B > klyn. imrbHAN'8 £0.001x0 HOUMB, G lUflnvtoa »t t —Ohe«p lodging vrhflo out ot omnlojmont; bed». I5an0 ^0 P*ntn: room*, 25 aud 30 ctnU; bathJ fro»;opeii till 11 P. AS. - ITANTItp—*, neat, intelligent girl in small fam- l/: K»od hornB! moderate vragea. Addretts A, F. » pox S f f> Bor4«n ave., Long laiand City, ' HKIA- WANTEI>-MAtE. FSRTJBINOSOWOITOR8 WANTKD; oxpe- ta. iimn preferred ; paring positione ior tho n*J ot moo. Aodr»t*» X*aw6oD^4titi Woild. 'B «iioula M0 onr »e Rp4 mfttcfaJeM if good comuil»s[on. ater nit«rs, VflBuvlus AV bttrnpra : othor »pe- ttood, manufacturer, 'KRTR™-'Fvro VDBefal adepts w«0t«d for ooantrj int within 100 i»llw on onr »«w wptKi q»?t3t ~ ' -•• '- n )n tb)M country, w tig Hione; ; warn pies j Bimuefl 3ANVAS8ERS and colleotors wanted forThe in- dustrin.1 branch of the Home Fire Ins. Co Anly at office. Hancock Buildint, JS54'Bedford ato;. rooklyn. Whitford J. Lee, manager. fnnry Htttcloti linlldays ; cheap price, largo profit AcldrhaaUarettD. 72 West 3d st, J- J-S.GENTS—Something new; will ail our old pa irons plonsouall 1 71 Van ok fit., upstairs. , alii tnd female, wanted orerywlmre liRhtninc ' >f>ller; nhnohitt'ly new; no tftlklnn profits ininjonnp. Abbott Alfc. Oo., 8prlnxflttld,O _ _ —, ..i»i*untbartienpnr. bfftrt waiter _jTaitor (boat). MOO Washington st., Brooklyn. SSlVOKKKRPETlsnd ftsaistant bookltpoper want . wd by a tna,nniaot»rinK company. AfldreHa,-gir me referenuCB and Halary ezpncted, H., 173 World 3BO O KKKKPElfwANTEiTat Fo7dhamTinui rnliablo and twtitn«t.»nt; rtMe saliry and e rieno.'. J. E. C., 288 Uptown World. , mcohanioH, clorks call IK .Stockton st,, BfootLyn, a,nd got my idea, oi ma money cftiiVRHBinc. 3E5OY--Wantod, utmnff boy to slip flu »IH on Htbo- ffrnphio proas. GaatLitho, Oo., 3 DbHbroBBe KtOY f rom Brooklyn, about 15, wanted in print me office, 14 Barulay st. Call two days. ROY W A.STED in UwyeVs offlceT one witFsome Knowlcdeo of typewriting and stenography preferred , fitatfl ago, nunHfioation and pay wanted. Address S. 0. A.. 9H World Offloe. 33OY-Bripht boy, about 10. K^d writer, quick nnd correct at figures, tor office work; state expe- nonce nnd rofornntfas. Address Quick, 171 World. HOY WANTET>. Ifi. for offlcVand errands.~ drees Astr*. 170 World Offloe. KOY WANTED to ran errands ; shoe store. (Jth ave., near 18th st. 384 BOV WAVTEX>; must bring recommendation. 89 William at. 33OY—Wanted, strong boy to work in bn to tier shoo: ono with UOTI» oxpenanoft preferred. L. Miller, 7 < 7 yd are., Brooklyn. BOY-Wanted, Gorman boy.'iolo' 18*7Mrii old. to learn tho.liquor busmHSB. Apnty between 12 id 1 o'otooic Saturday. 103 West Uth at. BOYS—Wanted, strong active boys to work in factory: waxes at start S3.50 arid tB4 porweek. Inrner J3ri.nd and Sboriff sta, BOY of If) or more wanted~to attend furnace". Ac iKoodbome; $5 a month. IS Verandah place, Brooklyn. ' EtOY" WANTEbT Uroadway. Apply E. L. Fendler, 1512 SOY WANTED to assort leatbttr pieoos: refer«nee: 162.50 to start. Holziuger A Barucb, 1 ond Ii New Bowery. .~10 tolSyaarn. experienced in -.•jut's furnlnhinff Mne; must speak German. Call on P. F. . .'}88 Greene st. 3=£OY, 17. stronr: and willmn:, wishes situation: Koqd rBfer^noeg. Address 135 East 92d st. BOY— Some experience in tea biisin«Hfl: eood an- peatauoo ; brinn reference. Apply 978 10th ave. , WANTED by aoctor. ences, 155 Hast DOth st. Apply with refer- 3OY—Errand boy: brine reference. Apply 131st Bt. and Western Boulevard. 3OY—Bright, gentlemanly boy for IIfht office work: must reside with parents: S3 week at -art. St^.te ace and address in own handwriting Broker, IJ51 World. BO Y WANTED. 14 yetrs old; «2. Drug store, atUh-at. andParlcave. 3OY WANTED with Pome exoorience in book" bindery. Geo. MoKibbin, 26 Beekman B t. 3OV--Stout boy; errands: printing office. Address P. J. F.. 365 World Office. lOY-A good boy on a milk wagon; $10 and board. 9.'1 WaverlyaTe,. Brooklyn. BOY--Wanted, a strong, intellif-ent boy to make himself generally usefnl. Apply, with referoncea, -oW. Kurtz, OKastU3dst. 3UTCHER—Must be a (rood salesman. Apply to Edward Davis. 6 and 7 Washington Market, CANVASSERS—Fifty canvassers wanted to sell the wonderful Caloric Cone: snllu on sight- oodcanvasaers oan make S25 to 860 a week with ut, $n capital to ntart; it heats any ordinary room rom the same JIame whicn lights it without ob- truotinB the light. Oal" betwnen 9 A. M. and 1 *. 31., Caloric Uoue Co.. 18 Cliff st. 3ANVA"8SERS WA^NTBDTTadies or ffonfclomen • big profits. Address G. C. Hull, 71 Wall at. CANVASSERS—Wanted, by one of the largest houses in the country, four bright, energetic ounsrmon to canvass for commercial printing; also •o experienced men «n lithographic work: steady isitiotttt. Large, 157 World. SALESMAN—Wantod, an experienced salesman to eoll upholstery trimminprH, silks, Ac., in Boson and Kaatern cities. Address, with reforencua, Jpholstory, 140 World Office. CANVASSERS WANTED for Industrial Llfo Insurnnoe; exporienoed men preferred. Oftll be- peon 8 and 0 A.M., 260 Jefferson at. , Brooklyn. •. D. : rinff last bell. 3ANVASSERS—Wanted, male or female canvassers for advertisements for a theatre pro- ramme. Box 75, Station W, Brooklyn. —Two or three good man to aall Rtaplo Brtipleto groOBrs. Addroaa Gropor. 451 World. lALKSMAN—Wanted, a young man as salesman who has a knowlfldrro of stationery ; state orperi- nce anrt salary. Address E. G. R.. 166 World. SALERMKN—Wanted, clothing salesman. Cirey A Sides, 120 Bowory.___ SALESMAN WANTED in men's furnishing store. ISO Bowery. -^ ^ QALESMA-N—Too. ron-nted coffee and cigar Bales- men; only exneriencod men. having ostabUshed rarie. considered, P. O. box 2,350 New York. CANVASSERS—One or two good oanvMBers \vantedbythe Metropolitan Tea and Portrait Co.: ages and commission. 48 University placa. C AN VARSERS—Ener Ratio oa'n'vrssers^for^high- olass upeaialty; ladies and gentlemen. Address .,200 World Office. 3ANVASSERS—Wanted, two or three good canvassers : salary nnd oommiasion. Apply F. J. Kiey. Yonkars. N. Y. CANVASSERS WANTED (200) to sell Jos Kohier'B New Year's cards. 150 Park Row. CARPENTERS—Wanted, immediately^ foar oar builders (carpenters) for street-oar -work Araerl- an Onr and Equipment Co.,Laksview, near Pater- on, N. J. CARVER—practical man who understands tfce designing and construction of hall standu: state oil particulars and wages expected. Carver. 154 Tld. I3ASHIER--Young man in restaurant; night work; must havo the best of references. 262 owery. CLERK—Shipping and invoice clerk wanted. Apply before noon to-day at the factory, 248 Pro- ostst., Jeragy_Oity f _near Erie Railroad. CLOTHING SALESMANr$18;* bookkeeper. $15. ^Oentral, 235 Fulton at., Brooklyn. COLL ROTOR WANTED for the City oi Newark; B ready Fnglishman preferred; must havo $10 «Rh security; permanent position. Apply Metro- olitan Tea and Portrait Co., 48 University place COMPOSITOR—One accustomed to make upon book and newspaper work; state wagos and expe- ence. _Book and News. 337 World/ COMPOSlTO^WANTEb-Youth who can sot. typo fast and correct; Kngliah aiid German. 210 rand at. CONFROTIONER-Stoady pnoition to one an- dfii-s;finding counter good*. Cella, 800 GtL ave. irner 50th st. 3OOK—A good order cook wanted: one who knows his bueinens. John Hart, 004 3d ave. 3OOK in vo r y mnall reRttvurant. Call vhifl morning. 198William at..t--ornerFrankfort,buBemont. 3OOK—Wantod. nn o.v«tnr and chop cook, waiter and diahwiLsher n.t 1503 3d ave, ; call 11 A. M. COPYIST—A good rapid hand, quick and accurate; $1 per day. 280 4th ave. COPPERSMITHS—Wanted, four good coppersmiths ; mtiHt be first-clans workmen. Apply to opporaraith, 343 "World. CORHESP ON DENT—Wanted, m a commission house, Spanish ooirespondent; muut bo well orstid in English and pea oral office work: Btate oferencos and ualary required! B. 8., 178 World. 3>ENTIST—Young man wiflhmg to learn dentistry in all its branches, willing to apprentice hfmsetf ir three years i pay first year, $100; second year. 150'.-th.rd year, 8200. wlfcb privilege of attond- ig college»r. Address Dentiat, 39 World, 3IK-8INKEP—Wanted, first-das* d;0-H(nkar. Apply. vt r ,h • amnles, Brnxmar, 47 Cortlandt at. aiSWASHliH WANTED ac Pound's restaurant, 407 8th ave., at 7 o'clock. , >fSHWASHKR^.Wanted t man to wash diabes and mike himself useful in kitchen. Apply 203 liamberBSt. . • X>ISHWA8HER—Experienced dishwasher. Fulton st. t Brooklyn. 121 DRAUGHTSMEN—Wanted, striotly nrst-clnss dranifhtrtmen to mftko pen-and-ink drawmgn for iiotn-eneravlngs and zinc etchmgu; submit riaiii- le»of work. Blomgren Bros. &\Jo., ChtoagQ. 3DRIVER-Truok driver. . «T3T""aTso oarris'^e Kber. Central, 235 Fulton Bt., Brooklyn. DRZVBR WANTED, for ut 12th nt. truck. Tuthill, 45 DRIVER WANTED who thoroughly'know* New York and Brooklyn. Call, before 1*J o'clock this norning, iactory. 248 Provost Ht., Jersey City, oai* Krie Railroad. >ntf(TPLERK ' wANTED. Addresy, atatimr tBrms with board, or caii upon Alexander A. 'fay- >r. Hnnimit, N. J. • . ; • 'RUG OLERK WANTVD for the holidays at moe. 300 OJinton_gt.. Brooklyn. DRUG OLERK—Competent dru? ulerk wanted Apply E.L.Kandler. 1513 Broadway. DRUMMER or salesman wanted on clocks and lints. B. B. Howes. 112 Weat 14th ot. 3E3NO1NKER WANTKD for downttm-VoInce baJldIIIK: wagaa $ltt. Address aober. 103 World. SNQINEKIl—Wanted, competent en^ineeT"to take ohargo of Htoara plant. Address Steam. 240 World Offloe. SNGHAVER—Good letter engraver wanted for night work. Apply to Goo. Hegeman, 251 Gthave. FEEDERS -Gordon feeders wanted at 78 Trinity pUcu. ______ ordon nrens feeder wanted this morning, fimitn. 106 Livipgaton at., Biooklyn. pla don fetdera wanted. 47 Lafayette 45A8-MAN WANTED-^ tor Bijou Theatre, PIttL-_,, Ion to right party. A pply to lartholdi room 23, tul* afton > o'tilook. A capable, sober gas*man "ianucB; permanent sttua- R,M. Un»ok. Hotel •noon, between 4 And JOB OOMPOSITOB WANTKD at Qw. JTront " '», 7(tBartlettst. Brooklyn, B. D, JTOHENMAN, App MAN WANTED. Gall Campbell's, (Jliatliam Kqnarri^ 7.30 A. Al. MA(VHiNIBl*^enwiirhaiid« n~eod apply KH and 00 Walker st L __ MAN WANTKD to no Bonth~wlih exp«Tiei man ; must have $">(!(); c\u mako S-"iO wouk : pononce not uocnni-ary. »0 Wont 1-ith 8 Hable young rain who iit« hud FOIHO experfonci and willing to make hmi-nlf generally UHi>fi|l abou a maobhjOHbnp; no dude wanted; watee to com inwncp, Jft6 imr wp^k, Adtlresa, with rofurcnot: Mcchaiiical, 343 World Otflco. 3VJUSICIANK—Wfnted, young, strong, iinnmr ilvtl meii of Rnort ttiinT-'ft'-r t« "ff- an orderlies in the Utica, State Honpitr.J, pr.>rir e I thoy nrn ablo t< read iui-iic at sight, «ti-. ,,.«y oi,,* ot fc':ie foltnwmg instrtiu e its: bitsH viol, hecnrd r'otiu, tronibori'i violonconO, B flat oornnr, ' uba, tenor born, alt' 1 born, piano, organ : candidi t H f-Tiiiah tosti moniftl Irom latest o i m>loyor: w isro* 1 e fin at $2( per *nonth,wI(U board and lurthuig. Auar««n Dr.G A. Plumor, Supf rintnudnnt, Utica State Hotiplta-l Utica. N. Y. _ s OMNTBUB'WANTKr>ffi"roa,fo, also waiter. Tut bill. 45 Kast, 12th nt. OFFICE MAN WANTED, for wholem-ile nurd are baslnoaa. TuihtU, 45 Kwt 12th st. PAOKIUl—Wanted, in a downtown hounc. ninn to make himself aonorally useful; must ..nd»rfltand paoktnn find shipping ; Rive rftfor«neo& nnd salary required in own handwriting, Plait, away from Ycmket! on account of lockout. ;JE»"A^R-RULER-Wanted, a good-papar-rnlerto go to Baltimore; steady position to ri?ht ninn. Apply to Gano Brothnrs, 81 Dii/vno at.. New York. jC»lCPDLKR8 t-o sell ornamental graaaes. 2- Oltapel st. <raar), Brooklyn. and stand-keopnra wanted for the holiday tr^p. A, ,1. Pearl, 31 Allon st. ^HOTOGRAPUER-Wanted, a young man for copying.. 420 Grand Bt.. J?HOTO(iRAVHKR— A man for tho door, speaking fensUah and German. Call 413 Grand at. A poly inimoUlAtely, Duponc'B studio, 11C ___ _ POllTER "WANTED'for hotel; prefer colorad. Tutblli, 46 Eaat_12th et. _ ____ SALESMAN to'sell optical goods on commipBion samploa nicoly packod and easily carried. Arthur forth, Greenwich, Conn. 3ALERMAN nf aood address and gentlemanly appearance, onorgetm antt a worker; $25 weekly nan easily be made; sampled small ivnd work liglit; references and $50 security required; tbl& i» n ulendtd ohance to a good man. Greenwich Jewry Store, G-esnwioh, (Jonn. '—Wanted, a travelling Rileamna fm coach varuiah; a superior man can practically fix hfa own salary, aftar pro vine hit) ability to sell: it -on can till this bill, come ana seo us. Lawson Valentine Go. SALESMEN WANTED on salary or commission to hfuidlo the new patent chemical ink-erasing pencil; thearoateat selling novelty evor produced ; erases ink thoroughly in two tieannda ; no abrasion of paper ; 200 to 500 per dent, proiit; ooo agontU tales amounted to 8620 In six dnyfi, another $3" ntvro hours; we want one energetic general aneut 'or each State and territory; sample By mail, 36c. .''or terms and full particulars address The Monroe r Mfg. Co., Lacrosse, Wis, ALESMAN—Wanted, an experionced salesman who has a uooQ trade among retnilern. tu fiolt fine •Centncky whiskeys in bond and bottled goods; big ooinminsion paid; a snlen'Jid position offered. Address I, Abrahams,224 Trewout Bt., Boston, Mass. SALESMAN—Wanted, smart salesman to sell Kentuckey whiskeys In bond in Connecticut, Hasaachusetta and Middle Slates; Jarge co'mmitf- slanfl ; most have established trade and good references. Address J. J. Douglu.3 Distillery Co., 224 Tremontst., Boston. Mass. SALESMEN—Two olotuing salesman wanted for Maturdays, 2T2S .'Id ave. SALESMAN, with coma knowledge of saddlery goods, if nble to advance trom $2.000 to $3,000 m stock seuunby can eecnra a position vrith. moder- ,te salary and cntnmiHflioD. Ad<lvc»j. with age, experience, Ac., Hardware, 12.'18 BroAdxvay. S A LES MAN-^VVairted. a tho r miji h\y"ex(ieTieno*d lalesman for bottled ale and porter. Apply 71 iriok st. SALESMAN—Wanted, young man, experienced salesman, 318 Broadway, room 20. SALESMAN WANTED in stationery business; mast understand himself thoroughly in all ranches. Address S. B., 247 Uptown World. IHOEMAKER for rapatring. 17BV6 Bovrery. SPINNER on gold onne heads. Sohlichtin,? <t Smith, 187 Pearl st., Brooklyn, 3 blocks from ridge. STAIR-BUILDERS—Two competent, .fltatr-bulld- ers if an ted. Apply to Hermann & Blom, comer 54thst. and Elton ave., near lid ave. STKAM-FITTERS—Wanted, union steam-fitters, pply 433 West 42d at. STifiNOGRAP:iER—Young lady or ~~ learning stenography, good writer, banco to practise In office of large factory; state agon, OKQ and references. Address M. C., Sdies ''ep't.. Crane Cahoone Basket Co., Newark, N. J. can tie man oan secure _1TRKKTM£N and peddlera come up and soe the oclipaa paoKage of stationery; price lOo. -i3 'niveraity place, rooma 9 and 10. STREET MEN-Bflstft and 10 cent novelties out; half proftt. 137 West Broadway, top floor. STREET FAKIRS AHD SItOUTKRS"; sella on siirhc; big thine for little money. Oall from 8 till 1 A. M., 1252 IJd ave,, cigar store. TAILOR WANTED for bushelling. Apply be- 'ore 0 A.M.. T. Kelly, clothing department, 04-3 06 Wast 17th at. " _ MAN— Reliable young man; must nnclerstaud driving and make himself useful bout house; colored preferred: $10 monthly and oard; references. Dr. Ifayoa, 306 East 05th st. JSKFULMAN, driver, porter, waiter, assistant bartender._ 306 Waahington at., Broo«lvn. UJSEFUL M A N7~vrith"*tooUr^or~""flatT^oii tr a), 235 Fnlton et., Brooklyn. TtJBF.B'UL MAN—Wantfid, man to work in board- in« house, must understand furnace, make him- elf usetul; clly reference. 47 Kant 21at st. IITAITEVl—Active young waiter; $20 to start; sleep in house. 81 4-tft ave. THITAITER—Wamed. senond head waiter for Brat- claas city hotel: b»nt references required. Apply ee & Schaefer, 842 4th ava. VtF A ITfiR—Colored man waiter" wtated at 354 Weat 14U\ at. ^WAITER WANTED, uood man: also diah- washer. Noblett, 101 West 45th st. BOTTLER WANTED; good wages. Koblett, 101. West 45th st. WOODWORKER WANTED ; a K ood ntun will have steady employment. 43 Great Jones at. &RE YOU seeking employment ? Do you wantTto' ohftnge? BonkkneperH, canhiers, clorkfl, collec- ors. 8a\esmen.ffitchmBn. porters,packers,drivers, anitotH, coachmen, Htamemen, usufnl men, farm andu. grocery, drijff, dry-goods, entry, Bhippl7ig lerks, married couplou, bartendera, cooks, waitRTa, ictory handn and others plaood in good positions- f you want work call; new orders every inuil; infor- latiou frep. New York Bureau, 750 Broadway. ^5. YOUNG MAN on.'cloth and leather work who cart-casein. H08-810 Greenwich »t. &•—A,—A.—^AN enoTgtiita Irishman (OnthoHc), fair penniBP.for Hterdy position of trust; no objec- lon to one lately-Inndod ; some knowledge of bus- less neceflfiary; $10 weekly; bring referoncea. After 10, -Hi Y. Mfg. Uoncern. 34 Read* ut. 1L.-A.-A.— PAOKRR8 —BLOOM1NGDALB BROb. 3d nve. and 50th fit., requira at once xpert ohinR pni toy packers. Apply Delivery De- artmf*nt. 60tn fit., basement. "RIGHT" YOUNG MAN7~18 venrs. who nnder- bopkkeetun^ to makn himaelf aetioraily Harlem Paper Co.. 186 East 123d st. stands bookkeei aeful. CJOMPKTliNT MACHINE HAND for carpenter shop. 57 Ann at, •».:-• GOODMAN WANTED on ft wood-carving ma chine. H.enry Vogel. 311 Bovrary. . *.EMPLOYM"ENT~"-For employment apply Mor.oantile Agency, 308 Waehlnrrton at., Brook-n ; successful andj-oliable; eatablished 1870. HXP^RIBNOE'CTM AlTf .o7 butte^SnntefmTM; H. Moaes ACo.'s. 200 East 120th uC. IF YOU ARE OUT OF EMPLOYMENT or wish to make a chanize call at tbo old reliable Metro- olitan Agency; poBttiona procured ior bookkeop- rs, collectorH, clerka, sitlflsmen, portars, packers rivers, connluuun. stablemen, watobmmi. uaafal mon, farm hands, tearaatiira, coolm, waitera, nro- nen and mechanics; new orders evwry mail' Jotropolltan Agunoy. .685 BroadiTRy. •UDWIO BHO3.. JIB and 38 West 14th st.. r o- luire 50 dash boy« and-pnokers. «••.« MAN AND WIFR-Milking, farm work; Mf* houaeworJt; 830; lare paid. Noblett, 101 West nth st. - - ~%HF ANTED— An energMtlo ' ma"u tborottcUIv niifLint.Mrt »»i-f.>i uaAAnA-Y..., J ^_-t.J : __r. _ *. — W. 'MTANTEp-Young men inavery county to a"oll a nrlOQ and sign printer to retail dealers; send M ' Oflppon ' 43 ° st> JOBepg HE&P WANTED—W V-.TAln'ED—A'swiinVo work Saturday night )n , "troneiy ntor«. Apply «t '(70 8th a, r ANTfc,J>— 1'fl.rtieu capable of approaohiug pby« HiiHnnHon a book of nbeoluto n^ceflhlty ; ev^ry Ptntn in the Ii'uifjd Status muat bo covered. Tho Ilax-jn (Ja. , (JO West f -!:iU nt. ••> ,- _ _ ' TflfANTEO— A gonllminn of oJCpurinpco as mi- promp organ izer to iiimitnte lodges in'TfewYork aiul Brooklyn for a Urat-cutia lert"tspjftl sooiety. AcldriiHt. S, , World Buronu, L'jdeei* Building, Phil- adolphia, Pa. _ _____ __ _ ""IIBTANTED— A capable nin-nto puporvisn tho ninn- Kgemont of a wo'ndeu-box factory. A'tftrKus, stat- ins past eiperiancfl, JVInrihattau, ~44 Uptown s pa orld. the manufacture ot sqimro HHI pae l <hiR. Adilr«aB. ith full particulart*. P. O- box ;'/S. I'oiitiao, K. I. — Offlcen: innnacersin all citios in the Uoitod States, Amentum Alfg. Co. . dUjVT^ ,'.'3d st. •W"OUNG"MAlN "who" l\ M been Wployfld'VB'o'.Mk only in ft Btriotlv retail jewelry Bt.oro 'and thoroughly experienced. 40 Park row. Times, Build ing, TBTOUNO MAN WANTED to H-artMjn'nts cuitmiT; tmsy metbcid; tormrf low. Gtioige Anthony, 249 Bowery, ' ; ^^OUNG'MANrVvdtinrKnftlUhr to Assist aale^ man on the rond ; oxnonsow paid And^nod salary «t start. _AddrosH F. F. , ^(J;i World Office. SO "M KN~W A N P 15I>'" Pa"lma~JIoiSer!«i Bowery; rooms t3;ic. ; tree batna; tnodorn imp'monts, L."$40" ~0 VF HCO A TSrTftTior^rra ie7 T $i2~«30 usn avp.,B'k!yu. SITXT15KN " flowery; lo haths. SUITS «7id ovorcoutB. Cameron, SOU FlatliuBhave., B'klyn. WANTKl>-Pbenix,Vrlou80. 58 s. 15c. a uiglit; Bpring bedi ' J5.TTENTION—DR. « KIN OLE has deVoted hi* time for many youra to fcl.w wxclnswo treatment of diseases of men, from whatever cause arising; blood and Hkin diaeneo 11 , rod spotn, nams in bohon. t*ore turoat and mouth, blotches and nrnntlonH on the ak.ii, ulcnrs, painful nwellmsra. Ac., kidney and bladder dise.iHes, irritation, scalding, ihtlamuia- tiou, '.yoakiiftdH, nervous debility, impaired memory lost vitality, melancholy and other cliaeaaeH resulting from excesses.indiscretions or o per work, reoont or old, speedily, thoroughly, permanently onced; \ii lingering, chronfu diseases HijocessfuJly treated Patients wishing speedy relief and sure pura should consult DR. tJlUNDLK, >vhone long,, extensive experience enables him to apply the proper treat- in ant at onco without usoloaa experiments, thun ea-vlnn the patient much time and expense. Office over 10 years at 171 We"t 12th st.. between Oth iud .thaves. Advicofreo; hourd, 0 to 9. -Sundays. ) to 4, 7 to 8. ABILITY—DR. SMITH, 134 East 18th. st.. near Jd av«. station, oldent reliable specialist in New York Oily; both boxes; «kin dineaBes, btotobei, ul- jprs, Wood poinOD, sore mouth, throat, pain a in hoadi jack, cliest, bouea. irritations, «oaldmg,*bladder, {idneyH. heart, lunga; my treatment only one known :hat cures permanently; worat caaea nervous debility, weakness, lost vitality from ludiscretions; all ex- COBSOS in youth weaken and stop growth of organs: my superior knowledge, largest special prac- ;ioe, brings many from tlio country for a" thorough examination of their case and my superior treatment that haro boon deceived by misleading fret medical books, begun professors, agencies, comna- niejaml nit unskilfully treat eica80M;Iowast charges i quickest, satost reinediea known to nave suffering; nnrriage, ils requirotnputs physically considered. Write or cull; ndvioo t'reo; nuy difletuie; Q'to 9. JK.^DISEAS ES~ OF~^!7s>T7^^, dis-" charged, recent or old, blood potnon. sore ibroator mouth, oktn eruptions, blotches And colored spotb, running sores, pa nful swellings, kidney and bladder diseases, irritations, aonldlngs,. inflammations, Ac. ;woakneaj, nervoiia debility, errors of youth. reHtlesB uightn, impaired memory, ^weaknens )l will power, lost vitality imd other dieeasea resulting rt'oin exctetisos. indiucrotion or ovarworjc: ipeody and permanent cures perfected In old cases which havo bean neglected or unskilfully treated elaowhere. I have ovury remedy known tu aav'e tlmo and expense. For quiufc relief aud sure euro consult [)R. GREY, the well-known specialist, 130 East L7th at., uenr 4th ave. Lowest terms; advios free; lours, 0 to 0. Sundays, 0 to 2 and 0 to 8. ALL SEO^^~ANl5"~PKIVATE DISEASES of men cured in a few days ; no charge unless cure tit alao kidney, bladder, blood poisoning, ulcera, ikin diseases. Born throat and tongue, pimples, notches, aumorn, ab»ceaacR, diseased bones, lost vitality, weak back, nervous debility, errors of youth, weakness of body and mind; Buffer no longer i core is certain ; bear in mind practice makes perfect; 10,000 mires yuarly; my experience in thesa diseases is creator than any other; I gharaiiteen, quick and sum recovery; HutTerers 1'rom bad advice, should consult me without delay ; slight cases cured 'OUT days. Go to Dr. Haltatl'B celebrated Medi- onlInstitute. 14f» li'ast H)th st., near-3d ave;; marges low ; best advice freo. Hours J) fcb'O. .. SOU UK. 40 Wost ',"ith st., New York's leading peciallat for diseases of men ; tho worst ooees burea >y truo scientific niathods and s'iiU; divnReroaJ and chronic cases soJioited; avoid quackory w!tn bigb- ounding and extrava\'i:nt (idvertispinents; Dr, JouBchui'cures uerm'.urnt'y and nn qnickly na can arely ho don«. Hours. 9 to ;J anrt 0 to 0: Sundays, I to 1 ouly; write or call. ALL DISEASES OF MKN-Ulcprs, blood poison. JRTTBNTION. TAD IKS - Simm'a--. pennyroyal pills SI; failuro inipoflaible: a trial' wiirconriiiae ou. QUl ov write Phyaloinn. 8i> fiitat-10tb.«t. .— DiC ''' ..h Ht.. near 5th avp. ; longest fri pr/iotl«e, hoHpitnlfi, Ac., Loadon nd, .New York: all disc »afts or complamt-s; nuickest ures or no charge when otherir, f nil; either »ej; tewoat remedioe; n.eiicitie SI; udvlco free; 9 to 9. AT.L DTSKA.SE8-CUUKD"hy phyalotan, drug store 55 Grennwich at, , daily and .Sundays rom 0 A. M. to 10 P. M..; charge medicine only. H..-MRS. DK. BIEMIEK. «9 years'" graduate! midwtfer-y specialty; conttdential treatment ; dopts iniaiits. _-_229 West 4Sth st. , late 35th at*. '~"lp'eclalTy ; 25 ybaS* r no charge. Dr. P. - _ A.— D'H. GKAY BLIKN, ' ProfRHHof ; bf 'Tffld- wifery, 22U Lexington avo., 34th'-'-' at.— Jpe- oate attention ; experienced matron ;''imprpvebl ogitimate methods : painless treatment; ftre^nlar- tioswll bout detention ; affairs oonn'deuti&l ;9 to 0. A^MRS. KOKHLER, reliable ^German learned midwife; skilful treatment; fornalo complaiutsj uianls adopted ; prices moiieraro. S47 B. 84th st. A..— DR. CONRAD, Ind ies' pbyBJaian ; prfvatft sanitarium; smid Htamp for book: cprreapond- uce confidential. i!04 AV. ;Hth st. ; hours, IS to 8. JK, .— MES . EPP1NG EB, 241 Kast 1 8th'stT7 eiperi- enoed midwife: akilfii!, confidential treatment! m ale oomp 1 aiiits ;hifants adopted itorms moderate. ' treatment ; infants adopted. lr)7 East 81st St. A.— MBS. KRAPF, experienced mid wife, fern ale complaints, akillul treatment. 76 E. 8th st. >R. WHITKH.EAD treats fsmfiles; safety guaranteed. 2 18 Kast 48th st. .;". perfect •R. DE HARDT'S pennyroyal pills;-the only genuine made. Office, 1103 N. inhst., Pbila,,and :i6 W. 33d st. ;orHor.t byjnail, §1. Advice free. XHCRS. SCHAUB. la'iiWphysIcian: German graduate; first-class treatment for all fein&l« com- loints; private housa. 201 East 55th sb;<;; SCIENTIFIC, magnotioTreatm«nt7"be8t 'of reference. Mrs. LewjH,_iaO West 104th. Bt._^ (SUFFERERS of youthxul~Drror8 or special di»- en0os, consult Dr. Lobh. 329 North 15th st., 'hiladelphln, Pa, ; 20 yearn 1 expnrianre-; send for ook (Boolpd), containing full particulars for homo ure, free of charge. ..", CLAIRVOYANTS. S..MME. BENNKTT. clairvoyant and palmist. 23 8th st-^bet. 2d and 3dnvoa,. parlor floor; 9 to 9. '~ 3MCME. ANFORTHtracolaroyfln[B jaction given or no cCargo, 228 Woat •17'tn st. MMK ZINGARA7Byp»y."294-Gtb aytC; opposite Altman's ; lucky charm free ; hours 10 to «. PERSONAL. IF COKSTANTINB GKOKGI will return tho ' ^jOO Kodak negatives be took away-lie will b* uitably rowardod BRd no questions asked. Ad- rcasA. E. T., 325 World, uptown. 2P*HE LADY who rece"ived""$l,S cbango. that did nalbalonn to her iu a large dry-goods store on bursday will Have herself trouble by returning it tonce, " HOTEL BOTAlt, llrjant I'ark. 4Otli nt. nml OtU ave. On tfceEnropeau pl»n. Homelike, quiet and «n- onpr in appoiutmentR. with rostaurant'and onleina f tiiehest itandard/ Family rooms, S3, S3. SO, 83 •»r day. Rooms for Bflntjouien. $1 per day. BIOlllRD MEAgBS. eAprietor. t, Clare Hots!, 120 Park Row. SOc. to 75o. a day; $2. &0 to 44 a week. MAN.SIO.V IIO0SI!, BronkOn freights, ireotly oppouta Wall at.. New Yorlt,four minuMs* walk troui I'ulton or Wall st. ferry und'."t*ie hrldei. ermimiB: superior noooniDiodat.ipns:.,'J'essonabIo atesineleut mniily, and trmiaiept hotel^S.UO. rooms. ALLMAN HOUSE. 07 Kast 10th sL-Bloeantlj itirnislied rooms, families, Rentleinerei'tirs^olasB o»rd. «U to $12 wenlily: trnnslently, without oard, 50o. to*:l; wenkly, }|2 to 812; must bo Boon o be appreciated; best location in oit.y '; s: o.-B WfATTONjii, HOUSir, SB. 1 ) Od »ve.,nbelow 234 Bt.—Booms 20o., BDo.,nnd 30e.; ainijfe Beds Ipo. WINTER ATJLA-NTIO -.CITY, -H. .J. MR5..B. A. WOODWARD,; lae Koiuh Mur^lnnd ave. «e»t, eaa. buth, Ao. ;hitlt oqunre from oooan. Southern expo -uvts. Terms $10 to $15 por weak.' Opan nil tha year. ' <'^*-' PATENTS. for intoutors"; 40-pane book frea. UzGerald, Atfy-at-Inir. WanltMBton. P.O. K»Al'EJJTSformvontiouspicjc'irBd praoiptly: low ( rates. _Roedoi£ BrM(an,feNassau sJ..N.Y. 'STAHJABUE PA.TENTfor Bale: goo£ohano»S World ' t0 '° rm 8tol!lt com P»' | J r ' **»tept, 4<W

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