The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on May 10, 1915 · 6
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 6

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1915
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Monday, May 10, 1915. THE DAILY HOME NEWS SIX New Brunswick, N. J. THE DAILY HOME NEWS NEW BRUNSWICK. M. J. THE H,OME NEWS PUB. CO. HUGH BOYD Pres. WILLIAM B. BOYD Vice-Pre?. A. H. BOYD Sec. and Treas. ITRED GO WEN , Adv. Manager A. H. BOYD Managing Editor DANIEL J. WRAY News Editor D4ILY EDITION Single Copy. Two Cents: One Week. Ten Cents; Three Months. $1.25; Six Months. iZ.oO; One $5.00. WEEKLY J-JD1TIOX Three Months, j 40 Cents: Six Months. 75 Cents; One ; Year. $1.50 in advance. Sntered at P. O. as second-class matter THE HOME NEWS GUARANTtcb ITS C'RCULATION. BOOM H. 0. WILLIS ! FOR ASSISTANT TATE SCHOOL HEAD r nnv smi T MnriiT,TZTlO i hurly-burly or dust, uui nunj yeu- There was afforded a striking i pie of sedentary lives are giving Illustration of Boy Scout efficiency their interior organs a vigorous and In this city on a recent evening, j wholesale stirring such as they never wlin an nrder for mobilization was I felt before. sent out by Rev. P. K. Shield, Scout j Commissioner for New Brunswick and vicinity, and was responded to In less than forty minutes by over two hundred boys. These lads were not notified concerning the purpose for which they were called together, but presented Most people are accustomed to attempt longer trips in a single day than they can comfortably put through. If they go oul for longer periods .they still lay a route beyond the limit of easy travel. So in order to connect with hotel dining tables Yesterday's is-sue of the Newark Call, in its "Men and Affairs" column, printed the following strong endorsement of H. Brewster Willis, of this city, for Assistant State Coffl-mssioner of Education, to succeed the late J. Brognard lletrs. 'Educated as a lawyer and having (ievoicd the lat twenty years of his life to school work, II. Brews ter Willis, county superintendent of schools of Middlesex county, is suggested as a man well qualified for the position made vacant by the death of J. Brognard Belts, arasis- and save running at night, the fast, t try j tant. State eoiniii issionor. tart- hon.sBlves readv to perform any i to make up by running service that might be required of ! ing with conservative ideas of speed. them Their willingness and pre- they find the running gauge up paredness was impressive and results I thirty, forty or more from the systematic training they receive. Numerous situations suggest themselves in which such a body of well-trained boys might do yeoman service. That they are ready whenever the call conies has been shown. The community is proud of its Boy Scouts and recognizes that the oversight of their activities is in excellent hands. Who fears to offend takes the first Btep to please. Clbber. A PITBMO MARKKT. The news that Commissioner Mer-ehon has determined to push the public market project and promises an early try-out of the proposition on the Burnet street lots, recently acquired for market purposes, will be welcome tidings In many households. For years the early-morning gatherings of farmers and hucksters in certain sections of tho city has been an unmitigated nuisance, the abatement of which would in Itseir constitute a sufficient excuse for establishing market facilities. But there is the added advantage that better goods and more advantageous prices are likely to be secured by the housewives of New Brunswick when they have opportunity given them to deal with tho farmers direct. The site selected is easy of access from all parts of the town and Is well-night ideal for the purpose indicated. The market will be put into operation on a very modest scale and this Is wise inasmuch as the plan is much of an experiment in New Brunswick. We predict that the project will soon demonstrate its popularity and fully vindicate the Judgment of former Mayor Scott, who took the initial steps toward making this enterprise possible. Laboring toward distant aims sets the mind in a higher key, and puts us at our best. Parkhurst. auge up to miles an hour without objection. It. it remarkable that there are not more accidents. The reason is that drivers acquire a remarkable capacity for instant, well-controlled action, which averts many a crash or upset. The philosophic motorist's first thought is not as to when he is going to get home, or what rate per hour his machine is moving. It does him little good to pass through a lovely country with eyes only on the wheel track. He must observe the scenery, the human scenes of village life, the distinctive characteristic of towns. Ixve of mere speed seems a rather childish sentiment. The boy feels It in snowy countries, when he gets out his double ripper nd coasts down steep hills at Imminent danger of breaking Ills neck. Usually on becoming a man, ho drops his sled along with the rest of his toys. But If ho has now bought an automobile, ho seems to have renewed this boyish love for pure velocity of motiqn. if he wants to get the best of his outing, he must find it not in tho movement of his speed gauge, but In his wider range of observation of tho nature beauty and human life of his section. When WiUis was studying law as a young man he taught school for a time and later he as.-lsted his father. Rev. Ralph Willis, who was county superintendent of schools. At the of his father, about a score of years ago, the young man was appointed in his place and has faithfully discharged the duties of I the position ever since. "It was largely due to his efforts J that every public schoo! in New Jer-i ey has an American flag, and Wil- lis has in other ways done much ! for the school system of the State. He Ifi an excellent speaker, and because of the experience he had of' teaching a few years while a young er man he knows the viewpoint of the teaieher. "His brother, W. Spader Willis, is principal of the Newark State Normal School, and, like the county superintendent of Middlesex, he is an efficient schoolman." Rev. Snead Would Be Member of Beverly City Commission BEVERLY, May 10. The Rev. T. Snead, Episcopalian rector, is the only candidate to iile a nominating petition for the position of city commissioner, made vacant by the resignation of Commissioner Thomas Lee. Trust not in the world, for It never payeth what it promlseth. Augus tine. FOR .. A GREAT OPPORTUNITY CITY AND STATE. One of the greatest benefits accruing to New Brunswick should the College for Women be opened here, as planned, would be that the young women of this city could supplement the education we are now able to give them in the High School and at the Misses Anable's School by taking the courses, or part of them, in the new college. What city would not be glad to have such an opportunity? Look at the number of New Brunswick boys who have received college education solely through the fact that Rutgers is right in our city and can be attended without having to consider the usual heavy expenses of traveling to and from it and boarding away from home. Ask any j Rutgers graduate what he thinks of j the good the College for Women ! would be for the girls of New ; Brunswick. He ought to know, and J can give but one answer. There are j lots of capable girls who want ! higher education who will not be ! able to get it unless there is a ! college for them to enter here. And they are girls who deserve to get j along and he encouraged, deserving j of the same chances to ake their name in this world as the young mjen. Prominent women of New Brims-i wick have raised over $7,000 for ' this most commendable project and more than grateful for this acknowledgment of the worthiness of the proposition. It has been suggested that an intensive campaign in the entire State be started this week, on account of the necessity of raising , the entire $75,000 within this month. It is decided to do this, so we trust the New Brunswick women will have the heartiest co-operation of those who can help and that the : Homeopaths to Show Movies of Body's Organs at Work ASBURY PARK, May 10. The sixty-second annual session of the New Jersey State Homeopathic Medical Society will convene Thursday, beginning a three days' session at the North End Hotel, Ocean Grove. Dr. Joseph H. Bryan, of this city, is chairman of the local committee of arrangements. President C. Herbert Church, M. D., of Newark, will make the introductory address. One of the feature sessions of the convention will be held Thursday evening, when Lewis Gregory Cole, M. D., of New York, will lecture on the positive and negative diagnosis of surgical lesions of the gastrointestinal tract with moving pictures taken with the aid of X-ray movies. Dr. Cole took over seventy-five X-ray pictures of Dr. Bryan's stomach and intestines about three weeks ago, which will be shown. Many other interesting pictures along these lines will appear, showing the workings of the various organs of the bodv. the lecture will be open to the pub lie. Rev. Mr. Snead was until recently assistant rector of Christ Episcopal Church, this city, and Is very well known throughout the State on account of his decided position against the acceptance by ministers of reduced rates on the railroads. 1 TfBg nraBv In flt til I Columbia Fbvtbm in j record is U 1 Columbia ' P ' a'' T e FigM a danicc e sure fo get a Record uMe-Disc JOAN SAWYER famous originator of the foxtrot, has had her own Persian Garden Orchestra make a number df Columbia Dance Records. They're the real thing, too ask to hear them I DANCE to Columbia Dance Records and you dance to dance music that such well-known authorities a9 Joan Sawyer, Julia Sanderson, Vernon Castle, ravlowa and Mile. Dazie say is absolutely correct in tempo, rhythm, tone ana in tne selection or me music u&cn. Over 150 modern dance selections to choose from on Columbia Dance Records One -Steps, Fox Trots. 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