The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTIIEVILLB. JjAUK.)' COURIER NEWS, U Society Calendar . , Saturday Tli? Children of '^e Confederacy will • meet Satu^ay afiernoo:i at the home of ,.I!ss Maurlnc Branson .at 2:30 o'clock. EqlcVtalns Club and (iiicsls. Alii. Thurman Clemtns was hosl- ess to members of the Eiurc Nous Bridge club and a nunib?r of guests Thursday afternoon. Sprins flon'ors and decorations, appropriate to Easter, added a dec- brfttive note to the attractive ho:ne. In the bridge gan;cs Mrs. Jew White wns awarded a bud vase for high: guesl prize and the club prize, a dunce handkerchief, went to Miss KaUierhie La^vler. Assisted by her mother, Mrs. Frances Muiphy of Holland, Mu., Mrs! Clemens 'tevvtd a cliccsc salad with greci* bread sandwiclies unit coffee. Besides the club members t li c gues.ts were: Mrs. Joe Kirby of Paragould, Miss Rose Emilia Sebaugh of Holland, Mo., Mesdames K. S. Carmen, Robert Grimes. Bst- |cy,rMarv!n Cliamwlle. Sam Manatt, ; 'dess White and William Trotter.,. * » • CIu^' Ifas Guesl. iflss ilnrion Tliornberry of Mil- waufce, Wls., was the guest oi Mrs. M. O. Usrey yesterday when s':ie alsof; entertained the Mlii-Week Bridge c)ub. The" luncheon (ab'e was gay will! miniature baskets of L'aslcr esss and;': rabbits, in pastel shades, nnd spring flowers alwui ihe lio«senin<le othar attractive dECOrntions. After the delicious tv.-o course metul was served contract bridge vas ; played. Mrs. H. A. Smith won the >'•' high score prize and Miss Thofnberry was presented a gilt. Entertains Club. . . Mrs. \Y.'C. Hlggltison was hostess to Ihp Young Matrons' Bridge club Thursday nflernoou when she also liad'as her guesl Mrs. Joe Triescii- man.. In, the bridge games Mrs. Victor Bray won Imgeric . for the high More. prize. A similar gii: was pre- ferited Mrs. Trieschman. DeUcious refreshmeiits of iiozon fruit'sa.lad, hot rolls nnd coffee was served. For the Liulcst Wcclclinir Belie Club Has "A Tarty ^Members of the Young Matrons Bridge club 'and their husUiuuU enjoyed the 'iiibiftnly nishl p.irty last evening when Mrs. Victor Bray and-. Mrs. W. P. Vc.iyoy jr., were hoslesses. Besides iliese Mr. and Mrs." F. B. Joyner, Mr. and Mrs. Jo3 Trieschman were present nl tfe Vtazcy home. High score among (he men in Iho club, hose, went to Max B KciJ and 'Mrs. W. C. Higginson won nn Italian pottery vase for high among , Ihe jadles in the club. For winning high'-gucst honors Mrs. Joyner rc- coiycd a set of ash irays. A .delicious fruit saiad was serv- cd wilh coffee. cheese sandwiches and Guests at Club. Mrs. Otto Kochtitzky was hast res (o the Thursday Luncheon club and Mesdames James H. Bell, W. B. Tanner, Charles !\fartln and Josiai) Fort of Clarksvllle; Tenn., this week for ^delightful luncheon and bridje game. Spring flowers formed centerpieces for the luncheon tables arranged for the delicious'two course menu. High score among Ihe nicsnbers Mrs. W. M. McKcnzie and Mrs. -Bell won Ihe guest award. Continue forties. • Miss Louise Lcggctl will cuter- lain .the Friday Night club of liic younger junto.- and senior high school set this evening. Several interesting affairs have cnlcrtained the group recctly. Mis es 'Jane Branson and lin were hostesses for lhe"pa ceding last week's affair. When Doris Dpbyns nnd Jean Secoy were hostesses there was a tacky party with Joe -McGhce v.'ii candy for the prize. • : * * " I JfcQiuin-Jolly. | The! marriage of Mrs. Marv M.; Bits of News Mostly Personal AJI dressed up for p. spring: iveddlug tr a lovely party, the little Miss --isu lias a crisp, qium; embroidered frock this year, In delicate pii:k or baby blue or tvcn jcllow or greon, created by Gordon m Louden ai:d Jmp_.rttd uy Boiiwii T^ier of Neiv Vcrk. Mr. ana Mis. Viclur Dray ami I -on, Cnapiile, v.vnt lo .Mempuis 10- .Kiy ior a uaeo uuys vi^jr. Miss Luiuiny uuyctt is a palisnl :ii tin.- Mempnls baptist, nospilal. Mis. i'i-c(i VS'urien is ill at jier l-,omc on Ciiickabiuvoa uvemio. nei Uiiiicniui 1 , .uarjurie, M nnpiovinvj toiiownii! •"! nintis. LUCK Jcuni 13 u paiiem at tho Biipcv. nuspiuii in Mempius. ».iii>. j'L'un k'iuiai'L ol »Scw Vork ciij, wlio nar,' uetii jvisluiur. her lite, 1 , iviis. Howard u. ivccior, aim lamity lor fuur u.jeks, plans to lo Lime HOCK 'mesuay lur u iwo .'to siuy wlui another uiuignier. j \viii reiina neie lor anotner it. ueioio reuinun^ cusl. Mis. l-ruclor, wno was seriously injmeu i slriitl! by an auiumobnc a Jiieiuli uyo, i:; now convalescing. Meo.v:.H Mary Lynn bass, inez Wneckr and iJons urowcier of jir- tnojci aru in Memphis lor t:everu uays visit. unit, iviyn'j M. Horn-land and daughters, accomiianicd by Miss ivluijuiic S'.ewau, spent 'inursday in Ivienipliui^ \V. -M. huniatjs, of Memphis, Is attending to urines sphere. Jerry Uolitn is ill al his home in the I'ruie Miuurus. Muses iiartj.iroi Merrill and No!lie Kcrr will go lo ll'.eir homes in *-.'i5.icniten, AI-K., ior inu Easier va- Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Kirby, Mr. an:i Mi-s. hiion W. Kirby spent ycstci'ciay in Memphis. Mi. and Mis. uuo KcelitiUUy unu Mis. W. B. Tanner are in Memptils lo day where Ihey wnl meet Mr. 'ianner who is returning home irom a business r visit In Louisiana, -*' Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Leech have as their t'liesls Mrs, Zullmcr Leech and Iwo sjns, NVilhnni nnd Alexander, uf Tipiunviile, '1'cnn. Mrs. Jcsiaii Fort aim children, Joaian jr., and Nancy Enmibotn, nre retnrnini; lo Iheir home In Clarks- vnie, 'Jciin., loinorrow iiiicr sei'enu weeks visit with Mis. Fort's pareius. Mr. and Mis. T. J. Mnlian. Mr. and Mrs. Mahan and Jlrs. James ii. Hell will accompany uicm to J.icniphls. Mrs. L. L. McDearman, of Lux- <-ru,.v.-as Um gucot. of Ur. nnd Mrs. 1. it." Johiuscn lc<lnj\ Mrs. Anna Wcinberg has reiuin- | cu irciii Eudor.i, ArK., where KIIC Ims been visning Mr. and Mrs. Carol Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. li V. u. Holland has returned from K-'-rlc. Ark., where he accompanied an old-f.,,,0^ llchn coliar. with hand-pleating 11™""^! «^ nnd'N;:,,,^^'of^aS,- tcoi aioand Hie waist, to make the :nosi acloiaule butterfly Daw' " L ' llc , Ark., wiu i-Ltiirned lo al the back, almosl like (he obi ::iost acloiuole bultcrny baw liitle J.iULinese girl's klsiwno way Christian Church lo Have Special Easier Semce iCaulaia Tells Sloi-y o[ Last Week on Earth Tl'.c First Christian chmxb \.r,si nave s|X'cial s;rviei-.s s-.n:;i.iy la • eoinmcmoration o[ Lus'.pr. '!',:,• "\Vj- . "•an's Missionary foci-;y -, :i s.,,;,^. i soring a f.mrise pi.iyn- ifrvi;e at i sun; ol i) o'clock am! a: Hie mornuij; elr.irdi I 1 art I'.oiii- s. musieal program bj It-.ii.tim Ti-.e C.nitai.i, ;!:.- l-i:sv i'r^ ua:i n: ;. a:J5 o t . la:c .- .,; jri: •• i;o pi't^nfil a I .-:.,,, uiuie.i iin 5 . will iw -bri-at eavcy, Ark., inter siiL'ntliiii! il:e lia-iter holidays here. -Mrs. J. 11. i.ritzius litio relum- ed from New Oilcans where sue spent uvu months v>nn hur ler. John T. ami Chuck Long, sons of Mrs. Joan 11. Long, are ill iroin in- lUicnza. Their sister, Vces}', is bet ter today iolio\ving several days illness. Julian James, of. Memphis, is attending to business here. o:r.,- wnu-.i u ;: s'.ury .11 b - J • Cohen left lest, night for a oins' l;.so was on L.UIII. ! tusmcss trip to Jetlt-rson City, Mo. i is on the the !:( Tlie p.-,s;or. ihe Rov :iter, will sy^ak lii-lefiv jsct, "ifam Evci:-b ;:i Jesus," i^oiig with liju iiiniiberj. Tiie iiroarain i:i fni: ( c ., Piolitde, Misses Gl.idy.i and Miiurtd Jura: -7-1; scripture. :.l;,t:. lyuK:.s!i; -SUM th i; Ci^^'rw 'ioi prayer, K .M. 'u-iry; -Christ .\i\ii-.-. I: I ll.e Uc'^rl O; i.tiin b -" aim uie sjoop.d (nvisun tn me t;:eini- "ji.istvr .\hinms, oy i by n H oy .\ recctly. Miss- itr.olr; solo, JJiw -Minnie Maltha,'j- • Virginia Mar- jduct, "In the Kcaot Pian:." c .\i 'i-. Ihe parly p.- c -. tjs »c anrt Iiuscoe MJ:T!:-.;';•.:::i'.i'm '^'.', . tor of. the First Methodist cmiix- The ring service was read at o'clock. Mr<-;and Mrs. McQualn will Ii at, Detroit wnere the bridegroom employed at the Ford iaclory. "Calvary." clwn; . li;(1 Cross," Ko. 251; cj'.u '-e; fiuar^-ttj.'c. U. Hu::'. JCI;L.\ c. i'. Kr.iv. v - ;; ili>:r:i; "M.ii:, Ev-iu o; 'Jesus," K. K Li!'.' ".My H^ieeir.rr ' :^"\ T:>. V L. J.i,>,._;i v :;iid .v.r. Ai ^iiL^r ol 10 1 Jio.utl: ti, Alia, ^i; ' iiujoict 1 , O Chun-; • j n e Come lo End He rvtiirncd yesterday from a b stay in iMeinptjis. Mrs. Earl bucklcy, who has bsen very ill, u better today. out of town people who attended the funeral tf Mrs. Sarali Cannon here yeslerday were: iier sis- ler. Mrs. S. T. Harding, of Fiiin Midi., Mrs. Wiliiain atcwart, niece ol Mi-uiphia. Mr. nnd Mrs. M. McUynalct oi Luxoia. U Ji McDiiimant ami MI S S Alice 'M : . ' Cannon, daughter, o f Mcmiihis. Services at Luxora forH. P.Reederj LUXORA, Ark.— servk; fo:- H. p. Keeder, age 70. were cjiv filled from the Baptist JlnitMiiiy afternoon av two ui-- Ul .-,- , wis. liliie pastor of t::c cliiircli, Hcv ! I'- U. Kinsohins;. ollk-ialmg. 'ihe deceased is survived by s>v- ei'al chllriren "• l-lV.Jli:; for .^ Un; ci:-.:r.-ii uf isnnjy m;.,H ,,:i,i Masons Meet Tonight i at \VUscn. . t M14' Winnie Virgil Turnsr, coin-.-! uu ty supervisor, was (he principal! i-lvc'i '•- -••• ••" speaker at ths meeting of the Wil- :iJ. '<j- ","' """"-,• . son Community club Th-arttiay ?(-': Jj (.•-,. L'-r" ' Icrpoon at Svilson whon she spoke- J-iu't" vi"'\^ on "Art in the Schools." j ar.d -fcj-^-d-i'v n"••' The. discussion was made morcUiUi ti"i"i;'"v p^> inieresting by a demonstration cl! ct!:..,• :: picture memory conlesis In which i sinn!-.'.-. siudcnls of the Wilson EC'IIOO', toe/.! A K"-.V_:C c : ti-.:; No Stcrj" Hour. ' i £u u Adaau aim Mrj ' t 'vc'V'i- Tr.erc will be no Etory hour Sit- i o. ! Paiasu;^, v .l: 0 wci'-"lv're \V urday morning at Hie public :.- i ncid..y. 'H.c- licv M- ]ic-'--i hrary b^ause of the showing of !>":•*"' to I'.ir.vovM v ; t'!'--, the film -Robin Hood at the Home i > f "-''* he v.v.s - r.e't. „ ; ci {,. ./'. Tiicatre by the Central Shpe store.; -^ oi'-ntr ^..-.u;. : ..-.y";:u- :;i ; v .j |,y"f i '.'. — —. —• ' : ''« in;:ias in c.;v. Vfiiczusla is increasing its pc-! . !-.._ t.-oleum production ur.til now- ils' V/crn t:!j-. it-jc;.;:,;^ .,.-0 - ; hionlhly exports liave reached 10 - i D ' jli '- to",-.n i)V ui-' 000,000 barrels,. ' ' "' :.-..!.-. T;I C Ciiickasawca Lcdt;e Nj 13; ' viioiL- ' F - »»<l A. M. will hold ti.eir j-p-cii] : on.ii; ^iinu,' tuar. I c °rainun:cr,tion at 7:30 p. ln \Viri- ' ' ..-..s, j' 11 '- ;c Entered Apprentice .'..IT, ! Vis ' tin i5 brothers welcome." il.e i'-:i cp.:i ar..i .,.ipo:.uion ul Waste heat from a i:iu!!ici]nl electric plant in a city i> Hied lo warm Krcci'.hOuHo m w-a:c!i vcsclnblw sre raucu'mit of ilicu- recuiar seasons. CHICKEN DINNKK lllc Served Saturday in build- ini; next (o Uo»ti'ry hv women of l.silu- Strccl M. K. Church, I I' r.r.di up n;r.i:i. DRS. OSTIiOl'ATUlC PHYSICIANS H.-iKorrliiiids i'. ! H.ES'. Var:co.-i\! Veins also Skin Cjncrv.- ••"1 7.iii.i-;n:»::', :.!r.:c;- vr;::ovcd \vilhou: ^:]r^erv. Weak ,\:;:\ :i!',:i Arcl;.'s Coneclc.1. i'liiik- 311 MV.;ii ' ,. hnn( , , |S FOR SATURDAY and Yellow Fruit pound GRAPEFRUIT Florida £ l 5 SiT 1 " Tie I LETTUCE CARROTS 5c BEETS lei y\t!ifur«sstiKf^;}j\f^ By Brookffeld Guaranteed fresit Limit Dozen STRING BEANS TOMATOES SYRUP Cnm&c - l >S <: e Limit with groc i erles, lOLbs. Sunny Br«ok l Dcan>!i ' Ciinovil House; I'onnd Plain or Self Rising 24-lb. Sack SAUER KRAUT_ ^ c " aO-fifl "'> * X'vS^'f *^ X "'" "I! I'" fci''ti£? S& APPLE'S ^T 1 ^ U *Jil Jli it i-/iL.SJ j> I'ullllUS tt«*iiJ Crystal White or P S G 10 bars 3 Packages . o!<i Diuch .a K? ^ fl :» Cans lS>€ CRAPE JIM Na cu . 11-Oz. <%g, £ •2 HcHlcs for ^ '' * " full dressed, fancy fat, pound PORK ROAST '-'"•";:: VEAL ROAST PIG OVER Links i» |ioim< boxes. All Kinds. Pound BEEFHOAvST ULLii HUJlOl c COTTAGE CHESS 'S™ e .. rS i)est pure corapoiHjd ib 3ffii?s;-3-LEii^3.s!3.aia35lSiIii^ " *•••^Bf^Jf.^*^*^V.T\^^^ty^;^..w^»^^.>.-rV*^'|Tf

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