The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 5, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY 5, 19*1 Victory Gardens More Important Vegetable Shortage Seen As Result Of Farm Labor Crisis "continued reports or a serious cut In (lie acreage of farm-produced vegetables, particularly of tomatoes and beans, as a result of inc farm labor shortage indicate Hint Victory gardens will be the main source of canned vegetables for the civilian population In 1944 Miss Cora Lee Coieman, counts home demonstration agent, said Oils week. , Reports from the commercial tomato producing areas of Northwest Arkansas, Southern Missouri, and other sections of the country, Miss Coieman pointed oul, indicate the acreage of tomatoes to be grown for canning will probably amount to only half that p-.miictt in 1913, and that, the commercial bean acreage will be materially reduced also In recognition of Ihe vital 1m-' portance of Victory gardens to the' nation's food supply, the Office of. Price Administration is granting special gasoline rations for travel to and from garden plols this sum- j mcr. Conditions tinder .which gaso-l line for up to 300 miles or travel m/i'THKVILLE.(ARK.)' COURIER:NEWS Germany Keeps Few Secrets From Air Scouts * • • » . . . « H«i,,: An gffleer wl.,,1, a spoo | „, „ In, « he «»„,!„„, | he |.,« sl ,ip of llepU , m brought back from :, rcconnalssnncc flight over some i,:ul of .he Nazis' K Umvnn ••t m ( n ^' BY S. J. WOOI.I' NKA Stafr Correspondent AN A. A. P. HEADQUARTERS, line for up to 300 miles or travel AN A - A - R HEADQUARTERS, /or the season may be allowed are Ensland.— Tills is a story about, the as follows: - . | lone wolves of the Air Force. They i »„„.. !„.. „.:,„...,,.. , . Regular cultivation of a JJIUL — measuring at least 1,500 square lC1 ' 5 | lone do not travel feet devoted to the .'production of vegetables; driver's labor must be necessary to the garden's cultivation.' 2. A ride-sharing arrangement must either be made or evidence presented to show that no sucli arrangement can be reasonably made. If the ridesharing involves the use of more Iteui one car, all applications for the special rations must be presented to the board i at the same time and the total ration issued for all cars in Hie group may not exceed 300 miles. I 3. Proof must be given that no alternative means of transportation is available. 4. 'fhe garden should be near enough to the individual's year-round home so lie can visit the garden about twice a - or fighters. 'Ihey . In packs like bomb- guns for their protection, and when attacked their only means of escape is their wits and their speed. Comparatively little Is said about the work they do. Yet .Ilicy are the eyes of the Army—its scouts and spies. Before I came to this Photo Reconnaissance Group and saw what it was doing to pave the way for Ihe big |jiL5li, I thought that most of the aerial snapshooters' work was taking photographs of Hie damage done by our planes. I did not realize that they are largely responsible not only for. the targets which are picked for our bombers to hit but also for our bombers finding those targets. They not only obtain the data from which maps can be drawn but they also carry on a system of espionage so effective that it sup- week during- flic period ill which planting, cultivating and Inn-vesting; must be done without needing more gasoline, than for the 300 miles provided by Ms special ration together with whatever mileage is available in his basic "A" ration. To prospective gardeners who have made no plantings as y et, Miss Coieman pointed out that there is still a large list of vegetables which may be grown for early summer and later production Among these are snap beans, both bush and pole, lima beans, sweet corn, cucumbers, cantaloupes, eggplant okra, peppers, New Zcland spinach sweet potaloes, mid tomatoes. AU}i,df.,the- vegetables.- listed can he planted during the next week or. two with good success, she said. Detailed ' Information on varieties methods anrt rate of seeding, am cultivation practices, Miss Coieman advised, are available in Extension office located on the first floor of • court house in BlytheviJJe. spool to another over a lamp shin- specially In railroads or airdromes ing inioiigh a square dinning In a ethers know nil about the luctus- draughisman'.s (able. Parker was (rial orBiintallons In different ell- Kith him and explained the shots ies. The; arrivnl of boat.s In one as they passed. j llnl | K)1 . , c n s „ 1Trllllll _ st()ry . ,„„,,„ This was the first.Interpretation] (ruffle tm „ milroad discloses an Ihe Robert lieirynuin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph lierryiimn, who lias :en Inking his boot (raining nl San Diego, Ims been Iransti'iictl LO Los Angeles, where he will nt- lend n radio school for ID weeks. Virgil lioyil, also or Blythevllle, la alteiirtlng the same school. T, c. Hawkins, son of Mr. imcl Mrs. 11. L, Hawkins, has been promoted to rank of pharumclsl mule J-c In the Navy, Recording to u [<Hter recently received rrom liini. He Is somewhere In New Oulnni, mil wrote his parents he was In -•xrollcnt lionilli, Curl Hood, CM 3-C, Is now solving with the Scnbccs In Ihe Mur- shnll islands. He is the son or Mr ami Mrs. S. M. Hood. Ulythcvllle. Corp. Guy Rogers Is now will) an irdnnncc company stalloncil In Engliiml, mid Ims written friends that the English are very hospitable. Corixiriil Rogers wns'employed «!• the Franklin Press prior to entering the armed forces. Slnft Sei'Bl, Gcoi-ge E. Bites now is stationed somewhere In the South 1'ncJflc. He wrote friends and NO ASPIRIN FASTER . and selected pictures other, whilu activities of factories were checked off and sent to be provide clews of the tvpc of ma- prlnled at top spued. Some days as Berlin which is being shipped, many as aa000 prints are made,! Dally photographing of the same many of which can be viewed targets over the continent Is car- through a stereoscope. i ried on. ft is throuuli the eyes of Then the inteiureters get to work, the Army thai General Elsenhow- men arc experts in differ- er views the panorama or war and n , ™ S °T " re , CI1 B |1CC1S ° lh - k "' ll "l"t' ill) his uil,,,| ivhen and cis aic naval authorities. Some (where to strike CHICAGO (UP) _ El Salvador, smallest of the mainland American republics, is the first to complete that sectioii of the Inter-American Highway lying within ils borders the Chicago Motor Club reports. Political Announcements , Tire Courier News has been «u- thorlzed to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Dcmo- | cratlc primary In August: STATE REPRESENTATIVE ALENE WORD (for re-election, Post No. 2) W. J. WUNDERLICH (for re-election, Post No. I) J. LEE BEAR DEN (for re-election, Post No. 3) LUCIEN E. COLEMAN E. C. "GENE" PLEBMAN (Past No. •!) • SHERIFF AND COLLECTO* ~ HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNTY TREASURE!! B B. (SKEET) STOUT MISS DELLA POBTLE COUNTY JUDGE ROLAND GREEN (for re-elcclloii) CIRCUIT COURT CI.KRK HARVEY MORRIS (For re-elccllon) COUNTS' CLERK T. W. POTTER (for re-election) COUNTY ASSESSOR OSCAR ALEXANDER plies nearly all our Information on what is going on behind Hie enemy's lines. The records which they bring back ivitli them on (ilms are, stories of enemy concentrations' and movements, of new fortirica- lions and gun emplacements. They arc tales of the loading ot transports and troopships, and the sail ing of convoys. In addition, they keep tnbs on the output of factories. SHOOT cr.osE-ui's OF TAUGEl'S When one of these dare-devils lakes off there Is lillle of the fanfare lhat marks the departure of a group of bombers or fighters. A small ground crew Is on hand and a couple of cameramen drive up in ,a. jeep and place .three cameras in the small plane?" diic siioots 'dowh- \yard. the other two'point out obliquely on either side. This is the only armament. The buttons on tile pilots' sticks set film, not belts of machine gun bullets, moving. I saw Lt. Charles F. Parker of Philadelphia climb into his Lightning after h c had been briefed. He had been told hij target, how high to fly and the information he was lo brins back. Sometimes it Is necessary lo swoop down to within 200 feet of the target. This ; is called a dicing mission, because the pilot knows lie is gambling with death It was impossible to tell from his actions whether Parker was setting out on one of these dangerous .sorties. Grinning, he waved cheerful good-bye to his ground crew. There was the usual "sweating out" while hc was gone. When the radio brought word of his return the jeep dashed lo the lan'dlng place. Scarcely had the plane stopped before its cameras and film were being rushed to the laboratory. . PICTURES REVEAL ENEMY'S PLANS White hundreds of feet of film i 10-inch spools wn.-> being quickly processed and dried. Lt. Parker was sitting in the map-hung inler- .'ogalion room delivering a travc- ogue to Capt. James N."Morion of Han isburp;. Peiui., an Intelligence officer. Within an hour ot the ar- j rival of Die film, Lt. c. A. Ander- isnn, of Denver, Colo., was scanning it as he wound It from one YELLOWSTONE PARK,, Wyo., (UP) — Natlonallj'-famous yellow- stone Park will lie open lu tourists this summer although many of the services of the past years will be discontinued. foh _ _ MOROLINE L - HAIR TONIC @> in Town L°«l Osed Car Values Now is your opportunity to buy a LOW A1ILKAGK Ford or Chevrolet wilh u Guarantee Thai llcaltv Counts. Own a City-Driven Car shipped here from the East Coast. 1940 CHEVROLET "Master Deluxe" COACH 1941 FORD "Super Deluxe" TUDOR SEDAN !94I CHEVROLET "Special Deluxe 1 . 1 COUPE 1941 FORD "Deluxe 6-Cyl." TUDOR SEDAN 1941 FORD "Super Deluxe" CONVERTIBLE CC. Sec Our Other "Foremost Value" Used Cars Now. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tel. 4M M'aliiul at Bill mm REDECORATED IN 3 HOURS Paint Over Wallpaper, Plaster, Brick, Etc. 7«JiM» comti In pair* form. Can bi mln«J k (uil « jiffyl • Iff one big surpris* «t(l»r anotfu* -when you rodscorat* • room witli d«nt ov«r old w«llp«p«r «r luriacm. And that on. oo«t auy b* •PpliKl to W> tfcaa two hotn «nrf efr/M In ont hoar. You c*n «ciru«lly tuug op plctum 60 mlnutM iftar palnHnj with Techtdal A*k w to |iv« jou th« whob itorj of thi» d«velopm«at ia mil pfl*. Ttchid* walli moy be quitMx waihcd wilh mild loop and wclir. •AM IN I eOU)n ANB WH1T1 PITTSBURGH PAINTS MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) BLYTHEVILLE :- : ARKANSAS "SQUARE DEAL" No. 10IG83 fllinncsofa Sl.ile Champion 1912, Senior Pig All American Champion, 1012, Senior Tioar Pjg ' FOR SALE A few choice FALL BOARS sired by SQUARE DEAL. Thick, smoolh and well grown out, with plenty of quality. JOE T. CAGLE S. Hwy. 61—Phone 3390— Rt. 2, Blytfieville Keeping Up With The Men In Service of his trip oven iiiul said lhat ulionrtl JJ)ll> there ,'wjrf load .speakers everywhere on the si broiulcasllnu tlio news us well as . . , . washeWx' ;; -> f«M, the = idea'Of '•:;•" a-postal .cleric,;:;,;'. .•.•;,.';-;;. CHICKASAW Wtst Bl»ln Nt»r ZIil St. Bat. iUrti 12:45; Sun. itirU 1:41 Nlltlil allows 6:45 Except Monday, opens 8:4.1 Contlnuoni ihone S«t. and San Friiliiy and Sultirdny Double Feature "OUTLAWS OF THE CHEROKEE TRAIL" with The Three iMr.<i<|iilfcer.s "BEHIND PRISON WALLS" u-llh Alan \\nx\cr mill Gerlriiili; Mlchiicl, I, 1 ScHnl; "Don \Vlnslnw or llu i?".- -. Coast Guard" \ C'onicil.v Simtlay ami Monday "MY FAVORITE BLONDE" . • will) lljil) Hour ami Madeline Ourroll j.(,; ^Universal Neu's " •' , ; - f .(,'artuiin l Elmer Cunningham •' VULCANIZIRG Tire & Tjibe Ilepalr •Colton BtU R.K. A S. llwj. II (Fornwrlj with Eojler Am. Pta.) PRESCRIPTIONS Frwliwt Stock Guaranteed BesJ Prlcw Kirby Drug Stores Mother's Day Sunday, May 14th Send her your PHOTOGRAPH! A gift she'll treasure O'Steen's Studio IOS W. ilfnin JUST RECEIVED! 2 Carloads of 6 Foot On Rubber — With Motor RED TOP GIN Call 2M2 or Write Hox 7n<) Midwest ICE CREAM Pints 20c; Quarts 40c When You Rny Your Groceries—Take Home a Carton! CECIL LOWE Grocery & Market We Deliver Park A ,V. Hwy. 61 Phone 5D7 Have Fan & Refrigerator Molors Cleaned For Summer. New Location 116N 1st J. T. (Charlie) Stalcup I'hone Z993 or Z598 NEW THEATRE Manila's Finest Shows Nightly HI (i : ;io MAT IN BBS Saturday & Sunday a I i I'Yjilay 'JAM SESSION 1 Midi Ann .Miller .Serial iinil Short Hiiliirdiiy "BORDERTOWN GUNFIGHTER" i\ Urmilillv WrMi'rn ;ii»l Slmrl Snl unlay OWL SHOW "NINE GIRLS" will, Ann Ilimllin: mill K t'omi'dy "llh, liali)' 11 Siniiiiiy iind Monday "FRISCO KID" tt'llli •hum's CiiKiiey I'ox News and Shdrl Open 7:15 Show Starts'7:30 I'Viilay iiiul Sulunlnv • ! : , . . .will) /Kos.scll llny'ilnn,' fii'it) Tiiyio'r anil Alum Curroll SiTlnl: "KliiR uf tlin Mnuiillcs" Hiilurdiiy Mldniaht Show HIS BAND W/IJl KATHERINE DUNHAM and hd Troupe . FATS WALIER you pay Ictt-you buy more! Hero's a tiro built for PLUS '" VALUE, measured in milos, or months, or dollars,.. i It hits «ho famous timo-toslod Suporlwist cord construction an'd road-provod troad doaign.... It's built with special skills end by spocial molhods dovolopod by Goodyear Research .,. through 29 years oi lire leadership. . Goodyoar'o longer oxperionco with synthetic rubber ' gives you extra service and extra stamina-now avails able al lower cost. Now moro than ever, it pays to buy Ilio best. . , v New 5©w? price on GOODYEAR SY^HHfC RUBBER TUBES,,! [ Slzo 6.00-16 $t|GS plus tax Selected Sliorls Sunday and Monday KL-. IT'S ANOTHER VMHEFLIN TOMMY DORSEYj AHO HIS OBCKESTH*,' !^' B^B CROSBY I ^=^\ ANB HIS OICHESKA " 1^L_: Fay BAINTER -'Richard CARLSON SPRING BVIKG10N • HARTA EGGERTH ICOKNIE GILCHRISr-lEONIO . - rMJPtOG.' i ; Produttd by JOSEPH PASIEBtUK. Strttfi fioy by RMiofd Ccmill mi Olo_,. „„ Betid Upon IfiB Novil ty Bocfo TorVtngton;.. • " Paramount Xdws"*'*"-'"**" 1 EXTRA-MILEAGE RECAPPING HO RATION PERMIT NEEDED HOW ' Seo us in time! Bring your old smooth tiro hero for Goodyear recapping. Our careful inspection shows when to recap-ourexpertsknow how to build in thousands more miles of safe, , sure going. f sisfkoo-iEf furnish nctpptbh Hie) Depend on TIRE SERVICE HEADQUARTERS, for reliable 'truck' tire recapping,, too. .. ,.W»— uso tested Goodyear methods to retain orig- - inal shnpe and balance'» —extend the life of.pre- cious casings to new.- record runs, Se cut toon, Truck Tire Re copping • ^ n /\ : ON" 6.80 UK (You hmtih ntippsblt tit?) ' * AN OFFICIAL TIRE INSPECTION STATIC' COODA'VCAR s Tines ' JJfl W. Main Phone -• 2492

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