The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 2, 1932
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Served bit the United n ' BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THZ DOMWANT NEWSPAPER OP NORWULST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHRAST MISSOURI ' ' ^"* VOL. XXIX—NO. 195 AKKAN8ASMVRl>NKSPAY.NOVBMnBR 2, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS I Oklahomaij Creates Cotton With 14 Locks to the Boll Capita! Police Forbid Scotfsboro Demonstration State Finely Wins Conviction After Acquittals in ! 1 Appeal Cases. f turning a total of 41 indlcl- WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. (UP) — Plans of tiie Inieimtllonal i.ibsr Defense to picket, (he cnpitol next Monday when the supreme court may hand down u> decision lii-.tha Scottsboro, Ala,, assault case, wcr: disrupted .• today when police announced any attempt, at u demonstration would be blocked. , "We are prepared to cull out between 65 and 75 police If necessary," stild Cnplnln Giiasri ot the ca;iltol paticsv "We slmnlv won't- pjniill such a demonstration." 7::e decision follow.) an nn- -cnw 'n llio two-days It has been j "? mice " m>t b >' ^m\3m raucn , In session, the Brand jury con-1 "orclary of the Iiilsmalional. 1 j. tinned Hi investleaUons Into the tl>'-'i dav Wednesday, Thc Investlealins body, nftor ! returning 23 indictments, prepared vortcrdav after 21 true bills hud alrctuly been voted, retired to Us chambers this morning. With the list of witnesses, subpoenaed before the session opened, already exhausted, the jury was today probing into"'matters which hav,? ! developed since It convened. B. j A. r.ynchj foreman of the jurv, j conferred with Judge Ncill Klll- - aut;i\ just before tbo .iurv retired ' to its rooms this morning. Aunnrcntlv retiring In favor of ln's deuutv in nn effort to "break" thc successive string of acquittals ' around out in jury trials Pros<;I cuter S. L. Gladish ' directed the bor. Defense, that representatives of oiRanb.nltoas with more than 500.- OCO members nlnnr/l lo march In grand nroc? this mornincr . ! <v)iiiR Neill Heed took over trial of the state's cases In the courtroom. j Wins Firrt Conviction I The Mate failed U obtain a r«nvlcMnn in thi> first 11 ca=es .'(VMS' rm*. f'uialK' hutted thp sWwr i of acquittals when a iurv this rnin" returned a verdict find- Cecil Kc«lin" sulltv of trans- 'l'm" Honor. The .fury rrcom- a plckil lino the enpltol. A decision in tiie case in which E2v?n negroes are, utitlcr death sentence fcr nn iiihgid ai'sault on two wiilte Birk has b2en -.lelaysd "because of mUttcsl cxp.\1l:ncy." 1'at- terson charged. Hoover's Private House Is Remodeled POLICE 1TM JOBLESS Citv Swithinflr With Unrest v Mobs Threaten New Abovc, A. D. Cosgrove holding two twigs of his Marsc Rose cotton on one twig of which Is 24- bolls anil on. the other eiglH bolls. Below, a comparison of ordinary cotton and the Marse Rose cotton. The smaller bolls ave ordinary cotton. On the upper row, left to right, the larger bolls contain 8. 10. 12 and 14 locks respectively. ) Originator Predicts Ten Inability to Meet Demands Acre on Irrigated. Land. v NEA Service LAWTON, OWa.—A of Creditors Results in Court; Order. I ST. LOUIS, Nov. 2. (UP)— The - new type St. Louis, San Francisco Railroad of. .cotton which will triple the company operated its 5,890 miles o number of. locks in each boll is line in eight southern and mid advanced by A. D. Coserove, far- . western states today under a re mer -and minister, who has work- ceivership granted late yesterday by ed two score years on his expert- .United States District" Judge Chas Blent . . j FariSi He has asrreed not to dispose of The Frisco, as the road is known tne 'seeds prior to 134 .and claims 1 joined Hobbs Western company, fn haw-. refused considerable sums creditor, in petitioning for the re of monev. for the seeds he has de- I ccivership and in suggesting th vdnrwl. thus far. I narae 0 , j; M _ Kum pr!;s i Aml c The new cotton, strain develop- j the road, as receiver ed by Cpsnove and which Vie has [ Judge Faris , who £2veral named . Marre Rosn nftor hi? d<nt<!h- " ago declined to grant a previou. ters ; Mnrs«l!a ond Roselln thas far petition for receivership made b bolls T-'hich weighed mst short of IS pounds .Fifteen holls grown on nne twie with the stanle me.nstir- in" from 1 3-8 inch to two inches. Ten to 14 locks to the boll as compared with the rjresent strain 1 ; of cotton which contains from four to five locks to the . boll. It. has Reece School to Open i T" 6 Recce scroll will open Mon . . da >'. November 7, after having bis produced ns much as four bales <o cl °SK! for the cotton picking sei the acre on unirrieatcd land. He nreillr.ts in bales per acre on irrigated land. Nor k Coscrovc content with the i nresent Marre Rose. He plans to | continue his experiments, nassing icnded however that a fine of $10(1 had re- Preciou.slv retit Outbreaks. New lurk Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 2 (UP) on his knowledge to his son, Cur- ; Cotton closed barely steady. ren. until he has producer! coMon • open high reith 24 locks to the boll. Each i Dec 605 611 boll, according to Cosgrove's pre- ; Jan 610 616 dictions, will weigh about one' March 617 . 627 ,T«und. , May 628 637 ' Cosgrove claimed he started his July 637 644 • x experiments on the basis of his Oct 653 660 low 602 C06 615 626 637 652 close 602 606 616 627 637 653 urned not euilty verdicts in 11 nses ,all anpeals. Including three iouor cases, .wen pnmins c nd one cnse of violation nf hunt- law 1 :, p. N. r-uttrell: 1301 W. Ash. charred with transnortlnsr . wan t.h" btest.,rtefrndant to vin an ncnui"fll. Cnavlev Arm- (romr. e-hnrged with violation of Hinting laws, was cleared earlier 'esterdav after a vigorous anneal by Virgil Greene, defenso attnr- in which he said that the ' legislature nhanred huntlti" aws sn often that no one could . »xn»ct«l to know IVir liw. The Luttrell cose was submilM "•]iV">ut urgnmpnt bv W. Leon Tilth ^ defense counsel nr..l 'rc.-icutor S. L. Oladkh. Vfi\ nuiis'pl. Alnvfinde* 1 and Conner. -ff-"Td tn submit his cn-m wi argument but Prosecutor Glart- l«h ariw. declaring that, he wnnt- I tn Ml tho iurv a fe.w tl h» fir^f, ronvirllon <if the session il'nwed though Gladish had nl- readv retired to the.eranti iurv •ooi" and T>nnf.v Rped-'iad taken up \\'. n Tv-nsn^iition fni: tVin state. On Trial for Robberv Guv Lvtlp wen* on trial this morninc- In the first fe'nrre ^resrntpd (o n iurv. Lytl?. is ^hnraed with robh"ry of Frank ^foore. ^mnlo^'n nf Rnb Harris r.vtle i<; accused of rnhbin? J of $00. A woman. .Ten-ell Crate —hn is K« ? rl tn h^va taken an ac. 'i''e nart in the alleged robberv. is "ii«finF, according tn officers. Tliey decline* to state whether or not a true bill has been returned levins'- her. J. B. Richardson and Vernon Cean, charged with particioatin? in Iwo holdups here, were nrrnlgn- "rt in court this monUn». and entered pleas of not puilly. Their Irials were set lontnlivelv for tn- nrrow. They o*e alle^rd to have eld un the Union Market nn "irst street and Chartv Harris. ?ed proncrtv owner, on two sep- i»>tp nccasions. Indictment of the following was nnounced today after bench wnr- ants had been returned: L. C. M^Clintock. nearo. murder: Onrfi^I'' Smith, nerro.. arson; Prcci B"t>iel ss^ult with intent to kill: Wm*>Bailey, felling liquor; Hubert MRO- y, burglary. LONDON. Nov. 2. iUP>— T/jndpn was in a state cf seml-sein.? lorlnv with seething mobs of unemployed threatening outbreaks In all quarters of the capital. Days of sporadic rioting reached a climax last, night with ii^litiiw be- Iween police nnd unemployed In parliament square niul other important centers. Merchants ;mcl Game Surpriscc! af : Public Reudion. RKNO, Nev., Nov. 2 (UP) — Reno's merchants and bartenders. who discovered an unexpected business boom In what .started, out (o b" « panic, opened sliou today epfjei- to (Ind out what would hap- IHII nest. : In the first 2A Imms of a two weeks "bRnkini hoUilny" thai saw most of the tlunucliil Institutions hi tlio state closed, economic laws were turned lopsy turvcy. Spend- I»B was on a scale unequalled In r"""nl months ami more silver iollnr.s were floating from hand o hanri ttian In months. Torn IXXK*. Dollars Tlie ix)l!cc slallon wus do'.n 1 ? h5 blxcest bnnkiug business - In own. Dice rallied with new vigor- nd roulette vhcek whirled nnd pun as gambling- picked up. s "This," tradesmen mirt divorce awvers niurinured saillv to llwm- tdvcs nt the first .shock ot tho riiorntorhim, "Is Koin<; to be aw- ul. All thp monev Is locked un. We'll be Inking in cows on the hoof for canned 'peaches and chickens for divorce decrees." Alas for all laws of economics, luckily for business, Looting started on a small scale in south London. Thirty or riore persons were estimated lo mve teen injured in the nqht nd many arrests wero made. One detective who was attacked by a crowd was severely lnji"-"rt. Mounted an-? feot milice usln' Ssts and clubs fought with th rtemnnstrntOR In the region around parliament, and the goyernmen juildlnsr 1 ; for several hours b-forp comparative order was restored a midnight. Dies ; Ciinclidates May Close Their' Campaigns at Op- posir'o Ends <>• Country. Cr.jiilal IJemocraU pnifess to see an umi'n uf lU'publlcan dcfciil Ry.Unitrd Last inlnut* drives to sway political sentiment •' in thc'doublful RlatE3'bec«m6.tlie>llne ol action ; Sn tins presidential campaign today .as President Hoover' planned lo cort-.,' elude l&s speech making in ths middle west, and Gov. Franklin Robsz- velt In Now York city, j Thrust- Into rapidly eliniaxlng l campaigns was a fiery spMch by n Hit! Senator Glass, Democrat, Virginia, 'resident Hoover'- wll ° " ssallctl tlw »«>«r admlnls- prlvate horn,. In Wiishlnjlu,,, D. C.. Is I,,in 8 |l, 01 -r,, m h|y remodeled. ^'^ """"° llXl P 0 "* ' 011<I '''- eleellon Novembei 1 U in the fuel Unit Above Is n new plcuirc cf thc house onnccl liy the Chlel P:>:ceiilive. like the_ bunks, declared, n holiday, but" It was a buying holiday, n spending spree. Never In recent months has business so pood, All the casli so suddenly released from strongholds began lo rush inlo circulation. Police Take Deposits / Police Chief J. M. Klrklcy feared alert footpads armed with lencths of rubber hose filled with bird shot, would Join Ihe holiday. He urged cithern lo leave their cash In thn station safe. Thousands of dollars was on deposit there today. Hclcne Granted Custody or Prince Michael 'fen- Six Months Each Year. BUCHAREST, Rumania, Nov. :>. (UP)—Princess llolene. divorced wife of King Carol, won her flxht lodny Tor parllal custody of her Hanrlhook Cites Tohacco, Movies and Gun in iAt- Uvck on 'Riotous Living' NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 2 (UP) —$4,111,000,000 hard cnrned tlollnrc Bo to wnsle each year In'the United Slates on riotous living, (he nounced Secretory ot .Treasury i Mills' tactics In o'jlaining an ad- j vnnco copy of his address In order to make an Immodlcte reply. May (>o to Cowl President •J'oover worked today on the seeches he Is schidiiled la make on his (Kill and final drive: or mlddlo west support., this \V021: •ud. Tlic president may continue on to Palo Alto, CM., in which event, the two innjoi- nsp'lrams to he presidency will spend olectlau day at opposite cue's ol the coun- .•on, ll-ycnr-old Crown Prince Ml- Southern napllsl handbook for 11)32 I estimates, and four million South- chad. An c.rrtclnl stn'tcmcn', announced [ crn Daptlsts with n wealth of olghl complete agreement had been million dollars, the knitdbbok roaclwd rccnrdlni; Mlcliael as v.'Cll . chargei, spend $134.500,000 of those ns regarding Helene'fi civil ILsl, the amount she receives from tli; crown for her support. Details ol Ihc nsrecment will h" wnsled <lollars. The handbook, prepared by Dr. F.' P. Alkheitgo an-J Issued by 111' Sundny School board of'the Snnt v orier Heleiic leaves Jlu- ern naptlst convention, states thn chnrest within a. few days, ; : "the great losses and hard I'm- The Unllcd Press was niivi;/-. 1 which have come upon Southern that Helenp was granted custody of Baptists by reason of the prescr her son for six mouths numiallv • prolonged depression have no' jul was l;ll free to dshrmlii" stopjied tlicm from wasting th?' hethcr tlic boy would be with her • substance on riotous living .South ).- Visititig at Cooler Furnral Ferviesr- will be held Mils nflernocm at 3 o'clock at the famttv homi at. 2237 Cullum stre^ in Pricle addition, for Mrs. Ellta June Sn>ith. 74, who died suddenly yesterday while vlsltjng '. !n Cooler, Mo. Her death was attributed to high blood pressure.and heart trouble. The deceased is survived bv her husbnnd. John A. Smith, and two [iiMiehtcrs. Mrs. Annie Gertrude Michie, nnd Miss Etta Gray Smith. The Cobb Undertaking company is in charge of funeral arrangements. Fai'< to Stoo After Man N<fnr Bur- List ( Wjll '"tie Paner» for Marlin InsuR- Today . Houston, 40, of , to l» 3nm Memnhls but , known nnlv to his two companion* " "Water BOY." hv n was struck anrt nn Highway fll, ' father's telling him that to "grow , Spots closed quiet at 610, un- two blades of grass wr.ere one grew | changed. before" viould bcriefit mankind. He i . — . started experiments at his home ft,,,., ijueu,!* I ttttnn in Texas and continued them wlv>n "«•«• *" «•»•«»» ^viivii he moved here. His experiment 1 ;, he said, are the result of grafting and budding which manv persons have advised is impossible. "But here's the cotton" answer. NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 2 (UP)— Cotton closed barely steady. his i Dec Jan W .M .Osborne. superintendent ' M of thc U. S. Department of Agri- Ju j v culture exDsrimenl station near here, and County Farm A?ent A. O. Graham, Jr.. both have become interested In Cosgrove's work. open high low close WASCO, Cal. (UP)—Pigs is pigs. as has be«n pointed out before^ and likewise, pups Is pups—but not to Lady, Pat Wood's bull terrier. Lady had four pups on which she lavished tovin? caTe. When tri«y -were four weeks old, three of thtm were given away. There were, also on the ranch, two young pigs, whose mother died wrren they were squealing Infants. Uiwrenco Wood, son of the rancher, was raising tr.e young porkers on a bottle. One day he noticed that the piglets were not hungry at mealtime. He Investigated and discovered that Lady hid adopted the pigs and was trying 16 mate ioo«t dogi of them Oct GfH C05 617 625 035 653 609 613 622 633 641 657 599 602 613 625 635 651 59!) G0.1 615 6M 635 651 Spots closed steady at 604, oft 7 Closing Stock Price* A. T. and T 99 3. Anaconda Copper 81- Aubum 38 i- Caterpillar Tractor .... 71- Chrysler 13 Cities Service 3 Coca Cola 91 1-2 Continental Baking .... General Electric 14 1-4 General Motors 12 Middle-west utilities .... i-j Montgomery Ward 10 5-8 New York Central 20 1-4 Packard 23-4 Radio ,-Corp 01-5 Simmons Beds 71-2 End< Sentence for Helping Daughter RALEIGH. N. C., Nov. 2 (UP>- ?crmer Judge John H. Harwrod of the North Carolina superior nurt. whose efforts to save his daughter from -prison led him to the penitentiary, was released from North Carolina state prison today The 62-year-old former Jurist convicted last April when he wns till a member of the superior court ripnch. was freed today ur>- on completion of his one year sentence with time off for good be havior. He was convicted of obstructing: justice In mutilating ind altering records of the state revenue department In an effor to save his daughter, Lola, 24 from going to prison on charge* ol embezzlement. Camnliell May Close Municipal Light Plant CAMPBELL, Mo.—The municipal ight plant here may be forced to cease operation, it was said following a special meeting 1 of thc city council, called by Mayor W. A. Flanagan, following the ruling ol Federal Judge C. B. Faris Fatur- day ordering the city to turn over all profits from thc plant to the Arkansas-Missauri Power company operators of a privately owned light plant ar|d system here. Steps ars being taken by thc city officials to prevent closing the plant If passi- ble. Judge Faris held the city officials in "civil contempl" In' connection with continued operation of tin plant, and ruled that the present contract, the second entered Into with the Fairbanks-Morse company, which furnis'ncd the -;quin lent, was Invalid because it is In iolatioii cl the city's ^authority ti ncur debt. Penallles were inflicted by Judgi 'aris calling for all profits accru ng since the injunction order wa. first issued against the city ownec plant to l>c paid lo the private! iwncd corporation instigators of the suit. All court costs were ordered paid by the citv. near BtirrVtte. nlmtih ' r-l")'l mllcr, hoi™./ Tt]vt>ii>vilta last .nleht. ' The "-bis triirk. which the ne- o'fi .(^omnfmions snld liH him. nilctl to slon nntl poinc doubt c.x- sls as, to whether driver of he truck ever renllred his rrm- hine had hit the negro. The thr« iinorn"^ were enronte 'rom Carul'icrsvllle where rerp emnlovcd on eovernment river work, to Mrmnhls whr?n th accident nccurrert. Two nf thi> niv "rocs stet)r«[| off tiie- concrete nt (inr>r rt acli of the bl? truck hut 'Wnt«r BoV; failed :to set off ihe riv.-iw ni^l went ilo\vn under the po's of i'ie big truck, his com- nnnlons said, 'Hie tn'iired noijro wns crushn'l »nc! rllcrt almost, instnnllv. 5ll< Standard of N. J. Abandonment of Phillips companions finally succecr'.-'d truck and In been operated at a financial loss during the period whilo the Injunction was held In .-.te.vaneo. driver left n smudge l["h* i"!tl "^. dr!yln» nn Into JMv thcvllle nnd nollfvinp o'ficr'-i. Frt R. Dsvld. cVnntv sheriff, in the accident. Memphis po'ice InvcsllvAtlnir n the request of local pnHfe sal th<"' rwe unnble tn find an residents nt 7W Ha^tin?s strr-e Memphis, knowing a ncero name 3am Houston. Thp dcid ne»ro '"nnrtanlnn 1 : 5-nid +hcv had asVr. thslr paymaster at CnruthersviU 'o farward their checks tn 111 Memphis addrr-ss given by "Wate f""" who" ih»v were to sta while In Memphis. '*ie bodv nf the dead negro wis held at a local morgue lodav nrnrllTiT Irientificntlon or claim- In? of tho body by relatives. i Rumania or abroad. cm Baptists wast* sufSolent mon along flvo or six lines ol extrav gimt .living to nnance tho wno!' l>rogra";n of Southern B»ptlst work Thp-maln Items 'of "»-nsto nn:I riotous living" Hated were: MlSno. (trp)— M0 for tobacco, bstween $35,000 and M on movies, about $20.'or pleasure rlc!lnj In an $40,000,000 for chcwln" B um a!lti soft drinks. Assuming that Southern Bnptlst try. Clovernor Hoosevolt plans to ba in New York, election night. Ho-has Ihrcc Bpceches scheduled there, th^ first Thursday. The D^moeralic nominee returned to Albany last night after an aulomobils tour of southern New England. Political charges flared'across tho coimlry Ian night, . In New York Newton D. Bakar, secretary of war In tiie Wilson ad- mlnlslratlon, blamed th; depression on a Republican doctrine of "stark selfishness."Tn tho sams oily Dudley. Field Malonc, tinothcr Wilson,- e, called on friends of Alfred E. mlth to support President Hoavor, ssertlng Hint the 1828 Democratic omlnce was the "forgcltcn man" his parly. . BoUm Hit Hoover Two progressive Republican 'seniors, Johnson, caUfornln, and Kor-;" \H, Nebraskk, who baited IS dov--'.'•' rnor Roosevelt, spoke on the • Pa.'-'.ia-'. ,fie coast.- ' -, - •";..;,..,•• .T-.-'--^',i -Al Portland,-Ore.) Nnrfjs n!t3>i:-'>-'-^ \VASH1NOTOM Nov 2 he state department expects to ;sun pni-frc today for extradition f 'Martin Insull. Chicago utilities from Canada. •Dptinrlment offlcinls made this latcment after Assistant States women and glrta spend 20 per cent Utorncy John Hamoton of Illinois J*ss for bcntitlflcatlon tlmn the «v- onferrcd with A.wUtant T.o?nl Ad- <T fl 8e woman of the nation the Isqr Chnrhs Baker of the Do- beauty pnrlor bill totals $43,620,000. pnrtment and presented evidence fllnst Insull. ' Hampton will tnkc the ex'.radl- !on pnn=rs to the United States Mntlon In Ottawa and afler linv- ng them authenticated they will hen be presented at a Canadian ienrlr|? on J"s"M's extradition chcdulcd for Friday. Insull jr. !.:ft today for the United States. He sails this ntlernrmn on the Majestic from Cherbourg. Get!$2.500 From Bank Safe at Rives, Tenn. sue KfllSJKELF Puts Bullet Into Own Head ' After KilitiR One Deputy, Wounding Another LAPEER, Mich., Nov. 2 (UP)— Trapped In nn abandoned farm house, n suspected bank bnndl shot himself to death today nfte CKM W"Uare Council to Map Program Saturday A nrogram of activities for the coming year will b e outlined at a meeting of the Mksissinpl County Council of the White IIous* Conference on Child Care and Protection, called for 2:30 Saturday afternoon at the Blythevllle courthouse. f\ i« i .1 .' jt All orennlzations nfiiilatcd with LOUnty Line AUtnOnzefl tl- e council, which was organized I.<vnp< *n Three States Made Available UNION CITY, Tenn., Nov. 2 IU killing a deputy sheriff nnd crlt P)—Robbers who used an acely- j Ically wounding another depul lenc torch to burn lliro'.igh the I In n gun battle, safe of the Farmers auel Mer- | T1 '" l"c>dii suspect, B?njaml chants tank at Rlvcs, near here,. Dillon, put n bullet Into his own escaped with approximately $2,500 , brain as deputy sheriffs closed U da j ! on him. Deputies said ho ha The yeggs are believed (o have j previously killed Harvey Pcdder, entered thc bank about 3 A. M. de P ul £- , Scott Dillon, Benjamins brother aUo suspected ns one of thrc bandits who robbed the Clarkso ! Stale bank last summer was cap i tured and lodged In Jail here. Popp>«s at Base of Legion Member Roste Twins, a girl and boy, were born A poppy bed lias been planted here early today to a woman wno bv the American Legion auxiliary has been deserted by her husband. I as n feature of the state popp'- Unable to provide for them, the contest in which the prnun Is par mother Is willing to give them to dclpaflntr. The ted, which Is a' some one wlia will love them and the base of the Legion memhfv provide a good r.omc lor them. ship roster on thc court hoir,< Healthy, attractive babies, each ' " '- - u weighing about eight pounds, they are physically perfect. Anyoti; who Deserted Mother Seeks Home For New Born IVins e.) Nnrrjs d Prcslctoht ' Hoovcf'i"~ J 'i-«wr(o arm legislation. At Lo 3 Angeles ohnson predicted "another - ; groaJ regressive victory."' Hnn'cy Firestone, rubber manu- acturer, warned against -a change f admlnUtra'.lcn at 'Akron, 'o., •hlle at Indianapolis, Ind., A. F": Whitney, president of the Brother-: ood of Railway Tralnm;n, urged' rganlzed labor to support Oovcr- or Roowvclt. Secretary of Interior Wilbur,. neaklne at Ogden, Utah, : p!«aded or retention of "a great, well train- d scnoonad lender." Both President Hoover and Gov- rmr Ucovivelt were criticized for wme of (heir campaign utterances ^v Norman Thomas, Socialist candidate for the presidency, at Rochester, !y. Y. . w Weather in West Favors Cotton Harvest WASHINGTON, Nov. 2 (UP)- Wcather v;n s mostly fair last weelc In the western cotton belt, al- thounh several days of rain in Arkansas Interrupted picking and finning, the weather bureau re- oortcd today. There 'was cosniderablc rain in thn eastern bslt but the bureau *a!d niching was practically completed In most sections. In Texas and Oklahoma harvest^ of cotton made fair to good nd- 1 vancrr, although much of the coi- ton wns still out In northwestern Texas. Sonw frost damage was r3- tsorted to Immature cotton In New Mexico and In some portions of Texas. , la"-n. will be in M"oni n<>vt Mrs. Howard Proctor, ^f^s. W, J. Pn'lird nnd Mrs. R. N. Ware Ir. wm is ; invited to get in toucli with Mrs. Harmon Scford, executive secretarv WASHINGTON. Nov. 2 (UP)— of the Iccal Red Cross chapter, RflHef loans to O^orfrta. Missouri' phone 304. and Nevada totaling $145.748 wre ] Clothing Is badly necdzd for the mod* available today by the Re- babies as they have absolutely construction finance corporation, 'nothing. Tr.e mother e^'e birth to Of the amount Georela receives' the children without the aid of a S121.567, Missouri Nevada $4.167. WASHINGTON. Nov. 2 (UP)— The Interstate commerce commission today authorized the Missouri-Pacific railroad to abandon Texas Corp 13 3-4 29 7-8|ey; miles of' branch lino from U. Barton Crossing to Helena Cross- Sl stccl 32 1-8 ing In Phillips county, Arkansas, last spring, are expected to have reprerentatlvcs at the meeting, end all residents ot the county interested in child welfare work ate nlso invited. The Rev. E. K. Latlmer is president of the council, and Dr. A. M. Washburn Is secreUry, Win* M.n in Bay "RANTf! PARS. Ore. "Blind George," whose serve faultlessly conduct of his confectionery $20,014, .and ] physician or nurse except Mrs. Se- 'ford. The home for than and their four little brothers Is n one room I hOU5e Cn Frflnltlin - Str "'' Th<! which Is one of many requirements of th c contest. Tho Ponpy cup was presenter) to the Arkansas department by J. H. and Rufus T. Hunt, In msm- ory of their mother, -Iiilia Terell "I'nt. nnd the cup will be awarded each year to the unit having thc best poppy program, accord- Inc to ft schedule arraiwsrl by the stnte 'deiinrtincnt. ~ Included in the program Is the pastor or essav content. P'incess Ingrid Will Leave London Tomorrow LONDON, Nov. 2. (UP)—Princess Ingrld of Sweden -wcoss' current visit here has given rise to rumors ;hat- she Is engaged elthsr to Prince George or the Prince of Wales, reserved a seat today In ft passanger piano leaving for Brussels tomorrow. The princess arrived by air from Brussels Thurfdf.y and slnc3 then he.? soan 'to Tt'.zv and queen as well as thc Prince of Wales and Ms younger brother. It was n3t announced whether lier dspsrture slgnalieed the end of her current visit. ' • WEATHER news slant! here, savs he Is tired •Mt. , ,, of feeling his way about the citv. , Anyone having baby clcthing to He plans to buv a tandem bicycle ?lvc L 1 ; asked to take It to the Rrrl »n<1 put a chsffeur in the pilot's Cross office ot the court houte or to call 364. . ARKANSAS — Fair, wirmer in w«t nnd central porHflns, TJrob- ahlv frost In east portion tonight. (Thursday partly cloudy, warmer. According to the official weather observer, Charles PtlUlps jr., the minimum Irmparature hire y:ster- The flamingo is the only member :day,w*s. 32 degrees an*.the maxl- of the stork tribe that builds a nest | mum. 5J, C'CSTMS,. clear- jrfth heavy Of mu:ll • | ' ,; " ' '

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