The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on May 14, 1914 · 9
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 9

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1914
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THE DAILY HOME NEWS Thursday, May 14, 1914. UFE IN NEW BR UNSWICK'S MANY SUB U r PTTTT ..,f 1I MILLTOWN NEWS. J t Metuchen. Soutn River News Jamesburg. I j"" 'I' '1' 't 'i New Brunswick, N. J. -M',M41"M"H'M"I' CLUB DELEGATES LEAVE OR CONVENTION a Will Remain in New fork Until Sunday Night -Mrs. Beekman is Their Chaperone-Personal and Other News. iTREVILLE, May 4 At we ATKt... n..u.n riiih on Tues- ,flaJ0!: , number of the mem-DurooM of attend- '?p'"!irn. women's convention tile Thura. Lbeld in how io , t Friday. Saturday ana buhuj I, iniWi ... T Onhord and veets" j ilia rinlasrates Is Men ,. lAft. on an i it tne naruau . ---- - ' t .. , .-inr ml will re strain tniB lUUlUiuo - nt Sunday night. Jheywerf BU fcW resident, Mr. hmnauicu - - .1 ir ..1 hn will return in me t Friday there will be an auto k.i- n nr a viBit w tan Museum, a trip 10 tan Tower, a meeting m iu .. Hall, and In tne evemuS lU.u . ,h- RITt.v. bleau ana page"- " h Street Armory, to be given uy Ynrk Association. This is 4dered one of the finest features he convention. ffrB. Fullam, Mrs. D. H. Blew. Miss fnell, MIm Way, Mrs. Thorn, Mrs. rkhart, Mrs. Van uieai anu rsaret Semlnlte expect to go Fri- On Saturday mere win uo day steamboat trip to West Point ulll on their arrival inuii mo ,tary academy. In the evening a ting with singing ana uhuuihb take place In Metropolitan Hall. t h RBPkman will chaperone ftls day. The party will consist of .... . t 1 MnMV, C t n 1 1 a A1- 568 Hilda iKUUOHliau" ... Luclle Froas, Fannie L-arusie, Itiise Doeler, Leah uraun, ueaa, rer, Elizabeth Claussen, ureaa oeger, Minnie Kelzner, Martha Er- son and others. Other Sayreville News. Jlerman L. Baker is Kept at ms ie, in Parlln, unable to work, witn adly bruised arm, which he receiv-by a fall from his bicycle in try-to prevent a collision with a J.r.g miss who made a wrong, turn. Miss Bertha Heiller, who nas n visiting her aunt, Mrs. Remigus ichs, returned to Bayonne yester- .'Ir. and Mrs. Frank Eberle or ith Amboy spent the week-end h Mr. and Mrs. James Van Cleaf. Miss Madalene Smith of New Bruns k spent Tuesday night with her bents, Mr. and Mrs. August Smith. Mrs. George Kohlhepp, of New answick spent Wednesday with her rents, Mr. and Mrs. Halcyon Tuck- ton. All members of the Passover Chor- are urged to be at the rehearsal the Methodist Church this evening. A series of dances, under the di- jrtion of Messrs. Edward Kroeger id Frank Merritt, will . be held in f- Bayre & Fisher Hall on Thursday sings. The first .one held a evening. The proceeds will be pi to buy new scenery for the U. Lehman s orchestra has kindlv ered their service. Junes Smith of Fisher's Corners, rammed to the house by a case of xid poisoning. ' Mrs. Conrad Richter and son of " York, are visiting her parents, ' nd Mrs. S. Braun. Mrs. Stephen Gill and daughter South Amboy visitors on Wed- to- Flint of Parlin Is Knenditie a days at Stamford, Conn. b. t rank De More spent Tuesday toe Henry farm at Everitt, N. J. Irs. William Smith snnnt WMn8. ?Mth relatlVPR Dt Smith Amhnv 1!m Jhn DohlSren. Jr- and son, al wmg at rertn. Amboy 111 Her sister. Jfhn Clemniski was a New York on Monday. ' Edward Edward .Tnnnrhis t,oo Kd.frm his &ut0 triP through the ueiaware, with hjs Bridgeton os Weishadel has started in the ing business. ' 'nltor Mprtoi nr ci.-.i the lawn nn I s n? ? the contest tna is heing I , , t(1 on this subject. l0Tei that a new bridge 4 r between Sayreville and iVT The government haa f nned the one which is now in REPORT SAYS THAT A DRUG STORE IS JO BE OPENED HERE It May Be in the Kuhlthau Building Council Meets Tonight-Epworth League to Celebrate on Sunday Evening. . MILLTOWN. May 14. It Is reported that a Rockaway party is contemplating opening a drug store in the torough, the location of which will possibly be in the Kuhlthau Building, which is about completed, after being somewhat remodeled. Mllltown at the present time is without a drug store, and there Is no doubt but what a druggist will have little trouble in making a livelihood here. The members of the ' Epworth League of the Methodist Church are bus ily engaged in preparing a program tor the -silver anniversary of the lea gue, which will be celebrated on Sun day evening. George Worthge delightfully enter tained Rev. L. L. Hand's Bible class at the Methodist Church last evening. The large willow trees in front of the Hotel Denhard are being taken down. Further Improvement will be made about the hotel when a concrete walk Is laid, work upon which will start in the near future. The sidewalk In front of the Kuhlthau property. adjoining the Denhard property, will also be concreted, thus there will be a great improvement in the walk In that section of the town. The regular monthly meeting of the Borough Council will be held this evening, at which time matters per talnlng to the sewer and water prob lems no doubt will be the topic of dis cussion. Jos. G. LaJole. of New York, has moved in thef house owned by Mr, Booraem. on Van Llew avenue. Alma Horner, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Horner, Is re ported as having scarlet fever. Mrs. Agnes Hurtt and daughter Lorraine, o Plainfleld, are the guests of Mrs. Charlotte Hotter, of Main street. The Mllltown Orpheus Club was pleasantly entertained at the home of Miss Gertrude Barney, at tneir week ly rehearsal, last evening. Other local news on sporting page. MISS PERSON'S aft itlltl ituftl ifti ift ,ti A iti if r -- - " TTTtttTTtTTTVT" T' I South Amboy. SAMUEL D EW T HAS SUDDEN ATTACK OF SEVERE ILLNESS , win noia tneir lrf- ent.h anniversary on next kl J.erse.y. City, will preach the' eTening. """OH for M e session, xne Miii- P tavitPfl V socleues nave A inn "iiena. g0Suewasformed y th : Luckf,3, JosePh Bailey, cap- contain. T ;u' ftlcuara vveisnaa- 'HeBnw x.r:60" cftPtain. the f 8 6asKetball five will liisiHrir eter'8 Flye from New hSatn.i .lneir opnonents on !'do- r' J mbt at Allgair-s court To.;n Was a 'Xcw Tork vis- 1 avs iree' ot DoTer. spent sev. Endows or0?? ecorating the lw- WS Of the F Phln h.HIHinr CobJuS by th Sayrev,lle' SOUTH AMBOY, May 14. This city was startled about noon yesterday by a dispatch that was received by Mrs. Bamuel D. Newton, of Bor-dentown avenue, stating that Mr. Newton was In a critical condition at the works in Weehawken, where he Is engaged in business. Mrs. Newton hastened to her husband at once. La ter word was received toward even ing to the effect that Mr. Newton had been taken with a severe attack of acute Indigestion, but '- that he was Very much improved, and fears for his recovery were allayed. The city council will meet to-night in the council chamber of the City Hall, when the matter of the accept ance of one or other of the bids for the $15,000 of sewer bonds will be decided upon. To-night Rev. H. C. White will be installed pastor of the Presbyterian Church of this city. The exercises will be of an interesting character. Rev. Mr. Stler, of Sayreville, will preside. The various parts of the ceremopy will be handled by other representa tive ministers of the denomination. An able sermon, and stirring addresses will be delivered by the ministers chosen for that duty. The committee on appropriations for the school year 1914-1915, is bus! ly engaged over the the budget . It is being given careful thought, and it is believed that the result will be very favorable to the plans of the Board of Education. There Is so much worK needing to be undertaken, that re quires the means to carry them forward. The unsightly condition of the school grounds has long been calling strongly for imprevement, dui me means at hand woul dnot allow anything to be undertaken in that direction. If the budget carries with it an allowance for this work, we may ex-eood and substantial im provement made in the appearance of that part of the city property. i present state it is a serious eye-sore, that has been complained of times without number. ' A very liberal price secured for the bonds sold this week is another assurance of the good standing of the financial credit of this city in the money market. The neat little sum realized as premium will of itself accomplish some important line of work, if judiciously applied. .Theodore Qpackenboss, formerly an undertaker in this city, was a visitor here yesterday. . Rev, J. Edward Shaw, pastor of the M. E. Church, left to-day for Atlantic City, the seat of the General Conference now in session. Mr. Shaw went as a delegate to the conference in the interests of the Epworth Leaue of the local church. .... , Quite a congregation of ladies attended the demonstration of gas cooking utensils and appliances at tne Public Service Gas Company s office here to-day. . Jfl W. Mahoney was a New YorK Mrs. Sarah Clayton, mother ot Ezra Clayton of Second street, and familiarly known as Aunt saiiy. has been called to ner "V" Clayton has resided in South Amboy many years, was extensively known htchiv reanected. She made her home with her son Ezra and fam ily. Stillwell and Mason navo funeral arrangements in charge. Try a Home News Want Ad. , Da.yton. DAYTON, May 14. Mr. and Mr', Floyd L. Evans were recent Cran-bury visitors. Miss Beulah Hubbard, of New Brunswick, visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry MacDonald. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Applegate visited their son, Walter V. Apple- gate of Ocean Grove. Freeholder and Mrs. Andrew Ely were visitors at Atlantic City. Floyd L. Evans attended the monthly board meeting at Monmouth Junction. Austin Snedeker, of Trenton, vis ited his mother, Mrs. C. O. Snedeker. Miss Dora Stiles of Newark Is spending a season with Mrs. Mary E. Osborn. John Everett was a New Bruns wick visitor. Miss Grace Dey will sing at the First Presbyterian Church of Cran-bury on May 17. Messrs. Dey and MacDowd reported for Jury duty at Newark this week Fritz Lutmans entertained his daughters and their husbands at a family reunion recently. Mr. and Mrs. John Evereet enter tained friends from the city over the week-end. Mr. and Airs. Harry R. Farr enter tained Miss Edith Long of New York. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Erricksorj spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. An-cil Dawson, Jr., of Cranbury. Mr. F. L. Evans attended a board meeting at Cranbury. Mrs. J. W. Grover visited Mew Brunswick friends. Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Mershon en tertained relatives. jLjLJ.A.t,,t,,t,,l..t..lUAJ.4..t..!..t...M.4.4.'l" George's Roa.d. GEORGE'S ROAD, May 14. Saturday evening found a few of the card players gathered at George Smith's to enjoy the game. The players were Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Phillips, .Gilbert Pardun, Mars Smith, Elsie Smith, Mrs. Smith, Lewis Babbage. Mrs. Jacobs and children, of Elizabeth, are visiting Mrs. Laura Buck-alew. James Housell, of Amboy, visited his father on Sunday. On Monday a jolly paprty motored to Seidler's and went clamming. Those in the car were Manning Patrick, Mr. Patrick, Sr., and Lewis Mes-eroll. Mrs. C. Bowman has returned to her home in Elizabeth. Mr. Morally visited J. C. Thompson on Sunday. Mary Smith is still confined to the house. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pearse entertained Mr. and Mrs. Morrance and daughters, and W. Walters and Mrs. Fred Jacobs and children. The Ladies Aid will meet at Mr. Petty's house, Dunham's Corner, on Thursday afternoon for the election of officers. SUDDEN ILLNESS CAUSE OF ALARM MANY IN TEARS AT FUNERAL OF MRS METUCHEN. May 14. Miss Norma Pierson, of Rector street, this place, but employed as a physical director for the Young Woman's Christian Association of Blnghamton, N. Y was taken very seriously ill a few days ago, and ber brother, Aylin Pier-son, of the Arm of J. N. Pierson and Son architects, of this borough and Perth Amboy, has been summoned In haste to his sick sinter. Mrs. Jennie Rolfe, of Brooklyn, formerly of New Brunswick, was an over Sunday guest at the home of Mrs, Luther Tappen. i Mrs. T. M. H.r Is rhanprnnlna. h daughter. Miss Elizabsth rf ..J SOUTH RIVER, May 14. The fun Miss Barrle Hall, for a waaIt'b .itino- eral services of Mrs. N. W. Clayton. at Atlantic City. jwho died at her home on Main street Miss Mable Stalling of Monterey,'011 Sunday night, were held at one Cal., is a guest at the home of Mrs. H. i 'cIck yesterday afternoon from her NMAYTON Very Impressive Service Held Yesterday AfternoonMrs. Fessler Found Dead by Her Daughter School Exhibit To-night B. Johnson, of Hillside avenue. r ainer u uraay or tne Brotherhood, conducted mass at St. Francis R. C Church Sunday morning. Father Graham continues very ill. The sidewalk in front of the priests' bouse and K. C. Church have been re late residence. A large assembly of people, who came to pay their last tribute of respect to the dead and offer sympathy to the mourning ones, filled the spacious bouse. The services were in charge of Rev. laid according to the new rrade of S. J. McClenarten. now nf Trntnn the street This new survey has tak- i but formerly pastor of the Jaraesburg en several feet from frontage of both ! Presbyterian Church, of which Mrs. places . The hedge has also been set Clayton was a faithful member. Prior into the new lines. to the sermon, and after the reading Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ayres Mr. and f the Scriptures found in the 23rd Mrs. Harold Edgar Miss Winlfreil Ssalm, and the 14th chapter of John, Ayres and Clifford Ayres attended he spoke of his friendship with the the New Brunswick Opera House in a bereaved family and of the exem-party last evening and witnessed 'The Plary Christian life of the departed. Escape." Rev. Mr. McClenaghan preached the It is thought that Mr. A. C. Case, of funeral sermon, based on the 23rd New York and daughter, Mrs. Irwin Psalm, and, the 14th chapter of John. Smith and family will soon occupy ( thoughts to the sorrowing loved ones their beautiful summer home on I who mourn her loss. Woodbrldge avenue. j The remains reposed in a handsome Mr .Stokes and family having re-1 couch casket, above and, about which centiy vacated "The Towers," are at were arranged a perfect bower of the seashore for the summer months. Mrs. McClave, of Highland avenuu, recently entertained Mr. and Mrs. Fine of Newark. Hlbbert Moss, of Stevens College, beautiful flowers, tokens of sympathy which gave mute expression of the esteem held for the deceased. A quintette, composed of Mrs. C. Mount, Mrs, Charles McDonald, so spent the week-end at his home on prona; Mrs. Annie Appelgate, alto, all Woodbrldge avenue. i of JameBburg: Rev. Wm. V. Allen. Mrs. Baxter spent Wednesday with tenor, and Emanuel R, Bowne, buss, friends in Perth Amboy. I sang "Lad, Kindly Light,' and "Abide Mrs. J. W. Van Zanten was a dele-1 With Me," with such feeling that it gate to the anniversary meeting of the touched many of the listeners, moving woman s tioara or f oreign missions. , tnem to tears. Miss Marie Thomas of Hillside avenue, was hostess on Wednesday to a meeting of the Sunshine Society of the Reformed Church. a ..,. .. .... ............ t,..t. Cra-nbury. CRANBURY, May 14. The Cranbury Water Company and Thomas Htuton are having concrete walks laid in front of their properties on Maple-wood avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lewis, of Mount Holly, are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Allison E. Dey. John H. Barclay has just purchas ed a new 1914 Oakland touring car. The Y. P. C. A., of the Second Pres byterian Church, will meet Sunday evening. Subject. "What Is a Chrls- The pallbearers were C. M. Shep-pard, Elmer Van Zant, Ross Hendrick-son, James Servlss, F. J. Prentice and Edward B. Smith. Mrs. Clayton leaves a husband and a sister and brother, Mrs. B. V. Davi- : son and John Wortz, both of JameB burg. The funeral arrangements were In charge of Undertaker Morgan, who interred the remains in the family plot at Jamesburg. Death of "Aunty" Fessler. Mrs. Magdalene Fessler, who was known by her most Intimate friends as Aunty , Fessler, was round dead Monday evening at her daughter's home in Matawan. Mrs. Fessler was 76 years old, and had always enjoyed good health. She had been about her daughter's home during the day, and had assisted in doing the housework. She went to her room shortly after the supper hour, and as she did not re Tit." T j,aai Wolf-Pi Hrf... Mall U. U . , r.w.vw. . CO . . . . . Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Clayton and J" uu , , A v.- Or. renins few days this week with Mr. and Mrs. '' H. T. Pullen at Asbury Park. ... . . .,....... . ... ,t .... t Pi'TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT On opening j the bed room door the daughter found a i j t,i if her mother lying the floor. 'l.rJ.rr.JIi-rrVrV.A Physician was sent for, and after an X I till LU II, imvc uccu iDtw"B ttw " , , An . ju. and Mrs. Harry Applegate and fam- examination had been mads of the v ttv cm,i Aam' caused by an attack of apoplexy. The will go tc T Hightetown on Saturday to funeral was held yesterday afternoon play the Hlghtstown ign tscnooi ". . on, Mrs. Fessler was born in Germany nine. . I . . . nnlr a Rev. and Mrs. H. H. Gifford, ot ana cam.V" Jr" . Highland Park, are guests at the young gin. . home of Mrs. Frank A. Brown. I kept house for Mr. Otto f Ernst, who Mr .and Mrs. I. M. Cubberly havee ai ine D.uumuc. 3 been entertaining Mrs. B. Wyckoff and) near Spotswood UP"Je !! R. of NeWark Mr. Ernst Mrs. Fessler came to South rrLlwisSchenck'has Just Tln j, ...- itr s-jmmpa and Mrs. Jacob Levinson, with whom ""rrXM"";"""' 1 she lived many years. Of late year Weslev Southard met with a very ..!.i onr.(Hpnt whilp. nf. vnrk In the "" " "Vw.. w XT ,TLTr TTInoch Dev. sale ana exenanse auwico u. ... - . ,,j Grove One of the mules in the stalls! "Aunty Fessler" wm i a dear l' German woman, wno wss oeiovea vy ligaments were torn. W. Elmer Bergen is having concrete walks laid around his residence on Cranbury Neck. Mrs. Alfred Bennett entertained yesterday Mr. f and Mrs. LeRoy Scott and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Bennett and family. .hA hurl been living with her daugh ter, at Matawan, and w:th Mr. and Dunellen. .- .... A -1- J-J-TTTTTTTT Fra.nkHn Pta.rk. FRANKLIN PARK, May 14. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bodine entertained company Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Clarence Buchanan and daughters, Edna and Helen, are spending two weeks with her sister. Mrs. Lester Hullflsh. . Abram S. Voorhees is placing a new extension roof on his home. Elwood Majors has been visiting his father, Jonathan Majors. Mr. and Mrs. David Cook enter tained out-of-town friends Sunday. Asa Higgins is repairing the macadamized road, , which is a much needed improvement. ' A Delicious Luncheon can be enjoyed and the spring appetite catered to . when you furnish your table with the high-grade breads, cakes and pastry from our store. Our delightful and tempting loaves of bread, with butter, Jam or jelly, make a warm weather meal in themselves, and are enjoyed by old and young when they are baked at HERMANN'S BAKERY, Militown, N. J. HHM-'H-H-r4' DUNELLEN, May 14. Henry who has been quite ill for the past two weeks with dry pleurisy, was slightly better yesterday. Contractor and Mrs. C. D. None-maker and children leave to-morrow morning on an automobile ; trip in their Metz "4," for Baltimore, where they will make Mr. Nonemaker's mother, Mrs. J. W. McCall, a two or three days' visit. Mr. and Mrs. None-maker expect to make the. trip in ten hours. The examination made by Doctors Piatt and Longbottom,. of Mrs. John D. Garrison, of Center street, last evening, to determine the pxtent of injuries sustained by her NOTICE. Pocahontas Lodge will meet Friday evening. May 15, at American Honse. All those joining a.i iuw meeting will be accepted as charter members. Entrance fee, $1.00, which will be increased alter tnis aa. MIS-St SPECIAL SALE For All the Month of May. Voile Robes and all kinds of Flouncings and Remnants, at my home. MRS. OTTO BOHI, STEPHEN ST., SOUTH RIVER. mo-2 w STONEHOUSE BROS.' EXPRESS Between Sayreville, South River and New Brunswick. Leaves Bell more Hotel Stables, . -- rlnllv at ,2 n. m fti.- when she fell heavily from the JS toft at hotel. Pianos sten of the rear porch of her home to aers rfi.- -or ...i-. the ground on Monday morning, re- "u V"" . south River N J vealed the fact that her hip had been 1 Stonehouse Bros.. Soutn River, K. J. broken. William Lineau is ill with the gout Miss Mayola Smalley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Goldson W. Smalley, of Falrview avenue, is convalescing from an attack of typhoid fever, was six teen years old yesterday, and she was tendered a shower of fully one hun dred postals by the host or her young friends in celebration of the event. The annual election or omcers or tne Methodist Church held on Tuesday evening in the lecture room of the church, resulted as follows: W. W. Giddes, president; Miss Lulu Adams, first vice president; Mrs. Dr. Ramsey, second vice president; Miss Bella Stites, third vice president; Mrs. H. , A. Wlckham, fourth vice president; Miss Lillian Kennedy, treasurer, and Mrs. Edward Krinio, Secretary. BUY YOUR HOUSE, BARN & ROOF PAINT direct from the manufacturer. It gives yon the best service and satisfaction. k F.E.WATS0N&C0. 19 Condicbt a host of sincere friends, who have been saddened by her sudden death. School Exhibit. The annual exhibit of school work Is being held this afternoon at School No. 1, and will be continued to-night from 7 until 9 o'clock, and as much later as .will be necessary to give all interested an opportunity to inspect the pupils work. The exhibit will be continued Friday afternoon at School No. 2. Two days are devoted this year to the exhibit. The corps of teachers will be present to explain the work to visitors, who are requested to start in the kindergarten grade and then go on through . the succeeding grades. There may be some parents who will have a good excuse for not attending the exhibit, but a majority will be able by a little effort or sacrifice to visit the schools and by their presence will encourage both the teachers and the pupils. These exhibits are educational thermometers; they indicate the interest that parents take in the education of their children. Down in Old Virginia.' William Van Zant, one of South River's expert carpenters, employed at N. W. Clayton's lumber mill, is spending his vacation at Norfolk, Va., as a guest of Captain Tompkins, a retired sea captain, whom he met several years ago while visiting in the South. Mr. Van Zant will take in all the sights in Virginia before returning to Jersey. Being fond of the water, Mr. Van Zant made the trip on the steamer Madison. Will Protest Read Scraper. The iroad committee has been empowered by the Mayor and council to erect a small shed at the rear of Borough Hall, in which to keep the new road scraper and other tools. The cost must not exceed $100. Car Far Will bs Paid. To date Engineer Tice has not been allowed anything for car fare while making surveys for the new tax map. The matter was discussed at the council meeting Monday night. The eouncilmen finally decided to pay Mr. Tlec's car furs hereafter. Baptist Ladias Aid. The Ladles Aid Society of the Baptist Church will give a New England supper In the Sunday school room Thursday evening. May 21. Trice will be 25 cents. The proceeds will be used toward placing modern plumbing In the parsonage. You are all asked to help this worthy cause by attending the supper. Personals. Mr .and Mrs. John C. Price have Installed an up-to-date bath room in their home on Main streot. and several -other Improvements have been made to the interior of their home. Miss Fanny Htrshman Is visiting relatives In New York City. Mrs. Marie Bissett, who has been spending the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Thomas Thompson, of West-field. Mass., is expected to return to the borough soon. tut Minnie Stanley, of Helmetta, Bpent Thursday in the borough calling on friends. School will close on Friday. May 12. The contract for the new Levy TCiiIldinr to be erected on Main street. on the lot formerly owned by Mrs. Maria Bissett, has been awarded to Contractor Edward B. Smith. MiBS Viola Price was a New Brunswick visitor last evening. "Nick" Yeager has installed an electric massage machine in his barber, BbOne of the local milk dealers Is 111 with scarlet fever. The Board of Health is carefully watching the case so as to prevent the disease from spreading through the sale or mua. The patient is isolated from tne place where the milk is nancuea. Will Go Abroad to Claim Legacy. Dr. Komariski, in South River for three ytars, will sail Saturday for Austria, his native country, on me steamer Lusitania- He claims that a relative left him a legacy of $15,000 and that he is going over to get it. He expects to return some time in Aug ust. Dr. Komaroskl was stopped Dy the Board of Health from practicing In the borough owing to his failure to produce his state license. The doctor has been practicing in Perth Am boy, Sayreville, Helmetta and soutn River. Mrs. J. Schleble, of Bridgeport, Conn., is visiting her sister. Mrs. Emil Perret, Sr. Word has been received from St Peter's Hospital that Mrs. Charles Eppinger is recovering from an oper ation for appendicitis. FIRST PICNIC of the season. F. C. Bissett's Park, South River, Saturday evening, May 16. Note. Renting season now open. Book your dates early. M14-3t BUILDING LOAN SENDS DUT CHECKS FOR $44,600 And Also Cancels Mortgages for $21,400 Youths Bombard Vacant Shoe Factory and Do Great Damage Personals. Bound Brook Notes BOUND BROOK. May 14. L. B. Zanelli, who has sold out the Hotel Bound Brook, has bought out Hamilton & Hulsizer's confectionery store, which he formerly owned. The Longacre sock company is so good that the Palace Theatre management states it will remain for the week. The boys of the grades as well as of the High School are practicing up for the interscholastic athletic meet which will be held in Somer-vllle shortly. 00.00 for a Ford Touring Car Ready to demonstrate. Needs a little paint, but what do you expect for the price? NEW BRUNSWICK MOTOR CAR CO., Albany and George Sts. JAMESBURG, May 14 Secretary John H. Baremore, of the Jamesburg Mutual Building and Loan Association is busily engaged sending ouf checks to shareholders of the local association whose shares matured on Saturday last May 8th. When Mr. Baremore will have sent out the final check, he will have distributed Just "44,600 in cash to tha shareholders. In addition to this enormous amount of money paid out, there will have been cancelled mortgages to the amount of $21,400, the greater portion representing local home builders, showing that the total value of the Beries just matured was $66,000. In all there were 830 shares rep resented in the series that matured two months sooner than any previous series. It was the fifteenth series to mature in the forty-five years the aaociation has been in existence. la all the fifteen series required but 138 payments and has paid an average interest of .0776 per cent The present assets are valued at $345,000. Of all the banner years, 1912 was the one that topped them all, for during that year investors received nine per cent on their investment But two ofiicprs receive pay for their services, the secretary and the treasurer; the president vice-president and directors and appraisal com mittees all serving without paw of any kind. This fact makcut it one strongest in the state owing to tha natural local pride maintained. The loan never owned any real-esute or lost a cent on loans made In the past twelve years.. The next series, the 21st, will open on November 27th, 1914., John H. Baremore has been secre tary for sixteen consecutive years. Boys Knock Out Hundreds of Palm; of Glass. Joseph M. Perrine, of the firm ot Perrlne & Buckelew was special inquisitor at a cosmopolitan gathering of youngsters In Borough Hall Tuesday night in an effort to apprehend some youths who had bombarded hlB building on Lake View Terrace and knocked out several hundred panes oi' glass. The hearing was before Recorder William E. Paxton, but at the conclusion of the cross questioning by the recorder the guilty youths wers not disclosed. None of the youths were arresteL the Intent of the hearing being to try and discover who had done the whola. sale damage to the building, estimat- ea at about $10. In the party were several girls, who were also summoned to try and unravel the mystery. The building was formerly owned by the Comfort Shoe Company. Mr. Perrine bought the building at a sheriff's sale several weeks ago and he was seriously considering its removal entirely to a plot in town where he could put it to some use as a manufactory. In addition to the windows being ' broken, much machinery and fixtures were carted off and sold. Jamesburg Personals. B. Lerner has vacated their store on Railroad avenue and taken rooms in the Ballon House on Stevens avenue. . Alexander Olshefski, of the O and K Bakery, while attempting to turn out for a bycyclist at Helmetta turned too sharply and turned turtle opposite the Helmetta freight house. The top was broken and the body scratched. None of the occupants of the car were injured. George W. Richards was a New York City visitor Wednesday. James Beckney spent Tuesday at Passaic. Mrs. William G. Mount has tonsil. itis. . Mrs. Fred Greenslade has left town and returned to her former home at Pittsburg. Pa. Mr. Greenslade win, follow in a few weeks. Mechanics' Home Council. Jr. O. U. A. M. Memorial Day festival committee engaged the Jamesburg Concert Band for the evening of that day. Frederick Greenslade ' spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Philadelphia. The High School baseball team are hustling to make a success of their dance in Lange's Hall on Tuesday evening next The Concert Band will furnish the music. A son has arrived at the home of William Van Pelt, Sr. 0, PETERSON Steeplejack and Rigger, alsc House Painter ' ESTIMATES GIVEN. Hillside Ave., So. River,N. J, L. ARKIN General Upholstering Awnings, Tents, Slip Covers and Shades Made to Order . 1 140 NEILSON STREET, Phone. New Brunswick, N. J, mll-lra

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