The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1934
Page 2
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"V -BLYTHEVILLE '(ARK.) COURIER "NEWS TUESDAY,: NOVEMBER 37,- . :p»ttmenl of' Woman's with Mrs, R P. PfKl- TV ,! Pollard ilHY!l»E Wcd- Bridge club P. Thanksgiving dance nt country HJt 9 P, M Woman's club meeting 2:30 I 1 . M'" club hcus«. Call meellni" bJ' (he Board ot Inlets and members ol tlie Wo^ intpc Club »t home ol Mrs S. 8, pt*ml»erg, 1i30 p ni. biisiness ami social, meeting at the home of the Hcv, and Mrs. V. E. BiHterwnrtlJ Monday' evening, After tlic business session there 'as competitive (tin betvycen sides i'playing "Japanese Ball" 'anil Wall Quols." A mystery game call- dj'i?ulc Kest" also was played. !fr«shmer|lj5.wcro' Eert'ed to Dr. lid Afrs. A. M. Washburn, Mr. and Irs. l(. I,. Wurd, Mr. and Mrs, Gco, 88rliai|i ( nr. and Mrs. J, Cecil x>WP, Mr. and Mrs. W. H, Slo- all, J. \y, Stiousc, Mr. aiici Mrs. George Cross, Mr., nnd, Mrs. M. T. Jomi, Mr, iiiid Mrs.. W. T. Dar", %. A. .McCutstl'oa, Mr. find Mrs, W. U. Oameroji,'and E. M. "«rry. tint been made of 'mwfiwe ot MUs M^ry Bulh ^r, daughter of Mrs Florence Baiter of Memphis, to Mr Lincoln o^Qu^n, fopperly ot here and now of BUwtton, Mo The adding took place at Nef Madrid, Mo, Saturday, November 17 .Mrs Cochrpn is a graduate ot •W»«l-Beltnorit college at Nashville, /file bridegroom attended Wallace pop school at arm Mrs cochran arc now at Slkcston 1 <• « ' • W^M V M««U , tTJie Women's Missionary Unioj: o(-t^c ifrst BaptlsJ church met a^the Crunch, Monday afternoon Jor_ the )asl lesson on their st(idy bee* Mrs Alfred Oafpenlcr was Wch^r^e ol the Devotional "8er- Yfc«" from Matthew 9 Mrs J. W. J. P. Ha\c Thine Williams BJ§iop led In prayer Mrs Friend sang a "solo, Mrs ^Y taught 0fe last lesson trom 'Seed ' qpd and gave the ^iftmlnation, following the lesson ip ( J36 ladies present. Mfs p f . E. P«rl^ closed the .meeting x^w W- Jfcj $ Wetts "*' '*'" \ Tlje Mis^on'ary Society of the pake 'Slrftt Methodist Lluirch met ^fthe church Monday foi Hlble fitudy, «Jth Mrs W L Green leadfng the program .THe'meethfg was opened with i\ bong, "Count Your Blessings" and the", following program was pre- E«nl«d Scripture lesson, Luke 8 by* Mrs Adeline Adams, song "What a Friend We Have ii prayer, Mrs rrank Fields. ', the first lesson In the nnif study book, by George Dy- bliwer, Bong "Shall we Gather at, tMLKiver^ Mrs I\eison Morris dlanlssed the meeting r.-TJjere were fifteen members and member, Mrs J W Pah- neJJ, present ' ' 1*- * 9 • DlOfhter Born $r and tin Earl lAimstrorii announce' the bh-lh of a daughlc; F*£|ay at the Blythevlll? hospital TM baby \yho weighs scvei pounds and si* ounce 1 :, has beet named Shirley Ann DMChttr Named . The daughter bom to Mr. an Mrs Raymond Zachery has bee nlimed Peggy Ruth .- * y * • Mule Dtpirtmtnt To Meet. 'IModerri Music'. 1 will be the subject of a program arranged by Mrs Murray Smart for the Music department of the Womans club in "a meeting Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. George Hamilton and Mrs R P Paddison will be hos^ tesses at the Paddison home at 3 .o'clock •," Osceola Society — PersopaJ Mrs. Jotm 5ilack\voi)d went to little nock lortiiy to. visit, rcla- tves for a week. A. W. oung ami S. L. Olariish re In Poplnr Uliifr loclny on bus- ness, .... ^ ( Airs. C, H, Driver spent toilfiy in Meinphls. 11 Mrs. Dr. 1 Balid and "children? loan and Barbara Rny, of Dyej's- mrg, (ire visiting • Mr. aikl Mrs, John Miner here. 'Circle 13, pf tho Methodist, MIs- Jonary aocicty met. at the home if Mrs. Frank Morrow yesterday afternoon at two thirty o'ptock with Mmos. Frank ' MorroFi' ' K. ^ilscnhall, Austin Wlscmnn, and Fi-e<( Taylor Jr., as hostesses. '1'hero were 23 members present nnd hrcc guests. A Christinas box for ixioi- family was planned and ft lost card shower lor Mrs. Meyers, he former pastor's wife. Each neinbcr of the circle brought, a .mall gift- nnd they had a Unzoor among tiicinsclves and mnrtc $12.25. A .({Ricrous nlfcrhig wns given )y,-(lio inombcrs of the circle for he Parsonngc fund. z z Mra. • Snow Wilson ami Mr. anil Mrs, Lan Williams spent yester- tay In Mcmpiib. Joe 'Co(,ton Is spciKlhig two days n Oarutlicrsvillc, is Cue Biifl^asn't Strictly Honest,,built Produced Slam Solution lo Previous Contract Problem HV WM. Ii, McKKN'MiV Secretary, American llrltlgo U'ligm: When you make n cue bid. b'lil- opnoiicnl's suit, you tell yoiir partner that either you lire blank In that suit, or you Imvc (lie ftcc. In cither case, you arc suing lo Win (he nrsl round of thai suit nnd It is u slum try bid. In today's liaiul, South usr.s the Due bid to show a void suit. His hiiiid • is pot strong enough to open with an original bid, BO his original bill of one spade is proper. West, of course, Is Justified In (ircrcnlllng with twci diamonds and after North's ralso of the spado suit, showing trump support n|id two probablo in-cards. South has a lot of HIckeUs now and wants to play for a slam. How 1 can he lell pirlner about Ills hum!? He. doesn't want lo bid n Ihre'e-curd suit, so here's where he uses the cue bill os'hfs servant Winters Baby Dies .Mary Ruth WiiUcrs, 2-montlis- Jld daughter'of'Mr.' and Mrs. Doln Wlntprs,. died "at 3 p'flpcli this mori)ljig at the fmiilly hpmp on North yrnnklfn's|rcct, f ..ri^i<>i3>i,'serylces "wil( lie held this afternoon at the Fiill Gospel church r.'Montgomery, iias- ., Inlermcnt will be made,: at,,. Sawyers' cemetery. Tlie Cobb pnaprtaking conijiany will lie in charge o[ "funeral ari'aiigo- inents. She is suiTivcd by her parents and n brother, ftobcrt.' A A J 1 0 •! + 108 6 D 3 2 107 •! 4 lor, 2 A J 11 7 11C Q 9 7 5 :i V A K r, * A K I Hul>\ier—All v«l. Siiulli \Vesl, Ninth Doiltlld Pass I 4 I'ass Knsl. I'.lli:! 1'asH iiihiK lead—* Q. Today's Contract Problem The bidding IB Soulh ii'no heart; North two dlainonda; Koutli two no Iriimp: Nonli four hcaris. East and West do not outer tlio lilddlnt West opens the king of din' moml* ;u:«i thifis to a »pail«. Haw sliould South play tUe liana? (Dllml) (Blind) Solution in next issue. NRA COMPARE AWL, OUR PRICES LIBERTY CASH GROCERS W# will stay open until 8:00 p. m. Wednesday night and will be open Thursday mommy iintill 11:00 A. M. Specials for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday TURKEYS CRANBERRIES Lb. 16k "MX Vill «- v - Sour or 1)11! Q uarl Jur MINCE MEAT Lady Hetty OC** 2-Lb. Jar 4b9V and \Vest \von with the iice. \Ve Wlis helpless — nnythlng he Ii would be rutted In. dummy..wi tlie juck of spades and n Hub dl carded by South. Many players would mnkc the mistake of trying for the club suit break. Even "if the clubs do break; Mils is the safe way to play the hand. No harm done. Of course, Wrsl's opcnins; lead of the queen of clubs might not have been n singleton; it mtgh't have been three to the queen- jack. Dul, even so, the way the declarer played the hand, lip had the end play. • •' •, • PUMPKIN Slohely's Finest l.arye Can POTATOES Minnesota Cobhlcrs Pound SUGAR Pure Cauu. Paper IS:i(i A^ t\ 10 Pounds *»» V Sunny Brook Pound 27 c COCOA Our Mothers 2-LI). llox 18c lie bids three diamonds. yi'.iiU ordlmirlly snys, "Pml'MT J. c ;. win liio first diamond Irlrk^ 1 ' "• j.s (ioublfiil if West would orw the, (liainoliil. bill ccrtiiinly !"ii, i- 1 '.;; Ihu cue bid. Tho Md West opened the queen of dnlw, which, declarer . ; won witli the Hen. The king and then'a .small liutnit wore pluycd, Hie second trump being' woiVIn rlumtny with llic'iicb,' \Vest dropped n high diamond. ^ 'The nlpe of hearts was returnee! and'won' with Mic'ncc, the king or to a ciip at flour for most recipes. Libby's Stuffed 3-Ox. Bottle - - - 'Je ti-Oz. Bottle - - - 17c ONIONS •Yellow Spanish Pound 3c CELERY Fancy California Stalk Happy Vale. Petit Pois Can POTTED MEAT CORN Largo Heads Bach Standard Can 7 i*» aC 13c 5c Pride of Illinois. Can Box Supper Tomorrow Night at Dogwood Tiisre will bo a h'bj{ Supnei- at Dogwood Wednesday evening, 1:30 o'clock, for the benefit ol tlie chdpl and Sunday school. Hospital NQtes Admitted: J. E. Cliisin, Manila; lilda Wh.lte, city. Dismissed: I|ar- W BJuba.nk, Gosncll. Ai)i'y Conference Ho%ar4 Proclof, president of-the Arkansas d.«l>artment'rof tls-Arnerlcan Legion nu\illary, re- Jurned Way from/ Indianapolis, T where she attended a na- confcrence of stale prcsU and secretaries. As stole president she occupied "- desk arr»n?ed for Arkansas %as alw a member of' the Jf»s comauttee site rc- th,at mor« than 1 800 nicm- affj, rwi b««i enrolled from this state which If more than 42 |KI «?i Pf the qwU The drive (: to be concluded the first of'tin The conference was held at fhi } hea*ii4arters of the Am erh;an Legion with all states o JW unifip'ajid, Alaska, and Hawa'l represented, MS5 Al'ie Cox, state secretary fpoke. on 'Ubrarles' iii the pro gram " - ~' ^r.-P. \Viis 'played *aiitl ji diamond dcscardert ,from dummy. Then « siimll heart was ruffed in dummy wllh the • ten of spades. II looked as though the declarer still had to lose n diamond anil r. c]ub. But, at this point, he |crt the jack of diamonds from dummy 3 Doses of Foley's Loosens Cough 1 "" T«R KG BAKING POWDER Same price to^y 0s 44 year* ago IS •na«ci far ManniaetnrcdbT Baking P»wder Spx«iiliitiwfe«m*k> n*thtDC bat p«Mn( F«w«l«r. MILLIONS OF POUNDS HAVE BEEN USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT Vhone 111 At Nighl-T-Sundiiy—Anytime For Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. , V. Of T „ ^ -- i-T-it Copley, daughter of Mr t »nd Mrj. Paul E Cooley, who attends the Unl\ers)ty of Tennes.***, %^ I f I »? v HIe ( .lia5 been'elected to Phi Kap» Phl,"nationaKhonor u soclty She ras one of three.home econonup seniors to receive this EnttrUla Beard , All members of the official board of the Fir»t Christian church and - T»iwaU«\d»d an informal THE NEW YORK STORE presents a new offering, direct from New York, oj smartly styled EVENING FROCKS for Thanksioin Fesiioities Adorable Crocks for formal occasions nnibracing hand painted Tall'cta, Sciinin, Satin, Crepes with Velvet Jackets for evening or dinner wear, lilack crcpc skirt with white cocktail Mouse, black crepe fkirts with Sciiuin blouse arid other m>- iwaling models. $ .95 HATS for FORMAL'WEAR AltrarUve. cSose-mting models o( Sequin, Mciaiitc. Velvel. Ncl and Hlbbon, sliown !n black, while ;un1 tho lilgh shado.s. $9-95 ^5 FRANKS OK BOLOGNA _LU i'ound IfcS'C BUTTER American Maid Pound CANOVA COFFEE Lb. Can "IT SUKE IS GOOD COFFEE" PORK & BEANS Phillips Can 5c l^y Honey 1'od. Stokely's Finest Can KRAUT Libby's. Hulk Ctf* Pound 9V Slgkely's Finest : CHJI 4 rt*» AUC TOMATOES Stmidard. No, 2 Can Each ISc ASPARAGUS TIPS '«*& PORK CHOPS S(|u;ire Can. Or Roast Pound 15c KIDNEY BEANS DOG FOOD Phillips <\ •-•• ^ 3 Cans 17 C Viclury Cans 17c • June 12-Lb. Sack 19c H. R. 2'1-Lb. Sack ------ 87c FLOUR ?r. BEEFROAST "• c Ksff^^ Mil K l'i'>l>.v, I'ct or Carnation <fl Q*» lUiLfti (j Small or 3 Tall Cans *<?** CRACKERS' Pride of Memphis 2-Lb. Uox GROUND BEEF^ PEACHES Or Hamburger Pound Soufh 14c PIE FILLING Lcrnix i'ackage 7c PlMI?]VTfH7C Dromedary J-Oz. Can - - - - 7c lllHlllMD£,l3 , 7-Oz. Can - - - - lOc COCONUT Inker's 1/2 Lh. Package 17c OBEYS SPECIALS Pineapple, No. 2 Can 17e Apricots, 2'/z Can - 23c Pineapple, 2i/ 2 Can - H)c Tomalo Juice, No. 1 Peaches, 21/ 2 Can - ISc HA Cherries 2'/2 Caii 25c Fruit Salad, 2>/2 can 2Gc Can 7c Pickles, Sweet 1'lain 01 Mixed. 22-oz. Jar - 2Sc GEESE" ISc Fat. Full,- Dressed" ' : l'gund nilPKQ Yqunfer ' 1<1:lt - VM Dressed 4 "9 1 ^^nO __^^ L i>ound 17j HENS FRYERS Fat. Kuli Dressed O/V^ ___ 1'ound OUC OYSTERS Uallimore Selects Pint MINCEMEAT TONArlH 20c """•';;„„, c. **• 16c slok 'S 5c Cottage or Van Camp 4 « • l> Small or 3 Tall Cans 'JL / C _ _ UAPflN BLACK -"AWK, Sliced. Pound - . 2J>c J^lA^hlOKKrjLL-s, In the 1'ieee. Pound - • 2iu All Flavors ; 3 Cail()vil Small Bottle Large Bottle friPAA Hershey y z Lb. Box t/l/ijl/A - i.Lb. IJox - . lOe Ik: CORNFLAKES Package CARROTS Fresh and Crisp C 1 _ ' Bunch BELL PEPPERS SQUASH Florida i Pound <5V|\iTe or Yellow Pound /2.C Maxwell House Coffee VITA FRESH ••'- IL "GOOD TO THE LAST DROP"LDi 30c Fanc >' K - . Loin or Porter Oft-* House. Pound ZUC MERR1MAC SALMON SIS::: CATSUP Stokely's Finest .Large Bottle I AMR Gcnilinc Spring. Fore Quarter 4 «J 1 L<aiTlD Half or Whole. Pound TANCAKE FLOUR ^SS^^^ ENGLISH WALNUTS, Pound - - - Me "ALMONDS, Pound --.---'-.. 15,. NECK BONES Fresh and Mealy Pound Swans Down Package 28c CAKE^FLOUR CHEESE CUCUMBERS ; "' h '"'"",.±1*' lOc Full Cream Pouud 16c TANGERINES Dozen 15c PORK SHOULDERS^ OYSTERS 'Niggerhcad- i'( Cun GRAPELADE Welch's ... lli-0/. little CHILI SAUCE Stokely's Finest .Bottle REX JELLY 2'/ 2 Lt). Kiicket 24c GRAPE FRUIT P Florida ' 7 for 25c ''''h-v 'T RnscclaJe. Crushed. 3 No. 1 Cans DEL MONTE SPECIALS Sweet Pickle Peaches, No. 2% 'Can 2Tc Fruit Cockiail, No. 2 l / 2 Can . ........ 33c Prunes, Pi-eparcd. No. 2 1 /? Can ..... ISe Pineapple, Crushed. No. ^ Can . . 19c ^

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